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Review #1, by al0h0m0raaLove Goddesses, Overprotective Brothers, and James Potter: Sun Vomit, Balloon Animals, and Eggplant Head

6th August 2013:
you haven't updated this story for so long and I can't handle it anymore AHHH gurl you're making me go crazy!! it begun to get really super interesting - defintely not that it was before - but mainly since James has pretty much shown us all he has feelings for Ro (who cares if he hasn't even realised yet) but I need to know more! and I am completely in love with the story, plot and characters, especially the Price family, Aphrodite is just great since she's so clumsy, slightly clueless but just such a loveable character and aw Apollo is so cute being overprotective if not slightly annoying about it at times, Athena is so cheeky and smart which is a great combo and everyone needs a Donny in their lives so enough said... please start updating this story again? please? pretty please? pretty pretty please? with a pretty cherry on top? OKAY I AM BEGGING OH YES YOU SAID YOU WILL UPDATE SOON OKAY THANK YOU SEE YOU SOON! YAY! but seriously I'm coming across too many stories half written that I'm in love with and I get all depressed for ages once I've finished reading what's posted and there's nothing left and I almost lose hope that the author will ever come back so please please write:(

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Review #2, by al0h0m0raaBeing Summer: The One After the Thirtieth One

19th February 2013:

Wah no this is too much for me to handle:'( this was the first ever fanfiction I'd ever read and I remember just doing adminy stuff on my page on facebook when I was looking at wall posts and saw another admin posted a link to this saying it was worth a read. So being me, I began to read the first chapter, pretty late on a school night. Like I said, first ever fanfiction I'd read, and I realised at the end of the chapter one that I had to promise not to stay up all night reading the other 16 chapters. Of course I never kept this promise so I read till five in the morning and slept for two hours before getting up for school - not a good idea but sooo worth it.

I read through Summer fucking shit up, James ignoring her for months, her getting with Jack - booo Jack, Potter all the way - and finally GETTING WITH JAMES YES FOUR FOR YOU SUMMER LANCASTER YOU GO SUMMER LANCASTER. I just don't want this story to end, and I want you to update super fast but at the same time I don't, it'll be my most favourite story of all time just finished. gone. kaput. Obviously. i'll be re-reading it in no time but it wont be the same!

I used to review your chapters quite a bit but under a different name, because now I made an account and hopefully i'll start writing stories as good as this hehehe. I try to find other next gen ones (mostly James/OC or Albus/OC) that are as good as this but there aren't many and even then, this is still my favourite:))) so I would love to put 394/10 - wow I think I've made waaay too many references in this review, sorry! so for that and the reason that this is the best story ever I have to give it like a bajillion/10 - but since I can't give it numbers that high I settle for a measly 10/10.

I just have to keep reminding myself, "All good things come to an end" but I just really don't want this story to:( please please please with a cherry on top consider doing a prequel? I know you said you were thinking of writing a "Staying Summer" novel and it would make me the happiest person alive ever if you did. I know I haven't reviewed every single chapter on this but I pinky promise if you write the sequel I WILL REVIEW FOREVER AND YOU WILL HAVE MY UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. I'm sure you already have it though hahahahaha I'm too obsessive with books and I think I'm crazy now wahh.

Sorry this ranted on for what you'll probably think is an eternity but yeah, LOVE THIS STORY SO MUCH, I know the ending will be amazing and I'll be sad to see this story finished but I'll live! Love your other novels too, I've read Typical Clueless Guy, am reading Daddy's Girl and I love both stories, really looking forward to Bang which is definitely my second favourite:D sorry I'm digressing so much since I was trying to finish off my rant there but yeah...


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Review #3, by al0h0m0raaBang: My new apartment is officially the greatest place on the planet.

15th February 2013:
I started reading this story at the beginning of last year when it was on about chapter 10 and I wasn't sure how much I liked it-I did definitely like it because I love all your stories hehe-but I wasn't sure if it was as good as my favourite, Being Summer... but holy crap it is sooo good! I love James in this story as much if possibly more than in Being Summer! all I have to say for this chapter is FAB FAB FAB and keep it coming hehe

Author's Response: i was exactly the same about this story in the beginning, you know, when i was writing it. it was about chapter 8/9/10 when i actually started to look forward to writing it. i actually prefer this james to being summer james, haha, so we're the same on that count ;) the next chapter is up now because i'm so slow atm! ty so much for the review, and i'm so sorry for the late response!

ellie :) xx

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