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Review #1, by ines0803Strength of a Boar: Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

24th October 2014:
I really love this one-shot! Thanks a lot for sharing it!
Greetings from Portugal,

Author's Response: Thank youuu! I'm so glad that you enjoyed it!



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Review #2, by ines0803A Bottle Full of Love: The Epilogue

23rd September 2013:
This is one of the best stories I've ever read. Thank you so much for posting it :D
Greetings from Portugal,

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

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Review #3, by ines0803Shut Up and Kiss Me: Epilogue

16th September 2013:
I can't believe it's over! I knew there was only the epilogue left, but now that it's done I'm like "what am I going to read now?". This is one of my favourite NG fanfiction and I don't have to go looking for new chapters anymore. I know there will be a sequel, but I won't be looking for Shut Up And Kiss Me.
I love the end. It wasn't too unrealistic. Not every couple ends up together (I would love that, but it only happens in books and movies). In the sequel Rose and Scorp have to be together, though xD
CHEO! I was smiling the whole time. They've always been my favourite couple.
This is my last review in this story *weep away a tear* I just want to thank you for posting this story. I've been reading it for the last months and it really means a lot to me. You're the best!
I hope Kathryn feels better soon :) Tell her I said hi!

Author's Response: Ines!

I'm relieved it's over. The stress of updating is finally off my back :P. Haha, you could always reread it *stares at the screen with hope*. Actually, I have this next gen one-shot that I want to put up here soon, so you could look forward to that :D!

I want to thank you for you dedication and loyalty. You're an amazing reviewer! Very observant :)

Thanks for everything,

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Review #4, by ines0803Shut Up and Kiss Me: Shut Up and Kiss Me

12th September 2013:
You're back! Will we have to wait another two months before the next chapter? I don't think I can wait that long!

Jellie! Finally! And she won't take it back :D

Chleo! They HAVE to be together. I feel sorry for the letter boy, but I bet he got something in return from Leo.

Rose and Daniel broke up! I think. I'm glad they did, though I feel sorry for Rose. I never like when one of the characters is sad.

Great chapter. I can't wait for the epilogue and the next book.


Author's Response: It's a great epilogue, full of puppies, unicorns, and kittens! Haha, just kidding. It's full of lovey dovey stuff.

I actually have already put the epilogue in the queue, so it should be up by saturday or sunday!

The sequel will be put up right after that, so there shouldn't be much waiting for it.

Woot! Always nice to hear from you :D

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Review #5, by ines0803Otherwise Engaged: Ever After

12th September 2013:
This story is really amazing! I started reading it last night and only stopped now, I couldn't go to sleep without knowing the end. Thanks a lot for posting it :D
I'll start the sequel now and I'll try not to read it all at once, because I know that I would have to wait to read anything else about them, after finishing the book.
Sorry if my English isn't perfect, it isn't my native language.
I hope you don't stop writing,

Author's Response: You are so amazing for leaving me this wonderful and long review :) I hope you enjoy the sequel!

Thanks for reading and reviewing!


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Review #6, by ines0803Don't tease me: 15

12th July 2013:
I really like this one-shot! Could you please make it a short story? I would love to read more about them!

Author's Response: I WILL WRITE MORE! Thank you!

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Review #7, by ines0803Shut Up and Kiss Me: An Abundance of Chaos

9th July 2013:
A new chapter! YEY :D
I finally understand why they love cutlery. It was really nice to know how Scorpius and Leo became friends.
I hope James is alright. He probably is, Madam Pomfrey is a great healer. Will James see Ellie in the hospital wing when he wakes up? Is that how he'll figure it out?
Great chapter!

Author's Response: Ines...Ines I've missed you my dear, dear friend. What happened to me, you ask? I've never been more busy. Basically, I'm trying to finish up this novel as quickly as I can so that I can get the sequel up. Geez...okay, yeah, I'll work on getting time to write again soon!

Anyways, yes! Crazy chappie!

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Review #8, by ines0803Shut Up and Kiss Me: The Bent Spoon

6th May 2013:
I love this chapter. I always wondered how they ended up together. How did Leo and Scorpious meet? And why spoons? Why not forks? (I agree that spoons are better)
Why did James ask Albus to tell him and not Leo? Is it because James already knows that there's something Leo's not telling him? Or was it a coincidence, specially since Leo looked tired?

Author's Response: I'm finally responding! Sorry for the delay :P

Oh they don't discriminate in the throwing of utensils, but spoons are very important for other uses besides throwing.

Good questions! James chose Albus because Leo looked like he was going to fall over :P

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Review #9, by ines0803Shut Up and Kiss Me: Icy Pits

24th April 2013:
I almost made a happy dance for Chleo. I guess my level of hope was similar to Leo's. I really want to see them together.
Lily epic comebacks were really epic. I wouldn't like to be banished by her. I've been sorted to Hufflepuff in several sites, so I guess I just don't like to have arguments or to be in bad terms with someone...
I missed Albus! Where was he? He's coming back, right? He didn't miss the train? Maybe he was with some girl! That would explain everything (including why no one asked about him). Of course, he could also be with any other cousin. There are too many of them to keep tracking.
I believe that the metaphor is related with their feelings. If they don't explore it, they'll miss amazing things (specially if it is a lake like the one in Hogwarts). Obviously, James would agree.
Leo is definately growing up. First, he changes things with his parents. Then he starts to understand what feelings are and makes deep metaphors. He was also able to deal with a crying girl, without freaking out.
I laughed a lot when he pushed Ellie to James. I just keep picturing their faces on my mind.
I wonder how long will it take to James find out about Ellie being a werewolf. I mean, his sister figured it out alone. With his obcession, I'm sure he'll be able to connect the dots.
Great chapter, as always

Author's Response: Gah, I'm just a horrible person! I kind of had to make Chleo seem even more impossible, because...I don't know...I'm a horrible person? Ha.

Lily's kind of awesome, I think. She's freakishly loyal, and I respect the kid. Well, I did create her, so...geez, this response is turning into rubbish quickly.

Ha, he wasn't anywhere important. I just realized that I forgot to write him in, being the marvelous author that I am (sarcasm), so I thought I'd point that out for all of us to laugh at.

The metaphor becomes important later on, and even makes reference to earlier chapters in the book, but all that stuff is just trivia. I'm just pointing it out so that when I bring it out later, you guys will be on the same page as me :D

Leo is really growing up, eh? Maturing like a boss! We just have to get Charlotte there, too. It'll happen...maybe.

That part is my favorite, too ;)

Thanks for leaving a fantastic review, as always,

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Review #10, by ines0803The Bond that Binds Us: In which Rose gets kissed and Scorpius gets punched

12th April 2013:
I think this story will be great! I really like what I've read :D
Please update soon!

Author's Response: I will thanks for enjoying it

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Review #11, by ines0803Rolling Stone: Chapter 20

8th April 2013:
I found this story today and I couldn't stop reading it until now! (it's almost 2 am here)
I loved it! :D
I'm still in shock with the end. Are you sure none of them cast a protection spell? I really can't believe they died.
The story is amazing! I will definitely see the other stories you wrote! Thank you for posting this one!

Author's Response: Thank you. Glad you liked it.

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Review #12, by ines0803Daddy's Girl: Hysterics

6th April 2013:
I just found this story and I love it! :D
Please update soon, I want to know what's going to happen!

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Review #13, by ines0803Shut Up and Kiss Me: No Means Yes

5th April 2013:
Is it too bad that James' crazed rambling sounded normal to me (because of my lovely sister. We have strange talks sometimes)?
I might have suggested that idea, but you wrote it really well! It's different from what I thought it would be, it's way better! :D It's amazing how you can take a simple idea and make it so good!
I've started liking Lily a few chapters ago :)
I've told you what I think about Albus. He carries way too much on his shoulders. Everyone has a weakness. It's sweet that his weakness is his family.
Usually, I wouldn't like to know that the story is nearing the end, but you already told that there will be a sequel, so I can't decide how I feel about it. I don't want this one to end, but on the other hand, I can't wait for the sequel.
Amazing chapter!

Author's Response: Hello!

Oh, that's not bad at all! In fact, I'm a bit jealous. I've always wanted to go off on mad rants about nonexistent singing birds, and nonexistent flowers :D

*blushes* thanks...I liked the idea so much!

Yay! Lily!

I need to figure out how to develop Albus in these last chapters to properly introduce him, eh? I'll get it...someday.

Anyways, all good things must come to an end, and all horrid things need to come to an end, even sooner (including this silly ole' novel), but I'm glad you never want it to end :D The sequel will be awesome! Well, reasonably so :P

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Review #14, by ines0803Never lose hope: Prologue

5th April 2013:
I like this chapter! I'm waiting for the next one :) Please update soon!

Author's Response: thnku!! i will try 2 update as soon as possible :)
dramione rockzz...

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Review #15, by ines0803Balanced Insanity : I is for Insomnia

5th April 2013:
YEY I was right! I wasn't expecting it to happen that way, you're right, but it can't be too bad. Maybe now she'll realize they are perfect for each other... Or maybe it's too soon for that to happen.
I spent the whole chapter laughing because of Johnny. She definatly didn't see that one coming!
I wonder how Scorpious will react when he finds out that Rose is dating Oscar (assuming he'll accept to go with her to Hogsmead).
I'm glad you didn't split this chapter, thanks!

Author's Response: Hello lovely Ines!

You were right :) I hope you noticed the shout out!

Johnny... LOL. I loved writing him, I'm not going to lie. It was nice to put in a chapter that was a little more lighthearted and funny. I also really enjoyed building Rose's character a little bit more.

I wanted to really emphasize how much all of your reviews mean to me. You are a wonderful source of inspiration and you keep me writing!


PS Tell me something about you! I feel like we are always talking about the story but I want to get to know my best reviewer! I remember that you said that English wasn't your native language, can you tell me where you're from?

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Review #16, by ines0803Shut Up and Kiss Me: Hope is Rubbish

3rd April 2013:
Leo finally stood up against his parents! I know I shouldn't be happy about someone leaving his family, but in this case I really am! Spoons are better than forks. Someday, Leo will understand Charlotte (I wonder if she noticed that she doesn't have the list).
ScoRose! You can tell that she wasn't exactly expecting being just friends, but it's better than nothing! Scorpious is just too oblivious right now.
James... I thought that he would be the one to break-up with Rachelle, but I was wrong... I'm really worried about him, but I guess it had to be this way. She could have chosen another day to do that, though. Who breaks-up with someone on Christmas Eve? The only good thing is that Jellie may be closer... if she decides to let her guard down.
Amazing chapter!
P.S. Every second I spend reading your stories/replies is not wasted and I wouldn't change it for nothing. I think it's amazing that I can talk with the author of one of my favorite stories :)

Author's Response: Ines! Remember your idea about the Remus/Tonks story? I totally just wrote that in the next chapter...be excited :D

...And you just gave me another idea to add to one of the upcoming chapters. Geez, you are just wonderful.

So yes, Leo is finally developing from his passive role into a more active! >:D Although, I'm not sure he will ever understand Charlotte. Will guys ever fully understand girls?

Ha, too true. It was out of the blue for him to ask, wasn't it? Ah, Scorp, I should make him less oblivious sometime soon, but I enjoy it too much :P

At least she didn't break up with him over a letter, eh? Meh, I think it would surprise some to realize how comfortable some relationships get, even if you don't completely like the person.

Thank you :D!

Oh man, same here. Hearing responses from readers is so awesome! Seriously, you're very lovely.

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Review #17, by ines0803Shut Up and Kiss Me: An Unspoken Realization

27th March 2013:
Why does everyone think that Albus has all the answers? He is just a teenager like them! I've just realized that we hardly know if Albus has any problem. I believe that the only time we saw Al down was when he found Lily crying. I think that if he decided to charge a sickle everytime someone asked for his help, he would have his own fortune by now.
James and Ellie are slightly closer to each other! :D

Author's Response: My dear Ines, you are correct! Albus is that guy that seems to know the answers, eh? That's why I'm so excited to write about him in the sequel! I wish we could exchange words about my ideas and drafts of what I've got for the sequel so far, but I don't want to monopolize your time :P

Jellie is progressing in a slow and concise manner ;)

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Review #18, by ines0803Memoirs of a Nutter: Nutty Friendships

22nd March 2013:
I'm not sure which part is my favorite. Like always, I couldn't stop laughing. This story is amazing, I hope you update soon. I love this story!

Author's Response: HI!
Thanks for an amazing review, im so happy you liked this chapter. I think the next update is not long away but it all depends. thanks again for reviewing!


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Review #19, by ines0803The Winds of Azkaban: Of Memories to be Saved

20th March 2013:
This short-story is simply amazing! I hardly have words to describe it! I'm so glad I found it! You're an amazing author! Thanks for sharing this!

Author's Response: ines0803,

Oh, thank you for your review of the Winds of Azkaban. I had a lot of fun writing this, especially the old witch at the end. For whatever reason I liked her great-grandmotherly mask that she pulled off rather well in front of Hermione.

And of course, I loved twisting things around a bit and having her memory in danger instead of his.

Thanks so much for sending a me a message. It is much appreciated and makes my heart smile.

Sincerest thanks,
Dark Whisper

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Review #20, by ines0803Shut Up and Kiss Me: Immature

18th March 2013:
Hi again! How are you?
First: I like the spacing. In my opinion, there's no need to change it.
Scorpious' memories are so cute! I wonder how long it will take until he realizes he's in love with Rose. It was nice to see Draco. He seems nothing like the old one (from the books) and that's really good.
I'm not sure how I feel about Rachelle now. For some reason, I like her (not as much as the other characters) and I'm happy to see that she talked with James and everything is ok between them. On the other hand, she has issues and she likes Leo. I support Chleo, so she'll end up bad again. I'm sorry for her.
I really laughed with Leo's conclusion. I'm worried about Ellie, though. She's probably used to not being wanted, but it can't be easy. I wish Leo could tell his parents that he wouldn't go.
My favorite couple is Chleo, as you probably figure out with my previous reviews.
I was wondering: does Hugo still loves worms?

Author's Response: Hello :D I'm well, just responding to one of your amazing reviews! Seriously, they make my day :D.

Scorpius...you see, I think I enjoy him being so oblivious to his own situation that I may lengthen the time to his resolution. I'm an awful person, I know :P.

Really?! You like her? YES! I was hoping her backstory would be enough to get some sympathy :P. She does have some serious issues, but...doesn't everybody (did I just blow your mind?)?

Oh good, I'm glad you thought that was funny. I laughed when I wrote it :P.

I've figured you were a Chleo :D.

Good question, we haven't really seen him in the present story, have we? Hm, he probably doesn't anymore, but he did have a history with them :P

Love hearing from you,

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Review #21, by ines0803Truth Or Dare Slytherin Style: Reason

14th March 2013:
I've just found this story and I really like it! I'm glad you decided to keep writing it :) Thanks for that!
Looking forward for the next chapter

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Review #22, by ines0803Shut Up and Kiss Me: Make-up and Mayhem

13th March 2013:
Now I truly believe that Scorpious has a death wish. I couldn't help but laugh when I realized what he was doing. In fact, I laughed almost the whole chapter.
You're right, this chapter is really fluffy and I am with a big smile on my face because of it :D It was really sweet!

Author's Response: Hello :D

I am the King of Fluff! I've got the title and everything :P. Actually, you've rest most of my work...so yes, you understand ;)

Thanks for this review, ha

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Review #23, by ines0803In My Head: Holding On

13th March 2013:
Hi again!
Seriously, everything happens to you. I can't imagine how I would react if I lost everything I have on my computer, even though I save some things - specially photos and videos - on a hard disk. Have you also lost any story you wrote (and haven't publish yet)?
McFarland is a creep, but I guess there's always one everywhere. It was sweet to see Jack become so protective :) I believe you when you say that he is good, but I still think that there's something off with him and that he's hiding something (maybe from his past?)
My favorite part in this chapter:
"He grabbed my hand and yanked me after him, barely able to keep up with his ridiculously long legs as he jumped down the steps three at a time and my bag slammed into my back, nearly toppling me over but his grip steadied me and YAY for Quidditch practice this was why I kept it up and oh, shit, didnít mean to terrify first years on top missing the train and was that Roxy? Might have been, never mind, heís still got my hand and weíre still running - why are we running?"
I loved to read her thoughts!
Great chapter! I'm looking forward for the next one!

Author's Response: Heya!
Certainly feels that way sometimes, but... yeah. Everyone suffers- I'm not alone. And that is what I'm doing from now on- it's a bit late, but better than never :) No, all my documents are safe- none of my stories have gone- it was just the pictures folder.
Good ole McFarland- destroying the reputation of boys everywhere. He was adorable, wasn't he? Bless >.< WHAT COULD HE POSSIBLY HIDE? (everything, I suppose, because he barely talks about him, but still). ;) Okay, so I'll tell you the truth. He's secretly a vampire. Edward Cullen bit him.
(...wait, is that the right fandom?)
XD I had fun writing that, although I sorta hold my breath when I thought track like that because I type at breakneck speed and fainting while I'm typing? Not good. So yeah. Not often. :D
In summery: I like that bit too.
The next one is gonna be awesome.
Thank you for taking your time to review again. I love reading them it all.

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Review #24, by ines0803Shut Up and Kiss Me: Roles Reversed

12th March 2013:
I don't like Anthony. I mean, he seems to be a nice guy, but I don't like him. Probably, I'm biased because of Leo, who finally seems to have decided to do something about Charlotte. It was about time! However, I believe that he doesn't think he's worth her. He seems to be trying and give her space. I think he's changing... for better.
About Scorpious, I'm not sure how his mission will work. Why did it have to be 30 minutes before? They wouldn't have trouble to find a compartment to themselves, so they'll have the whole trip back. But I guess that there's something else with that plan :)
I'm surprised with Ellie. I knew that Lily would try to be friends with her, but didn't she get suspicious? That girl tormented her for years! What did Lily say to convince her?
I can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Why hello there!

I think I built up Chleo so much that none of my readers with give ole' Tony a shot, which is fine. I figured more people would be upset with Charlotte.

Leo is changing :D!

Good point, some chapter coming up will explain it more. Basically, Rose was the "third party" that brought the two together. It'll make sense soon, I promise :P

Yay, the next chapter is a fluff chapter. I figured I needed to cut back on the teen drama a wee bit. We'll see how everyone likes it :)


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Review #25, by ines0803Shut Up and Kiss Me: Revelations

10th March 2013:
Hi again!
I'm really happy with all these chapters coming up so soon! I just hope that you don't have an author's block and we don't have to wait too long for an update. I really like this story :)
I liked to see James with his siblings. I'm glad I'm starting to understand their sibling-ship. I also love the fact that they're close with each other (I always like it when siblings don't hate/ignore each other).
I actually laughed with Leo! However, if I were Rachelle, I would probably kill him... I feel sorry for her. She shagged someone who doesn't even know her name (it probably meant something to her) and is dating a guy that doesn't like her and is using her to get over another girl. She isn't lucky at all :/
Leo might want to start thinking of a way to remember things (without Al's brains), but I guess that he'll only remember Charlotte at the end of the day... They should just talk with each other about their feelings, but that would just be too simple, I guess. It can never be that easy. I think that James will do something to set them up, though. I don't think that he'll be able to stop himself after reading Charlotte's "list".
I actually guessed Lily's "problem" when Albus found her the other day... I believe that she'll help Ellie. I'm not sure how, but I think she will.
Why can't Lily and James have the same opinion about Ellie? First, she thinks that Ellie only wants atention and it's not worth anything. When She finally realizes that she's wrong, James decides to agree with her! They just can't be on the same page!
Anyway, good chapter :)

Author's Response: Oh yes, the teenage drama that I've created. I came up with the idea to have Lily and James "switch roles," for lack of a better phrase, when I started writing this novella.

Wow, I was going to point it out in the next chapter, but you're brilliant enough to figure it out here. James and Lily are switching their opinions of Ellie :/. Look at you! You're my ideal reader, that's for sure.

I wanted to create Lily as a character that my readers would initially hate, and then gradually learn to understand and (maybe) even learn to adore. I hoped I achieve that goal by the end of the novella (we're getting there, I promise).

Leo...yeah he'll remember Charlotte at the end of the day. I believe she's the only girl that really catches his attention. I mean, he snogged her once and he can't get her out of his mind, the poor bloke.

Awesome review, as always,
soapman333 :D

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