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Review #26, by StormStoneTurning the Tables: You're Gonna be the One that Saves Me

8th October 2012:
well not in a bad way. in a good way. because it was a good story and a good ending. I love this whole story btw. makes me happy. thanks for writing it! Looking forward to the epilogue! say hello to your aunt Mary for me, she sounds like a lovely woman :)

Author's Response: YES I FINISHED!

Never thought the day would come to be honest, but it did. And yeah I get what you mean about being happy. I was happy to finish too. Although I do miss writing Corinne... a lot.

Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #27, by StormStoneThunder: I hate my flat.

7th October 2012:
Hm... who's Ian...? perhaps the reason she left the wizarding world? why is Louis working at a muggle diner? and the diner reminds me of Johnny rockets. this is like a replay of matt. and I don't know if this is true for your story,but I read somewhere that veelas don't really get effected by alcohol. that would be interesting.
looking forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: You'll find out about Ian soon enough ;) AND OH MY GOD I TOTALLY LOVE JOHNNY ROCKETS. That's basically what the diner is - nice catch. Hmm, I hadn't read that about Veelas, but Louis is only part-Veela anyway so alcohol still affects him. Thanks for the review!

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Review #28, by StormStoneThunder: I hate my job.

7th October 2012:
My dad loves Manchester United xD
great story though! Keep the updates coming! ha I love all the characters. You're a really good writer. you came up with this in a car ride! and now I want to know why ava ran away from the warding world...

Author's Response: Haha, well I really have no feelings towards Manchester United, love or otherwise :P
Thank you! I'm glad you like it so far! And yeah, I came up with this in the car... You'll be learning more about Ava soon :) Thanks for the review!

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Review #29, by StormStoneThe Art of Being Bad: The Art of Eluding the Scooching Game

27th September 2012:
AH NO I was hoping the incident would be in this chapter. grrr. Keep updating! and hardcore scorose shipper over here! so lets get to the sexy Scorpius parts where he teaches rose to be "bad" and then of course, rose should DEFINITELY fall in love with Scorpius instead of lysander. because Scorpius is my life. and as part of the"bad" training there should be flirting. and loss of lip virginity to a certain Malfoy. and Scorpius should give her a makeover. contacts, makeup, hair, clothes, etc. IT SHALL BE GREAT. NOW UPDATE. heh that rhymed!!

Author's Response: I'm sorry. :( I'm trying to get there but the issue is that I'm a rambling nerdmuffin prone to circumlocution of epic proportions, therefore hindering the plot process. The plot process is also hindered by me being a lazy bum who updates practically semi-annually. I will be honest in saying that Malfoy's appearance in chap 4 is skimpy. But chapter 5 is ALL MALFOY. And I'm working on chapter 5 right now so hopefully it will be done relatively quickly. Thank you for the review! :D

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Review #30, by StormStoneBeautiful: there's something about you

26th September 2012:
These stories are so beautiful they make me cry

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Review #31, by StormStoneTurning the Tables: Some Nights

19th September 2012:
AH OMG ONLY TWO CHAPTERS?! That makes me sad and happy at the same time. sad becuase its ending, but happy because I love endings. and don't second guess yourself! these stories are great. people are just lazy bums :). but HA I KNEW JAMES IS IN LOVE WITH CORRINE! destiny woohoo! and the whole Freddy thing makes me upset too. but Freddy was being a...bad word and I hope chaise and Dom get back together! and roxyatt is happy, and scorose, of course. and James is my life and I totally ship him and Corrine together foreverrr. but don't stop! this is great. and the fact that Bailey and Corrine made up just cheered me up. keep updating those last chapters! cheers :)

Author's Response: Ahh I'm so sorry for taking so long to answer this review but I know, I'm so, so sad that this story is like.. over. But yeah, second guessing myself has become kind of a habit at this point.

And well, it's not entirely confirmed whether or not James is in love with her. And sorry the Freddy thing upset you! I was just trying to give him more dimensions.

As for Dom and Chaise... we shall see how that all works out.

Thank you so much for reviewing and I'm sorry again for taking so long :)

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Review #32, by StormStoneTurning the Tables: Now This Looks Like a Job for Me

19th September 2012:
Okay so now that we have clarified that Freddy helped Madison, everything makes sense now, and chaise and Dom and Tyson and Corinne can all be friends again! and I think its cute how James stood up for Corinne against Freddy and that's why they're not talking

Author's Response: Hah yes! Lots has been resolved in this chapter explaining the Madison and Elise debacle... Although I think it'll still take a while for them all to become friends again. Coco and Dom can be pretty stubborn when they want to be.

I'm glad you liked the chapter and thank you for reviewing!

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Review #33, by StormStoneTurning the Tables: Been a Long Time Since I Came Around

19th September 2012:
Oh awkies I just read your no cursing review... sorry bout that... anyways... AH CHAISE HOW COULD YOU DO THAT and I don't think she overreacted when she first saw him, but after when she was talking about chaise not seeing her the same way after the great hall incident I felt like she was. its not like he looked at her in disgust, he was just laughing. so minor overreaction. and I think (as previously expressed) that roxyatt are adorable. and now I'm wondering why al was so uncomfortable when he saw James.

Author's Response: Ahh no worries, don't feel awkward. It's just sad when my reviews get deleted :(

AHH I KNOW! Chaise definitely betrayed Coco's trust in my eyes. Although she did overreact a lot. But that's just one of Coco's fatal flaws.

Al was uncomfortable when he saw James because he knows him and Corinne don't get along and he was with Corinne and James saw so it was definitely awkward for him.

Anyway, thank you so much for reviewing and liking the story :)

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Review #34, by StormStoneTurning the Tables: Didn't Steal Your Boyfriend

18th September 2012:
Isn't beauxbatons an all-girls school...?

Author's Response: Nope! In the movies they adapted it and made it an all girls school but JK Rowling has stated that in the books it's co-ed :)

Thanks for revieiwng!

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Review #35, by StormStoneBeauty Queen: Win, Win, Win

18th September 2012:

okay so you have no idea, but tash and James=my life. no joke. so yah know, UPDATE
Oh and your story's good too, I guess ;) JK THIS STORY IS AWESOME. LIKE LITERALLY.

I actually really like this though. I'm also really liking the whole tash-and-mom thingy you've got going on. it makes me happy that Natashas standing up to her and ditched that interview for quidditch. I think I'm getting too emotionally attached to these characters. you should be proud. and also I have an intense feeling that molly/gryffin developments are coming up. and that makes me happy :) and I totally ship scorose all the way, but I don't mind the absence of it in this story. that is all for now. UPDATE



Author's Response: Haha I know! Who would've thought it took this long just to get them to make contact with each other?

You don't know how happy I am that you like Tash and James. They are an acquired taste in my opinion since they're both very... different.

I'm flattered you like the story so much! And yes, the Tash/Mum issues are kind of the basis for this story. But yes Tash is finally standing up to her mum! And I'm glad you're getting attached to the character because it means I did something right :)

Molly/Gryffin developments are an interesting theory... Same with ScoRose although to let you in on a secret, I strongly dislike ScoRose.

Anyway, thank you so much for a lovely review! :)

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Review #36, by StormStoneTempting Fate: Chapter Nine: Of Chest Pains and Heartaches.

14th September 2012:
Omigod James just break up with Elizabeth! good Lord! you. love. Lily. end of story. break up with Elizabeth because its the right thing to do! I'm so excited to read more and see what happens! and how is Elizabeth not super mad and broken up with James because he cheated on her...? where is the irrational 15 year old inside that girl?! JILY SHIPPERS FO LYFE

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Review #37, by StormStoneA Babe In the Woods: Three Blue Buttons

7th September 2012:
Okay, I just had to say that butt is spelled with two t's. it was really bothering me haha sorry. can't wait for the next update!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'll fix it right away.

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Review #38, by StormStoneThe Marauders: James and Evans

28th August 2012:
This. Is. So. Freaking. CUTE.

personally, my favorite part was when they were holding hands and "james' heart was beating very fast."


Author's Response: :) Glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #39, by StormStoneThe Prime: Dazed

24th August 2012:
Hey. want to update again? like SOON?! Cuzzz this is a really good story. no lie. and so I'd have to say my favorite cheese is by far mozzarella ;) but I do in fact like ellie. she's very best friendish. a good character. and I like Charlie too! And of course, Al hahaha but in upcoming chapters you should put some sexual tension between al and charlie. like one time make him overprotective. cuz that kind of stuff's fluffy as hell. and fluff is mah lyfe, dog. ;P but seriously. where's the al-charlie luvin here?! I was looking forward to ittt! and sorryyy for not reviewing on the other chapters. I'm just too damn lazy lol
and also its kinda weird, but I think I would kinda like to see Charlie break down a little. like a soft spot/weakness that al hits one time during and argument and then Charlie should uncharacteristically burst into tears and run away, and al should feel sorry and Ian would be like "dude too far" and them etc etc. maybe I should write my own story lol. so yeah. I triumphed over my laziness and wrote a review! feel special. also, u can tell that by your writing style, I think that you should go check out a story that i like. its hpff. and its on this site. its called "Clash". try it out. toodles!!

Author's Response: Hahaha, of course i'll try my best to update soon! I've got a bit of chap3 written but it's far from done.

Ohh Mozzarella would be my second favourite cheese :D

I'm so flattered you're liking it so far! Ellie is very good best friend material, and she has to put up with charlie so extra points for her! i mean it's really hard to handle miss angst-o-shut-up-everyone-im-a-prefect

You're gonna have to continue reading for some tension :D I've got a long plan for the prime (like 40 chapter long) so you never know what might be coming. Breakdown sounds interesting! Haha I'm afraid at the moment Albus is as protective over charlie as i am over...things i don't like...like bananas? haha

DUN DUN DUHHH. *dramatic music*

You seem to have so many ideas, hopefully some might even happen later ;)

I've read clash and wow i'm really suprised you can tell by my writing style that i'd like it! you're a psychic.

I do feel flattered that you battled with laziness just to review The Prime! Thanks a million, it really means a lot.

Haha hopefully the next chapters coming up won't dissapoint!

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Review #40, by StormStoneThe Madness That is My Life: The Madness of Overworked Tear Ducts

17th August 2012:
So here I am on a lovely summer day, reading some lovely fanfiction like the nerd i am (NERDS FTW) when all of a sudden, I read this chapter and the chapter before this and I'm just up in my room freakin crying! and my mascara is all over the place and I probably look super gross but I don't care!
THIS IS SO GOOD! I hope you keep updating a lot on this story! I reallly want to find out what happens! keep writing! and I hope you don't take offense but I still don't really totally love Caleb. I mean he's a good guy and all that jazz, but I just ship albus and addie WAY too much to like Caleb. also I totally ship scorose and alouice (or whatever Alice and Louis ship name is) so anyways, good story! keep updating!

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Review #41, by StormStoneGravity Happens: radiance

14th August 2012:
it was so cute I almost dieddd! Pleaseee write more "fluffy little one-shots!!!" So cute

Author's Response: GAH THANK YOU
I'm certainly glad that you didn't die ;) I'm considering writing some more fluffy one-shots, but we'll see. Thanks for the review ♥

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Review #42, by StormStoneSpeaking in Rainbow: Oompa-Loompa Orange

27th July 2012:

I'm already shipping James and aurora and char and Fred!!

it will work out great, I just know it. so anyway, as of reviews, THIS STORY IS GREAT. NUFF SAID. and Eva and Jasmine are bitches, this is an excellent story, I like how you put the chapter names as colors that aurora sees, I think Logan is an adorable name, James is smexy, I am IN LOVE with aurora and James's relationship, you are a really excellent author, and the synaesthesia is a very original (and not to mention brilliant idea)

now that that's said, KEEP WRITING.

and I feel like I should criticize or something to make it a real review, but there's really nothing to criticize so here I go:

um well I think that maybe you should meet more neighbors. And maybe tell more about how sometimes the synthesisa us hard to deal with and you should have aurora try harder to get char and Fred together. and let James help.

So I love your story. kaythanksbye

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Review #43, by StormStoneAn Unforgettable Year: I'm a Man Now

24th July 2012:
Okay, just gonna say that I like you're story and I'm not trying to be mean or judge or anything, but it's kinda weird having you have the lyrics to high school musical, camp rock and Jonas brothers songs, but then write a long sex-filled chapter. I know that older people like the Jonas brothers and high school musical and stuff like that, and I'm not hating on you or any of those things. I'm just saying that its a little weird and unrealistic to have a boy participate in a Hogwarts "camp rock" musical production and then lose his virginity afterwords.

Author's Response: i wrote this story like, three years ago and posted what i had. so i'll probably rewrite it and make it better. i know it's not very good. thanks for your input, i'll try to work on that when i rewrite it!

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Review #44, by StormStoneBreathless: We Are Both Moronic Morons.

20th July 2012:
Well, what did I tell you. Bloody Al's pov RIGHT when I said it would be.

I'm a seer, I knew it


ew. nvm. great story, now I'm tired so bye

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Review #45, by StormStoneBreathless: Mission: Get the Hell Away From Here Now

20th July 2012:

heh... sorry about that ^^ I might have gotten a little over dramatic. anyways, THIS CHAPTER IS AMAZING YOU ARE A SKILLED FLUFF WRITER

annddd sorry about that too... ^^ so anyways. feedback wise, just wanted to say that I LOVE THIS STORY and I think its great and unique!!

one thing that's slightly bothering me is that Scorpius calls his mom "mom" but Adele calls her "mum." sorry I'm anal like that... and I think you should do some more parts from Al's POV cuz I thought it was cute and I want to know what he thinks.

now that I think about it though, there might be Al POV in like the next chapter that I don't know about because I have only read up until this chapter. so disregard what I said in the paragraph above. I'm super tired cuz its 1230 at night but I CANT STOP READING THIS.

so ill probably review the last chapter too to give you my thoughts so for now, Adios!

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Review #46, by StormStonev a n i l l a ♥ t w i l i g h t: Funky Werewolf Sexual Urges are Intense, Man.

19th July 2012:

that's all I needed to say... kaythanksbye

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Review #47, by StormStoneEnemies with Benefits : Too Close

19th July 2012:
Asfjkl why one direction, whyy? this is so good! I really hope the you keep writing and I also hope that hp is your one true love!! I'm not hating on 1D, don't worry, but I find it as a betrayal to our loyal hp family!! ;) But seriously, NEVER ABANDON THIS

anyways, I TOTALLY ship Fred and dessie, so keep up the good work, and I love Fred's POV's! and you should get going on the roxy and Logan thing!! Hahaha but excellent story I

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Review #48, by StormStoneJust Dance: Scavenger Hunt, Part One

17th July 2012:
This is such a great story! I really like it so please keep updating! and you asked for grammatical errors and there's one I found near the endish when Fred and Liv are sitting next to each other and their shoulders are touching because they're cold. After this part Liv is thinking about what George and Angelina are doing in the back but you accidentally said Fred instead of George :)
so anyways great story!
bye now

Author's Response: Thank you :) Gods be good, I'll update this fic as soon as possible. thx for the support!

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