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Review #1, by tori20444Ignite: Embers

2nd January 2014:
You're story was the best I've ever read. There should be fan fiction about your fan fiction. It had me crying and laughing, it was wonderful. I love/hate you. (more love then hate. i just- Methuselah. T-T i used a hole box of tissues on him) Please keep up your wonderful writing.

Forever your fan,
tori20444 (or Tori for short)

Author's Response: I'll take hate if I'm getting an emotional reaction! It hurt me, too, to kill Methuselah, but it had to be done. His story had to be cut short, or else it wouldn't hurt, else we wouldn't have lost anything, and we need to feel that loss, that denial of his dramatic arc, just as the characters feel the loss of his presence.

Plenty more adventures to come. Whole sequel out there, still in the works. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #2, by tori20444Blissful Nightmare: The Games Begin

14th April 2013:
Ok I like this paragraph format much better. It's more open and feels like your reading a book not an essay. And I do not believe I saw any typos. And finally they talked yay!!! Great story. I love it. Update soon. :)

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Review #3, by tori20444Blissful Nightmare: In Close Quarters

14th April 2013:
Ok I really like the story so far, but try to open up the paragraphs. They are very boxy. And some simple typos are in there as well. But great story. Really love it.

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