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Review #1, by NightStarWide Awake : Eyes of the World

19th October 2013:
I'm sorry, I forgot to review this D: I read this a lot time ago! >.<

Okay can I just say POOR REMUS?!?! MY BBY :'(
I know Marianne didn't mean to hurt him but that poor guy felt so guilty omg :(

But otherwise cute cute cute cute :3 and omg naughty Marianne ;)
Good job! Love the chapter and no, I cannot imagine Leo with a ponytail without laughing xD
But then again, its Leo. He's freaking awesome at everything and can pull off everything so XD

Brilliant job and love the writing as always ;)

With love,

Author's Response: Oh don't worry about being late, you know I always appreciate it when you review! :D

I wrote this chapter after JK released her new bio for Remus and I literally could not stop thinking the same thing when I read it - the man deserves to be happy, but he feels so guilty for everything because of his disease. The angst! The humanity!

And yeah, the little ponytail bit came when I saw some Marauder fanart and Remus had a small ponytail and I had the same reaction as Marianne ... so I thought it was a good idea to put it in the chapter to build the sexual tension and all XD And young Leo is so smexy, he could pull anything off. So there :P

Thank you so much for your review, as I said in the beginning, you should know by now that I really appreciate your love/feedback/critiques ;)

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Review #2, by NightStaretc. etc. (and life goes on): The Self-Fulfilling Prophet

15th October 2013:
The last time I was naked, there were fingers where the droplets are trailing, hands smoothing over my skin like water, following the only path they know down my neck, my breasts, my ribs, my hips.


Gosh you write so well. I blame you for the lack of reviews I give simply because I'm so HOOKED. I just desperately need to read the next chapter.XD
Which is why I read the next chap and came back to review.

You have no idea how much I admire you for this. I just LOVE the whole plot and your words and descriptions and asdfghjkl beautiful. You're so so so gifted and talented and I hope you never stop writing because you were born to grace us all with your brilliance. ;D

I love Clemence. She's handling this situation so much better than I would have (I would have probably curled up somewhere and hibernated until everyone forgot my existence or something).
But at the same time, ALBUS. JUST ALBUS.
The last few paragraphs in the next chapter crushed me. Poor Albus :'(

Because I love Pickett :3 Cutest thing ever.
Dom's pretty boss! And Appy is flipping scary. Slytherin through and through. She takes the word fangirl to whole new level.

Anyway, just wanted to say; you're a brilliant writer and this will forever be one of my favourite ever stories. :')
Can't wait to see what happens next :3

With loads of love,

Author's Response: SORRY FOR TAKING SO LONG TO RESPOND! I'm trying my best to finish the new chapter--which I nearly am, so I'm letting myself respond.

Thank so much for reading and reviewing :3 I'm always glad to see people popping in. What's fun about etc is that everyone has different favorite character moments and can love totally opposite things that are both somehow valid (like the romance or the lack thereof!). I love Clemence's flair for handling things b/c it's so clean--hitman-style. But it comes at a cost of, well, ripping out Albus heart rather torturously (was the dramatic shower scene //really// necessary, Clemence?).

EVERYONE'S GOT THEIR OWN FAVORITE PICKETT SHIP, TOO. I will sadly probably disappoint some people, but I'm trying my best not to. Scorpius and Pickett are still a totally valid ship 8D for reasons (but so is Dom for that matter. Or even Appy, if I try really really hard and destroy a piece of my soul).

Thank you so much again ^__^ ♥

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Review #3, by NightStarWide Awake : Hot Legs

10th September 2013:
You have no idea how happy you just made me xD
Your writing again is brilliant and the plot is going smoothly so no worries about that. Characters are evolving so that's great. Just keep up the good work! ^_^
Oh and thank you so much for mentioning me in your author's note :)
Sorry I couldn't say anything else xD
With lots of love,

Author's Response: I know! Gah, I was so happy when I finally wrote them getting together. It took awhile, but it was worth it!

I'll kill Peter too, don't worry. As I said in the author's note, he won't give up his friends just yet, but we all know that changes once they graduate. But that's what the sequel is for ;)

I'm glad you think the characters/plot are evolving well! I've been tempted to write other fics/one shots but since I've got about 8 different plot lines in this story, I can't even begin to think about writing something else. So much to plot! So much to write!

Thanks again for all your multiple reviews! Stay tuned for some dramatic chapters coming up XD

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Review #4, by NightStarWide Awake : Let It Grow

7th August 2013:
Ah sorry for not reviewing earlier! I'm an evil and greedy witch :P
You have no idea just how hard I ship them. THEY'RE SO ADORABLE HOW CAN ANYONE NOT LOVE THEM?!
Sirius/Gemma is going pretty sexy ;D But what's happening to my darling Gemma .-. Aeryn is annoying the hell lot of me (which is good!), James and Lily are YAY :D Still enjoying the 'new couple' feeling :D I'm so happy xD

As for the chapters, I would say that the story is going consistently so kudos to you. There are some parts of the chapters that are sudden but that's alright. Your writing again is awesome and I love it :D I adore your descriptions a lot! Also, I wanted to see what James did for Lily on Valentine's Day so I was a little surpised when it directly jumped to Aeryn getting attacked.
I really have to go now (thanks Mum >.>). APOLOGIES!

I will definitely write up a better review for future chapters! ^_^

With love,

Author's Response: Don't worry about it. You don't need to review every chapter, dear :D

I knowww, they are finally together!! It's taken 21 chapters, but it's finally happened. And you're right, how can you not love them? It's such a cute, forbidden romance XD

You'll see what's happening to Gemma in due time, don't worry!

I know things are sudden and kind of confusing, but there is a method to my madness, I swear. Everything ties in somehow - even the small little details. For instance, you'll see why I chose to have Luciana attack Aeryn in the next chapter ...which should be submitted sometime today XD

And your reviews are lovely, you don't have to write them better! They are seriously some of the longest reviews I've gotten on this story so far!!


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Review #5, by NightStarWelcome to Blunderland: { 13 }

17th July 2013:
20% ?


I'm sorry I didn't review till like this chapter but whattheheck. My bbys D': What have you done to them?
I love Scorpius. Just saying, I love him so much. I'm not yet sure I ship Florp but I love him and omg this chapter killed me.

Poor poor Fauna. I can't believe it.


Let me give you a proper review without my feels painted all over.
I like Albus. He's very sweet :3 He's so cute and nice and he seems like a very fun person to be friends with too.
I also like Flora a lot. Her wallflower-ness is obvious so you've done a good job with that. I love the little one-liners that you add here and there :3
I also really like the story! It's pretty damn good and really, who can't resist such love triangles(or square? What? xD)? Love your usage of words and vocabulary :D I've read Starving Artists and its sequel by you and I have to say, you're brilliant babe. :D

Asdfghjkl there's only one more chapter for me to read now and I think I'm gonna explode with all this curiosity.
So I'm gonna have to end the review here.

With love,

P.S- No chapter images anymore? Why?

Author's Response: Haha, I do love my evil plot twists!

I'm really glad you're enjoying the story regardless, and that you like the characters (and love triangles!). And thanks for calling me brilliant - that's my ego boosted for the day ;)

Don't worry, there's more than one chapter left! This story goes all the way up to 24! Also, I ended up deleting the chapter images because they were such a pain to make, and I was struggling to find enough in the way of usable images. I may request them from TDA someday, but for the time being, the story remains chapter image-less.

Thank you so much for reviewing! ♥

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Review #6, by NightStarWide Awake : Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours

16th July 2013:
I thank you. This chapter has made me so giddy and happy :3 Needless to say, Jily is my OTP in Harry Potter which is why I have an inclination for their stories :3

Only one thing, I wish James was a little confused about how Lily suddenly just kissed him. It would have been better if he had just freaked out a little. I was just as surprised as he was xD
I'm so glad you got together. Like really. Ahh! First Gemma and Sirius and now this. Eep!
YAY next is Remus. I'm hoping he and Marianne make up. PLEASE. *Keeping my fingers crossed!*

With loads of love,

P.S- Who's the guy you used for the Chapter Image? I know its supposed to be James but what's the model/actor's name? Cuz damn, he's hot ;)

Author's Response: To be honest, I never really cared for Jily before I wrote this story. When I was planning things out, I kind of brushed over them. But now I love them because they are so fun to write (their chapters are always a lot longer if you look at the word count, ha!). I want to make them as cute as possible because in the end I know they are going to d - no, I'm not going to think about that just yet. That scene is going to be WAY down the road.

Yeah, I see what you're saying about James' reaction. But when you get to Lily's chapter after the Winter Ball, James freaks out when Lily does something romantic for him. So hopefully that balances things out for ya? XD

As for Marianne/Remus ... well that one is going to take a bit longer. Keep reading, you'll see what I mean. But I'm writing chapter 21 right now and exciting things are coming, let me tell you!

The guy in the chapter image is Gaspard Ulliel XD He wasn't my original choice for James but when I saw a couple pictures of him with glasses, I decided to use him :D

Again, thank you so much for your reviews. They are always constructive and lovely =)

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Review #7, by NightStarWide Awake : Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2)

16th July 2013:
Omg nice I liked this!

what you expected, eh?)
Sirius and Gemma are so cute :3 Its adorable!
And your descriptions girl! They're very very
effective! Like this one for example:
"Sirius Black knew the exact location of every
freckle on Gemma Rawnsleys body but still felt
the same intense desire every time she took off
her clothes. She was a breath of fresh air and
he couldnt help but continually crave her
ethereal spirit. Her joyous giggles and playful
nature literally made him weak in the knees."

Way too good. How do you write so well? :O

Anyway, I can't wait for the next chapter so this
review's just gonna have to end at this short
note. Sorry xD

With loads of love,

Author's Response: Haha, I must admit, I was not expecting you to say you love Marianne! But I'm glad you like her. I do too XD Hopefully you'll like her a lot more when you get to the next chapter in her perspective!

To be honest, I don't really know where those descriptions come from. I've never taken a creative writing class so they kind of just happen ... I sit down and just type whatever I'm thinking. It's really interesting to write the boys that way because my head usually gets stuck in the gutter, ha! I also have a nice thesaurus to look at, so that helps the writing process too :D

Thank you so much for all of your reviews, I really really really appreciate them!

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Review #8, by NightStarWide Awake : I Saw Her Standing There

16th July 2013:
Hi! Long time xD I apologize. I've been a little busy :P (plus, this site seems to have died :( There aren't many people coming on!)
I can see it took you an effort to write this chapter. But you did your best. Both Aeryn and Peter seem to be very annoying and difficult to write so kudos to you for doing such an incredible job!
You write so amazingly well that I look at my one and only story pitifully. XD Really. I love your flow of words and your vocabulary. Its beautiful :')
Only criticism, you're making us wait too long o know these two character's real motive D: Its agonizing! I mean this in good humour, so don't actually take it as criticism!
Either way, 'lurve' your story and I can't wait to read more of Gemma and Sirius!

With love,


Author's Response: Oh no need to apologize! I understand real life comes before fan fiction ;)

Yes, Aeryn and Peter are annoying to write, but as you'll see in later chapters, they are essential to the plot. So in the beginning, they are annoying, but as you get towards the chapter about the Winter Ball, you'll see what I mean XD

Awww, don't look at your story like that! If you want, I could take a look and review it for you if you need some advice! And to be honest, I've never taken a creative writing class, so I have no idea where my writing style comes from. And I can't take all the credit for the vocabulary either ... my Microsoft Word thesaurus is my best friend :D

And as I said before, you'll learn more about Peter and Aeryn as things move forward :D

Thank you for your reviews!! I'm going to respond to all of them tomorrow, as I have to go to bed soon to get up early for work. But thank you thank you thank you!

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Review #9, by NightStarWide Awake : Layla

18th April 2013:
HI! It's been long, I know xD
I'm gonna jump straight into reviewing this.
To be honest, this chapter was a tad bit scattered :/ It feels like things are going way too fast. I know you wanted to open the chapter with the dream (I love doing that too xD) but it was all so sudden that Gemma's actually in Sirius's bed.

One more thing is, Sirius shouldn't have said THE three words so soon :/ But its cute! Don't worry! I just wish Gemma's reaction would have been more..punk girl-ish and Gemma-ish. The reason we all love her IS because she's badass. There wasn't much of that in this chapter, sorry :/
(I'm so so sorry if I'm being mean! I don't mean to!)

Next up, Lily and James. It's getting interesting but I wish she'd stop being so.. moody and confusing. You're right, 'in love Lily' is so much better. I don't like this irrational jealous side of her. But I'm sure you have lots of Jily plans ahead! I'm looking forward t see what will happen next! :D

Aeryn and Peter. Whoosh. Wth happened xD Don't worry, amazing plot twist but I did not see that coming. So I'm curious! I can't wait to see where you're take this now.

REMUSANDMARIENNE. They're so cute, I can die. xD
I'm not mad at you for the ending. (I've read way too many fanfics I guess xD) because I know you'll bring 'em back. Right?

RIGHT? -.-

Jk, no pressure xD

But, question. You said 'Theres just no way he was just going to kiss her back when he hasnt even told his friends he loves her.'
But why wouldn't he kiss a girl? Do the Marauder ask each other for permission or consent to kiss a girl? :P I understand if Remus says no because he thinks he's a monster and he can't be loved but this makes no sense to me. Unless I missed out something xD Apologies if I have then!

Anyway, I think this review is pretty much scattered and super mean and I'm so so so so so so so so sorry! I love this story and you and I don't mean to hurt you!

With lots and lots and lots of love,

Author's Response: OMG STOP IT. That was like, the nicest critical review I’ve ever gotten. You were not mean AT ALL.

Ok, time to pull out Word so I can properly respond ….

I kind of meant for this chapter to be scattered and a lot. I’m trying (and who knows if I’m actually succeeding) to model this story after a tv show type plot. So things happen and you’re like whaa? What is going on here? But the next 4 chapters are reactionary chapters from everyone’s points of view. So I went for the shock and awe approach in that respect. I tend to do that a lot when I get to the group chapters … but good to know that things are moving a little fast. I’ll try and factor that in when I write the next group chapter XD

About Gemma and Sirius … so I know everyone thinks Gemma is this total badass, but that’s not how I planned to write her. If she was a Gryffindor, then yes, she would be totally badass and a hothead like Sirius. However, she’s really guarded when you first meet her but once you actually get to know her, she’s a Hufflepuff – really bright and fairy like. She’s not brave, she’s kind of a wimp – hence the whole running away business that’s associated with her. So she puts on this front, but when she wakes up in his bed and he says I love you, he breaks down all her walls. That’s why I chose for Sirius to say the “three little words” – to shock her enough so that she realizes that she loves him. So she’s absurdly loyal to him after they decide to get together … which is her biggest fault, as you’ll see in later chapters. So it’s good you noticed that she’s not a badass in this chapter, because it maybe means that things are going to be rocky for the couple. Changing yourself for your significant other doesn’t turn out well, I’ve learned that from personal experience ;)

Jily – yeah, Lily is totally a crazy person. But I figured that if you hated someone for so long and they finally started ignoring you, you’d be like wait what? Where did you go? Why aren’t you bothering me? WHY ARE YOU GONE FROM MY LIFE JAMES? Don’t worry tho, she won’t be crazy for long XD

I didn’t think of the Peter/Aeryn plot twist until I started writing this chapter. But if you read on, you’ll see why I did it. It’s going to add a lot to his betrayal … whoops, did I say that out loud? :D

And no, Remus doesn’t have to ask the Marauders to kiss a girl. It’s totally because he thinks he’s a monster and that Marianne deserves better – if he can’t admit his feelings to his friends, he’s not going to open up his heart right away and kiss her back. Marianne’s got her work cut out for her before that can happen. This will all be explained in his personal chapter, don’t worry!

So again, YOUR REVIEW WAS NOT MEAN. AT ALL. In fact, it’s probably the most constructive review I’ve gotten – I’m going to reference it in the next chapter so everyone can see your questions/concerns and my response. But a lot of your questions will be answered further into the story. This whole thing is supposed to be 35 chapters, mind you XD


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Review #10, by NightStarWide Awake : Wish You Were Here

14th March 2013:
Hi! I came across this story today and eep, it's cute :3
It's really lovely :) I love Gemma, Sirius, Remus and Marianne a lot :D
Okay. I need to tell you. Gemma is freaking amazing. She's so epic xD and cool and pretty much awesome.
Sirius has always been my favourite character in Harry Potter and I like your interpretation of him (: he's fun playful and most of all, smitten ;)
Remus is adorable :3 I swear. Sirius/Gemma's such a badass couple and Remus/Marianna's such a cute one :3 GET JILY SOON. THEY'RE MY OTP. I'll die of fangirling once they do become a couple xD
Marianna's a very nice character. She's all pretty and perfect but she has responsibilities and yuck Rabastan :P I like her a lot :)
Aeryn is annoying. I'm sorry but I just don't like her. She's so dreamy and complains all the time. I understand why you had a bit of a writers block while writing it from her POV :P
Peter.. Hmmm I can't judge because I hate him in Harry Potter. I really really hate him and I sort of have a prejudice xD but I like that you're bringing out his inner conflicts but his high behavior in the earlier chapter confused me a little. Scratch that, not confuse but curious I guess. I don't what that boy is up to :P
James! I love James

Author's Response: Your review totally made my day! So much to respond to - here's my attempt haha

Gemma is BY FAR my favorite character, probably because she's very similar to me. Well, I'm not as badass as she is but I knew Sirius needed a strong woman to tame him ;)

As for Sirius ... I adore him. He's the total bad boy - I mean, he gets a motorbike. That's near the top of the checklist for bad boys. He's totally smitted too. It's great. Love writing him!

Remus ... swoon again. I can never decide if I like Sirius or Remus better so in this story I tried to make Remus more dynamic so I could sort of merge Sirius' dashing-ness and Remus' niceness if that makes any sense. So basically I'm picking Remus because I'm adding a little Sirius into him. His relationship with Marianne reminds me of Sybil and Branson from Downton Abbey. Although, I'm planning to have some more ups and downs with them before they get together ;)

As for Jily ... the next chapter is in her POV so you're going to enjoy it. They'll get together soon enough, I promise!

Aeryn is annoying on purpose, but that still doesn't make it easier to write her. And that's all I can say about her ... you'll see exactly what I'm talking about in probably ... 5-10 chapters?

Thanks again for your review!

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Review #11, by NightStaretc. etc. (and life goes on): Intermission, Enter Firewhiskey

19th January 2013:
One; I read this chapter the day you posted it but I didn't review. Because because because, I was too shell shocked to xD
Amazing work though, You caught me completely off guard but ASDFGHJKLZXCV you-have-no-idea-how-much-I-loved-this!
You write so well. So damn well. And the PLOT! Argh, the plot's just PERFECT.
Pickett and Scorpius. Genius xD Pickett's such a sweetheart, I love him so much and Scorpius is so cute ^.^
But ALBUS ohmygerd, I love him :3
So much sexual tension in this chapter! >.< How do you even write so well?
Sorry for the totally crazy review but AMAZING WORK! I can't wait for the next chapter :D
I'm really curious to see where you take this now!

With loads of love (apologies for the crappy review),

Author's Response: OH random BUT I like your keyboard smash. It includes a lot of neglected letters on the keyboard :D

Mah boooys. I've come to realize that I like to write mostly male casts. It happens in all three of my novels. I hang out around a lot more of them than girls so I suppose that's why.

♥ thank you so much! Sorry for the late response!

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Review #12, by NightStarPhoenix Ashes: Chapter Eight

4th January 2013:



Draco and Blaise are my favorites! :/ *wails*

Okay, I'm done. It sucks. It really sucks how Draco's gone so soon and he wasn't even here for that long. But I forgive you. Because I love this story so much xD
Anyway, drama and high-ness aside, well done. And I really mean this because many people try to think like Luna and write from her perspective but very rarely do authors capture her portrayal well. But you did it! :) Luna's dreamy like and she tends to divert a lot and I'm curious to know how she'll do in the Phoenix Games. Really curious. Because normally one wouldn't expect Luna to survive in such gory things. She definitely lightens the whole mood of the story and I'd like to see her stick around a little bit more. My favourite part was: 'We would fill it with all manner of fun and sparkly things and shoot it off at night when it was a holiday. Watching everything glitter in the moonlight had been so pretty... Mum was there too. Somehow I doubt that the canons the Dark Ones use when one of us dies shoots glitter.'

Omg, glittery canons xD I love the idea!

But one part I didn't like too much was the ending. I got what Luna was trying to say but you could have given a little bit more on Blaise's expression. He just killed his best friend. Must be PRETTY horrifying.

I still wish Draco killed Blaise instead. I love Blaise but Draco's too amazing. Have you read The Mortal Instruments? Draco reminds me of Jace. He's a lot like Jace and I really like him.
But I do look forward to this story. I'm still gonna stalk you xD Don't be discouraged by this review (its a little scattered, I know and I'm sorry). Draco was anyway eventually gonna die (unless he was going to win the Games) and I guess its okay even if he isn't there anymore.
You are a good author and don't ever stop writing, please!
Please do update! Can we please have the next chapter up soon? :)
I apologize again for the total crappy review. I'm still mourning #.#

See ya later! And remember, I'm still stalking you xD

With loads of love,

Author's Response: I tried not to. I really, really, reaaally did. But the two of us had a... fundamental disagreement which could not be solved except through his death... I think that sounds good. Yup.

Oh, but it does suck because I love Draco/Blaise banter as well!

Luna is really a lot of fun to write. I think a lot of people try too hard to write Luna, or turn her into some sort of prophetess, but I think Luna is really kind of easy to write. I'm really glad that you like how I wrote her, I think you're the first person to compliment me on it, thank you!

My beta hasn't looked at this chapter yet. I sent it to her, but she's been rather busy, so she hasn't gotten to it yet... Or it got lost in her email xD I haven't read the Mortal Instruments yet, but I've been hearing so much about them! The books have been on my To Read list since before they got really popular.

I really appreciate all of your lovely compliments, your reviews are never bad, I look forward to them ^_^ I hope China was a lot of fun!

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Review #13, by NightStarMoonlit Dancing: Fly With Me

15th October 2012:
The JONAS BROTHERS!!! Ah, I love you xD

I LOVE this song! It's so beautiful! :)

Anyway, fangirlism aside, the story was okay.. It was well written but I'm not very fond of song fics because the lyrics come in between and it feels so disconnected. But this story was alright. The repetition was good. I liked that :)
You do write well. Just experiment, have fun and you'll do well ^.^

With loads of love,

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Review #14, by NightStaretc. etc. (and life goes on): The Casualties of War

1st October 2012:
WOAH! That's all I can say.. Beautiful work there! Well written as always. Loved Clemence. Loved Albus especially and wow are the girls absolutely crazy..
Stuff between Rose and Dom are getting SO interesting but I'm mostly looking forward to more amazingness of Albus xD Clemence is definitely one of the best narrator's I've read and I thoroughly enjoy her take on things in Hogwarts and life in general.
Humor everywhere and I love you for that xD but my favorite line 'he hasn't learnt how to control his heart'
Oh LOVE! Albus is finally unraveling (even Clemence) and I'm loving this story even more!
Looking forward to the next chapter! Hope there's more Clemus or Almence xD those are weird ship names! And Pickett! Oh, I love Pickett! He's simply adorable:)

With loads of love,

Author's Response: Thank you! :3 Next chapter is mostly Clemence and the boys - Albus, Pickett, Scorpius - with Rose-Dom simmering in the back. I'm glad you're enjoying it :3 Especially now that Clemence is exploring more of herself (however reluctantly), it's been loads of fun writing her narration.

Clambus and Almence are the ones I've seen repeatedly 8D and Pickett is a dolll.

♥ thank you for the review! ^__^

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Review #15, by NightStarHogwarts for dummies: Mother knows best

1st October 2012:
I was going to hunt you down, stalk you in real life, creep into your room one night and kill you... If you were going to abandon this story xD
Forgive my creepiness, I'm really not that gory xD

BUT YOU UPDATED! Oh I missed Cece so much! And Albus! Oh.. What a relief you updated!
I was so scared you weren't going to update and leave us, ME just hanging on the line!

As for the chapter, I'm sorry, I didn't quite like it. I think it could have been a bit longer and a little more well-developed. I don't mean to hurt you (hell, NO) but do take it as criticism. The whole step mother thing could have been written a bit more better and a little longer.
Also the conversation between Ginny, Hermione and Cece seemed a bit off but otherwise, the scene was pretty okay.
I like what Albus gave Cece though:)
All in all, not one of best chapters but I am SO glad you're back! Do not feel discouraged by this review! I love your story and your characters and I'm pretty sure quite a lot of other readers love them as well:) keep writing and don't lose hope!

With loads of love,

Author's Response: Now I'm really scared since I haven't been updating, I'm so sorry but I'm just busy because I've switched schools and stuff ): I'm sorry for this chapter and I'm sorry I'm being a terrible author! thank you thank you thank you otherwise for your lovely review!!

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Review #16, by NightStarMy Paper Heart: My Paper Heart

21st September 2012:

Beautiful story.. I liked it but it was a bit scattered.. otherwise, good job :D The song actually fit into the story unlike a lot of song-fics I've read..:)

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Review #17, by NightStarUnwieldy Discoveries : Chapter the first and only

19th September 2012:
That was indeed one of the worst stories I've read xD
The story was scattered! Plot lines to first person to third person to random appearances! xD
I'm not sure whether I should tell you this but good job on writing such a bad story..xD

Author's Response: Hi Nightstar! the compliment is well taken! and it was so much fun letting loose and just messing everything up on purpose :D

I'm glad you picked up on the worst of it! it was all intentional (thank god). and I assume you enjoyed it? XD

thanks for reviewing!

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Review #18, by NightStarThe Immortal Lords: The Titan Dream

7th September 2012:
You updated! :O:O
I nearly thought you abandoned the story! I really love this story because its one of the very few crossovers which are well-meshed and written together..
I liked this chapter.. I'm really eager to see what you have planned for the rest of the chaps..:)
I hope you update soon! Awesome writing as usual..a couple of spelling mistakes somewhere but good job:)
And I miss Percy! Please bring him back in the next chapter!:)

With loads of love,

Author's Response: This story isn't abandoned. It's more on hiatus than anything. I have the end of the story, just getting there its the problem. Hahaha! Thank you for taking the time to read and coming back to see what happens!

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Review #19, by NightStarPhoenix Ashes: Chapter Seven

23rd August 2012:
aah! Sorry I'm late! Was off in a trip to China ^.^
Anyways, MY FAVOURITE PERSPECTIVE! I love Blaise :D I know many people want Hermione but honestly, I prefer Draco or Blaise! :D
Pretty fast-paced chapter but the flow was pretty good..:) The action scenes could have been better but it was good nonetheless.. I really like the last part! I wonder who Blaise stabbed ;)
Looking forward to the next one! Thanks for reviewing Slytherin Much? as well, even though its somewhat crap xD I really appreciate it!
Sorry for the crap review but I really don't know what to say! I'm just glad you're going update more often :D

With loads of love, gratitude AND apologies,

Author's Response: Oh, wow, China! I've barely been out of my state, let alone the country, I can't imagine that, I hope you had fun!

Action sequences... give me trouble, because I'd rather avoid them altogether, honestly. But these are SO much fun. I wonder who he stabbed to... XD

Slytherin Much is fine! The story itself is interesting, even if you don't flesh out the writing, don't be discouraged! And I'm glad you reviewed, it really makes my day ^_^

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Review #20, by NightStarTask One Challenge- Stranded : The Snow Storm

4th August 2012:
Nice story! I loved it!
It was a bit boring in the beginning when they were listing the uses of dragon's blood but I know it was necessary..
I like Salazar a lot (GO SLYTHERIN! xD) and Godric's nice enough!
Well written of course, as always:)
I'm a huge fan of 'The Immortal Lords' but why aren't you updating? :/
Its been years! Please write..?:)

Author's Response: Heeey! Sorry for the uber long delay in the response. Emphasis on the uber long, hahaha!

Yeah, I know it got a little boring but they had to be there in order to get the points.

As for The Immortal Lords...that story is in hiatus...I plan on going back to it eventually but don't know when as of right now.

Anyway, thank you for your kind review! I appreciate it!

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Review #21, by NightStarI'm lucky to be in love with my best friend-well, maybe not so much: Crashing and burning

4th August 2012:
This chapter was way better! I loved it! Has to be one of my favorites from this story!
Alex is of course, awesome! James is super cool and Lily was okay..That part with Alice and Frank could be a bit longer I guess but it was okay..
Just one thing; Sirius was way too cocky in the beginning..I liked the last part a LOT but it was a bit annoying in the beginning.. I understand that he's supposed to be irritating but tone it down if you're having such a dramatic ending..

Also, I hate you! I can't believe you didn't let them kiss! :O How could you? I've been waiting for so long!
Kidding, I liked the ending..and I like your stories so there's no way I can hate you xD
The chapter was all in all, very well written..English is not my first language either but I love it :D and no worries, there aren't any spelling errors:) Also this chapter was a lot more eventful and fun to read than the earlier one..I was afraid you lost a bit of confidence after the earlier one but wow, you just came and posted such an awesome chapter :D
Well that's about it I guess.. Well done and remember, I'm stalking you;) xD

Your loyal reviewer;)

Author's Response: Oh thank you so much!!! I'm so glad that you liked this chapter, it means a lot and this review is great and long-thank you for taking the time to write it! Yeah, well won't it be so much sweeter when they actually do kiss?? Thank you so much! And yes I actually did lose quite a bit of confidence after the last chapter, so I am very glad that you liked this one! Thank you for thinking that it's better. I love you haha and feel free to stalk me anytime (: have a super fantastic day!

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Review #22, by NightStarPhoenix Ashes: Chapter Six

23rd July 2012:
OMFG! You updated!
There my rant's over...sorry about that!
The chapter was AH-MAZING! I thought you were going to do only Draco's, Ginny's and Hermione's POV..But I like Raya..:D
Nice to know what she thinks..:)
Teras is a funny name but he's an annoying character (no offence to you!)
Keep writing! Please! I love it and update more often!
and sorry my review is so extremely short! I really need to go..:(
btw, I'm NightCrimson, the reviewer from the earlier chapter and that mind blowing one-shot you wrote (Draco/Ginny..Horror :O) :D
Expect me reviewing!

With loads of love,

Author's Response: Awww what a sweet review! I don't mind that your review is short, I appreciate your thoughts regardless. Teras and Raya are brain babies a friend and I came up with for a Durmstrang RPG a few years ago. Teras is my baby but he really is a git. I am glad that you liked Raya, and look for more updates in August.

Thank you so much for reviewing in your short time ^_^

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Review #23, by NightStarHogwarts for dummies: Have yourself a merry little Christmas

23rd July 2012:
Yay new chapter!
That was a depressing chapter :/
First off, I'm an Indian (who lives in Singapore, I'm messed up, whatever) and I don't celebrate Christmas but this is just WAY too sad..:(
I've read so many happy Christmas stories and this is depressing..:'(
and its a good thing! Because as a writer, you aim to get your readers to empathize with your character and that totally happened in this one..
Its a lot different from the other chapters because there isn't much humor but you're pretty good at writing emotional stuff as well..:)
But I prefer Cece being funny..Its brings about a comic relief and what Alice said LONG back ago about her being funny to hide her insecurities is entirely true...:)
About Alice, I love her..the love the whole psychology thing because I adore psychology! xD
and please, I beg of you, don't make her like Al! I have a feeling she's facing an emotional problem herself and she maybe likes Louis..? But I find that cute :) If its something else then its good as well because the story gets more mature..(I'm not making sense am I?xD)
Anyway I think I'm going to wrap this review up by saying well done once again! Its was a definitely a change from your normal way of writing but its good :)

With loads of love,

Author's Response: Oh thank you so much! I love your reviews more then life itself haha and I really don't deserve your praise, but thank you so much! It will get funny again, don't worry haha :D Oh I love Alice to and I am really into psychology! I will probably go and study it :D Really thank you so much for all the encouragment and lovely reviews! have fun! xxx

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Review #24, by NightStarHogwarts for dummies: Hogsmeade and other stories

21st July 2012:
I decided to re-read the story when I noticed you have added chapter images xD
The story is still funny, I swear I LOVE Cece:) She's so incredibly funny!
Since you pretty much know what I think of the characters, I'll go on to the chapter..
There are a couple of spelling mistakes for once..Its cheesy and not cheese xD and the chapter seems a bit choppy at some parts..I suggest you edit it a little bit and add a bit of conversation or something..:)
Otherwise, its perfect! I like your style of writing..and your sense of humor of course:)
Well done again and expect more reviews from me :D

With loads of love,

Author's Response: Oh wow thank you for going to re-read it! It means more then you can imagine haha I know I say this a lot but it really does! And yes I am very very sorry about the spelling mistakes, I will go and fix them and I will try and make the story a bit better. I really appreciate your reviews! Thank you! Lots of love xxx

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Review #25, by NightStarI'm lucky to be in love with my best friend-well, maybe not so much: Thank god it's Christmas!

5th July 2012:
Aww this chapter was a bit off..I'm sorry to say it!
It could have been longer! And more Sirius-Alex, PLEASE?! *puppy dog eyes*
You update pretty fast though:)
I like Sirius' letter xD
and the shift from Hogwarts to the Christmas letters took a leap..I would have preferred a little more action like Alex going back home and christmas arriving and blah blah blah xD
But honestly, don't take me seriously because I'm most definitely not a better writer!
All in all, as much as I love you and this story (and Cece/Albus) this chapter wasn't that great :(

Author's Response: I'm sorry you are dissapointed but I totaly get you, because I hurried with this chapter immensly and tried to get it out before the queue closure, so yes it's hurried and it sucks. I know, I'll try and do better next time, thanks for reading (:

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