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Review #26, by potterfan310Reasons to Smile: Albus: When the Bad Mood Hits Everyone

5th November 2014:

Ahhh, Albus' point of view is back, yay!

Aww their wedding sounds perfect, and Isacc insisting on standing with them, well Albus, at the alter is too cute!

I can't help feel bad for Albus, I'm guessing Lexi is distant right now because of being pregnant and not wanting to tell him.

Ahh, we have more information about Adam!! So he was murdered, ahh no, things seem to get worse and worse :(

Albus is so cute with Gracie and their bet, too funny. Haha, though I can imagine Gracie will do anything to get a new toy. The whole thing of her falling asleep in the wardrobe and Al not finding her until she was snoring is just so adorable. ♥ And it kind of breaks my heart knowing Albus isn't spending as much time with them as he should and that he and Lexi are arguing and that he doesn't yet know that she's having twins.

Can't wait for the next one!


Author's Response: Hey!

I'm always torn over point of view. I love them both so much.

I do love how I planned their wedding, I'll have to write it one day. Their son was adorable that day...

Yep, that would be why. But it won't last. Don't worry.

Adam was murdered, the poor boy. And that information is also coming.

Gracie is a little monster, but you can't fault her for it because of the adorable smile on her face. :P Albus hates it , too. Things will get better.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #27, by potterfan310Lethargic: I'm Not the Prank King

5th November 2014:

Ahh Dom and Cayden are up to something, and it involves Carrie brilliant. I cannot wait to see what Carrie does to them in return. Haha, the three of them together oh dear. I love Dom and Cayden's banter so much, I'm still secretly hoping their dating.

Small typo - "If Jade turns into a wreck than Dom" - I think it was supposed to be 'then' instead of 'than'?

I actually kind of love Carrie's conversation with Flitwick, I love how she asked him how his year has been. Ha! I love how he thinks 'The Prank King' is Carrie that and his plan for her to find the real one/ Genius, I'm guessing if anyone could find them it would be Carrie.

Albus is the one who runs the Hogwarts Gazette, oh my god what!?! haha, I can't believe it.

Why does it no surprise me that Carrie, James and Brett are all on the list.

Brett ♥ It's cute he put his chin on Carrie's shoulder. Those two need to get together officially there's definitely something about them that works so well together. And their little Q+A session was brilliant too.

Oooh I can't help but wonder whether Flitwick's called all of the six on his list (as well as the prefects) about The Prank King to see if they can outsmart each other.

Can't wait for the next one!


Author's Response: Dom and Cayden will always be up to something. It's just in their nature to be up to no good. Somehow they seem to mesh well with Carrie's personality. Originally when I was first planning this story out Cayden didn't exist and Dom was more of a friend of a friend. I'm happy though that they somehow turned into this.

Thank you for pointing out that typo. I'll make note of it and correct it when I update the chapter at some point with a chapter image.

I'm glad that you liked that Carrie was put in charge of finding the Prank King. She would be the one who I would put in charge of it if simply because of her intelligence and indifferent(ish) emotions.

Yeah, Albus runs the Hogwarts Gazette. It just seemed like he would be the best person to be put in charge since he would get to know a lot of people. Plus his good looks were probably helpful in getting information from people.

I mean if Carrie, Brett, and James weren't on the list I'd have no where to go with plot. So as cliche as it is they all have to be on the list.

Yeah, yeah Brett is so cute for a arrogant guy I guess. Funny story, I met someone who looked exactly like I imagined Brett at my uni recently. The personalities are so far off that its funny. He probably matches the cute image you're thinking of though.

I guess you'll just have to weight and see who the Prank King is and how he gets caught.

The next chapter should be out soon! If a it updates without a chapter it's a chapter image for chapter four, but the regular chapter should be out soon after that.

Thank you for the review! :)

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Review #28, by potterfan310The Adventures of Abigail Higgs and Potter Boy: The One Where I Try To Avoid Everyone

5th November 2014:
Me again.

I feel like I need to do an Isabella and hug Abi *hugs*. I can't tell if Michelle feels really bad and wants to be there/nice to Abi but on the other hand I kind of feel she's up to something, maybe with Rebecca?

Aww, the comic. I'm glad she's channelled her pain into a comic, about her and James I'm guessing, even if they weren't actually dating.

Abi needs all the chocolate and hugs. I'm glad she stood him up if he was planning on something mean (which I still refuse to believe) but if he wasn't then I'm not so sure :/ You know I love theories :p but I'm thinking what if Rebecca has some sort of dirt on James and he's had to go along with this plan of hers. I kind of think James feels genuinely bad about things but another part of me hates him too. Ahhh!!!

*Hugs for Abi*

The truth better come out soon, I'm dying to know if James is who he says he is or not and whether my Jabi dreams have been crushed.

Can't wait for the next one!!

Sophie xx

Author's Response: YAY!!!

*squishes you with the biggest hug ever*

She is very thankful for the hugs, she does need them. It is hard to tell with Michelle what exactly she's up to, whether she's telling the truth or she's lying. You shall find out soon!

It's how Abigail channels her emotions, and yep, it's about her and James, even though they weren't dating.

I want to give her all the chocolate and hugs too! There's a lot of theories and I love hearing yours! It's hard to decide how to feel about James right now (I totally know how to feel because I have the inside scoop of what's happening)

*joins the hug*

It will come out soon! I promise!

Thanks Sophie you amazingly wonderful person! :D

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Review #29, by potterfan310The Adventures of Abigail Higgs and Potter Boy: The One Where My Heart Tore To Pieces

5th November 2014:
Haha, I'm back.

Hello NaNo Mammy!

Ahh it's their date, yay! But I have such a bad feeling about the chapter title :(

Aww Abi's idea about making him a comic is so adorable.

Uh-oh, I'm starting to think Rebecca has set up a 'Lets make Abigail Higgs life a misery' club. I swear it's her in the toilets.

Oh Abi, nooo. Those girls better be wrong, James would NOT do anything like that. Please don't let him do that. His big secret that William keeps going on about is that he likes Aib, not something mean! I refuse to believe this. JABI HAS TO HAPPEN! ♥

WHAT!? JAMES IS DATING REBECCA, WHAT!? NO, NO, NO! Why do you do this to me?

Off to the next one.

Author's Response: Hello NaNo child! :D

Yes! The day of the date is finally here and I'm worried about your reaction *hides*

It's not just Abigail that's setting up that club, it may not be her, but it's people connected to her.

:( all I can say is you'll find out in the next chapter! I feel mean for doing this to you :(

Next one is up and I can't wait to see your reaction to it.

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Review #30, by potterfan310Expecting: Chapter 42: Oops?

5th November 2014:
Hey Sarita!!



Scorpius, aww bless him. I can't help but feel that he's going to faint or something later on. But at least Sarah's got a calm head on her.

HA! I love that line about the teachers getting drunk in Hogsmeade, too funny :p At least Scorp is paying attention now and organising things.

Of course, James has to try and say that. That boy will always be my favourite. If he can carry Rose at Nine months pregnant, is there anything that boy can't do? Haha.

"We practised with a first year," James said gleefully" - Oh my Merlin, of course they did, why wouldn't they. :D

I can't, I actually can't cope. James!! I LOVE, LOVE the line about him always being between 'Prison' and 'Hospital' on the Weasley clock. XD

Bless Rose. It's gonna be a long old process for her. I can't help but think of Rachel from Friends, especially the bits about smoking the baby out and how every other woman is having a baby but her.


HOW DARE YOU LEAVE IT THERE MISSUS, NO FAIR! (Kidding, love you really :p) Baby Weasley-Malfoy best make an appearance next chapter!

~Sophie xx

Author's Response: I'M GLAD YOU LIKED IT! It was exciting to write :L

Yes, Scorp and Sarah to the rescue, with James doing his best but not really adding any comfort to the situation, as expected :P

Hahaha, I'm glad you liked the line about James' position on the family clock - the idea amused me so I put it in :D

The Rachel from Friends is right - I had watched the episode not long before writing this chapter and may accidentally have plagiarised a little bit!

Next chapter is in the works, with even more drama and stress and yes, a little baby (puppy?) Malfoy-Weasley :P

Thanks as ever, hugs!

-Sarita xx

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Review #31, by potterfan310Jigsaw: Piece #1

26th October 2014:
Hi Sian, here for the Gryffie Review Exchange.

This caught my eye before but I forgot what it was called. Then I saw it last month in the review swap and got intrigued again, I just glad I can actually read it properly now. I love Next-Gen and Roxy is definitely an under loved character, who I've never really read about so I'm excited. That and your summary has most definitely left me curious.

I love, love the start. It's perfect and your descriptions are of what is going on is creepy none the less, you've really set the scene, not too mention I am highly curious as to who the man is. As well as why/what he's done to have an unforgivable curse set upon him, I'm most certain it was a death eater at his door, but I could be wrong.

Since I've never really read about her, your characterisation of Roxanne so far is definitely enjoyable. Plus I like how her job isn't that of a Healer/Quidditch Player/Running WWW like she's been mentioned to do in the background of stories. All of your descriptions in this are just beautiful and it all flows so well especially about Roxanne at work, I have a definite image in my head. I can certainly understand her annoyance at her name not being in full and I especially love the line about her ambitions been smothered by other things in her job.

Violet seems interesting, but slightly 'Rita Skeeter' annoying at the same time. The parells between them are interesting too as you said they are sworn enemies, but who knows maybe that will change?

I most certainly relate to Roxy when it comes to doodling random things in the margin of my writing pad, especially as my mind tends to wander :p The bit about George and exploding teapots made me smile, I hope we get to see more of him later on. The idea of the pub being an old Victorian building is brilliant and I love the name.

Aww no, I can't believe she and Fred aren't speaking and I can't help but wonder what happened between them. Ooh I get the feeling that Roxy was engaged to Daniel, perhaps, especially when you mention her 'bare, undecorated fingers'. Even only this far in, I really love her character and she is well rounded too I think. Her and Jane's entire conversation and just interactions reminded me of myself and my own friends, moaning about the day/week, haha. The bit about George and Molly not celebrating his birthday broke my heart.

Ooh a mystery I can't wait and Roxy has a proper story at last. I love how the end of this connects to the very start and I'm excited for her!

I can't wait to read chapter two!

Sophie :D

Author's Response: Hi Sophie!

Part of the reason I chose to write this story is because Roxanne's one of those next generation characters who I feel is seriously underwritten, so I'm glad you're interested in reading about her too!

I'm so happy you liked the start! I wanted to write something that was a bit mysterious and creepy and pull the readers in, making them ask questions, so it's great that it's made you wonder who was at the door and what's happening!

I've worked out head canons for all of the next generation characters, and while the professions of Healer and Quidditch player make an appearance, I've tried to be careful to make sure they don't all do the same thing. Plus I love the idea of Roxy as a journalist, and I'm glad that you liked the way I wrote the Prophet offices too!

The dynamics between Roxy and her Prophet colleagues are so interesting to write, it's one of the parts that I really enjoy in this. There's a lot more to come on that!

Lots of family intrigue at the beginning here, with things that have happened and the reasons that she and Fred aren't speaking. If you decide to carry on, you'll find out more about it in the future chapters! And yay, I'm so glad you liked her and Jane's conversation - I really wanted it to flow naturally so it's great you found it believable!

Thank you so much for this review, and I've really enjoyed the swap - I'll be back to Off-Limits soon!

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Review #32, by potterfan310Lethargic: About October

16th October 2014:

Harry Porter, this kid is the best even if he can't fly/play Quidditch.

Poor Carrie having to deal with all the Ravenclaw's pranks.

Uh-oh, Dom's on the warpath, her poor cousins. Ha! I love the one about Al, too funny. Maybe something is up between her and Cayden since I think there is something secretly going on between the two of them. For some reason I feel like Dom could be pregnant, the hormones/pranks and her eating loads and loads. Hmm...

Carrie is my favourite, by far. She's just the best and I love her sarcasm and wit! HA! I can't believe Carrie's on the list, but also yay for her in a way. And James is on the list of course, maybe they should throw a party for those on 'the fit list' just so the two can interact again :p

Aww Lily's snow globe, it sounds so pretty. ♥ Bless her, I'm intrigued now about what it was she doesn't want James to find out. Was she with a boy ? Did she argue with said boy? So many questions!!?

James, ahh he's still as stuck up but for whatever reason I like him for it, which sounds crazy, especially as he and Carrie are total opposites.

Brett I love him too, I honestly want him and Carrie together right now, because I think deep down he really does like her more than he lets on. That and he seems to be jealous of James.

Apart from Carrie I love Dom, I've always loved her but she's just so feisty and fab in this! Plus she has Carrie for a best friend.

Can't wait for the next one.

Soph x

Author's Response: Harry is just a fun character to write. I added him to the story on a whim and I'm happy I did.

Don't feel too bad for Carrie there's more than one reason the Ravenclaws pick on her.

Dom and Cayden have an interesting relationship to say the least. Who knows what will happen between them?

Trust me, if there was a party for the people on the fit list most of them would kill each other. Not everyone gets along, especially James and Brett.

I'm glad that you're liking the story and I'm going to avoid writing too much about the story.

Thank you for the review and the new chapter should be out soon!

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Review #33, by potterfan310Playing for Keeps: The Boss and the Business Proposition

16th October 2014:

At last we have the famous Freddy appear, yay :D

I keep thinking of him a fox, sly and quick witted. But I honestly love the way you've characterised him as a business man/actor and that he does shady deals on the side too. He is definitely unlike the Freddy's I've normal seen/read about but I love it because it's so unique!

Love that she's so calm when he mentions James and the bet. Since James and Fred are normally best buddies, it's weird and nice to see him going against James, especially in airing all his dirty laundry. I can't believe it! I never saw that coming! :O But at least hopefully, Annie can get a better carer out of it, without having Freddy as a boss.

Freddy a Slytherin :O I should have guess in a way what with his conniving but still it's refreshing to see rather than him being in Gryffindor.

Ooo I'm excited to see whether Annie will try to get James to be almost as good as her so that he can win the bet perhaps. Can't wait for the next one!

Sophie x

Author's Response: Hello again!

Yes, the INfamous Freddy has arrived! He's definitely a fox in the henhouse--or he'd like to think so, anyway. I'm glad you liked his characterization. He contradicts himself sometimes, which is interesting to write and think about. :D And he's SUPER shady. No funny, well-meaning practical joker here!

Yep, she's a bit of an actor, too. For once, Freddy and James are NOT bros, and that's going to create a lot of conflicts of interest for Annie as she gets sucked into all the plots that are yet to materialize. :)

Sssnnaakkkee... Yep, that's Freddy! What else could my iteration of him be? However, he is not the worst of the Slytherins (or characters in general, regardless of House) by any means.

Annie might be able to teach James about pool, but she can't make him practice. It's an eternal struggle, yes?

Thanks again!

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Review #34, by potterfan310Define Me: Up in Flames

16th October 2014:

JAMES! Yay he's he saved her. ♥

Oh James, you put your foot right in it there. Telling him before Taylor got the chance, but at least I'm glad he knows now. Not too mention he nearly used magic.

Urgh! Her dad, oh my god. How he's managed to keep Taylor and Parker is unbelievable, I wouldn't have been surprised if one of their neighbours or even Lottie called social services on him. Then again I don't suppose Lottie would have wanted Taylor or Parker to end up in the Care system or being separated.

"The only man she needs is me" - Aww James! I'm starting to think maybe he likes Taylor a bit more than he's letting on. And that he isn't just doing everything because she's having his child but because he genuinely care about her.

Couple of grammar mistakes, using comma's instead of full stops and there not being a capital letter where there should be. A read through/reading it out loud should do the trick.

He kicked her out, that much I expected. But Taylor having to leave Parker is heartbreaking. I'm surprised she didn't take him with her.

James, oh James. Not only had he used magic in the presence of a muggle on a muggle, he's in deep trouble at home if Harry and Ginny find out. Not too mention if he's still under age. Is it any wonder she thinks James is insane, he had a LOT of explaining to do! Now that's going to be an interesting conversation.

"sonogram" - In the UK they're called Ultrasounds
"Lottie's mom" - It would be mum.

So happy that Lottie is taking Taylor in, she certainly needs her best friend right now. Can't wait for the next one, poor Taylor. I just hope she lets James talk and explain things.


Author's Response: Yes, YAY for cheesy boy saves girl scenes! Sorry if it was too cliche, I thoroughly enjoyed writing it and glad you liked it!

James has a horrid case of foot in mouth disease which I'm afraid will only worsen xD

Their dad is awful. I understand you're thinking and it will be addressed. But I can say that those who knew just didn't want them taken away to goodness knows where

James liked Taylor before this pregnancy and feelings don't simply disappear. :)

I'm lousy at grammar I'm afraid :p my apologies!

It was heartbreaking but her dad's only reaction I could see was to kick her out. Parker will be tended to in later chapters. Promise.

James is 17, no problems with the age thing. But yes, that conversation should be an interesting one xD

Thank you for the help! I'm from the states and try to incorporate UK lingo but obviously am not always successful :p

Yay for Lottie!

I'm glad you're enjoying!!

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Review #35, by potterfan310Expecting: Chapter 41: Exams and Endings

16th October 2014:
Hey :D

Rose, bless her. But James, what can I say he is still as awesome as ever.

I feel the same as Rosie, about the siblings thing.

"it will only take a second to barge unceremoniously into the other's room and demand help getting rid of a poltergeist/spider/James." THIS! I LOVE THAT JAMES GETS A MENTION BECAUSE THAT BOY IS THE BEST :D

Hugo most certainly isn't wrong, James is the party organiser. Rose must insane or that sleep deprived to let James babysit when baby Malfoy's here!

One thing about swapping between the numbers and writing them, nothing major but it slightly disrupts the flow.

Jamesie, he has the Snitch!! Of course he does. Forever my favourite in this ♥

Of course Ron would exaggerate to scare Rosie, the drama queen.

JAMES, JUST JAMES! I swear if it's a boy they should give him 'James' as a middle name for sure :)

Sarah and James as godparents = perfect! I was actually about to mention that James should be godfather before reading it.

"on your bladder and only two allotted toilet breaks for me" - Think you mist out a 'are' between and only.


I'm excited, can you tell :p Cannot wait for the next one now!

Sophie xx

Author's Response: Hey!

Of course James gets a mention - he seems the type to want to embarrass/annoy younger cousins relentlessly until forced otherwise :P

I will really have to sort out my numbers/writing them thing - I am such a pest!

SORRY FOR THE CLIFFHANGER, HAD TO BE DONE! Next chapter should be up soon :)

Thanks so much for reviewing, see you soon!

-Sarita x

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Review #36, by potterfan310Reasons to Smile: Alexa: When Surprise is an Understatement

11th October 2014:
Me again!

Roxy has her own talk show, awesome! I love all the jobs which are far from the normal types I usually read about that people have. So creative!

Oooh Lexi's ill, poor thing. I can't help but think maybe she could be pregnant (again).

Lexi is truly awesome! Especially at eight years old.

Curiosity is killing me even more with this story! I wonder who didn't say the right name at the alter?

Small typo again " an actual chair and keeps here secure" Think you meant her not here :p

At least Al and Lexi are talking slightly, even if it is pleasantries. They need to have their big talk very soon!

The exact details, HA! I love Lexi so much :D

YES OH MY GOD I WAS RIGHT! BUT TWINS! Boy oh boy they're going to have a handful. Now I see a little bit of why it's called 'Reasons To Smile' haha because that's what I'm doing right now!

Adam, I swear it was Lexi and Al's other child. Nooo Lexi can't thing like that, PLUS this calls even more reason for her and Al to speak.

Nooo I can't deal with the feels, no more sad things or I'll be joined you in a corner, crying (again :p).

Cannot wait for the next one!


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Review #37, by potterfan310Playing for Keeps: Not All Men, But Most of Them

4th October 2014:

Ahh and so we have Freddy! I love the whole bit about him and of course George and their pranks. I just hope Annie wasn't one of those who got hit by the pranks. He definitely seems and interesting one and so far I love your characterisation of him ♥

HA! Annie is just fabulous in every way! She is such a great OC and I honestly can't wait for more of her story :D The way she handles everyone at her job and still manages to take their money is brilliant. She's definitely a girl who knows what she wants.

James! ♥ He's not the brightest is he, bless him. Not to mention he's turned to stalking Annie in a way.

James and Freddy! My curiosity grows especially about their relationship and their bet.

I sooo agree with Annie, about the writing the rant in your head but never saying it. Good on her! This is another reason why I love her.

Oooh but they do know each other! James is honestly an idiot, if not slightly cute. I still can't believe he can't remember their Hogwarts years or who Annie really is. And I can't wait to find it all out. So many questions, not enough chapters :p

Squee, I'm so excited for Freddy's proposition and the next chapter :D


Author's Response: Yes, Freddy has appeared! I'll give you some extra info about him: He's a few years older than James, so he wasn't at Hogwarts for very long while Annie was there. She was James's main target, and Freddy and James weren't actually on the best of terms at Hogwarts, so Freddy didn't really bother himself with pranking her. Thank goodness. I'm so happy you liked my characterization of him! He's one of those characters that surprises me with some new thing every time I write him. :)

Fabulous?! She would like to think so! (And I'm glad you think so, too.) She's kind of a pool rock star. And she DEFINITELY knows what she wants. Step aside, everyone who's in her way. :D

James has the capacity to be intelligent, but mostly he's really, really dumb. Stalking was definitely a bad move.

Complicated relationship between cousins, I know. But more will be explained (in chapters that I haven't written yet, oh my).

Thank you! It's something I can relate to as well, so I'm glad it makes her more relatable for you!

OF COURSE they know each other, and James is just stupid. (He's cute too, but that's another matter.) There are more chapters now! Maybe they answer a few of your questions? :)

As always, thanks for your excellent and sweet review. ♥


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Review #38, by potterfan310Impact: Friction

4th October 2014:
Me again!

AWw Tippy is adorable! I love how Cece has a favourite house elf :D So cute. She reminds me a bit of Winky in a way too, maybe they're related,lol.

Ahh Rose is keeper like Ron, I LOVE IT. Especially as Rose is never normally seen playing Quidditch.

Urgh, Silas Avery. The slimeball. Thank god Albus came in when he did!

Albus, the bad boy. I love him so much and that he told Cece someone cares, but it isn't him. He cares I know he does!

Tippy is so cute, now she reminds me so much of Dobby! Bless her though looking out for Cece, I can't believe she found the photo though, however I'm glad Cece got to see it.

Plus Cece and Al are talking, more than normal. Boy oh boy these prefect rounds are going to be sooo much fun :D

Haha, now they're in trouble. Uh-oh, lol.Cannot wait for the next one.


Author's Response: Hey, Soph!

Ah, I'm glad you like Tippy! I definitely based her on the other house elves we've read about, but she does have some traits that are completely her own. :) I felt that Ceci should have SOME creature to relate to, as she's not so much a 'people' person. Oh, and you'll see later on why she was able to find that photo in the first place...

Haha, I think I've mentioned before that I wanted Rose to share quite a few characteristics with Ron. Despite all his flaws, he has always been one of my favorite characters, so I wanted to keep his legacy going a bit through his daughter. :)

Silas is definitely a slimeball...but I promise he does have some redeeming qualities...And yes, as much as Ceci hates that Al is generally there to save the day, it's definitely a good thing! I think he probably cares more than he lets on, too.

I hope you're still enjoying the prefect rounds and the trouble the pair of them get into. As always, thanks so much for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #39, by potterfan310Snakes & Ladders: Ten - Eleven Weeks

4th October 2014:

TEN chapters! Whoo :D I know how a big a deal it is for your first novel, so yay you!

EMILIA! *Gives her all the hugs*

I am so, so glad her brother took her in, no matter what went down with the parents. I'm glad she told him it's Albus' though. At least he's being supportive unlike the parents, those evil people.

ALBUS ♥ I love him! He's literally perfect and just aww. He and Emilia, I mean they may not even be friends or anything but the two of them together are seriously the cutest!

"to the humming cactus on her desk." - I have no idea why but this made me laugh so much :D

Bless Emilia, it can't have been easy asking that in front of Albus. At least Albus is so supportive right now! And he asked her to stay with him, in a way. How could she have said no to him, I mean he's Albus Potter, lol. Harry and Ginny's reaction, oooh I cannot wait.

Oooo I wonder why Theaker and Saunders were at St.Mungo's together, I'm guessing??

YES! I knew it, Ellis is so going to be the best friend/person for Emilia and be there through everything and I'm sooo glad. Especially that her aunt doesn't hate her or anything and that she's still their family!

Albus and Emilia, just urgh I wish they'll get together at some point. Because they are perfect, however I think a few dates are instore for them first. That and they have to think of the baby too!

Cannot wait for the next one!!

Sophie xx

Author's Response: HI AGAIN! I say it constantly, but your reviews excite me so much.

Aw, thank you! Nowhere near your 50 chapter extravaganza though ;) which, speaking of, I need to start actually leaving reviews for! I read almost everything you upload but I'm usually in bed when I do and it's super difficult to leave reviews on mobile so I think "oh I'll do it in the morning" and then I ALWAYS forget. I'm super sorry :(


Thanks so much for the reviewws! You make my day.


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Review #40, by potterfan310Impact: Information

4th October 2014:

Cece, I feel for her. It can't be easier finding out your long lost father is suddenly your new teacher and practically everyone knew before you. Man that's gotta be hard.

Neville, I love him! Herbology lessons have got to be so much fun with him as a teacher. " could hear him cooing at the evil things for the remainder of the hour." - THIS is just brilliant XD and one of the many reasons I love Neville, your characterisation of him so far is just fabulous!

"Lucy pulled her regular disappearing act." - This reminds sooo much of a friend, especially when we were first getting to know her, she would suddenly vanish. I love it.

Lorcan and Cece still make me curious, especially as to how he broke her heart!

There was one 'pants' when Cece was on about Louis with his mouse tail :p

Rose, I just LOVE her and the whole way you've characterised her, I know I've said it before but she's just absolutely brilliant! :D

Funny thing, all I can hear in my head now reading this is The Vamps new song called 'Cecilia' Future song for her and Albus perhaps, haha.

Oooh I wonder whether it was Theo Nott in the bed at the end of the ward??

Can't wait for the next one.

Sophie xx

Author's Response: Hooray, another of your reviews!

Ceci definitely has some rough times in this story, but she's strong enough to deal with it...even if it isn't always in the healthiest way.

Ah I'm SO glad you like my characterization of Neville! It was probably the easiest part of this chapter to write because it just felt like him, so I'm happy it came off that way to you, too. As always, I really appreciate how much you like Rose as well. :)

Lucy reminds me of an old friend of mine as well, so that's really funny to me that we have that in common.

We'll definitely learn more about the Lorcan and Ceci breakup in future chapters...

Ahh, what would I do without your Britpicking?!

I love that song 'Cecilia' as well. :)

So far, you're the only person who's been curious about the identity of the unknown patient...funny, because it might turn out to be a rather important component of the story...

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! Xo B

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Review #41, by potterfan310Expecting: Chapter 40: Comeuppance

4th October 2014:
Hello :D

That starting paragraph just beautiful, I love it! Your descriptions are just perfect.

Who else who start a dance off, only James! XD That boy is my favourite and always will be ♥

Scorpius, baby! the cutie, asdfghjkl his speech to Rose is just absolutely perfect and urgh GET TOGETHER OFFICIALLY ALREADY!

"My father whispered to me that I was the daughter of the brightest witch in the wizarding world." - Confused me a little, since Scorpius said he was the daughter? Did you mean to say that Rose was the daughter?


Uh-oh. Ha I am so glad that the picture of Sarah and James was on the top. It's fate :p AT LAST IT'S ALL COME OUT! *happy cheering*

I feel a teeny bit bad for Amy but either way she should never had done ANY of what she did. She deserves it as much as Danny and Chelsea. Chelsea just urgh, glad she gets her comeuppance too!

James and Sarah, so happy for them at last they can be together again :D

I feel like there aren't many chapters left since I think it's around 42 that are on the other site? Can't wait for the next one.

Soph ♥

Author's Response: Yeah, gotta love a dance off!

OMG I can't believe that mistake, I'm going to edit it now :L

SO MANY SCOROSE FEELS, ALL OF THE FEELS! This is the start of their happily ever after!

Yes- James and Sarah's picture is fate. Everyone starts to feel bad for Amy around this chapter - it becomes apparent that she isn't really a villain, just a girl who got led around by someone with a more dominant personality. Unfortunately it all comes a little late for her - she loses James (she never really had him, but she loses him for good now) and realises that Danny's motives were not coming from a good place either. However, in a parallel to Rose, who feels like she slowly lost everything then gained it back over the story, Amy is just beginning to claw her own life back.

There aren't many chapters left - the last one is chapter 45, so not long to go now! :(

Thanks so much as ever!

-Sarita x

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Review #42, by potterfan310Reasons to Smile: Alexa: When Plans are Formed

4th October 2014:

Aww Noah is so cute, nephews are seriously the cutest ever! Glad he and Lexi are close. Now she just needs to patch things up with Kieron especially since Nicky admitted Kieron misses Lexi.

Lexi's speech to Nicky, oh my god. So many secrets in her family! Makes me ever more curious as to what Theo did/what happened?

LILY AND SCORPIUS! WHAT! :O No wonder he's scared to marry her, with the whole Weasley brood behind her.

I LOVE, LOVE the idea of the magical daycare/nursery/school for the kiddies! Sounds like the best place to work :D

HA! Nikolas' description of Gracie, the poor little girl he makes her sound like a little terror.

Small typo - "Kieron shales his head" I think you meant shakes.

Ahh so many kiddies, the poor daycare. Those Weasley's need to stop reproducing like rabbits. Who ever is teaching at Hogwarts is going to have a huge shock the year that they are all there!

Looking for the Friday night dinner. Off to the next one.


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Review #43, by potterfan310Hormones: Trust

4th October 2014:

OH MY GOD THIS CHAPTER! Talk about heart/gut wrenching.

Roxy is wearing red and gold, this is not a drill. I am SUPER glad she was going to support Freddie/Gryffindor at the match.

"You have to meet my little girl. She's not here yet, so you'll just have to wait around to see how pretty she is." - ♥ ♥ Because I'm not crying right now, Freddie is just adorable and cute and asdfghjkl, George best flipping hang on in there, if he misses his granddaughter's birth there'll be hell to pay!

" I tucked Mum into a cot" - This made me laugh and I have a weird picture in my head now, because I'm assuming you mean something like a camp bed because to me a cot is what a baby sleeps in XD

RYAN! OH MY GOD SHE CAME TO THE HOSPITAL WITHOUT BEING ASKED!! :O Shock horror! And she's being nice to Freddie/comforting him, is this really a changed Ryan I am seeing because finally maybe Freddie has really affected her! SHE CAME OVER HIS FRIENDS! That is saying something in my book, maybe there's hope for FRYAN♥ yet!

"Mom in front of me" - Small typo I'm guessing since practically the whole chapter says mum not mom.

George is awake, at least Freddie gets to talk to him. I love his character so, so much. The way he's joking around despite being ill and in hospital, he's just fab. Fred and George, just perfect in every way those two right down from their characterisation to their talk ♥♥

Can't wait for the next one!

Soph ♥

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Review #44, by potterfan310I'll Never Let You Have Her: From Bad to Worse

4th October 2014:

Louis, oh Louis *gives him all the hugs*

Rachel, love her. She's a great person and whilst I do hope there will be Loratio to happen for now, I'm happy to see her and Louis to get together.

Uh-oh, the big old monster is causing havoc. How on earth she could walk back three years later and ask to her daughter, who in my eyes gave up the right to see the moment she left her is unbelievable! SEND HER BACK I BEG YOU!

Horatio, everything he's saying about the monster is so true! The wicked old witch needs to go, ASAP!

Loratio shouldn't fight but Horatio is right in every way, Louis is being far too soft on Freya not to mention freakin' out, SHE CANNOT WIN THIS, I DON'T CARE WHAT HAPPENS, I JUST DON'T WANT HER TO SEE SAM, it's mean of me but she'll only leave again I swear.


Can't wait for the next one.

Soph xx

Author's Response: HEY!!!

*joins in the hugs* he needs so much love right now.

She is a great person, even if she is getting in the way of Loratio, she's good for Louis.

Yep, the monster is causing all kinds of havoc! She needs to stop! I wish I could send her back, but she's going to have a major part in this story.

Yep! Horatio speaks the truth!

They shouldn't fight, but Horatio is trying to make Louis understand.


Thank you so much my lovely!!

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Review #45, by potterfan310Collision: Photographs

25th September 2014:

OH MY GOD, THESE TWO! SO MUCH FLUFF ♥ James is an absolute cutie asdfghjkl ♥

Three months, oh yes! Yay together at last! Bless Freya, I kind of get why she hasn't said anything but THREE MONTHS?! How is James not suspicious or anything?!

Ooh yay, more about his sister. I like that the sisters are opposite of sorts, with Freya being a teen mum in a small flat and then her sister being in a nice house and in Uni.

Aww James, seriously how much cuter can he get. Gahh, I think he thinks that Freya is most certainly the one which is why he was asking about the future/looking at the playground.

The two of them are so sweet together, I'm glad that at last she has finally found someone good for her. I just hope James doesn't do a runner when he finds out about Spencer or gets mad that she kept it from him for so long.

Poor James, but Freya isn't the only one with a secret. He's got some explaining to do too!

YES! Oh my god, she found the gringotts money and the PICTURE, SHE SAW IT MOVE AND OH MY GOD! AND JAMES, HE FOUND A PICTURE!! (more importantly where, I'm curious, lol, especially if he was off to the bathroom :p)

Cannot wait for the next chappie, boy oh boy have they both got to explain. Both their reactions are definitely intriguing me!!

Fluff is good, lots of fluff is great, ha-ha ♥♥

Soph x

P.s I know you said in your A/N you changed things but having re-read the first two, I thought I'd let you know that the first says 'November 6th 2029' and then the second say ' September 10th 2029'. Has Freya suddenly become the Doctor's companion? :p

Author's Response: HI!

THREE MONTHS IS SO LONG I KNOW! I find it hard to believe there's this whole room he hasn't been in in her flat... but oh well :p she hasn't even BEEN to his flat (since it's in Weymouth)

There's going to be more on her sister SOON in a big way. I'm eager to get her in :D

They both have SO MUCH EXPLAINING TO DO you're right. It's going to be messy and complicated and very confusing on both parts.

And to answer your question, James accidentally walks into Spencer's bedroom instead of the bathroom because he's distracted by a phone call from Lily. Just in case you couldn't wait to find out :p

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing again!!


p.s. it seems okay with mine? maybe one is just waiting to be validated whoops hehe, it should be sorted son


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Review #46, by potterfan310Playing for Keeps: Learning From the Best

20th September 2014:
Hi again!!
600th review is all for you, Anne and James :D

Oh my god, they own Corgi's, for whatever reason I love it! Her just sounds all around awesome as dads go. I'd certainly say she has a better relationship with him that her mother and probably her sister too.

I'm not entirely sure about the rest of the UK, but with me I can't think of one house I know that has a basement. I think some places in London like the big three story Georgian houses might have one and other places in London but apart from that I don't think its a very common thing. But I could be wrong so otherwise ignore me.

Aww bless, that's not the best nickname in the world, especially compared to her sister's. One thing in the flashback at the start you said she was nine, but at the end it said seven? Unless I've just misread it. Her relationship with his dad is Brilliant, I love that he let her watch him play and eventually taught her. I feel like it was their little secret from her mother and sister. ♥

I can totally agree with Anne about rather learning from experience or doing things than books, it's so much better! "though I was only doing elementary work" - Elementary school is called Primary school in the UK, at least that's what I'm assuming when she's on about her homework. The fact she first showed magic when she was with her dad is really adorable, especially as they're so close. I think it just adds to their bond/relationship which I love. The whole scene is just perfect with her dad when she does do her magic, especially after saying she doesn't want to and then she does.

Ooh we have her sister's name; Beatrice, I kind of feel like it's too pretty a name for maybe a not so nice person even though we haven't technically met her in person yet.

I'm a sucka for background stories of OC's as it allows the reader to get to know them better and whilst James is missed (Slightly) in this chapter, I'm so glad that more of her background has come out. Especially how she got into pool with dad.

Aww thank you! You deserve it, this is such a fabulous story and SO original which is why I love it so much. ♥

Soph ♥


Corgis are adorbs. End of story. :D Annie is definitely a daddy's girl, but keep in mind that your impressions of her mother are quite colored by her first person narration. It's hard to separate truth from that, I know. Sorry. :P And at one point, her sister was a nice person. Not anymore.

Annie is a very kinesthetic learner, which is something I am not. However, it works very well with her pool playing and whatnot. Aah, thanks for letting me know about the discrepancy! I fixed it earlier this year. :) I really loved writing the scene with her dad. It turned out as nice as I could've hoped. And they have such a great relationship... Gah, is it bad to say that I love my own characters?

Beatrice. Yes, pretty girl, pretty name, gross personality. You'll meet her at some point, I promise!

Annie definitely needed some background at this point. James is a major player in her story, but he isn't the One and Only. So I'm glad you enjoyed getting to know her a little better!

Thanks again!

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Review #47, by potterfan310Impact: Education

20th September 2014:

Scorpius' reaction, HA! It's perfect especially as Al has had to deal with it with Him and Rose.

Louis and CeCe, just no words. Those two are by far going to have a very interesting friendship over fifth year, me thinks. He's a cuddler, boy is Ally Longbottom a lucky girl is they get together. So glad to see more of him :)

Trying to wake Rose up with food, I LOVE HER, IT'S OFFICIAL! Your Rose is actually perfect/hilarious and so very much her father :p

Albus, he's an idiot but I love him so much. So much sexual tension, I love it. JUST KISS ALREADY! Make them play truth or dare and voila they KISS!

It's a silly thing but I've done it in my reviews, but Scorp/Lucy called her 'CeCi' whilst Rose called her 'Cee-Cee and I think that you added an extra 'e' on the end of Imogen McLaggen's first name?

OH MY GOD, YES! I KNEW IT. THEO'S HER FATHER!? More to the point how in the world did LUCY KNOW AND CECE DIDN'T!?! Ahhh so many questions, not enough chapters :p

Cannot wait for the next one, especially to see CeCe's reaction.

Soph :D

P.s NBD, haha I thought it was something odd :p Instead of 'No Big Deal' it just didn't occur in my brain it was slang/shorthand.

Author's Response: Hey Sophie! Ahh, I'm SO sorry I've been neglecting you for so long--between getting married, getting caught up with work, and tweaking these chapters, I got SO behind on my own reading and responding to reviews. I've been meaning to get around to telling you how much I enjoy 'A Blossoming Romance'...soon, I promise!

Haha, I'm glad you liked Scorpius's reaction; I thought it was pretty perfect as well. I love love love Louis and Ceci's relationship too--I feel like I need to incorporate that into the story a lot more. And the fact that you think Rose is perfect makes me incredibly happy. :) I thought she and Ron should share some similar characteristics...

Haha, in a weird way, I like that you're so frustrated over Albus and Ceci not kissing yet...does that make me evil? I do like the truth or dare idea, though...

I think I ended up explaining a bit later on the whole Ceci vs. Cee-Cee thing, so I hope that cleared that up for you. And the Imogene thing was a total fluke...I knew it was spelled without the 'e' on the end, but Word disagreed for some reason and I just went with it.

I hope the later chapters have answered some of your other questions. :)

As always, thanks so much for reading and reviewing! I always enjoy hearing your thoughts! :)

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Review #48, by potterfan310Expecting: Chapter 39: Love is in the Air

20th September 2014:

I love the idea that Bill and Fleur own horses/unicorns and run a stables, sort of! So creative! Poor Dom though :p

Haha, oh Lily. Bless her. I love Al and James' reactions priceless.

I'm she told Sarah! She's admitted she loves Scorp to him and now told Sarah, it's so meant to be. Those two need to get together soon! Preferably before the baby is here :)

I honestly don't know why but it makes me laugh that the boy are having a good old gossip about Rose and Scorpius and their relationship.

FINALLY! Hopefully Danny gets caught out at last, him and Amy deserve each other in a way. They're both evil.

James and Rose ♥ Honestly I love their relationship so, so much. They are literally fabulous together and James, well he's just all round brilliant! :D James is such a mummy's boy, I swear ♥ Seven letters to Ginny, ha! XD

"JAMES SIRIUS POTTER, YOU TAKE MY VEIL OFF THIS INSTANT!" - My love for James grows every chapter ♥

Dom, I love her so much in this chapter. Especially as she's a lot more prominent. I wasn't fussed on her before but now this chapter has changed my perception.

Yay they're going to live together!! So happy :D ♥

Can't wait for the next one! ♥


P.s I shall reply very soon to your lovely reviews, probably after I've posted this ♥

P.p.s Is James a 7th year and the rest 6th years because for whatever reason that's what I keep thinking, as James is older Al and yeah a tad confused, lol. So what year is everyone in?

Author's Response: Hi!

I actually came up with the stables idea as I was writing the chapter, but it seemed too funny to resist - the idea of Dom trying to pull one over her father and possibly succeeding, but trying to pull one over on the unicorns and failing miserably!

Aw, well now Sarah knows, and James and Al know, they'll do their best to meddle, not that Scorpius needs help -the next chapter is jam packed with action and drama and fluff. You'll love it!

You'll have to stay tuned for Danny's comeuppance. You won't have long to wait!

Awww I'm glad you love James and Rose - he is a mummy's boy writing seven letters to Ginny, but he might also be just a tad excited about getting Sarah back ;)

Yes, Dom is coming into her own in this chapter, and in the next one she is quite the little badass, but quietly!

James is the year above them technically, but he was held back to repeat the year after he and Sarah broke up and he flunked all his exams!I only mentioned it in passing in one of the chapters I think so it's easy to get confused, sorry!

Great to hear from you, I am going to be making my way over to R & R chapter three of yours shortly!

Much love,

-Sarita x

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Review #49, by potterfan310The Adventures of Abigail Higgs and Potter Boy: The One With The Duel To The Death

18th September 2014:

Oh my god, I love James even more. As for the pyjama under clothing thing yes!! I am also guilty of it, haha. He is adorable and I actually want one of him!! ♥

He's sending her letters, *swoon* that boy, he's true romantic at heart. I doubt they're love letters but still!! James, the lovable idiot. He's got a bit reckless like his father! He's wearing her coat XD

Those two are seriously adorable together. Jabi (as I have now named them) OH MY GOD! SQUEE! He's asked her out! Isabelle is such a fangirl for them!

I love the two of them together so, so much. They literally bounce off one another and they're perfect ♥

AHHH, OH.MY.GOD :O JAMES! I KNEW IT, I KNEW HE LIKED HER! ASDFGHJKL♥ Literally no words to describe how happy I am they kissed :D

I really hope their date goes well.

Can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response: Hey!!

Haha, I do that too! If I've gotten into my pyjamas and I need to go out, they're not coming off, more clothes will just go on top of them. :P

I wish we could all have a James :D

He is! He is a true romantic, you're right. I can't wait for you to find out the other things he'll be doing haha :D

JABI IS A BRILLIANT SHIP NAME!! He asked her out! We shall all fangirl with Isabella!


Thank you so much Sophie! You're so awesome and I love you so much!! :D

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Review #50, by potterfan310The Adventures of Abigail Higgs and Potter Boy: The One With The Morning After

15th September 2014:

Hehe, they're cuddling! Whoo!

Aww, keeping an eye on the Map. Lies I swear! I reckon he was watching Abi sleep which is both a mixture of cute and creepy. These two are going to break my heart at some point, but for now they are seriously adorable. Like get together already people!!

Isabella, I love her. Abi wants to get rid of Michelle as best friend and insert Isabella. So much nicer and better person all around.

Urgh Rebecca. Maybe her and Michelle have made a 'Lets make Abigail Higgs life a misery' club.

Isabelle is literally the fangirl in me ♥ "How could you not have kissed?" - Exactly Isabelle, how could they not have?

Can't wait for the next one!

Sophie :)

Author's Response: Hey!!

Oh yes, they're cuddling haha they can't deny their feelings! Even though they totally are.

It's all lies, he was so watching her and being creepy! Haha they do need to hurry up! They're taking their time!

I love Isabella too, Michelle needs to leave and Isabella needs to step in! She is a much better person.

Rebecca can leave as well *nods*

Haha Isabella is totally you and your fangirling! haha :D I know! THEY NEED TO KISS ALREADY! :D

Thanks hun! :D

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