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Review #1, by TheUnknownSlytherinReviewerI do: I do.

1st January 2012:
Whoa. Hold up! This story is really good. Really really good!

I was a bit tearful at the end of the story or I think half way through the childhood flashback. This story is a very short one-shot but the amount of emotional power it has is up the roof! I love this story. You deserve much more than 10/10 for this one. :)


Author's Response: Thank you! This is an awesome review I may say. Is it weird that I'm sort of glad you also get tearful when you read this? ML_

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Review #2, by TheUnknownSlytherinReviewerTo Save a Slytherin: To Save a Slytherin

31st December 2011:
Draco/Hermione = best ship ever on the planet! I wanted to complain to you since you killed Draco Malfoy and I was going to say 'How cold can you get?!' but I have decided that I won't flame you! Instead I shall shower you with love and praises.

Thank you so much for not killing Draco. I would've been really sad if you did! :( I love him so much. To the end of the world. The story is really brain wrecking since you kind of go like 'omg. she killed him. how could she do that?!' and all that. (presuming you're a she. xD)

I really enjoyed the story! :D Keep writing!


Author's Response: Well, hello there my 'unknown' Slytherin House comrad. Thank you so very much for stopping by to review this little one-shot.

I so agree with you that Draco/Hermione truly is the best ship. I can totally see how us 'serious' fans would get horribly upset that I so rudely killed off Draco like that. It's just terrible. ;(

And so... I just couldn't do it. He HAD to live and live with her. He couldn't live and be Draco anymore. He wanted to shed that skin and become someone else... Hermione's loving husband because she is so wonderful for him. She gave him something to live for.

Oh, my stars, they HAD to do something drastic... and so they made plans to escape and let everyone in the wizarding world think he was dead. Shame on her for actually helping go through with the plan, but she did it... She did it to save her Slytherin.

I'm so glad that you liked it and I hope that someday you will come back for more of my other writings.

For a short read, I invite you to "A Man Barely Breathing." It is only 4 chapters and is complete.

Thanks so much...
From your Slytherin Sister...
Dark Whisper

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Review #3, by TheUnknownSlytherinReviewerThe Cleverness of Uncle George: Try

31st December 2011:
I never liked yogurt...and probable never will. I should get an uncle like George who'll give me fireworks for my birthday but I won't trade yogurt for it. :P

Your story was very enjoyable, I really liked it. Very cute as well, I couldn't stop smiling while I was reading the story. This story was 'cuteness' written all over it. 9/10.


Author's Response: Nah, I love yogurt. Always have. But we should alll definitely have an uncle like George!

Thank you so much for reviewing. :D

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