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Review #1, by iloveHPcarleyHarry Potter: Revelation: Chapter 2

18th July 2012:
this is really good, its been a while. are you not writing anymore?? please do I am so intrigued xx

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Review #2, by iloveHPcarleyHarry Potter And The Magic With Muggle: THE NEW GUARDIAN

30th April 2012:
are you not writing more?, btw its really good

Author's Response: i'm writing, but the story was on hold due to my pregnancy. i will update ASAP. thanks for reading and reviewing.

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Review #3, by iloveHPcarleyThe Tale of Two Potters II: When Troublemakers Collide: Chapter One: Fifteen…and Already Bored

4th October 2011:
really great chapter, are you still updating one?? x

Author's Response: when I'm done with Breakeven :)

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Review #4, by iloveHPcarleyBrave New Hope: Falling Apart

6th December 2010:
i love it its like my favourite story ever :L cant wait to read more, dont be longgg :D xx

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm very happy you like it!
I'll update just as soon as I can,

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Review #5, by iloveHPcarleyUnder the Stars Tonight: Their First Dance

29th November 2010:
ahhh that is sooo sweet x

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. So glad you enjoyed it. Love,
Am. Ginny

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Review #6, by iloveHPcarleyBrave New World: Freezing Cold

17th November 2010:
good luck, well its kinda really to late but anyway how did you do. i love it so, it may be hard to write but it ends great :D x

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Review #7, by iloveHPcarleyFinding Our Way: Farewell

16th November 2010:
AAW. that's so sweet, but a really depressing ending :( xxx

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Review #8, by iloveHPcarleyThe One: The One with the First Snow

2nd November 2010:
oh my god so good, more more more. stupid exams :L x

Author's Response: i'll be updating soon! exams are over :)
thanks for the review!

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Review #9, by iloveHPcarleyVague Sense of Self: Chapter 02

1st November 2010:
ooo what was the story befpre?? x

Author's Response: Oh wow, I don't even remember the original plot! ahaha

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Review #10, by iloveHPcarleyROCKSTAR: Talk?

29th October 2010:
hmm exciting o?? . xx

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Review #11, by iloveHPcarleyROCKSTAR: Rockstar

29th October 2010:
really weird but cool :L xx

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Review #12, by iloveHPcarleyI am...: A Tool

29th October 2010:
awww that depressing but good :L x

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Review #13, by iloveHPcarleyLost: Lost

28th October 2010:
i loved that so much(L) x

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Review #14, by iloveHPcarleyIt's A Twisted World: Feeling Right

27th October 2010:
ahh finally so sweet

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Review #15, by iloveHPcarleyPersuasion: The Untimely and Unceremonious Arrival of James Potter

7th October 2010:
i love this its so funny, it would make a great film :L x

Author's Response: A lot of what I write, I always picture the story in my head unfolding kinda like a movie. I hope the writing is good enough so that everyone who reads can picture the same. Maybe one day I'll write a screenplay! The dream!

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