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Review #1, by voldemortisrlyfreakinawesomeOnce There Was A Darkness: Year Two: Chapter Twenty-Nine: Hot Damn!

7th July 2011:
I love how well developed the Heretics have become. I remember when they had just formed, and succeeded in launching their first attack, and now look at them, they are in a full out war! I do wish more had happened this chapter. I mean, it was a long chapter just to have a prank pulled. I know I'm just being selfish because I really want to find out what happens to the characters in this story, and every time I finish a chapter, it means I have longer to wait until anything more happens.

I'm quite concerned about what the backlash of this prank will be for the Heretics. The Heretics have a certain amount of honor, and are standing up for a truly valiant (pun intended) cause. The Elite however, were formed more in retaliation than anything. They aren't as attached to representing their cause, and are more focused on getting revenge. I'm pretty sure things are going to get bloody, and I don't want the girls + Jacob to get hurt.

Anyway, I love the direction of the story. I like probably every one of your other reviewers am dying for more Shiloh/Snape interaction, but at the same time, I appreciate that you are pacing the story the way you are. That way when Shy does confront Snape, (if thats the way it ends up happening) it will be all the more sweeter for us readers.

Good luck, and please update soon!

Author's Response: I know! The Heretics have grown so much! I feel quite like a proud mama.

I know that this chapter dragged somewhat, but I felt that everything I put in was important for later chapters.

You're quite right that the Heretics will eventually have to face the consequences. A good deed rarely goes unpunished. Unfortunately, you'll have to wait a few chapters to see what those will be.

And I know that everyone is itching for more Shiloh/Snape interaction. I promise there will be some more in the next two chapters.

The next chapter is up already and I can't wait to hear what you think. :D

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Review #2, by voldemortisrlyfreakinawesomeDaddy : Daddy

30th January 2011:
Ive often wondered 'what if' with OTWAD, so its really cool to actually get an answer to my pondering. While I greatly enjoyed this one-shot, I have to say, I enjoy the direction you took with OTWAD much more. I know it might sound bad, but I love the angst and suspense; its addicting, and it creates a much more captivating story. However this does not mean I dont enjoy fluff every now and again (hint, hint).

It was nice to see some father/daughter interaction between little Shiloh and Severus, after all, we probably are not going to get any more of it any time soon.

I did notice one small error in this story. Near the beginning, its mentioned that Shiloh is 5, but later, Madam Pomfrey said that she is four.

Anyway, I loved the one shot, and good luck!

Author's Response: I totally agree. As much as I had fun writing the one-shot, I believe that OTWAD's direction is so much better (and less cliche). Plus, I totally understand what you mean about angst. I thrive on it too, and I love writing it such much more than fluff. Plus, when have a truly angsty story, it makes the moments of fluff mean all the more.

And yes, Severus and little Shiloh are so cute together. And you caught me. Part of the reason for me getting this up is so maybe readers won't hate me for the long, long wait they have before there is too much father/daughter interaction.

Actually, I know what you mean about the error. But I actually said "she was no more than five". Four is not more than five, so I'm actually safe. LOL

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #3, by voldemortisrlyfreakinawesomeOnce There Was A Darkness: Year Two: Chapter Twenty-Five: Bruises

12th January 2011:
Ive known for a while now that Valiant had to have come from an abusive family. The signs you laid out were so obvious. The interaction between Val and her parents two chapters ago actually threw me off from thinking that she came from that kind of family, but after last chapter when you mentioned the bruises on her wrist, I knew.

Ive really enjoyed the last two chapters. I really want to know what happens the next time Shiloh and Snape see each other, but I also really want more Heretics. I think all of your OC's are what I love about this story, because a story can get quite dull if there are only 3 canon characters in it, and no OC's, because then you don't get the joy of character development (Which you are wonderful at)

I dont have anything new to speculate that hasn't already been speculated in my earlier reviews, so I'll end with a good luck :)

Author's Response: Actually, you're the only one who saw that coming, so kudos to you! I'm glad you love the OCs, because really this story is about them. Yes, Snape is important part, but this is Shiloh's story and I'm glad people love hearing it. And also, I love hearing I make good OCs, because eventually I want to write original fiction and that's a trait that I can carry with me.

Thank you so much for a review. I hope to hear from you next chapter!

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Review #4, by voldemortisrlyfreakinawesomeOnce There Was A Darkness: Year Two: Chapter Twenty-Three: A Long Road Home

26th November 2010:
Yay! A new chapter! Poor Shiloh and Snape. That last bit of the chapter just broke my heart. I am so caught up in Shiloh and Snape's emotions, that every chapter is like an emotional roller coaster for me. I want things to be happy with Snape and Shiloh!

I was surprised that Shiloh didnt tell Jacob the truth. I really thought he would find out about her parents. I hope Shiloh at least tells Symone the truth in private sometime. Im really worried about Jacob. It obvious hes sick, and Im terrified that you are going to kill him. (Your not that cruel are you?)

One thing I keep noticing is how oblivious Nicolette is to magic. I know shes not a muggleborn, because her great-grandfather was obviously a wizard, but I am sure there is an interesting story there.

Anyway, I loved the chapter! And please update soon!!! :)

Author's Response: I know. I have a tendency of writing emotional roller coasters. But life is just one big emotional roller coasters, and I like to write about life. I know everyone wants Sev and Shi just to be one big happy family, but I'm sure everyone understands why that can happen right now.

Once again, I'm surprised of how many people thought Shiloh would tell Jacob the truth. Only two chapters ago he revealed how much he despised the Hardens. She doesn't want him to despise her too.

And as for Nicolette, well things will be explained within the next few chapters. You'll just have to keep guessing until then!

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Review #5, by voldemortisrlyfreakinawesomeRunning With Wolves : The Journals and Correspondences of Cerridwyn Lupin (Year 4): The Great Canary Caper

17th November 2010:
Nice chapter! Being a canary sounds like a lot of fun :). How typical of Kerri to view it as a research opportunity. I wonder how many of Fred and Georges little joke candies will make their way over to Kerri. Well, knowing her, she will probably start checking her food to make sure no ones pranked it.

Im glad Roland was in this chapter a lot. I really like him, and believe it or not, I actually like how him and Kerri interact. I will always love Remus and Kerri, but Roland does add quite a bit of excitement (and sexiness)

It was really good to see Mary Ann again. Almost every word she mutters has me cracking up. Hopefully we will be seeing more of her. I was wondering how big of a role Rita Skeeter was going to be playing this year, and how/if Kerri would be affected by her poisonous pen. Looks like after this incident, Kerri has another person to add to her Hate list. (Its getting rather long, isn't it?)

One thing I have loved about this year is how Kerri despises Moody. I never liked him much in the books, I thought he was too obtrusive and assuming. The banter between Kerri and Moody is great, but Kerri is a master at unfriendly banter now after a year of practice with Snape.

Anyway, I know I have been really bad at reviewing every chapter, but know that even though I dont always review, I do love this story a lot, and its one of the only two stories I still follow on HPFF.

Anyway, Good Luck!

Author's Response: I'm sure Fred and George will have learned their lesson about pranking Kerri after a week of detentions. Cleaning owl barf was just the start. No telling what diabolical things she'll come up with them to do over the next few weeks.

My readers all seem to like Roland but most of them want him to leave Kerri alone because they're worried about how he might affect her relationship with Remus. (Which of course is the reason that I introduced him).

Another reader speculated that something needs to be done with Rita Skeeter. I think I would like to give her what she deserves although I don't have concrete plans at the moment. Certain other individuals -- like Fenir and Umbridge-- rank much higher on my hit list.

Moody was never one of my favorite characters either. I envision him never being able to accept Kerri once he knows the truth about her. He's much too prejudiced. Kerri will never like him either so I guess that makes them even. He's useful here though because Kerri is watching him harass Snape and starting to become offended by it.

The next chapter won't be ready by Monday but hopefully sometime later in the week. I've finished the part with the dragons and am now working on introducing Sirius Black.

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Review #6, by voldemortisrlyfreakinawesomeRunning With Wolves : The Journals and Correspondences of Cerridwyn Lupin (Year 4): Changing Perspectives

6th October 2010:
Stupid Remus, your not supposed to let the girl you love be free to date other men! Idiot! I guess it has to be that way in order to make the love triangle that i know you are planning more effective. Still, I want Remus and Kerri.

Ive really liked the last few chapters. The Quidditch world cup was done very well. You are very talented at slipping Kerri into cannon events, while not changing anything. Its an art really.

Im really glad that Remus and the werewolves are back in the picture. They are wonderful characters, and I was really starting to miss them. A part of this chapter I really liked was the conversation about the unforgivables with Griffin. I really see Kerri opening up to him about some of her, I guess 'darker' for lack of a better word, tendencies. I wonder what Griffin would think if Kerri told him who her father was right now. I know Kincaid would freak, but I have no idea what griffin would think.

Anyway, Good luck!

Author's Response: Stupid Remus is good at sabotaging his own happiness for the good of others. The idiot quit his job at Hogwarts for the betterment of the school. I think all that would have blown over if he'd stood his ground. Hagrid lived down the half giant thing, after all.

I've had a lot of years now to figure out ways to put Kerri into the canon events. The idea for this story was in my head for at least a year before I began writing and of course I've been writing now for a little over three. Actually putting her into the canon events is a challenge because we're only allowed to quote so many lines. I try to avoid quoting them at all which is why I often do a lot of paraphrasing in certain scenes.

Yes, Kerri does have some darker tendencies. They come to the surface every now and again. After Sirius gets killed things will get especially nasty because she'll set out to avenge him and won't be particularly picky about which Death Eater she gets hold of.

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Review #7, by voldemortisrlyfreakinawesomeOnce There Was A Darkness: Year Two: Chapter Twenty-One: All They Ever Wanted

6th October 2010:
Wow...wow... yes this chapter did make me say OMFG, and then made me hyperventilate, making my roommate question my sanity- for good reason of though. This chapter was absolutely amazing. When I first read it (I re-read it three times just to make sure I didn't miss anything) I was a little disappointed by how blunt the last part of this chapter came out, but after reading it again, I realized that the scene needed to be blunt and shocking in order to work right.

Overall, I believe the 'big moment' or whatever you want to call it, was done wonderfully. It was not how I expected it to happened, but that made it better because it was more of a surprise. The cliffhanger however, was just cruel. I understand that it is incredibly fun to do as an author, but how could you do that to us readers? I cant stop thinking about what Shiloh's reaction is going to be. Please update soon so I can find out.

I also really liked the beginning of this chapter. I felt awful for Shiloh, having to watch George kiss another girl, but hopefully it will help her get over him. I love George, but I never really saw him with Shiloh. Ive always thought that Shiloh is going to end up with Theodore Nott at some point in the distant future.

Anyway, one question before I end this review. Was it hard for you to write the last scene? Did you feel a lot of pressure to get it perfect, or did it all just come out naturally? That was two questions, but whatever.

Good luck!

Author's Response: Lol, well, OMG was definitely the reaction I was going for, and so was blunt and shocking. I mean, realistically that's what a moment like that would have been, just sudden and unexpected.I actually refer to this little moment as the OMG moment. At least, that's what my betas and I began calling this a long, long time ago.

And I'm glad that you liked it. And the cliffhanger, yes it was cruel, but I did it because it gave that statement the dramatic pause he needed,

As for George/Shiloh, I definitely enjoy your opinion. As for who Shiloh ends up with, I enjoy hearing people's theories. Personally, I'm not evenly entirely sure who she ends up with, and really, why is it some written rule that someone has to end up with someone else at the end. *shrugs* I guess we'll all find out as I keep writing.

Was it hard to write the scene? No. I've had a rough draft written for quite some time (maybe 1-2 years now), and the majority of it stayed the same as I wrote it. I did feel some pressure, wondering if I might disappoint the readers after all this time, the I kind of just shrugged it off. I wrote it the way I always wanted to. The readers would like it or they wouldn't.

And by the crazy amount of reviews I've been getting, I think they love it.


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Review #8, by voldemortisrlyfreakinawesomeHalfway To Infinity: Chapter Forty-Four: The Trial

26th September 2010:
Aww, Andrea is such a good friend. A much better one than Lottie. Lottie's behavior has been getting on my nerves quite a lot recently, but perhaps that is what you are trying to achieve. Anyway, good luck with future chapters!

Author's Response: Thanks! Yeah, Lottie has a much harder time with all of the friendships things. It's something that kind of goes onto the back burner in her mind.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #9, by voldemortisrlyfreakinawesomeDon't Say a Word: 'Expelliarmus!' and What Came of It

16th September 2010:
Poor Noli! Getting into that situation the day after she learns magic. I feel so bad for her. I am really looking forward to more of this story! I really want to find out more about Noli's past.

Jeep up the great work! Good Luck!

Author's Response: Chapter 19 contains some of your answers. Just you wait! We'll get there soon enough, I'm working on it now. As for Noli, I felt for her too... Its really hard when things don't go as you plan.

Thank you sooo much for coming back every chapter and leaving such wonderful reviews!


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Review #10, by voldemortisrlyfreakinawesomeRunning With Wolves : The Journals and Correspondences of Cerridwyn Lupin (Year 4): Girl Talk

11th September 2010:
Sorry I've been so inconsistent with my reviews. Life=Hectic. Anyway, I like the way this year has been going so I really like Roland so far, and I think his character will be able to add a lot more meat to this years plot. Roland is a likable guy, and I could so how he could capture Kerri's attention.

It was really nice to see Tonks again this chapter, and the window runway was absolutely brilliant! Not too much happened in this chapter, just some talking, but it was still enjoyable.

I an really looking forward to next week's chapter (It is the quidditch world cup after all). If you do need to take a week off to write it though, I think most of you readers would understand. After all, I dont even have time to leave reviews most of the time!

I am wondering, how much longer until Snape and Kerri make up? Hes one of my favorite characters, and you are one of the few fanfic writers who can write him well, and not make him too soft.

Anyway, Im going to stop now before I slip deeper into Ramble Land!

Good Luck!

Author's Response: That's okay because I've been inconsistent with answering reviews lately. I don't know what's wrong with me. I can't seem to make myself to do anything.

Yes this one wasn't much of an action chapter. It focuses more on emotional issues and character building instead. And also on building the setting since I introduced Tonks's new place. I tried to think of things that would make a wizarding apartment different from a Muggle one, hence the men in the window.

I don't have an exact time when I expect Snape and Kerri to make up, although I do have prewritten scene where she goes to his quarters to talk to him. I'm not sure precisely when it takes place though. The catalyst will be "Moody". Neither of them likes him and Kerri will take offense to "Moody" harassing Snape.

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Review #11, by voldemortisrlyfreakinawesomeOnce There Was A Darkness: Year Two: Chapter Nineteen: Snow Angels

11th September 2010:
Wow, I was not expecting another update so soon, so I was so excited to see this new chapter. Im really curious about whats up with Jacob, and Im glad we will be finding out soon. The amount of times he has been coughing has not escaped my attention...

The Chapter was brilliant. I liked how all of the girls came together, and were mad at Jacob, even though they didn't know what he had done. I loved, loved, loved the snowball fight. I was giggling so hard when Shiloh's snowball hit Snape! It was so perfect!

And last, about how longish will it be before Snape finds out that Shiloh is his daughter? Im highly anticipating that moment. Its actually driving me insane how much I think about it!

Anyway, good luck!

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Review #12, by voldemortisrlyfreakinawesomeHalfway To Infinity: Chapter Forty-One: Professor Dewitt’s Offer

11th September 2010:
Im glad that you will start updating faster! It has been a while. Any way, I liked the chapter, but next one sounds like the super exciting one! Cant wait!

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #13, by voldemortisrlyfreakinawesomeOnce There Was A Darkness: Year Two: Chapter Eighteen: No Air to Breathe

22nd August 2010:
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for this new update. I had long given up on this story, but a new chapter is out, and hopefully many more to come.

This chapter was wonderful. I really like the way the relationship is building between Shiloh and the Heretics. They really are friends, and shes just lying to herself when she says they are not.

Im curious to find out about Jacobs Illness, and to learn who cursed Shiloh.

My favorite part of this chapter is Snape and Dumbledore talking in his office. Poor Snape. I really hope he finds Shiloh soon.

Author's Response: Thank you. And yes, as long as everything goes as planned more chapters will be up as soon as I can manage to write them between working and going to college full time.

Yes, the Shiloh and the Heretics. I will admit, they are friends and Shiloh is indeed lying to herself.

I hope you will continue to read and review.

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Review #14, by voldemortisrlyfreakinawesomeRunning With Wolves : The Journals and Correspondences of Cerridwyn Lupin (Year 4): Irresolute

11th August 2010:
YAY! I'm so excited for this new story. I didnt realize how much I loved Kerri's story so much until had had to go so long without a new chapter. I loved this first chapter so much! I found Kerri's Snape-like mood quite amusing, and I just adore the Weasley family.

Good job with the Weasley's. You managed to convey the Weasley family eating, playing, and living together perfectly. I am really looking forward to Harry and Hermionie coming to the Burrow, and the Quidditch world Cup will be pretty exciting too.

It was really nice to have Kerri and Charlie see each other again. They work well together as friends. I also felt like I could get more of a feel for their friendship in this chapter than I could with years of letters. Perhaps it's just because its been a year since I read the first two stories, so I forgot a lot about their friendship. Perhaps I will re-read them.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to this year! Keep up the amazing work.

Good Luck!

Author's Response: It's so irritating when I try to reply to a review and my stupid computer screws up. Let me see if I can remember what I said.

I started out by saying, "Thanks."

Yes, Kerri is behaving a lot like Snape lately. It wasn't really intentional but that's the way it's naturally coming out. You can see it especially in chapter two when they're sort of on the same wavelength about a lot of things. (Which only annoys her more, of course).

I'm disappointed that Harry and Hermione are at the Burrow for such a short time. I looked up the timeline on the HP Lexicon and they only arrive at the very end of August. I did want to stick Kerri with Harry for longer. Oh well, she'll spend next summer with him at Grimmauld Place. (And by that time he'll know her secret).

Charlie and Kerri have a brother-sister sort of friendship. I havent' devoted as much time to it as I'd like in the pas, but now that I have Charlie actually back home, I can do more with it now.

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Review #15, by voldemortisrlyfreakinawesomeDon't Say a Word: Answers in the Air

26th July 2010:
Finally, Noli can do magic! Its about time! One more chapter, and I probably would have died of anticipation. Of course, it is a bit bitter sweet, what with hurting albs and all. Great chapter by the way, and I cant wait till the next one!

Thanks for the quick update!

Author's Response: You're very welcome!

I admit, I was dying, myself, trying to get this chapter out as quickly as possible. It took Noli sooo long to learn non-verbal spells. It had to, of course, what with they're being NEWT level, but still.

Thanks for the review, and especially for the praise!

Hugs, Gail

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Review #16, by voldemortisrlyfreakinawesomeDon't Say a Word: A Midnight Assignation… or Two.

20th July 2010:
Wonderful chapter. Im begging to get rly impatient for Noli to get non-vrbl spells, so please make it happen soon!

Author's Response: Just you wait! Noli's working on her non-verbal spells, and I'm working on her next chapter. We'll see what develops soon enough.

Thanks for the praise! And thanks for coming back and leaving a review after the long wait!


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Review #17, by voldemortisrlyfreakinawesomeRunning With Wolves : The Journals and Correspondences of Cerridwyn Lupin (Year 3): August is a Weasel

23rd June 2010:
Wow, this chapter is defidently one of the best in a while. The last few chapters have just been lacking something, but I couldnt quite put my finger on it. This chapter however was perfect.

Ive been missing Tonks for a while now. although she pops up every now and again, she has not really played a huge part in this story, so I was glad to get her in this chapter as well.

I am also glad that August is gone. I have to say, you did a good job with Augusst. At the beggining of this year, I liked him, but now, Im glad to see him gone. The way you had him slowly become more annoying and weasly was perfect. Still, i dont expect this to be the last we see of August.

Sorry, this review is problably a bit weird, or not. Im sleep deprived and not really thinking about what im wrighting. Anyway, good luck.

Author's Response: You're one of three people so far to start out their review by telling me that this chapter was exceptional. I didn't expect this one to be quite so popular and usually I'm good at predicting.

It's so hard to balance all my characters now. Canon, non canon, those who live at Hogwarts, those who don't. Tonks gets more representation than a lot of them do. I'm feeling guilty for neglecting Royal's family. I also haven't included Remus's mother for a while.

Everyone so far seems glad to see August go. He's not really a bad guy but he doesn't have his priorities in order. I left things open so that I could bring him back in the future if I find a use for him.

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Review #18, by voldemortisrlyfreakinawesomeRunning With Wolves : The Journals and Correspondences of Cerridwyn Lupin (Year 3): Loyalty is a Hufflepuff Trait

9th June 2010:
Wow... you have no idea just how giddy that excerpt made me. Sirius Black is my favorite character in the Harry Potter books, and in this scene at least, you were spot on with him. He acted exactly how I imagined he would act. The way Sirius would always ask "You and Mooney?" was just perfect. Now I am really looking forward to seeing more of Sirius and Kerri interacting. Too bad it will be a while until then.

Now, moving on to the actual chapter. Not much happened this chapter, but the excerpt made up for it.

Luna really is a smart kid. That's why i always liked her so much in the books. She never let anything be shoved away as fiction, and i really admire her for that. Not many people at Hogwarts would have believed that Dumbledore would ever let a werewolf teach at Hogwarts, so they don't look at the evidence before them, but Luna is always willing to explore every possibility.

The banter between Kerri and August, was entertaining, but the argument b/w Kerri and Rumus just seemed like the same debate that Kerri and August had had, just they played different roles. I do feel sorry for Kerri, having to be the one to decide if Buckbeak lives, but we all know what she is going to choose in the end (thanks to the books). Can't wait till next chapter!

Good Luck

Author's Response: Everyone is so excited about the excerpt. I don't think one single review has failed to mention it. You guys ought to see all the scenes I have saved up on my computer. Births, deaths, weddings; you name it, I have it.

This chapter was more about ethical decisions than about action. Kerri needs to decide the right thing to do here; whether she should be completely honest or be willing to cheat a little. What she does here could possibly hint at how she'll react to crises in the future. Should I just go ahead and indiscriminately slaughter the Death Eaters and lie about it later or should I show mercy to them as I know Dumbledore would prefer?

I think that Luna was probably at least as smart as Hermione, but never got much credit for it. She seems to see everything and of course, sees them differently than other people do. I thought it completely plausible that she'd figure out Remus's secret. (And that no one would believe her as they never do).

Yes, ironically, Kerri does turn August's arguments around to use against Remus. She's completely undecided right now on what she's going to do, and as she points out, grasping at straws.

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Review #19, by voldemortisrlyfreakinawesomeBreathless: Il Dolce Suono

3rd June 2010:
Wow... this really was an amazing chapter. I had figured that Crane was a bit awkward, after all he spends all of his time in a Sanatorium. I was not expecting anything this intense just yet, but it fit really well with what was happening in the scene.

I like Crane, I have since he was first introduced, and I am glad that we got to see so much of him this chapter, and get to understand him a little bit more. Im really looking forward to where the almost kiss leads, and can't wait until next chapter!

Good Luck!

Author's Response: Hi there!
Oh, I'm so glad you enjoyed this chapter! Crane has been a difficult character to write...readers seem very polarized in their opinions of him. I wanted to find a happy medium, a sort of middle-ground, but he's so awkward, I didn't know if his motivations would come across as realistic.

Therefore, I really, really do appreciate your feedback on this chapter. It was so helpful. Thank you! ^_^ The next chapter is in the works and should be posted soon. I hope you have a great week! Take care!


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Review #20, by voldemortisrlyfreakinawesomeDon't Say a Word: Of Lonley Bears and other Improbables

31st May 2010:
Wonderful chapter. I feel like Im getting closer and closer to unraveling the secrets of Noli's past, and Im just dying to find out more. I cant wait for Noli to go back to Hogwarts, and hopefully actually DO some magic.
I also cant wait for the next chapter so please update soon!

Author's Response: Wow! I'm glad you're picking at some of the threads to Noli's past; it tells me that I'm dropping just enough clues for readers to start drawing their own conclusions, without giving chaper and verse... (so to speak).

Noli's back at Hogwarts in the next chapter, and that one's nearly ready. I'm sorry it's been so long. There have been some problems along the way, but I promise it will be up soon!


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Review #21, by voldemortisrlyfreakinawesomeRunning With Wolves : The Journals and Correspondences of Cerridwyn Lupin (Year 3): The Second Break-In

3rd April 2010:
"I believe, as you well know, that The W- Lupin is helping Sirius Black."

GASP! Did Severus actually refer to Remus by his name? This has to be a first. It is always 'That Werewolf', though you can tell that he was about to say it.

Anyway, great chapter, it is good to hear for Maryann again, but she is really going overboard with the whole thinking about running away. Snape and Kerri's fight in the hallway was great. The students who heard it muse be curious about why Snape and Kerri hate each other so much.

Good Luck

oh, and by the way you are a cruel person to let Kerri and Cedric become close. We all know what is going to happen there... ah well, it adds to the story.

Author's Response: Snape had to be nice in front of Dumbledore...well, pretend to be nice. Not that it did him much good.

Mary Ann won't really run away. She's just throwing a tantrum. Really she does know better but she does have a very bad temper.

Probably the students are curious about the Kerri-Snape thing. They certainly noticed the Snape-Remus thing. Harry even thought Snape was trying to poison Remus at one point and tried to warn him. I'm sure that the kids are rooting for Kerri too.

Yes, I am setting Kerri up to be very upset over Cedric. It makes the end of GOF more dramatic. She's also going to become very close friends with Sirius, and really that's going to be the one that pushes her off the deep end.

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Review #22, by voldemortisrlyfreakinawesomeRunning With Wolves : The Journals and Correspondences of Cerridwyn Lupin (Year 3): Werewolf Roulette

8th March 2010:
Great Chapter, I really love Griffin now. I have been waiting for someone to tell Fenrir off for ages now! All the Howards seem cool. Yes, a bit crazy, but my type of crazy :). I'm sad that the big Fenrir vs. the Howards showdown didnt happen, I know you wouldnt have been able to kill Fenrir yet, but it would have been a great way for Kerri to get to know her family some more. Oh well, im sure Kerri will have plenty of bonding time with the a howards over the next few years.

One thing that stuck out to me in this chapter was when Griffin mentions that Kincaid was curious about Kerri. It makes me wonder if he has his suspicions. I mean, how come no one other than Kerri has noticed that they have the same last names?

Im glad that Remus and Kerri's fight didnt last long, but I would have liked to see Snapes excitement if they continued to not talk to each other. Speaking of Snape, next chapter looks very promising with plenty on the Snape/Kerri battlefront, and more Sirius Black action. Hehe, I dont know why but Snape and Kerri fights make me happy, I guess its because they are so entertaining.

Anyway, great chapter, it was very eventful and very enjoyable

Good Luck

Author's Response: Thanks. And sorry it's taken me a little while to respond. I've had a cold.

I'm glad to hear you like Griffin. I always like to hear that people like my OC's. The Howards will certainly be useful in later years what with everything that's going to happen. I'm planning a chapter now where Kerri will get to know them a bit better too. And yes, I'd love to see Fenrir taken out. He's number one on the top of my list. Unfortunately, he has his role to fill so I can't just kill him off. Not till the very end of the series at least.

Kincaid is just curious about Kerri, how she got mixed up with werewolves (especially being a Hogwarts teacher) etc. The last name thing could be a bit awkward but Howard is probably like Jones or Smith. There are probably hundreds of them all over Britain. As far as he knows, Kerri is American so he doesn't expect a connection. Yet.

Snape is grasping at straws with his werewolf conspiracy theories. I'm working on that chapter right now.

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Review #23, by voldemortisrlyfreakinawesomeDon't Say a Word: Boxing Days

4th March 2010:
Finally!!! Another update!!! I'm a bit sad because I was hoping that we would find out about Noli's past in this chapter. We did get a few hints though.

Good chapter, I noticed a few spelling mistakes and typos, but thats to be expected if the chapter has not been proof read yet. The Potter boys are cute as always, but they really need to work on their temper, even though they were just standing up for their family, they did get in two fights in two days.

I liked getting a glimpse of the dursley's 20-something years after HBP. The two boys were just like Dudders when he was their age.

What interested me most about this chapter was the constant hints about CHASM, I dont really remember if it was brought up in previous chapters, but I am really curious about whoever or whatever it is. You dont think you could give me a hint do ya? :)

Good luck, and please, please, please update sooner next time!

Best wishes!

Author's Response: Noli's past... Well, you've gotten more hints than you probably realise. There is something in *almost* every chapter (I think). By the end of the last chapter you will know everything Noli knows about her past, and some of what others know as well. But she has to unravel it to find these things, and as she does, you'll get the clues too. :-)

As for the Potter boys, I defy anyone to get punished by their parents just before Christmas, and watch their sister disintegrate, to NOT loose their temper. I would. And the Dursley boys would definatly set me off.

CHASM... It was mentioned in the last three paragraphs of chapter 12. I could give you chapter and verse on them, but I won't. It would give the rest of the story away.

I promise another chapter soon. Very soon.


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Review #24, by voldemortisrlyfreakinawesomeBreathless: The Lady of Shalott

1st March 2010:
Wow...what a creepy chapter. I'm kinda sad that Lavinia died. I know she was only around to prove a point of how often people die in the sanatoriums, but I was actually quite surprised when she died.

The sanatorium is starting to get darker and darker. At the beginning of the story it just seemed like a barrier to me, but now its so much more. I cant really explain it, but the sanatorium just sends chills down my spine.

Good Luck

Author's Response: Hi there!
Ah, I'm so glad you found this chapter creepy. To be honest, I was worried that the sanatorium was becoming a little less claustrophobic due to Freddy's habitual wandering. ;) I'm absolutely thrilled to hear that you thought this chapter was appropriately dark.

Thanks a million for the lovely review! With any luck, the next chapter should be posted soon. I hope you have a great weekend!


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Review #25, by voldemortisrlyfreakinawesomeRunning With Wolves : The Journals and Correspondences of Cerridwyn Lupin (Year 3): Hagrid Meets August

1st March 2010:
HAHAHAHA!!! Great chapter. I loved the drunk Hagrid an August, and their game of 'my scar is bigger than your scar' over and over and over again, and August going on about how Tonks 'bit' him. I loved that part :). The drunk scene was done perfectly... although, they didnt get much planning for Buckbeaks hearing done.

Ugh, Remus is so not perfect anymore. God they just need to do it already! Perhaps if Remus just gets laid, he wont worry about everything as much anymore. *sigh* ah well, its not like they are going to do it anytime soon. They are probably going to wait until they are married, and thats not happening for about 2 and a half years, so somehow Remus is going to have to hold back Kerri's advances. Gahh, Remus is getting annoying. Still it was a great chapter. One of the most humorous ones in a while! Keep up the great work!

Good luck

Author's Response: Thanks.

Well, when they brought out the Ogden's the trial strategizing instantly went out the window.

Yes, you're right -- it won't be for two years. But I always knew that year three, the year that Kerri and Remus lived together in Hogwarts castle, would have a theme of thwarted desire to it. At the end of the year when he has to retire, Remus will probably be like, "See. We made the right choice." And then Kerri will want to slap him.

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