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Review #1, by sirius_groovyMistakes We've Made: Epilogue: A Man/Me/Then Jim

2nd August 2013:
Wow. Why aren't there many Remus/OC stories! I love Remus Lupin and you just made me love him more! Beautiful characterizations and the way they parted away was natural.

Thank you so much for this wonderfully addicting story!


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Review #2, by sirius_groovyRun: Newcomers

12th May 2013:

I just feel proud that I stumbled upon your fanfic. It was brilliantly and professionally written and way beyond the years. It has definitely set the bars higher for aspiring HP fanfic writers. Although initially it reminded me of Hunger Games a little bit, it took a different path later. You have provided amazing depth to all characters and your attention to details is amazing. I could easily visualize the grey shades of all characters with your beautiful description. This was unlike anything I ever read.

So original and gripping. I cancelled my weekend plans to finish reading this! :)

I really pray that you write a novel for real and publish it. We are in dire need of writers like you. :)

Good luck!!

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Review #3, by sirius_groovyHunting The Hunters: Traps

3rd December 2010:
OMG!! Can't wait for the next chapter..!! Absolutely loved it!!


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Review #4, by sirius_groovyHunting The Hunters: Sleeping in a Graveyard

26th November 2010:
Wow.. It was really impressive.. For a moment I thought I was reading some matt Reilly's action novel. :)
Absolutely love the passion between Hermione an Draco and I can't wait to read more of it. I thought the story would end with mark being arrested but was surprised to read more of draco's and hermione's actions. They do make a very dynamic couple. :)

Eagerly expecting your next chapter. :)

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Review #5, by sirius_groovyThe Octane Generation: Head Desk!

18th December 2009:
It was a really good chapter. :) The confrontations between Al and Shiori were downright hilarious!!! :D

Wish I had studied in a school like that. :( And am a fan of Kanu Unchou too. ;)

Author's Response: YAY!!! KANU ROCKS! that's why I tried to make Shiori just like her (especially the hair) :P

Thanks for the review :D

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Review #6, by sirius_groovyThe Unslytherin: Chapter 7: Artemis: Walking, Talking CCTV Camera

9th December 2009:
Dear Jelopi Garcia,

Like I said previously, your story is refreshingly good.:) So this is what I feel. The best parts of the story are:
(i) Artemus's characterization. Am glad she is not the stereotype Slytherin who hates Muggles just because they are in Slytherin. We have Snape as the living proof of that. :D
(ii) Alternating points of view. I enjoy reading both points of view.
(iii) The quidditch game was really good. :D I love quidditch.
(iv) And malfoy saving Artemus was really dreamy. :D nice. I love any guy who saves a damsel in distress. :D
(v) And the electricity thing. I don't know how are you are going to explain it but nevertheless it is keeping the story interesting. :)
(vi) And I love the way you portray the turmoil of emotions taking place in Draco's mind. I liked the gradual change of his emotions from thinking she was just a girl to friend. It was a beautiful transition and very beautifully written.

And then I found some things spoiling your narration. Like grammar. Just a little bit of effort into that field would make your story more captivating. And you post in very long paragraphs. It would be really helpful and less difficult to read if you posted them in two or more short paragraphs. And the chapters are too small and the plot is unclear as of now. I apologize if you were working on it in the forthcoming chapters. And the fight between Harry and Artemis didn't sort of fit into the story. Or into the plot. Don't know I feel like that. Either way am eager to read how the story unfolds. :)

On the whole, its a good story and hope you post asap. :)


Author's Response: Again, you point out alot of useful factors. I shall check over the grammar, although I didn't notice it before. Sometimes I automatically correct it in my head so I forget I've actually done something wrong. And some bits of the story don't fit in, but I'm working on it. I just get taken on a whim to write certain chapters, and I get too stubborn to change it later ^.^'

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Review #7, by sirius_groovyThe Unslytherin: Chapter 3: Artemis: Now Can You Let Go of My Arm Please?

9th December 2009:
I liked it. :D

Anyone saving a damsel in distress is double thumbs-up. :D

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Review #8, by sirius_groovyThe Unslytherin: Chapter 1: Artemis: This Fine September Evening

9th December 2009:
Nice start. Rather than the usual draco/hermione ships, I am beginning to enjoy this one. But how is she a pureblood? I thought you mentioned only her mother was magic by blood.

Maybe you've explained about it the upcoming chapters. :) I liked this chapter. But it would be really helpful if you don't post such big paragraphs. Its rather difficult to read. :)


Author's Response: Lol I can't help it. I get a bit lost when I'm writing. And thanks for pointing that out - I shall edit that at some stage^^

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Review #9, by sirius_groovyThe Octane Generation: Heading Off

7th December 2009:
I am not sure how to describe it. But cool would be the apt word. Your story is really cool and in sync with today's generation. Actions. Explosives. Sarcasm. Double hints. Steamy kisses. I-Don't-give-a-damn attitude.

It is definitely in. And I am already in love with this story and can't wait to read more. Your language seems to flow with ease. You look like you've never had any trouble writing the story and capturing everyone's imagination with the right usage of words at the right place. It seems to flow at a very natural pace. It really feels more like a Bruce Willis movie. :D (actions one of course!! )

But it does maintain some young blood in it. I just love their immaturity. :) Especially the scene where Al repeatedly tears off the poster and sticks them back again had me laughing till I hurt my sides.

And the racoon idea was just cute beyond words. :D I am sure no one can resist such an act.

You have a great way to go! And am sure this story will go a great way too!


Author's Response: Hehe, thanks very much. I'm a Bruce Willis fan as well so I'm really glad you said that. :)

There will be alot immaturity to come, along with some seriously dangerous situations which will either involve the possibility of getting killed...or girls...or getting killed by girls...you get the idea. :P

Thanks again for the review. :D

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Review #10, by sirius_groovyEchoes of Fate: Avada Kedavra

5th December 2009:
You are the most original fanfiction writer I've ever met. I am spellbound by your imagination and language skills. I could go on praising you for your skills. I've read all your fanfictions and they are all equally fantastic! No words would do them justice. Awesome is an understatement actually. The way you play with words to describe the emotions with the right blend of humor and sarcasm is not a child's play. You are too good to write fanfictions. I hope you write your own fiction someday. I want you to. Because you really have a flair for writing and you would make a great author. Hope you write one soon. :-) Wishing you success.


(p.s: waiting for ur next chapter)

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