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Review #26, by JKRowlingFan22Wolfsbane: Hogwarts is Home

5th April 2010:
Awesome chapter :) It was pretty darn awesome when Charisma punched Kyle in the face. Drew is a nice guy... I'm glad she has a friend like him. Love this story... update soon please? This story has just gotten better and better. Keep on writing! 1000/10

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review. I'm really glad that you like the chapter. Charisma and Kyle - such a wonderful relationship. :P

Drew is such a sweetie. I am not sure what Charisma would do without him. Your review has left me with a massive (and slightly creepy) grin on my face.

I will update soon. Happy Easter!

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Review #27, by JKRowlingFan22Deja Vu: Honesty and Owners

5th April 2010:
O_o. :'(. Awww, poor poor Aidan. Even though what she did was wrong, I really feel sorry for her. Poor Henry too. He didn't deserve that, but it was obvious that their relationship wouldn't work out in the end... When will James and Aidan get together? They seem to be so right for each other... That last paragraph was really surprised me! Can't wait for the next chappie. Keep on writing and UPDATE SOON! 10/10 definitely!

Author's Response: I know! I feel bad for her too! My poor protagonist... yeah, she made a mistake but then again everyone does and she did try and fix it. It just didn't work out the way we thought it would.

The last paragraph surprised you, huh? That seems to be the consensus :D I'll update as soon as I can and do let me know what you think of the next chapter! Thanks so much for the review, love!


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Review #28, by JKRowlingFan22Déjà Vu: Staring Contests, Quidditch Games, and Bipolar Disorder

5th April 2010:
It was kind of a slow chapter... but still really funny though! Poor Artemis with her visions! I really like James as a character. I love this story, please update soon! The plot is so awesome. Keep on writing!

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Review #29, by JKRowlingFan22Black Hart: Meal Plans

14th March 2010:
YAY! Another great chappie! Loved the ending especially! Finally Lily admits it! James is so sweet :). Update soon, I absolutely love this story and I cannot wait to read about what happens next... Keep on writing! 10/10 for sure!

Author's Response: Hey JKRowlingFan22! Thanks for reviewing again!

I know, she finally realized it and admitted it! About time wasn't it? Anyway, I'm SO glad you liked this chapter, it's kind of pivotal so I'm glad you enjoyed it =) And I agree, James isn't always the goofball we love, sometimes he's perfectly charming with other things as well haha! Anyway, the next chapter definitely won't take long to get up, I'm on a bit of a writing spree! Thanks again for the great review and I hope you continue to enjoy the story!

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Review #30, by JKRowlingFan22Welcome to the Chase: chapter.one - Flight.

11th March 2010:
Haha, great start to the story. It made me laugh! I like the plot and I love the characters that you have introduced. The banter between Rose and Ariadne while she was on the broom was hilarious! Update soon and keep on writing! Can't wait to read what happens next :)

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Review #31, by JKRowlingFan22Black Hart: Rule Number 237

3rd March 2010:
Another great chapter! I like the lengths of the chapters too. It can get annoying when people put in chapters with like, a thousand words tops. You seem to put a lot of effort into this story and I really appreciate that as a reader :) Update soon please! Can't get enough of this story! 100/10

Author's Response: Hi again!! Thanks for another review!

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I do try and keep my chapters no less than 4,000 words and lately I've been trying to increase that as well, as you've probably noticed haha. I'm so glad you're enjoying the story still, and I'm ecstatic that you've reviewed! Then next chapter will probably be up later this evening! Thanks again!

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Review #32, by JKRowlingFan22Black Hart: Valentines

1st March 2010:
I love this story! The characters are realistic and you feel like you really know them! All the couples are so cute... I really hope Lily and James get together soon! It's funny how Lily is still denying that she likes James. I love the entire group, they're so funny when they are all together! Update soon!!! Keep on writing, and again I love love love this story. One of my favorite marauder fics at the moment! 10/10

Author's Response: Hi there! It's always great to hear from new reviewers, thanks so much!

Wow, I'm so glad you like my story, especially my characters. I definitely wanted to make it so that they all had their own personalities to them and I'm really glad you enjoy it! As for the couples, thanks again haha! They're all different in their own adorable yet dysfunctional ways! And as for James and Lily, seventh year is coming up quick and I promise a lot will happen then!

Thanks so much for reviewing, and what a huge compliment that this is currently one of your favorite marauder fics! Thank you so much and the next chapter will be up soon!

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Review #33, by JKRowlingFan22Baby Steps: Blushing.

1st March 2010:
Love this story... A lot more original than a lot of other ones! Bryn and Al are so cute! Loved the Halloween party scene. Hmmm, what was Al about to ask Bryn? Update really soon and keep on writing!

Author's Response: Woo! Thanks! That's what I was going for, I'm so glad I was successful. I'm so glad you liked the whole party thing.

I think you can figure that out pretty well on your own. . . (;

Thanks for your review!


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Review #34, by JKRowlingFan22Something Else: New Beginnings and Starsights

28th February 2010:
Good start to the story! I like the personality you put in your characters... it makes them more original in my opinion! There was some typo's but nothing really major. I really like how this story is turning out and I can't wait to find out what happens next! Keep on writing! :)

Author's Response: Thank you:)
English is my 2. language so, I'm looking for a Beta who can help me with the grammar and typos, so it should get better;)
Thanks again for a very much appreciated review!

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Review #35, by JKRowlingFan22The Oddballs of Ravenclaw: Sixthies

23rd February 2010:
Noo! Not Hermione! Ah, well... this is still a good story... I forgive you. You are doing a good job on trying to make it more of a "life story". I would be great if you added more personality to your more minor characters... Like that Justin guy. I would like to get to know him better since he is one of Rose's and Scorpius' best friends! Same with Albus too... Maybe give them more little quirks that make them a bit more different from each other. It helps expand your characters personalities and makes them more realistic. I like Grace as a character... Even though she is standing in the way of Rose and Scorpius being together! Keep on writing, you're doing a really good job on this story!

Author's Response: Thank you. The characters are begining to grow themselves, although there's not going to be alot more Justin. I put him in there because I was tired of next gen stories having only Weaslies, etc, but I don't have alot of reason to grow him more. Al will have a fun bit soon, as well as Lily. She's a fun girl. :]

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Review #36, by JKRowlingFan22The Oddballs of Ravenclaw: Firsties.

23rd February 2010:
Awww! Such a cute beginning! Their dorm is pretty awesome... I also really like your characters! Good job! :)

Author's Response: THANKS! So encouraging.

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Review #37, by JKRowlingFan22Seducing Teddy R. Lupin: Take That Pretty Boy

11th February 2010:
Wow, great story! I really like Victoire's personality... and the fact that she can beat up a guy :) "Er, I’ve already punched him in the stomach, slapped him and broke his nose." "… We’ll work on your anger issues." Is probably my favorite part so far... it made me laugh. Keep on writing and PLEASE update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you! The goal's to make you laugh :) I'll definitely keep writing and an update's coming at you ;)

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Review #38, by JKRowlingFan22Rivals: Some Things Never Change ...

3rd February 2010:
Ahaha that Cormac... I hope he gets what he deserves. Never really like him much as a character to be honest... Again, great chapter! The chemistry between Oliver and Hermione is well done and I hope to read more about it in the future! Keep on writing!

Author's Response: I know, he's a bit of an idiot! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #39, by JKRowlingFan22Rivals: New Beginnings, Old Arguments

3rd February 2010:
Haha, great beginning to this story! The vocabulary and the grammar was very well done. I love Olivers character so far and I'm glad you added the Weasley's in this chapter. All the characters so far are realistic and very likeable. Keep on writing!

Author's Response: Thank you! The Weasley's just keep coming!

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Review #40, by JKRowlingFan22Blissful Thinking: Secret Keepers

31st January 2010:
Great job on the story! I really want to know what happens next! Update soon and keep on writing!

Author's Response: Thank you! I will!

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Review #41, by JKRowlingFan22The Memory Box: Chapter XXX

28th January 2010:
W-w-what? That last line just totally put me into shock... WHO SENT IT THEN? Was it Cassion? Is Cassion still alive? I Izzy still alive? This is the last chapter, right? Please post the sequel soon, each chapter that you put out never ceases to amaze me. Your characters, your plot and the quality of the written work are probably one of the best I have yet to find on HPFF. You are an incredibly talented writer and I cannot wait to read about what happens next... Keep on writing and please please PLEASE update soon! 10/10 for sure!

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Review #42, by JKRowlingFan22Love, Lies and Lipstick: Pure and Simple

26th January 2010:
Awww, No! I was so happy when she was going to be friends with them again... although I do understand why Albus reacted the way he did. It's sad that Rose has that low of self esteem to go back to Amy :(. I can't wait for the next chapter! I really really want to know what happens next! Keep on writing and update soon please! This is an awesome story!

Author's Response: Aw, I know! :(
I'm not going to write more or I'll totally spoil it for you...
But thankyou so much! It really means a lot :D xxx

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Review #43, by JKRowlingFan22Hide and Seek: Slytherin Sweater and the Sixties

26th January 2010:
Haha, oh god... Jane is so funny. She's totally freaking out! Love this story! Keep on writing and update soon! Definitely a 10/10!

Author's Response: She's ridiculous and she totally freaks out more than everyone else. I promise to update as soon as I possibly can :) Thank you!

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Review #44, by JKRowlingFan22My Possibly Crazy Neighbours: Pool

17th January 2010:
I am in love with this story! You're characters are so unique and it makes me laugh every time! Great job and keep on writing! 10/10 :D

Author's Response: Thank you! I'll definitely keep writing, how could I not with such nice reviews?

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Review #45, by JKRowlingFan22Love, Not War: PLEASE STOP READING HERE!!!

25th August 2009:
Hey, sorry it took so long to review... my last comment on that page would explain it. Anyway, it's a very interesting story overall. I really enjoy the plot... The story line is creative in the way what happens with the Malfoy's family and how Draco ends up at the Weasley's place.

I love it how Arthur was so nice about taking Draco in... I had always thought that Mrs. Weasley would be the one to be the kind one and Arthur would have been the more reluctant one. I also love how everyone is so honest about their opinions. They are always talking to each other about their lives and how they feel :). In the books the guys were a bit more... not open I guess, but their personalities in this story are done very well.

Roxi and Saleena are my favorite characters in the story. For me the have the most interesting personalities and are really fun to read about. I cannot wait to see what happens next with Draco and Roxi's relationship. I feel sorry for Lucius, he has suffered a lot during his lifetime. You portrayed Voldemort's personality very well. He's extremely evil and it does the Voldemort in the Harry Potter books justice.

There was some grammar errors in the story. Things such as "hu" instead of "huh", and "coarse" instead of "course". No big deal though. The descriptions are really good throughout the story.

It was an amazing story overall. I congratulate you on the hard work and effort that has been put into this story. You seem to be very dedicated and I hope you continue on with it. Great job and keep on writing!


Author's Response: Hi!! First of all, let me say that I am so sorry to hear that thing are so hectic for you :(
But I cannot thank you enough for the totally awesome and amazing review you have just left me!!! I'm so glad you really enjoyed it! This has just made me SO Happy! =)

I love that you loved how I switch Molly & Arthur around in the beginning, lol! And I love that you think that the plot is so creative, and how you think all their personalities are done so well, AND that you liked Saleena and Roxi the best! :)
As for her and Draco's relationship... well, Roxi and him kind of have a moment in chapter 13. But I see you haven't gotten that far yet. And there is also a LOT of Roxi/Draco action in the chapter that I am currently working on right now, (chapter 15).

*Squeals* OMG, you think I've done the Voldemort in the HP Books justice!?!?!? AHHH!! THANK YOU!!! =) I makes me SO Happy that you think I've portrayed the Dark Lord's personality so well here! I know he was out of character in the beginning, and I have been working VERY hard on his character to make him seem more evil! So Thank You VERY much for saying that! :) Oh, you have just made my day with this entire review!!! =)

The grammatical errors have now been fixed! I've put a lot of time in lately to edit every single chapter of this story and fix all those silly mistakes. I knew about the "coarse" one, but I didn't know about the "hu" one, so thank you for pointing that out! I'll have to fix that one now too eventually, lol! But I'm glad you think the descriptions are really good, because that is another thing that I have really been working on! :)

Thank you so much! This review has been absolutley awesome!! And don't worry about the time frame, really! This was totally worth the wait!! I am just so glad you liked it so much! I will keep writing, and I hope that you will keep reading as well! -_~ I am curious to know what you think of what happens between Roxi and Draco... I hope that everything starts going better for you soon. Thanks again for everything! :)

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Review #46, by JKRowlingFan22The Alternate: Implausible Illusions

7th August 2009:
It was a very interesting start to the story with Voldemort in Harry's head and all that. This story isn't too too cliche... and I'm sure as it goes on it will become even less and less so. Don't worry about that too much :).

I was confused and yet intrigued when I started to read the second chapter. It's a lot to take in... Harry a Death Eater? Wow. That's something you don't see every day! The reactions make this story interesting to read... I wonder what's going to happen to Harry next. Can he get everyone to be able to trust him again?

Great story overall. The grammar is good and this was a very good start to the plot. I'm still trying to wrap my head around this new concept of Harry being some crazy death eater :). Terrific job and keep on writing!


Author's Response: Yeah, I tend to become paranoid when it comes to anything being too cliche. I'm glad you don't think it is. :)

The second chapter of this story is the most edited and difficult one that I've written. These next few chapters are the most vital ones because I've got Harry being thrust into this crazy world where things are VERY different. I have to situate both Harry, the reader, and the host of characters that this new dimension poses. Originally, chapters 2-4 were even more confusing to the reader. I wasn't really thinking, at that time, about how the reader would feel reading it, per se, but rather about how my characters needed to do this or have this happen or whatever. The edited versions are much better on that front, I hope. :)

Harry as a Death Eater...not totally impossible. It's definitely the one of the most challenging things to write. The golden boy with a dark mark...eh, it could happen.

Thanks for reviewing!


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Review #47, by JKRowlingFan22Spellbound: The Story of the Three Black Sisters: I've Got A Dark Alley And A Bad Idea...

7th August 2009:
Wow, great story so far... The Black sisters are nicely portrayed. They are realistic and are intriguing to read about! My favorite character would have to be Andy 'cause I like that whole 'rebel' thing going on. Her and Ted are so cute together! I would like to see more of their romance in the future :) I really like how Andy has a whole entire life now, I can't wait to see how that works out for her.

I like how Narcissa isn't just someone who's 'weak' and cries a whole bunch during the story. I really don't like it when that happens. Bella totally screwed her life up. You really showed how she became how she is. It is interesting how James and her started cheating on each other.

Overall a wonderful story! The grammar is very good. The characterization is constant during the whole entire story. The one thing I'd suggest you'd work on is Ted's and Andy's relationship. In the beginning there was a lot of passion, but I haven't seen a lot about how they feel towards one another in the last few chapters. It's really no biggie though :). Anyhow, great job and keep on writing!


Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review! I'm glad that you enjoyed my take on the Black sisters. Andromeda is really fun to write, after all everyone loves a rebel! :)

It annoys me too when Cissy is just the whiny little sister- she grew up with Bella as an older sister for crying out loud! If that doesn't make you tough then I don't know what will!

I agree with you that there is some passion lacking with Andromeda and Ted. I'll keep that in mind as I write the rest of my story. Thanks again!

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Review #48, by JKRowlingFan22Typical Hogwarts Bird: Our Subject Isn't Cool, But She Fakes It Anyway

6th August 2009:
Hey, great beginning to your story. The characters are portrayed really well and they all have their own separate personalities. I like Chloe's character 'cause she rambles on and has a very creative mind. It was interesting to hear things from her point of view :). The beginning really caught my attention and drew me in.

Jeff is really funny. I enjoyed his character very much, Gabby's personality was fun to read about too! There were a few grammar typo's in the story, but nothing too too big. A lot is set up to make a very great plot. It was a good beginning and I believe you have a lot to work with in future chapters :). It was very humorus to read... great job on that!

James and Chloe? Wow, that's interesting... but they aren't in love. What's up with that? I guess I'll just have to wait and see in the next chapter :) I liked the whole concept of THB. Excellent job on the story and keep on writing!


Author's Response: I'm glad you liked the story from the beginning. It's always hard because I try to think "Would I get bored with reading this?"

I love Jeff too (: He based off my closest guy friend mostly. It's always fun to write. It's a good thing he doesn't know I write someone that he inspired, because he'll get a even bigger head!

gah! thanks! humor & plot compliments in one review! I do try. hahah

Yep James and Chloe will be explained soon, you'll just have to wait til Chapter Two. ;)

I got the concept of THB from school, (I know, I was surprised too) I feel like there's always the same girls.and that's where the stories started.

thanks for the review! & I hope you keep reading!

becca xx

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Review #49, by JKRowlingFan22Missing Mummy: Most Important

26th July 2009:
The beginning was so devastating. I hate it when Ginny dies. It doesn't happen very often though, and it set it up to make a very good plot. I haven't been disappointed in it yet :) The emotion in the story is very well done. It makes you feel for Harry and his children. It made me really sad when Harry had a hard time looking at Lily. Poor little baby :(

I really wonder if Harry DID abuse his children or not... I'm hoping he didn't, but we'll just have to wait and see. It was really unexpected when Luna and Harry got together. I was shocked... I'm like, wait, WHAT?!

It's too bad that Harry is drinking so much... but as the story progresses, I'm really looking forward to reading how his children get him back on the right track. I love stories like those... They're a lot more memorable then just some romance story. I tend to forget those pretty quickly. Your story... not so much. Great job on that!

The grammar is really great. You don't really have anything to worry about. I love all the detail that is put into this story. I am never confused on what's going on and where it is happening. It is a great story overall and I am looking forward to the next chapter (this particular story is on my favorites list)! So update really soon and keep on writing!


Author's Response: You'll just have to wait and see what happens. I don't really write romance, I find that most of them are just the same...so i go for more emotional, angsty stuff to write about. I'm happy that you feel the same.
Grammar and me just don't get along, once I make a mistakes, that's it I will never be able to find it again...grr.
thanks for the super review! It really made my day!

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Review #50, by JKRowlingFan22Dirty Little Secret: Just a normal breakfast?

26th July 2009:
Hey, JKRowlingFan22 here. I really like your beginning. It was intriguing and Amy is a very interesting to read about. The grammar is very good, I applaud you on that :) I really like how Amy speaks, it's a bit different then everyone else and it makes her stand out. I like how she's strong no matter what she's been through.

The characterization is pretty good. Most of the time Amy's personality is consistent, as is Sirius's. I like how blunt some of the characters are... like when Maddie just told her friends she was happy to kiss Remus when they dared her to do just that. It gives them a bit of originality :)

It was shocking when I found out that Tom was death eater. I hadn't seen that one coming! I think it is a very good twist to the plot. They aren't keeping their relationship a secret for just some petty reason. It's in fact really serious. It would have been good if there was a bit more foreshadowing in this area though. Just subtle hints, thats all. It makes a story seem more put together at times. Other then that, the plot is very well done.

I'd have to say my favorite character would have to be Maddie. I like how you incorporate each character into the story. It makes them easier to distinguish from one another and it juices up the story A LOT more.

The chemistry between Amy and Sirius + Lily and James are realistic and believable. This is probably one of my most favorite components of the story. That Leticia girl was a riot. It was probably one of the most funniest moments in the whole entire story. I really enjoy the times when Amy is arguing with her inner voice. It's hilarious when they bicker with one another.

Anyway, great story overall. It seems that you update quite regularly which is quite an accomplishment. You seem to be very dedicated to this story. Update very soon and keep on writing!


Author's Response: *squeals + jumps up and down + more squeals + more jumps*

A, you have no idea how happy you review made me :D :D I'm smiling like an idiot right now and it's all thanks to your review! I am so happy you like my story. Not many people do because my OC is so different from the ones that Sirius normally goes for.

I love Maddie too, I love writing her character she's my favourite :)

And Tom yes, that was a shocked wasn't it? The plot tickens in a couple of chapters. So much stuff happens I just can't wait to update this story and add more :D (especially now that I got your review)

Haha, I love the bickering with Amy and her head, it's too funny. Leticia, she's just too jokes :P She reminds me of this girl from my schoo, that's probably why I find it easy to write her, I have to deal with her on a daily basis lol.

Thank you SO SO much for your review, it really made my day! :)

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