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Review #1, by fluffers202Populars: Beneath the Surface

9th March 2009:
team johnny
team teddy
team marauders
favorite v is victoire
no favorite stud
and my favorite couple is going to gave to be teddy and victoire

Author's Response: Dear fluffers202,
Thank you so much!
Your Obedient Servant,
The Phantom

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Review #2, by fluffers202How Will I Know?: Chapter 28: Vicious Cycle

23rd April 2008:
that really made me sad, sadder then even the last chapter. just please dont throw a sirius and amberle break up at us next that would be horrible. but i feel worse for lily poor lily, espacially because james is mean right now i dont like him at all.

i like the trilogy idea!!

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Review #3, by fluffers202'Til Death Do Us Part: The 2nd Installment: A Night To Forget

12th April 2008:
that was horrible sad totally wasnt expecting that after the happy moment at the beginning

Author's Response: sorry that's how my mind works...happy, sad, happy, sad, happy, sad. It's a never ending cycle.

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Review #4, by fluffers202How Will I Know?: Chapter 27: Crumbling

6th April 2008:
i cant believe that would happen, i will say though its a different story then the regular i dont care approachs when he tells someone, so good job on that part. but still i feel bad for remus

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Review #5, by fluffers202Don't ever let go: Mr and Mrs Black

24th March 2008:
i think you should continue with the story and then make the sequel after POA

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Review #6, by fluffers202Broken Souls: Interrogation.

21st January 2008:
im so excited its back. and i loved the chapter

Author's Response: I'm glad U liked it :D

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Review #7, by fluffers202The Savior's Daughter: Loss

19th January 2008:
i just loved it. im so excited that you updated

Author's Response: I'm excited that you're excited! I have a four day weekend from school, so I'll attempt to post the next chapter by tuesday.

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Review #8, by fluffers202Hopeless Romantic: No One But You

17th January 2008:
i really do hate keana now, i mean i hated her last chapter but now it is just off the charts hate

Author's Response: yeah well join the club everyone hates her but thats okay there has to be one person in each story that everyone loves to hate!

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Review #9, by fluffers202Coming Home: Ch14 Christmas morning and Christmas evening

15th December 2007:
i was very shocked with the angered james there, didnt think of him as someone who would get mad. but the lowblow harry took there at the end was also a little shocker.

Author's Response: well i was trying to get his pureblood evilness coming out as for the low blow im not sure what u mean leave me another review

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Review #10, by fluffers202My Marauder: Chapter 18

15th December 2007:
it did indeed make my day!

Author's Response: I'm glad! Mine too!
Thanks for reading and reviewing!!~Cady

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Review #11, by fluffers202A Sirius Problem: Leaving again

12th December 2007:
thats was soo sad, but good

Author's Response: Thanks!!

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Review #12, by fluffers202:

10th December 2007:
i just loved it! it was wonderful

Author's Response: Thank you! :) I'm glad you think so.

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Review #13, by fluffers202Trice: Seize

8th December 2007:
i totally did not see that coming wow i just love this story

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Review #14, by fluffers202The Savior's Daughter: Change

2nd December 2007:
amazing story cant wait for the next chapter

Author's Response: THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!! You are the first person, other than my sister, to leave a review. That is so fantstic. Just for that, I'll try to get the next chapter up in the next week. I just hit a bit of a block, and it's been coming in little bits.

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Review #15, by fluffers202A Sirius Problem: The fast wound healer

27th November 2007:
fabulous just fabulous

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #16, by fluffers202Broken Souls: Meet the Grandparents.

17th November 2007:
i love this story i have reread it like 10 times since my first time and cant wait for an update and i check like everyday even though it says not till at least december but im hoping

Author's Response: U no, this is like the 1st review I've had in months on this site? I'm sorry 2 keep U waiting, but I do intend 2 get back 2 BS soon(ish), but life's pretty manic right now and I'm working on short Bill and Fleur thing to try and ease myself back in2 BS, coz it's not that good and I'm finding it quite easy 2 write. Thanx 4 reviewing!!!

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