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Review #1, by fromtheashes248Draco in Leather Pants: Fandom: Sometimes it's Scary.

15th March 2012:
i'm actually a dramione fan, but i still think this is awesome. i know how ridiculous we are, lol

Author's Response: Acceptance is the first step to healing, haha. :) I'm glad you liked this though. :)

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Review #2, by fromtheashes248The Hero Within: Chapter Eight

24th March 2009:
nice, lol. love the new banner, by the way!


Author's Response: That's nice to hear! Thank you for reviewing :)

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Review #3, by fromtheashes248Easy: Easy

2nd February 2009:
this story is perfection. you've entirely captured the essense and truth of their relationship and who they are as people. it makes me ache, in the best way. exceptionally well done, 10/10


Author's Response: I ached while I wrote it, so fluffy *shudder* ... but responses like this make it worth it. Thank you so much.

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Review #4, by fromtheashes248Forbidden Fruit: Chapter 1

12th January 2009:
ooo this is interesting! i love that you twist around different spells and potions and whatnot that force them together

i'm exciting for the next chapter! 10/10!!!


Author's Response: Thank you! I'll get the next chapter up as soon as possible! x

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Review #5, by fromtheashes248A New Kind of Forbidden: Grass of Parnassus

9th November 2008:
i'm loving this story! and the consistent updates. i wish i could be that reliable, lol.

the new banner is gorgeous, by the way!


Author's Response: It's the only way I make myself make time for writing. I promised updates every Friday, so I'm forced to fit it into my schedule =) It was a very intentional promise.
I'm glad you like the new banner =)

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Review #6, by fromtheashes248Fools Like Me: Paris when it Sizzles

17th April 2008:

dude! not fair!!! and how did scorpius know that his father was there? was there a spell or something that alerted him? hmm... very mysterious...

seriously, though, this chapter was completely adorable! and i hope they make her dress green! maybe it's because i'm a redhead, so i always go for the green, but still. black would probably look very dramamtic and elegant on her too... sorry, haha, i babbled.

i don't think i mentioned this yet, but UPDATE!!! seriously! i can't really even say anything because i left a horrible cliffhanger in my own story, and it would be a little hypocritical of me to blame you when i've done it myself, but YOU MUST UPDATE AS SOON AS YOU CAN!!!

please? pretty please? with sugar on top and a cherry and all that whatnot? please? *intense puppy eyes*


Author's Response: I'm not sure how Scorpius knew. You think I would since I wrote the thing...I think I'd say he kind of has a gut feeling for those sorts of things. That's the best explination I can give.
I am a redhead too! As for the color of the dress...I would agree that green does tend to look good on us, but I actually have another color that looks better on me, and since I have sort of modeled Rose's appearance after mine...it will be said color.
I will update ASAP! I promise. ASAP might not be immediatley though, because I am SUPER busy...but I will try. Thanks for the review :)

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Review #7, by fromtheashes248The Bargain: Snogging, Nearly

29th February 2008:
okay, i've already read through the whole story here, but i had to leave a review to tell you this:

i saw one of your reviewers said that this story was also posted in ff.net, and since you haven't updated in a while, i decided to go look for it (i had some free time) and i thought that maybe there was another chapter or something... well, i've read everything now, i think, and i have to tell you...

FINISH!!! you HAVE to finish this story! dude, seriously, my god, you need to finish sooo bad.


p.s. - that wasn't very elequoent, i know, but there's just no other way to say how badly i want to read the rest of this story... so please, i beg you, finish...

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Review #8, by fromtheashes248The Game of Love: Chapter Four: The Masquerade

27th February 2008:

update! please, please, please!!!

Author's Response: I will! Promise! :) Thanks for the review!

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Review #9, by fromtheashes248Fools Like Me: Battle of the Bee's

25th February 2008:
oh, i HATE olivia right now!!! pardon my french, but what an extreme BITCH! i mean, i know, she's got her problems, but man... that was low, dude... seriously low. she was just waiting for a chance to pounce. rose was the only one that was there for her, and now she... argh! okay, i digress, onto the rest.

aside from the evil olivia, this chapter was great. i can't wait to see what happens next, how their families will react. you hinted at a secret from their parent's past, and i hope we'll learn what that is soon!

i understand the submission issue - that's happened to me too! you think you hit the submit button, and then - nothing.

anyway, i can't wait to read the next chapter 10/10!!! keep it up!


Author's Response: omg, you crack me up! That is exactly the reaction I wanted you to have, so I approve. Don't you worry about that secret...it's still coming! It's a good one. Yeah, submission is a buttface, what can I say. Thanks for the awesome review meghan :)

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Review #10, by fromtheashes248The Bargain: Dancing

19th February 2008:


loving it, by the way.

i didn't comment the last few chapters because i was rushing to read everything as quickly as possible. to enumerate every part that i loved would take all night, and i should be writing my own story at the moment.

but oh man, i can't wait to read more! this is officially in my top five fanfics EVER, and trust me when i tell you that i've read A LOT.

i know i say this every time i review, but you are bloody brilliant. there's just no other way to put it, you're amazing. i'll definitely be checking out your other stories asap!


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Review #11, by fromtheashes248The Bargain: A Meeting And Some 'Tea'

18th February 2008:
oh my god, draco is AMAZING! i love him sooo much, i can't even tell you! the singing, and the cockiness, and everything else... i couldn't stop laughing, honestly...

that whole bit in mcgonagall's office was hilarious. the safe sex talk, and draco's comments about the shagging, and... there are no words... this story is incredibly awesome!!!

and by the way, i seriously LOVE the way you are writing ginny's character. she is exactly the way i picture her in the books, fiesty and honest. i wish i could write her that well... not that i've written her all that often, but i will be soon, and i hope that i can do so with half as much talent as you have thus far.

and lupin and sirius in the broom closet?!?! i love it!!!

have i told you that you're brilliant? i think i may have mentioned it a time or two...


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Review #12, by fromtheashes248The Bargain: Brawling

18th February 2008:
hmm... draco and ron both disappered, did they? well, well, well, this could certainly get interesting...


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Review #13, by fromtheashes248The Bargain: A Faustian Accord

18th February 2008:
love the chapter title... a faustian accord, simply fabulous!

and draco is hilarious, i love him

again, you're brilliant. well, onto the next!


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Review #14, by fromtheashes248The Bargain: Succumbing

18th February 2008:
oh my god... draco and ernie being all slashy! that's just... amazing, you're brilliant

and ron too... i see oppurtunities for some VERY intersting slashy-ness between draco and ron, and oh man, i hope i'm right!!!

SOOO happy that i stumbled across this story! 10/10!!!

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Review #15, by fromtheashes248Fools Like Me: Late Mornings and Hasty Notes

8th February 2008:
yay flirty banter! i love the way they talk to each other, it's so realistic. and the way they were making fun of madam pince together (and might i just say that it's hilarious that she's still there? i have a feeling she would be like Binns - returning to the library even after she's dead) it was so... age-appropriate, very real.

and i have to say, you have me very excited about the next chapter!!! romance and action packed, eh? sounds fantastic! i can't wait until they jump each other. usually, i'm all for the girl making the big move, but for some reason, i'm kinda hooping scorpius will swoop in first. but of course, this is your story, and i'm quite sure that i'll be more than happy with whatever you choose to have happen between them!!!

update soon! i'm so exctied to read more!!! 10/10!


Author's Response: I know right? Flirty banter is ahmazing. It is my love...it's so fun to write. And I love flirting so...yeah. I'm glad you liked my banter! I wanted it to seem real, I felt like I was flirting with Scorpius when I wrote it! Haha, wow, I am not a hormonal teenager!

As for the next chapter...you might have your wish (wink wink nudge nudge!) Scorpius is quiet...commanding. That's all I will say. S and R are starting to remind me of Edward and Bella from twilight. Not that I'm copying off of that at all, I'm trying to have my own story line.

I'm so glad you like it Meghan! Thanks for the review and rating! :D

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Review #16, by fromtheashes248Unseen and Unexpected: Chapter Three

6th February 2008:
damn you, slughorn!!! hahaha. he spoils all the fun!

aside from that, though, the story is really awesome. i absolutely love the way you describe their mutual attraction for each other. wonderfully done.

and hermione's reaction to draco was very in character. she was just so practical about it, 'this isn't a very practical position for potion making.' only hermione would say that.

anyway, i really enjoyed this chapter! the only problem was that it ended, lol. for me, this is quickly becoming one of those stories that make me sad when i see that the end is near, because it means i have no more to read.

still a 10/10! update soon, please!!!


p.s. - by the way, i love your bid for reviews! that was pretty cute :>

Author's Response: thank you so much! Such a lovely review (and yes, you magically made this author very happy lol)...next chapter in submission queue! x

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Review #17, by fromtheashes248Unseen and Unexpected: Chapter Two

2nd February 2008:
just read the first two chapters - very interesting idea for a story! i can't wait to see where it leads!!!

i saw in the reviews that someone thinks that the plot is moving a little fast. as far as i'm concerned, the story's pace is just fine; you shouldn't feel the need to slow it down at all!

and i know this might sound a little bit pervy... but i can't wait to read the 'love; scenes between the two of them! what with hermione being invisible, they should be quite interesting, wink wink. heeheehee

i love that only things that belong to hermione turn invisible when she touches them. and while i was reading i thought that it would be adorable if draco turnned invisible while they were, um... intimate with each other. just an idea that popped into my head, feel free to take it or leave it.

anyway, as i said, i really like the premise and i can't wait to see where you take it! this story is a 10/10 for me!


Author's Response: thank you so much! Doesn't sound pervy at all...that was one of my first thoughts lol...and I had the same thought about Draco turning invisible...hmmm. Anyway, next chapter should be up soon! x

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Review #18, by fromtheashes248A New Kind of Forbidden: Polar Opposites

1st December 2007:
okay, i know i haven't reviewed in a while - sorry about that - but i'm back so let me just say...

i LOVE this story!!! especially now that it's jumped to fourth year. i really like the characters you've created; they're exactly as i would imagine j.k. rowling would write them.

i'm so nervous for rose and dirk's conversation. not that i want them to stay together, but everyone who's been in the "i don't want you" conversation knows how uncomfortable it is, so... i feel her pain, lol.

can't wait to see what happens in the next chapter... and i can't wait for scorpius to jump rose either! ; ) 10/10!!!


Author's Response: Thanks so much for the compliments!! As J.K. Rowling would write them?? EEE! =D
I'm excited for the next chapter too =)
Thanks for reviewing. It's appreciated whenever you get the time to do it.

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Review #19, by fromtheashes248Detention: Detention With Hermione

27th November 2007:
that was so hopeless and sad. it's very true to what draco must have been feeling that year, the hopelessness, i mean. very well done, i love the dialogue. it rings true. good job! 10/10!!!


Author's Response: Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Draco must have been hopeless and I can imagine him doing this sort of thing (okay granted not with Hermione cause I;m not a Dramione shipper but *shrug*)
thank you

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Review #20, by fromtheashes248Following: Following

17th November 2007:
that was lovely! there were funny moments that i LOVED, draco's characteristic snarky-ness coming through. he was very well-written.

and as far as hermione goes, i really loved that you didn't paint her as completely innocent and inexperienced as a lot of authors do. i've always felt that she has plenty of sexual freedom without having to be "corrupted" by draco.

that last bit was, again, lovely. the fact draco was the one to say that he wanted it to be more important than a quick shag in an alley way was fantastic. i simply loved it! an absolute 10/10!!!


Author's Response: Thank you Maghan, I'm happy you enjoyed how i wrote Draco and thought it was humorous. I was a bit iffy about Draco but it looke like I pulled him of :D

Thats exactly right. I think Hermione would have alot of real life experiences without being forced, I mean she just picked up so much confidence from hanging around harry and Ron.

Thank you. Its my favourite part as well :) And thanks for the great review! It made me smile :)

Dixi x

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Review #21, by fromtheashes248Shampoo: Chapter Ten - The End

14th November 2007:
that was amazing!!! oh my god, i can't even tell you what my favorite parts are because i love the whole thing so much. random Weird Sisters and volcanoes... you are a bloody genius...

this entire story was amazing! it was hilariously (i know i've used that word a lot in my reviews, but it's oh so fitting, and as such it really can't be helped) funny, but there also turned out be a extremely decent plot.

i'm still wiping the tears of mirth from my eyes... this is one story that i'm definitely going to have to read again. and i'll definitely be checking out everything else that you've written. i remember i read "bad medicine" and absolutely loved it... i don't know why i didn't check you out sooner...

i'm afraid you'll be going on my favorite author's list... and please know that i only put extremely talented writers there, so there you go.

again, this story was utterly fabulous, quirky, and oh-so-lovable!!! i wish i hadn't read it just so that i could read it again with the same reactions! 100/10!!!

Author's Response: Wooo, thank you so much! Glad to be on the fav list!

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Review #22, by fromtheashes248Shampoo: Chapter Nine - The Ministry of Magic

14th November 2007:
that was fantastic. i can't even talk... hilarious, but still awesomely well done. and draco's sarcasm is amazing. oh Reptilian One... that was awesome, haha... teach them the concept of doors... i love it, all of it, it's perfect


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Review #23, by fromtheashes248Shampoo: Chapter Eight - Snape's Revelation

14th November 2007:
the weird sisters!?!?!?!?!? HAHAHA, how the hell did you think of that one??? it was bloody brilliant!!! i was laughing so hard that i cried for at least five minutes! and mcgongall's a roadie... oh my god. this is one of the best stories i've ever read, honestly.


Author's Response: I blame it on caffeine!

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Review #24, by fromtheashes248Shampoo: Chapter Seven - Draco's Quest

14th November 2007:
that was awesome! i'm so upset that there are only three more chapters!!! draco and hermione's interaction is perfect. i LOVE the dialogue between them. and snape has become a diva, and a slave to fashion as well... why is it that that fits so perfectly? heehee


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Review #25, by fromtheashes248Shampoo: Chapter Six - Research

14th November 2007:
i need a glass of cold water... damn


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