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Reading Reviews for Sticks and Stones
40 Reviews Found

Review #26, by riddikulus11 This Means War...or Friendship

7th January 2014:
This chapter really go the plot moving! With Felicity at the end and James and Pippa's friendship, I want to know what happens next :) I also loved Mason and James' bromance! Hmm I wonder why Pippa married Peter...

Author's Response: I'm glad u noticed Felicity! You're the first person who's mentioned her! She is a plot twisting character :) I'm glad u liked the bromance! Definitely the hardest thing to write! Haha, all will be revealed eventually :)

-thank again! Seeing your reviews really made my day!


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Review #27, by riddikulus11 I Don't and Other Wedding Nightmares

7th January 2014:
Hey Curie! This was an awesome start and I can't wait for more. :) You've set Pippa up as a really interesting character and I want to slap that Peter too! :P I wonder what their relationship was leading up to their marriage for her to think of him as boring at the beginning of the chapter, and the fact that he's cheated on her before. Of course I just love James and Mason's entrance. Anyway, onto the next chapter! :D
- Tash

Author's Response: Hey Tash!

Thank you so so much!! So many compliments!! I can't believe u bothered to read this! But thank u!! :D Haha, I love the boys too! I'm glad u like them!

Thanks again for the completely unexpected, wonderful review! :D


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Review #28, by handknittedsweaters This Means War...or Friendship

3rd January 2014:
I'm really liking this story. James is a little obnoxious and cocky, but his relationships with his family is very loving and genuine feeling.

My only criticism is about Bea's article. Unless it was an opinion article, she can't just write her own feelings about James in a national newspaper. I can imagine an article like that appearing in maybe a Quidditch magazine or Witch Weekly, but even then Bea would need to interview other people and get quotes to describe James. She couldn't just say that James was raised badly- she could imply it with quotes from people who knew the Potters- or describe facts from the wedding at let the readers of the Daily Prophet read between the lines.

I like their burgeoning friendship though and I'm still trying to think of reasons why she was about to marry that guy! Also, I know James is usually a Quidditch player, but I do love fanfictions with a little Quidditch :)

Author's Response: Thank u so much! I'm so glad that u came back for chapter 2!

Hm, I had no idea! I'll edit that soon :) Or include it in the next chapter...I'll have to see :)

Haha, yeah, that will be expanded on :D I hope u continue! :)

Thanks for the sweet (and very helpful) review! :D


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Review #29, by MissesWeasley123 I Don't and Other Wedding Nightmares

2nd January 2014:
Hello Curie! I'm here for day 7 of the 12 Days! I'm so glad this is the last review I have to write, I am so exhausted. Apologies for any typos in this, my fat thumbs are currently twiddling on my phone aghh.

First of all, you started it off wonderfully. It was a great hook and all of a sudden questions were in my head, "Who's getting married?!?!" Excellent job at setting the tone.

Pippa is definitely interesting. I wonder why she's marrying Peter if he's such a bore? Hm. Very interesting. You did a very good job at creating a character and she is definitely mysterious. Excellent!

James and Mason are total babes lol. They have great personalities. It's only the first chapter and you already have excellent characters!

Anyways Curie, great work and Happy New Year!
- Nadia

Author's Response: Nadia! Hello! Aw, poor you! I hate typing on my phone! Great job for doing the challenge! I haven't done the last two days! But, thats so amazing of u! Very admirable!

Thank you so much! The tone comment! So sweet!

Haha, Pippa's super fun to write! :D Thanks so much! Pippa's my favourite!

Thank you so much! Characterisation is super hard for me, so I'm glad it was clear!

Thanks Nadia! You too! I hope everything's alright with home and school :)


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Review #30, by Secret Santa This Means War...or Friendship

25th December 2013:
The little scene between James and Mason at the beginning is great! I love bromance, so I hope we get to see more interactions between the two of them 

Ooh, and Harry, Ginny, and Al! Yay! I thought you wrote them pretty well. I always thought Harry would be kind of indulgent with his kids, the kind of dad who shakes his head and smiles a bit at their antics, but does his best to keep them out of any real trouble. And I liked that you kept the canon details of Ginny being a reporter herself.

Man, Pippaís article was pretty harsh. It was nice to see her and James connecting though and finding a bit of common ground. I continue to think this has the makings of a really promising story. I hope you continue working on it.

Author's Response: Hi there Santa!

Thanks so much!! I really enjoyed writing that! And I can definitely promise more bromance! :D

Yay! Thank u!!! That's super sweet! I'm glad!! Thank u! :D I try to stick to canon with my characters :) mainly with characterisation :)

Yeah, Pippa's...different? I quite like writing her! She's just so easy to write and kind if writes herself :) thank u so much! I really enjoy writing this and am definitely going to stick with it! :D


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Review #31, by Secret Santa I Don't and Other Wedding Nightmares

25th December 2013:
Wow, I think this has the potential to be a really great story. I like the few details that youíve given about Pippaís character. The way she was describing Peter makes me wonder why she was marrying him in the first place and what she possibly sees in him.

Youíve done a great job of introducing several characters and giving us a bit of a feel for who they are, without it being overwhelming or interrupting the flow of the story.

I also really liked the vaguely ominous ending to this chapter. I donít fault Pippa for not thanking them. While telling her the truth about her husband to be is probably a kindness in the long run, I donít know that anyone would really be grateful to have their wedding interrupted in such a way. James and Mason obviously donít know much about tact.

As for Pippaís job, I have no idea, but Iím excited to find out!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! My favourite of the pieces I'm writing now! Haha, yeah- out of duty :)

Thanks so mucho! I'm so glad! I hate it when authors introduce several characters at one and don't bother explaining properly about them... -_-

Thanks so much! I'm quite happy with this chapter! Haha, yeah, I love Mason and James! I think Mason has got to be one of my favourite characters I've ever written. I'd love to do another story exploring him and his relationships sometime :)

Thanks so much :D

Santa, your reviews are fantabulous!! I can't wait to find out who u are!


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Review #32, by MidnightBlue_x This Means War...or Friendship

22nd December 2013:
Hi! Thank you so much for re-requesting a review from me. I'm excited to see where this chapter goes.

I instantly liked the interaction between Mason and James. I wasn't so sure of them in the first chapter/prologue, but now I've grown to like them as characters. Their friendship sort of reminds me of James and Sirius a little, but I think they've got their own personality and whatnot as well, which I think is very important. I loved seeing the interactions between the Potter family, especially the sort of brotherly interaction between James and Al.

I don't usually correct spelling, but I did notice that you wrote 'Countess times' instead of 'Countless'. Other than that, I didn't really pick anything up.

All in all, I loved this chapter. Honestly, I think you definitely approved on the first one. I loved Pippa even more in this chapter- I think she's definitely a character that you can go places with. She's got more than one side to her which is always very good. I'm interested to see how the friendship between James and her will develop over the story, and I can't wait to see where the plot is going to go from here.

I hope this review helped you in some way. Thank you for re-requesting, and feel free to do so again in the future.

x Ely

Author's Response: Hi there!

Thank u for the sweet review! I do love your reviews!

Thanks so much!! I love James and Mason! They sort of are based off James and Sirius! Except, you know, next gen :)thanks so much! Don't you lie bromance?

Ah, grammar and syntax, I totally need to work on that!

Thanks so muh! Pippa is definitely one of my favourite characters to write! Yeah, James and her relationship is definitely like a roller coaster! :)

Thanks so much! Total confidence booster with this story! :) thanks I will! :D

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Review #33, by Lululuna I Don't and Other Wedding Nightmares

20th December 2013:
Hello, here for our swap! :)

Wow, well this was certainly exciting! I actually love Pippa already. She is so fierce and hilarious, and I can't imagine what she was thinking, marrying a guy like Peter who she didn't even seem to like that much. I feel like James and Mason did her a bit of a favour, exposing Peter, but she probably wasn't as upset as she would have been if she truly seemed to like the rather monotonous guy.

But Peter has a secret scandalous life! I wonder if we're going to find out more about Amy Rogers as I'm curious as to how Pippa might treat her. :P The line about being sweet as a basilisk made me giggle!

James and Mason were great as well and I'm so curious about what motivated them to crash Peter's wedding just at the crucial moment. Usually in stories when someone objects it's because they're in love with the bride, but I feel like this runs a little deeper and perhaps the boys have a particular grudge against Peter.

Ah, the whole situation in front of her family and friends just terrifies me, I don't even know what I would do if this happened at my wedding! :P But it was an awesome way to begin the story and jump into the unconventional and unusual plot. I love how the story began with a wedding instead of ending with one as it gives a lot of freedom for an original plot and unique (possible) romance!

Personally I suspect that Pippa is some sort of journalist, judging from the summary. :) I'm excited to see how she will exact her revenge and who exactly her targets will be- Amy, Peter, or James and Mason, possibly all of them?!

Another detail I liked was the inclusion of canon names and mentions, like Allegra's daughter wanting to be in Hufflepuff, and the names Finnegan and Podmore. They were great tie-ins to the HP verse. I also appreciate how the story is set when the characters are out of school as there just aren't enough fics focusing on that era and it has potential to be really interesting.

Good job my dear! :) I enjoyed this first chapter a lot, thanks for swapping! :D

Author's Response: As, thanks! Pippa's one of my favourite MCs that I've written. She sort of just writes herself :) nah, she didn't really like him, she was going to marry him out of duty, if that makes sense :)

Hm, that's an awesome idea! I wasn't planning to bring back Amy or Peter much, but, I actually might! Thanks so much! I'll credit you if I do! :D

James and Mason with Peter were sort of leased off James and Sirius with Severus. They don't get along as when James found an opportunity to crash his wedding, he obviously couldn't say no :) and, James thinks that he's doing Pippa a favour, though he is! :)

I know right! I wouldn't come out of my room for days if that happened at my wedding! But, Pippa's not really like me ;) thank u so much! The idea came to me in a dream, no jokes :) But, I'm quite proud of this plot :D and yes, a definite romance is going to blossom :)

Awesome job! You guessed correctly! No one's got that she's a journalist yet! :) yeah, her revenge is a bit cold!

Thanks so much! I'm quite scared what I'm going to do with the out of school plot! I have a vague idea of plot twists, but the in between stuff, I'll need to think about! :)thanks so much!

Ahh! So sweet! I really enjoyed review swapping too! Thanks again for the many compliments!! :D

-ReeBee :)

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Review #34, by xTimexTurnerx This Means War...or Friendship

19th December 2013:
Hello again!
I'm glad to be reading your newest development!
I'm glad to get a bit more of an insight into Pippa. She's good at her job, a bit ruthless, a bit two faced (having that speech prepared), loves being in control, but also capable of friendship.
About their friendship, I'm not sure how deep I believe it is. It makes James seem very flighty going in so angry and coming out with a new friend, but perhaps that is his character. I can see how Pippa feels comfortable with him (ďPippa didnít know why she had asked him to, ĎBeaí was a name reserved for family.") I get those hints but I have no idea why James feels comfortable or his vibe he gets from her. But then I get the feeling their friendship is uneven by James calling her a friend and Pippa only asking he doesn't hate her. I'm rambling. Basically I can see half of it, but James' side is harder to get.
Also, just one other random tidbit, in the beginning section with the toast you end it with: "That issue had invaded Jamesí mind for quite a while." And I dunno, it just sounded weird. Is toast really THAT pressing of an issue? Maybe it is, but it just caught my eye that it sounded a little awkward.
Overall, loved the plot development and am excited to see how this new relationship between Pippa and James carries out!
Request when the next chapter is up please!!!

Author's Response: Yeah- Pippa is really two faced, you'll see that soon enough. But, she can justify her actions and well, she is nice enough. She's cold, but certainly not mean :)

James, well, it's hard to get across his thoughts when I'm not writing in his POV, so, I understand why u might think that. Well, that is the truth, James is reckless, carefree, out going and definitely flighty :) He's a softie at heart- thats why he forgave her when she said sorry.

Yeah, James is that easy loving, easily loved kind of guy. He's like a big teddy bear :D o, he falls for people easily, but has a right temper! I'll focus more from his perspective on the next chapter! As u can see, writing 3rd person is a bit of a challenge for me...

Haha, yeah, might need to go edit that out :) Change the wording :)

Haha, their is going to be a very complicated relationship :) I can assure u that- clue: Felicity (mentioned in the last paragraph) gets in that way :)

I definitely will :)

-ReeBee :)

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Review #35, by True Author This Means War...or Friendship

19th December 2013:
Here for our review swap! :D

I loved your characterisations here. Harry and Ginny were perfectly canon, still mature and James very different from both Harry and Ginny. Pippa too seems like an interesting character. The plot is growing smooth, but flows nice. :)

I just thought that you should have written a bit about Peter. Whatever happened to him after the previous incident should be mentioned.

But overall this was a nice chapter!


Author's Response: Hi there!

Thank u! :) It so scary trying to write characters that JK wrote about, such main characters as well! I'm glad u thought it was canon :) Pippa, I don't really know where she's going... But, she seems to be going in an interesting path, so, I'm going let her control the stuff that happens.

Yeah, in hindsight, I probably should have included more. But, he isn't meant to be an important chapter- a coward, he doesn't want to come back into the scene because of his ex fiancé's job and what she can do with it. But, I should have mentioned that :)

Thanks for the lovely review! :D

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Review #36, by Garfunkel_99 This Means War...or Friendship

18th December 2013:
I've always thought James II would be a wonderful character. What with Ginny's flaring anger and Harry's cuteness.
And P.Davis seems to be an equally interesting character.
I loved it. =)
Can't wait to read more. Keep updating. =)

Author's Response: Yeah- he's super fun to write! A bit like a roller coaster :)

Pippa, she's a bit twisted- makes it even more fun! She's completely different from what my characters are usually like (she's quite a lot colder), so I don't want the other characters' personalities to rub off on Pippa...

Thanks so much for the lovely review! :) Hopefully updates should come reasonably quickly :)

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Review #37, by True Author I Don't and Other Wedding Nightmares

18th December 2013:
Here with our review swap! :D

This was merely interesting! You have succeeded in writing a gripping prologue here, so congratulations for that. :) I always believe that prologues should be short, gripping and not much detailed and that's exactly what this one is. Perfect word count and enough suspense to draw the reader back for the next chapter. :)

Ooh, you made me curious! I want to know what Pippa's job is so bad that I'm going to be back for chapter two. ;)

Great job! Thanks for the review swap too!


Author's Response: Thanks so much Ashwini!

So many compliments! :D I can assure u that her job's not that interesting :) It's just what she does with her job :)

You're too sweet! :D

I'll be back for another review swap! As Chapter 2 is out! :)

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Review #38, by handknittedsweaters I Don't and Other Wedding Nightmares

18th December 2013:
Wow, that was certainly an interesting beginning! It's refreshing to see a interrupted-wedding-scene at the beginning of a novel rather than the end. I'm really curious about so many aspects of this chapter, which makes it a really good introduction.
Why was Pippa about to marry this guy if she thought he was so boring and had previously cheated on her? What was the appeal?
What do James and Mason have against Podmore if they're willing to jump in front of a crowd of people and humiliate Podmore and Pippa in the process?
What is her job? At first I thought she'd be a surgeon or some other medical career, but the end of your chapter makes me think it must be something else... Anyway, I'm very interested and I'll definitely be checking out the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! Yeah- I've read too many stories where the wedding scene is at the end or at a significant plot point! I'll assure u, this scene is quite important, but not too plot twist-y! I just didn't want the wedding scene to cause hatred between the characters (as a lot of them do), but more rivalry, but also friendship :) That you'll see if u read on :)

Haha, the next chapter's out, hon :) Those questions will be answered in the next chapter, except of course the first one :) That one maybe chapter 3 or 4...

I can assure u that her job is quite cliche and not at all interesting! It's just what she does with her job that is important! :)

Hope u read on and thanks for reviewing! :D

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Review #39, by xTimexTurnerx I Don't and Other Wedding Nightmares

17th December 2013:
Ms. Lizzie from the forums here, thanks for requesting a review!
I'm intrigued by your opening chapter, it grabbed my attention so well done!
I am curious as to why Pippa was about to say "I do" when she clearly describes Peter as boring, monotonous etc. Also given the fact that she says Peter is cheating on her again... I'm sure I'll find out, but just one of the many questions I'm excited to have answered.
Aside from the fact that I don't believe Pippa wanted to marry Peter in the first place, I think you make the plot and reactions very believable. At first I thought Pippa was a bit too quick to believe James and Mason, but as she's been cheated on before, I think she would trust strangers with information more than her disloyal ex, so that was good. I also liked her anger.
Peter behaves just as I would expect a coward to. Loser.
All in all, well done! I'm excited to see where this goes, please re- request when the next chapter is up!

Author's Response: No problem! Thanks for the wonderful review! :)

Haha, yeah, Pippa's a bit twisted, but she has a motive in mind, as you'll probably see soon (as I'm planning to rerequest eventually). But, yes, she is a bit iffy about the marriage. Thank u, she's a calm person and quite cold and even a bit cruel. A very fun character to write!

Haha, Peter he annoys even me! Especially since I know their backstory and stuff... -_-

Thank u so much! I'll be sure to. Hopefully it should be done before the queue closure :)

-ReeBee :)

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Review #40, by MidnightBlue_x I Don't and Other Wedding Nightmares

17th December 2013:
Hi, this is ElysiumJayne from the forums here to fill your review request! Let's get started then!

I wasn't quite sure where this chapter was going to go at the beginning, but I really liked how it turned out. I love Pippa- I think she has the potential to be a really great main character. I especially liked how feisty she was- she wasn't going to take any of Peter's actions lying down.

You were concerned about the believability- I think it's quite good, but there are a few parts that I think you could fix up. I think some of the dialogue seems a little bit out of place or forced at times. I think if you changed a couple of words here and there, the whole chapter would flow much better.

As for the plot, I'm interested to see where this is going to go. I'd like to find out what Pippa's occupation is, because it sounds quite interesting. Because it's the prologue, I can't really comment on too much more. I hope this review helped you in some way nonetheless and feel free to re-request when your next chapter is up, if you'd like to.

x Ely

Author's Response: Hi there Ely!

Thank u so much! There's a lot to Peter and Pippa's relationship that isn't revealed yet, so, yeah, she is feisty. I'm more than half way through the next chapter and I find that she can be really cold and cruel, so she's a bit different from what I usually write and i'm enjoying it :)

Yeah- to me, the whole idea of James crashing a wedding just literally came to me in a dream. And well, dreams aren't exactly believable, so... Thanks :) I'll go back and have a good read through :)

Believe me, her occupation isn't that interesting, she just does crazy things in her position. But the whole plot is based on what he does with her profession :)

Thank u so much! I will probably rerequest :)

-ReeBee :)

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