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Review #26, by Liana Rose. --- A Weasley Family Saturday.

18th June 2016:
Just started this new story. Looks good so far.

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Review #27, by New Reader Scorpius. --- Returning Home.

14th June 2016:
Just stumbled into this and read the whole thing straight through. So immersed in your universe now, hope to see more soon! Thanks for sharing:)

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Review #28, by Ron Scorpius. --- Returning Home.

1st June 2016:
I love this story. Rose and Scorpius are awesome. I read Curiosity is Not a Sin first, and then came across this one. I loved this better than the first one. The way you express the feelings of Rose and especially Scorpius is simply amazing. I am waiting for your next chapter. You mentioned it should be up in 2 weeks but its been a long time. I hope you have not abandoned it. Please update soon!!

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Review #29, by Alice Scorpius. --- Returning Home.

19th May 2016:
I love this story so so so much! I found it from your tumblr. I love the growing relationship between James and Scorpius particularly, and look forward to seeing more with Al. I can't wait for the next chapter! Thank you so much for writing; I appreciate that it takes a lot of time.

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Review #30, by Luna Lovegood Scorpius. --- Returning Home.

1st May 2016:
Argh!! I need another chapter of this story!! Ps- xoxo

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Review #31, by thecla Scorpius. --- Returning Home.

29th March 2016:
i love this story!i cant wait for the next chapter to see what will happen!

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Review #32, by Jutta Scorpius. --- Returning Home.

20th February 2016:
I really like it! I am very curious about where this is going. Can't wait for the new chapter! X

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Review #33, by Cupid Buffy Scorpius. --- Colliding Callings.

15th February 2016:

It is I, Cupid Buffy, here for the next chapter of this amazing story!

I think my favorite scenes of this story are when Rose and Scorpius are together. They really do have a solid chemistry, despite their distinct personalities. Iím actually craving more Rose/Scorpius scenes because although they definitely donít agree on some important issues, but at the same time, they find a common ground. And even though I know they have a long way to go, I feel as if they respect each other enough to find their way together. I feel like I can relate better to Scorpius than to Rose - and I know thatís just my own personality. However, I think she has a point about Scorpius choosing his specialty based on something other than what he was truly interested in. I feel like he is limiting himself and deciding based on the safety of his loved ones, rather than what he might truly be interested in. I also think that Draco was supplying a bit of lip service to his son in the last scene. Scorpius was truly looking for some sort of affirmation that he is on the right path. And I saw your authorís note, and I thought you did a fabulous job with his character. Iíve no doubt that Draco would adore his son and at least attempt to steer him on the right path.

❤ Cupid ➶ Buffy

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Review #34, by Cupid Buffy Rose. --- Out On a Limb.

15th February 2016:
Hi there Branwen,

Iím back for Chapter Three! And the plot thickens. I find myself rooting for this couple more and more. Part of me feels like Rose is putting a little more weight on this issue than she should - but I know thatís just part of her personality - and so does Scorpius. All throughout this chapter I was siding with Scorpius - until you dropped that bomb on me called ďLucy.Ē Sheesh. She makes a point - and Iím not sure itís a great point because I donít think Rose was only considering it because she feels like she ďowedĒ Scorpius. I think she was also doing it for the same reason he went to the Burrow - because he loves her. But I guess I have to read the next chapter to see what happens. Even if she does agree to meet Narcissa, if anything happens at that meeting, Rose will definitely resent him.

On another note - youíve done a great job with the characterizations. I love that James is sarcastic, Albus canít cook (and apparently everybody knows this but him), and Scorpius has the biggest heart of all. It gives the story so much more depth and makes me really feel like I know these characters. I canít wait to read what happens next.

❤ Cupid ➶ Buffy

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Review #35, by Cupid Buffy Scorpius. --- Plans for the Future.

15th February 2016:
Hi there Branwen,

Itís Cupid Buffy here with another review for you. Ah, the angst of a young pure blood in love with a half blood whose mother was tortured at his fatherís family homeÖ it doesnít get much better than this :) I have to comment on your Scorpius characterization. I really like it. I find too many fanfics try to make him just like Draco - with the same snarkiness and poorly concealed distaste for all things not pure. I agree with you that Scorpius would be a different character entirely - most likely influenced by his motherís nature as well as his fatherís. After reading the scene at the Potter boysí flat, I am a bit intrigued to see if Narcissa does indeed have any ulterior motives for meeting Rose. There seems to be such a big build up of that. And Iím really enjoying reading Scorpius!Healer. He definitely has a sharp mind - but heís also got a caring side as well.

I am a new reader to this story and I thought Iíd comment on your rewrite from my perspective. It really felt seamless going from the first chapter to this one. I thought it played well having the two different POVs for the first two chapters. I see that you donít explicitly alternate - but I think itís important at the beginning of the story for the reader to see where the two main charactersí heads are at! Great job!

❤ Cupid ➶ Buffy

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Review #36, by Cupid Buffy Rose. --- A Weasley Family Saturday.

15th February 2016:
Hi there Branwen!

Cupid Buffy here to leave you some Valentineís Day reviews. I thought Iíd start with this story since it is featured as a Staff Pick (congrats, by the way).

I can see straight off that youíve got an easy, flowing writing style. It feels effortless to read and the story unfolds before my eyes. I also love the humor that you inject into a semi-serious conversation between Rose and Albus.

This line was hysterical:

Given how little concern James had ever showed for his safety, Rose was still a little worried about what ďa lot less nervousĒ meant.

It tells us a lot about Rose, but even more about James - haha.

Ooo! Weíre already dredging up some potential issues: Rose doesnít like dealing with uncomfortable situations. I can see this is going to head nowhere good.

The second part leads to some more possible conflict. I like that Scorpius treads lightly with Rose, but still is willing to have the uncomfortable conversation with her. Although I can see Roseís concern here. Lucius Malfoy has proven to be downright ruthless.

I found a typo here:

Molly was now struggling to stop laughing long enough to perform to countercharm. I think it should be ďthe countercharm.Ē

The ending scene shows just how close Rose and Scorpius are. Youíve done a great job portraying a mature relationship. Itís obvious these two are truly in love, but havenít overcome all the hurdles in their relationship.

Great first chapter!

❤ Cupid ➶ Buffy

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Review #37, by Alarte Ascendare Rose. --- A Weasley Family Saturday.

12th February 2016:
Lovely story Branwen! On to the next

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Review #38, by Ibleedjkr Scorpius. --- Returning Home.

29th January 2016:
It's fantastic!!! But gr please update soon or I might break something .

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Review #39, by Fatima Scorpius. --- The First Floor Clique.

26th December 2015:
Hey this is one of the best stories I have ever read including your previous stories specialy the once you include my favorite characters Scorpius and Rose. AMAZING!!! Your the best writter ever :)
Oky I'm having a doubt.. it's not I'm against it or something but isn't almost every girl is homosexual..or am I reading it wrong first it was dominuque thn roxxane now Johanna..

Author's Response: I wouldn't say almost every by any means, but yes, I do try to make a point of representing a wide variety of sexual orientations and relationship styles. :) Dominique is a lesbian, and both Johanna and Roxanne are bisexual. Thank you for your reviews and your compliments! ♥

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Review #40, by AlexFan Rose. --- Lunch With Narcissa.

25th December 2015:
Happy holidays!

Finally the meeting with Narcissa arrived. I was so excited reading this chapter. Things are so awkward between Rose and Narcissa but the two of them are getting along so I don't think it's going to go that bad. I can definitely see why Rose is awkward though, she and Narcissa come from two very different worlds. It's almost as if they're trying to find a language to communicate in that both of them can understand.

I hope that as the two of them keep talking that Rose will relax more and Narcissa will become warmer towards Rose. She can obviously see that Scorpius and Rose care for each other, I think Narcissa just needs to become more familiar with Rose. I'm already picturing the two of them meeting up for tea more often in the future and becoming closer, it makes me really happy to picture it for some reason.

Anyway, awesome chapter and happy holidays!

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Review #41, by AlexFan Rose. --- Squad Assignments.

24th December 2015:
I'm so excited to see how the meeting between Narcissa and Rose goes, it's been eating away at her for so long. At least now she can get it over with and it'll be one less thing giving her anxiety. I'm actually really looking forward to it. I wonder how you've characterized Narcissa in this story. I always thought she and Lucius became two very different people by the end of the series.

Narcissa seemed like she'd taken a more open-minded route, and Lucius seemed like he was in too deep to change. Obviously the meeting is going to be a little bit awkward but I hope that it goes well so that Rose isn't as scared of Narcissa anymore.

I'm getting excited just thinking about their meeting. Great chapter and happy holidays!

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Review #42, by AlexFan Scorpius. --- Colliding Callings.

24th December 2015:
I like the healthy relationships that the characters in this story have. I like that Rose and Scorpius go to various family members to seek opinions to make sure that they aren't making the wrong decisions, I think that's really healthy. And you can see that they're all really close with each other because they're able to open up to one another about problems that are bothering them. It's not easy to let out your problems to people.

I'm so glad that Rose agreed to have lunch with Narcissa, I had a feeling she would, but I'm happy to see it in writing.

I also enjoy the characterization of your Draco, he still keeps the characteristics of the young Draco but more mature, wise, and warmer. Draco was also very cold when he was younger so it was really nice to see him be so warm with Scorpius and giving out advice. I never really dreamed that Draco Malfoy would one day grow up to form healthy relationships like he has.

Happy holidays!

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Review #43, by AlexFan Scorpius. --- Plans for the Future.

24th December 2015:
I've been meaning to catch up on this story for so long so the holidays seemed like the perfect time to drop some reviews on your story.

I like the friendship between Scorpius and Albus, and how Scorpius gets along with James. They got off to a bit of a rocky start in the previous story but I love how their friendship has grown since then.

I can't imagine how much anxiety one would get from meeting the family of their spouse, especially when it's a family as big as Rose Weasley's, but both Scorpius and Rose come from very different families, which would add to the stress. I'm glad that Scorpius went and talked to Albus about how his visit went, I think it definitely lessened some of the worries that he had about Rose's relatives hating him.

I hope that Rose does say yes to meeting Narcissa, she is very important to Scorpius, and he's definitely right, she would definitely be more well-behaved than Lucius. Narcissa would definitely be more accepting and open-minded when it came to Rose, she wasn't as into the pure blood ideology as the others I think.

Anyways, awesome chapter and happy holidays!

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Review #44, by Krishna Scorpius. --- Returning Home.

9th December 2015:
You are awesome... Have a cookie

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Review #45, by Crescent Moon  Scorpius. --- Returning Home.

30th November 2015:
I love this story! Very well written and far too addictive for my own good, as it's now the early hours of the morning... ooops.
I'm so glad Rose is all better and I'm really intrigued to see if the situation with Ron is going to sort itself out, though I am finding the whole thing brilliant and hilarious (especially the cousins' reactions).
I just love this story so much and I can't wait to read what you write next!

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Review #46, by Queen of Nerds Scorpius. --- Returning Home.

6th November 2015:
So glad to see an update! Was Jo really the one who stopped by (it seems rather suspicious to me...)

Author's Response: I'm tempted to tell you that you have to wait and see... but yes, it was. She figured that Ron (who she knows well, since he's one of her bosses) would likely insist on going with Rose to Scorpius's flat, and she wanted to leave minimal drama for her cousin. :P

Thank you for the review!

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Review #47, by ilove21p Rose. --- Navigating the Feud.

2nd November 2015:
lovely chapter!!! so good

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #48, by julianna ls Rose. --- Navigating the Feud.

30th October 2015:
You know, it is hard to find a new good story. But Yours is very good.I really love it.

Author's Response: Aww, thank you so much! ♥ I hope you continue to like it!

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Review #49, by YOLO Annabeth Rose. --- Navigating the Feud.

17th October 2015:
Is Dominique Lesbian?

Author's Response: Yes, she is. :)

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Review #50, by Jheinx Rose. --- Navigating the Feud.

13th September 2015:
I do love your charcters & i really like noah & i think that noah would be ideal for roxy. He is so serious & she is a riot so if she pranked him or something & he turned the tables on her in a friendly fued, that would be awesome. Not that im telling you what to do with your characters or anything just that i always imagined the two of them as a couple


Author's Response: Aww, thank you so much! :) I don't want to say too much because I will be writing a story centered around Noah at some point that will include a romance, but I will say that Roxanne *usually* (but not always!) dates women. Makes of that what you will. ♥

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