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Review #26, by Owlpost68 Quidditch

27th December 2013:
"What, you don't think I'm trustworthy?"
Who does?" Chorused Peter and Jane together, and Sirius threw his head back and laughed.

This is so entirely ironic and well done I just can't get over it. I wonder if you did it on purpose? Sirius saying that and Peter replying how he did? When that's exactly what happens, Sirius gets blamed for James and Lily's death, and no one thinks Peter could have possibly been behind it. Plus how Sirius was laughing in his prison photo, and here. That's just incredible.

I also think they were all in character, I wasn't sure about Snape, but thinking about it I do think he would love her enough to not make her more miserable. I have to say the quidditch scene seemed rushed though, but all in all, great job!

Author's Response: Hmm, I totally get what you mean about the Quidditch scene - thanks for the input! I'll see about expanding it.

I'm really glad you picked that up about Peter, too - I wasn't sure whether anyone would, but yeah, I was definitely thinking about the irony there. :)

Thanks for the review!

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Review #27, by AlexFan Quidditch

11th November 2013:
Some redemption for Snape at last! Praise The Lord Halleljuah! He's actually being mature about the matter for once instead of acting like a little kid who didn't get what he wanted.

I was actually surprised and impressed that Snape was being so mature about what Lily did to be perfectly honest. I was expecting just like Lily for some nasty rumor to be circulating. Brownie points for Snape being a little bit decent.

And wowie, James and Lily had their first fight as a couple. I can see how school would cause stress and tension and someone would snap. I can totally relate to how James feels about Potions.

Anyway, great chapter and I'll be sure to check out that one-shot!

Author's Response: Yeah, I'm definitely not Snape's biggest fan, but I do think that he sometimes gets more crit than he really deserves - he had a terrible, terrible home life, and he was sorted into the last house he needed if he was going to dig himself out of it. In some ways, I feel like Harry was probably buffered from that by his ignorance about the wizarding world - Snape knew just enough to be sucked into some very poor choices.

That said, I still don't like him… but I'm really glad you liked my take here!

Thank you for the review!

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Review #28, by AlexFan Potions

11th November 2013:
You go Lily! You tell Severus where to shove it and you tell him to keep his nose out! But maybe she shouldn't have included so much of her private life while she was at it. I dislike Snape as much as the next person but even I don't think that he needed to know what Lily and James did during their private time.

But Snape needs to give it up with the sass, it's not working for him and it just makes me want to throw a brick at him. James cannot do anything at all otherwise Snape is going to comment on it and find something wrong with it. He can't even fail Potions without Snape making a comment about he's a loser.

We should introduce Snape to the game "Lets all guess why Lily won't be your friend!" So that he can realise that he's not exactly being friend material. Considering how he's treating Lily, he really shouldn't be surprised that she doesn't want to be his friend.

Author's Response: Yeah, she definitely should have kept that part to herself... but I tend to think of Lily as having a bit of a temper, so I can totally see her saying more than she should have in the heat of the moment. And, in her defense, she's not totally aware of how Severus feels about her, so she doesn't necessarily put all of that together, you know?

I really, really like the idea of that game. I kind of want to write a parody about it. :P

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Review #29, by AlexFan Petunia

11th November 2013:
I was so glad that you included the little incident between Vernon and James because I don't see it a lot in fanfiction. My favourite thing about this was how sorry James was about messing up the evening. He knew that what he did was wrong and he apologised for it.

It's one of the great and many things that makes me love James. He knows when he's wrong and he's willing to swallow his pride to admit it.

And I've been mentioning Petunia a lot but seriously, she's so much more mature in this fanfiction than in most fanfiction. She isn't really holding a grudge all that much and even though she clearly doesn't like Lily, she still treats her like a sister and I think that's great.

Author's Response: Yeah, Petunia's a character that I find really, really interesting, and I think that she often gets a very cursory treatment that isn't really warranted. There's a lot of history and hurt feelings and inferiority mixed up in her relationship with her sister, but I think that it wasn't anything remotely approaching simple, and I definitely think that she cared about Lily a lot, even if she didn't necessarily like her.

Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #30, by AlexFan Mrs. Potter

11th November 2013:
Mrs Potter and I, we're best friends. For someone who is really old, she's got a great sense of humor and she sounds really young. I especially enjoyed how uncomfortable and embarrassed she was making James.

Speaking of James, he has clearly gotten his priorities straightened judging by the incident in which his mother barged into his room and found Lily in his bed.

And for the first time ever, Lily is insecure. It's good to see another part of her, it makes her seem more human and her insecurity is totally understandable considering James' reputation at Hogwarts. I like how we're seeing more sides to Lily.

Author's Response: Oh, I'm really glad you liked seeing Lily's insecurity - I personally love (love, love) Lily, but I do think that she, like all of us, must have been prone to moments of insecurity, especially considering what James was often like at Hogwarts, and I'm so happy it came across as genuine.

I'm also very glad you liked Mrs. Potter, because I had a lot of fun with her. :P

Thank you for the review!

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Review #31, by AlexFan The Muggle World, Part 2

10th November 2013:
I feel so incredibly proud of Petunia for making that offer of dinner with her and Vernon and Lily and James. Your Petunia is one of my favourite versions of her. You have that part of her that everyone has come to know and hate, but you've also added in things that leave your mark on Petunia's character. I applaud you on her characterisation.

I love Lily's parents, I just find them funny and how they're so protective of their daughter. I wouldn't expect them to be any other way.

Also, Lily's reaction to finding out that James is a stag was perfect as well. It wasn't overdone but it was the correct dose of shocked so that it was believable.

Author's Response: Oh, I'm glad you like my Petunia - I know I have a bit of a different take on her than most people, in some ways, but I just feel like her relationship with her sister was much more complicated than it's often made out to be. They were sisters, after all.

Thank you so much for the lovely review, and I'm so sorry it took so long for me to respond.

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Review #32, by AlexFan The Muggle World, Part 1

10th November 2013:
This is one of those few times where I actually really like Petunia. She's not exactly very warm and friendly but she's not outright want-to-hit-her-with-a-brick mean either. She's at least decent to Lily and civilised towards James.

Usually she's just downright rude to them but I liked that you showed a more human side towards Petunia. It's hard to imagine her turning into the person that she is into the book when I think about her in this way.

And I'm with Lily, the fact that James hates Snape is definitely working in his favour.

Author's Response: Oh, I'm so glad! Like I think I've said, I have some major issues with how Petunia is often portrayed - it's a very flat portrayal that I don't think really goes with the fact that people and their motivations are often very complicated, and in canon Petunia's feelings about her sister always came off that way, too.

Thank you for the lovely review!

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Review #33, by AlexFan The Riddle of the Sphinx

10th November 2013:
I love how much thought James and Lily put into each other's gifts. It just shows that they really have been paying attention to each other (even Lily though she probably didn't notice it).

Pretty sure that album is going to be a good ego-booster for James if he's ever feeling down. I found it so cute how James was telling Lily about Elise Penn as if she doesn't know who she is.

I can see why this won the Fluff duel over at TGS

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much! I definitely agree about the album - when James is feeling down I think the first thing he'll do is reach for it, haha.

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Review #34, by AlexFan Veritaserum

10th November 2013:
I find it awesome that Lily is more courageous than James and Sirius. And I'm just going to rage about Snape for a second because I can't even at the moment.

Did he seriously think that everything that Lily was doing was an act? He doesn't have any right to tell whether something is good for her or not anymore, he lost that right when he called her a mudblood.

Good for Lily for standing up to him, I felt like giving Snape a good slap to the face. And Sirius was right, Snape knows that Lily isn't lying because she took the Veritaserum (imagine how that must've stung him).

Author's Response: I know. I know.

I worry that I'm a bit too hard on Snape in this, but I find him to be so distasteful and annoying (especially in his younger years, from everything that we saw) that I can't really help it. Maybe I should be more sympathetic, I just… can't.

Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #35, by AlexFan Winter Wonderland

10th November 2013:
I love how James hides behind Lily. It's like everyone is afraid of the wrath of Lily and if they hide behind her, people will be too scared to do anything because she'll get angry.

And oh my goodness, they've said I love you to each other already. It makes sense for James but for Lily it seems like it's a little bit too soon because she's only started to know James.

I don't know, maybe that's just me so feel free to ignore it.

If this fluff keeps up, I'm going to explode from all of the cuteness going on!

Author's Response: Yeah, I thought about that, because it does seem a bit soon for Lily. At the same time, in my head canon, she's been developing feelings for him for awhile - after all, she was the one who initiated their relationship - and while their love clearly isn't anywhere near as deep as it's going to be, that seems like something that a 17 or 18 year old in a new relationship with someone they've liked for a while would say, you know?

I might go back and try to communicate that a bit better.

Thank you for the lovely review!

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Review #36, by AlexFan Hogsmeade

10th November 2013:
Oh my gosh James is so terribly innocent it's adorable! James is just in general incredibly adorable. Lily is very innocent as well which is another thing that makes her perfect for James.

But seriously though, their banter is just so light-hearted and it flows really well between them. I love the dialogue that you've got going on here and the growing relationship of James and Lily.

And my favourite part was definitely the part where he asked Lily if she was his girlfriend and then started going on about how he didn't want to pressure or anything. Nervous James is just so gosh darn adorable.

I apologise in advance for all of the gushing that's going to be in future reviews but as you can probably already tell, Jily is my OTP and you're just making me ship them even more than I already do.

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much! I'm glad you liked this chapter so much - I definitely wanted to portray James that way. :)

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Review #37, by AlexFan A Light That Never Goes Out

10th November 2013:
I remember that I read this a long time ago and I was so excited when I read it but then I kind of lost hope of it ever being updated but then it was so everything is okay. I decided to reread this from the beginning, dropping reviews as I go so here I am!

This was so incredibly cute! Gah, I will never ship anything as much as I ship Jily. The fluff in this was killing me! I love how Lily Evans, one of the smartest witches at Hogwarts forgot that she could summon an umbrella. It's not something that you think would happen to Lily but she's human just like the rest of us and prone to moments of dimness.

And then along came James, her knight with an umbrella! And good for Lily for asking James out to Hogsmeade. It doesn't always have to be the guy to ask the girl out and I'm glad that Lily stepped up and asked James. Now that takes courage.

And then of course James just had to slide his hand lower to see how far he could push it before Lily stopped him. And the banter between those two was just so adorable and I love how nervous James is about touching Lily even if it is innocently!

Author's Response: Aww, I'm sorry! RL has definitely gotten in the way of my writing lately, but I'm going to try to get better about that.

Thank you so much for the lovely review, and I'm sorry my response is so late. :(

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Review #38, by patronus_charm The Muggle World, Part 1

18th July 2013:
I really liked your characterisation of Petunia! She was nice enough but not too nice to make me think woah shes OOC! I really liked how though she showed interest in Lily in a bitter way she still showed interest in her which is more than we usually see so yay for a compassionate side to her!

Haha, one thing that really did make me laugh was Petunias contempt for Snape! It fitted in perfectly with canon and the way the tree branch snapped on her and how Snape was never that nice. Gah I could just over Petunia being nice all day but Ill end it on how happy it made me when Lily asked her opinion on the clothes as it showed she liked her enough to ask her that.

Even though we had the whole I missed you lark in the previous chapter I still loved it here and thought it was perfect! Their trip to the bakery sounded really cool too and it fitted in the whole I miss you thing because he was missing out on the bakery :P

Bahaha James and Petunia bonded over a mutual hate for Snape? I never, ever saw that coming but it makes complete sense now! I really loved it because seeing them be friends was just so aw worthy. You can probably tell that Im a lover not a fighter from my remarks made in this review!

Then it got even better with James finding Lilys diary. I always imagined her to be a diary keeper so I loved seeing it here because it made sense and the pair of them blushing over it was cute! Im going to wrap up this review because I need to find some new adjectives, but another great chapter!


Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much! This review really made my smile - I'm glad you like the story so much!

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Review #39, by patronus_charm The Riddle of the Sphinx

18th July 2013:
Aw Christmas scenes!

Nervous James is ridiculously cute! I really loved the idea of Lily coming over and exchanging presents though I am little sad that the Potters arent there because they cant join me in gushing over the cuteness of Lily and James then! The awkwardness which lurked there when Lily first got there was really great! It made sense that they were going to be like that.

The small little kisses and them both missing each other was really lovely and tied in well with the festive feel that must have been around! The idea of Lilys present was rather ingenious though and its a little sad that James and went called her mad. Hat hair is bad but if Lily thinks thats better than quidditch hair I dread to think what thats going to be like!

The idea James had for Lilys present was also really great and had me gushing everywhere. I liked how it had an academic basis so it made the present even better. His nervousness was even more adorably when he was explaining who the woman was and when he was thinking about how much it cost just ♥ ♥ ♥. It was such a James thing to do and I loved it!

The ending was interesting too, and it made me wonder what was going to occur in the bedroom ;) A great chapter! ♥


Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review! It really made me smile, and I'm sorry it's taken me so long to respond to it. I loved writing this scene, so I'm glad it came across so well.

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Review #40, by patronus_charm Veritaserum

18th July 2013:
Ooh I think this has to be my favourite chapter so far!

I really liked how you made Lily have muggle medicine as it connected with her often-forgotten muggle roots which was nice to see! I did have to admit that I almost thought James influence had gone far enough to convince her to skive Potions, but Im glad that she didnt because the consequences of that lesson were great!

I thought you wrote Slughorn really well and the overall potion making scene was well done. It was really entertaining and I didnt get bored at all which isnt something I can always say for school lessons!

The banter between James and Sirius when they tried the veritaserum was great! I really liked that James had only liked her since fourth year as that made a lot more sense in my head than in first year because who falls in love at the age of eleven? That would just be weird :P Then the fact he wears reindeer pyjamas is so cute!

I do have to admit that I preferred it when Lily was the one who was spilling the secrets mainly due to the one about whether she wanted to kiss James or not still so cute! The scene which followed was brilliant! I liked that Snape made an appearance as a Marauder story without him is not a good one! He was perfectly in character being neither too mean but not too pitiful either.

The ending was great! You seem to have a habit of closing on a kiss but Im not complaining at all!


Author's Response: I agree! I think a lot of the time James gets written as having liked Lily since first year, which just seems unrealistic to me. He was eleven. I'm not saying eleven year olds don't get crushes, but really? I'm glad you think it made sense!

I'm also really glad you liked the way I portrayed Snape. He's one of my least favorite characters in the series, so I think I can tend to be a bit hard on him outside fanfics, but I really try not to let that seep into my stories and make him much more unlikable than he was.

Thank you so much for your review!

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Review #41, by patronus_charm Winter Wonderland

18th July 2013:
Hi again!

Gah this chapter was so adorably cute! I really agree with Lily about the thing with James ditching his friends to be with her, not many guys I know would do that! I liked how he made her more light hearted though by encouraging her to go outside and enjoy it, so it shows that they both benefit one another in different ways.

I think it was just the simple things like what I mentioned above and James waiting for her that really made it such a cute story, it just made me want to aw all the way through because of it all. Then the I love you being on the tip of her tongue! *dies momentarily* why didnt she just get it off her tongue and say it?

The scene in the snow was really sweet too! Snow instantly makes everything more romantic, in my opinion anyway, and it did it again here! I liked the way shes bonding with Sirius too now as that was nice to see and it tied in well with canon. Then the kiss at the end. *fails* ♥ is all I can say for that!

The only tiny bit of CC I would give is that as this is a short story collection were bound to get a range of characters, but there was a Sarah and a Janes just thrown in there and I wasnt really sure why. They only had a minor parts so I wouldnt worry too much though.

Another great chapter, Branwen!


Author's Response: Yeah, I definitely drew on some of my experiences when I was writing this - that first 'I love you' can be so hard to say! :P

Thank you so much for your lovely review, and I'm so sorry it's taken me way too long to respond.

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Review #42, by onestop_hpfan18 Hogsmeade

18th July 2013:
Aww, this chapter was all kinds of sweet. I really do love how Lily seems to be the one piloting the relationship. She's the one who asked him out, finally giving him a chance, and it's clear James is still half-expecting her to reject him despite her asking him out. They really are quite the couple. I love how natural the dialogue is between them, too. It's almost like a casual passing, not overly flowery/romantic in the slightest. It's just two people who like each other and want to get to know more about the other. It's sweet. And their first real kiss was romantic in the catch you off guard way that just makes you go aww. Also, I highly doubt James had never been kissed, especially after him kissing Lily like that (he had to have had some experience in kissing). But I can see him not kissing too many girls before Lily finally gave him a chance in 7th year. Great chapter :)

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! :) I definitely wanted Lily to take the reins more than she's usually depicted as doing, because I don't like the narrative of James being pushy and Lily being dragged into the relationship kicking and screaming. (But yes, James has definitely been kissed before, though he does lack a huge amount of experience.)

Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #43, by patronus_charm Hogsmeade

18th July 2013:
Bahaha the hype about those two did appear after all! At least I dont feel like Im gawking at them on my own now! I really liked how Lily reacted to that but I couldnt help but pity because it couldnt have been nice putting up with all those stares and whispers.

I liked their differing reactions when it came to kissing. The way Lily almost recoiled in horror when James had said that he had kissed loads of people made me laugh a little though I couldnt help but feel bad because she clearly didnt like it. James continued to show his mature side which was really nice to see with the way that he clearly didnt want to push it and would take it at her pace.

Lilys thoughts thinking back to fifth year made me chuckle, oh how theyve moved on!

The way you eased into the date was really great because it was a natural build up to what was about to happen but without it being too clich or fast. It was nice to see them almost go round as friends because the next part made it even more surprising and great! The way the crowd of them gathered around them when they kissed made me chuckle a lot!


Author's Response: Yes! I'm glad you didn't think that the crowd was a bit overdone - I didn't want it to come off that way, but I was afraid that it would. Still, I added it in because I can only imagine that this was interesting gossip in the first place, because most people had to think that James was doomed to fail when it came to Lily, and because kids of that age are curious about this sort of thing anyway!

Thank you so much for the lovely review!

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Review #44, by patronus_charm A Light That Never Goes Out

18th July 2013:
Shameless plugging works :P

Gah this was so adorable! ♥ I really loved Lilys thoughts beforehand because the drop of bitterness to them made her more real as a whole and more relatable as a result. One thing I really loved was the pattern between her and James. I think thats the thing which draws me to the ship a lot and the fact that she immediately rejected him due to her just always doing it was a great example of it.

Ooh a minor thing but your descriptions in this were really lovely and set the scene really well. I can just imagine the dripping rain and the green plants. It was just great!

I always imagined that Lily would be the one to ask out James so seeing it here made me squeal a little with happiness. I liked that a lot and for another reason too. It was just so casual with her just coming out with it which made me chuckle at the irony because so many of us have been cheering them on since first year and for it to happen like that was great.

Im really excited to see how the date goes and how the rest of it goes a whole because I have a good feeling about this. Great work, Branwen!


Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much!

I'm glad that the descriptions worked really well for you - I'd gotten a comment about that ages ago, and I went back and really tried to make the setting more clear. I'm happy to hear that I was pretty successful. :)

Thank you!

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Review #45, by onestop_hpfan18 A Light That Never Goes Out

18th July 2013:
Here to review for the House Cup. I have been meaning to get around to reading and reviewing this story for quite some time. I really love the interaction between James and Lily in this first chapter. It's sweet and casual, yet Lily still plays with James when he questions whether she really wants to go with him or if she's just messing with him. He's so used to her rejecting him that he can't quite process the fact that she asked him out and is warming up to him.

I also like the fact that she is the one to ask him out. It shows that her feelings toward him really are changing. She's choosing to give James a chance on her own terms, which I would expect from Lily. She's independent and intelligent, a mind of her own. She doesn't need anyone to tell her what to do. I also found it sweet that James saved her from the rain with his umbrella, very knight and shining armor. Anyway, great chapter.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed this - I know it's a bit of a different take on James/Lily, and I'm happy it worked for you. :)

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Review #46, by randomwriter Veritaserum

17th July 2013:
Hi again :)
This definitely did not disappoint. I like how you've included Snape here, as he did play a very important role in Lily's life! :)
And I loved the bit about the Veritaserum. It was really fun to read, and you've used it well in the story!
Kudos :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review! :) I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #47, by randomwriter Winter Wonderland

17th July 2013:
Hey there! I know that I've called your story adorable before. Too many times, maybe. But I just can't stop myself from saying it again.
ThisStoryIsADORABLE! There :D
Everything you've written about them is so natural and realistic! Keep it up :)
Btw, I just added this to favourites :)

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #48, by randomwriter Hogsmeade

17th July 2013:
Hello again :)
This, just like the first chapter, was truly adorable.
I love how you write James/Lily. As you said, we know what happens with them, but you've managed to find your style in spite of that. I never imagined them as being so awkward in the beginning, but towards the bits leading up to the date, and afterwards, it was absolutely splendid!
I can't spot any errors at all.
A great read :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so glad you liked it!

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Review #49, by randomwriter A Light That Never Goes Out

17th July 2013:
Hey :)
This really was adorable.
I love the easy flow of their conversation, and how they are so comfortable around each other.
It's the first time I've read a story where Lily has asked James out, and you've written it well :)
I really liked this!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! I knew that that was a little bit of a deviation from what most people write, and I'm really happy it worked well for you! :)

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Review #50, by TimeSeer Quidditch

6th March 2013:
I love this story! I love James/Lily stories and this is one of my top favorite. I love how you make the characters and how you make all of them act. It is all just very amazing. Anyway please update soon!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much! I've been a bit swamped lately, but hopefully I'll be back updating by June. :)

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