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Review:Athene Goodstrength says:
You know what? I really love seeing Lily doing her Head Girl duties. It wasnít all falling-in-love and being-awesome. I really like the bit later on when sheís proud of the work she did setting up the Hogsmeade trip. She actually has responsibilities - Iím sure Iíve mentioned this before, but you do a really good job of actually rooting these 17/18 year olds into their school career, rather than fully-formed adults who happen to be at Hogwarts. And just to remind us of that... youíve got the contrast between the Head Girl doing her clerical duties and the Head Boy sending Howlers into the girlsí dorms. Naughty, silly, funny James. And the whole Marauding gang, such naughty boys. They do think theyíre hilarious donít they? So do I, to be fair, but if I were woken by fireworks or Howlers, I wouldnít be laughing. God, itís like having two sets of Weasley twins in one House!

Urgh, Violet. I did an eye-roll with Lily. That said, I like having Violet around, itís nice to have someone to instinctively dislike who isnít necessarily a baddie.

I love love love the little moments like Lily understanding Jamesís train of thought, and James being pleased that she gets him, and stealing her cup of tea... Sigh. He is SO loveable.

JAMI! Alice is the one with the photographic memory?!?! Were you trying to make me feel like something kicked me in the stomach?! Wah. You just sneakily reminded me that this will all end happily for almost nobody. In fact, nobody. NOBODY WILL BE HAPPY AND NEITHER WILL I.

I love the Frank/Alice thing helping to edge Lily ever closer to her feelings for James. I guess the fear Alice had of losing Frank has given them an extra boost of I-love-you-donít-you-go-anywhere.

My dear, can I just say how proud I am that my birthday chapter is the first fic I have ever read to mention tampons?! Hahaha. Gotta love Belle. Having just heard about the Marauders being all cocky and naughty etc, thinking theyíre big and clever - and then the mention of female issues is enough to terrify even Sirius Black and send them packing. And poor Madam Pomfrey. But someoneís got to do it! Haha.

Is it me, or is William Potter secretly Cupid? He keeps bringing people together ;) I really enjoyed (even though itís sad, and sheís obviously struggling) reading more about Belle. You handle her sadness and her conflicted feelings so delicately, just as gently as Lily and Alice do. ĎAnd what Ďappens if I would Ďave kissed him? Zen I would start to trust Ďim.Ēí - this is so. sad.

Oh, Alrek. Alrek the mysterious. I love that his presence is bringing up all these questions in Lilyís mind about her and James. I know how she feels - people thought I was with Jack long before I actually was (and I did want to be, but it wasnít the right time)... I totally sympathise with her confusion and vague sense of insecurity about the relationship. Itís sweet that Belle and Lily seem to need each other so much, and both know there are things they arenít telling each other, but are being patient with each other.

But ugh, I want Alrek to go AWAY! What Eleanor said... itís just weird. Somethingís so wrong. But then Iím used to danger lurking in the halls of Hogwarts - our young Lily and friends arenít.

The way youíve written about Lilyís grief throughout this story is so sensitive and real. The way you can suddenly be blindsided by something as innocent as a cardigan - but the fact that sheís now at a point where she can embrace what that item means to her rather than collapse at the pain of it. And later when she forgets all of it and says about the cat allergy, I can almost feel my stomach dropping with hers as she realises. Oh I love McGonagall. It feels true to me that sheíd try to help a student with grief in that way.

I kind of want to hug Peter. Why arenít you just letting me hate him? (Iím glad youíre not).

That exchange between Belle and Violet, and then Belle talking to Lily afterwards just reinforced for me that Belle and Sirius are such a great match. Theyíre like each otherís counterparts - fearless, fiercely loyal, somewhat arrogant... not forgiving and forgetting!

Oh the irony of James sending people not allowed to Hogwarts back to their common rooms. I laughed at first, because itís kind of ironic - but then I got sad because he and Lily should have been around to sign little Harryís permission form. Sigh. This is the problem with Marauders era ;) Iíll ask again - fancy a late switch to an AU? :P

My heart MELTED when James quietly told her she was beautiful. Oh my GOD. Youíre making me feel like a lovesick teen again!

I love love love the scene in the pub. So many little things and details going on that are just juicy and fun. Acorn is an adorable name. And I love that Frank has a toad - is that maybe why Neville is so protective of Trevor? I love the reversal, of Neville losing Trevor and Acorn sort of just popping up in Frankís life. And then Belle loving dogs and Sirius flirting without her knowing...and Jamesís owl getting all excited about Lily.

The massive shift in tone, with the confrontation between Abigail and Alana is handled really well, and I love seeing Lily going from angry and authoritative to kind and discreet. Poor Belle. (shhh)

Before I get into the SQUEE over the last part, I want to say you write the relationships between the boys just as well as you do the ones between the girls. The tiny details of Remus and Frank being sensible, Sirius being encouraging, James doing something extravagant (and Ďtold youí)... perfection, missy.

Okay, here it is. SQUEE! Butterscotch! A pet kitten! A gift from James Potter! So many warm fuzzy shippy feels. On a side note, my neighbours have a cat called Butterscotch - she gets called Butty! Haha.

Loved this, as always. Another massive review. Sorry! ♥

Author's Response: I'm really going to try and do this response justice. Also!! for some reason you can't copy responses from pages (or word) without them getting that funny coding. It doesn't make sense, since you can copy reviews from there and the coding fixes itself. What I do now is copy the review into a document and respond to it in the box while reading the document one. Haha sorry, I just remembered you mentioned not knowing why your response had all the weird A symbol thingies :P

I have way too much fun writing Lily's head girl stuff. School stuff in general, I think. there's a chapter a few down, called Build Up, and it focuses mainly on all classes. Haha. For a while, it was jokingly titled 'Chapter in which Jami Pretends she Attends Hogwarts' :P

I was about to go on one of my rants about how important you know it is to me to show that these are just *children* that choose to embark on such a heroic but terrifying journey. But then I realized ranting to you would do not good because you've heard very rant I have :P

James really is loveable, isn't he?? Maybe we should group hug him. And Lily. And everyone. yeah?? It makes me so happy that you like him as a character though ♥ I always worry about doing them all justice.

I won't be happy when this ends either :(. Can we be mad together? And and and you won't make fun of me when I cry??? ;(.Stupid fictional characters getting me entirely too attached.

Hahahahahahah well Sarah, on your birthday chapter I couldn't give you anything less than one that involved such a lovely tool, now could I ;). We still use that on my dad. Sometimes I'll call my parents hours, and he'll answer and we'll chat, then I want to talk to my mom and he just try to annoy me. 'What do you want to talk to her about? What can't you just talk to me?' then he'll say that he's getting her, and pretend to be her and do a girl voice and try and trick me. So usually I end up saying that I need to talk to her about my cramps :P works every time. Men aren't nearly as tough as they think.

It took me a minute to figure out who William was bringing together until I remember DUH the article they were reading ;). You know old people... never happy unless us youngsters have a ring on our finger and a baby on the way ;)

I'm so happy you liked how I handled Belle's sadness. She still scares me. Haha

I'm going to be emailing me to tell you the story of how you and jack got together as soon as I finish this response, btw.

Making sure that it's never forgotten what Lily went through is super important to me. She is doing a million times better, but the girl still lost her parents. It isn't something she's just going to be over. Ugh you say all these things and make me feel so happy and I just want to hug you. How do you possibly pick up on so much?? I'm giving you the worlds most perceptive reader in the world award. Fo sho. :P

The scene in the pub was super hard for me to write how I wanted. I kept feeling like I was makings things so confusing and everything kept getting tangled and it was just so frustrating. I'm really happy you liked how it turned out, because some serious rewriting went into that one a few times :P

Poor Belle :(. Good job shhhing. ;). Is it weird reading this already knowing most of what happens? Haha

Butterscotch!!! Yay! Hahahaha butty is so funny. James and Sirius rename butterscotch a few chapters down, too ;P

Sarah I can't even tell you how awesome your reviews make me feel. Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and just turning me into an insane ball of feels. I'm sending you the biggest hugs in the world. Do you feel them?!

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