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Review:Jchrissy says:
Hey look what I found in my Ďhpffí folder! How about if I ever go more than two days without reviewing a new chapter of yours, you throw something of me. I donít even know how I didnít realize that I *didnít* review it when I looked at my reviews to see responses. Maybe we should revisit the conversation of me dying my hair blonde. ANYWAY -- Sorry, mídear ♥

Hi darling! Iím excited to see how the final product of chapter 4 in this (soon to be) novel -- because we both know itís headed there ;).

Not only do I love getting to see the interaction between Harry and Ginny, but I love getting to see it through Astoriaís eyes. You made it clear how happy those two still are while still holding Astoriaís pureblood social trainings (I can not think of a better way to phrase that. Forgive me. Itís late and I listened to people whine all day) in the front of her mind. I really love that sheí a tiny bit jealous, as well. Because sheís still a teenage girl.

And sheís already of course wondering what can happen with her and Draco. Not quite in doodling Mrs. Astoria Malfoy on her parchments, but I can tell she wants too ;).

Oh and here is Ron making a bit of an idiot out of himself, with the best intensions behind the idiotness, Iím sure. I LOVE the changes you made to this section. Draco has the certain amount of self control that we can tell he had to have gained through the war. I think your choices with Voldemort are shut up or get tortured, so I like that the newly acquired ability to bite his tongue is being shown here. Until, of course, heís pushed just a bit too far.

Oh Iím really not thrilled with Ron right now. Heís being a jerk. Yes, he probably has every right to be. Well, at least in his head, but again.. this is Ron. Oh god, now see what youíre doing, Ron? Youíre acting worse than Draco Malfoy. I really do want to shake him. Itís just like when he got angry at Ron and Hermione, even if some of it was the Horcrux, it was also still the fact that Ron has never book good at thinking things through when his emotions get involved. I donít remember exactly how much you changed in this section, but itís absolutely perfect now. Theyíre both so themselves, Draco with a new sort of understanding of what is worth fighting over and what isnít, that Iíll admit... is a bit hot. Oops. Sorry. Fangirl moment

ĎWas that some sort of crack about my family being poor?í youíre doing it again, Dan. Youíre being JK Rowling. Now, Iím going to ask you again for the hundredth time, are you *sure* you arenít her? Really, really sure?

I canít even blame Draco for his mistake, right here. Itís so much like the Severus scene, except for Draco was never Hermioneís best friend so itís much less hurtful. If he had said that to Astoria or something (obviously he wouldnít because he wouldnít be going on a date with her if she was that) Iíd be angry with him, but in this instance, I can see exactly why he snapped.

I love how perceptive youíve made Astoria. She really watches things and uses what she sees to make her decisions. Not what others tell her. I seriously just want to hug this girl.

Ahhh. Cliff hanger?! What?

That last scene was actually harder to read this time than when you sent me the first chapter. Harder to read in the emotional sense of the word. It just isnít fair for Draco to have to deal with this kind of thing after surviving what most people wouldnít have. No, Draco isnít going to get an award for worldís best person. But he isnít a bed person, either. Heís a product of how he was raised, and heís trying to hard to at least change what he was doing to himself. Heíll never be as accepting as most others of different blood lines, but he isnít cruel, either.

Gah. Daniel. Why do you do this to me.

Also, youíre confused. My threats are NOT thinly veiled! They are big, scary, serious ones! :P

This chapter was so awesome and too both Astoria and Draco into a much more serious place than either of them thought this little afternoon tea would bring.

Now to see how the rest of the date, goes...

Author's Response: Ah, darling, so nice to see you! Not that it's a rare occurrence, but always a pleasure. Please don't apologize for a thing!

I guess I am trending in the direction of a novel, aren't I? There are just so many interesting things to write about when you imagine these two courting one another! It's a tricky dance, with lots of bumps in the road. But we know it works out in the end.

I'm pleased to see that you interpreted Astoria's reaction to seeing Harry and Ginny exactly the way I meant it. It definitely nudges her in a certain direction as she prepares to meet Draco.

I don't know that Ron's intentions were necessarily all that good. There's no point in sugar-coating it. He's power-tripping, exacting a bit of revenge on his old nemesis from school. Draco does keep his cool much better than he would have before the war, but Ron keeps pushing his buttons. The outcome was pretty much inevitable.

I wasn't really thinking of any parallel between the moment where Draco snaps at Hermione and the moment where Snape ruins his entire life, but I can see it now that you mention it. And like Snape, Draco regrets his mistake immediately. Unlike Lily, however, Hermione makes him pay for it immediately instead of dragging his punishment out over the rest of his life.

Astoria is a very clever, thoughtful girl. She came to Hogsmeade in order to figure out what Draco was all about, and she is certainly getting an education in this chapter.

In the next chapter, you'll learn why the two wizards and the old witch from the village were attacking Draco. As with most things in his life, it's complicated. I give you cliff-hangers because without them you wouldn't sound nearly as credible when you say, "Daaannn! Tell me what happens in the next chapter!" :p

Perhaps your threats aren't veiled, but you do dress them up nicely.

So, yes, both Draco and Astoria have gotten more out of their little date than they bargained for. How much more, we will soon see...

Thank you, as always, for your friendship and support! Until next time...

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