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Review:Jchrissy says:
I think Iím going to do a running review for this. Maybe that will make what I know is going to happen or has already happened hurt a little less :(

Nevermind. Itís already hurting. No :(. Noo :(. Maybe heís wrong? Maybe he just wants Severus to think that to keep him there until he recovers? Or until he tries to kill him because thereís no way Lucius doesnít know about Severus and Dorcasís... feelings. But Lucius never mentioned anything about Dorcasís house and Severus being there.. okay. I just need to keep reading, apparently. I have burns in my eyes, just so you know. The kind that happens when you keep saying that you will *not* cry. I will *not* cry. Theyíre fictional people. Theyíre not real. Not real.

No no now heís just making it worse ;(. I wonít Dorcas to lounge on the tall chair, too. Why are you doing this to us?!

Lucius is actually being really kind. I love the idea of him caring about, well, the people he cares about.

That entire dream scene followed by his evaluation of his scars. His self hate mixed with the fact that he doesnít understand how Dorcas could have loved him... thatís almost as painful as losing Dorcas to me. God, I what JKR would have done something like this for Severus. I wish she would have made him this man, instead of the creepy one who is in love with another manís wife and who doesnít care if either man or child die as long as he keeps the woman. She just ruined him so much for me, even knowing he was good, because she turned him into this obsessive monster. But you... you havenít ignored his dark side. You havenít turned him into something heís not, you just gave him *more*.. heís still the self loathing thing he always is, but heís a person I really care about right now and not the creep that tried to take my Lily away from James. I can say without a doubt that this is the best Severus Iíve ever read, and that youíve done something JKR never managed to...you made him seem real to me.

Her body :(. She really is gone, then? Pixi, (Michelle? I feel like for some reason I think thatís your real name?) I loved her :(.

So Lucius does actually care about Severus. And it seems that even Netterheim may have survived. I think you did a really great thing with making Lucius think of Severus in a family sort of sense. He, more than anyone, understands what itís like to *not* want to follow every order the dark lord commands. And we know that Narcissa trusts Severus enough years down the road to ask her to watch out for her sonís life, so having a closeness with the Malfoys fit in perfectly, I think.

It still doesnít make up for Dorcas being gone :(. Nothing will :(. They should have just let that night. They should have given the antidote to someone else and left, because they didnít deserve to have their lives destroyed :(.

I need chocolate ;(. If you ever want to write just a small AU one shot where Dorcas and Severus are laughing together in the moonlight, forty years down the road with greying hair and years of happiness, I wouldnít have any objection to that. Just so you know.

I knew this was happening. I thought I was preparing. I have to ask, how did you handle writing this? What did it feel like to end it. You knew it was coming, we all did, but Iím sure that didnít make it easier. Iím terrified pf the point when I reach this with Lily and James.

Author's Response: Wow! Would you look at this review!

Lucius cares. Not as much as the rest of us, but I can see him looking out for family. I bet he considers Severus to be close. I thought it was fitting.

Gosh, I love you so much right now for understanding what I did with Severus' character. The one thought I clung to while writing this story was that a person as complicated as this guy, someone who lived a double-sided life and did all the wrong things for all the right reasons, someone like this could not possibly have had a singular event shape him. There had to be *more*. In the books, he never gets to tell us his side of the story. We only see snippets of his memories, and I tried really hard not to contradict any of that, while still giving him the chance to have a little more depth. Yeah, I stretched it a bit with his parents at the beginning, but I needed a little room to plant some of my ideas.

I thought that Lucius and Severus together were a great pair. I really enjoyed writing them in the same scene and letting them interact with each other. I don't see a lot of that in fanfiction. I think they have enough in common to understand each other, and I think they have enough differences that they won't ever really be close either.

I think I mentioned to someone else that I almost had "war is stupid and ruins a perfectly logical romance arc" as my main theme. Almost. ;) I'll have to think about your question for a while. Maybe I can PM you later with an answer.

Thanks so much for being such an awesome reviewer!!

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