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Review:Pixileanin says:
Ahh, hello there! I figured that since chocolate doesn't seem to do the trick in getting you through another one of my depressing chapters, I'd try a different way to cheer you up: by reading an exceptionally well-written and half-cheery story and leaving a review. Because we all love those!

Really, I'd review your story anyway. You're such an emotional reader/writer, and I guess that's why your chapters come across as so touching and sensitive. Particularly Lily here. She's got feels all over the place, I tell you!

On with this thing, which was a great deal of fun to read. I love, love, love the inclusion of having a Prefect/Head Girl checking for signatures on the permission slips. We all know that sort of thing happened, but rarely see that sort of mundane detail in a story. Yet, you tend to give us little glimpses of the normal stuff that's done in the background at Hogwarts, in those quiet moments of your story. I like those quiet moments, where the characters get to sit back and just be themselves when they think that no one else is looking. That's when the reader gets to really see them for who they are.

Of course, her reverie is interrupted by not just her friends, but by the entire Gryffindor Quidditch team, oh my gosh, that was funny trying to picture all those groggy, upset teens channeling their half-awake anger at their captain, who is acting like it's a perfectly legitimate thing to wake his classmates at oh-dark-thirty on the weekend. Yeah. Gotta love James for being himself.

Aww, and it was lovely to see Lily start to want something for herself after all this time when she was watching Alice and Frank together. Those two have certainly gotten publicly closer since the "incident", and rightly so. That would make most people rethink their priorities. But Lily absolutely needed her space. It's nice to see her start down the road of getting past that hurdle.

Belle's excuse was a classic and made me laugh out loud, which is something I rarely do while reading. It was so well-placed and got the exact reaction the girls needed, while covering them for as long as they needed and the boys won't even ask, no matter how long it takes them to get back to the library. :) Here's another opportunity you took to show us what happens at Hogwarts when no one else is looking. I love that Madame Pomfrey does this for the school. It makes so much sense for her to provide an educational role in an educational institution.

Poor Belle. She's got to have a big thing hanging over her. I hope she gets the chance to get whatever it is out so she can start trusting her friends. I think that she's in a place where she needs that and I just want what is best for her. You've really made me care about that character!

I loved how Alice immediately recognized the importance of Lily's outfit and that she didn't have to go and explain it to anyone. I really liked how you did that scene. If Lily would have had to explain herself, I doubt shed have been able to get through it without the tears. This way, she became the stronger for it with the support from her friends.

Belle is such the character! Not only does she try to "spice up history" in her assignments, which I find to be hilarious, but she also faced off with Violet and defended her friend. I think she got points from Sirius too for that.

Oh Alrek. I just haven't made up my mind about him. I'm sure he's up to no good, but he seems perfectly civil on the outside. If only those kinds of people came with warning labels pinned to their lapels, the world would be a safer place.

And those two girls were absolutely horrid to each other... and Belle's about to spill her secret... and Peter needs them right now, what happened oh no... and... and...

Awww!!! It's a KITTEN!!!

Author's Response: Look at this review!! Now I feel terrible for mine being so small. In my defense, it's hard for me to say much when my feels get all tangled.

Hahah sometimes I wonder why my emotions have to get so tangled in everything. I started reading the first few paragraphs of UWCOEFG but I got too scared and stopped. But now I've made myself toughed up and tagged you... soo.. *takes deep breath*

anyway, back to this awesome review.

I'm so happy you like those smaller, more every day type of scenes about what's happening in the background. I really like including those, but try and keep a happy medium and not having too many of them. Although I get a bit crazy in chapter 14 and spend entirely much time working through classes with Lily. When I sent that chapter to Dan to beta, it was jokingly title 'Chapter 14 - In Which Jami Pretends She's a Hogwarts Student.'

Aww I'm really excited to hear that you're caring about Belle. She was one of the first people in this story, and ends up playing an incredibly important role, other than awesome best friend ;)

KITTEN! It had to happen. It just had to. I mean, we know they end up with one eventually, and and... KITTEN. :P

Alrek has a surprise for you next chapter, by the way.

Okay. I'm headed off to UWCOEFG.

Wishing myself good luck. *cry*.

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