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Review:CambAngst says:
More, more, more! I read and I read and I beta read and I read some more, but I just can't get enough of your version of Lily and James. They're captivating! Sirius and Belle are getting really good, too. Frank and Alice need to learn to let their hair down a little more...

William Potter is like the Universal Dad. What I mean is that he sort of becomes a father to anyone younger than him who happens to be nearby. Frank, Peter, Sirius, Lily... they all might as well be James's biological siblings. He seems to have the same sort of fatherly affection for all of James's friends. Olivia is very similar in that regard. Neither of them seem like they've ever met a stranger, which is striking for two people who spend so much of their lives hunting down dark wizards. Or maybe that's why they're like that, I suppose.

I love the rise that Olivia is able to get out of Frank. Like Neville, I suppose that his upbringing wasn't very touchy-feely. It partly explains why he and Alice aren't more openly affectionate, I suppose.

Ooh, that Alrek! He's really starting to pry, isn't he? Good on James's parents for having the sense to not speak of things that are better left unsaid!

It looks like James is planning to make these public displays of affection a more common occurrence! And he caught her in a spot where she can't really be too upset at him, either. He's a smart one!

Lily's thought process is hilariously convoluted, but she finds her way to the right answer with a little direction from her friends. I love the dynamic within the trio of her, Alice and Belle. The thinker, the pragmatist and the dreamer! The three of them work so well together. Every time Lily tries to derail herself into panicking or over-thinking that her relationship with James, Alice and Belle put her back on the tracks, so to speak.

Lily laughed as they scooted into their seats. Leave it to Alice to get two lectures into one sentence. That's Alice's super power, to be sure. Well, one of them, anyway. When I think about Alice, I sort of wonder whether there are any emotional crises in her future that Lily and Belle are going to have to help her through. So far, Alice has been the rock of the group, helping the other two through their own difficulties. It would be really interesting to see what sort of things could throw a person like that for a loop and make her need to lean on her friends for support. Not that I'm advocating for anything terrible to happen to Alice any time soon, but since terrible things wind up happening to nearly every character in this story, I just wonder what form her troubles will take.

Dang it, Alrek! Go away! The guy is a conversational menace. And one more piece of information falls into the wrong hands. :(

Frank's commentary during the introductions is awesome! I knew the guy had more personality hiding in there somewhere.

Bellatrix is back! Oh, she's such a good, evil girl, isn't she? Such a good, evil girl! You are still doing such a perfect job of capturing the nuances of her fanatical devotion and her deep-seated mental problems. Events and situations look so different from her perspective. Things that would terrify most people excite her. Her eagerness is so palpable. She's perfect.

I almost find myself feeling bad for Karkaroff. The guy just can't catch a break in life. Obviously he creates the majority of his own problems by being such a twisted, evil coward. But the Dark Lord is known for assigning nearly impossible tasks to his followers and it looks like old Igor drew the short straw on this one.

Alrek's letter was cleverly done. He and Bellatrix have clearly worked out a very effective means of passing along information. I knew that guy was nothing but trouble!

Voldemort's speech to Bellatrix about his choice in servants was as chilling as it was brilliant. Her certainly knows how to play her like a violin, doesn't he? He knelt down beside her, his white skin nearly glowing as his sharp finger ran down her arm. Well that's about as close to erotic as the Dark Lord is ever going to get, isn't it? Ooh! Voldemort is so twisted! Pitting his servants against one another, letting them apply disciple... It's the perfect way to assure that they don't join together and plot against him since they all most likely hate one another. Genius!

I love the confused way that James gradually wakes up in the Hospital Wing. The way that his friends and Professor McGonagall are waiting for him to come around. Reminds me of another Potter boy...

Instead, she, Belle and Alice were huddled together talking in those fast whisper-hisses that only other girls can understand. Ah, yes, the whisper-hiss! I'm quite familiar with it. I don't understand it, but I'm familiar.

Sirius was the first to start, grabbing James's glass of water and chugging it first. Oh, Sirius, you beautiful bastard!

"Now," Alice started again once those two were gone. "Let's all go down to the Great Hall and we'll see James there. Except for you," she added, pointing a finger to Lily. James decided right then that Alice was his favorite out of the bunch. You know what I like about Alice? She figures out what needs to happen in a given situation and then she makes it happen. Whether it's cursing Evan Rosier or making Lily confront her feelings for James, she just gets things done!

And it worked. Brilliantly! Even with the entire Gryffindor Quidditch team trying to co... erm, disrupt James's attempt to further his relationship with Lily, she's already made up her mind!

Another amazing chapter, my dear. So many wonderful things happened, but as always, against the backdrop of so much darkness and evil. Are you sure that the apothecary can't accidentally put Plutonium into Voldemort's Preparation H? Sigh. I know, I know...

Author's Response: Now that I have two incredible reviews from you, I figure I should start replying. Inset ninja face.

I swear, you read my writing almost as much as I read my writing. Hahah. Have I told you how awesome you are, recently? When Before They Fall is over, I'm mailing you the world's biggest cupcake.

That's exactly how I feel about William. And I think that you're right about them being the way they are because of their careers. They've seen the worst of the worst and they don't take even a second of the best, like all of their son's friends and getting to be around them, for granted.

James is a sneaky boy... Lily better keep her eye on him ;)

We already talked about what's on the plan for Alice's future, auto corrections and all. I'm excited to see how she handles all that. She's such a calm sort of logical person, but then she does things like hexes people... so I guess there's no say just how she'll do ;).

Oh god, that's exactly what I thought about Voldemort in the sentence about him kneeling next to Bellatrix. At this time, I think he really could be still very charming. He hasn't had to create a new creepy body yet. He's still more darker, sharper, than he was when he went to Hogwarts. His face less filled, but he isn't by any means the creepy thing we know.

Karkaroff doesn't stand a chance against darling Bellatrix, that's for sure.

Daniel! You have to stop tempting me. Maybe I'll write two final chapters for book two of this. Which I forgot the title that you helped me with that I really liked. uh oh... anyway. Maybe I'll write one ending chapter that I put up, and then one for just us. Maybe Voldemort lost his wand and couldn't unlock the door, then the neighbor's dog attacked him? Yeah, that sounds good ;)

Thank you so much, as always, for your incredible support ♥

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