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Review:Gabriella Hunter says:

I'm sorry that I didn't immediately come back and attack this after you updated. For some reason, my review thread has been a little heavy and then, there were pesky real life issues. That sucked of course but here I am, all for you and such. :)
So, we're back with Astoria and Draco. From the last chapter, I was thinking that things might be a little tense but I didn't expect anything in this! I thought it was very realistic of Astoria to question her feelings for Draco instead of being head over heels in love with him for no reason. The sight of Ginny and Harry snogging all over the place sort of gave her a bit of envy that I liked, its a girlish dream to just leap and snog a guy, right? I guess. I've never done it. Hahaha. But she's sort of prudish I think as Ginny and Harry were snogging all over the place but I think that's just how she was raised. Which I also liked, her reaction showed her upbringing well. :)
Sadly, though, her meeting with Draco didn't go as planned! On his end, I have to commend him for not hexing Ron as soon as he started getting bullied and I thought your characterisation of him was very spot on. It felt like Ron, I think, and the fact that he was so intent on getting a rise out of Draco sort of disappointed me though. I could understand how he was feeling but he sort of turned into the bully instead of being the better man. I think? Anyway, Draco got a taste of what its like, didn't he? It might not have been a good thing for him at the time though and the onlookers only made it worse. Shame on them. Shame on them. Hermione was a big relief and I'm glad that she gave Ron a telling-off for what he was doing but Draco was sort of beyond wanting help.
That was lovely writing by the way, his emotions churning out of control. I knew that as soon as he said "mudblood" that he regretted it more than he ever had before and Hermione's reaction was justified. Actually, that entire scene reminded me of when Snape was being bullied by James and lost Lily. I loved what you did there and Astoria chased after him, wanting to offer some support but wound up in a mess. -_-
Who were those people that attacked them I wonder? I hope you go into more detail about that but I absolutely loved what you did with the fight, Draco being protective and Astoria fighting for him.
Great writing.
No CC's either! :)
Thanks for the read! You didn't even have to request! :D
Much love,

Author's Response: Hi, there! No problem at all. I know you're busy with your review thread and your own writing. I really love the fact that you seem to enjoy my story!

Astoria is deep in the process of trying to sort things out in her head at the start of this chapter. She knows that she doesn't have enough information to really make a decision, which is why she decides to meet him in Hogsmeade in the first place. Seeing Ginny and Harry definitely gives her a little nudge in the direction of wanting to get to know Draco better, even though she clearly doesn't approve of such public behavior.

For better or for worse, she gets to see Draco in a number of different lights in this chapter. He really is trying his hardest not to let the confrontation with Ron escalate, but Ron simply keeps pushing until Draco reacts. I didn't want to make Ron seem **too** terrible in this -- and remember that this is all from Draco's point of view -- but he's definitely not passing up on an opportunity to exact a little revenge on the guy who used to make his life miserable in school and also stood helplessly by while Bellatrix nearly tortured his girlfriend to death. Yeah, there's that...

He did regret what he said to Hermione quite sincerely. In a funny way, he would have regretted it more if she hadn't blasted him. More on this later...

The people who attacked him will be explained in the next chapter. They sort of had a good reason to be angry with him and they sort of didn't. It's complicated. You'll see soon. ;)

I'm really glad that you enjoyed it and I feel very accomplished that I didn't mess up anything that you needed to point out! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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