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Review:CloakAuror9 says:
Hello! (:

It's been ages since I last read this story. Oh my gosh. I ended up having to re-read the first chapter because I had forgotten what happened then. Ugh. My memory and I. -.-

Anyway, Draco's nightmare is absolutely something that I do not wish to experience ever in my life. I was shaking a bit while I was reading it, so imagine me having that dream. I'd probably never wake up. Putting my fears aside, I thought you did an amazing job describing that scene. To me, it felt like that scene also showed Draco's true emotions.

Princess. Oh my gosh. I know Astoria's dad only said that four times (yes, I counted) but it felt like he said it more than that. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I dislike him or anything, but I just couldn't stand people who call their daughters/girlfriends princess. It just annoys me. His opinion on Purebloods and respect is very true, but I don't agree when he says that Voldemort would've never gained followers if it weren't for the Malfoys and Blacks. Ugh. He just doesn't get it, does he? Voldemort didn't need the Blacks and Malfoys (that much) to become the infamous, powerful and evil being he is. He's just jealous of Lucius and Draco, but if only he knew how bad the Malfoys suffered in the hands of Voldemort, he wouldn't be jealous at all. (End ramble.)

Astoria seems like she has a very strong bond with her father with that 'princess' nickname and all. I wonder how she'll react to meeting Draco because of all this nasty (is that the word I'm looking fir?) things her father has said about him.

And then there's Blaise Zabini. The tension between Draco and him while they were in the restaurant was intense. I don't even know if they are friends or foes, at the moment. I've always thought that he just follows Draco around, you know. Like what Draco does, he does, so I'm a bit surprised that he doesn't want to continue his education.

Speaking of education, I wonder how Hogwarts will react to Draco coming back -if he gets accepted, of course. I can imagine him having a hard time with the rest of the Slytherins. Mhm.

Okay. This was longer than expected, but I just wanted to say too many things. You're a fantastic writer, Dan. You seriously are. One of the best around HPFF. ♥ Now, just write a fluffy one-shot and you'll be even more perfect. ;)


33rd review out of 100
(I'm getting there, I think...)

Author's Response: Alright, then! (rubs hands together) Sorry it's taken me ages to respond to this. Without further adieu...

I'm glad that Draco's nightmare seemed real to you. It was one of those things where I had a really clear image in my head and I was worried that it wasn't translating into words very well. Draco does give away a bit with the anxieties that surface in his dreams. At some level, he does realize that things would have been terrible if Voldemort had prevailed. And he has no idea what he'd do without his mother.

Ha! I may have to have Mr. Greengrass use that a lot more. ;) Astoria is his little girl, and she's also the "good child", as opposed to Daphne, who's not very focused and doesn't really have it all together. He's definitely naive where Voldemort is concerned. Since he wasn't a supporter, he really has no first-hand insight on just how powerful and terrifying the Dark Lord was. So he doesn't realize the truth: that Lucius Malfoy didn't make Voldemort powerful, Voldemort was already powerful before he recruited and eventually more or less enslaved Lucius Malfoy.

Astoria does have very strong ties to her parents, but she's also strong-willed and independent-minded. She's determined to figure things out for herself. She's not your usual pure blood princess.

I think Draco chose to get together with Zabini because he's relatively benign, at least compared to Gamp, Flint, Nott and the others. He cares more about his reputation, even if he does still believe in all of their pure blood supremacist rubbish. So Draco figures that he's a safe choice to sort of "test himself". That idea nearly gets both of them killed.

You'll find out very soon how things go when Draco tries to finish his education. It won't exactly play like a "stay in school" public service announcement. ;)

Aww, you're always so nice to me! I really appreciate all your thoughts, observations and reactions!

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