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Review:Remus says:
Last review! So many reviews you'll have to answer! *evil laugh*

By the second paragraph I was squeeling like a little girl. Not because of Astoria but Ginny meeting up with Harry. I think...after I'm done reviewing here I'm going to find myself a sappy Ginny/Harry fic. Hahaha.

And Ron made an appearance; this chapter is already awesome! Haha! Again, Draco is definitely not catching a break from absolutely no one. Ron is making his day miserable by taunting him; he sure loves to play with fire. Isn't Hermione going to appear so he can be distracted? XD I couldn't help but laugh at Draco's smart comment...perhaps I shouldn't have laughed but again, I couldn't help it.

I shouted at my laptop's screen when the fighting began. I blame Ron! I've never done that but I really do blame him, I mean, he literally started it by landing the first punch. Ugh! And then the fight gets worse. Seriously! Why do you do this to me, Dan? I just had to cheer for Draco but I hope he won't get into any trouble with McGonagall. Again, where is Hermione in all this to distract Ron? Because he seems to be in a definite power trip but I guess that's expected from him when it comes to Draco, his constant tormentor and old enemy. But honestly, he felt far too hateful than I'm used to Ron being. Then again, he just lost a brother not long ago so the desire for some revenge might still be lingering.

Aww, you used my favorite Weasley insult: "Weaslebee"

Finally! Hermione comes!

And now I'm not happy with her after she hit him with a spell. Part of me wants to say he deserves it but then again, Hermione should've known better when it comes to Malfoy's pride ways...don't kick a dog when he's down, you know.

You're making me feel rather contradicted when it comes to my feelings regarding the Golden Trio and Malfoy. This shouldn't be happening but at the same time we're living Draco's journey at trying to become a better man through his eyes and not someone else s. We know better, because we started the journey with him, but its difficult to see him as a victim against Ron and Hermione.

The whole bit with Astoria was great! She's a shadow of the Astoria we got to see at Cob and it seems she knows how to be a proper lady and knows very well when to approach a man whose pride is in shambles. Something I'm sure she might've learned from her mother.

Are you serious? What kind of cliffhanger is that?! You're lucky I'm tired and that it's 12:50a and that I need to go to bed other wise I would be sending you an angry PM. :P

This chapter was great! The pace feels right, nothing too rushed or boring. Just wondering, how long are you going to make this story?

Anyway, once again I enjoyed reading this and I can't wait to see what happens next!

Until next time, Dan!


Author's Response: Doggone it! I will respond to this today!

Did you find a good sappy Ginny/Harry to read? If so, PM me the link. I'm always up for a good, sappy Ginny/Harry. :)

Yes, Ron definitely shoulders most of the blame for what happened, a fact that won't be lost on certain important people in the future. Since this scene is playing out a scant 8 months or so after the end of the war, I was thinking two things: 1) Fred's death is still something that haunts Ron a lot, and 2) this is probably the first time Ron and Draco have seen each other since the morning after Voldemort died. So their meeting was not going to be pleasant, no matter what. That said, Ron was pretty much a bully and a jerk. Also, recall that this is told from Draco's PoV, so it probably seems even worse than it was.

Hermione isn't quite the savior you were expecting, is she? Draco remember quite well how to push her buttons, and that knowledge resurfaces at the worst possible moment. Again, you may be surprised to see the consequences of what happens...

You'll see more and more shades of the Astoria you remember from CoB, although she's much younger in this and still a lot more naive. But overall I'm trying to write her as though she's on that trajectory. It's tricky at times.

It's the best kind of cliffhanger, my dear, the one that makes you want more. :p

I'm really glad that you enjoyed it. Thank you so much for your review blitzkrieg on my story! I loved getting all of your thoughts and reactions!

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