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Review:Remus says:
Review #2.

I just could not help but feel afraid for Draco when Minerva greeted him. Sorta scared for him, you know. Specially after reliving the war from his point of view it sort of changes things up a bit. The poor guy, though, can't catch a break! First those that were his friends call him a coward and a muggle-lover. And those that fought against Voldemort call him Death Eater. He's hated and not trusted by absolutely no one except for his parents.

McGonagall's words...those were hard to read. You've managed to make me feel really bad for Draco. However, you definitely managed to capture a woman who is beyond angry about the whole situation. It makes me wonder, however, if she's taking all of her anger and resentment on the one person that wishes to change his ways and prove himself and others that he's not the same he was the year before. She didn't stop or hesitate with her words. The restrictions she placed on him were a bit strange coming from a kind but strict woman but very realistic considering the circumstances.

drone on about the filthy muggles and their rubbish made him itch.---Ah, there's the Draco we all know and love. However, it makes sense that McGonagall decided that he's to not take DADA classes. In a way, perhaps McGonagall was protecting Draco. I mean...all those spells that 'accidentally' might have found their way to him.

Ah, the bully becomes bullied. Part of me really wants to say again 'Poor Draco!' but he sort of deserves it!

Luna to the rescue! Wow...of all the characters I was not expecting her! She would be in her 7th year or re-taking her 6th year? I know Hermione went back to her 7th so I guess the answer is 6th...Also what about Draco? Is he starting his 7th year again? Finishing it? I mean...he's coming in for the second term. How would that work?

The whole conversation with Luna was great! Once again you managed to capture her essence that not many people understand. She seems to be the only one who is willing to give him a chance.

"This school has seen enough fighting, don't you think?"--That right there was so...Luna

I wonder if this little Hogsmeade visit might cause him trouble with McGonagall. He would still be out of the school but he'll be socializing with one of the students. I guess I should continue with chapter 4 and find out!



Author's Response: Hello, again!

Draco is caught in a very bad spot. He's trusted by neither side. Minerva definitely hasn't forgotten about the fact that Draco helped the Death Eaters infiltrate the castle on the night that Dumbledore died. I doubt that the fact that it all happened more or less according to Dumbledore's own design means that much to her. She is definitely focusing a lot of her wrath on him, because Voldemort, Bellatrix and Snape are no longer around to be on the receiving end. Fair? No. Understandable? Probably. And the restrictions she places on him, at least to me seem pretty reasonable. She's trying to protect the other students who were traumatized by the war from him, both physically (disarming him) and emotionally (isolating him).

No, the Draco you know and love (or not) is far from gone. Toned down, perhaps. Humbled. But never completely gone. That just wouldn't be realistic.

Luna and Ginny are in their "proper" seventh year in this story, while Hermione is taking the seventh year that she had to forgo in order to help Harry hunt horcruxes. Draco is in the same situation as Hermione, except that he skipped the first half of the year and now he's just trying to learn enough to earn a few N.E.W.T.s. In my mind, the first year after the war probably saw some students drift into Hogwarts a bit late as victims were released from St. Mungo's and recovered from their injuries or families that had gone into hiding or fled the country made their way back.

Luna is one of those characters who's incredible hard to write. I don't know if there is an exact definition of what it means to sound like Luna. You just know it when you read it.

The Hogsmeade visit is definitely going to cause some trouble, but it might not be the kind you're thinking of.

You spoil me, you know that? Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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