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Review:Remus says:


About time I made my way over here! :D I've decided to review-bomb you! :D Mwahahaha!!!

I absolutely loved and shuddered at the nightmare. Just the imagery and setting alone was creepy but when you added the upside down bodies...that was chilling. When you showed Harry hanging there dead Draco's own despair over Harry's death, it made me wonder if he, in the books, ever wished for Harry to win over Voldemort.

I like how you're making Draco change slowly instead of a night to morning transformation that I often see in fics. Even the nightmares seems logical. Some that write Post-War fics tend to ignore the trauma that those that fought went through. But for you to add trauma and nightmares to those that fought alongside Voldemort felt very realistic to me, specially when Draco was forced. I mean...it was Dumbledore's life or his.

The change will happen slowly, I'm sure and that's what I like about this fic. Even his acceptance in the wizarding community will come in with baby steps.

Wow, it has been ages since I've heard of the term "hasn't grassed me up." Haha, I remembered an old friend from Liverpool explaining me that one.

So Astoria's father...He doesn't like the Malfoys and he didn't fight in the war. Yet he doesn't seem to like muggle borns, right?

Ugh! I just want Draco to stop having bad friends! Seriously!! Zabini is irritating me, haha. I like how Draco is trying to get back to Hogwarts. The thought never would've occurred to me but it makes perfect sense. He does come from a higher 'pedigree' so finishing his education seems logical. Wow, can't imagine what Minerva's first thoughts would've been when she got Draco's petition.

The last bit in the restaurant was fantastic. Zabini's got a knack at annoying me, that's for sure. Haha! I don't know if I've already ask you this before but is this story go a bit along CoB? Not saying like a prequel but just a side story that falls under the same universe you created with CoB.

Anyway! I really enjoyed reading this chapter. Astoria made a small appearance but I think things are going to not go so well with her father when she and Draco start dating. I wonder, however, if you're going to bring any info as to what the Golden Trio are doing right now...aside from Hermione being at Hogwarts. But I still have a few chapters to go so we'll see!

On with chapter 3!


Author's Response: Take cover! It's a review bombing!

What an awesome surprise! Absolutely made my day!

I'm relieved that Draco's nightmare seemed to work for readers. I had this really vivid image in my head and I felt like I was struggling to translate it into words. I'm not sure when Draco crossed the line in his own mind, but definitely by the time he lied to Bellatrix about knowing who Harry was, he had come to the realization that if Voldemort killed Harry it wasn't a good thing for him.

Draco is very gradually coming around. I agree with you. If it happens too fast, it doesn't seem very real.

I think Astoria's father is well-intentioned but somewhat naive about the truth of Voldemort's rise to power. The truth is that Voldemort didn't become powerful because of the Blacks or Malfoys, he recruited the Blacks and Malfoys because he was already powerful and he knew that having them on his side would increase that power. But make no mistake, he would have caused a war with or without their support. And Horatio Greengrass also harbors some of the same prejudices as other heads of old, pure blood houses. He just isn't militant about them.

You know, I really didn't think about whether Zabini's story is going to line up with the way he's explained in CoB, but I suppose I haven't directly contradicted myself yet. As Draco's erstwhile Slytherin friends go, Zabini is somewhere in between. He isn't as much of a dead-ender as Flint, Gamp, Goyle and the others, which is why Draco experimentally reaches out to him.

I'm really glad that you enjoyed it. Astoria will feature more and more prominently in the chapters to come. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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