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Review:Gabriella Hunter says:

Its Gabbie here with your requested review! I've favorited this so I can read it whenever I feel like it, so no worries about not seeing me anymore! So, that beginning. What a nightmare. I thought that to open with something so dark and end this chapter on a slightly lighter not was brilliant. The torment that Draco was going through was so clear that I got the shivers, I thought your details were amazing. And gruesome! I don't shy away from violence so I was able to read the entire nightmare sequence without pausing, it was great writing. The fact that he saw friends and foes and even his parents was something that I didn't expect. It showed that there was more guilt in his mind and heart than he would have wanted to admit to. The sight of Harry of course near the end really threw me, because it seemed as if he had been relying on him to win. In the dream, his panic was so wild, he just couldn't imagine what horrors would come if Voldemort had killed Harry.
No hope for the wizarding world and no hope for him either. I loved that aspect of his character! You wouldn't have seen that anywhere else so its great!
Now, his conversation with his mom was a little shorter than I thought it would be. But I'm glad that she was able to support him, even though she had some doubts, which I found realistic. They'll have to think of how to fix his father eventually, I think that might take a while though.
Now, onto Astoria! Little bookworm isn't she? I swear that our Astoria's are one and the same, though yours doesn't read Muggle novels. Anyway, the fact that she was intent on studying to get through her NEWTs shows that she's got her head on straight. Her father's relationship with her is really sweet and I thought his little teasing of her was pretty adorable. Until he started ranting. Also, will be find out more about Daphne's little beau?
Okay, so I agreed alot with what her father was saying right up until he said all that drivel about purebloods needing respect for old magic. Mmkay. And that line about blood traitors and muggles, etc, etc. He lost me there. Hahaha. His concern for his daughter is touching but while he was ranting, did I detect some jealousy towards the Malfoy/Blacks? He seemed focused more on Lucius than anything else, comparing Draco to him without really thinking about the differences. Hm. Curious stuff!
Astoria is extremely kind though and I'm glad that she was able to stick up for Draco, even if it was just for a moment. Hopefully, things will work out at Hogwarts?
So. Draco and Blaise! Argh. I thought his conversation with him was really tense, I could see how nervous he was during the whole thing. It had been three months and I'm glad that Draco hadn't gone back to his old ways and you didn't let us think it had been easy. :3
But Blaise! He seems like he's suffering a little too. I'm not sure if you'll play around with this more but I hope that you will. The restaurant bit was a little scary for a moment, I thought that they were going to be arrested at some point. :(
But Draco handled himself well, though I liked how you hinted at how he hated using the skills he'd learned from his aunt and uncle. :)
Blaise doesn't seem like he wants to let the past go though and Draco walking away from him really shows how much HE wants to change. Loved it. :D
No CC's either! :D Yay!
I'll be back!
Much love,

Author's Response: Sigh. I guess I have to respond to this lovely review sooner or later, don't I? It's such sweet sorrow when they disappear from my Unanswered Reviews page.

I'm really glad that you found the nightmare scene to be engrossing. When I was writing it, I wasn't sure whether it was easy enough to visualize, let alone get caught up in. It's one more link in a chain of events that I hope makes clear just how much baggage Draco is still carrying around that he hasn't come close to dealing with. You're correct, I think. Draco definitely reached a point in the war where -- like nearly everyone else -- he was counting on Harry to pull it out somehow. I think that because of the brutal way that Voldemort treated his family, Draco was among the first of the Death Eaters to see the Dark Lord for the merciless tyrant that he really was.

I didn't want to belabor the conversation between Draco and Narcissa too much. To my mind, she's so pleased by his change of heart that she doesn't want to jeopardize it by interrogating him about it or fawning over him. He's a Malfoy, after all. I have the distinct feeling that excessive displays of affection make him itch. ;)

Astoria is a very good daughter, indeed, and more than a bit bookish. She's also a bit naive about how the world works, which is why her father is so concerned for her. He probably does feel a little bit jealous of the Blacks and Malfoys, but he feels quite justified in being angry with them. Since he was never part of the Dark Lord's circle, he really doesn't understand that Voldemort was not your garden variety megalomaniacal dark wizard. To put it another way, he thinks that Lucius made Voldemort king, as opposed to Voldemort making Lucius a slave. And he does have some of the standard prejudices that come with an old-money, pureblood upbringing.

I tried really hard to strike a balance in Draco's get-together with Zabini. There definitely needed to be elements of temptation there. A self-destructive yet pleasurable lifestyle is not an easy thing to walk away from, even after one realizes that it's self-destructive. Zabini is definitely suffering, but he's still too wrapped up in things to realize it. They weren't in any danger of getting arrested, but they were definitely right on the verge of getting cursed. I think it's important to underscore that while Draco doesn't feel good about using the things he learned in the war, he's certainly willing to do it if required.

I'm quite pleased that you didn't see anything wrong. I look forward to hearing from you again. Thanks for the lovely review!

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