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Review:Gabriella Hunter says:

Its Gabbie here with your requested review and wow, wow, wow! What an amazing thing to end my day! I thought it was such a lovely, haunting sort of way to start this story off and I really can't get over how much brilliant this was.
I've taken to regarding Draco's Post War experience as a hard thing to write but I think you've captured all of his pain and misery wonderfully. I can't even begin to describe it perfectly but he felt so real and genuine that I felt so badly for him. He was never a character that I particularly cared for in the HP world and I'd always wished that he'd chosen a different path in HBP. What you've givne me here is the regrets and mistakes that he's made and I'm awed at how realistic you've portrayed it. Its not an easy thing to write, but you've done such a great job. There were still touches of his haughtiness mixed in somewhere with how unhappy he was and I hope that spark comes back sometime down the line. How the Wizarding world is viewing him now really was a bit of Karma for him, he's not quite sure how to handle it. Its like reverse-racism, if you don't mind me saying and I liked that you didn't stray from how the public would view him. It was a good insight on how the world was still recovering and his little tidbits about the War itself were brief, but powerful. The fear and worry over the future and the elation that it was all over was done really well, even though you could still sense that he disliked Harry. Hahah.
So, his thing with Astoria. I'll be honest and admit that I have a Draco/Astoria on my page that is COMPLETELY differrent from the way you had them. It doesn't fall in line with canon on alot of things but I liked how you introduced her, giving those hints of canon that I enjoy. Draco's reaction to her was sweet, confused and a little wary, which I think he's entitled to. But the fact that she gave him some hope really touched me, I'm really rooting for him and his letter to his mother made me so choked up. I couldn't have written anything like that without messing the entire thing up! So, wonderful, lovely job.
There was like, one grammar thing and this was a big chapter! Not a problem for me but I know some people might not like to read something so long but that isn't something you need to change. :D I make really long chapters too. Its fun. :D
Thanks for the awesome read!
Much love,

Author's Response: Wow! I was not expecting something this quickly. And such a supportive, detailed review, too! Let's dive right in...

I definitely agree with you. There are a lot of tricky things about writing Draco after the war. The experience definitely changed him, but I don't think it's right to white-wash his character or completely redeem him, either. He definitely did some terrible things during the war: using the Imperius Curse on Madam Rosmerta, cursing Katie Bell with the necklace, letting the Death Eaters into Hogwarts and watching as his aunt tortured Hermione among them. So I always cringe when I see a story where he becomes this very noble character after the war. And the ones where he becomes an Auror... um, yeah. What's the weather like on your planet? ;)

That said, I doubt that his suffering ended when Voldemort died, and I'm sure that not all of it was completely fair and justified. I'm sure he did suffer from a lot of prejudice and mistreatment from people who were wronged by the Death Eaters. The fact that his family changed sides at the end probably meant that they were despised by *both* sides.

You know, I took a peek at your Draco/Astoria. I want to read it a bit more thoroughly before I form an opinion, so for now I'll just say that it's an interesting take.

I freely admit that I have certain motivations for treating her the way I do in Detox. I want her character to line up with how she's portrayed in Conspiracy of Blood, even though this story is not, strictly speaking, a prequel. So I do think of her as somebody who has a big heart and a strong moral compass, but still harbors some degree of blood purity prejudice and classism. It's just the way that she was raised.

If you happen to think of what the grammar issue you saw was, please PM me. I like to be tidy. ;)

Thanks so much for this awesome review! I will be back to re-request!

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