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Review:mirasoul says:
This honestly broke my heart.

Beautifully tragic. That's how I'd describe it. Or maybe tragically beautiful. One or the other.

Your imagery in the beginning is breathtaking. Your metaphors and transitions--especially the recurring one comparing the water to diamonds, and emeralds to Draco--are impeccable. My favorite thing, however, is probably your characterization.

I love reading Dramione fics--not on this site, for some reason, but I do--but I absolutely detest the way Ron is usually portrayed in them. He's always either selfish, brainless, a complete prat, or a combination of all three. It irks me because Ron is one of my favorite characters: I love just how human he, Draco, and Percy are, especially in contrast the almost every other character who is either completely good or completely evil. Ron makes mistakes constantly. It's just what people do. And sometimes those mistakes, and your experiences, can break a person. I love how you explained that that's what happened to Ron. That's why he and Hermione fell out of love. Not because he's malicious or self-centered (although, yes, he didn't notice that she didn't like diamonds or even rings as Draco did, but come on, he's always been a bit thickheaded), but because he's lost to the point of no return. The war took him away. But he's still able to hold onto a tiny part of humanity, enough to give her the option to leave because he loves her too much to make her stay. That's the Ron Rowling wrote, and that's the Ron you stayed true to.

Draco, I think, is also spot-on. How very Slytherin of him to run away, not because he doesn't love her--not even because of anything to do with her--but just because it's the easy way out. I could tell he really did care for her though. I felt for the both of them. And that line about him belonging to her? Pure gold.

I love the complexities of Hermione you displayed. She's always been so self-sacrificing, and you really captured that here. She may not love Ron anymore, but she loved him once, and for a girl as kindhearted and selfless as her that's enough to make her stay. And those insecurities about what would happen if she tried to find him? They were almost too much to handle, they felt so genuine.

This was absolutely beautiful. I don't have any real criticism, other than "fiancée" should be fiancé when referring to the male. Just a little grammar thing that's a pet peeve of mine. Other than that, thank you for requesting a review for this because I wouldn't have discovered it otherwise. It was just so...real, the pain. In a completely amazing way that only a true writer can accomplish.

- mirasoul, from the forums

Author's Response: Oh wow. This review was so detailed and so so lovely, thank you so much.

I'm really glad to see that we have similar views on Ronmione, and Dramione. When the two are unrealistically done (especially when done in the same fic) it infuriates me to no end. Because Ron Weasley wasn't a jerk who would call Hermione awful names and all that junk, and Draco Malfoy wasn't perfect, and I abhor when people portray them as such. So really, thank you :)

You are far, far too kind, and I would like to sincerely thank you for the wonderful review. I wish I could spend hours and paragraphs thanking you but I really don't know what else to say other than you are lovely, and I really appreciate you taking the time to go into such wonderful detail.

Thank you very much love xx

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