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Review:Jchrissy says:
Good morning, dear!

I love the starting of this. The ruthless way Hermione argues her case about the Statue of Secrecy, even when given good solid reasons on why that must remain in place she continues to combat those with her own reasons. I never thought of what the parents of Muggle borns would think about Hogwarts after the battle, but it makes sense that they would be nothing but terrified. A school under attack from one of the most terrifying wizards, too many people (plenty of those being children) killed. It's surprising enough that the Creevey's let Colin go back after being petrified his first year, but then to lose him... it can't imagine them even considering sending Dennis back.

And what's this?? You sneaky, sneaky man. She's been practicing the argument all along! Now it makes sense why they're on a first name basis, and even more impressive that she was able to take the mock debate seriously when it was with someone as familiar as her nephew. Love it. And I love that these two would be working together, it just fits in my head for some reason.

Even though I was a but worried during Hermione's inspection of the package and kind of did just want her to call Harry, I still loved the way she kind of continued to brush Albus's suggestions off and created a safe ward for the package then, after finding it not threatening, open it. Albus made me giggle through this whole section, and it's nice to see not only how much hed cares about his aunt, but how highly he really regards his father. And I think the little details about how careful she, and I'm assuming all of the trio, is about things like packages without addresses completely made this chapter. It was a really great reminder that, even though the war is over, they're still very cognizant of the kind of enemies they've made and don't take things lightly. It was years ago that Hermione had Harry's broom confiscated by McGonagall, and it's awesome to see that she hasn't changed :P.

I feel like Hermione has many, many reasons to have very hard feelings against Greyback and the way you showed her letting her facade slip, losing her own control in the second section, was just PERFECT. She became close with Remus during the remainder of his life, and then of course was probably as good as an aunt to his orphaned son. She watched the Weasleys go through what they did with Bill. Watched Lavender be attacked, possibly murdered (assuming I haven't read the final chapter yet :P) by Greyback, and then of course was *very* close to being one of his victims. She's seen his blood thirst first hand and witnessed the fact that it his nothing to do with his disease, and everything to do with his own sick nature. This second section wouldn't have been half as strong without that anger brewing so close to Hermione's surface, and it kept me so enthralled. I wanted her to snap, I almost wanted her to beat the guy over the head and tell him that he's never seen what Greyback can do, but she has. The entire scene was just so awesome. And Greyback gave me chills. Bad Monster, bad.

Now the fact that he's possibly being released on an Act that Hermione had passed, that's just a slap in the face. Her and Albus's talk was really powerful, but that last line.. absolute perfection. I love where you decided to split it. And now I have to wait week to see what happens?! ;).

I really love this one, Dan. And between this and the Hagrid/Harry story, I feel like you may enjoy writing this legal/court type of thing? Hmmm?

Okay, work time, boo.

Author's Response: Hello, darling! Why does it always take me so long to respond to your reviews? Partly because I have to think so hard to do them justice, and also partly because I love to see them gracing my Unanswered Reviews page, I suppose. At any rate, the time has come.

We all know that Hermione pulls no punches when arguing for causes she feels passionate about, so I tried to capture some of that absolute righteous indignation when she's rehearsing with Albus for her negotiations. And I agree that for muggle families already struggling with the concept of sending their children to a magical school, it would have been well-nigh impossible to convince them after losing a child in the war. As far as Albus going into the legal profession with his aunt, he just never seemed like an Auror type to me. He's too reserved.

You weren't the only one who wanted her to call Harry. I think Albus was pretty scared, too. But he trusts her implicitly and she does take a lot of precautions. That didn't stop him from trying to talk her out of it, but naturally she doesn't let him get a word in edgewise. ;) I really have to assume that all of the Order and D.A. members who survived the war spent the rest of their lives embracing Moody's philosophy on vigilance. Something like that never leaves you.

There's a rational part of Hermione that probably felt as though Greyback deserved a chance to prove himself, but, no, she would never be willing to give him a second chance. He did such terrible things before and during the war that he's irredeemable in her eyes. And she has a good point. Greyback's crimes were not strictly a consequence of his disease. He chose quite willingly to follow Voldemort. I'm glad you liked the way I wrote him. Since it's told from Albus's point of view, I really tried not to go overboard with details because I felt like Albus would have thought it was impolite to stare.

In her zeal to improve the lot of all magical beings, Hermione probably went overboard when she drafted the Statute for the Rehabilitation and Integration of the Victims of Lycanthropy. But those were heady days, and with her war heroine status and Kingsley's support she probably had little trouble getting it passed. In her own mind, at least, she had no problems drawing the line between other werewolves and Greyback, which is why the last line came across with such conviction.

I'm thinking I'll post the next chapter over the weekend, assuming I can find a satisfactory resolution to my last couple of small plot dilemmas. And I do sort of enjoy writing courtroom drama. I'm really glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for all of your wub and support!

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