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Review:Remus says:
I haven't seen you around the forums! :P

But I figured I should come and review this instead of writing ch. 4 of my story. XD Procrastination? Nah!

You know, I'm enjoying this side of Draco. We're definitely seeing a different side to him. At least the side that eventually grows and develops and takes over Draco. He's starting to see the horrors of war and while he might agree to Voldemort's agenda, he doesn't seem to like the way things are being handled.

You seriously had me fooled! I thought Bellatrix had come once again and Moody had been attacked or she was just a very, VERY brave woman by showing up with him there. But no, it was Tonks and I was just as confused as Draco for a second. My question though...how did Tonks know how to act like her dear old, loony aunt? She's been in Azkaban for a while so perhaps Tonks payed her a visit? I'm asking because Draco got scared to the point of soiling himself thanks to Tonk's brilliant performance.

Tonks, here...does she hate Draco for what his grandparents did to her mom? Or does she hate what he stands for?

Man! Narcissa in this story is so heartbreaking. You just gotta feel bad for a mother who is worried about her son's well being! When he tells her about hiding among the muggles, I can just see her waving the white flag...almost as if giving up all kinds of hope.

I'm glad that you paint Lucius as a normal father. I've read some fics where he's just intolerable and is horrible to Draco. Here, whilst a small part, you showed that he cares for his when he was given the card. HOWEVER...he's still Lucius Malfoy and of course he had to sack the nanny. I like, however, the contrast between the young and older Lucius. The way you wrote it felt like the Lucius on his 30th birthday felt ashamed of it and that's why he chased Draco away. But now that the Dark Lord is back and could possibly win...well, its like a treasure to have. I really like, however, was that 4yr old Draco tried to be like his father by 'branding' himself with soot.

The end was very powerful as we know to what extent Narcissa goes in order to keep her only son alive. If Lily had been given the option, I think she would've too. People fail to see it but both women loved their sons as did James and Lucius. Just Lucius' childhood choices are biting him on the behind right about now.

Lastly...Dromie? XD You like being different, don't you? I've (almost) always seen Andromeda shortened to 'Andy'. I've even seen it as Rome or Rommy but not Dromie. Interesting choice! XD

Until next time, Dan!


Author's Response: Hi, Rosie!

I've been a little quiet of late. I have to travel for work the last 2 1/2 days of this week, which basically means cramming 5 days worth of work into 2 1/2 days. Hopefully I'll be more lively next week.

I'm glad you're enjoying what I've been doing with Draco. It's been challenging and very rewarding to try to imagine these horrific events from the perspective of this spoiled, arrogant, sixteen-year-old twerp and then try to explain how his views would gradually change as he gradually realizes just how much danger he and his mother are in.

Ha! I'm glad my little feint with Tonks fooled you. The idea popped into my head as I was writing it and I absolutely fell in love with it. As far as Tonks knowing how to mimic her aunt, I'm sure that the Aurors had some sort of psychological profile on her. And Tonks had first-hand experience dueling her in the Department of Mysteries. As far as scaring Draco to the point of wetting himself, well, I don't know that it was such a huge accomplishment. The guy is still freaked out from the night before. My guess is that Tonks could have turned in a B- performance and Draco still would have fell for it.

I think that Tonks hates everything Draco represents. And she hates the fact that he glories in his family's money and misdeeds. As to whether she hates him personally, well, she probably doesn't think he's worth hating.

Wow. You're the second person to say that they feel really badly for Narcissa. I'm starting to wonder whether I've written her a bit too sympathetically. It isn't that I don't want people to feel bad for her at all, but she has brought a lot of this upon herself by being such a genuinely unpleasant person up to this point.

I'm sure Lucius had his moments of warm normality during Draco's youth. But he's also proud and also rather scared of winding up in Azkaban for his past involvement with the Dark Lord. To me, that fear had more to do with chasing Draco away than any shame he felt. But once the Dark Lord returns, Lucius changes his entire tune. Then, after the Dark Lord falls, Lucius changes his tune again. The guy is a veritable jukebox!

Augh! Dromie! Perhaps the worst decision I've yet made while writing anything! I just wanted a short, affectionate pet name for her. Bellatrix was Bella. Narcissa was Cissy. There must have been something cutesy they called her to avoid the four-syllable formality of her real name. I tried "Andy". Really, I did. And I just couldn't imagine Narcissa saying that. There is nothing in canon, because Bellatrix and Narcissa obviously never speak fondly of her in the books. So I took a swing and I missed. Grrr...

So, anyhow, I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter! The next one might be a little while, because the characters just aren't behaving well in my head right now. We shall see whether they suddenly fall into line. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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