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Review:ShieldSnitch3 says:
Oh my goodness. It's finally happened. I've caught up with the story. You need to stop updating so quickly so I have more time to read. Seriously. You're like a freaking machine.

Anyway. I don't really remember what I was going to talk about, so this is going to be really random. Ready? Okay.

I read the little chapter summary thing before I clicked on it and I was like, "YES. MARRY KYLE. YYEESS."

And then I read the chapter and SHE DIDN'T MARRY KYLE. Needless to say, I was disappointed.

But back to the story - woah. I've missed a lot. FYI, this is going to cover like all the chapters that I missed, so try and keep up.

Jack and Summer. Connor and Dom. Fred and Penny. Gaaahh there was so much coupleness. But no Kyle. And James. Jamesss. I get that he was hurt - really, I do - especially because he's so used to being the best at everything - but seriously, man? LET IT GOOO. She was drunk. Stuff happens.

One thing I don't understand: James was all like, "But you agreed to be with only meee," and Summer was all like, "But I'm sorry (or something like that)," and James was still like "But you agreed to be with only meee." I just don't get that - I always thought that friends with benefits were like "oh, I think you're hot, but I can still be with someone else if I want." You know? Like, the point is that you /don't/ have to be exclusive. That's why you do one of those things, or at least that's what I thought. I think James is messed up in the head - nope, he's /definitely/ messed up in the head. Idiot.

Oh, and another thing. SUMMER. She doesn't want to date someone because she doesn't want to be tied down, but yet she goes and says she'll be exclusive with James? What are you thinking, woman? Come on.

Right. Okay. Summer's family. This is actually really hitting home with me because I have a friend who's kind of going through the same thing. She actually said to me, "I always wondered why they even got married in the first place." That kind of seems like what Summer found out from James - about her parents not really loving each other. And I do think that was a good thing to put in there, all of that background stuff, because it /does/ explain a lot of things about what's going and why Summer's so crazy in the head. I dunno if I'm excusing her dad for cheating, but it does explain why he might have done it. I guess I'm just kind of iffy on the whole thing - like, I understand how he was trapped and stuff, but I - I don't know. That's an awful situation to be in.

But really - her roommate's sister? AWKWARD.

JACK. POOR JACK. I WANT HIM. If Summer doesn't want him, I'll take him. Ooh, idea! You should have a chappie image of Jack using Jack from Titanic. *swoons* Just one of my many random thoughts.

And finally Summer and James. Just - askljfdkhgahdka. I don't know what to say about those two. Frustration mostly. I just - they were going to sleep together? I don't know about them, but that would make things so awkward between me and my best guy friend. But hey, they're cool with that kind of stuff. I just wish she hadn't been with Jack when they tried to have a go at it. Especially because James knows what it's like to be cheated on and how awful it feels, but he still was going to do it with her. When she had a boyfriend. And yet he goes after Al for doing the same thing with Natalie? Sounds a bit hypocritical to me, Jimmy.

Wait - I've thought of something else. Summer's character development. I /love/ the character development. Explains a lot of things, you know? So points for that. And she's growing, especially in this last chapter. Good for her.

Oh, and Frennie ♥

Don't let things go bad for them. Please.

So... predictions for the next chapter. Kyle inexplicably proposes to Summer, and she agrees because she suddenly has an epiphany and realizes that Kyle is the coolest swagmaster to walk the face of the planet. James says something along the lines of "you can't get engaged to Kyle because I LURVE YOU," but Summer says "screw you, James," and marries Kyle anyway. And then James goes into a spiraling depression and actually does wind up marrying Summer's mom. THE END.

Oh, right, and my thoughts on a sequel. Nearly forgot about that. Hmm... I don't know. I mean, if you do have a plot idea and you think you could write another one, then yeah, go for it. But don't just write one because people want you too. I think there has to be a really distinct story that needs to be told for you to do one. Also, I think you should consider whether or not this story wraps up well. If everything gets tied together nicely at the end, then I wouldn't write a sequel. But if there are still things up in the air, then I think it would be all right to do one. There are a bunch of different factors to consider, me thinks.

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