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Baby of Mine by hermystwin

Format: Novel
Chapters: 37
Word Count: 81,539
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse

Genres: Drama, Romance, AU
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Bellatrix, Draco, Ginny, Blaise (M), OC
Pairings: Draco/Hermione

First Published: 04/01/2005
Last Chapter: 08/07/2009
Last Updated: 08/24/2009

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Hermione and Draco are Head Boy and Girl. They think this is going to be their best year...until they meet with Professor McGonagall on the train. As their year rolls on they are faced with more and more problems that branch from who they meet on that train ride. When this happens who will they turn to?

Chapter 1: Prologue
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"No please don't!" A young man growled at the feet of an older man.

"You are so weak," the older man sneered.

"I am not," the young man managed. "Just because I fell in love, doesn't mean I am weak."

"No, you are nothing but a weak, worthless little disgrace," he snarled menacingly.

"At least I'm not a stuck up ignorant-to-the-world-around-him bastard of a lackey," the young man snarled back at him.

The older man had had enough. He took his cane and smacked it on the young man's head.

"You will never speak to me like that, boy. I have every power to kill you and her," he glanced at the bed in the corner saying 'her' with extreme distaste, as if it left a disgusting taste in his mouth.

A sudden fear swept across the seventeen year old.

"But no, I would rather watch you both suffer not knowing what is happening to them," he smirked down at the young man.

"No, please I'll do anything, anything just don't hurt her," he said rather loudly, the fear and worry evident in his voice.

The man grinned in an evil, twisted way and threw his head back and laughed. The sound was cold, hollow, and evil .

He turned on his heel and stalked over to a large wooden door, , still grinning like a maniac, and glaring at the occupants of the room. The young man pushed himself into a sitting position and looked around the small dungeon room. There was a large bed where a young woman his age was lying on top of the covers, asleep .. He walked over to the bed and sat down, looking at the beautiful woman laying there..

"Hey, baby," he whispered brushing his hand on her cheek.

The young woman stirred slightly and her hand went to her cheek and took his hand. She smiled without opening her eyes.

"Hey, honey," she murmured. "Where are they?"

His mouth dried up and he gulped. Her eyes opened and locked with his.

"Sweetie?" she barely managed to say.

He couldn't make eye contact with his one true love. She knew what his silence meant. She began to sob uncontrollably. He took her in his arms and she grabbed the front of his robes as if her life depended on it. He pulled her against him allowing her to cry into his chest.

"I m...m...miss th...them much," she stuttered.

"I know hun, I know," he said while rubbing her back. "I miss them too. Don't worry, the Order will be here soon."

"What if they are hurt?" She said.

"Don't worry, baby. They won't hurt them, I promise. They need them," he soothed, still rubbing her back.

She pulled back from him and wiped her eyes, his hands resting on her shoulders.

"I'm sorry. I’m being stupid. I know they would never hurt them, no matter how much they'll hurt us," she muttered more to herself than him.

"No, you’re not stupid. Just scared and worried," he paused for a moment. "I am, too."

She looked up at him in awe and then smiled at him. He blushed slightly and smiled wryly.

"I love you," he whispered in her ear.

"I love you, too," she whispered back.

He leaned forward and brushed his lips lightly against hers. She pulled him closer and their lips met again, sending a shock through them both. Before they could deepen the kiss however, a loud bang came from upstairs.

Chapter 2: Surprises
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Chapter 1 Surprises

Hermione Granger stepped onto Platform 9 3/4 happily and proudly. She puffed out her chest as to make her Head Girl badge more apparent. She didn’t really need to do this as her chest was already quite large. She noticed some boys watching her as she walked past then towards the train. She smirked on the inside although she didn’t allow it to show. She knew she had changed since the first time she stepped onto Platform 9 3/4. She remembered that day so well.

The small eleven-year old version of Hermione hurried nervously around all the people on the Platform towards the train. She had bushy brown hair, buck teeth and cinnamon chocolate brown eyes. Hermione remembered being extensively nervous that day. She was after all in a new world, so unlike her own.

She had very little idea of what to do. She hadn’t even known magic existed until about two weeks ago when a strange owl had appeared to give her, her letter. She had immediately been interested and excited. Nobody even gave her a second glance. Some people had even pushed her out of their way and didn’t even bother to apologize.

A tall man with long blonde hair pushed her to the ground."Move you stupid girl!" he snarled before hurrying away.

"Why don’t you move for me!" she snapped at his retreating back, knowing that he would not hear her complaints.

A younger blonde haired boy who looked about her age stepped over to her. "Are you ok?" he asked extending his hand to her with a small smile.

Hermione nodded slowly as he pulled her onto her feet. He was a good 5 inches taller than her but she had been short all her life and was used to people looking down at her. He a shocking color of white blonde hair and deep gray-blue eyes. He was the spitting image of the rude man who had just pushed her.

"Sorry about him." he said picking her trunk up and setting it up properly next to her.

"It is okay; it wasn’t your fault." she pushed a strand of bushy hair behind her ear.

"Draco Malfoy," Draco extended his hand in front of him to shake her own.

"Hermione Granger," she took his hand and shook it firmly, glad to have made a friend already

That had been the first time she ever met Draco Malfoy. He had seemed like such a gentleman then. He had been very friendly with her until he found out she was muggleborn, which had unfortunately been soon after their first conversation. Then he had become his now usual arrogant self that she was used to.

Hermione sighed to herself.

I wonder who the Head boy is she thought, Merlin, I hope it isn’t Malfoy.

Draco Malfoy strode confidently through Platform 9 3/4. He glared at everyone who even seemed to look at him wrong. It was one of those powers that came with being a seventh year. He remembered the first time he had walked onto the platform. He was of course accompanied by his father only as his mother had been feeling under the weather that day and had stayed home in bed.

He would never forget that day. It had been the day he had met the mudblood Granger for the first time. She had, had buck teeth and bushy brown hair, with an aura of confidence and nerves around her. Now that he thought back on it he didn't know why he hadn't spotted her out as a mudblood. They were easy to pick out as the ones who seemed most confused or had confused parents.

He took a deep breath and thought about who the Head Girl was. He didn’t have to give it much thought as he already knew it was Hermione. The position had practically been waiting for her; no doubt about that. She was the smartest in their year and a class A suck up.

He took a deep breath and walked into the Head’s compartment . There was nobody inside.

Of course he thought Hermione is still off with her dumb little boyfriends Potter and Weasley. He hated that they had such perfect lives and that they were always the best at everything except school. He hated how they always managed to just barely pass their classes because of Granger's help. But more than anything he hated the amount of attention they received.

Draco leaned back in the seat and closed his eyes. He took a deep breath. The compartment door slid open and in walked Hermione Granger.

Of course he thought. He looked her up and down. She was basically the same as last year although he couldn't remember much. She still had long bushy brown hair that went half way down her back and her eyes were still round and cinnamon chocolate brown colored. He also noticed a small dusting of make-up across her face.  As usual she was already dressed in her school robes, as if they were almost to school.

Hermione slid open the door and walked into the Heads Compartment. Sitting on a seat leaning back with his eyes closed was Draco Malfoy. Truthfully, she was only slightly suprised. He was a bright student and Snape had probably put in a very good word for him. The only other guy who had seemed to show any signs of competition was Anthony Goldstein, who Hermione wouldn't have minded.

She mustered a sneer at Malfoy and snarled more rudely than had previously intended, "Oh it's you."

He smirked at her, "Oh do you think I enjoy your presence either mudblood?" He questioned sarcastically.

"No, why would I? Unless of course you are going soft on me." She snapped sitting down on the seat across from him glaring intensely.

"Trust me mudblood I'm not. At the end of the day I will still be around to taunt you." Malfoy’s smirk was permanently plastered on his pale face. Hermione wanted very much to slap it off his face.

Hermione glared at him but before she could retort with a good come back Professor McGonagall hurried into the room looking rather irate and disheveled.

"Oh thanks goodness your both here early," she gasped. She was out of breath and looked as if she had just run a mile. She sat down on the seat next to Hermione.

"Well you both quite obviously know that you will be working together for the rest of the year," she looked at them but continued without an answer, "Well this year you will have a very special job to do. You are both top of your year and the most responsible ones. You both also have good leadership skills. That is why you were chosen so carefully this year."

"With all do respect Professor, what are you getting at?" Draco spoke up, questioning the motive of her speech.

Professor McGonagall began wringing her hands and looked very stressed and nervous. Hermione and Malfoy exchanged glances and continued looking at their professor. She finally sighed and stood up.

"Yes well I suppose I had better show you. No use making you wait." she exited the compartment.

A moment later she walked back in. However she wasn’t alone. Draco heard Hermione gasped at what she saw and Draco's mouth went dry. In the crook of her arm was a sleeping infant and standing next to her was a small boy who looked about four or five. Hermione unknowingly stood up.

"Here you go Ms.Granger," Professor McGonagall handed Hermione the sleeping baby swaddled in a pink blanket.

Without warning the little boy ran to Hermione yelling, "Mummy!"

Draco sniggered as the young boy caught her by surprise around the middle almost causing her to fall down. Hermione didn’t even get to glare at him as she was so surprised at the little boy who had her around the middle. Did he just call her mummy?

"Uh, Professor?" Hermione started but never got to finish.

"Yes, I know unfortunately I cannot explain here." McGonagall handed her a sealed envolope.

"This should explain a good bit. The rest will be explained after the feast. Good day." Professor McGonagall stood up.

When she reached the door she stopped and grabbed something next to the door. She turned around and handed Hermione a diaper bag. The Professor left quickly before they could ask any questions. Hermione looked down at the envelope and then at the baby in her arms. She turned to Malfoy and pushed the baby into his arms.

"What the fuck?" Malfoy said loudly taken by surprise. It was obvious that he hadn't been around babies much in his life.

"Shut up. Don't swear in front of younger kids." Hermione snapped at him as she began to open the envelope.

"Don’t tell me what to do Granger. You are not my mother."he snarled back.

"Daddy swore." the little boy said in an awed voice pointing at Malfoy.

Malfoy opened his mouth to say something but then closed it quickly. Finally someone left Malfoy at a loss for words.

Chapter 3: The Letter
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The Letter

Hermione opened the letter carefully trying not to rip it after plopping down on a seat. Inside it read:

Dear Ms.Granger and Mr.Malfoy,

As you already know you are now in charge of taking care of two small children. The young boy is four and named Dylan. The infant girl is seven months and named Sofia. They both showed up on the steps of Grimmauld Place. Due to the circumstances they were living in they were removed and sent to Hogwarts to be watched over. When they were brought to Hogwarts they were given a memory potion and their minds altered to think that the two of you were their parents. Please see Professor's Snape and McGonagall before the feast in the Entrance Hall.

Yours Sincerely,
Professor Albus Dumbledore

Hermione looked up and sighed handing Malfoy the letter. He read it quickly then went back through and read it again his brow furrowed. Scowling he stared at the children for a moment before sighing and throwing the letter back at Hermione. He finally got up and sat next to Hermione to look at the baby. He smiled slightly at her.

"Daddy?" the small boy named Dylan stood at Malfoy's knees looking up at him.

Malfoy who wasn't used to being called Daddy didn't react but kept staring at the baby. Hermione nudged him softly in the ribs. He looked up at her with a questioning look and she nodded towards Dylan.

"Oh, err, what is it?" he asked Dylan.

"I gots to go!" he said jumping up and down a bit. Malfoy looked genuinely confused.

"Huh?" Malfoy scratched his head.

"Honestly, Malfoy, he means he asked to use the restroom." Hermione sighed and rolled her eyes.

"Oh," he muttered, "Well then go ahead"

"He needs you to go with him." Hermione informed, irritated at Malfoy's extreme lack in parenting skills.

"What!" Malfoy yelped jumping a bit in his seat.

Hermione shook her head and stood up. Handing Malfoy the baby, she crouched down to look Dylan in the eye.

"Come on Dylan mommy has to take you to the bathroom".H ermione said sweetly.

"But I want daddy." he whined with an adorable pout

"Malfoy just go with him"Hermione snapped.

Malfoy shifted uncomfortably in his seat. "Fine! Come on then!" Malfoy stood up and handed the baby back to Hermione before taking Dylan's hand whom led him out the door.

Draco walked down the hall praying they wouldn't run into anybody on the way to the bathroom. When they reached the bathroom he cautiously peered in just in case someone was there. It was empty. Dylan ran in and quickly relieved himself. When he was done they returned to the compartment.

Inside Hermione the Heads Compartment was softly humming to the small infant in her arms.

"Mommy I'm bored"Dylan whined.

That kid whines way too much Draco thought sitting down across from them.

"Ok, come on we're gonna go see Aunt Ginny and Uncle Harry and Uncle Ron." Hermione said sweetly, taking on her motherly role in stride. She had always been wonderful with kids ever since she could remember.

Draco snorted at the names for her friends.

"Snuff it." she said dryly glaring over at him.

Taking Dylan's hand she lead them out of the room.

Draco watched them walk out still sniggering slightly. He lied down stretching across the seat remembering the three hours of sleep he got the previous night. He closed his eyes and quickly fell asleep peacefully.

Hermione walked down the train until she got to a compartment 3 from the last. The one Ron, Harry, Ginny, and herself always sat in together. Inside Ginny and Harry were sitting very close together while Ron sat alone on the other seat.

"Hermione!"Ginny exclaimed as she walked in but her face fell when she saw Dylan and Sofia.

"Hermione, what are they doing here!"Ron snapped rudely.

"Ron don't be so rude"Ginny hissed.

Hermione handed Ginny, Sofia and sat don next to Ron pulling Dylan onto her lap.

"Well there is a fairly interesting story to go with that"Hermione plunged into her story of all she knew
about the kids.

"Wait let me get this straight. One you have to share a common room with Malfoy and possibly a bedroom and bathroom. Two you have to spend most of your time with him. And three you have to take care of two kids with him"Harry was trying to conceal his laughter which contorted his face horribly.

"It's not funny Harry!"Ginny snapped at him"I feel so bad for you 'Mione. We are really going to miss you"

Ron sat there with a horror-stricken slightly rejected look on his face.

"Mommy, I want daddy"Dylan said sliding off of Harry's lap and hurrying over to her.

Hermione winced at the word 'daddy'.
"Ok sweetie lets go back to the compartment"she stood up taking Sofia from Ginny"I'll see you guys at the feast, bye"

"Bye Hermione." they chorused as she walked out.

"Malfoy, wake up!"Hermione yelled at him, pushing on his shoulder's rather roughly. The boy simply would not wake up from his sound sleep.

Groggily Draco opened his eyes slowly and glared up at the brown haired girl, "What?" he snapped.

"We are almost at school you have to get your robes on." she stood up and allowed him to get his robes and exit to go to the bathroom to change.

Hermione sat down next to Dylan who had watched the whole scene of Hermoine waking Malfoy with an amused smile on his face. Hermione looked at him for a moment before getting up to get hers and Malfoy's things down off the rack above their heads. He seemed to be a such a sweet boy.

Malfoy came back in and helped her take down his trunk, which was very heavy. The train was slowing to a stop at Hogsmeade. Their compartement door swung open early and they assumed they were to leave early. As soon as the train had stopped Hermione, Malfoy, and the two children were able to beat the crowd.

Outside it was pouring down rain in heavy torrents. Hermione shielded Sofia as well as she could. Malfoy held Dylan's hand and they hurried towards a carriage that had, in big letters, HG and HB. Inside there was two black seats on either side. On their right the seat had a baby's cart seat buckled down. Setting Sofia into the cradle Hermione sat down in the seat next to her.

Malfoy sat across from her and stared out the window. Dylan sat on the other side of Sofia and looked out the window, occasionally oohing and ahhing. Hermione couldn't help but smile as she remembered the first time she had seen Hogwarts.

When they walked through the front doors Professor Snape and Professor McGonagall were waiting for the. McGonagall had obviously calmed down a good deal; the weight of seeing to two children was obviously a bit much for a woman of her age. Snape looked his usual loathsome self.

"Follow us," Snape snapped curtly as they approached swiveling on his heel and heading up the steps.

They all followed him and McGonagall up the steps and down a corridor. Then they turned left, then right, then right again and finally stopped in front of a portrait of a family. There was a brown haired young woman holding a baby. Standing next to her was a blonde haired man with his arm around the woman and a hand on the shoulder of boy of about six. Standing next to the boy was a small girl who was about two.

"Password?" the little boy clapped his hands together eagerly.

"Buttercup Rum." Professor McGonagall spoke clearly but only loud enough so that the small group could hear them.

The common room was circular and had a thick navy blue carpet. On the windows were navy blue curtains. There was a large fire between two windows that took upmost of the wall. In front of the fire was a wooden coffee table. Behind the coffee table was a navy blue couch, with baby blue pillows. To the left was a doorway into what looked like a kitchen. In the other side there was four doors. On the ceiling was a humongous crystal chandelier that appeared to have fairies lighting it.

"This is the Head Boy and Girl common rooms," Professor McGonagall said, "You will live here together and spend almost all of your time here. We do hope you won't fight as you have an important
job." McGonagall nodded towards Dylan and Sofia. "This room has almost never been used for Heads. It was unneccesary."

Snape stepped forward with a sneer on his face, "The door closest to us on the right is a nursery for the baby, and then a bedroom for the little boy.There is a bathroom, and last but not least is your favorite room the bedroom you will share."

Hermione and Malfoy's jaws dropped open. If Dylan and Sofia had not been there they would have been screaming.

"Now you must hurry down to the feast before you are late," McGonagall urged them, "You may look at your rooms quickly but don't be late."

With that said both Professor swept out of the room leaving the two teens and children alone.

"Dylan, why don't you go see your new room," Hermione suggested walking to the nursery.

The nursery had yellow walls and pink carpet. On the walls was a border of brown teddy bears with blue ribbons around their necks. There was toys spread throughout the room and a crib was in the middle. Near the crib was a wooden rocking chair. A changing table was against the far wall next to a garbage can.

Hermione laid Sofia down in the crib and left the room quietly keeping the door open in case she started crying. Malfoy was just exiting Dylan's room and heading towards theirs.

Hermione took a deep breath before stepping inside.

This room was also navy blue. There were two beds. One on each side of the room. Malfoy apparently claimed the one that had black and blue sheets. So Hermione took the other one, which was purple and blue. They each had a full length mirror and a dresser. Hermione's dresser, unlike Malfoy's, had a vanity.

Well at least we don't have to share a bed Hermione thought shuddering.

"Come on Granger, we have to go down to the feast," Malfoy drawled from the door.

Ignoring him Hermione swept past him to the nursery. Picking Sofia out of the crib the walked to Dylan's room and called him out.

"Come on, Dylan, its time to go down to the feast." Hermione knocked on the door softly with her knuckles.

Dylan ran out of the room like lightning towards Malfoy who was leaning against the wall by the portrait. Grabbing Malfoy's hand he pulled him out the door. Hermione fell into step with them and soon they found themselves at the Great Hall.

"Go in first and in about five minutes I will come in," Malfoy told her shifting the weights of his feet.

Hermione nodded, "Dylan, come here. You're going to sit with me."

Dylan walked over to her as Hermione took out her wand.

"Take off your shoes"she instructed.

Nobody payed any attention to her as they were already eating. As swiftly as she could she made her way to where Ron, Harry, and Ginny were saving a spot for her and Dylan. They all grinned and waved as she approached. Sitting down she made Sofia situated and handed her to Ron. Dylan climbed on to the seat next to Hermione and kneeled on the bench.

"Mommy, I'm hungry." Dylan whined.

Without answering Hermione put some food on his plate and told him to eat before turning back to the others.

"So how are your quarters?" Ginny asked eagerly with a wide smile.

"They are beautiful and would be even more beautiful if I didn't have to share a kitchen, common room, bathroom, and oh yeah a bedroom with Malfoy." Hermione talked in false cheerfulness.

"What!" Ron yelled, a few people turning to see what he was yelling about.

"Ron don't yell!" Hermione hissed.

"You have to share a bedroom with Malfoy?" Harry said incredously, "Please tell me you have separate beds."

"Yes of course we have separate beds, it would be against the rules if we didn't." Hermione began eating her own food.

When the last of the desserts had disappeared Professor Dumbledore stood up.

"I would like to announce this years Head Boy and Girl are none other than, Ms.Hermione Granger of Gryffindor, and Mr.Draco Malfoy of Slytherin." The whole hall erupted with cheers from all four houses as Hermione and Malfoy stood up to be acknowledged.

Dumbloedore made a few more announcements to which Hermione paid as much attentioned to as she could. Dylan was more preoccupying though as he tried to sneak away from her sight.

Draco watched as she walked into the hall, taking note that everybody was eating. After waiting for about five minutes he entered the Great Hall and headed over to the Slytherin table.

"Oh, Drakie poo, where have you been. I didn't see you today on the train." Draco had barely sat down when Pansy Parkinson practically attacked him.

"Mafloy, you left me with Crabbe, Goyle and her on the train. What’s up with that?" His good friend Blaise Zabini flipped some bangs out of his face before he resumed eating.

Draco smirked. He didn’t intend to tell them everything that happened in his life. Well everybody except Blaise that was.

"Hey, Blaise come with me after the feast." Draco told his friend.

"You got it." he answered. The rest of the meal was silent.

When the last of the desserts had disappeared Professor Dumbledore stood up.

Draco smirked as when Dumbledore announced his role of Head Boy and nodded to a few people around the hall who smiled at him.

Blaise and Draco left together after the feast and announcements were over. "Where are we going?" Blaise finally asked as they made a few turns.

"I just want to show you where the Head common room is." They finally found their way there and Blaise said he had to go and left quickly.

Draco watched him go before turning around and walking into the common room. Granger's not back yet he noticed.

Deciding to got to bed he walked into the room he now shared with Granger. Stripping down to his boxers, he jumped into his bed before falling into a dreamless sleep.

"Good-Bye Hermione," Ron, Harry, and Ginny all waved to her as they walked away from the Head's common room.

"Bye!" Hermione walked in holding the hand of a very sleepy Dylan.

"Dylan go ahead off to bed. I'll be in to tuck you in,in a moment." she gave the boy a slight push towards the door.

Hermione took Sofia into her room. Setting her down carefully, Hermione quietly left the room to go to change into her pajamas.

In her room, which she shared with Malfoy, Malfoy was already sound asleep. Quickly grabbing some clothes she hid on the other side of her four-poster bed in case he was faking. After changing she left the room and hurried towards Dylan's room.

His room had deep red carpet and walls. By a huge window was a humongous bed with black sheets and deep green pillows. Scattered through the room were some toys.On his bed under some covers was Dylan.

"Good night, Dylan." Hermione ruffled his hair and kissed him lightly on the forehead.

"Night Mummy." he said curling under his blankets and sheets.

Hermione quickly left and went to her room. Jumping into bed she laid in bed a while before finally drifting off to sleep.

Chapter 4: Classes with Malfoy
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Classes with Malfoy

Hermione woke up the next morning refreshed and happy. That is until she looked across the room to see a platinum blonde boy sleeping on a bed.

Sighing she got up out of bed and dug some clothes out of her trunk. She then crossed the room to a door she assumed was the bathroom. Inside was a beautifully crafted room. The sink was white marble with gold trimming on it. There were two showers in the back next to a huge bathtub. The bathtub was even larger than the prefects bathtub. The toilet was just plain white and not very interesting but then again it was a toilet.

Hermione walked over to the shower and set her things down on a small table next to it. Testing the water, she jumped in and begin to wash herself. About five minutes later she heard the door creak open.

"Malfoy, is that you." Hermione said shrilly freezing in her position.

"No it's the bogey man, of course it's me you dolt." Malfoy snapped sarcastically at her.

"Well then get out I'm taking a shower!" Hermione yelled shrilly.

Malfoy laughed hollowly, "In case you haven't noticed Granger but there are two showers in here, and I have classes today, too."

"Well I’m almost done now get out!" Hermione was getting angrier by the minute.

"No. You might have to use the bathroom but so do I. It's ours. Now, leave me alone." Hermione heard the water in the shower next to her turn on.

"Malfoy get out right now!"Hermione screamed.

"Granger, if you don't shut up I'm gonna get in that shower with you." Malfoy half punched half knocked on her shower door.

Hermione fell silent. She defiantly didn't want Malfoy in the shower with her.

"That's what I thought." Although Hermione couldn't see him she could practically feel his smirk through the class door.

"Shut up, Malfoy, Merlin can't you keep your mouth shut for two seconds." Hermione was ready to punch his stupid pale face.

"Alright, Granger, but don't say I didn't warn you." Hermione could see Malfoy's silhouette through the door.

"Malfoy, don’t you dare, if you do I'm sure Professor Dumbledore would love to hear about how the Head Boy jumped in the shower with the Head Girl, when she obviously didn't want him there." Hermione was now the one smirking. "That would be called sexual harrassment."

Malfoy never answered but Hermione had seen him go back into his own shower next to hers. When she was finally done she turned of the water and reached out to grab her towel. Wrapping it around her slim body she got out. She grabbed her wand and conjured up a screen around herself so that she could change into her clothes.

When she had changed she walked over to the mirror. Opening the drawer under one of the sinks she found everything that was in her bathroom drawer at home. Carefully and with much expertise she applied her thin layer of make-up. When she was almost done Malfoy stepped out of the shower with nothing but a towel slung around his waist. He merely glanced at her before going back to their room.

When he was at the door however a small device by the door suddenly started wailing loudly. Malfoy nearly jumped out of his skin whilst Hermione made her way to grab it and began to examine it.

"Damn it." she muttered under her breath.

Looking at the confused expression on Malfoy's face she explained. "It's a baby monitor, obviously right now the baby is up and crying. Move so I can go get her and out some clothes on." Hermione pushed Malfoy out of his way as she went to get Sofia.

Inside the bedroom the same device was there wailing just as loudly as the one in the bathroom. Hermione practically ran to get into the nursery. In the nursery Sofia lay in her crib still wailing. At the sight of Hermione though she quieted down a bit but held out her tiny arms up to the teenage girl. Hermione picked her up out of the crib and cradled her in her arms.

"There there I'm here"Hermione smiled sweetly at the baby in her arms while sitting down in the rocking chair. Sofia curled up looking into Hermione's face.

Sofia stretched her hands into the air furling and unfurling her tiny fists. Hermione cocked her head to the side, listening to quiet mumurs of the baby.

Hermione turned around in the chair to see Malfoy standing over top of them gazing down at Sofia. Quickly standing up Hermione handed Sofia to Malfoy. Malfoy was a bit taken aback but held the baby in his arms and sat done nonetheless.

Deciding Malfoy could handle Sofia for a while whilst she did some stuff like waking up Dylan.

In the common room Hermione noticed a large clock above the entrance portrait. According to it breakfast had already started ten minutes ago.

Hermione sighed and entered Dylan's room. The little boy was still sleeping soundly in bed. Sitting down next to him she shook him softly.

"Come on, Dylan, you gotta get up"Hermione just then noticed a note on the bedside table. Picking it up she read:

Ms.Granger and Mr.Malfoy,

Just a reminder that you do have the children, Dylan and Sofia, with you all day long. You may choose to have someone babysit them but please choose this person wisely and carefully. Whether you pay or not is up to you.

Also your schedules will be in your kitchen where you may choose to eat or not. If you do eat in the kitchen then make sure you prepare a proper meal for the children.

Sincerely yours,

Professor Albus Dumbledore

Hermione sighed and shook Dylan once again. The little boy finally crawled out of bed and walked off through a door that Hermione supposed was a bathroom. At a dresser Hermione picked out some clothes for Dylan to wear that day. Leaving them on the bed she made her way back to the nursery.

Inside the nursery Malfoy was still sitting in the rocking chair but he was smiling as Sofia giggled. She came and stood by Malfoy without him noticing, but Sofia noticed.

"Muma," she stretched towards Hermione, speaking in a language they could barely understnad.

Malfoy's smile vanished from his face and he handed Hermione the baby and she gave him the note.

"I'll be in the kitchen." she told him curtly before leaving the room.

She strode across the common room not stopping until she stood inside the kitchen where she saw two slips of parchment on the table. She flipped them over and studied them both carefully. Much to her horror they were exactly the same.

Sighing Hermione stood up and started looking through the cupboards after setting the baby down in a bouncing chair. Finding some pancake mix she pulled that out and looked at the stuff she needed to cook it. Finding the recipe easy to do she dragged the rest of the ingredients out.

When she finally got them on the stove Malfoy had trudged down the steps with a very annoyed look on his face. Following closely behind was Dylan talking a mile a minute. Smiling Hermione went back to cooking. Sensing someone standing next to her she turned around to find Malfoy staring at the pancakes mesmiringly.

"What are those?" Malfoy pointed at the pancakes, his nose crunched up in disgust.

"They're called pancakes." Hermione said slowly to him.

"Oh, and you are cooking them because?" Malfoy asked still in slight confusion.

"Because breakfast already started and your schedule's on the table." Hermione was now really annoyed.

Why else would she be making food if not to eat? Merlin he could be so unbearable sometimes. Hermione flipped the pancakes and seeing they were done took them off the stove.

"Granger, do you realize we have every single class together"Malfoy's eyes watched Hermione, whom was setting the table.

"Yes, Malfoy, I realize that."Hermione put the food on the table, "Come on, Dylan, it's time to eat."

"Coming!" Dylan screamed from the common room while running into the kitchen.

They all sat down and ate in complete silence with Hermione and Malfoy shooting daggers at one another. Looking up at the clock Hermione saw that they had fifteen minutes left until they had to get to class.

"Hurry we only have fifteen minutes." Hermione snapped at Malfoy while cleaning up her’s and Dylan’s plates and cups.

Malfoy answered her with a glare but nevertheless got up and put his dishes in the sink before bolting out of the room.

"Grab my stuff too while your in there!" Hermione called after him.

"Mummy, can I bring toys to play with today." Dylan tugged on Hermione’s robes.

"Sure just make sure they’re quiet toys." And with that said Dylan raced off as fast as he could go.

Hermione sighed, "Come on sweetie lets go get you ready for today."

Hermione picked up Sofia and took her back into the nursery to get her dressed. A few minutes Hermione hurried out of the room. They now had ten minutes to get to class. Malfoy was standing at the door waiting for her. Dylan was at his side swinging his arm crazily. Hermione took her bag from Malfoy and together they all headed out the door. Hurrying down the hall they turned a corner and almost ran into Harry and Ron.

"Mornin' Hermione"they both chorused.

Hermione smiled widely giving them each a hug as they started walking down the hall.

"So what do you guys have first?"Hermione started up the conversation.

"Charms then Care of Magical Creatures"Ron informed her.

"Cool me too"Hermione shifted Sofia's weight a bit.

"Here let me carry her"Harry offered and Hermione gratefully gave her to him.

"Do you guys know anyone who might be willing to babysit every now and then?"Hermione rolled her shoulders in their sockets to decrease the pain.

"Well let's see there is us and Ginny, Lavender, Parvati, mostly the Gryffindor house really, then Hannah Abbott, Luna, and loads of other people"Ron flipped his hair out of his face his ears turning into tomatoes.

"He's totally smitten with Luna"Harry muttered to Hermione under his breath.

Hermione held back giggles and nodded"Come on we better get to class"

They were almost at the Charms room when Lavender and Parvati ran up behind them screaming for them to wait.

"Aww look at how cute she is"they cooed over Sofia wrenching her from Harry's arms.

"Where's the little boy Hermione, Dumbledore said there was a little boy"Both girls were ecstatic about the little ones.

"Over there with Malfoy"Hermione pointed behind her towards Malfoy and Dylan.

"Awwwww"They both shrieked and ran over to grab Dylan.

"Aww your so cute"Malfoy raised an eyebrow at the two girls.

What ditz's, there is no way they are baby-sitting Hermione thought watching the dou's antics.

"Ok you guys come on we have to get to class"Hermione took Dylan's hand and dragged him away from the two while Harry took Sofia back into his arms.

They all entered through the door and took their seats. Malfoy who had already came in was sitting on a desk in the back surrounded by the Slytherins and half of the Gryffindors. They were obviously bombarding him with questions but he enjoyed the spotlight so it didn't matter. Hermione set her stuff in the front of the room with Harry and Ron. Ron was now holding the baby as he sat down on Hermione's right. Harry was on her left with Dylan on his lap. No sooner had they sat down than all of the Gryffindors had crowded around them asking millions of questions.

"What are their names, Why are you taking care of them; What is it like living with a Slytherin; Do you need a baby-sitter"They went on and on until Professor Flitwick came into the room five minutes late.

"Quiet down everybody and take your seats"tiny Professor Flitwick scrambled on top of his large pile of books"Now today we will be reviewing a few spells we have done in the past years, but first let me remind you that at the end of this year you will all be taking your N.E.W.Ts. Now these tests are extremely crucial to your future and will play a big part in what jobs you will be eligible for when you leave Hogwarts. The higher he grades you get the better job you will be able to take part in. As far as I am concerned I believe that everyone of you can pass with flying colors in this class. You are all advanced although some more then others"with this comment he gave Hermione a meaningful glance.

"However that does not mean that you should begin to slack off at anytime. You still have room for improvement which is another very good reason why we will be doing lots of reviewing this year. Now please get out your wands and be ready to review the spell Wingardium Leviosa. Well off you go"Professor Flitwick finished his long speech by flicking his wand causing a feather to appear in front off everybody.

"Here guys let Dylan and Sofia sit here"Hermione flicked her wand and a baby carrier and another chair appeared on the other side of the desk.

"Well this will be cake it is one of the easiest spells ever"Ron waved his wand"Wingardium Leviosa"

The feather levitated about two inches off the desk and then fell back down. Harry and Hermione burst out laughing.

"Yes Ron it's so easy"Harry got out between laughs.

"Oh shut up Harry, let's see you do it now huh?"Ron jabbed his wand at Harry causing a few fluffy pieces fo down to come out at him.

"Fine I will"Harry brushed the pieces fo down off of himself.

Hermione smiled. It was good to back and she had missed her friends that summer. Her parents hadn't let her go to Grimmauld Place as they wanted to spend their last summer together before she went out into the real world. It had turned out to be pretty fun. they had gone on a two month tour of Europe. It had been wonderful to see the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Piza, Versailles, and the site of the Berlin Wall. But it was great to be back. Except for the part where she had to share a room with Malfoy and spend almost every waking moment around him.

All of a sudden a big bang came from the back of the room. Hermione whipped around. There in the back was Crabbe and Goyle on the ground their whole fronts blackened. The whole class burst into laughter as the two got back up onto their feet.

"Tsk tsk boys now off to the Hospital Wing"Professor Flitwick almost happily swished them out the door"Okay now that I see everybody has succeeded in levitating their feathers let's move on to Accio. Now as you all know this is the summoning spell. When performing the summoning spell you must concentrate very hard on the object you are trying to summon. Today I want you to summon these pillows and please do be careful with your aim"he had put out a good number of pillows at the front of the class.

The room echoed with the sound of "Accio"as everybody tried all at once. For most people it worked fine and the pillows came straight to them. Unfortunately for others the pillow either didn't come at all or hit someone on the way. Poor Neville had been hit with a couple pillows since the Slytherins sitting behind had purposefully made them run into him. Hermione rolled her eyes at the Slytherins.

They were in their seventh year for Merlin's sake. That was something an immature little first year would do. Hermione sighed. Stupid Slytherins she thought.

"Mommy I'm bored"Dylan whined looking up from his coloring book.

"Don't worry, soon we will get to go outside and you'll get to meet Hagrid"Hermione reassured him.

Dylan just nodded and went back to coloring.

"Okay everybody you can all just talk for the last five minutes of class, you did a great job today"Professor Flitwick announced to the class.

"Come on Dylan let's clean up"Hermione helped the little boy put his crayons away.

Unfortunately he wasn't very much help and just kept making a bigger mess. Finally Hermione told him...

"Go see daddy"Hermione winced at the word daddy.

Dylan nodded eagerly and ran off to the table where Malfoy was sitting with Blaise Zabini. Blaise looked like he was holding back laughter as Dylan crawled up into Malfoy's lap.

Hermione resumed cleaning up the mess but couldn't help but get the feeling like she was being watched. She looked up but nobody was looking at her. Harry and Ron were discussing something, probably quidditch and Malfoy was listening to whatever Dylan was telling him. As for everybody else they all seemed to be immersed in their conversations.

Bing, bing. The bell that signaled to go to your next class rang outside the classroom. Hermione picked up Sofia's carrier and her books. Ron however took Dylan's things for her and Harry had Sofia's diaper bag. Smiling gratefully she led them out of the room.

"Should we wait for Dylan?"Harry asked quizzically.

"No he is with Malfoy and we are all going to Care of Magical Creatures, and Harry it's a diaper bag there is nothing interesting about it"Hermione held back laughter as Harry examined the diaper bag.

"Ms.Granger a word please"Professor Flitwick called her back.

"Go ahead without me guys I'll catch up"Hermione waved them away.

"Okay but give us your book so you can move faster when you come to Hagrid's"Without waiting for a response Ron took her books out of her arms and gave half to Harry.

"See you later"Hermione called over her shoulder going back into the classroom.

"Er you wanted to see me Professor?"Hermione asked timidly.

"Ah yes Ms.Granger I just wanted you to know that Dylan and Sofia are of course allowed to come to class anytime"he smiled up at her.

"Uh ok"Hermione switched her weight a bit

"Okay you may go to your next class"Professor Flitwick turned back to his large book in front of him.

"That's it?"Hermione couldn't believe that was all he wanted to tell her.

"Mhmm, now I do suggest getting to class before you are late"Professor Flitwick nodded towards the door.

Hermione nodded slowly and hurried out of the room. Walking as fast as she could without bothering Sofia. Checking her watch she still had ten minutes to get down to Hagrid's. Arriving in the Entrance Hall she saw a large crowd surrounding two boys in the middle. She recognized one as Seamus Finnigan. Sending sparks into the sky there was several loud bangs and everyone turned around.

"Alright get to class the whole lot of you"Hermione screamed over their heads before growling dangerously"Finnigan, Nott get over here"

Seamus Finnigan and Theodore Nott both walked over to her scowling.

"He started it Hermione, he was bad-mouthing..."Seamus began.

"I don't care who started it but both of you have detention on Friday"Hermione snarled"I'll tell you who it will be with when I find out now get to class"

Seamus turned on his heel and walked out of the hall while Nott walked up the steps and out of sight. Hermione followed after Seamus unaware that someone was following her.

"You did a good job back there"a voice said beside her.

Hermione nearly jumped out of her skin"What"

"You heard me Granger"Draco Malfoy snapped.

"I know what you said but I can't believe you would tell me I did a good job at anything"Hermione rolled her eyes and walked faster when she noticed something"Where is Dylan?"

"With Blaise"Malfoy got back into step with her"And before you say anything he is well qualified for the job a lot more then those two ditz’s Patil and Brown"

Hermione closed her mouth and then opened it again"I wouldn't trust those two anyways"

"Nobody wonders why"They had finally arrived at Hagrid's with no time to spare.

Hagrid was just coming out of the house as they joined their friends.

"Alright now today we are going to learn about mapners. Now can anybody tell me what a mapner is"Hermione's hand flew into the air as usual.

"Hermione"Hagrid called on her.

"A mapner is a small shy creature who lives mostly in Sweden but will be seen on a few occasions in other parts of the world. The blood of a mapner is extremely useful in Time Machine Potions. They are extremely good at finding their way around therefore you may find them with travelers who may get themselves lost from time to time. It also tends to favor one witch or wizard in particular. If you are lucky enough to have this happen to you, you'll have a friend for life"Hermione explained to the class.

"Correct ten points to Gryffindor"Hagrid beamed before bending down to pick up a small cage at his feet"Now this right here is a mapner"

In his hands was a fuzzy little animal that looked remarkably like a white puffball. It immediately jumped from Hagrid's arms and began what looked like sniffing the ground. It slowly made its way over to the Gryffindor side of the crowd. It walked more slowly, weaving around them like it was a maze. Finally stopping in front of Hermione's feet. It supposedly looked up at her and made an odd yelp! Hermione was taken aback and jumped a bit.

"There you go Hermione a friend for life"Hagrid roared beaming.

Hermione kneeled down to the mapster and picked him up off the ground. Without any warning Hagrid let the whole lot of them loose. Everybody was scurrying around trying not to step on a mapster.

After a couple minutes everybody had a mapster in their arms. On Hermione's left was Harry who had a creamy beige mapster while Ron had a pure black one. The class all sat around and talked while petting and playing with their mapsters. Hermione looked up from the trio’s talk of quidditch to check on what Dylan was doing. Unsurprisingly enough Hermione didn’t really trust Malfoy with him. To her surprise Dylan was playing with two furry little mapsters while Malfoy and his best friend Blaise Zabini stretched out on the grass talking. Pansy Parkinson, however ruined her moment of peace, when she slinked over to Dylan and kneeled down to talk to him. Malfoy and Zabini had already noticed and were watching her carefully their eyes full of disgust at the very sight of her. Hermione could tell they were talking but didn’t know what it was about. Soon Pansy sulked away sadly. Smirking ever so slightly Hermione turned back to Harry and Ron who had also been watching.

"Don’t worry Hermione we’ll beat the shit out of Parkinson if she ever was mean or something to Dylan"Ron assured her.

Hermione smiled but said"Don’t swear Ron"

Ron rolled his eyes and sighed"What are you my second mom"

"Lord knows you need another one to keep you in line here at Hogwarts"Hermione joked with him.

"Oh hahaha your hilarious, Hermione"Ron snapped sarcastically getting a bit angry.

"I know"Hermione smiled at him.

Before Ron could answer Malfoy had walked over with Dylan.

"It’s your turn to watch the kid"He grunted before turning away.

"Then you have to take the baby"He kept walking as if he didn’t hear her.

Hermione sighed and absentmindedly petted her mapster while Ron and Harry entertained Dylan. The guys were pretty funny while trying to entertain the young boy. They had at one point tried to sing but failed miserably and only succeeded in getting many strange looks from people. Hermione didn’t blame them. They sounded a lot like a wounded hippo who was being tickled. Hermione was holding back the giggles when Hagrid came over to her and stooped down to be a bit closer.

"Hello Hermione, how you been"Hagrid asked cheerfully"How’s Malfoy been treating you"he lowered his voice a bit.

"Oh he’s fine I guess hasn’t really said anything to me really"Hermione shrugged.

A distant bell rang signaling them to go to lunch. Hermione got up and brushed herself off and Hagrid straightened up.

"Well you come to me if you ever need help"Hagrid slapped a hand down on her shoulder causing her knees to give way. Ron luckily caught her before she fell.

"Thanks Ron"

"No problem"

"Come on you two I’m hungry"Harry called them as he gathered his books.

"Yeah yeah we’re coming, geez your turning into Ron now" Hermione teased.

"Hey"They both chorused.

Hermione laughed and grabbed her books in one arm and took the baby in the other arm. Leading the way up to the castle they made their way to lunch. Lunch was quite uneventful except for all the people coming over to see the kids. Hermione smiled at them all and acted friendly while really every time someone came over she thought "Go to Hell and leave me alone"

Finally lunch was over and Hermione planned on going back to her common room and taking a break. Maybe she would even be able to get Ginny to come along with her but Ginny would probably be busy. Hermione assumed that her and Harry were now a couple by the way they were sitting on the train the other day. Noticing nobody else was crowding her she stood up and grabbed her things and the baby carrier.

"Come on Dylan"She beckoned the little boy away from watching Ron eat with extreme concentration.

Leading him out of the Great Hall she moved quickly so nobody could stop her. Hermione moved as fast as she could down the corridor but was weighed down by all of the things she had to carry. Dylan ran ahead of her and wouldn’t listen when Hermione yelled for him to come back. Moving even faster one of her books fell out of her arm and the rest followed along with Dylan’s things. Sighing loudly Hermione set Sofia down and began gathering all of the things. She heard footsteps coming down the hall and figured whoever it was they were just going to laugh a bit and walk away. The footsteps kept getting closer until they stopped. Hermione was about to look up when a smooth and silky voice said

"Merlin, Granger, are you thick enough to forget you’re a witch and can clean with magic?"

Hermione didn’t have to look up to know that was Draco Malfoy. She straightened up and glared. Malfoy waved his wand and all of the books and toys were in two neat and separate piles. Hermione scowled but grabbed her books. Malfoy took the toys and the baby. Without saying another word to Hermione he swept past her and down the hall. Hermione too followed and on the way took Dylan’s hand. At the portrait Malfoy said the password and all four of them entered the common room.

Hermione set her books down on a table and went to take Sofia from Malfoy. Malfoy and Sofia, however were nowhere to be seen. A bit confused Hermione walked into the nursery. In the nursery Malfoy was changing Sofia’s diaper. Hermione stood frozen at the door not really believing what was happening. Shrugging she walked over next to Malfoy who was just finishing up. To her utter surprise Malfoy was actually smiling and it was a real smile. His smile however faded a bit when he saw Hermione standing next to him. Picking up the baby Hermione held the baby for a moment before taking her over to the crib and laying her down. Sofia smiled up at Hermione and Malfoy not seeming even the slightest bit tired. Hermione softly hummed a lullaby her mum had used to sing to her.

Just when Sofia was starting to fall asleep a loud crash issued from the kitchen.

Chapter 5: Hospital Wing
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Hospital Wing

Malfoy tore out of the room, racing past Hermione into the common room. Hermione grabbed Sofia from her crib and followed at his heels. They raced out of the room and much to their dismay they found an extremely wrecked common room.

The couch and armchair upholstery had been ripped violently in several places. The once beautiful majestic curtains were reduced to mere shreds of velvet and both large windows were shattered completely. Then Hermione saw, to her horror, one of the baby blue pillows had a splatter of deep red blood on it. Hermione screamed and pulled Sofia closer to her. Malfoy looked alarmed and ran over to the pillow, looking for other spots of blood.

There was a trail of blood that led to the couch. Hermione was at Malfoy’s side, crying lightly, trying to contain herself.

‘Oh no,’ she thought, ‘please don’t let Dylan be hurt, please don’t let Dylan be hurt.’

Malfoy grabbed the couch and pulled it up with as much strength as he could. Apparently the couch was heavier than they thought as he couldn’t lift it very well. Hermione ran back to the door and set Sofia down on a clean spot before racing back to Malfoy. Grabbing the couch next to him, they pulled. Their combined strength was still not enough. Hermione was very scared now. What if Dylan really was underneath the couch? A thought coming to her mind, she whipped her wand out. How did it take them so long to think of?

“Locomotor Couch.” She cried and the couch flew up from the ground, directed by Hermione’s wand.

Hermione set it down a yard or so away from them and choked back sobs when she saw that Dylan really was underneath the couch. Malfoy swooped down on him and checked his pulse. He, too, looked as scared as Hermione. Dropping to the floor next to him she reached over for Dylan. She held his head and Malfoy checked his heart. He looked up at her and shook his head.

“Come on we have to get him to the Hospital Wing, now! ” Malfoy picked him up bridal style as worried thoughts ran through his head at top speed.

Hermione nodded and picked up Sofia and hurried after Malfoy into the fire where he had only a moment sooner flooed to the Hospital Wing. There Malfoy laid him down on a bed and ran into Madame Promfrey’s office to find her. Hermione hurried over to him and sat down on the bed stroking his soft hair. Sofia had been scooped up by a young girl who had been interning with Madame Promfrey all year. Hermione didn’t bat an eyelash, sure that Sofia would be taken care of properly.

The small boy was unconscious and Hermione was worried he wouldn’t make it. The intern had rushed to Madame Promfrey’s office to alert her and she ran out of her office hastily. As usual she was giving lots of orders and one of them was for her to sit on another bed so she could have more room. Hermione automatically moved to the bed across from him and sat down. She could feel herself trembling but it didn’t matter then. All that mattered was Dylan’s safety.

Malfoy was scared and as he watched Hermione sit on the bed trembling, his heart went out to her, which didn’t happen often to anyone. He strode over to her and sat down next to her, knowing she was just as scared as him.

Tears were slowly rolling down her face and she was shaking uncontrollably now. She was scared that Dylan wouldn’t make it out alive. Feeling an arm around her shoulders, she leaned into it for comfort. They all sat there for only a few minutes when Dumbledore, Snape, and McGonagall all entered the ward, as worried looking as the rest of them. They immediately hurried over to the bed where Dylan was being tended to. Snape turned away from him first and looked stonily at Hermione and Malfoy. Hermione quaked beneath his stare bending her head to the floor.

“Well, barely two days of babysitting and you nearly allow one to be killed,” He sneered, “I actually expected better of you two.” Draco squeezed Hermione’s shoulder comfortingly.

“Severus, this is not the time or place! ” Professor McGonagall had turned around and was scolding him like he was a young child.

Snape shrank back a bit but scowled darkly at the two of them. Dumbledore and McGonagall turned to them with solemn faces. The two seventh years both feared the worst and Hermione cried even harder with Draco still holding her tightly.

“Well the good news is,” Professor Dumbledore began, “is that he is going to make it with a few downfalls and won’t die just yet. He will however have to stay in the Hospital Wing for the next week to two weeks. After that he will be returned to your care.

“Neither of you are in trouble as this was obviously an accident and neither of you had an actual role in the assault on Dylan.” Dumbledore stepped forward, “However, you did leave him alone and for that you must be punished. This Friday you are to serve detention with Professor Hagrid in the Forbidden Forest.”

Hermione gasped and Malfoy’s eyes widened to almost twice their size. Malfoy had been in the forest once before during his first year and he really didn’t want to go back. It had traumatized him a good bit and Potter had been with him when they had found that creature. After seeing whatever it was, he had taken a run for it and was later grateful that Potter never mentioned it to anyone.

Hermione on the other hand had been in the forest a couple of times, but even so she was still nervous and still hated the forest. The last time she had been in it was the summer before last year when she, Harry, and Ron needed to find the Talisman of Rowena for the Order. They had actually spent almost a week in the forest and that was enough to last Hermione a life time. A detention was going to drastically cut into her studying time.
“You may go back to your dorms,” Dumbledore broke their trains of thought. “You can see Dylan after class tomorrow.” He said as if it was an afterthought.

Hermione stood up and hugged herself as they walked out of the ward. Malfoy had relinquished his hold on her shoulder and they walked slowly back to their dorms in silence. Hermione was surprised nobody was in the halls but she supposed they were all just outside enjoying the nice weather. It was odd walking through the halls without any noise. Malfoy, however, thought he heard some scuffling of feet behind him and kept turning around, but to no avail as he saw nobody there.

When they were at the end of the corridor, which contained their common room portrait, they heard something or somebody running towards them. Turning around, Harry, Ron, and Ginny were running toward them at full speed. Skidding to a stop in front of the two heads, they came to a quick halt in front of Hermione.

“Hermione, you are not going to believe what happened today with the . . . ” Ron stopped all of a sudden when he saw Malfoy.

Malfoy rolled his eyes and turned around, heading toward the common room. Inside he went into the nursery to see if the intern had returned Sofia to her room. After checking that she had, he placed a protective charm around the crib so that only he or Hermione could take her out, he left for his own bedroom. He laid down on the bed for a moment before getting up and going to his desk where his bag lay on the ground.

Picking it up he pulled out his Potions book and began reading. He read well into the evening and didn’t even go down to eat dinner. He was totally undisturbed except for the few times when Sofia cried and he had to run over to the nursery to check on her. He was still up even when Hermione came back and fell asleep without saying a word to him.

The four Gryffindors followed him with their eyes until they were sure that he had gone into the common room. Hermione, too, wanted to see if Sofia had been left in her nursery but was sure Draco would handle it while she was busy.

“Here let’s go somewhere we can’t be disturbed”Ginny suggested.

They all agreed and they went up to the seventh floor. They quickly walked past the tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy. After they had done so three times a door appeared and they rushed inside eager to talk about the Order. They all sat down on the two couches that were there.

“They want us to work.” Ron blurted out as soon as the four were settled.

“They want us to spy on the Dark Side,” Ginny explained, “Well more like Malfoy and Zabini and the Slytherins. They said to start right away because they think Voldemort is going to try and do something in Hogwarts. Something big.” It was true. The Death Eaters and Voldemort hadn’t been doing anything lately and that scared the more intelligent people, who knew they must be planning.

“So we get to actually work for the Order?” Hermione was stunned but equally pleased. Working for the Order was something she very much wanted to do and was honored, in fact, to be asked to take over.

“Yup,” Harry was practically glowing with anticipation and excitement. “Unfortunately that means we have to get quite close to the Slytherins.” He groaned.

“I am going to try to get close to Blaise Zabini.”Ginny grinned at Hermione and Hermione completely understood Ginny. She thought he was good looking, so getting close to him would be fun for her.

“I’ll try Parkinson, but since she hates my guts . . . ” Harry sighed, “What about you Ron?”

“I don’t know yet, but I’ll find someone.”

“How about that fifth year named Cassandra Hinton?” Ginny suggested.

Hermione shook her head, “I know that girl and her family has nothing to do with the workings of Death Eaters. They might be supporters but she’s never shown a horribly nasty side.”

“Oh,” Ginny said quietly.

“Don’t worry, Ron, you’ll find someone.” Hermione smiled assuredly. “We have a bigger problem though. How are we supposed to trick the Slytherins into telling us anything? They aren’t exactly members of our fan club.”

Harry smiled widely, “We were given Polyjuice Potion by Moody on approval of the Order.” He said proudly, as Hermione raised her eyebrows. “You have it easy though. You live with Malfoy so you won’t need to use any but the rest of us will find a way.”

Hermione nodded, “You guys have to be careful, though! And keep an eye on the time when you are spying, especially if you are in the Slytherin Common Room. Nobody can be aware of what we are up to.”

“We know, Hermione.” The other three Gryffindors smiled and agreed with her before the group lapsed into a silence. Hermione was still shocked that they were given such an honor but her thoughts quickly drifted back to schoolwork.
“Hey you guys, if that’s it, I want to get to the library to start some stuff.” She stood up.

“Work?” Ron asked incredousley. “It’s the first day! We don’t even have homework yet and you already have your nose buried in school books.”

Hermione glared a bit before scolding him. “Ron, we have N.E.W.Ts this year! I have to look up some spells and potions we did a long time ago and that can take a while. Then I’m going to make a study schedule extra early this year.”

“Hermione is right, Ron, we do need to study this year.” Harry agreed with a sad sigh, “We need to have O’s in several subjects to be considered for a job as an Auror.”At the mention of being an Auror Ron gave in and agreed.

Ginny sat there and smirked at them. “Well, I am going to go relax a bit and find Zabini so I can start working on being his ‘friend’. Just tail him a little.”

They exited the room and went their separate ways. The trio to the library to pour over books for a few hours and Ginny to find Blaise Zabini.

Of course Hermione was still upset that Dylan was hurt, but she knew that sitting around moping would be useless. She had to focus on her studies to drive thoughts of him away. Sadly they didn’t foresee the hardships they would be put through soon in their lives. Of course, none of them were seers nor could they make decent predictions. But somebody else could . . . somebody close to them had foreseen their futures and were displeased with the predictions. If only the Seer could tell them what they saw.

Chapter 6: Visit from the Ministry
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Visit from the Ministry

A week later Harry, Ginny, and Hermione were sitting in the Hospital Wing with Dylan. He had slowly been getting better but he was still covered in cuts and bruises and for some reason his walking seemed to have been damaged. Hermione ran her fingers through his hair every now and then as he slept peacefully. Ginny was writing in a little book while sitting in a chair. Beside her, Harry was reading a book and he seemed quite engrossed into it. The bushy-haired girl hoped Dylan would be okay soon. She also hoped that the people, who were investigating the accident, would find out soon what had happened and who was responsible for doing this to such a young, innocent boy.

“Where’s Ron?” Harry looked up from his book.

“I don’t know. I haven’t seen him in a while, why?” Hermione asked, looking away from Dylan, her hand still resting on his head/

“He is supposed to be finding someone to pull information from.” Harry huffed a bit.

Hermione bit her lip. In the past week she had forgotten about the assignment. She had been too worried about Dylan and his accident. Lucky, for her Malfoy spent time with her at night when they both sat in the Hospital Wing at Dylan’s side. Sofia was always with a baby-sitter as they didn’t want her to see her brother like this. Maybe tonight she could engage him in a conversation despite the awkwardness of it all. All of a sudden someone came into the Hospital Wing and hurried over to them. It was Ron and he was grinning from ear to ear.

“Well I found someone.” He said proudly, sitting at the end of the bed where Harry’s legs had been until he moved them for Ron to sit down.

“Who is it?” Ginny put down her little book and listened intently.

“Her name is Marie Risma.” He explained. “She’s a..” He was cut off though before he could finish.

“You chose that disgusting slut.”Ginny exclaimed, disgust filling her tone of voice.

“Does it matter if she sleeps around?” Ron snapped, hurt by her accusations of the girl he had taken forever to find.

Harry looked at Ron with an odd, half-amused face before burying it back in his book.

“Oi, what’s wrong with you?” Ron nodded at him, squinting his eyes.

“Nothing, nothing.” Harry smirked a bit behind his book but nobody could see.

“Uh huh, well I’m off to find her.” Ron stood up and headed off, “See you later.” He called over his shoulder.
He walked down the corridor whistling, looking for Marie. What did it matter if she slept around with pretty much every guy? That was completely irrelevant to the task set before him.

“Watch where your going, Weasel.” Draco Malfoy’s sadistic voice met his ears. “I don’t want to catch any disgusting disease you probably have.” He squinted his eyes, “Which also means stay away from Dylan, I don’t want you giving him anything either.”

“Oh, becoming partial to the little one, are we, Malfoy?”Ron retorted, hitting a nerve with the first insult that came to mind.

“Watch yourself, Weasel, pity isn’t common these days.” And with that Malfoy stalked off toward the direction that Ron came from.

He had meant to scare the Weasel, but it was very true. The Dark Lord was merciless and took pity on none. And when the Dark Lord’s wrath was unleashed he would be one of the first to go. The Dark Lord didn’t care who he had to kill to get to them. Draco took in a painful breath. He had to get close to the stupid, Mudblood.

He wasn’t even a Death eater, yet! Not that he wanted to be one. He was all for what they were doing but he would rather sit back and have someone else do the actual work. But there was no choice in the matter. He was born a Malfoy and now he was paying the terrible price. Sighing he entered the Hospital Wing. By the bed next to Dylan was Hermione. Harry and Ginny had just left, saying something about schoolwork and she was left alone.

Draco strutted over to her and sat down next to her. He knew she too was quite partial to the small boy.

“Granger.” He said lightly breaking her train of thought.

Hermione turned, startled, at the sound of her name. Sitting beside her was Malfoy with a solemn look on his face as he gazed at Dylan.

“Yeah?” She said her voice cracking a little. Hermione took a deep breath to calm herself.

“Snape wants us.” He told her standing up again, “I think they have found out something about the accident.”

Hermione nodded and stood up, tears welling in her eyes. They walked silently, side-by-side toward the dungeons and Snape’s office. Hermione hoped they had some good news and at least part of the explanation. They entered the cold dungeons and Hermione shivered, terribly. She had left her robe in the Hospital Wing. Malfoy gave her a sideways glance and sighing pulled his own robe off and wrapped it around her. Hermione was surprised at first but pulled it around her shoulders muttering a thanks.
“Don’t mention it.” He told her.

Inside Snape’s office it was even colder but Hermione had Malfoy’s robe so she wasn’t as cold as she would have been. Malfoy didn’t even seem affected by the cold. ‘He must be used to it.’ Hermione thought. Inside Snape sat at his desk and standing around him were two Ministry officials.

The first guy reminded Hermione of a mysterious raven. He had deep-set eyes, the color of varnished wood and his thick, straight, gray hair is worn in a style that reminded her of a crown. He was very tall with a narrow, lanky build. His skin is cream-colored and he had high cheekbones. His wardrobe consisted of the usual Ministry uniform.

The other man reminded Hermione more of a crazed lunatic than a ministry official with his hair white hair standing on end, like peacock tail. He has almond-shaped green eyes that are like two chunks of jade and they seemed calculating as he looked over the two students. His wardrobe was the same as the other man.

“Malfoy, Granger, this is Mr.Voldorf and Mr.Smalley.” He pointed at the two men in turn, “They have uncovered some important things that are quite vital to the investigation.” The two men stepped forward once he was done speaking.

“Good day, Ms.Granger, Master Malfoy.” The shorter of the two, who was named Mr.Smalley shook their hands in turn.

The other man, Mr.Voldorf came forward as well but didn’t shake their hands, “We have come up with the fact that it was a Death Eater attack, as we originally thought. We are not quite sure how they got onto the grounds but we do know that they flew in. Not only were there no tracks left behind but they were spotted by a sixth year Ravenclaw named...” He seemed to have forgotten what the name was.

“Leila Lordson,” The Mr.Smalley added for him, “We are also fairly sure they didn’t mean to actually hurt Dylan but when they broke the glass with a spell. It shattered the window and blew everything over. Unfortunately, as you already know Dylan was behind the couch or at least in its way and it crushed him. They seemed to have more motives towards kidnaping the boy as ransom.” He spoke quite solemnly whenever he spoke of Dylan.

“The good thing is that you can now go back to your common rooms, but Dylan will stay in the Hospital Wing much longer than expected.” Mr.Voldorf told them.

“Why is that sir?” Hermione was afraid of the answer.

The man looked at her with sad eyes and sighed, “This is going to be difficult for you to swallow but we are afraid Dylan may never be able to walk again.”

At those words tears came to Hermione’s eyes and threatened to fall. She jumped up from her seat and fled the room.

Draco sat there for a moment before getting up as well and following her. She ran quite fast for her small petite size and didn’t stop until they were on the second floor, where she collapsed onto the ground against a wall. Draco sat next to her and awkwardly put an arm around her. She was soaking his shirt but it was okay he supposed. Hermione cried harder and leaned into him. Pity washed over Draco and he wrapped his arms around her tightly. He too couldn’t help but feel sad and want comfort from someone as well.

“It’s okay.” he whispered into her ear. He wasn’t quite sure why he cared so much but he did. It might have been because he felt pity for her or because he knew he felt the same. Hermione’s crying ceased slightly and she was breathing more evenly. She looked up at him, her eyes red and puffy. Draco smiled at her comfortingly.

“Thanks.” She leaned back into him with her voice cracking again.

“Shh,” He rubbed her back before suggesting “Come on, Hermione, let’s go see Dylan for a bit.” He stood up and pulled her with him.

“What did you call me?” She looked up at him.

He smirked, “Well isn’t Hermione your name?”
Hermione nodded and they walked up the steps. Draco’s arm was slung around her comfortingly and she wrapped her arm around his waist to comfort him as well.

Inside the Hospital Wing Dylan was sleeping still on the white bed. Hermione didn’t really want to be here too long. She just wanted to tell him good night and then leave. She went over to him, moving out of Malfoy’s arm. She sat next to him on the bed and stroked his hair before giving him a light kiss on the forehead and whispering good night. Standing up she wiped her eyes and began to leave.

“Night Malfoy,” She told him when she passed him, “I mean Draco.” She added when she was at the door.

Hermione walked back to the head common room to see it. She hadn’t been in it for a week as they had to do repairs. The common room was the same and that was a bit disappointing. Hermione realized she was still wearing Malfoy’s robe and her’s was in the Hospital Wing. Sighing, she left the common room and retraced her steps up back to the Hospital Wing. She entered and hurried over to the bed silently. Malfoy didn’t notice her and she thought she saw a tear come down his cheek.

Draco watched her leave before turning back to Dylan. Walking over to him he sat down him in a chair. Sorrow washed over him and for the first time since he was five he felt like crying. He didn’t know how or why but he had a bond with the boy. He cared about him and knowing may never walk again was painful. Slowly but surely a tear rolled down his pale cheek. He didn’t even bother to stop it nor did he hear Hermione come up form behind him until she tapped his shoulder lightly.

“Draco,” She whispered resting her hand on his shoulder.

He whipped around and stood up, furious she had seen him at such a vulnerable stage. “What are you doing here?” He snarled glaring down at her. “I thought you went back to the common room.”

“I was coming to get my robe.” She sneered at his rudeness. “Here’s yours.”she handed it out to him.

“Keep it.” Draco folded his arms across his chest, “It has mudblood slime on it anyway.”

Hermione’s temper raged and she slapped him across his face. Grabbing her robe she fled the ward, leaving his robe on the ground.

Draco was a bit sorry he had been so rude, but nobody could see him so vulnerable. He sighed and picking up his robe he left the ward. He walked alone to the common room. Inside it was still the same and Draco headed into the room he shared with Hermione. The room was dark and he could tell Hermione’s curtains were closed. He could hear some sniffling coming from the bed and guilt rushed over him like a tidal wave.

Hermione stormed down the hall to the common room. She was furious and that was an understatement. She stomped into the common room and up the steps. Inside the comfort of her bed she closed the curtains and left the tears fall. When she heard the door open she turned over and cried into the pillow. She immediately stopped when she heard her curtains move and felt someone sit down next to her. She turned back around again and stared malfoy in the eye.

“What do you want?” She snarled menacingly.

He didn’t answer but stared back at her. He slowly reached up a hand and wiped away a tear. Hermione bit her lip and didn’t bother to try and hold back the tears. He put his hand down and looked at her for a moment taking a deep breath. Hermione was a bit nervous, she just had a feeling that he was up to something.

“I’m sorry.” He said simply.

“You know what Malfoy why don’t you just..wait what did you say?” She faltered, not sure if she had heard him right..

“I told you I’m sorry.” He told her again, slightly more annoyed the second time.

Hermione stared at him for a moment. Without another word to her, he stood up and was closing the curtains when he said, “Sweet Dreams.” Then he left and Hermione listened to him get into his bed before she to curled under her blankets and fell asleep, pondering if Malfoy really meant what he said about being sorry.

Chapter 7: Before Detention
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Hermione awoke late one night a few days later to the cries of Sofia. Dragging herself out of bed Hermione made her way to the nursery. In the common room she glanced at Dylan’s bedroom door and felt a pang at her heart. Dylan was still in the Hospital Wing and they were considering sending him to St.Mungo’s for physical therapy on his legs. Hermione did not want him to go because she wouldn’t see him at all anymore.

In the nursery Hermione picked up Sofia and held her, cooing softly to cease her crying. Hermione sat down in the rocking chair. She looked up when she heard the door open and in walked Malfoy in a white t-shirt and silky green boxers. He walked over and stood next them, leaning on the chair. Since Malfoy had apologized that one night he and Hermione had been getting along fine. Sofia had quieted down and was staring up at them with big, sleepy eyes. She made a huge, very cute yawn making Hermione smile and Malfoy made a little laugh.

When Sofia was almost asleep Hermione stood up and carefully placed her back into the crib. Malfoy had followed them and was standing next to Hermione. Hermione could feel his breath on her ear and it tickled. She giggled a little.

“What”Malfoy asked, confused as to why she was laughing.

“Nothing”Hermione told him and headed towards the door. She stopped at the door and turned around almost colliding with Malfoy. She took no notice.

“Do you think she’ll be alright?”Hermione asked, receiving an odd look from Malfoy “Alone in here I mean”she added noticing his confused look.

Malfoy turned to look at her, too. After a moment he said “Yeah I reckon she’ll be okay”

Hermione nodded and they went back into their bedroom. Hermione climbed into her bed, while Malfoy into his. Hermione tossed and turned in her bed for a while. In the past couple days she had learned a lot about Malfoy. Surprisingly they had a lot in common. They both loved to read and got good grades in class. She was startled to learn that he was right behind her in everything except Potions. She thought about how nice Malfoy had been lately and wondered if it he really meant anything. Finally deciding she would never be able to sleep she got out of the bed and was going to the common room.

“Where you going”Malfoy sat up when she was at the door.
“I’m just going to go sit in the common room for while”she told him. He nodded and laid back down again.

Hermione walked out into the common room and sat on a couch in front of the slowly diminishing fire, hoping that sleep would come to her. A small tear escaped her eyes. She was scared. Scared for Dylan who may never walk again. Scared that Harry might not make it out of the Final Battle alive. She was scared the Light Side would lose the battle and that her life could be taken away from her. Hermione let the tear roll slowly down her cheek. She wasn’t going to brush it away but somebody else did. Looking up Malfoy was sitting down next to her on the couch.


Draco couldn’t sleep and kept tossing and turning. A letter he received from his father claimed his thoughts. It had been telling him that he was to become a Death Eater soon, very soon. Draco didn’t want to become a Death Eater. He was his own person and would never be able to follow Voldemort without hating himself. He heard Hermione tossing and turning in her own bed. He wanted to go over and hold her and ask what was wrong. He had already acknowledged and accepted that he thought she was a very exceptional woman, but that didn’t mean he liked that.

Soft padding came from somewhere and the room and he sat up to see Hermione at the door.

“Where you going”he asked her.

“I’m just going to go sit in the common room for while”she told him. He nodded and laid back down again.

He too couldn’t sleep and decided to go join her out in the common room. Standing at the door he watched her for a moment, transfixed by her beauty. To his surprise he saw a tear roll slowly down her cheek. Not being able to stop himself he crossed the room over to her and brushed it away. He sat down and watched her look startled and amazed at him. He smiled softly. She smiled back and pulled her legs up to her chest. He watched her carefully.

“You couldn’t sleep either”she whispered.

“No”he shook his head “Too much on my mind”

“Oh”she said “Me too”she but her lower lip as if she were trying to stop her.

“You okay”he asked.

Hermione nodded her head but burst into tears anyway. Draco pulled her into a tender hug and held her there, soothingly.

“What if Dylan doesn’t get better?”she asked after she had calmed down.

“He will,”Draco assured “I know he will”

“But he might not,”she retorted still crying softly “There is 60% chance he won’t”Hermione’s tears came again.

Draco didn’t answer. He felt bad about what happened, he really did. He pulled Hermione close and they sat there for a while silently comforting each other.

“What are we going to do after school?”Hermione spoke up.

“What do you mean by we”Draco smirked down at her, and saw her cheeks turn a bit pink.

“I mean with Dylan and Sofia,”she told him “On the train McGonagall said we had the choice to adopt them right away, without competition with other families. Or they would just be put up for adoption”

“Oh,”Draco thought about to for a moment and still wasn’t sure which one he liked “I don’t know if I’ll be ready to raise a kid when I first get out of school”

“Oh, well I was thinking of adopting them”Hermione sounded a bit disappointed at his answer.


Hermione wasn’t sure why she was saying anything about the topic. It had just sort of came to her mind and she had blurted it out before she had been able to stop herself. Did she really want to raise Dylan and Sofia with Malfoy after school? Wouldn’t that mean they were sort of married? No of course you don’t want to she told herself. You were just curious.

Hermione yawned “I’m ready to go to bed”she looked up at Malfoy to see he had already fallen asleep with his arms firmly around her waist. Not wanting to disturb him Hermione laid back down, leaning on Malfoy’s chest to fall asleep.


Draco awoke to the sound of a small scream. He sat bolt right with much difficulty. Looking around to see what had prevented him from sitting up so fast, he saw Hermione laying with him, leaning on his chest. Standing in front of them was Ginny Weasley who had a shocked, yet amused expression on her face. Hermione stirred and looked up at him and Ginny. With a small yelp she jumped out of Draco’s lap and was standing next to Ginny.

“Ginny, I swear this isn’t what you think”she panicked a bit.

Ginny however burst into laughter and fell down on the couch where Draco’s legs had been a moment before. She was laughing so hard tears were beginning to stream down her face.

“You and you”she pointed at both of them in turn. Hermione and Draco exchanged bewildered glances “It’s too, too funny”she straightened up a bit the smile gone but laughter was still evident in her bright brown eyes.
“Ginny...”Hermione said a little unsurely.

“Oh, don’t’ worry I won’t tell anybody”she was obviously holding in her laugher “Your just lucky it was me who found you and not Harry or Ron”

Hermione smiled, relieved and plopped down between them on the couch. Draco became unconsciously aware that he was wearing nothing but his silky green boxers.

“Ginny”a voice called from outside of the portrait “Are you okay, we heard you scream”Hermione recognized the voice as Ron’s.

Ginny paled and didn’t answer “Ginny ”It was more urgent this time “That’s it we’re coming in”

“Draco, hurry up get in the bedroom”Hermione hissed noticing he was in nothing but boxers.

Draco jumped off the couch and darted into the bedroom.


“Hermione, Ginny, where are you guys?”Ron roared as he entered the portrait with Harry.

“Hey guys”they said turning around on the couch.

“Ginny, did you tell her yet?”Harry asked, not sitting down.

“Tell me what?”Hermione asked sharply.

“Dylan has more feeling in his legs ”Ron exclaimed, grinning from ear to ear.

Hermione jumped up gleefully. She was so happy that Dylan had more of a chance of walking now.

“Don’t forget, we have to bring Malfoy”Ginny pointed out.

“Don’t remind me”Ron growled, as Harry scowled.

“I’ll go get him”Hermione offered getting off the couch and walked into her room.

Malfoy now had on pants and was searching through his drawers for a shirt. Grabbing one he pulled it over his head. Hermione watched him for a moment with a huge smile on her face.

“What’s up with you?”he took note of Hermione’s satisfied and gratified look.

“Dylan has feeling in his legs”she was practically bursting with jubilance.

Malfoy cracked a wide smile “Well let’s go see him”

“Yes, I know”she told him walking to the door “That is why Harry, Ron, and Ginny are here”Hermione uttered uneasily.

Malfoy scowled “Oh, well I’m going anyway, Dylan is my responsibility, too”he made his way into the common room.

Hermione stood back for a bit admiring his maturity and his previous statement. She scurried after him into the common room.


Draco exchanged glares with Potter and Weasely when he strutted into the common room.

“What are you doing here, Malfoy”Weasley snarled.

“I live here, Weasley”Draco sneered “If you don’t like it, tough”

Weasley never answered but glared, leaning against the fire. Potter and Ginny were sitting together on the couch. A bit too closely for just friends. Draco plopped down on an armchair and watched Hermione look nervously between them all.

“Well, um, shall we go then”Ginny too seemed a bit nervous.

“Yes let’s”Hermione said “I just have to get Sofia”

Draco got off of his armchair and strode over to the portrait to wait for her.

Hermione and Ginny both followed right away but Potter and Weasley hung back a little, unmistakably wanting to hang back a bit from Draco. Draco strutted all the way to the Hospital Wing where he entered to see Dylan laying on the bed, a cheerful look plastered on his face. Draco sat down in a chair next to him and Hermione swooped down and gave him a soft kiss on his forehead. Ginny sat on the other side of him and gave him a small hug. Potter and Weasley sat on the end of the bed.

“How are you sweetie?”Hermione asked Dylan.

“Good mummy”he told her.

“Did you have a good sleep?”Draco asked beaming ever so slightly.

Dylan nodded “Daddy pass me the ‘duice”

Draco handed him his sippy cup that was on the bedside table. He also saw Potter and Weasley wince when Dylan called him daddy. After a while everybody began to do their own thing. Ginny was playing with Dylan, Potter and Weasley were playing with Sofia and Hermione was watching them along. Draco too was watching what everybody was doing. All of a sudden Sofia was crying her eyes out. Hermione quickly jumped off the bed and took her from Potter and Weasley. Unfortunately, the baby didn’t quiet down. Hermione shot Draco a desperate glance and Draco stood up taking Sofia from her. The baby’s crying ceased and the tears stopped. She was completely content in her ‘dad’s’ arms.

Hermione rolled her eyes and muttered “Daddy’s girl”Potter and Weasley were glaring at him stonily.

Weasley looked at the clock and got an alarmed look on his face “Er, we have to go”

“Go where?”Ginny asked.

“We’re, uh, meeting some people”Potter gave Draco an apprehensive look.

“Oh okay”Ginny seemed to understand what they were saying.

“Have a good time”Hermione added.

Potter and Weasley nodded before exiting the room hastily. Hermione was sitting on the bed again with Dylan and Ginny was still playing with him. They all sat there for an hour or so before Ginny said she had to go meet somebody. Draco moved over to the other side of Dylan who had curled back up next to Hermione. Dylan was telling some story about the living in the Hospital Wing to Hermione until Madame Promfrey bustled into the ward and ushered then out.

In the common room Hermione took over Sofia and went to get some toys. Setting out a blanket with lots of toys on the floor Hermione sat her down before sitting herself down on the couch next to Draco. Taking a book she curled up on the couch reading. Draco sat and watched her before noticing that lunch was starting a few minutes.

“Hey, Hermione, wanna go down to lunch today”Draco stood up stretching.

Hermione looked up at him and said “yeah okay”They had been avoiding going to the Great Hall for meals as they were always being bombarded by people with questions.

Hermione got up and helped Draco who had begun cleaning up the baby’s toys. After they had put all the toys away, Hermione, Draco and Sofia hurried to lunch so they wouldn’t be late.

“Here you watch the baby for lunch today”Hermione handed Draco the baby “See you later”

Draco walked over to the Slytherin table, eyes followed him as he walked. Slipping into a seat next Blaise, who looked grateful at his appearance.

“So the Great Draco Malfoy, has decided to come down for a meal”Blaise taunted.

Draco smirked “Shut up Blaise”

The rest of lunch was uneventful until a disturbance echoed the hall from the Gryffindor table.

“That’s not true, Ronald Weasley and you know it”Hermione was standing up, yelling at Weasley.


Hermione was elated to see Harry, Ron, and Ginny all sitting at the Gryffindor table. Ron and Harry still seemed to be in a bad mood from spending that little bit of time with Malfoy.

Hermione sat down next to Ginny and across from Ron “Hey guys”

“Hey Hermione”they greeted.

“He acted like, she was all his, and nobody else could have anything to do with her”Ron and Harry returned to their conversation.

“What are they talking about?”Hermione whispered to Ginny.

Ginny looked up from her food “Malfoy”she whispered back.

“Oh”Hermione responded.

“Honestly he doesn’t own her of Dylan,”Ron was ranting “He is such a stuck-u[, good for nothing, jack...”Ron was interrupted.

“Don’t you think you are being a little harsh?”Hermione frowned.

“No and why are you sticking up for him”Ron retorted angrily.

“I am not sticking up for him, I just think you guys are a little over-zealous over nothing,”Hermione rolled her eyes “Besides Sofia is half his responsibility, too”

“Oh yes and I suppose that so changes everything”Ron snarled sarcastically.

“It only changes the fact that he has every right to spend time with both Sofia and Dylan”Hermione glared.

“Oh yeah and I’m sure he is just the best father ever,”Ron growled dangerously “What did he tell you all his fatherly secrets one while you got all cozy in bed?”

Something inside Hermione snapped “That’s not true Ronald Weasley, and you know it”she screamed standing up. The whole Great Hall had gone quiet and was looking at him.

“Your just jealous for no real reason”Hermione yelled not letting him get a word in. Before anybody could stop her she was out of the Great Hall with Ginny at her heels.

Hermione stormed down the hall to her common room. Her and Ginny both went into her room and sat down on her bed. Hermione was positively fuming.

“I can’t believe him,”Hermione shrieked “how dare he say something like that”

Ginny too was quite angry “But your right you know he is only jealous of Malfoy because Malfoy gets to spend time with you and he’s Head Boy”

“Yes in know,”Hermione sighed, then remembering something she asked Ginny “Can you baby-sit tonight?”

“Yeah sure but why?”

“I have detention with Malfoy in the Forbidden Forest with Malfoy”Hermione groaned flopping down on the bed.

“Yeah sure,”Ginny grinned “Don’t worry I’m positive, Draco will take very good care of you”Hermione grabbed a pillow and hit Ginny with it.

“That’s not funny”Hermione was grinning though “I’m gonna take a nap though, so I can stay awake in the Forbidden Forest tonight”

“Yeah okay”Ginny got off the bed “You don’t mind if I sleep in Dylan’s room, do you? I don’t really want to go back near Harry and Ron”

Hermione laughed a little at the thought of Ginny sleeping in Dylan’s bed “Yeah sure go ahead”

Ginny left the room and Hermione slowly drifted off to sleep thinking about what would happen that night in the Forbidden Forest.


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Chapter 8: Run!
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Draco watched Hermione run out of the Great Hall, with Ginny in tow. Weasley had really messed up this time. Smirking, Blaise watched his eyes.

“Your crazy, mate”he told him.

“Huh”Draco nearly jumped out of his skin at the sound of his best friend’s voice.

“Your in love”he taunted.

Draco glared “I am not in love”he said through gritting teeth.

“Yeah you are”Blaise rolled his eyes “It’s okay, she is hott ”Blaise joked a bit with the last part.

Draco didn’t respond but went back to his food.

“I’d kill him if I were you”Blaise said.

“Who?”Draco played dumb, knowing exactly who he was talking about.

“Weasley of course”Blaise rolled his eyes “And I’m serious, you should like jump him or something”

“What he do?”

“Well he obviously hurt, poor, poor darling Hermione”Blaise emphasized the word Hermione.



“Shut the hell up”Draco snarled.

“Hmm, hmm”he answered smirking down at his food.

Draco stared stonily at Weasley. He had hurt Hermione and it was obvious. Sighing he decided to go see if Hermione was okay. Taking the baby from Ashley Zabini’s arms. Ashley was Blaise’s younger sister and she had watched Sofia for him.

“I’ll see you guys later”Draco bid them good-bye.

“Good luck in the forest tonight”Blaise winked, knowing he wouldn’t see Draco until the next day.

Draco hurried to his common room a small smile on his lips. In the common room all was silent. He walked to the bedroom, wondering where Hermione could be. He saw her laying on her bed, sleeping soundlessly. He walked over and sat next to her, careful not to accidentally disturb her sleeping. She looked like an angel in his eyes. Her golden-brown hair was spread across the pillow and she was still in her school clothes. Sighing Draco knew he ahd homework that needed finishing. Sadly he dragged himself out of the room and into the common room. Taking out some books, parchment, ink, and a quill he began on an essay for Potions.


Hermione was shaken awake by Ginny a few hours later. Stirring slightly she sat up groggily.

“Come one Sleeping beauty, Prince Charming is already in the shower”Ginny teased her.

Hermione groaned “Shut up, Ginny”pushing herself up she took a deep breath to calm her nerves “Okay, I’m up”

Getting out of bed, Hermione pulled some clothes out of her dresser and headed to the bathroom.

“Oh going to share a shower with Prince Charming”Ginny was taunting her again “Shame, shame, Hermione, shame, shame”

Hermione turned around looking angry “Ginny”


“Shut up”

“Well fine, gees”

“Oh yeah and there’ two showers”Hermione smirked before entering.

Ginny shook her head and went back into the common room. Hermione walked in the bathroom to her sink. She washed her face and brushed her teeth, before putting the curtain she used everyday to change her clothes. When she was done she pulled out he make-up case. Malfoy then walked out of the shower, with his towel on.
“Was a shower really necessary, we are going to detention”Hermione joked.

“Yes, it was”Malfoy countered not catching onto the humor “And you’re the one putting on make-up”

“Maybe I have a date after our detention”Hermione was fighting back laughter at the look on his face.

“I...I...I doubt that”he sounded flustered.

“And why is that”Hermione retorted coldly.

“Because your off-limits”Malfoy said this as if were obvious.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”Hermione snarled.

“It means, guys aren’t allowed to go anywhere near you”Malfoy rolled his eyes and turned to her “You hang out with Potter and Weasley for one, two you are taking care of two kids, three you are Head Girl, and four you hang around me”he said four as almost an afterthought.

“What does hanging around you have anything to do with anything?”Hermione snapped.

“In the world of guys”Hermione snorted “If you hang out with me your off-limits, it’s kinda like I have dibs on you”

“And you want dibs on me”Hermione cocked and eyebrow.

“You could say that”Malfoy winked at her before going back into the bedroom

Hermione stood there for a moment wondering what that meant. Malfoy wanted dibs on her? And guys had their own rules?

God, Hermione thought, And I thought girls could be jealous of each other. Putting away her make-up she rapped her knuckles on the door.

“Malfoy can I come in?”

“It’s your room too”he called.

Hermione took a deep breath “Do you have clothes on?”

“Yes,”he told her.

Hermione went into the room. Malfoy was at her vanity looking at himself. He was wearing a black shirt and black jeans.

“Do you always wear black”Hermione opened up a small trunk by her dresser. Malfoy shrugged.

“Do you know anything about what we’re doing tonight?”Hermione asked.

Malfoyshook his head “All Snape said was that I would defiantly want to dress comfortably or I’d regret it”

“McGonagall said the same thing”Hermione slipped into a pair of blue shoes “What time is it?”

“About 6:00, why”Malfoy told her, checking his watch.

“What We have to meet Snape and McGonagall at 6:30 ”Hermione said hysterically.

“Relax, your dressed and ready to go”Malfoy headed out the door.

“Yeah, but I wanted to do some more homework before we left”Hermione followed him.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever”Malfoy plopped down on the couch.

Hermione glared a but sat down at the coffee table and began working on some homework.


Draco looked up at the clock “Shit, come on Granger, we have to get down to the Entrance Hall, now”Draco jumped off the couch. Hermione looked up and saw the clock, too.

Alarmed she got up, too and followed Draco down the hall and out to the Entrance Hall. Professor McGonagall was waiting for them, with Professor Snape.

“Follow us”Snape a particularly malevolent look on his face “Tonight you will be serving detention in the Forbidden Forest. Your job is to find all of these plants”he handed them a very long list “You are not to come back unless you have them all”he and McGonagall had led them to the edge of the forest.

“Here’s some food you might need if you take a while”McGonagall handed Hermione a package that presumably had food inside of it “Good luck” they bid them good-bye and walked back to the castle.

Draco and Hermione cautiously walked into the forest. It was beginning to get dark but they could still see the light through the tree tops. It was cold and Hermione wasn’t sure but she had a feeling it was the full moon. Hermione shuddered as a breeze came by. Once they were a good bit into the forest they took out the list. After reviewing the list they determined the first thirty were easy and to get them first before worrying about the others.

Four hours later they were both tired and starving. They had just finished getting the first thirty and they were going to eat.

“Don’t eat too much we might need some later”Draco warned.

Hermione nodded and leaned against a tree trunk. Draco sat beside her and slowly chewed a sandwich. The crack of a stick sounded behind them. Both teenagers were on their feet in moments armed with their wands. Hermione slowly bent down and picked up their things. When she had straightened up Draco put his wand down and was going to put it away when something from a nearby bush growled loudly and jumped out at them. Hermione and Draco screamed and began running.


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Chapter 9: Death Eater
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Hermione and Draco were out of breath. They had been running for a while and whatever was chasing them didn’t show signs of slowing. Draco suddenly grabbed Hermione and pulled her off of the trail. They rolled a bit and ended up at the foot of a tree, under a bush. Draco lay down on the ground next to Hermione watching where the creature should show up. They waited a second and then a werewolf was very close to where Draco had guessed it would appear. Hermione made a small low squeak and grabbed Draco’s arm. Draco ignored and watched the werewolf intensely.

It was sniffing the air and looking around. For a moment the creature stopped and stared right where they were hiding in the bushes. Draco tensed under its stare and prayed it hadn’t seen them. Once the werewolf had broken the stare Draco felt much better than before. It looked around some more before running off into the woods. Draco held Hermione down for another two minutes before letting her stand up. Hermione was dusting off her clothes while Draco kept looking around.

“Where’s our stuff”he turned back to Hermione almost angrily.

“I...I don’t know, must be back where we were eating”Hermione stuttered still shaken by the werewolf.

Draco rolled his eyes “Great that’s a help, but where is back where we were eating, huh?”

“How the hell am I supposed to know,”Hermione snarled back at him “You act like this is all my fault”

Draco sneered at her but said nothing. He was inspecting the ground and saw some tracks. He decided to follow them since they seemed to lead back to where they had stopped. He was having some trouble seeing even with his wand light on. Hermione followed him but kept a distance between them. Eventually they found their way back to their stuff. Nothing seemed disturbed so they picked what they had and got out the list to see what they needed.

“This will take forever”Draco fumed when Hermione announced they had twenty more plants to find.

“Oh shut up and let’s get to work”Hermione snarled, still angry at him. Draco now wished he hadn’t taken his anger out on Hermione, but nonetheless he glared stonily at her.

After an hour they still had five more and Draco was still very mad. They were trampling through the woods in the dark so they didn’t attract anything else when they heard voices. Draco recognized the voices and froze. Hermione gave him an odd look wondering what he was doing.

“What are you doing”she hissed at him.

“Shh”he shushed her and took her hand, pulling her behind a tree.

“What the...”Hermione was confused. Draco put his hand across her mouth and gave her a meaningful look before moving is hand away.

He turned back around to listen to the voices.

“Has he agreed to the requirements yet”a snake like voice hissed. Hermione tensed up. She knew exactly who’s voice that was. She was going to back up but Draco grabbed her arm and held her there with a warning look.

“Not yet my Lord, I have yet to receive a letter back”a second voice spoke, who was also very obvious.

Hermione stood completely still at the voice and for a second stared out into space before glaring at Draco with venom. He glared right back but did nothing else.

“As soon as the letter comes to you I want to be notified”

“Yes my Lord”Hermione heard Lucius Malfoy reply.

“Good, now get up to the school where the old fool, Dumbledore, is waiting for you”Voldemort snake-like voice commanded.

“Yes my Lord”They heard footsteps coming closer to them. Draco grabbed Hermione and pushed her against the tree. Putting a finger to his lips he pointed up into the tree. Hermione nodded at him silently.

Draco took hold of a branch that was right above their heads. Pulling himself up he got balanced before offering his hand down to Hermione. She hesitated for a moment but then, realizing she had no other option, she took his hand and allowed him to help her into the tree. She too got balanced and was sitting right in front of him. Draco’s arm was around her waist while the other was holding onto the branch they were sitting on. Hermione looked down at the ground and shuddered gripping Draco’s arm.

“Don’t worry”he whispered lowly in her ear “You won’t fall”

Hermione was going to answer but Lucius Malfoy appeared below them and she felt both of them tense up. Lucius paused under their branch and looked around as if he had heard something, which he probably had. Draco held his breath and tightened his grip on Hermione’s waist. When he walked away Draco and Hermione let out their breathes. Draco took his arm away from Hermione, who grabbed the branch and held on for dear life. Draco swung down and looked back up.

“Hermione, jump down hurry up”Draco hissed. Hermione shook her head feverishly. “ Don’t worry I’ll catch you”

Hermione bit her lip but slowly and cautiously swung her leg over and lowered herself down with her hands. Draco took her by the hips and let her come down to the ground. Hermione grabbed his shirt shaking.

“Your scared of heights”Draco smirked.

“No”Hermione said squeakily. Draco raised an eyebrow. “Okay I hate heights”Hermione gave in. “Now if you didn’t know you can let go of my hips”

Draco smirked and didn’t let go. “What if I don’t want to?”he pouted.

Hermione rolled her eyes and pulled out of his grip. “Too bad for you”Hermione began walking away shaking her hips with extra drama.

Draco followed her, after picking up their stuff which was left at the bottom of the tree.

“How many more do we need?”Draco asked Hermione, who had the list.

“Five, but they’re rare”Draco sighed tiredly. Hermione was waiting for him with a stony look on her face.

“What”Draco snapped.

“Who were they talking about”she asked suspiciously.

Draco’s mouth dried out and he gulped, but didn’t answer. He kept walking and passed her by. Hermione couldn’t know about the letter his father had sent him.

“It was wasn’t it”Hermione jumped in front of him.

Draco glared and grabbed her shoulders. Slamming her against a tree he snarled into her face “yes it was me they were talking about, okay”

Hermione shook with fear and her lower lip trembled “Get...get away from me”she tried to back up even though there was no way she could.

“Whatever Granger”he released her and started walking away.

Hermione stood there rubbing her shoulders almost afraid to follow Draco.

“Best hurry up, because I’m not waiting for you”Draco hollered over his shoulder. “Mudblood”she heard him mutter to himself.

Hermione’s blood boiled but she didn’t say anything. Hesitantly she began to follow Draco. They spent the next two hours finding the last five plants. By now it had to be nearly four am. Hermione stifled yawn. She was very tired and just wanted tog o back to her warm bed in the castle to sleep. But that just reminded her that Draco was going to be in the same room as her and that reminded her of how much she hated him. He was infuriating. One second he was all nice and protecting to her and the next he was ripping her arms off. He was such a bi-polar freak. Hermione wasn’t sure she would be able to stand another second of him. She was practically asleep on her feet now. Just when Hermione thought they would never get back to the castle the trees thinned and she could clearly see the grounds.

“Finally”Draco said out loud, loudly.

Hermione and Draco both trekked up to the castle doors where Snape and McGonagall were waiting for them.

“Aww good you seem to have found them all”Professor McGonagall said taking the basket form them. Draco leaned against the door and Hermione stood there ready to go to sleep.

“Get up to the Hospital wing”Snape barked at them “Dylan had nightmare and he needs his mommy and daddy”he emphasized the words mommy and daddy.

“And get those cuts cleaned up”Professor McGonagall ushered them towards the stairs. Hermione was now more awake and ran up the steps with Draco on her heels.

“Slow down woman, merlin”Draco exclaimed trying to keep up as she swept down the hall.

“Oh shut up, you should be in shape from playing your whole life”Hermione snarled back at him.

Arriving at the Hospital Wing Hermione rushed to the bed while Draco sauntered over more slowly.

“Mommy”Dylan was excited to see Hermione and Draco.

“Hey sweetie”Hermione bent down and kissed his forehead.

Draco came over and tousled the little boys hair before plopping down in a chair. Hermione was sitting next to Dylan on the bed.

“So what is this about you having a nightmare”Hermione moved around a bit on the bed.

The little boy’s lower lip trembled and he looked close to tears “It was scary mommy! I saw you and daddy and you were in a forest. Something was chasing you and then you both fell into the darkness. And then I woke up”

Hermione was flabbergasted. He had just said exactly what happened to them in the forest. Hermione glanced up at Draco but he was staring at Dylan.

“Well go back to sleep dear, don’t worry. It was just a dream. Mommy and Daddy will be back tomorrow morning, okay?”Hermione wanted to get out of there and go sleep.

“Okay”Dylan puckered up his lips and leaned up. Hermione bent down and kissed his forehead again.

Draco got up from his seat and instead of tousling his hair he smoothed it out “Night he told the Dylan, following Hermione out of the ward. They walked back to the common room in a sleepy silence. They were walking into their room when Draco saw some black and blue marks on Hermione’s shoulders. He gulped knowing they were because of him.

“Hermione I’m...”he began to apologize but Hermione cut him off.

“Don’t even talk to me and don't bother apologizing because I'm sick of your stupid fucking jacked up lies”she snarled jumping into her bed and snapping the curtains shut.

Draco sighed and climbed into his own bed to fall asleep fitfully.

Chapter 10: Back Home
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Hermione’s anger had escalated to an almost unbearable height. Draco was going to be a Death Eater. He was going to kill people... people like her. And he had acted nice to her. Probably just a ploy to either get in my pants or to kill me someday Hermione thought miserably. She had already told Ginny everything and she had been just as furious as Hermione.

"Well at least we have something for the Order." She had said trying to lighten the mood.

Still they had just started getting along. They had their little arguments but they weren’t constantly at each others throats. In front of Dylan they acted friendlier to each other only for his sake, but Hermione had been cold to him lately.

On a happier note Dylan got to come back and live in the Heads Common Room. Hermione, although she acted like she was happy she wasn’t. Draco and her fought almost every other night. Mostly about the letter he had yet to explain; sometimes though it was about very stupid stuff like one of them using all the hot water. Today Hermione was determined to be nice and not fight at least for Dylan’s sake. She just hoped Draco felt the same way.

Hermione made a quick movement to get off the couch when she heard Sofia wake up from her nap. Seething she felt a harsh pain run up her spine where it was badly bruised from Draco slamming her into the tree.


Draco looked up at Hermione and knew her back hurt her. He felt horrible that he had slammed her into that tree but she wouldn’t let him apologize. Draco stood up and lightly touched Hermione’s arm.

"Sit down, I’ll get Sofia." Hermione didn’t respond she just started walking towards the nursery.

Rolling his eyes and sighing Draco followed behind her to get Sofia. The nursery lit up when Draco and Hermione walked into the room. Sofia was in her crib crying to the high heavens. Hermione got to the crib first and bent over, despite the obvious pain, and picked her up. Hermione whimpered as she shifted Sofia. Draco carefully took Sofia out her arms and putting his hand on Hermione’s lower back to lead them out of the room. Hermione recoiled and walked ahead of them and sat on the couch. Determined to make her pay attention he sat next her and Hermione of course couldn’t resist gazing at Sofia even if it was sadly.

"Hermione." Draco said softly after they had been sitting for half an hour.

"Hmm." She responded through pursed lips.

"I’m sorry." he whispered softly in her ear. She looked up in disbelief and surprised at how close they were. Before he could stop himself Draco leaned in and softly pressed his lips against hers. Hermione didn’t recoil or move back but instead pressed her lips against his harder. The kiss lasted only seconds but for them a lifetime. Hermione suddenly pulled away remembering who she was kissing. Jumping off the couch she stared at him in a mix of amazement and fright.

"That was wrong, so wrong." She muttered to herself so Draco could hear but only just.

"Hermione." Draco stood up still holding Sofia in his arms, who was watching them both carefully.

Hermione didn’t even seem to listen instead she gave him one last look before leaving the common room to find Ginny. Draco sighed heavily and plopped back on the couch and looked down at Sofia. Instead of seeing a usual bright cheery face, he saw a fragile, confused, little baby. Running a hand through his hair he lay down on the couch and propped up Sofia on his chest for her to sleep.


Hermione walked down the hall muttering incoherently to herself. Peeking into the Great Hall she scanned the Gryffindor table for Ginny’s red hair that always stood out. Seeing her at one end talking to Harry and Ron Hermione scurried over.

"Ginny, we need to talk now." Hermione said urgently.

Catching the urgency in her voice Ginny looked up and nodded. Following Hermione to the other side of the table, thoughts ran through Ginny’s head.

"What is it, Hermione?" Ginny asked when Hermione didn’t say anything.

Hermione slowly launched into the story, starting with the Forbidden forest which she hadn’t told Ginny about yet. She gave every little detail up to earlier that afternoon. Ginny listened raptly nodding at the appropriate times.

"You kissed him back?" Ginny gasped.

Hermione nodded slowly in shame "I have no clue what I was thinking." She groaned.

"Well first of all it is obvious that he likes you and cares enough to kiss you," Ginny said with a thoughtful look, "and you like him back."

"No I don’t Gin, this is Draco Malfoy we’re talking about, Draco Malfoy." Hermione said in a loud whisper not aware that someone was listening in on their conversation.

"I know but he does have a cute ass." Ginny grinned.

"Ginny!" Hermione exclaimed shocked.

"What! Just because everyone around me including me hates him doesn’t mean I can’t check him out and you would know wouldn’t you, you slept with him on a couch with his boxers." Hermione’s face turned beet red with embarrassment. They were silent for a moment.

"You really think he likes me don’t you?" Hermione raised her head.

Ginny looked at her with a disbelieving look "No of course not, there’s no way in hell," Ginny said sarcastically putting her head on the table "Your hopeless." She muttered.

"Look Gin, I’m not sure I can trust him, his father and V-Voldemort were obviously talking about making him a Death Eater," Hermione was still unsure "And what if he is?" She said a little lower.

"You’ll never know until you find out," Ginny told her with a knowing look "And have you forgotten about our job for the Order. It is your job to get close to Malfoy and right now you’re doing a fine job." Ginny said so low Hermione could barely hear

Hermione sighed deciding she was right. She had to do it for the Order "Alright Gin I’ve gotta go."

"Why, where you going?" She looked up dumbfounded.

"Well I sort of ran out of the room and left Draco with Sofia," Hermione stood up "And I have a job to do for the Order." She said a bit more excited.

"Fine, leave me with the dim-witted duo." She grumbled nodding at Harry and Ron who were looking at them with curious stares.

"Look at the bright side," she paused for a moment "You have quidditch practice tomorrow morning."

Ginny grinned. She was becoming as obsessed with quidditch as all the guys were. "Fair point, well see you later Hermione."

"Bye, Gins." Hermione walked out of the Great Hall headed for the Heads common room completely unaware that someone was following her.

Her footsteps echoed hollowly through the corridors. It seemed that the whole school was in the Great Hall for dinner. Hermione found it eerie to be walking such silence. Every now and then she kept looking behind her back feeling eyes on her neck. But every time there was no one there. By the time Hermione made it back to the common room she was positive somebody was following her. Inside the common room Hermione slammed the portrait quickly in case somebody was trying to get in.

On the couch was Draco sleeping with Sofia on his chest. Her eyes were open and staring down at his face. Hermione found it all very comical and leaned over the couch to look down at the pair. Sofia tried to look up to Hermione but began rolling off of Draco’s chest! At the last second Draco’s eyes jerked open and he caught Sofia before she rolled completely off the couch. Hermione breathed out in relief, walking to the other side of the couch. Sitting down next to Draco she gave him a small smile. Draco handed Sofia over to Hermione who took the small girl with no trouble as she could lean back in the couch. Hermione was still a little nervous around Draco. She still wasn’t sure whether he was a Death Eater or not or a soon-to-be Death Eater. But it was hard to believe he could harm anyone when he could hold and protect a baby so tenderly. Holding the baby Hermione felt an arm around her. Hermione’s stomach fluttered like there were butterflies there. Draco was sitting next to her with a nervous and was cautious about putting an arm around her.

Looking up at the clock Hermione realized they had to get Dylan and bring him back. Sitting up abruptly she looked back at Draco. His face was quite amusing with a mix of hurt of and disappointment in it.

Hermione giggled a bit, "Come on Draco we have to go get Dylan." She began walking to the door with Sofia making spit bubbles.

"Oh right, right, I’m coming." He jumped off the couch like it had electrocuted him and followed her out of the portrait.

They were making their way around the bend when they almost ran into a certain blonde-haired Slytherin girl. Draco quickly withdrew his hand from Hermione’s lower back.

"Draco, what a surprise. What are you doing here?" Pansy exclaimed in mock surprise. "Oh, hello mudblood." Hermione saw out of the corner of her eye Draco tense at the word mudblood.

"What do you want, Parkinson." He said through clenched teeth.

She seductively smirked "I think you know." Her lips turned from a smirk to a pout as she ran her finger down his chest towards his waistline. Draco jumped back in disgust.

"Don’t touch me," he snarled "and get out of here, now!" He snarled at her.

"Drakey!" She whimpered her lower lip trembling.

Draco rolled his eyes "Get lost Parkinson." He started walking away, Hermione right behind him.

"You will be mine Draco whether you want me or not!" Pansy screamed at them before retreating back into the dungeons.

Draco paid her no heed and kept walking. Hermione put a hand on his arm comfortingly. At the Hospital Wing they were surprised to have small hands wrap around their legs. Looking down Dylan was at their feet with an ear-to-ear grin on his face.

"Dylan!" Hermione was so shocked he was walking around let alone running into them. Draco was grinning as well and picked him off the floor. The small boy through his arms around Draco’s neck.

"Well isn’t this cozy” a voice grumbled behind them. Hermione turned around to find Ron leaning in the door.

"Can we help you, Weasel?" Draco snarled.

Before Ron could answer however Madame Promfrey came into the room.

"Oh good you’re here to take him away," she said gratefully "He is quite rambunctious that one is."

Draco smiled and ruffled the boys’ hair a bit. Dylan shook his head wildly to put it back in its original messy position.

"Mr. Weasley can I help you with something?" She noticed Ron standing at the door.

"No." He grunted.

"Then I suggest getting back up to the Gryffindor Common Room and working on the mountain of homework I know you have." She nodded at the door. He glared but left the ward, slamming the door on his way out.

Madame Promfrey didn’t pay any attention as she was going through a cabinet that was next to Dylan’s old bed. She brought down a few vials and was putting them in a bag. Hermione watched her put them in. There was a dark green one, a lime one, a blood red, navy blue, and yellow one.

"Here all of his medicines and a schedule of when he needs them." Draco let Dylan slide down to the floor to take the stuff medicine from Madame Promfrey. "Now he is going to be very sleepy a lot more often." As she spoke Dylan let out a large yawn, leaning on Draco’s leg.

"We’ll take him back to his room then." Hermione smiled down at Dylan taking his hand.

When they were back in the Head common room Hermione took Sofia into her crib while Draco put Dylan to bed.

"Daddy?" Dylan muttered.

"Yeah, Dylan?" Draco turned back to him at the door.

"I love you, daddy." Draco stared at him and was silent for a moment.

"I love you, too." He whispered leaving the room.

Walking to his room he ran a hand through his hand blonde hair. Hermione was sitting in front of the love seat watching his every move.

"You ok?" She asked tearing her attention away from her homework.

"Yeah, yeah, I’m just going to go to bed." Draco said not paying much attention.

"Ok." She said turning back to her homework.

Hermione was up late into to the night. By the time she was ready to go to bed at two am she was very tired. In her bedroom she conjured up a curtain and changed into a white spaghetti strap tank top and pink shorts. Hermione brushed out her hair and was about to jump into bed when Draco suddenly screamed from his bed!

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Chapter 11: A Nightmare and Midnight Feeding
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Hermione ran over to Draco’s bed and threw his curtains to the side. In the moonlight she could see his pale face and platinum blonde hair. Sweat soaked his body and hair. His body was heaving slightly.

“Draco are you okay?” Hermione squealed sitting down next to him.

“We need to get Dylan and Sofia, now ” He ordered jumping out of bed.

“What, why?” Hermione asked following him out the door.

Draco didn’t answer but left to get Sofia in the nursery. Hermione stood there for a moment but them went into Dylan’s room. Dylan wasn’t in his bed but instead sitting on his window ledge looking out at the Forbidden Forest. He didn’t hear Hermione come in or come stand next to him.

“Dylan.” She said softly touching his shoulder.

“Mommy, something’s out there.” He pointed out the window, to where to the Forbidden Forest was.

“It’s probably just a werewolf, honey.” Hermione picked him up into her arms. Dylan laid his head on her shoulder, tiredly. “You wanna sleep with Mommy for tonight?” She asked him.

Dylan nodded his head. “Mhmm”

Hermione smiled. “Okay sweetie.”

Draco came into the room and looked nervously around the room for them. Harman was a bit worried because he was totally losing his cool. Sofia was awake and looking around at her surroundings. Hermione ruffled her hair a bit.

“Mama ” She cried reaching out her arms to be with Hermione.

Hermione took Sofia and let Dylan stand next to her. The baby curled up in her arms to fall asleep. Dylan breathed out deeply.

“Ready to go to bed?” Draco stooped down to his level. Dylan nodded and threw himself into Draco’s arms.

Hermione was already walking out of the room with Sofia and Draco followed her. When they opened the door to their bedroom they were met with a heart stopping shock.

They no longer had two but one king-sized bed in the middle of the room. Exchanging glances both Hermione and Draco were both shocked. Draco walked to the right side of the bed and put Dylan in bed. Hermione went to the other side with Sofia. Dylan was crawling around on the bed with Sofia and messing up the silky sheets. Hermione hopped on the bed next to Draco and sitting Indian style she watched Dylan roaring like a lion and chasing Sofia.

“Come one Dylan you ready to go to bed?” Hermione implied stretching her arms out. Dylan pouted but sat between Hermione and Draco. Sofia to crawled after her brother and into Hermione’s lap.

“I want a story.” He demanded crossing his arms across his chest. Draco looked up at Hermione who nodded, reluctantly. Pulling out her wand, Hermione summoned a book from a bookcase she had filled up with books.

She propped it open and began to read. “Once upon a time there was a kingdom far, far away...”

When the story was done Dylan laid back down but was playing twenty questions with Draco. Hermione was putting a sleeping Sofia to sleep in her crib. While Hermione had been reading to Dylan, Draco had pulled it into the room for Sofia to sleep.

“Can I have a brother?” Dylan asked innocently. Hermione looked up with a red face and Draco became very alert.

“Err....” Draco wasn’t really sure how to answer that.

“We’ll see Dylan.” Hermione said thinking about the time she had asked her mom for a brother or sister.

“But I want one, now ” He screamed hitting the bed with his fists.

“If you don’t stop that I’ll have to beat you ass, Dylan ” Hermione threatened.

Dylan stopped but pouted. “I still want one ” He grumbled. After a moment of silence he spoke again. “Why can’t we have another baby?”

“Making babies isn’t easy.” Hermione explained getting into bed on the other side of Dylan.

“It needs time, patience, and love.” Draco added in.

“But don’t you and mommy love each other?” Dylan asked.
Hermione and Draco both stared at Dylan. Neither had been expecting that to come out of his mouth.

“I...we...I love your mommy and we have plenty of patience but that isn’t it. We need to want to have another baby.” Draco explained softly hoping he didn’t ask anymore questions.

“You have your sister, Dylan.” Hermione pointed out.

Dylan crossed his arms across his chest. “She’s a girl ” He cried.

“What’s wrong with girls?” Hermione asked tickling Dylan.

Dylan didn’t answer but only laughed. Draco was smiling with them. When Hermione stopped Dylan let out a big yawn.

“I think it’s time for someone to go to sleep.” Hermione pulled the covers down for him.

Dylan nodded and crawled underneath them. Hermione and Draco also got in bed. They both kissed his forehead and then Draco did the unexpected. He took Hermione’s chin in his hand and pulled her lips to his. They stayed like that for a moment, in bliss before Dylan started making gagging noises. Hermione and Draco looked at him from their kiss. Smiling they pulled away from each other and settled down to sleep.

Every now and then they would glance over at each other while they waited for Dylan to fall asleep. When Dylan had fallen asleep she laid there playing with a piece of hair while Draco stared up at the ceiling.

“What was your dream about?” Hermione asked sitting up against the headboard.

Draco looked up from his thoughts. “Oh nothing, nothing important anyway.” He looked back to the ceiling.

“It must have been something if you had us bring Dylan and Sofia into our room then it must have been something.” Hermione countered moving over Dylan to sit in the gap between him and Draco.

It felt odd being so close to Draco while they were in bed. Draco sighed and stared down at Dylan before looking back up to Hermione.

Hermione cuddled a little closer to him. “Please, draco, just tell me.” Hermione whispered in his ear, blowing just barely.

Draco smirked looking up at her. Before she knew what had happened Draco had flipped her on her back and was laying over top of her. Resting his elbow by his head, his face came only one or two inches away from her face.

“Do you really think any woman could seduce, Draco Malfoy?” He smirked over top over her, his lips grazing her before he pulled back.

“I. Was. Not. Trying. To. Seduce. You.”Hermione said through clenched teeth.

“Yeah okay.” Draco leaned down and blew on her lips a little. Hermione had to bite her tongue to stop herself from noticing but hoped Draco didn’t notice.

“Don’t worry I don’t mind if you moan it wouldn’t surprise me.” Draco wrapped his finger around her hair.

Hermione glared and glanced at Dylan. Draco looked at him, too. He was fast asleep and had rolled over once away from them. Draco rolled off Hermione and laid next to her. Propping himself on his elbow Draco kept his arm around her thin waist. Breathing deeply Hermione closed her eyes. She was content just laying there in Draco’s arms. As sleep was over coming her Sofia started crying. Sighing Hermione rolled off the bed and went over to the crib.

Picking up Sofia she tried to quiet her down. Hermione closed her eyes a moment but then decided to try feeding Sofia.

“I’ll be back.” Hermione murmured heading out the door. Draco nodded and watched her leave.

Hermione went into the kitchen and set Sofia into her highchair so she could get her bottle ready. When the bottle was ready for her to feed Sofia with, she took Sofia into the living room. Sitting down on a puffy armchair she put Sofia in the crook of her arm and held the bottle up to her mouth. Soon Sofia had taken the bottle in her own hands and was guzzling it down in a fast pace. Hermione smiled and leaned her head back against the chair to try and relax for a few minutes while Sofia drank her bottle. Hearing the bedroom door open she looked up to see Draco coming out of the bedroom.

“Everything okay?” Hermione asked thinking something was wrong.

“No you were just taking a while.” Draco shrugged sitting on the arm next to her. Sofia let the bottle fall from her hands. Hermione picked it up and wiped her mouth off with a cloth.

“Here can you take her in for me?” Hermione asked giving Sofia over to Draco. He nodded and took her. Hermione put the bottle back in the kitchen and threw the cloth in the basket outside the door.

Looking around the room she noticed how dirty it was. Dylan and Sofia’s toys were spread everywhere and most of the corners had tables covered in books, parchment, quills, and ink. Outside the doors were baskets overflowing with dirty clothes left for the elves. Deciding to clean up a bit the next day Hermione went back into the bedroom. Draco was lying on the bed with his eyes closed. Hermione laid down next to him and watched his chest slowly rise and fall.

Thinking about what Harry and Ron would do if they found out she was in a bed with Draco Malfoy watching him almost adoringly as he slept. They would be furious. She would be shunned from her friends and house except for Ginny, of course.

Looking back at him she realized how much of an angel he looked like when he slept. His blonde hair fell onto his pale snowy. His face held an innocent angelic look instead of the usual smirk. They wouldn’t be good together anyway. They were from two completely different worlds and beliefs. It would take more than a two little kids to pull them together. With that weighing heavily on her mind she fell asleep on the chest of her ‘angel’. Tomorrow she would badger Draco for some more information.


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Chapter 12: Fight
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" Eww!" Hermione awoke to a small squeal beside her. Mommy’s sleeping on top of daddy. Dylan was giggling.

Hermione opened her eyes and found herself in the arms of Draco. Her head was resting in the crease of his neck. She was only half on top of him with her leg between his. Draco was stirring as well and looked up at her with a smile. Dylan was still laughing his head off. Hermione rolled off of Draco and sat up, yawning.

"Morning sweetie." She greeted Dylan.

"Morning hun." Draco muttered still half-asleep.

"I was talking to Dylan." Hermione rolled her eyes.

Draco’s eyes opened up fully as he sat up. "I knew that."

"No you didn’t, daddy." Dylan teased crawling over Draco. Stepping on Draco’s stomach he slipped and fell between his legs. Draco’s pale face contorted up in pain and turned red. Hermione gasped and picked Dylan up and set him on the ground next to th bed.

"Damn, Draco are you okay?" Hermione asked turning back to him, pushing some hair out of his eyes.

Draco, of course didn’t answer but his breathing became normal and his face changed from its red state. For an unknown reason Hermione leaned over and kissed his forehead softly.

"Daddy?" Dylan was trying to crawl back on the bed to see what he had done wrong. "Daddy?"

Draco took a breath and pushed himself up. "Come here." He opened up his arms for Dylan to run into. Dylan carefully sat down in front of his ‘dad’.

"Are you okay, daddy?" Dylan stretched his head back to look up at Draco.

"Yeah I’m fine." Draco smiled down and then up at Hermione.

"Dylan why don’t you go get dressed." Hermione suggested sitting down next to Draco.

Dylan nodded and yawned. "Okay mum." He stood up and kissed Draco’s cheek and then Hermione’s cheek. Jumping off the bed he left the room.

Draco slung his arm around her shoulders he pulled her closer. Hermione leaned her head on his shoulder and sighed. "Are you okay?" She asked moving onto her knees to get a better look at him.

"Yeah, I’m fine." He nuzzled his face into her neck.

Hermione giggled and pushed him off. He looked up at her with a glare. "I was comfy." He muttered.

Hermione laughed out loud and sat with her legs hanging over the edge of the bed. "Come on sleepy, we have to get showers before class. "

Draco smirked and pulled her back down on him as he fell against the pillows. "Have you forgotten, Ms.Granger, that today is Saturday and we are supposed to have a family day with Dylan and Sofia?"

Hermione blushed a bit but turned her head sideways on his chest. "Your kind of comfy. She grinned moving her head bak so she had her chin on his collarbone.

"Too bad we can’t stay here all day." He muttered closing his eyes again and looking like he would go back to sleep.

"Oh no you are not going back to sleep." Hermione snapped sitting up and straddling his lap.

Draco raised an eyebrow at her. "Well god, Hermione I’m not called the Slytherin Sex God for anything. You should have just asked." He gave her his usual smirk.

Hermione looked scandalized and moved off of him. "You are so perverted and cocky." She shook her head.

Draco rolled over on top of her. "Yeah so?" He shrugged, nuzzling her neck again.

"Oh god Draco get off of me, you are really heavy!" Hermione gasped for breath.

Draco muttered something about her being a bitch but moved off of her. Hermione smirked and slid off the bed over top of his stomach.

"Come on you really need a shower." She scrunched her nose up taking his hand and pulling.

Draco for once didn’t argue but got up and went with her to the bathroom. Going to the sink he splashed his face with water. Rubbing his eyes even though he didn’t need to wake up.

"You’d think you’d be awake." Hermione teased sitting up on the sink top.

"I bet I’d be awake if you’d kiss me." Draco said hopefully, but Hermione only rolled her eyes.

"Your hopeless." She muttered jumping off the sink top, but as she turned to get a shower Draco grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards him.

Hermione looked up at him with shocked eyes. Draco slipped his arms around her waist pushing her against him. Their faces were only inches away from each others when the bathroom door burst open. They pulled away quickly seeing Dylan at the door.

"Mommy, Aunt Ginny is here with Uncle Harry and Uncle Ron. I told them you were with daddy." He informed Hermione reaching up to her to be held.

"Shit." She muttered under her breath and, ignoring him, left the bathroom to go into her bathroom. Seeing Sofia was awake she picked her up before leaving the room.
In the common room Harry and Ron were sitting on a couch with Ginny lounging on an armchair.

"About time." Ron snarled. "Or did it take a few minutes for Malfoy to get his slimy hand out from your..."

"I’m sorry do I know you?" Hermione interrupted him sitting down on the other side of Harry.

"Bitch." He muttered under his breath.

"Ron, shut up!" Ginny snarled walking over to Hermione and picking up Sofia.

Hermione stood up. Well I better go make breakfast. Let’s see there will be one, two, three, four, five, and six. She smirked walking to the kitchen with a giggling Ginny. Ron was sitting there with a scrunched up face trying to figure out what she meant.

"Argh!" He yelped as he figured it out. "Well I guess I’ll just have to kill Malfoy and eat his food." Ron shrugged standing up and stretched his arms before starting to walk over to the bedroom door.

"Ron, Ron." Harry called after him. Ron your not serious? Ron however was standing in the doorway staring into the room. Harry could almost feel the anger and heat radiate off of him. Getting up he walked over and saw what made him so mad.

In the room there was one king size bed with Dylan jumping on it. Ron walked in and Harry followed closing the door. The bed sheets were freshly ruffled and Dylan was only making them worse.

"You, you don’t think?" Ron asked Harry a bit shakily.

"No." Harry said shortly shaking his head.

They had just closed the door when the bathroom door opened and Malfoy stepped out. His hair was stuck to his forehead and a towel was hung low on his hips. He stopped and stared at them for a moment. Shaking his head he continued to his dresser.

"Should I ask what your doing in here?" He grunted shifting through some clothes.

"Do you always walk out like that in the morning?" Ron asked sharply narrowing his eyes at Draco.

Draco smirked then turned around. "No actually I come out naked sometimes or others with Hermione practically attached to me." He teased knowing it would blow their mind out.

Ron’s face turned beet red and his fists balled at his side. Harry clenched his teeth and held Ron’s shoulder back.

"Why you little piece of filth." Ron lunged forward ripping out of Harry’s grip and pouncing on Draco.

"What the..." He began before Ron’s fist made contact with his face.

Fists were thrown and both were kicked. Draco’s towel was coming undone but it went by unnoticed. Ron’s lip was busted and blood was flowing freely from his nose. Draco had a black eye and his mouth was bleeding. Harry was trying to stop them but they paid him no heed.

"Stop it right now!" A girl yelled from the door.

Chapter 13: Family Day Out
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"Stop it right now!" A girl yelled from the door. Ron and Draco stopped moving and stared up at Hermione, Ginny, Dylan and Sofia in the doorway.

Ron jumped off Draco and stood up straightening his clothes. "Hermione!" He roared. "What the bloody hell is he talking about!"

"I might be able to tell you if I had any clue what you were talking about." Hermione yelled back.

"He walks out of the bathroom naked!" Ron was almost dancing with anger while Draco fixed his towel and leaned against his dresser, smirking.

"Honestly Ron your so gullible." Hermione calmed down rolling her eyes.

"What’s that supposed to mean?" Ron sputtered not getting it.

Ginny burst out laughing setting Sofia down on the bed. "She means you fell for Malfoy’s little trick."

Ron’s face turned even redder if it was possible. Before he could speak Harry cut in. "Are you guys ready to go eat breakfast?" He asked.

"Sure me and Ginny are almost done." She snapped. "Oh yeah and 20 points from Slytherin and Gryffindor."

"Your talking points from your own house!" Ron yelled.

Hermione’s eyes flashed. "Yes Ron I am. You guys need to get out so I can get dressed." She ordered and everybody but Draco left. "You too." She grinned a bit.

"I will if you give me my kiss." He said hopefully, crossing the room to her. Hermione rolled her eyes and pecked his cheek before pushing him into the bathroom.

"That wasn’t a kiss." He argued through the door.

"Shut up." Hermione held back her laughter as she pulled on clean clothes.

"Can I come out yet?" Draco complained at her.

Hermione shook her head and went to the door and flung it over. Draco however was leaning on the door and when it opened he fell over on top of Hermione. The breath was knocked out of Hermione as Draco’s weight fell on her. He pushed himself up onto his elbows to look just over her face.

"Draco get off of me before I scream." Hermione threatened trying and failing to push him off of her.

"Why what will happen if you scream?" Draco asked confused. Hermione rolled her eyes and squirmed underneath him.

"Just get off of me." She pushed herself out from under him and stood up with Draco next to her. “Get ready for breakfast. We are eating with Harry, Ginny, and Ron. You will be civil and you will help me with Sofia and Dylan. Got it?”

“Since when do I take orders from you?” Draco smirked attempting to get a rise in Hermione. “What if I don’t feel like being civil this morning?”

“You know I am predicting a nice long girl’s night out with Ginny.” Hermione said with a thoughtful smile before closing the door behind her.

Draco stood there for a moment registering what she had said. Finally figuring it out he scowled and stomped over to his dresser. Pulling on some clothes he left the room. Harry and Sofia were sitting on the couch with Ron standing next to the fireplace glaring around the room. Ignoring them he went into the kitchen where Hermione and Ginny were discussing something with lots of giggles and Dylan trying to hear what they were saying. When Draco came into the room both girls fell silent and looked at him with smiles threatening to turn into grins.

“Who invited you in here?” Hermione snapped rudely putting her hands on her hips feigning anger.

“It’s my kitchen too.” He shrugged sitting down in a chair next to Dylan, whom was watching the other three curiously.

Hermione and Ginny scowled knowing he was right and turned back to whatever they were cooking. Dylan was sitting at the table coloring in what looked like a coloring book. Draco watched Hermione move around furiously trying to finish breakfast. Ginny kept sneaking him glances whilst holding back her laughter.

“So um, Draco, how are you feeling?” Ginny’s face was turning red and it looked like her lip was about to split from her biting it.

Draco’s eyes narrowed at her. “What’s that supposed to mean?” He spat.

“Well you shouldn’t blame Dylan he is only a little boy.” Ginny could no longer hold back her laughter and laughed so hard tears were streaming down her face.

“You wouldn’t think it was so funny if you were a guy.” Draco pulled out his wand and Ginny’s giggles subsided.

“Oh Draco get over it.” Hermione set some milk and orange juice down next to him.

“Are you guys done with the food yet?” Harry and Ron appeared at the door. Sofia was moving around a lot and at seeing Draco she shrieked with glee.

Harry walked over and handed Sofia to Draco happily. Draco propped Sofia up and let her lean against his stomach. Hermione and Ginny were swarming around them setting out food with Harry and Ron sitting down. Ron glared steadily at Draco as he cuddled Sofia in his arms.

“Hungy, hungy ” Sofia shrieked looking up at Draco with upset eyes.

“I know food’s coming.” Draco ran his fingers through her hair to calm her down. Hermione hurried over and put baby food in front of them.

After setting down the rest of the food Hermione took Sofia to feed her as Draco was having much difficulty. Ginny was smiling and glancing between the two of them. Dylan was talking to Harry about something that wasn’t entirely understandable until he blurted out the one thing Hermione and Draco didn’t want the rest of the room to hear.

“Mommy says I might get baby brother or sister soon.” He announced proudly.

Hermione began choking on her eggs and Draco looked up his face and necks reddened. Ron’s fork dropped to the floor while Ginny burst into laughter she didn’t bother to conceal. Harry seemed torn between amusement and disgust.

“Dylan we already discussed this.” Draco’s voice was scratchy.

Dylan smirked at his ‘dad’. “Mommy said we’ll see. That means yes.”

“A baby isn’t in the works, now eat your breakfast.” Hermione snapped.

Dylan, put down, went back to eating his pancakes as everyone else moved back to their food.

“Well I have to go meet someone.” Ginny stood up wiping her mouth. Hermione waved her mouth full of food and Draco nodded.

“Bye, bye Aunt Ginny.” Dylan waved as she left.

“I’ve got homework.” Ron grunted following Ginny out.

Harry looked up at them and was apparently thinking. “Okay I don’t have any excuse but I got to go anyway.” Harry shrugged. Hermione smiled and laughed lightly.

“See you later, Harry.” Hermione said noticing Draco smile and nod.

Harry waved and left the common room. There was an odd silence until Hermione spoke up.

“Draco come here.” Hermione beckoned holding Sofia in an arm and brandishing her wand in the other.

“Huh, why?” He asked giving her wand a suspicious look.

Hermione scoffed and walked over to him. “Scorgify ” She cried. “You had some blood on your nose.” She explained.

“Oh I tried cleaning it earlier.” He felt around his nose.

“Well you didn’t do too great of a job.” She shrugged cleaning up the table.

Dylan had gone into the common room and they could hear him playing with his toys. Draco stood up and took Sofia from Hermione, pulling her closer. Hermione half smiled up at him and saw they were inches away.

“I behaved.” He smirked proudly straightening up.

Hermione rolled her eyes. “So...what do you want me to do about that?”

Draco breathed on her lips lightly in a hot breath. Hermione put her arms around his neck, placing one hand on his shoulder and the other his neck. Draco smirked and pulled back. Setting Sofia down in her highchair as she slowly closed her eyes in fatigue. Going back to Hermione he positioned his hand around her waist and leaned his forehead on hers.

“Now about my reward.” He said as she slipped her arms around his neck.

“What reward?” Hermione breathed feeling perfect in his warm arms.

“This one.” He said before his lips crashed down on hers.

Hermione pushed back into the kiss eagerly on his soft lips. Shivers ran up and down their spins as Draco ran his tongue along Hermione’s lips asking for entrance. Granted access Draco’s tongue flicked into her mouth. Hermione’s fingers played with the small hairs at the nape of his neck while Draco’s hand ran through her hair and the other was located at her lower back. Draco pulled back and leaned his forehead on hers. Hermione’s eyes were closed and she leaned back on him a smile playing on her lips.

“That reward.” Draco smirked as she opened her eyes to look into his eyes.

“Do ever stop smirking?” Hermione asked running her hands through his hair again.

Draco shook his head. “No why?”

“Mommy Daddy ” Dylan screamed from the common room. Hermione and Draco tore apart from each other and ran towards his scream. Dylan was sitting with a toy in the middle of the room.

Crouching down Hermione asked. “What’s wrong, baby?”

“The toy broke.” He cried holding it up for her to see.

Hermione smiled and pulled her wand out. “Reparo.” She whispered and handed the now fixed toy back to him.

“Thank you, Mommy.” He wrapped his arms around her neck in a hug. Hermione smiled and stood up while he went back to his toy.

Returning to the kitchen she saw Draco sitting in a chair waiting for her. “He okay?” Draco asked.

“Yeah thanks for the help.” Hermione snapped sitting between him and Sofia.

“You had it under control.” Draco shrugged.

“Uh huh.” Hermione said turning away from Sofia. “So what do you want to do today?” Hermione asked.

“I don’t know we could go to Hogsmeade sometime today.” Draco suggested.

“How about after lunch.” Hermione pulled out a notebook form a bag she had under the table. “We can go for a walk before lunch and then eat by the lake as a picnic.” Hermione muttered under her breath.

“Okay then after lunch we can go to Hogsmeade.” Draco insisted more than suggested.

“Uh huh.” Hermione nodded her head scribbling something down. “What do you want to do for dinner?”

“We could just eat here.” Draco shrugged but Hermione waved that idea away as she came up with her own.

“We can eat in Hogsmeade.” More scribbling ensued before she looked back up at Draco expectantly. “Then we can come back put Sofia dn Dylan to bed and then do whatever.”

“Okay.” Draco yawned.

“Good now help me get Dylan and Sofia ready.” Hermione put her notebook away and picked up Sofia from her highchair. “Well don’t just sit there.” Hermione ordered pulling at his sleeve.

Draco glared but stood up and followed her into the common room.

“Come on Dylan time to get dressed.” Hermione took his hand and took him into his room.

After choosing some clothing for him she left to dress Sofia. Draco was standing in the middle of the nursery with a letter in his hand and an angry look on his face.

Hermione went over to him and put a hand on his shoulder. “You okay?” She whispered.

“Uh, oh yeah, yeah.” Draco said looking up from the letter.

“Okay, well come on we have to get ready." Hermione beckoned picking Sofia up from the changing table where she had on a fresh outfit.

Draco shoved the letter into his pocket and looked up at the baby. "When do you think she'll be ready to walk?"

Hermione too looked down at the baby in her arms. "It should be soon. She's almost eight months."

"Hmm...when is her birthday." Draco asked following Hermione out of the room.

"I'm not sure but ti should be sometime in February." Hermione shrugged sitting on the couch.

Draco suddenly thought of something after a few minutes of silence. "We should have a party." He grinned.

Hermione's face lit up and she too grinned. "That's a wonderful idea." She exclaimed.

Draco smiled and put his feet up on the table. "I know."

Hermione rolled her eyes but didn't retort because Dylan then came out of his room. Draco got off the couch and took Dylan's hand. Together the quartet marched out onto the grounds. It was luke warm and sunny on the lake. The sun was almost at the top of the sky. Nobody else was outside so they had the grounds to themselves. Dylan skipped ahead of them and ran around while Draco and Hermione walked more slowly around the enormous lake.

After an hour of walking Dylan came back to them complaining about being hungry.

"Good because it's lunch time." Hermione said taking his hand. "How does a picnic sound to you?"

"Gweat!" He explained excitedly mispronouncing his 'r'.

"Draco, do you want to go get us some food from the kitchen?" Hermione asked taking Sofia from his arms.

Draco scowled but nodded his head. "Yeah alright." He grunted.

Hermione grinned up at him. "And be nice to the house-elves." She teased at his retreating back.

Turning back around she saw Dylan already racing towards a tree near a secluded place by the lake. Following him Hermione pulled out her wand and waved it saying a few words. A soft picnicking blanket appeared at the base of the tree. Sitting down she leaned on the tree and set Sofia down on the ground in front of her.

"Dylan stand still your making me dizzy." Hermione told him as he twirled around.

Dylan grinned and sat down on the ground looking up at the sky and telling Hermione about every cloud he saw. Soon she saw Draco come out of the front doors with a basket levitating in front of him.

"Come sit down Dylan. Daddy's coming with the food." Hermione beckoned.

Draco crossed the grounds and sat down on the blanket next to Hermione, setting the basket down in front of them. Hermione grinned and opened it up. Inside it was brimming with food. Pulling out the food Draco and Dylan dug into the food like animals. Hermione scrunched up her nose as she fed Sofia.

"Slow down both of you. Your going to choke." She chided.

Draco looked up and glared at her. "Some of us are hungry."

Hermione looked doubtful but didn't say anything more. When Sofia had eaten as much as she could Hermione summoned a baby carrier and set her down in it to nap. Draco was now leaning against the tree with a sandwich in his hand and Dylan was looking at the clouds again. Hermione grabbed an apple and sat against the tree next to Draco.

Dylan sat up and looked at Draco. "Can I go flying now?" He asked.

Hermione choked on her apple piece. "Flying?" She squeaked out.

Draco nodded and reaching into the basket pulled out a broom. Dylan eagerly grabbed it and ran off while Hermione babbled on about it not being safe.

"Relax, it is a toy broom and he can't get more than three inches off the ground." Draco comforted Hermione.

Hermione was still doubtful and worried about him but leaned back anyway with Draco. Draco watched Hermione's eyes follow Dylan around the grounds. At one time Dylan almost did a nose dive off the broom and Hermione grabbed Draco's hand in fear.

Draco smiled down at her. "He'll be fine, relax."

Hermione nodded but said nothing. She looked down at the baby sleeping peacefully in her baby carrier. Suddenly remembering something she looked up to Draco.

"You never told me." She said bluntly not bothering to explain herself.

"Told you what?" Draco asked confused.

"About your dream." She whispered softly, scooting closer.

Draco's eyes darkened. "It was nothing. Just forget it."

"No I won't forget it. Something bad happened and you won't tell me." Hermione snarled angrily, biting her lip in frustration.

"I told you there..." A crack of a twig behind them hushed Draco as they spun around, eyes searching for the source of the noise.

Draco's grip on Hermione tightened as his eyes searched painfully trying to find whoever was there.

"Who...Who's there?" Hermione stammered, her eyes flashing.

"Come on let's head of to Hogsmeade." Draco murmured into her ear, pulling her along with him to a standing position.

Hermione nodded and picked the baby carrier up off the ground. Moving off the blanket Draco flicked his wand and it all rolled up and then disappeared.

"Dylan!" Draco called out to him.

Dylan looked up and pouted but flew over to them. Handing over his broom Draco vanished that as well. Taking Dylan's hand Draco led the quartet out of the grounds. The Head's Carriage was awaiting them at the gates. Climbing in they were silent until Dylan stepped out of the carriage and had his first look at Hogsmeade.

"Can we go to the broom store, daddy! Please!" Dylan begged taking hold of the front of Draco's robes.

"Yes. You two can go to the broom store and I'll take Sofia with me to look for this new book." Hermione smiled up at Draco.

"Okay." Draco smirked taking Dylan's hand. "We'll meet you at the Three Broomsticks in forty minutes."

"How about we meet you at the broom store in thirty minutes." Hermione laughed as Dylan made his best attempt to pull Draco faster.

"Okay." Draco shrugged walking faster to keep up with Dylan as they walked into the quidditch supply store.


Thirty minutes later they were all on their way to the Three Broomsticks. Inside they got a small booth in the back. Hermione and Dylan sat down while Draco went to get them all butterbeers.

"Draco." Hermione hissed. "Dylan can't have a butterbeer he's only four." Hermione snatched the bottle away from him.

"He'll be fine." Draco insisted giving it back to him.

Before Hermione could take it away again Dylan began chugging it down. Hermione frowned but sat back in her seat. When they had all finished they decided to go and just browse through some shops before heading to the restaurant they were going to eat dinner at.


At nine thirty o'clock that night Hermione and Draco carried Dylan and Sofia out of the restaurant. Only a few Hogwarts seventh years were out including a small group of Slytherins. Draco grinned and nodded to them but kept walking alongside Hermione.

Once they were back in the Heads Common room and had put Dylan and Sofia to bed Hermione and Draco collapsed on the couch together. Hermione closed her eyes and leaned back on Draco's chest. Draco stared into the fire while making small circles on Hermione's stomach.

"Goodnight." Hermine whispered pulling out of his grasp and walked into the bedroom.

"Night." Draco called after her as he stared into the fire until he fell asleep.

Chapter 14: His Letters
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His Letters

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot and Dylan and Sofia...and...and...ok I’m pretty sure that’s it.

A/N: Sorry this one is sooooo short!I will try and make up for it with another long one...


Hermione sat up in bed late one night almost two weeks later waiting for Draco to get back from a detention he had received from Professor Sprout. He should have been back half an hour ago but he still had yet to come back and Hermione was beginning to worry. A large breeze came through the open window and a few pieces of parchment blew off of Draco's dresser.

Curious as to what it was Hermione got up and walked over to it. Picking it up she saw it was a letter addressed to him. She hesitated before opening it up but did so anyway and it read:


I have very urgent ‘business’ to discuss with you. You must meet me in the, eastern side of the Forbidden Forest on October 3rd at midnight. Come alone and make sure that mudblood knows nothing of this. Don't let me down son, there will be repercussions if you do.

Your Father

P.S. Be sure to keep both Yetrasis's safe!

It was short but Hermione was sure of what Lucius Malfoy was speaking of. A cry got caught in Hermione's throat. She was rooming with a soon-to-be of not already, Death Eater. Dylan and Sofia were both in danger as well or so it seemed. The questions was, why did Lucius Malfoy care about either of them.

Hermione froze when she heard the common room portrait open then close. Anger blinding her, Hermione slammed her way out of the door and strode over to Draco as fast as she cold.

"You!" She shrieked, fitfully.

Draco raised an eyebrow, with a small smile. "Me." He said watching Hermione wave around a letter.

"I can't believe you." Hermione's face was turning red.

"What is that?" Draco grabbed at the letter.

Hermione tried to pull it away from him but six years of seeker training gave him an advantage. One look at it and his eyes burned with fire.

"You went through my stuff!" He roared.

Hermione grabbed his left arm and pushed up his sleeve. His pale flawless skin was still there. Hermione ran a finger over his forearm before whipping out her wand.

"What are you doing?" Draco snarled pulling his arm back. "Don't touch me, you filthy mudblood!"

Hermione stopped moving and glared up at Draco who immediately regretted his choice of words. "Why you evil little..." Hermione pulled back her arm and went to slap him but Draco grabbed it and squeezed.

Hermione pursed her lips in pain but didn't move. "Let me go." She grunted as Draco squeezed a little harder.

“Why were you going through my stuff.” He snarled pulling her closer with a hand that rested on the small of her back.

“I didn’t.” Hermione tried to push him away. “It’s not my fault you left something out where it could easily blow onto the floor.”

“Your lying.” Draco growled as a door to their left opened.

Dylan had come out of his room, rubbing his eyes. “Mummy, daddy?” He murmured frowning.

"Go back to bed, Dylan." Draco bored a hole into the side of Hermione's head, as she turned to smile forcefully at him.

"Do what your dad says, Dylan." Hermione bit her lip against the pain in her arm.

Dylan stood there for a moment longer looking between them before he walked over to Hermione and pulled on her night robes to be picked up. Draco let her go and Hermione bent down and picked the small boy off the floor.

"Mummy, are you ok?" Dylan saw her black and blue wrist.

"I'm fine, honey, are you ready to go back to bed?" She asked and he nodded burying his head into her shoulder.

Draco nodded and ruffled Dylan’s hair and pretending to kiss Hermione’s cheek muttered. “I’ll be in our room.”

Hermione glared at him for a moment and took Dylan into his room. She set him down in his bed and pulled the blankets up to his chin and turned to leave.


"Huh?" She asked turning back to him..

"Do you love, daddy?" He asked, innocently, with a worried look on his face.

Hermione paused for a moment. "I love your father very much." She whispered before leaving.

“Does daddy love you?” He whispered.

“Yes, I’m sure he does.” Hermione smiled and kissed his forehead.

She headed out the door and into the common room. Searching her pocket she fished out her wand from her robe before walking into her and Draco's bedroom. A fire was going on in the fireplace with Draco standing in front of it. He whipped around as she came in, but didn't move forward at the sight of her wand.

"If you even dare to come a step closer, I swear I'll hex you into an oblivion." Hermione snarled walking over to her bed and shutting the curtains tight.


Draco sat in front of the fire he had created. He felt bad he had freaked out on Hermione so badly but nobody could know what he snuck away from school for. She even thought he was a Death Eater, which he most definitely wasn't. It didn't matter though. His father would soon force him into it. Draco buried his face in his hands.

He truly cared about Dylan and Sofia and especially Hermione. He wasn't sure what attracted him to the brown haired muggle-born but he always felt warm when he was around her...always. He felt even warmer when he kissed her. Draco especially loved it when she was with Dylan and Sofia. She always became very motherly and loving towards them. She would make a wonderful mother someday. Maybe even for his children

“No Draco!” He scolded himself. “You can’t think like that! She’ll never be yours forever.”

“A Malfoy gets what he wants.” His defiant side argued back.

“Shut up!” He snarled at himself.

Dylan and Sofia Yetrasis. Both in big danger that few people knew of. One thing was certain, though. He would be there to protect them both no matter what the cost. They thought he wa his father anyway.


Hermione watched Draco through a small slit in her bed curtains as he sat in front of the fire. He seemed to have calmed down and was deep in thought. Her anger had diminished enough to even look at him but not enough to talk to him. He was very bipolar but he could be sweet at times. Hermione knew she was attracted to him but still hated it. He had been horrible to her and now she just needed to cool of a bit. But could she ever forgive him

“Of course not.” She scoffed. “His destiny is to be a Death Eater! He’ll hunt people like me...muggle-borns.” A small tear came to her eye as she thought about Draco hunting her.

Closing her curtains Hermione turned her back to him to try and sleep.

teaser excerpt

Ron walked over to the door and slowly turned the knob. Loud moans escaped the into the room as Ron stepped in.

“What the hell are you doing with him!” He shrieked.

Chapter 15: Misunderstandings and Meetings
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Misunderstandings and Meetings

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot and Dylan and Sofia...and...and...ok I’m pretty sure that’s it.

A/N: This chapter is kinda long like i promised. Sorry for the slight wait! I hope you like it!I sure did. The next chapter will be out very soon.


Hermione woke up to the sound of a shower going in the bathroom. Sitting up she pulled back the curtains and stretched. After one glance at the clock she flopped back on her bed and laid there. She didn't move until she heard someone come into the room.

Draco walked out of the bathroom in nothing but a towel and walked over to his dresser. Grabbing some clothes he went back into the bathroom and slammed the door behind him. Hermione watched him with sleepy eyes and pulled herself off the bed.

Walking into the bathroom Hermione set her clothes and towel on a stool outside of shower. When she was done Hermione put her hair up in a towel and walked into the kitchen. After pouring herself a cup of juice Hermione sat down at the table. Much to her surprise a pack of cigarettes were sitting on table.

She rolled her eyes figuring they were just Draco's. Outside the window the sun was just now peeking up over the horizon. Hermione stared out of the window until she heard the soft padding of feet coming into the kitchen. Looking up Dylan was coming into the kitchen.

"Hey baby." Hermione muttered wrapping her arms around Dylan as he climbed into her lap. "Your up early."

Dylan yawned and leaned on Hermione. "I couldn't sleep."

"Mommy and daddy don't have to go to class today so do you want mommy to get you some milk that'll help you get to sleep?" Hermione asked, hoping to get a few more hours alone.

Dylan nodded and Hermione stood up and, with him still holding on, pulled some milk out of the fridge. Pouring it into a cup Hermione did a warming spell. Picking up the cup she took Dylan back to his room. Sitting down in a rocking chair set up for him she let him drink his milk and sit in her lap. When Dylan was done Hermione laid him to bed.

"Mommy why'd daddy leave earlier?" Dylan asked, groggily.

"Daddy had some business this morning." Hermione smiled trying to look cheerfully.

Dylan nodded and rolled over in his bed. Hermione turned and left to go back and sit in the kitchen. Hermione sat back down in her chair at the table and gazed out the window.

She wanted to believe Draco wasn't going to be a Death Eater. She wanted to believe he was the same loving man he was around Sofia but it was hard. Hermione worried for her own safety and for Dylan and Sofia's. Hearing Sofia wake up Hermione got up and went into her room.

Plucking her out of her bed Hermione tried to coo her back to sleep. Hermione sighed knowing it was no use. She was a daddy's girl through and through. For the first time that morning Hermione wished Draco were there to help with the baby. Sofia continued to cry as Hermione walked with her into the kitchen to get her a bottle.

Placing a bottle carefully in Sofia's mouth Hermione smiled as the little girl scowl up at her mommy.

"I'm sorry baby but your daddy isn't here." Hermione told Sofia as she sat down in a chair. "Daddy'll come back later. I promise."

Sofia just stared up at Hermione and sucked on her bottle. When Sofia was done Hermione put her in the play pen that she had summoned from Sofia's room and put the baby in it. While Sofia was pre-occupied with her toys Hermione spent the next forty-five minutes making breakfast.

By the time she was done Dylan was already in the kitchen and coloring in his coloring book.

Hermione set some eggs and sausage in front of him. "Eat up." She ordered kissing him lightly on the head.

Sitting down with her own food Hermione kept an eye on the two kids. When she was half-way done with her food someone knocked on the portrait hole.

"Hermione, it's me Ginny." She heard Ginny say on the other side of the portrait.

Grinning she pulled open the portrait hole and saw Ginny standing with Blaise Zabini outside the door. Her smile flickered a bit when she saw him but she didn't let it show much.

"Mornin Ginny, Zabini." Hermione greeted, moving to the side to let them in.

"We've been sent here by Dumbledore and McGonagall." Ginny said in a grave tone. "They want you in his office, now."

Hermione bit her lip, thinking it was because her and Draco were fighting. "Did they say why?" She squeaked.

Blaise shook his head. "No they just said you had to get up there, now!"

Hermione nodded and walked into the kitchen with the two others behind her. "Come on Dylan we got to go for a few minutes."

"Oh Hermione don't worry we'll take care of the kids." Ginny waved her away from them. "Now go before you take too long."

"Thanks a million you guys." Hermione quickly hugged Ginny and rushed out of the portrait without closing it.

Ginny and Blaise grinned as they watched her hurry away. "I can't believe that was so easy." Blaise smirked.

"Hermione is quite the gullible one." Ginny said with a small smile.


Hermione was too worried for words as she raced down the halls. She was just passing the Room of Requirement when two hands pulled her roughly in. She was gently pressed against the wall and familiar lips found hers. Allowing herself to succumb to him she kissed back and put her arms around his neck. Hermione felt him smile against her lips and slip his arms around her waist.

He pulled away from her after a minute to get some air and smiled. "I do care."


Ginny and Blaise were both helping themselves to the food that was in the kitchen while Sofia fell back to sleep and Dylan bounced a ball around. After he hit a vase on the window sill Ginny and Blaise ushered him into the bedroom quickly.

"Come on Dylan let's go play in your room." Ginny suggested levitating the play pen with Sofia in it off the ground and placing it just outside of Dylan's room.

Blaise was sitting against the bed and Ginny sat down next to him. Dylan had pulled out some trucks and was moving them around on the floor under the window. Dylan soon abandoned them and ran to get some new toys. But as he was running he tripped over his own feet and went flying in the air.

Dylan leaned on Ginny as she rubbed his back trying to calm him down. He had calmed down a bit but tears still fell from his eyes. Blaise leaned over and began tickling his stomach. Dylan erupted in a fit of giggles. When Blaise released him he sat at their feet and made animal noises.


Ron entered the Heads Common Room wondering where Ginny had gotten to. He peeked into Hermione and Draco's room but saw noone. He was about to leave when he heard some noises coming from Dylan's room. He raised a disapproving eyebrow.

Ron walked over to the door and slowly turned the knob. Loud moans escaped the into the room as Ron stepped in.

“What the hell are you doing with him!” He shrieked.

Ginny's head jerked up and she saw Ron standing in the door. "Excuse me?"

Ron glared at them suspiciously for a moment before speaking. "Who was making all that moaning." His wand hand twitched.

Ginny rolled her eyes. "Oh please Ron. Dylan was making animal noises."

"Oh." Ron looked dejected and cowered under his sister's glare.

"Yes oh. Now what do you want?" She snapped angrily.

"Where's Hermione." He asked gruffly.

"Why do you care, Weasley?" Blaise smirked, speaking up.

Ron glared at him. "Because you imbecile she is my best friend so why don't you go put you head right back..."

"We aren't telling you anything, Ron. Get over it."

Ron scowled at his sister but turned around and stormed out of the common room, slamming the portrait behind him.


Hermione stared up in Draco's grey-blue eyes. "I...I..." Hermione had no clue what to say.

Draco smiled understanding. "Come here I'll explain everything."

He took her hand gently and led her over to the couch that was in the middle of the room. Sitting down Draco pulled her onto his lap. Hermione looked at him expecting him to start talking.

"From the day I was born I was always expected to be a Death Eater. I was never given a choice on the matter. That was why I pushed away from it all even when I was very young. This entire year my father has been trying to get me to meet him. He wants to take me to the Dark Lord to get a Dark Mark on my arm." With this Draco pulled his sleeve up. "Go ahead you can do whatever to my arm. A Dark Mark will never appear."

Hermione bit her lip and ran a finger over the spot where the mark would be. She shook her head and pulled his sleeve back down. "You wouldn't let me examine your arm if you were lying. But that doesn't prove to me you won't become a Death Eater."

Draco smirked and wrapped his hand behind her neck. Their lips met and a surge of electricity went through their bodies. Hermione put her arms around Draco's neck and felt him slip his strong arms around her waist. Without breaking the kiss Draco laid her down on the couch underneath him. Hermione's ran her hands through his silky hair. Draco pulled away for air and searched her face for emotion.

"What do I have to do to prove that I will never be a Death Eater?" He asked leaning on his elbow just to the side of her.

Hermione kissed his lips again before telling him. "I want you to tell me everything."

Draco grimaced and laid down with a protective arm around her and began his story. He told her his parents loved him to death but had always expected so much of him. He had gotten good grades and worked hard to be Head Boy all for them. But now he had decided that he just couldn't live up to their expectations. There was no way in hell he could ever become a Death Eater. Draco told her all about the small crush he had, had on her since the first time they had met. He even revealed the night Pansy had quite literally taken advantage of him whilst he had been very drunk.

By the time he was done Hermione couldn't help but let a tear fall. Wrapping her arms around him she buried her face in his shoulder.

"Don't cry." Draco pleaded softly.

Hermione pulled back and Draco wiped the tears away with his thumb. He gave her a gentle butterfly kiss on the cheek before enveloping her in his arms once again.

Hermione giggled. "Your too sweet."

"Only for you babe." Draco said trying to lighten the mood.

Hermione smiled and leaned back on him. His arms were still wrapped around her waist tightly. Hermione suddenly remembered something.

“Draco, do you smoke?” Hermione asked pulling away.

Draco’s cheeks flushed a bit. “Er...yeah I do. How did you know?”

“You left your cigarettes on the kitchen table. Your lucky I found them and not Dylan.” Hermione scolded lightly.

“I forgot.” Draco muttered, kissing her nose.

Hermione rolled her eyes. “Draco sucking up doesn’t help you one bit.”

Draco shrugged his shoulders and laid back down on the couch. Hermione shook head and looked down at her watch. Her eyes widened and she made a small yelp, jumping off the couch. Draco looked up with concerned eyes and stood next to her.

“What is it?” Draco asked putting a hand on her shoulder.

"It's nearly three o'clock in the afternoon. I can't believe we just spent some six hours talking and I left Ginny and Blaise with the kids." Hermione said shocked.

"Being a parent stinks." Draco groaned as they headed for the door.

"No it doesn’t, Draco. Your just not looking at the good things about it." Hermione contradicted.

"Oh yeah? Like what?"

"Like the fact that your daughter isn't he happiest when she doesn't wake up to her daddy."

"Well I don't blame her." Draco said smirking.

Hermione rolled her eyes and walked a bit faster than him. Draco had to practically run to keep up with her.

"Slow down, woman. What's with the rush?" Draco panted, catching up with her.

Hermione looked at him incredousley. "Does it not bother you that we left two friends with our two kids all day?"

"Not really. I'm sure they had lots of fun."

"And I bet you anything Sofia downright refused to eat anything. Ginny tried to feed her before and she wouldn't eat. She will only eat if one of us is feeding her and I still have trouble with her." Hermione rambled on even as they walked into the common room.

Ginny and Blaise both seemed to be trying to comfort Sofia who was wailing in their arms.

“Hermione she won’t stop.” Ginny looked ready to cry.

Draco crossed over to her in three easy strides and took Sofia from her. Sofia quieted down as soon as she realized her daddy was holding her again. Dylan jumped up from his seat on a couch and ran into Hermione. Ginny and Blaise watched a bit frustrated that Hermione and Draco could calm the two kids so easily.

“You two should go ahead an relax for the rest of the day. You look tired.” Hermione smiled, hiding her laughter.

Ginny and Blaise nodded before leaving the common room. Hermione yawned and started towards the bedroom.

“Hey where are you going.” Draco called after her.

“I am going to take a nap. Wake me up when it’s time for dinner.” Hermione called over her shoulder.

“That’s not fair! You can’t leave me with these two little munchkins!”

“Welcome to parenthood, honey.”

Chapter 16: Surprise Visit
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Surpise Visit

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot and Dylan and Sofia...and...and...ok I’m pretty sure that’s it.

A/N: Okay I have lots of inspiration at the moment so expect a few more chapters soon!


Hermione padded back into her bedroom at three am. The baby had been crying again and Hermione had to get her. Yawning Hermione closed the door quietly and walked over to her bed. To her surprise Draco was lying in her bed watching her with one eye.

"What are you doing in my bed?" Hermione asked sitting down next to him and putting extra emphasize on the words you and my.

Draco opened his eyes and rolled them, dramatically. "I couldn't bear being away from you any longer." Draco sat up and wrapped an arm around her.

In the past week or so Draco and Hermione had gotten closer and Hermione didn't mind his arm around her anymore. They weren't officially dating but sometimes they acted like they were.

"Is the baby ok?" Draco asked as she laid her head on hi shoulder.

"She would have quieted down sooner had her daddy been there." Hermione smirked looking up at him.

"Welcome to parenthood, honey."

"You stole that off of me." Hermione scolded him lightly. "Now if you don't mind I'm going to bed." She laid down on the bed, dragging Draco down with her.

"Actually I do." Draco smirked and leaned over to kiss her.

At first Hermione kissed back but then she pulled back. "I made a decision." She announced.

Draco propped himself up on his elbow and drew small circles on her stomach. "And what would that be?"

Hermione looked at him for a moment but then took a breath. "We're not allowed to kiss until we are actually dating. I will refuse you until then."

Draco stopped drawing circles on her stomach and scowled down at her. He didn't say anything but his scowl said enough.

"It might sound horrible but if you were my boyfriend it wouldn't matter, would it?" Hermione bit the inside of her bottom lip.

Draco sighed but his scowl remained on his face. "You can't be serious."

Hermione gave him a doubtful look. "I'm not. I'm being very serious here."

Draco bent over and kissed her lips quickly. "Hermione whatever your middle name is Granger, would you do me the honors of being my girlfriend?"

Hermione giggled and put her arms around his neck to kiss him. "Of course." She whispered.

Draco deepened the kiss and pushed her down on the bed. A warm feeling spread through Hermione’s body starting at her stomach. Draco pulled back for air and grinned down at her.

"You’re a good kisser." He complimented sweetly.

"You are too but I'm tired and want to go to bed." Hermione giggled at his dejected face. "Night Draco."

"Night Hermione." Draco replied curling down in the bed with her.


Hermione awoke the next morning in the arms of Draco. She looked up at him and laughed when she saw his mouth hanging open. Lying back on him she tried to wake up properly. The first few rays of sun were shining through the trees of the Forbidden Forest. The kids would be waking up soon and then they had classes that morning. Sitting up Hermione stretched her arms and slid out of bed carefully. Pulling on a pink silk robe Hermione walked out of the room.

Taking her book off the coffee table Hermione laid down on the couch and began to read. Sighing as she heard Sofia's crying she went to get her. As she entered the room she felt oddly strange. Shaking it off she picked up the baby and tried to calm her. Getting an idea she opened her bedroom door and set the baby next to Draco and sat down on the other side of Sofia.

Draco woke up immediately, at her cry, and looked up to glare at Hermione. "Thanks for the wake up call."

"She wanted her daddy." Hermione shrugged.

Draco picked up the baby and held her carefully. Sofia grabbed his muscle shirt in a death grip. Hermione folded her hands on his shoulder and laid her head down.

"See she missed you." Hermione told him as he tried to pull Sofia off him.

"She won't let go!" Draco cried as she held close to him.

Hermione smiled and kissed his cheek. "I'm gonna go start breakfast."

"Your not gonna help me?" Draco looked after her.

"You'll be fine. She's just a baby. It's not like she can hurt you or something." Hermione grinned as Sofia grabbed his hair.

Shaking her head she left the room. She was looking for something small and simple to have for breakfast.

"Good morning, mommy." He said giving her a hug around her her legs.

"Good morning, baby." Hermione kissed him on the head. "Here's breakfast."

Hermione set a bowl of cereal in front of him. Dylan began eating his cereal while Hermione walked back into the living room and sat back down with her book on the couch. As she sat down the fire suddenly swirled green and much to her surprise none other than Lucius Malfoy stepped out of the fire.

Hermione gasped and gaped at him. "What are you doing here?" She snarled.

Lucius cast a critical gaze over her and cringed. Hermione became very aware that she was only wearing a pair of shorts, a tank top, and a short pink robe. Dylan was looking up from the table at them.

"I don't have time for you mudblood just tell me where my son is." Lucius ordered, rudely.

Hermione stood up and raised an eyebrow at him not moving to get Draco. Lucius took a step towards her and fiddled with his wand.

"If you don't do as I say mudblood there might be an... accident." Lucius pulled out his wand and set the couch to fire behind her and put it out.

Hermione turned back to glare at him before turning on her heel and walking into her bedroom. Sofia was on the bed and Draco looking through his drawers. Looking up Draco grinned and walked over to Hermione. Kissing her lightly on the lips he wrapped his arms around her.

"The baby let me go." Draco said proudly nodding to Sofia on the bed.

"And she took your shirt with her?"

"No she spit up on it." Draco said dejected leaning down to kiss her again.

Hermione put her hand up to his lips. "We can't." She said bluntly.

Draco gave her a sad and questioning look. "What? Why?"

"Your father...he's...he's out in the common room." Hermione bit her lip as Draco's eyes widened to twice their size.

"Oh." Was all he could say. "Well I suppose I better go see him."

Draco walked out of the room while Hermione picked up the baby and followed him out. Lucius Malfoy had already made himself comfortable on the couch. Draco sat down on the opposite end of the couch while Hermione settled down in the armchair with Sofia. Dylan was coming out of the kitchen and he stood next to the armchair Hermione was sitting in.

Lucius sneered up at the other three. "Could you give us some privacy." He snarled in more of an order than a question.

Hermione glared back at him but stood up anyway. "Are you even allowed in Hogwarts?" She snarled.

"That is none of your business, mudblood." He snarled.

Draco's muscles tensed and he pursed his lips at his father. Hermione looked at him expecting for him to stand up for her but he didn't say anything. Scoffing she took Dylan's hand and led him into her and Draco's bedroom.

"Come on Dylan let's get you a bath before mommy and daddy have to go to our classes." Hermione gave a him a push towards the bathroom while pulling out a baby carrier she kept in the room.

In the bathroom Hermione turned on the water for Dylan and put a spell on it so the bathtub was only about two feet deep. Setting Sofia into the carrier she put the carrier on the floor. Walking through the open door Hermione went to pick out her clothes for the day.

Two strong arms wrapped around Hermione's waist and she was spun around to face Draco. Hermione smiled and kissed him lightly on the cheek before pushing him away and going into the bathroom. Draco followed her.

"So what did your father have to say?" Hermione asked as she unplugged the bath for Dylan to get out.

"Nothing much." Draco muttered throwing her a towel for Dylan.

Hermione wrapped Dylan up in a towel and told him to go and get his clothes on. "You need a shower." Hermione wrinkled her nose at Draco.

Draco crossed the room and gave her a hug. "I'll tell you tonight." He muttered breathing in her scent.

Hermione squirmed in his arms. "You really do stink in the morning."

Draco grinned an pulled her closer before pulling away. “Alright I’m going.” He said walking away to get a shower. When he was done Hermione jumped in and got her shower while Draco watched the kids. Once she was ready to leave they all left and headed to the first class of the day...Transfiguration.

Chapter 17: Transfiguration Problems
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Transfiguration Problems

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Hermione sat in her seat and set Sofia on the desk behind her, where Draco was sitting. Beside her Dylan sat in a seat with his toys. Professor McGonagall was passing out puppies that they were supposed to transfigure into pillows. As the class set to work Hermione quickly transfigured her puppy on her third try and sat down triumphantly. Looking around she noticed not many people were doing half as well as she. Draco was jabbing at his puppy in frustration.

"Aren't you supposed to be smart?" Hermione asked raising an eyebrow.

Draco looked and glared at her. "I'll get it eventually." He snapped trying again.

"Swish your wand more instead of jabbing it." Hermione offered, politely not noticing the odd stares Harry and Ron were giving her.

Suddenly a purple beam shot out of no where and hit Sofia turning her into a box of tissues. Hermione screamed shrilly and covered her mouth while Draco looked around the room to find out who did it. He rested his eyes on Theodore Nott who was laughing with a sneer behind Professor McGonagall's back. Once Sofia was turned back Hermione pulled her out of the carrier and held her close. Harry and Ron were standing around her with Lavender for comfort. Sofia was squalling loudly and Hermione tried to comfort her. Draco stepped in front of her and took the baby.

Professor McGonagall came over to them and asked. "Is the baby okay?" Hermione nodded as Draco set her back in the carrier. "Then class will resume." She announced looking around.

Ron, Harry, and Lavender smiled at Hermione before going back to their seats. The rest of the class went by uneventfully and they were soon out and ready to spend the next hour or so in the common room working on the homework they had been assigned and watching the kids.

Draco dropped his book down on the coffee table and found Hermione in the kitchen with Sofia. "She is going to be okay, right?"

Hermione nodded. "She just looks a bit paler then usual from the tissues but she'll be fine."

Draco nodded and kissed Sofia on the forehead and Hermione on the cheek. "I gotta go finish my homework." He sighed.

Hermione smiled and nodded. " We'll be in, in a minute."

Draco nodded and walked back into the common room. Five minutes later Hermione joined him while feeding Sofia. Hermione looked down at what he had so far and began reading. Draco looked over and watched her feed Sofia for a while before he returned to his essay.

"Do you wanna feed her?" Hermione offered. "I have some homework left, too."

Draco looked up and nodded with a smirk. "You already have two and a half feet but sure. I never got to feed her yet, anyway."

Hermione shook her head and pulled her own essay out from her bag. Draco was a bit off as she had nearly three feet and still had a lot more to do. When Sofia was done Draco looked up at Hermione unsure of what to do. Hermione took her out of his arms and burped her.

"So that's what your supposed to do." Draco muttered to himself.

"Yup." Hermione muttered. "Now where do you want to eat?"

"I don't care." Draco shrugged.

"Then we'll eat here so Dylan and Sofia can have a nap." Hermione told him, standing up.

Draco got up with her and followed Hermione to the nursery, but she stopped him. "Don't you have homework to do?"

"Yeah on your lips." He sneered, bending over to her.

Hermione giggled and pulled away. "I have to go put the baby down for a nap and then I'm going to run down and tell Ginny something."

Draco pouted but brushed his lips against her forehead before settling down on the couch. "Well hurry up." He ordered.

Hermione rolled her eyes and laid the baby down for her nap before going back to the common room. "I'll be back in ten minutes." She hollered over her shoulder as she left and got a grunt back from Draco.

In the Great Hall she spotted Ginny, Ron, and Harry sitting together in the middle of the Gryffindor table. Grinning widely she hurried over to them and slid into a seat.

"Hey guys." She greeted.

"Hi." They said looking up from their lunches.

"Oh Hermione I have something very important to ask you." Ginny said from across the table with a wink.

Hermione nodded and stood up. "I guess I'll see you guys later."

Harry and Ron nodded with their mouths full of food. Hermione shook her head and followed Ginny to the door. Professor McGonagall however stopped her at the door.

"Ms.Granger, could I please have a word?" She asked.

"Sure." Hermione said nodding to Ginny and following McGonagall into a corner where Theodore Nott was standing with a deadly scowl.

"Mr.Nott here is in dire need of help with Transfiguration and since you are at the top of the class I was hoping you would be willing to tutor him." She said waving her hand in his general direction.

"Er...okay." Hermione said shrugging as she cast a critical glance over him.

"I refuse!" Nott practically yelled.

"Well Mr.Nott I am afraid you have absolutely no choice in this matter." McGonagall snapped. "I'll leave you two to decided when and where you will meet. "

Once she had strode away Nott took a menacing step towards her. "Listen here mudblood, nobody and I mean nobody will know about this. I will not be the laughing stock of the school. We will meet on Tuesdays at nine o'clock in the Room of requirement."

When he had finished his speech his spun on his heels, heading towards the dungeons. How about this. Hermione snarled walking towards him. "For one you will not call me mudblood and two I will tell whomever I want. Also I get to choose when we will meet. I am not the one in need of a better grade. Therefore we'll be meeting on Sundays in the Heads Common Room at eight o'clock."

Nott was silent as he stared at her, he obviously hadn't expected that. Behind them they heard foot steps and he quickly whispered. "Fine whatever just get out of here."

Hermione smirked and turned around. There was a group of Slytherins coming out of the Great Hall and she pushed through them rather violently. They were just as violent back and she swore someone or something bit her arm. Rubbing the soft spot in her arm where the pain came from she found Ginny in the Entrance Hall waiting for her.

“I’m back.” She said brightly.

Ginny smiled and nodded. “I noticed but do you um...know if Blaise has a girlfriend or something?” She said this rather quickly as they began walking down a deserted hallway.

Hermione burst out laughing and doubled over. “I’m sorry Ginny but I never thought you would ask me that.” She said as she noticed Ginny’s red face. “But I don’t know. I’ll ask Draco, though.”

Ginny smiled, relieved. “Thanks a lot ‘Mione.”

“No problem. Anyways you won’t believe what I have to do ” Hermione exclaimed as they kept walking to no place in particular.

“I have no clue so just spill.” Ginny ordered, getting excited over the topic of something that could be hilarious.

“I’m going to tutor Theodore Nott in Transfiguration ” Hermione told her as Ginny’s jaw dropped and started laughing.

"I know it's hilarious but really you shouldn't tease him." Hermione scolded lightly since she didn't really care too much either way.

"I'll try not to."

Hermione grinned at her side-ways. "Don't you have charms in ten minutes?" She asked.

Ginny stopped smiling and stood stock still. "Snap! We're gonna have to talk later! Bye Hermione!" She yelled over her shoulder as she ran off.

"Bye Gin!" Hermione waved to her but was too late.

Shrugging she began her way back to the Head Common Room. Draco was on the couch stretched out when she got there and everythign was silent. Hermione walked over and moved his head so she could sit down.

"You took nearly half an hour!" Draco exclaimed raising his eyebrows.

"Ginny and I started talking and then McGonagall needed to talk to me and then me and Ginny talked some more and then I came here. Did I break any rules?" Hermione rolled her eyes sarcasticly.

Draco smirked up at her and asked. "What did McGonagall have to say?"

"Oh...she wants me to tutor someone in transfiguration." Hermione told him as she wrapped a lock of his blonde hair around her finger.

"Oh yeah, what idiot needs help?" He said his smirk growing wider and Hermione could see glee in his eyes.

"Draco that isn't nice but since you asked..." Hermione was cut off by Draco sitting up and talking.

"Wait let me guess. It's Weasel isn't it!" Draco sneered.

Hermione glared at him disaprovingly. "His name is Ron and no it isn't. It's actually Theodore Nott."
"Nott! He's the on your going to tutor. " Draco's tone was no longer gleeful or happy but instead he sounded quite angry. "I forbid it."

Hermione raised an eyebrow. "I don't care if you forbid it This will look wonderful on any job resume. You can't tell me what to do anyway." Hermione snapped standing up.

“You don’t know Nott like I do.” Draco, snarled standing up next to her and grasping her wrist.

“He’s an idiot who can’t do Transfiguration from Slytherin.”

“He’s evil and a player.” He warned with his grip unwavering despite her squirming.

“Well it doesn’t matter what you say because I will be tutoring him whether you approve or not.” Hermione snapped breaking free of his hand and putting both fists on her hips.

Draco fumed angrily for a moment and glared. “Fine.” He said through gritted teeth. “But you will tutor him here where I can protect you.”

Hermione cracked a small smile and gave him a hug which he returned. “Don’t worry Draco we’re already meeting here and do I detect jealousy.” She teased, pulling back just enough to look up into his eyes and see his glare.

“No I think you detect protectiveness.” Draco smirked and held her closer as he laid down on the couch and pulled her on top of him.

“Whatever you say, Draco, whatever you say.”

Chapter 18: Tutoring Teddy
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Tutoring Teddy

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Hermione was just putting Sofia to bed in her crib when she heard a knock on the portrait and it creak open. After kissing Sofia’s forehead lightly, she walked out into the common room to see Draco and Nott talking in front of the portrait. The boys looked up as she closed the nursery door. Draco smiled over Nott’s head while Nott only glared at her.

"Come on mudblood let’s get this over with," he snarled flopping down on the couch.

Hermione whipped out her wand and put it right in front of his face. "Call me a mudblood again and I’ll really teach you what transfiguration is."

He glared up at her disbelievingly. "What are you going to do about it mudblood?" He snarled again standing up to face her.
"Don’t call her mudblood."

Hermione and Nott both turned around and stared openly at Draco, who was glaring angrily at Nott. "That would be my job," he snapped, taking a few steps forward.

Nott scowled but said nothing. The three stood in silence until Hermione pulled out her transfiguration book and slammed it down on the table.

"Start the homework for tomorrow and I’ll see what you're doing wrong," she snapped at him and then head into the kitchen where Draco had gone only a moment earlier.

She smiled weakly with a disapproving look at him as he sat on the counter and lit a cigarette. "That’s disgusting, I hope you know," she informed him.

Draco shrugged. "It’s hard to stop."

"That doesn’t make it right." Hermione scolded getting the milk and chocolate syrup out. "Want some hot chocolate?"

Draco nodded and pushed himself off the counter. "I’ll go ask Nott if he wants some."

Hermione nodded stiffly. "Ask Dylan too and you can send him in here with me for a bit. Then you have to watch him while I help Nott."

Draco barely heard a word as he walked into the common room. "Oi, Nott do you want some hot chocolate?" He asked as he walked by sure.

"Sure." He shrugged.

Draco peeked into Dylan’s room but found him sleeping on his bed. Shrugging he closed the door and went to sit down on the couch next to Nott. Hermione then came out of the kitchen with three steaming mugs of hot chocolate. She placed one in front of Nott and handed one to Draco before taking a sip herself. Draco muttered his thanks while Nott was silent.

"Let me see what you have so far." Hermione snatched the paper out of his hands and began scanning it for errors."You have a lot of mistakes. Hold on, I’m going to go get my spell check quill."

Hermione left the into the bedroom and Nott turned to Draco. "So how good is she?" He asked.

"Excuse me?" Draco snapped raising an eyebrow down at him.

"You know, how good is she in bed?" Nott rolled his eyes as if it were obvious. "She looks like she’d want it rough despite her good girl features."

"And your asking me these questions why?" Draco snarled, fighting the urge to punch Nott in his face.

"Well you do live with her. You have to know something. You should hear what they say in the common room. Everybody wants a piece of her." He rambled on not noticing Draco’s fist were balled. "She is pretty, damn sexy for a mudblood. Why do you think I wanted to meet her in the Room of Requirement?"

Draco stood up, his eyes livid. "Get out." He snarled in a low and dark voice.

Nott looked up at him and smirked. "I have a tutoring session with Ms.Mudblood."

Draco let his temper flare and he grabbed Nott by the collar of his robes and hauled him up to his feet. "I don’t care what you have to do, just get out."

Nott glared at him but Draco knew he was scared on the inside. He jerked out of his grip and grabbed his stuff but Draco dragged him back.

"And Nott. You can tell everybody whether they like it or not she is my mudblood. It’s like adopting a pet and I adopted her first." Draco snarled trying not to sound like he cared too much.

He pulled out of Draco’s grip and stalked out of the common room. Hermione just then came back in, looking rather pleased with herself. Her face fell when she noticed all of Nott’s things were gone.

"Where’d Nott go?" She snapped at Draco, putting her hands on her hips.

"Back to the hole he came from." Draco said calmly lying down on the couch.


"Because I made him."

"Draco, what did you do to him?" Hermione asked dangerously standing over top of him with an angry expression.

"You should have heard him talking about you!" Draco exclaimed throwing his legs over the side of couch. "It was disgusting! He wanted to know all about how good you were in bed! As if I knew!" Draco shrieked, now pacing. "You know the reason he wanted to meet you in the Room of Requirement was so he could take advantage of you? It’s a good thing you didn’t go. Then he went on about how every guy in the Slytherin Common Room wants a piece of you!"
Hermione put a finger to his lips and then swiftly kissed them. "Don’t worry Draco. I’m a big girl. I know how to take care of myself."

Draco raised his eyebrows. "Did you listen to me last night?" He asked. "Slytherins will do anything to get what they want."

"I did listen but that doesn’t mean I can’t protect myself." She assured him as she wrapped her arms around him.

"I know, but still. If a few jump you at once you don’t have much of a chance." Draco pulled her onto his lap as they sat down.

Hermione didn’t answer but laid her head down on his shoulder while Draco wrapped his arms around her waist. "Draco, remember earlier in the year when you said that you had called "dibs" on me?"

Draco looked confused for a moment but then grinned. "Yeah, why?"

"Well, wouldn’t the Slytherins be the first ones to listen to you?" Hermione asked curiously pushing herself off Draco and laying her legs across his lap.

"They listen to me if they know I can find out whether they are or not. Since I’m not in the common room anymore, they’ll do whatever they please." Draco sighed unhappily. "I have got to make them listen better."

Hermione giggled and stood up. "You do that evil plotting but I’m going to bed. I have to wake up early and tell McGonagall about how you made Nott leave." Hermione kissed his cheek and walked off into their room with Draco just behind her.

"It’s not my fault he’s an arse." Draco muttered following her.
Hermione laughed lightly. "Yes, I will agree with you that he is an arse and I’m quite glad you kicked him out as it just proves you’re a caring and protective boyfriend."

Draco took her hand and softly caressed it with his own. "I know."

Hermione gave him a side-ways glance and stopped in the middle of the room, standing up on her tip-toes she kissed his cheek lightly. "Good night," she whispered before going off to her own bed. Draco too went off to his bed to sleep, but a little more than an hour later he was shaken awake by Hermione.

"What is it Hermione?" He asked sitting up and yawning.

"You forgot to tell me what your father had to say," she whispered settling next to him on the bed.

Draco furrowed his brow and put an arm around her waist. "Oh, you didn’t remind me," he shrugged. "He just wanted to know where I was."

"Where you’ve been? You’ve been in Hogwarts, where else?" Hermione snapped with a dubious look on her face.

"Yeah, but I haven’t been answering any of his letters or anything." Draco shrugged, frowning.

"Why not?"

"Because they’re all about becoming a Death Eater and how I should be thinking about it seriously and stuff like that." Draco informed her with a sigh before quickly adding. "Stuff I don’t care about."

"Then why don’t you just tell him and get it over with?" She muttered curling up next to him.

"Because he’ll go to the Dark Lord and then I’ll be in danger of death."

"Oh, right." Hermione said quietly. "Well good-night," she said and moved to slide out of bed but Draco held her back with a small smirk.

"I wouldn’t want anything happening to you, now would I?" He said pulling her against him and under the covers.
Hermione rolled her eyes with a smile and put her arms around him. "Of course not. Good-night, Draco."


Chapter 19: Christmas Plans
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Christmas Plans

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The Great Hall hadn’t look as good as it did now than when it had for the Yule Ball. It was only December thirteenth but most of the Christmas trees were up and decorated. It had been up to the Heads to lead the decorations and both, Hermione and Draco, had agreed upon having Christmas banners for each house above the respective tables. At the moment both were in the Great Hall supervising the decorations being put up and watching Dylan and Sofia. Unfortunately Sofia had gotten a stomachache and Hermione had to pay a lot of attention to the baby.

The decorations were moving along fine with Draco doing most of the supervising. Dylan had, had a bit too many sweets that Draco had received from his parents that morning and was running around the Hall disturbing others. Ginny was speaking quietly with Hermione about Christmas presents for Dylan and Sofia while pretending to be talking about the decorations.

“You can get him anything as long as it doesn’t involve sugar or small objects.” Hermione warned her, and gesturing with her hand as if to explain what happens when Dylan has too much sugar. “I still have to kill Draco for giving him those cookies or whatever he was sent.”

“He is a bit hyped up but I don’t know much about kids.” Ginny said watching him run in circles.

“Yeah, well anyway what are you doing for Christmas?” Hermione asked her as they turned their backs to everybody and began looking over a sheet.

“Ron, Harry, and I are going to the Burrow.” Ginny replied swiftly. “Your invited too, you know.”

“I know but me and Draco will probably spend Christmas together with Dylan and Sofia.” She said as her gaze flickered over to Draco as he helped the Slytherin’s put tinsel on the trees and ignoring Pansy’s endless flirting.

He looked up and met her eyes and gave here a small smirked. “So you’ve already talked about what you’ll be doing then?” Ginny asked breaking her train of thought.

“Oh well...actually we haven’t talked about it... I just think we will be.” Hermione shrugged thinking about it for a moment. “I’ll have to bring it up tonight or something.”

“Well you guys better hurry we only have a week and a half until vacation.” Ginny scolded her lightly.

“I know.”

“Alright, ladies, break it up, let’s move along now.”

Ginny and Hermione whipped around to see Ron standing behind them with a goofy grin and, much to their surprise, a piece of rather large tinsel was stuck in his hair. Both girls burst out laughing and Ron gave them a confused look, not knowing what they were talking about. Draco stood on the sidelines watching the three with a jealous look. He wished he was the one making Hermione hold her sides in pain from the laughter but he wasn’t. Draco felt an unbearable knot twist in his stomach as he watched them. Hermione looked up and noticed his expression.

She gave him a worried look and a small, grim smile. He nodded and turned around to walk over and get a cookie off the tray that was laid out. He felt a small bump against his legs and looked down to see Dylan streaking off away from him. Shaking his head he turned away and just as he had a loud crash made him turn his head back again.

“Uh oh.” A small familiar little boy said in a worried voice.

Draco dropped his cookie and jaw as he looked over the mess that Dylan had created. A Christmas tree in the corner to the left of the double doors had fallen over and all the decorations that had been on it were broken or shattered. Hermione had already rushed over and picked Dylan up, glancing up at Draco who was walking to them with a disgruntled look. Waving his wand the tree was put back up and the many strings, bulbs, and other decorations were repaired but still needed put back up. The prefects went back to their work while Hermione soothed a rather shocked Dylan.

“It’s ok Dylan, your not in trouble.” She whispered, rubbing his back.

“The hell he isn’t.” Draco muttered behind Hermione over her shoulder.

She turned around and gave him a stern glare and mouthed. “Shut up.”

Draco sneered at her and took Dylan out of her arms and into his own. Dylan wrapped his arms around Draco’s neck. Hermione smiled at them and walked away to check on Sofia, who was crying. Picking her out of her carrier Hermione surveyed the hall with a critical eye. Dylan had gotten away from Draco and was now talking to Ginny. Everything looked perfect and Hermione decided that everyone could just leave.

Draco seemed to have the same idea and moved to the front of the room and called everybody’s attention to him. “Okay, you guys did a great job today and the hall looks fantastic so you can all leave as long as the Head Girl agrees with me?”
Hermione nodded to him and everybody started talking and walking around. Setting Sofia back down in her carrier she called Dylan over to her. “ Come on baby we have to go get bundled up to go to Daddy’s quidditch practice.”

“Okay mommy.” Dylan said grinning and taking her hand to lead them out of the Great Hall.

In the Common Room Dylan rushed into his room to look through his clothes. Hermione went into her and Draco’s room and found he was looking through his drawers to find some thick clothes to wear. Putting Sofia on the ground and wrapped her arms around him from behind.and stood on her tip-toes to rest her chin on his shoulder.

“Hey, is Dylan getting ready?” He asked, turning around to put his arms around her.

“Yeah, he’s moving like lightning. He can’t wait to go watch you guys play.” Hermione told him with a hug.

“Well then we better go. I have to be a few minutes early to get out the equipment.” Draco sighed taking her hand and picking up Sofia’s carrier and heading out the door.

On the couch Hermione picked up her sweater and coat and Sofia’s extra blanket she had brought out before going to decorate the Great Hall. Pulling on her coat and gloves she took Draco’s hand and they walked together until they came to the Entrance Hall with Dylan just ahead of them. Outside the cold bit at their noses and Hermione got her hat out of her pocket and pulled it on. Sofia whimpered from the cold in her carrier and Hermione wrapped the blanket over her small body.

At the stands Draco let them into the locker room and warm-up a bit while he got the balls and bats out for the team. When he was done they went and watched Dylan fly around the stands a bit. Draco wrapped his arms around Hermione pulled her onto his lap to kiss her easier. Hermione smiled against his lips but kissed back. Sofia was sitting on the seat next to them with her eyes closed in a small nap. Draco made a line of kisses down Hermione’s jaw and onto her neck.

“Eww” Hermione and Draco parted from each other and saw Dylan standing in front of them with his broom in one hand. “You were kissing ”

Hermione laughed and pushed herself off of Draco’s lap and pulled Dylan onto her own. “Yup, you caught us again.”

Draco looked a bit annoyed that Dylan had interrupted them but ruffled his hair with a smirk anyway. Some loud noises reached their ears and Draco stood up looking at the locker rooms.

“Well I guess the team is here so I’ll have to see you guys later.” Draco sighed, standing up and walking towards the locker rooms with Dylan at his heels.

Hermione watched him leave and as soon as he had she pulled out the book she had brought and began to read. When the Slytherin team came out she was greeted with a loud cloud of jeers and insults but she ignored them all. Engrossed in her book she hardly noticed the loud voices and screams directed her way, most times. When everything had quieted down Hermione looked up and found the team huddled on the ground with Draco talking to them with obvious enthusiasm.

At the entrance into the stands she saw Ginny and waved but the redheaded girl didn’t see her. She walked over to the team as they moved away and Draco and Blaise waited for her. Dylan was swinging on Blaise’s arm. Hermione could see them talking and then Draco pointed up at her, waving his arm for her to come down.

Grinning Hermione picked up the baby and her book and headed down the steps to meet them at the bottom. Ginny seized the baby from her and cooed down at Sofia.

“Have a good time.” Blaise said happily with a smirk as he and Ginny turned to go back up to the castle.

“Wait, we are you guys going?” Hermione asked before they could even take two steps away from the couple.

“They’re going to watch Dylan and Sofia while we go do something fun.” Draco told her taking her hand in his own and leading her the opposite way.

Hermione smiled and followed him as they headed for a secluded spot by the lake. The ground was covered with a foot of snow and the snow had begun falling again. Draco sat down under a tree on the snow and Hermione sat in his lap, leaning her head back on his shoulder.

“It’s beautiful out here.” She whispered and Draco grunted in response. “Let’s make a snowman.” She declared standing up.

Draco stood next to her and waved his wand. “Soruniso.” He cried and a snowman began forming in front of their eyes.

Hermione gasped as it slowly took the form of her She stepped up to it and Draco smiled as he saw her gape in surprise and glee. In an instant though it came crashing to the ground as she kicked it in the middle.

“Hey ” Draco exclaimed. “What did you do that for?”

Hermione smirked and turned around to him. “Sorry , hun, but we’re doing it the muggle way.” Draco scrunched up his nose and Hermione added. “Don’t give me that look.”

For the good part of the next two hours they constructed a half-way decent snowman mostly because of Draco’s indecent muttering under his breath. Now they were lying on the ground with grins on their faces and snow all over them.

Hermione settled down in the nook under his arm before speaking. “What are you doing for Christmas.” She asked.

“I don’t know I might just stay here at Hogwarts.” Draco sighed. “What about you?”

“I might go home this year.” She said. “Do you think we should both spend Christmas with Dylan and Sofia.”

“I don’t know if we have to but it’s a good idea.” Draco said, quietly. “I guess they would expect us to but we’d have to decide where to go.”

“Well then I guess we’re staying here because I don’t think I could get you to go to my parents house.” She said with a resigned voice and leaned back down on him. “You wouldn’t be able to live for more than a few minutes in the Muggle World anyway.”

“What do you mean I wouldn’t be able to survive in the muggle world.” Draco sat up abruptly with a shocked look on his face.

“You’re a pureblood wizard who has never set foot in any muggle place.” Hermione sighed looking up from where she had fallen into the snow. “You wouldn’t know what to do ”

“I would be able to make it around fine, thank you.” Draco huffed.

“So are you saying you’ll go?” Hermione asked with an innocent look plastered on her face.

Draco sighed but nodded with a determined look. Hermione squealed with delight and threw her arms around his neck. “Thanks Draco ”

Jumping up she kissed his cheek and bounded away through the snow. Draco sat on the ground watching her run off with a puzzled look on his face as he realized that he had just agreed to go to Hermione’s house for Christmas.

Chapter 20: Meeting the Grangers
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Meeting the Grangers

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Hurry up, Draco, or we’ll miss the train." Hermione called to Draco as they hurried through the magical archway and into the muggle world.

Draco straightened up and ran to catch up with where Hermione was standing with the baby, Dylan, and their luggage. He had stopped to tie his shoe and had made a great ordeal about it. As he caught up he nonchalantly took Hermione’s hand and with his other hand grabbed the cart the luggage was being pulled on. The small "family" made their way through King’s Cross, trying to find Platform Three where they could get on a train that would take them farther south to the small town where Hermione lived.

"There it is. Come on we only have five minutes before it leaves." Hermione chided and walked a little faster.

Draco nodded and they hurried off to board the train. Very near to the back they found an empty compartment and made their way in. Shoving the luggage into the overhead, Draco sat down next to Hermione who had already laid Dylan down on the seat across from them so he could have some more sleep.

"So did you tell your parents about issue?" Draco asked settling against the window with Hermione leaning on his shoulder.

"Yes and they weren’t happy about it, but they agreed to it anyway." Hermione replied. "Just be your charming self and they’ll completely forget your sharing a bed with their daughter."

"Hey! Charming is my middle name." Draco retorted tickling her stomach a little.

"Yes, Draco Charming Malfoy has such a nice ring to it." Hermione giggled and kissed his cheek lightly.

Draco shrugged and smirked as he rested his head on the window. They were silent for the next three hours until the train halted and Hermione woke Draco and Dylan. Grabbing their things Draco dragged the luggage off the train and ran off to get a cart for them. Hermione followed him with a sleepy Dylan and a still sleeping Sofia. Once Draco had come back and loaded their things on the cart the were ready to leave.

"Ready ‘Mione?" Draco asked with his usual smirk.

"Uh huh." Hermione replied, stifling a yawn.

Outside the train station they found that it had started sprinkling and Hermione handed the baby to Draco before she went to call a cab on a payphone. Draco watched in amazement as she talked into, what looked to him, a black banana. A minute later she came out of the glass container and led them over to a bench that was out of the soft rain.

"My parents will be here soon with the van." She told him, leaning on his shoulder. "It’s a vehicle thing that will take us to my house." She explained.

Draco nodded and wrapped and arm around her and another around Dylan who was sitting on his lap. They sat alone for a while huddled together before a silver van pulled up in front of them. A short, portly man jumped out of the passenger side seat and hurried over. Hermione had stood up and walked over to him. They met midway and embraced under the rain that was coming down much faster than before. Draco stood up with Dylan and waited to be charming to Hermione’s father.

"So you must be Draco." Mr.Granger approached and fixed his glasses as he surveyed Draco up and down. Hermione smiled over his shoulder reassuringly.

"Mr.Granger." He greeted sticking out his hand and shaking Hermione’s father’s hand.

"Please call me George."

Draco nodded and smiled as George moved to pick up some luggage. Hermione walked up to Draco and kissed his cheek as soon as her father had turned his back.

"Come on Dylan let’s get in the car." Hermione beckoned to the small boy and picking up Sofia.

Draco and Dylan followed Hermione to the car where a woman had opened a large door on the side and was waiting for them. "Hello, you must be Draco. I’m Mrs.Granger but you can call me Melissa."

Draco nodded and took her hand to his mouth and gave it a small kiss. "A pleasure to make your acquaintance ma’am."

Mrs.Granger giggled slightly and hugged Hermione. "You’ve got a keeper." She whispered into her daughters ear before pulling away and taking Sofia off her hands.

When her mother had moved Hermione picked up Dylan and put him in the car. "Go sit in the back seat Dylan on the farthest side." She told him climbing in herself.

Draco cautiously got in behind her and sat down. Hermione nudged him in the ribs and showed him how to use his seat belt. Noticing his nervousness she covered his hand with her own and said. "Don’t worry, Draco, this is perfectly safe. I promise."

Draco nodded again silently and braced himself against the back seat with a deep breath. "I’ll be okay, I’ll be okay." he chanted to himself over and over again.

Hermione smiled and held his hand as the car began moving. It was a silent drive home which surprised Hermione because her parents normally talked a lot. When they reached the house Draco jumped out of the car quickly and took deep breaths. Hermione noticed that his face was lightly tinged green and gave him a small quick kiss on the cheek before unbuckling Dylan and Sofia from the car. Her mother took Sofia from her arms and her father pulled their luggage out. Draco noticed this and went over to the trunk to help. Hermione caught her father’s eye and he nodded in approval.
Inside the house Hermione set Dylan down on the couch and covered him with a blanket. Her mother laid Sofia down in a bouncy chair they had brought with them. Quietly the two women tip-toed into the kitchen where Draco and Mr.Granger had brought their things.

"Hermione, show Draco where you two will be sleeping and put your stuff in the room, please." Mr.Granger said this slightly tightlipped.

"Okay, daddy." Hermione picked up a few of the lighter bags while Draco picked up the rest and she led him up the steps.

"And here is where we’ll sleep." Hermione said pushing open a door and leading Draco into the room.

It had a large queen-sized bed and a crib on one end of the room. Hermione set her stuff down on the yellow carpet. Draco smirked at the yellow room and dropped his bags to the ground and flopped down on the bed.

"What a tiring day." He yawned looking up at Hermione.

Hermione smiled and sat next to him. "Well you can’t go to bed yet. We still have dinner and then we’ll spend a few hours with my parents."

Draco groaned. "But I just want to sleep. Is that too much to ask?"

"Yes, and is sleeping the only thing you think of?" Hermione asked exasperatedly.

"No, this too." He said cupping her face in his hands and pulling her face to his for a kiss.

Hermione kissed him deeply and fully before pulling back for breath and smiling. Getting off of the bed she took Draco’s hand and pulled him off the bed.

"Come on, Romeo, let’s go help with dinner." Hermione grinned leading him out of the room.

"Who’s Romeo?"

"Never mind, Draco."


"So, Draco what do you plan to do after Hogwarts?"

Hermione swivelled her head to Draco as her father played twenty questions with him. Across the table she saw her mother repeat her actions.

"I’ll go train as an auror for three years before I become a full time Auror." He answered smoothly, taking a bite of food after speaking.

"Any plans for a family?" Hermione stopped chewing and looked up from her plate at Draco. He too had stopped chewing and shot a short look at her before looking straight down the table at her father.

"Eventually." Was all he said. Dinner was much quieter after that except for the forced chatter Mrs. Granger was trying to pull upon them.

After everyone had eaten their fill and the baby had woken up Hermione and her mother cleaned up, Hermione holding the baby on her hip. She was surprisingly coordinated and her mother noted that she was obviously used to having to carry the baby around while doing certain housework.

"Your father and I are so happy you came home for Christmas this year, dear." Her mother chatted casually. "We missed you."

"I know mom but I just..." Hermione trailed off on her sentence as she thought about her past six or so Christmases.

"It is rather odd though that we have three extra people in the house. Two of whom believe you to be their mom." Hermione noticed her mother speaking through tight lips.

"Mom I never planned to go back to school and be handed two kids." Hermione replied quietly.

Mrs. Granger sighed and sat down on a stool at the island. "I know it’s not your fault, dear, but it’s so odd to see my seventeen year old daughter with two babies and a boyfriend."

"It’s ok mom." Hermione sooth rubbing her mom’s back.

Draco came into the room and took the baby from Hermione. Her mother quickly stood up and tried her best to look dignified and got a kind smile from Draco.

"Well I better go see if your father wants any tea or coffee." She said before leaving the room quickly.

"Is she ok?" Draco whispered.

"Yeah she’s fine." Hermione answered softly pushing herself onto the table top. "Just a little upset is all."

"It’s me isn't it?" Draco muttered sitting down on the stool with a sigh.

"No...well not entirely anyway." Hermione explained. "The whole thing really. With Dylan and Sofia and parenting."

"Oh," was all he said.

"Come on let’s go watch television."

"What’s television?"

Chapter 21: Disaster at the Grangers
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Disaster at the Grangers

A/N: I am super super very very sorry for not updating in a very long time but I promise to try and update again soon. I’m sorry it takes me so long but my school seems to think nobody has life except for reports, projects, and homework, and everything else we need to do. Thanks to Courtney(Hypermonkey) for editing this chapter!

Disclaimer: I own nothing but Sofia, Dylan, and the plot. The rest belongs to the magnificent J.K. Rowling.


“Bye-bye mommy, bye-bye daddy ”

Hermione and Draco waved from their position on the Granger’s front porch. Dylan and Sofia were going to a muggle zoo with Hermione’s parents. Once they were out of sight the young couple returned back into the house.

“Well what do you want to do today?” Draco asked flopping down on the couch next to Hermione.

Hermione shrugged not paying much attention as she flipped through the television channels. Draco looked at it and shot a death glare towards it. He had not yet warmed up to the television, as it still scared him a bit.

“I’m gonna go take a shower.” Hermione said standing up and stretching.

“Can I join you?” Draco smirked putting his feet on top of the table.

Hermione rolled her eyes and pushed his legs off the table with a soft kick and turned around to go upstairs. Turning on the water in the bathroom, she stripped down and jumped under the water. When she was done she got out and dried off her body and hair. Putting on a pair of grey sweat pants and a loose white tank-top she walked down the steps while brushing her hair.

She stopped in her tracks and her jaw dropped as she saw Draco sitting in the middle of the floor with his wand poking the television screen. His wand hit the power button and he jumped back when the screen looked as if it had become alive. Hermione laughed out loud as he held his wand in front of him in fear.

“What..what are you doing?’ Hermione gasped out as she held her sides.

Draco looked up at her and gawked for a moment before glaring. Muttering incoherently to himself he stood up and put his wand back in his pocket. Pressing past Hermione he muttered something that vaguely sounded like. “Gotta take a shower.”

Hermione laughed and threw herself on the couch. Grabbing the remote she flipped through the channels until she found something she liked. Half-way through her program she felt her stomach rumble loudly so she got up and walked into the kitchen. Opening the fridge she got out the milk and out of the cupboard she got the cereal, a bowl, and a spoon.

When she had finished her breakfast she got up to go see what was keeping Draco so long. She made her way up the stairs with an eery feeling as the silence seemed to press on her on all sides. She was just walking past her and Draco’s bedroom when two strong arms wrapped around her waist and pulled her into the room.

“Draco ” Hermione squealed as she was thrown down on the bed and tickled.

“What?” Draco asked over her laughter with an innocent tone.

“Stop ” Hermione squealed. “That tickles ”

“Good.” He retorted without skipping a single beat and leaning down to kiss her on the lips.

A loud ring came from downstairs and Draco jumped a foot in the air off of Hermione. Hermione jumped up and ran out of the door and down the steps. Draco sat on the bed for a second feeling dismal before getting up and following her route down the steps. In the living room Hermione was sitting on the hearth talking to the fire.

“’s not safe there.” A deep, male voice echoed from the fire.

“Ron, don’t be...” Hermione answered before she was interrupted by the red-headed boy.

“What do you want, Malfoy?” He snarled and Hermione whipped around and gave him a small smile.

“I happen to be staying here for the Christmas holidays, Weasley.” Draco snarled back with a sneer.

“Draco ” Hermione hissed with a warning look at him as he sat down in an armchair.

Ron’s face turned quickly to a pasty white and then to a deep, angry red. “You call him, Draco ” He near screeched.

The house was silent for minute except for the fire crackling. “I..I ...we’ve...what do you care anyway ” Hermione stuttered out, breaking the silence.

“You’re my best friend. I care plenty.” Ron snapped irritably. “Harry and Ginny are concerned as well you know.”

Hermione stared at him for a moment, thinking about whether she should tell him Ginny wasn’t all that concerned. “I’m a big girl, Ronald, I can take care of myself and make my own decisions quite well.”

“But Hermione...”

“No buts about it, Ron, I’m staying here.” Hermione snapped out before he could say anything. “I’ll be fine and I don’t need anyone running around after me, making sure that I’m doing everything the right way. I’ll see you later, Ron.”

Ron pursed his lips and glared but swiftly pulled back out of the fire and disappeared. Hermione recoiled back and crossed her legs. She stared into the fire for what seemed like and eternity to Draco. Finally Hermione got up from the floor, stretched, and looked around at everything as if seeing it for the first time.

A spaced out look was on her face as she got up and left the room. Draco jumped off the couch and followed her into the kitchen. Sitting at the table he watched her pour herself some water from the faucet and sit across from him to drink it.

“Um...Hermione...are you okay?” Draco asked nervously, not sure what to say.

Hermione looked up at him and studied him long enough to make him squirm before asking him. “Do you want to go to the Burrow today?”

Draco gave her and odd look but didn’t speak for a moment. “What’s the...Burrow.”

“It’s where the Weasley’s live.” Hermione said. “I want to give everybody their presents in person.”

Not waiting for Draco’s answer she stood up and began walking up the steps. In her room she picked up a china doll she had and took the key out from underneath it. Walking over to her bed she moved her bedside table to the side and revealed a safe. Inserting the key she turned and opened it up. Taking a bag she pulled it out and threw it on her bed. She was about to re-lock the safe when a loud crash came from downstairs.

Dropping the key and slamming the safe shut she ran down the stairs and into the kitchen to see what had happened. In the kitchen Draco was standing in the middle with a shocked look on his face. The microwave had fallen off it’s shelf and the front glass had broken.

Hermione gasped and struggled to say something. “”

Draco looked up ashamedly. “I didn’t mean to; it just sort of fell.”

Hermione looked at him suspiciously. “Were you trying to use your wand on it?”

Draco shifted his weight from foot to foot. “No...”

“Draco, you know you can’t use magic outside of school You’ll get in trouble with the Ministry ” Hermione cried.

Draco shrugged his shoulders and took a small step from the fallen microwave.

“Well we have to go to the Burrow now so I can send someone over to fix this before my parents see it.” Hermione sighed crossing her arms across her chest and staring down at the microwave. “Come on.”

Hermione led the way into the living room and was getting out the floo powder when she handed it to Draco and ran upstairs without a word. Moments later she emerged from the steps with a bag of presents and came back over to the fire.

They jumped into the fire and came out in the Weasley’s kitchen. At the small cramped table Harry, Ron, Ginny, the twins, and Mr.Weasley were sitting together. At the sound of the two coming into the kitchen they all turned in their seats to look at them. For a few minutes there was nothing but a buzzing sound in the room. Ginny looked around at her family and stood up.

“Hermione ” She said happily walking over to her and pulling the older girl into a hug. “What on earth are you doing here?”

Hermione smiled and hugged the redhead, who she considered her sister. “I decided to stop in to see how you guys are and personally give you your Christmas presents.”

“And he’s doing what here, then?” Ron demanded crossing his arms across his chest.

“Ronald.” His father hissed with an aggravated look and a warning tone.

Hermione bit her lip and licked them. “I...I..”

“You what?”Ron snarled standing up and putting his palms on the table.

Harry sighed and stood up next to Ron, trying to keep his cool exterior. “Cool it Ron. I’m sure Hermione has an excellent reason for bringing the ferret to your house.”

He gave a look at her and she smiled softly. “Well I couldn’t just leave him at home, could I?”

Fred stood up and put on a bright cheery face. “Of course you couldn’t, Hermione. Don’t worry about a thing.”

“How about everybody go sit in the living room and we’ll bring in some refreshments.” George added in standing up and waving his hands in ushering movements.

Ginny and Hermione led the way into other room with Draco behind them and Harry and Ron coming afterwards. Mr.Weasley had disappeared up some steps and was nowhere to be found. Sitting down Hermione felt Draco next to her and Ginny sat down on the other side of her.

“ has your guys’ vacation been?” Hermione fiddled with her fingers in her lap as she tried to begin the conversation.

“We haven’t done much. The other night Bill and Fleur came over though.” Ginny filled her in. “She’s pregnant you know. They just found out and I, personally, can’t wait for her to have the baby. It’s going to be so good-looking with both her parents looks and she’ll have plenty of her Aunt Ginny’s good looks.”

Harry laughed and the sides of Ron’s mouth turned up. Next to her Hermione could feel Draco shaking slightly with laughter. Hermione smiled at her younger friend and was torn between amusement and exasperation at her extreme confidence level. The five teens talked about random things until the twins came into the room with some food and Hermione began giving out her presents.

“Oh no ” Hermione exclaimed rummaging though the present bag. “I’m so sorry Fred, yours must have fallen out while I was rushing down the steps or something.”

“It’s no problem,” Fred told her gently. “I’ll just floo to your house and grab the present and come back.”

Hermione nodded her head. “I guess so just hurry back I don’t want you to miss anything.”

Fred nodded and quickly went over to the fireplace. Once he had left things returned to normal as everyone chatted together and ate the last of the snacks. It was very uneventful until Harry ate a piece of candy and suddenly his skin was turning hairy and black. His teeth grew out some more and he bent over on all fours.

Hermione and Ginny gasped and slapped their hands to their mouths. Draco and Ron sat in awe while George smiled with satisfaction.

“I was wondering who would eat the Howling Hound dog.” He told them all looking down at the dog that had replaced Harry.

The dog had large black eyes that seemed to be afraid and it was shifting around looking at everybody in worry. He was sitting down in front of his chair when George approached him and whistled lowly. In the older boy’s hand was a dog treat looking and that the dog, who was formally Harry took it in his mouth and chewed. Before their eyes the dog turned back into Harry who sat back in his chair with a shocked look on his face.

“How did it feel, mate?” George asked, patting him on the back.

“Weird. Everything was black and white and I had a terrible taste in my mouth. My skin felt funny, too, since it was all hairy and furry.” Harry explained with an unhappy look on his face.

“Good ” George told him happily with a grin and a last pat on the back. “That is exactly what I wanted to hear from you. Now where is that crazy twin of mine, he’ll want to hear about this.”

“He must still be at my house, getting his present.” Hermione said, furrowing her brows as she realized how long he had been gone.
“Maybe I better go check on him. He might have gotten lost or something.” He joked, cupping some floo powder in his hand. Waving he threw the floo powder on the fire and was swept away.

Not a minute had passed when the fire turned green again and George came back. His face had changed dramatically though, from happy and bright to pale and sweaty. In his arms was the body of Fred.

“Hurry! Get mom and dad, quickly!” He yelled at them.

Chapter 22: The Ward
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The Ward

A/N: I’m so sorry this chapter took so long but I wanted to make it a good chapter and I had trouble getting inspired to write it. I will try and write the next chapter faster But I won’t make any promises. Sorry!

Disclaimer: I own nothing but Sofia, Dylan, and the plot. The rest belongs to the magnificent J.K. Rowling.


The halls of St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries were crowded with Healers, visitors, and a few patients here and there. Along one wall in particular on the fourth floor was most of the Weasley clan, Hermione, Harry, and Draco. Inside a room across from them Fred was being examined by a few Healers. Over the din soft sobs could be heard in the small group, coming from Hermione and Ginny.

Draco’s arm was around Hermione’s waist when Mr and Mrs Granger came around the corner with Dylan and Sofia. As soon as he saw the young couple Dylan ran over to them and jumped up into Hermione’s lap.

“Mommy, what’s wrong?” Dylan asked seeing Hermione’s tears. With his pudgy little fingers he wiped away her tears.

Hermione smiled and took his hands in hers. “Nothing’s wrong baby. Mommy is ok.”

Draco ruffled his hair and smiled down at him, taking Sofia into his arms from Mrs Granger. “Well honey we’re not allowed to stay so we’ll just be on out way.” Mrs Granger told Hermione before her and her husband turned away and walked off.

Hermione watched her parents leave before turning back to Dylan who was looking around the hospital corridor. Draco was next to her tickling Sofia’s stomach and in the corner of her eye she could see Ron glaring steadily at them. Rolling her eyes, the door opened and Mr and Mrs Weasley came out with glassy eyes.

“How is he?; Will he be alright?; Do you need some tea, Molly?” Questions exploded from everyone as the parents came out and were blown away.

Mrs Weasley shook her head at them not answering any question in particular, and turned to Hermione. “He wants to see you, dear, just you.”

Hermione raised her eyebrows with a puzzled look and picked Dylan up off of her lap before heading into the room. She could feel stares on the back of her neck from people who were wondering why he wanted to see her. Entering the ward she walked quietly to the bed where she could see the young red haired man was sitting up, watching her.

“Hermione.” He said in a raspy voice and Hermione could see he was visibly pale and he was being fully supported by the pillows on his back.

“Your mother sent me on. Said you needed to speak to me only.” Hermione told him, not sure what to say.

Fred nodded his head. “I heard them talking before they attacked me so you must listen to what I have to tell you...”

“Wait.” Hermione said putting her hand up to stop him, “Who is they?”

“Death Eaters.” Fred said in a solemn voice and continued at a nod from Hermione. “They had planned on you coming back with the kids. They want Dylan and Sofia...badly. You mustn’t go back Hermione They’ll come back to look for you and they’ll kill you to get to the kids.” He took a deep breath and calmed down. “They mentioned Malfoy as well. Hermione, please, don’t trust him. I think he is working for them.”

Hermione stood up abruptly and gaped like a fish at him for a moment. “I...I... I’m not sure you heard them right. Draco isn’t betraying me. He can’t be.”

Fred grimaced. “Don’t be blind ‘Mione. He’s an expert actor. You should know that by now.”

“I’ll remember this, Fred.” Hermione told him leaning down for a hug. “I’ll come back and see you soon.”

“Good-bye Hermione.” He called after her as she left the ward. “Send the rest of my brothers and sisters in.”

In the hallway everybody looked up at her but before they could say anything Hermione spoke up. “He wants to see the rest of his siblings.”

The Weasley kids jumped up from their seats and ran, nearly running each other over, to get to the door. Mrs. Weasley came over and put and arm around Hermione and gave it an affectionate squeeze and shake.

“Dumbledore wishes to see you dear, you and Draco and the children at headquarters.” She whispered into her ear. “Floo to the burrow and then there. We don’t need headquarter’s name circulating around the free public.”

Hermione nodded. “Thank you, Mrs. Weasley.” She whispered back with a smile.

Mrs. Weasley gave her a small nod and bustled off to join her children in Fred’s ward. Hermione watched her leave before returning to Draco, Dylan, and Sofia. Draco stood up and gave her a weak smile and hug.

“Is he ok?” Draco whispered softly to her.
Hermione nodded. “Yeah, yeah he’s fine. We have to go now though.”

Draco gave her a confused look but she shook her head and they left the ward without knowing that someone was watching them leave.


“Dumbledore’s waiting for you upstairs on the second floor first door on the right, Hermione.” Remus Lupin told her when she had come out of the fire in the parlor at Grimmauld Place. “You can take a seat Malfoy, your not needed upstairs.”

Hermione nodded and hugged her old friend while Draco sat down with Sofia and Dylan on an old couch that even let out a cloud of dust when he sat down. Hermione gave him an encouraging smile and left the room into a dark hallway.

Walking up the steps Hermione opened the first door which she recognized as an office her and Ginny had used during one of their stays at Grimmauld Place. Opening the door slowly and carefully she cautiously took a step in. The last time she had entered the room she and Ginny had been attacked by some pixies.

The room was now much more fixed up and was even brightly illuminated with Christmas decorations. In the middle of the room was a large mahogany wood desk that had a few papers on it and a matching chair behind it. In the chair was the one and only Albus Dumbledore.

Hermione stood in the doorway not sure what to do or say. “Sit down Ms Granger.” Dumbledore bid Hermione to sit down and the young woman

“Would you like a lemon drop?” He asked the famous question.

Hermione shook her head politely. “No thank you, sir.”

“How are you? Good I trust.” Dumbledore continued their conversation as he made his hands into a steeple in front of his face with his elbows propped up on the desk. “Now as you know your house has been broken into by a group of Death Eaters.”

Hermione nodded slowly wondering what her headmaster was getting at with this.

“Do you know why they came to your house, Ms.Granger?” Dumbledore let his hands fall and he leaned forward, slightly.

Hermione thought about if for a moment before stuttering out. “Well...I thought it was just because I’m a pawn in the war and a friend of Harry.”

“No. Although being friends with Harry is a good reason to want you dead that isn’t why they were at your house today.” Dumbledore shook his head. “It has to do with Dylan and Sofia.”

“But..but they’re just babies.” Hermione replied, confused at what he meant.

Dumbledore nodded. “Yes but they’re not just any babies. I can’t tell you why yet but they are not your ordinary children. Which is why I am going to have you, Draco, and the children come stay here at Grimmauld Place for the rest of your holidays. As for your parents they have already been contacted and have found a new place to stay until further notice. It isn’t safe to return to your house.”

“But, professor, why can’t I know anymore about Dylan and Sofia.” Hermione asked as she stood up.

“You’re not yet ready to know.” Dumbledore informed her with a small almost sad smile. “Now please go back downstairs and find Tonks in the kitchen. She will take you and Draco and the two children to your new rooms.”

Hermione nodded and left the room quietly, deep in thought. She made her way down into the kitchen and began looking around. At first she didn’t see anyone so she called out. “Hello? Tonks, are you in here?”

A loud bang came from the pantry and Tonks tumbled out of it. “Oh hello, Hermione, how are you?” She asked then strode over and gripped Hermione in a hug.

Hermione returned her hug graciously. “I’m great, you?”

“Wonderful, ‘Mione, wonderful. Now let’s go find that cousin of mine and I’ll show you guys to your room.” Tonks led the way back into the parlor room.

In the room Draco was sitting with Dylan next to him and across from the two was Lupin who was holding Sofia on his lap. Tonks walked over to Lupin and took the baby off of his hands and smiled as she played with the little girl. Hermione had sideways grin on her face as she saw how motherly Tonks could be.

“So where will we be staying?” Draco sighed with a bored look on his face. He was obviously uncomfortable in a room with his ex-professor and his cousin, whom he had never spoken to before.

“You’ll have a small apartment, you might call it, up in the attic. It has a bedroom, bathroom, and a sitting room.” Tonks began describing the room to them. “There is even an old crib that Mrs. Weasley is letting us use for Sofia.”

“You’ll have to use the main kitchen though, since the kitchenette in the attic is still being repaired from what Kreacher did to it.” Lupin added in.

“What did Kreacher do?” Hermione asked, sitting next to Draco on the small couch.

“He made it into a shrine for Mrs.Black. It was quite creepy to see. It was like a stalker’s room.” Tonks explained shivering slightly. “We’re not sure why but he put a large hole in the wall and several other smaller ones in the ceiling and floor.”

“Is he still alive and living in here?” Hermione didn’t want Dylan or Sofia to have to encounter him if he was going to be dangerous.

Lupin shook his head. “Dumbledore sent him away while you lot will be staying here. He seemed to think it would be better than having an...accident.”

Hermione nodded in agreement as Tonks shifted the baby on her hip before saying. “Well we might as well go upstairs and show you guys to your rooms.”

They all, with the exception of Lupin who stayed downstairs, went up into the attic so Hermione and Draco and the two kids could see where they would be living for the next few days. In the attic Hermione marveled at how pretty it looked since the last time she had seen it.

The walls in the rooms were a light blue wallpaper that gave it a sky feeling and the floors were a creamy white color. In the kitchen the floor was covered in light blue and white tiles which were also on the wall above the sink. The medium sized sitting room had a baby crib with a matching blanket and in a corner was a table with a chess board set up.

Putting Sofia down in the crib Hermione took a walk around the ‘apartment’ to get a good look at everything. Draco was now examining the chess board with Dylan and the two began to play a game with Draco telling Dylan how to play. Hermione came back into the room and noticed Tonks had left to go downstairs.

There was a spacious window on one side of the room which Hermione took long strides to reach it and see out to the street below. The view was perfect of the whole neighborhood and Hermione couldn’t help but feel a bit odd knowing that no one could see her or the house. Two strong arms wrapped around her and a chin was placed on her shoulder. Hermione smiled resting her hands on Draco’s arms around her waist.

“Do you like the apartment?” He whispered in her ear, blowing cold air into it at the same time.

Hermione shivered slightly but nodded slowly. “It’s perfect.” She murmured. “Perfect.” But int he back of her mind Fred's words kept ringing in her ears.

Chapter 23: First Steps
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First Steps

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Hermione awoke for no apparent reason on Christmas morning, just as the sun was coming over the horizon, changing the inky black sky to a colorful rainbow. The house was quiet except for the birds outside that were chirping. Hermione sat up and stretched. Looking down she smiled at Draco, whom looked like and an angel as he slept soundly.

Moving as carefully as she could, so she wouldn’t wake Draco she slipped out of bed and over to where her bath robe was hanging up. Pulling it around her shoulders, Hermione headed down the steps and through Grimmauld Place until she reached the kitchen.

Hurrying about she made herself some coffee and sat down at the table. She knew she would not be able to make it back to sleep. Christmas always made her excited and she couldn’t wait for the rest of the house to wake up, so they could start opening presents. Later that day her parents would also be arriving for a muggle lunch and Hermione could hardly contain herself.

Sipping her coffee Hermione reveled at the beauty that the sky managed to have in the early morning when the sun was just coming up. Even on the cold Christmas day it seemed like nothing would be able to keep her down for long, as she sat there covered up under her warm crimson bathrobe.

Two warm arms wrapped themselves around her neck and a tender kiss was placed on the top of her head, “I felt you leave bed.” He murmured into her ear.

Hermione smiled and moved her head around to look up at him, “Good morning, Draco.” She greeted him sweetly.

“Good morning,” He told her before moving over to the counter to pour himself a cup of coffee.

Sitting down Draco sipped his coffee and watched Hermione, who had resumed her act of watching out the window. Her hair was tangled and tucked behind her underneath her crimson robe, which reached down to the ends of her seat. He couldn’t help but notice her shadow of a frown, which favored her mouth, and the wrinkles visible on her forehead.

“What’s wrong.” He asked reaching a hand across the table to cover hers.

Hermione took a deep breath. “ I just have...a feeling.” She told him not bothering to go into detail.

Draco smirked and set down his coffee. “What kind of a feeling?”

“Oh you know. One of those feelings you get right before something bad happens,” Hermione thought about her answer for a moment. “Well not exactly...I just feel like something bad is going to happen.”

Draco nodded in understanding and sat back in his own chair. They sat there in a comfortable silence, Hermione lost in her thoughts and Draco contemplating what Hermione had been talking about. Before they knew it the house was waking up and people began to bustle around.

“The Weasley’s are coming to open presents.” Tonks announced to everyone during breakfast.

Hermione nodded and plucked Sofia up from her high chair and balanced the baby on her hip. “Come on, Dylan, we have to go get you ready for Christmas Day.”

“Okay mummy.” He told her dropping his toys and rushing up the steps ahead of her.

Upstairs Hermione took off Sofia’s clothes, changed her diaper and went to start the bath water where she would take her bath. Dylan was buzzing about in the small apartment, while Sofia rolled onto her stomach to watch her older brother. Crawling over to the couch she pulled herself up onto her feet and took another look around and giggled at her brother, who was rushing over to the window to look out at the ten o’clock sun.

Curious the young baby took a tentative sidestep over still holding onto the couch. Stumbling a bit she leaned onto the couch, not wanting to have her soft baby bottom hit the floor again. Her brother made a loud giggle and her curiosity increased.

“Dylan, stop screeching ” Hermione yelled from the bathroom, where she was still fixing up the bath.

Sofia stopped and looked back to where her mother’s voice had come from but then looked back at her brother. Just as Hermione was coming back into the living the small toddler began to take her first steps. With giggles and smiles Sofia began to make her way across the floor towards her brother.

“Sofia ” Hermione gasped and grinned as she ran across the room to pick up the young girl. “You’re such a big girl. You just took your first steps.”

Hermione swung her around and grave her a tight hug. Stopping she held the toddler on her hip and looked up at Dylan, “Now Dylan, mummy has to give Sofia a bath so you have to be a good boy, while I do this ok?”

“Ok mummy.” He told her before pressing his nose up against the cold window to look down at the little kids who were playing outside.

After Hermione had given Sofia and Dylan a bath, dressed them up in some nice Christmas clothes and brushed Dylan’s hair it was already eleven o’clock and they could hear the buzzing of conversation downstairs. Hermione carried Sofia down the steps but set her down to walk while holding her hands in the hallway.

In the parlor room where the Christmas tree was all of the Weasley’s, Harry, Tonks, Lupin, and Draco were waiting for them. Ginny squealed and lifted the baby girl off her feet and into the air, placing a small kiss on her forehead. Dylan also ran to the twin’s and sat down between them on the couch.

Draco and Hermione both watched the children they were to take care of being spoiled and doted on by the Weasley kids.

“Come on, open up the presents.” Fred, who was out of the hospital, insisted, leading Dylan over to the presents.

Soon everyone had decided to join in and paper went flying and yells of delight echoed through the room. Hermione had thought she had opened all of her presents when a long thin box appeared in front of her face.

“Merry Christmas, sweetie.” Draco said with a small peck on her cheek before he took a step away and examined his present from Hermione more.

It was a state of the art broomstick caring kit, complete with polish, wax, and straw clippers. He didn’t have the heart or desire to tell Hermione that he had almost an entire closet full of this stuff. Looking away from his present he went back to watching Hermione open her present from him.

“She’s going to love it,” He told himself. “It’s the perfect present.”

Hermione pushed open the box and gasped. Inside was a golden chain where every few beads was a diamond between two pearls. It truly was beautiful.

“Oh, Draco ” Hermione gasped breathlessly, throwing her arms around his neck and pulling him close. “It’s beautiful. I love it.”

“I was hoping you would.” He murmured into her hair.

“Don’t worry I do.” She told him, completely comfortable standing there in his arms, but pulled away anyway.

“Is Dumbledore coming for dinner or lunch today?” Harry’s voice asked above the din.

Mrs Weasley was the one to answer. “Sorry dear, he’s away in some foreign country for the next few days. He’ll be back soon though.”

Hermione raised her eyebrows wondering where Dumbledore could possibly be. She giggled at the thought of him on a remote island somewhere, tanning his body on a beach. The very thought of it was ludricous.

By noon Mrs Weasley was shooing everyone upstairs with their presents before most of the Order arrived. Hermione picked up her presents and the two kids’ presents to take upstairs. She also dragged Draco’s upstairs despite his protests that he could do it himself. Throwing them out on the bed Hermione shared with Draco she took a look outside and couldn’t help but wonder where in the world Dumbledore was. A bad feeling was in the pit of her stomach and she couldn’t shake that Dumbledore being away was a bad thing.

Hermione walked back into the living room where most of the party had already arrived. Tonks was sitting on the floor in the living room with Sofia in front of her, stood up but supported by Tonks’ arm. Wobbling on her small legs the now soon to be one year old was swiveling her head around to see the bustle of new people around her.

“She’s just learned to walk today,” Tonks announced to the room. “I wouldn’t be surprised if she starts hiding away from us.”

Hermione smiled and nodded, “She is almost a year old. It’s a good thing she learned how to walk. Only two weeks and she’ll be a big one year old.”

“Only two weeks ” Ron exclaimed, plopping down next to Hermione. “It seems like she arrived only yesterday.”

Laughing Hermione said, “It hasn’t been that long Ron. To me it seems like she’s been around forever but then again you don’t have to do the feeding and diaper changing and cleaning.”

“Yes I suppose it is good that I don’t have to do women’s work.” Ron snorted, stretching his lengthy arms to the ceiling.

“What do you mean women’s work?” Hermione snapped as her eyes narrowed into small slits.

Ron’s ears began to grow a bit red, “You know what I mean. The cooking, the cleaning, taking care of kids. Women’s work.”

“No I don’t know what you mean because as far as I know there is not such thing as women’s work. There should be an equal amount of work between a women and a man.” Hermione snarled, standing up with her hands on her hips.

“So you’re saying that Draco helps you with the cooking and cleaning?” Ron raised an eyebrow. “I find that hard to believe.”

“Really, why?”

“Because it’s just how he was brought up. That he wasn’t supposed to help out a women around the house.” Ron stood up as well

Draco was standing behind Hermione with a hand on her shoulder to calm her. “There is nothing wrong with me helping out Hermione with two kids we are supposed to take care of together.”

“Ronald Weasley, tell me you’re not talking about women’s work ” Mrs Weasley’s voice cracked out over everybody.
Ron’s neck went red and he sat back down in grim defeat, not wanting to have to cope with his mother’s infamous temper. Hermione took a deep breath and sat down on the floor with Sofia and Tonks. Draco, however, sat down next to Ron on the couch and resumed watching Hermione play with the baby.

Both Tonks and Hermione were having Sofia walk from one of them to the other and the little girl was doing quite well. As Sofia could already walk by herself the only trouble was getting her to move her feet in the proper order. Multiple times Sofia would begin to take a step but her foot wouldn’t land right or it would get caught on her other foot and she would fall.

Hermione sighed as she watched Sofia fall again but laughed as well. She had done so well that morning but it was showing to have only been beginner’s luck. As Mrs Weasley called for everyone to come eat Christmas lunch Hermione had picked Sofia up and was brushing off her bottom, where some dirt had settled.

Inside the kitchen and dining room everybody was congregated and it seemed like there were more people than there really was. Hurrying about everyone was rushing to get their food, or in some cases younger kid’s food and then finding a good seat.

Sitting down Hermione set Sofia up in her high chair even though she wasn’t hungry and Draco put Dylan in a chair next to Hermione. It was crowded as most members of the Order had stopped in to grab a bite of Mrs Weasley’s fantastic cooking.

Hermione ate her own food and kept an eye on Dylan not aware that she was being watched by two men. One who wanted her heart and one who had already captured it. Before her Christmas lunch was over however Bill Weasley had already strode over to her.

“This just came for you, Hermione,” Bill told her. “It’s from Dumbledore I do believe.”

Hermione nodded her head and took the letter from him to read.

Chapter 24: A Castle Siege
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A Castle Siege


Hermione nodded her head and took the letter from him to read the piece of parchment. Draco got up from his chair and went to read it over Hermione’s shoulder.

Dear Mr Malfoy and Ms Granger,

Due to circumstances surrounding, Dylan and Sofia Yetrasis, your presence at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is needed immediately. I apologize for any inconveniences this may cause you. A train will be leaving Platform nine and three quarters today at six o’clock pm.


Albus Dumbledore

Hermione furrowed her brow and handed the letter off to Mrs Weasley who had been waiting to read it. The older woman too looked confused.

“Why in the world would Dumbledore want you to come back to Hogwarts now?” She mused out loud. “And on Christmas Day.”

She received no answer but everybody had turned to look over at them. Ginny had gotten out of her seat and came over to try and see the letter. Harry and Ron were also close on her heels.

“Your going to leave, Hermione?” Ginny asked as she stood on tip-toe to read over her mother’s shoulder.

“You can’t leave now,” Harry told them. “It’s Christmas Day.”

“I know but if Dumbledore wants us back at Hogwarts...” Hermione trailed off at the end not sure what to make of this letter.

It didn’t seem normal for Dumbledore to summon them away from their friends on Christmas Day. Besides, wasn’t he supposed to be away for the holidays.

“I thought Dumbledore went away to Russia to meet his brother, oh what was his name,” Lupin came and joined their little group of concerned people. “Oh, Alberforth ”

“Yes, that’s what I thought, too,” Mrs Weasley muttered quietly as she stared down at the letter with a scrutinizing gaze. “Excuse me. I’ll be right back.”

Mrs Weasley left the room and the rest of the party heard her walking up the steps. She had taken the letter with her. It was nearly silent in the group that she had left except for Sofia banging a spoon on her highchair. Instead of stopping her though Hermione just turned to stare at the little eleven month old baby.

It seemed to take forever but finally Mrs Weasley returned to the room with an amazed look on her face. “It’s valid.” Was all she said.

“What?” Lupin said. “How can this be a real letter?”

“I don’t know,” Mrs Weasley told him. “But I used every spell and charm I know and that is Dumbledore’s hand writing.”

“Well maybe someone made Dumbledore write that letter but really it’s all just a trick.” Ron suggested, staring over at it.

“Yeah right, Ron,” Ginny rolled her eyes at her older brother. “And who do you presume would be capable of holding Dumbledore against his will?”

Ron was silent but glared over at his sister. Hermione too couldn’t help but think of how ludicrous the idea of Dumbledore being captured by someone was. Sighing Hermione picked Sofia out of her highchair and propped the baby on her hip. People began to go back and sit down, although unhappily and Hermione along with Draco went upstairs to their small apartment, so they could pack up some clothes.

As soon as they had gotten upstairs Hermione put Sofia and Dylan in the living room to play while she and Draco packed the clothes they had brought with them. Once inside their bedroom and alone Draco wrapped his arms around Hermione’s waist and placed a tender kiss on her neck from behind her.

“I missed not being able to hold you in front of everyone.” He murmured holding her as close as he could to his own body.

“I missed you, too,” Hermione told him, turning around and kissing his pink lips lightly, “But not only does nobody downstairs, save Ginny, want to see us kiss but they just wouldn’t understand.”

“Hmm...” Was all Draco could say as he picked up Hermione and set her down on the bed, sitting next to her and kissing the girl’s lips with more passion than she had kissed him.

Hermione kissed him back and when she felt his smooth tongue begin to rub hers she ever so slightly opened her mouth to allow him to enter. Draco pushed Hermione down on the bed and laid back down with her.

“Draco. We have. To. Pack.” Hermione reminded him between every kiss.

“I know,” Draco sighed, sitting up and pulling his wand out. Flicking it they watched for a moment as the clothes started putting themselves away for the young couple. “Now, where were we?”

Dipping his head now Draco softly suckled on Hermione’s neck before moving down to her shoulder where her shirt had moved a bit. Hermione bit her lip from groaning as she pushed Draco off of her.

“The kids are in the other room,” She said. “And we have to get ready to leave soon.”

Draco sighed and pushed himself up on his elbows and gazed down at her for a moment. “Ok,” He finally said in a reigned sort of voice, leaning over to softly kiss her lips and cup her face with his hand before moving away to get the two kids.


The train began to slow down and Draco sat up from where he had been lying down out across the compartment seat. Hermione slid the door open and they joined the small group of other students who had come. Both had been surprised to know that sometimes a few people came back during the holidays.

The rain poured down on the few gathered students’ heads as they pushed and shoved out of the train. Hermione quickly placed a covering charm and then a warming spell over Sofia’s carrier where she was fast asleep, to protect her from the outside world. When they were outside they walked over to where the carriages should have been waiting for them there was nothing.

“They’ll be here soon.” Hermione comforted a younger student who was worried about the carriages whereabouts.

Out of no where, however, to contradict what Hermione had said, black cloaks surrounded them from all sides. The small group of students and the two kids gasped and screams echoed from the girls’ mouths. Hermione too screamed and pulled out her wand, pulling Dylan closer to her.
“Well done, Draco,” A voice slithered out from the group of Death Eaters, “Very well done.”

Lucius Malfoy stepped out from wall of Death Eaters and pulled back his hood to reveal his long blonde hair and pointed features. Hermione whipped around to look up at Draco, her wand pointed to his chest. She almost broke down to tears, as she saw a smirk stretch across his pale features.

“Thank you, father.” He said with a slight inclination of his head.

The Death Eaters had closed in on them now and the few students who were there were quickly disarmed and shackled. Only Hermione and Draco stood in the middle with the two children. Dylan was whimpering softly as he clung to Hermione’s robes with a death grip.

“Take them.” A voice hissed and three Death Eaters moved in to separate Hermione from the two children and tie up Hermione.

“No ” Hermione shrieked, pulling the two closer to her body, shielding them. “No ”

“Mommy ” Dylan whined, but Draco picked him up himself and began to walk him away. All the while the child screamed.

“Shh,” Draco hushed the child before handing him over to a female Death Eater with a strict face.

Hermione was kicking, biting, and punching while she shielded Sofia from being taken away from her. Tears began to fall down her face as she was closed in on and pulled away.

“Be careful with that baby ” Lucius Malfoy hissed above the commotion. “She mustn’t be harmed ”

With her hands tied behind her back Hermione let her tears fall as she struggled against the coarse ropes, “No.” She murmured. “No.”

Hermione was jerked roughly up off the ground to her feet and pushed forward, into the front of a line of younger students. Most were either crying or too scared to cry. It was silent except for the occasional sniff and Sofia’s distant crying as she was put into a carriage to be taken away.

Dylan too was crying and moaning for his mommy. Finally a Death Eater who was watching him got frustrated and slapped the small boy across his face. Hermione gasped and struggled against her ropes to get to the woman.

“Hit that kid again and you’ll be the one receiving some hits.” A man’s voice snarled and Hermione was surprised to see it was Draco who had spoken.

“Walk ” A masked Death Eater snapped out at them and sending sparks at the now prisoners feet.

The small procession began to walk quickly while the carriage took off up the road. The prisoners were left to follow behind with a few armed Death Eaters watching over them. Hermione couldn’t help but cry and wonder.

How had the Death Eaters been there? What was going on at the school? Why had they been summoned back? Surely if Dumbledore knew what was going on at the school he would have put a stop to it.

The dungeons were cold and dark, as the prisoners were led down. Every now and then they were put into cells. Hermione noticed that many other people were placed inside the cells and realized they must be the people who had made the grave decision to stay at Hogwarts for the holidays that year. After all of the prisoners were placed in cells, Hermione was left all alone to walk with a single Death Eater. They both marched down some steps and walked down the only corridor that the steps led to.

At the end of the corridor was one door and the Death Eater roughly opened it and shoved her inside. Closing the door Hermione heard a lock click and footsteps walking away until they completely faded.

It was desperately cold and Hermione could even her own breath as she breathed in and out. She must be quite far under the school now and the very thought frightened her. Curling up in a fetal position Hermione tried to keep warm as she softly cried herself to sleep.

Chapter 25: The Dungeon Cell
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The Dungeon Cell

Waking up in the same desolate dungeon cell that Hermione had cried herself to sleep in was depressing and heart aching for her. As soon as she had properly awoken she rushed to the dungeon door and gazed out of the barred square. The corridor was dark and only a few other cells were present before the stairs that led up another level.

“Hello.” Hermione called out softly, “Is anyone else out there?”

A rustle from the cell closest to her caught Hermione’s attention and to her glee Ernie MacMillan, a Hufflepuff prefect, appeared. “Hermione, is that you?” He called to her.

“Yeah, Ernie, it’s me.” She was excited that someone sensible was down here with her. “Do you have any idea what’s going on? What’s happened since I left for holiday?”

“There was an attack, the very night everyone left. Dumbledore did, too. McGonagall told us his brother had called for him. It was a small Christmas this year, so a few teachers went home to families for a day. They were all still gone when the Death Eaters attacked,” He explained in a hushed voice, as if scared they’d be overheard. “We had no choice but to surrender. Nobody was prepared and we’re assuming the Ministry doesn’t know yet because communication has stopped.”

Excitement, fear, and rage all coursed through Hermione’s body in a confusing array. She now knew how the Death Eaters came to power over Hogwarts but that wasn’t her main concern at the given moment. Escape was all that mattered.

“Do you have any idea of how to–” Hermione’s words were cut off by the door to the corridor opening and a shrouded body appearing. The person was completely cloaked with a large hood that covered their face and they appeared to be carrying a large tray of food.

She stopped at each cell and pushed the food through a small hole near the bottom of the door, which was about as big as a house-elf head. Everyone in each cell devoured the food they were given as soon as they could reach it. As the person approached Hermione, she too realized how hungry she really was.

They seemed to be receiving only the scraps of what was most likely a glorious feast that the other’s were able to enjoy. A growl from her stomach ceased all thought and she quickly delved herself into the food. She could taste the remnants of a steak and kidney pie and a few assorted, seasoned vegetables.

As she came to the end of her small meal that could barely be considered a meal, more like a snack really, she felt an odd drowsiness come over her. All reasonable thought was struck from her mind as she laid down on the cold ground again, and could barely keep her eyes open. Dreamlike images floated into her mind, taking her away from the dungeon cell she so very much loathed already.

Awaking to a soft yet rather rough tongue licking her cheek it’s is easy to say that Hermione was startled so late in the night. Her eyes peeking open the confused seventeen year old sat up and looked about the bedroom that she was laying inside. Surprise graced her features as she realized she was back in the Heads Dorm room and that next to her was Draco.

Had it all been just a dream? A terrible nightmare that had never really happened and had all been in her mere imagination. Blinking her eyes a few times rapidly she looked over next to the bed where a big black dog was standing, his mouth hanging open with a tongue out. The wag in his tail made him seem friendly though. Moving out of the bed Hermione patted the dog on the head and headed over to the door.

When she reached out, however, to grab the doorknob the cold metal gave her an electric shock, sending her backwards into the wall. Her head dizzy and spinning for the second time in twenty-four hours she slumped down at the bottom and fought to remain conscious. The bang she had made had awoken Draco who had promptly jumped from the bed to help her. Strong arms wrapped around Hermione’s body before she was set down gently on a soft bed.

Hermione felt Draco sitting next to her and could see his silhouette as he pulled out his wand and conjured her a glass of water and a pill. "Here take this, it will stop the dizziness and bring you back to full consciousness."

Without even considering anything Hermione popped the pill in her mouth and helped it go down with a gulp of water, elated when the pain began to subside immediately. "Thanks Draco." She said smiling, reclining on the pillows behind her back. "I had the weirdest dream that’s still clear as day..."

Before the girl could continue telling Draco about her dream, a knock on the door interrupted her and Draco flicked his wand at it, opening the door. Even odder though was when Draco grabbed Hermione and pushed her on to the ground and gave her a sign to be quiet. Through the door entered Antonin Dolohov whom Hermione remembered from her fifth year. A gasp escaped her lips and Draco nudged her with his foot.

"What’s going on in here, Malfoy?" Dolohov demanded, "I heard a bang from outside the Head common room."

"Nothing that concerns you, Dolohov," Draco said calmly his tone filled with ice, "Now leave my dorms before I have to force you."

Antonin sneered at the two Hogwarts students across the room from him and rolled his eyes. Turning around he left the room, slamming the door behind him. Neither Draco nor Hermione moved until they heard the portrait door slam shut. As soon as the portrait had closed, however, Hermione jumped to her feet and grabbed Draco’s wand, which she had spotted sitting on the bedside table.

Brandishing it in front of her Hermione pointed the wand, directly at Draco’s heart a look to kill etched on her porcelain features, "Don’t come another step closer to me! You’ve probably already poisoned me with that pill and water!" She shouted in a craze the wand staying still in her perfect form.

Draco rolled his eyes, "Yes, Hermione I poisoned your pill and water that made your head clear and prevented an oncoming unconsciousness so that when I torture you, you’ll be alert for the pain."

The whole time he spoke Draco had been shuffling through a top drawer in the dresser that he had used since the night they first arrived at Hogwarts for the beginning of their seventh year. From the contents inside he pulled out a rag dress, much like the one she had seen a few other girls wearing on her way to the dungeons.

"I’m not wearing that." Hermione said abruptly and bluntly, with no traces of emotion in her voice.

Scowling Draco retorted, "Well, you have to. It’s required of all the students who aren’t forced to stay in the dungeons." He paused for a moment, their eyes meeting and challenging one another. "But, fine if you don’t want it, you don’t have to wear it. I’ll just summon Dolohov to take you back downstairs."

Grumbling to herself, Hermione snatched the disgusting rag dress from his hands before he could put it away, and with his wand still in hand, she stomped off into the bathroom she had used many times before. Slamming the door behind her, Hermione felt odd standing on the now, black tiles, in ‘her’ bathroom. Like everything else, it seemed the castle had grown darker and made her fear all the more. Tip-toeing over to a stool, as if she were frightened of waking a monster that was hiding in the shadows, Hermione let clothes she was wearing fall off. Pulling on the new and larger dress Hermione looked herself over in the mirror.

Everything seemed so strange now. First she was attacked by Death Eaters and imprisoned in the very place she called home, then subjected to being a servant. Only maybe a day later she was inside her old dorm with Draco again but at his very throat. He had betrayed her and let them take her away while he stood, tall and primly next to his father, whom he looked more and more like every day. And he was so calm about the whole thing it was nearly pushing her to the edge of insanity.

Muting her thoughts, Hermione replaced her scowl again and went back into the dorm, which Draco had lit up and was now sitting on a small sofa. Crossing her arms across her chest, Hermione glared at him from across the room.

"You're looking quite cheerful, this evening." He said sarcastically, smirking his very face off.

"Shove off."

Draco’s smirk only grew when Hermione sat down on the bed, her glare never ending. Glancing around the room Hermione wished very hard that this was all a dream, that nothing had gone wrong. She wished even more that she had stayed at Grimmauld Place with Harry and Ron and Ginny and everyone else she loved.

After a few moments that stretched on for what seemed like an eternity Hermione blurted out, "You have questions to answer. A lot of them."

"Interesting, Hermione, I’ll get right on that." Draco replied in his lazy drawl, dramatically pretending to be uninterested in what she had to say.

"Don’t use my name." She snapped, before adding, "And I’m serious. If you really think I’m just going to wake up next to you and assume I’ll be fine for the rest of all eternity then you’re sadly mistaken."

"Well, Granger," Draco told her slowly, "I didn’t really think you’d go for that so I assumed you’d eventually make me tell you therefore I'm prepared to tell you that everything you know - is a lie."

A disgusted and at the same time confused look was slapped on Hermione's face as she stared at him, "Why do you insist on being such an insufferable, cocky, good for nothing, brat?" Silence reigned between them while Hermione contemplated how she should ask him everything she needed to know. "Why am I here and not in the dungeon cell? Why don’t you just send me back?" She asked bluntly, standing up, her arms crossed across her chest, "Actually, let me back up a bit, why did they take Dylan and Sofia? Where are Dylan and Sofia?"

Draco cut her off, "You are here because I requested that you come to my rooms but you aren’t going to enjoy the terms on that agreement. The Dark Lord somehow came into power over the school. I’m not sure how, he doesn’t exactly relay all his plans to me. Dylan and Sofia are with my mother, safe and sound. That is all I know about them." He leaned back on the couch, his hands raised behind his head, completely content.

"What terms?" Hermione snapped at him, almost afraid of the answer. It was as if all decency had been stripped from the school she knew as home. Of course, what more could be expected after Voldemort had taken over.

"Well I have good and bad news. Do you want the good or bad news first?" Draco asked brightly as if it were all just a game. "Oh, the bad news first that’s good." He went on without waiting for a response, "The bad news is that you are now more or less a servant under the reign of Lord Voldemort. More specifically, you are my servant. The good news, however, is that I will set us free."

"What!" Hermione exploded in a short shriek, "I will not be your own personal slave! I’d rather put a bullet through my brain."

"Put a what through your brain?" Draco asked, interrupting her in mid-rant.

"Nothing," Hermione said quickly realizing that Draco had no clue what she was speaking about. "It’s a muggle thing, something your simple mind would be too ignorant to care for."
"Don’t say that, Hermione. It’s not my fault I don’t know anything about muggles. I was never taught and besides, I’d rather live in the wizarding world, where I was brought up. Besides, you are not my slave! A servant is a better one and you're a faux servant at that." Draco shrugged away her insult.

"That’s no excuse, we had a class about muggles. If you didn’t feel it necessary to sign up that class then you felt no need to know about the muggle world." Hermione shouted at him in frustration. "I’m not going to be your slave and I most certainly won’t be staying in this room with the likes of you any longer."

Before Hermione could come within even five feet of the door, Draco tackled her and held her on the ground. He pinned her hands far out to the side of her and put both his legs on either side of her squirming body. His blue grey eyes bored down into her brown ones with annoyance.

"Listen to me. I saved you from being constantly tortured and sexually assaulted by the many men in this castle by taking you in. Now that you are in my custody nobody can touch you, save the Dark Lord. You are protected, Hermione, and you better appreciate everything I’ve done for you." Draco told her, "Don’t speak. I let you get dragged off the other night, yes, but Dylan and Sophia would not be as okay now if I hadn’t and neither would you. You see it as betrayal, I see it as a favor."

Draco stood up over top of her, his wand back in his own hand now. "Good night." Was all he said before he walked over into bed and faced the opposite direction of Hermione.

A scream was tearing at Hermione’s throat, aching to be freed but she wouldn’t allow it. He was infuriating but she knew in a sick, twisted way he was right about everything. Of course, why should she trust him? It wouldn’t be the first time he lied to save his own skin. Wasn’t that what Slytherins did anyways; save their own skin at all costs?

She curled up on the black couch where Draco had previously been sitting and held tight to herself, thinking over the day’s events. She wasn’t sure when she fell asleep except that she was almost certain she saw the sky begin to lighten outside. It was one of those sleeps where you just drift off out of your thoughts in a smooth transition and into a peaceful rest. A peaceful sleep that hopefully leads into a peaceful morning.

Chapter 26: Troubled Times
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Troubled Times

“Come on, Hermione, wake up! We have things to do today and I have to take you along for most of it.” Draco moaned at Hermione as he shook her gently with a hint of annoyance in his tone.

He had been trying unsuccessfully for the past ten minutes to take Hermione from her sleep but she stubbornly just laid there. He was beginning to believe that she was only pretending to sleep in order to anger him. Today just wasn’t the day to anger him. He had a brunch with his father, shopping for his mom, and later a dinner two seats down from the Dark Lord himself. In between he also had to worship the Dark Lord at every free moment by yelling at prisoners and other such notions.

Growling in anger he shook Hermione more roughly, “Wake up!” He yelled rolling her over once, the blankets falling away from her slender body.

Letting out a cry of frustration Hermione sat up, “What!” She yelled at him, “I’m tired I need my sleep, I can’t help it if you have a big busy day ahead of you! Deal with it yourself!”

Pulling the blankets back towards herself Hermione tried to get comfortable again but Draco snatched the green blankets and tugged, “No As my personal servant you need to accompany me during the day. This wasn’t my idea. Do you think I want to haul you around all day?”

“I’m sure you don’t because I’m just a stupid mudblood, right?” Hermione shouted, pulling on the blankets, and moving to kneel on the bed.

Draco gave in to playing tug-of-war with Hermione, “No, because you’re a pain in my ass.” He told her giving one giant tug on the blanket.

She rolled her eyes, “You’re not exactly prince charming yourself. I think I prefer being locked up in a dungeon cell than spending an entire day with you.”

With a final, hard tug Draco pulled the blanket roughly and with it came Hermione. Dropping the blanket and reaching out he caught Hermione before she could fall off the bed. Laughing lightly Draco set her down on her feet but didn’t let go for a moment.

“I’m sure you would. Now that you are awake though you should go get dressed and ready for the day. We have a brunch with my father and I need your help picking out a birthday present for my mother. Then Snape would like to see me sometime this afternoon and to finish our day we have a feast while sitting two seats away from the Dark Lord.” Draco told Hermione all of this with a sarcastic smile on his face, “Sound like fun doesn’t it?”

“Let go of me, Malfoy.” Hermione pushed him away.

Stomping off Hermione left the bedroom to tidy herself up before she inevitably had to sit down with Lucius Malfoy for a small brunch.


“Could you have taken any longer to clean yourself up? We only have a few minutes now and I have to fill you in on servant etiquette.” Draco chided Hermione in a hushed voice as they hurried down the hallway.

“Etiquette ” Hermione yelled in a hushed voice that was more like a whisper, “I’m the one who has to be taught etiquette. You should teach yourself something about etiquette ”

“Not now Hermione, I have a lot to tell you.” Draco argued with her before he was cut off.

“Don’t call me Hermione.”

“Not now.” Draco snapped becoming a bit irritated, “Listen, when I’m eating with my father we’ll be sitting together at a small table and you are for the moment our waitress, for lack of better term. While, yes, you only have to obey me on usual terms around the castle here you must also do as my father say. Don’t give me that look. Say he wants you to cut his steak of something, you have to concur. You also can not dine with us and unless you are serving a purpose to either my father or I you are ordered to stay ten feet from the table.”

“That’s completely disgusting,” Hermione snapped at him no longer keeping her voice down, “You two swine can sit there and eat to your heart's content while I have to take orders from you and don’t even get to eat.”

“Yeah, yeah. I know, but there is nothing I can do to change that.” Draco shrugged as he stopped outside a large doorframe. “Keep your head, I can only protect you so much.”

Knocking on the door Draco passed Hermione a warning glance as she muttered darkly to herself and entered when he heard his father’s voice.

The room was exquisitely decorated with a king sized four poster bed. The curtains were drawn and looked to be made of a fine dark green silk. Hermione wanted to reach out and touch the fabric but was sure she would be scolded by one of the Malfoy men.

In all his ‘glory’ Lucius Malfoy sat in a large black armchair, his walking stick with the snake head leaning against his chair. “Draco, you’re a bit early.” He said surprised.

Draco shrugged at his father and leaned over to hug him. Hermione stood near the door taking in the beauty of the room. A large fireplace was set up to her right with a mirror settled on the wall above it. Taking a step closer she looked closer at the picture placed on the mantle. The one farthest from her was one of Lucius and a young blonde woman who was more than likely Narcissa Malfoy. Both we were smiling up, their arms wrapped around each other. The next one was a wedding picture of the two and the one after that was Narcissa holding a baby and Lucius standing behind her. The rest seemed to be a family portrait, taken every few years. The closest one to Hermione seemed to be very recent as Draco looked nearly the same as he did now.

“Granger!” Draco hissed from a door nearby. “Come on!” He waved her to follow him through the door.

Quickly Hermione moved across the room to follow him into the next room. Inside was a small table with only two chairs, one slightly taller than the other. Lucius Malfoy sat down in the larger seat and waved his son to the chair across from him. When his father had his head turned Draco looked to Hermione, who was standing near the door, and nodded to a cart of food.

Taking the hint Hermione scowled but began wheeling the food over to the two men sitting at the table. Picking up a bowl-like food cover Hermione revealed a piping hot cauldron of what looked to be beef and kidney stew. The delicious smell of food filled Hermione’s nostrils and her stomach growled loudly. It had been over a day since she had last eaten.

Lifting another smaller food cover she found two small plates of garden salad, complete with an array of vegetables. Handing them out to each Malfoy, Hermione looked around the cart for bowls. Finding some she ladled out stew for each man and set the bowls in front of them. Lastly she set a bowl of dinner rolls in front of them and stood back.

“Granger,” Lucius Malfoy smile at her with a bittersweet tinge, “Please do the honors of pouring my wine.”

Had Hermione been in any other situation she would have rolled her eyes at his cockiness but instead she stepped forward. Opening the wine bottle she slowly poured it into the senior Malfoy’s cup.

“A little more...a little more...a little more...stop that’s too much!” Lucius Malfoy told her, “Throw it out and pour again.”

Hermione bit back her insults and dumped the wine out and began again. After several tries she had successfully poured the perfect amount of wine, which was exactly the amount she had poured the first time. Huffily Hermione stood near the door and waited for them to finished eating. It was torturous for her to stand there and watch them eat while she couldn’t touch a single bite of food.

Soon enough though both Malfoys had put down their forks and Lucius Malfoy stood, “I must go meet your mother. She wants to redecorate something or another at the manor. I will see you some other time son.”

The older Malfoy nodded to his son and quickly apparated away, to tend to his wife’s love for decorating. Silently Hermione wished that she had finished her apparating exam before school had begun.

The room was silent until Draco broke it, “Well,” He said, “Are you going to sit down and eat or not?”

Hermione smiled at him.

Following closely behind Draco Hermione tried to not get lost in the sea of people milling around her. He had taken her into a busy village much like Hogsmeade except larger with more stores and she wasn’t positive but Hermione could have sworn she had heard some people around her speaking in French.

“Where are we?” Hermione hissed in Draco’s ear, pulling him closer from the back of his robe.

“Small village in southern France. There’s a perfume shop here that my mother adores.” Draco told her taking her smaller hand in his. “I don’t want to lose you.” He said with a cocky grin and wink.

“Let me go.” Hermione snapped pulling away from him. “I’d much rather get lost.”

“Don’t be so hostile.” Draco told her wrapping a firm arm around her waist. “I need your help here.”

The eighteen year old girl struggled against Draco’s grip, “I don’t want you touching me. Why can’t you just hate me like you have for the past six years.”

Draco didn’t reply.

Stopping in front of a girly store Hermione crinkled her nose, much preferring a book store to a shop full of perfume and make-up. Inside the carpet was a light pink and there were racks of robes hung up on one side. On the other side there were evening gowns. Approximately twenty feet in front of her was a large square glass counter full of jewelry. The middle was hollow for a person to stand in and check out items. The other side of the square featured perfumes and make-up.

Taking a swift look at a few robes nearby Draco grabbed a sparkling white one, “This will do.”

Hermione snatched it away from him, “Did you even look at the size or price tag or anything?” She snapped looking at the tag. It was for plus-sized women. The Gryffindor had only seen Narcissa Malfoy on a few occasions but she knew very well that she was not a plus sized women.

“Draco, this is not your mother’s size, at all.” Hermione sighed putting it back on the rack, “You need something smaller, like this one.” She picked up the same dress in a smaller size.

The blonde boy looked at her for a moment and shrugged, “Ok.” He said taking Hermione’s hand again and pulling her over to the perfume. “Then I need your help deciding what perfume to get her.”

Yanking her hand away, Hermione plopped down on the floor and opened the perfume cabinet and picked one. “Well sit down and start sniffing for one that smells good.”

Shrugging, Draco cautiously picked up a perfume bottle and sniffed it. His nose crinkled and he pulled back from the bottle. It smelt like his grandmother. This was going to be a difficult task.

“Are you sure she’s going to like this stuff?” Draco asked nervously as the cashier rang up their purchases.

“I’m positive she’ll enjoy her birthday this year.” Hermione nodded, “When is her birthday?”


“Way to wait until the last minute to go shopping.” Hermione chided instinctively trying to shove her organized ideals into his head just as she had tried on Harry and Ron many times before.

He rolled his eyes, “Oh don’t start, Granger. You might enjoy having things done right away but not everyone does.”

“So now I’m Granger and not Hermione?”

“Shove it. You were complaining about being called Hermione too.” Draco snapped irritably, rather confused at what he was supposed to call her.

“Here you go, sir,” The cashier said handing Draco his packages, “Have a nice day.”

“You too.” Hermione smiled as her and Draco exited the store.

“Hey, Hermione.” Draco said as he shifted through the package to make sure everything was okay.

“Yeah?” She asked absentmindedly as her eye caught a bookstore across the street from them.

“Thanks.” He said in a quiet voice, taking her hand in his.

A small smile etched across her face and this time she let him hold her hand.

“When is dinner over?” Hermione hissed as she cut Draco’s dinner salad in front of him.

Draco sighed, “I don’t know but I want to leave just as much as you do.”

The two were sitting so close to the Dark Lord any talking was suspicious. Many of the other men sitting at the head table had their own personal servants. Some Hermione recognized but not all of them. It was odd though to see how a real servant was treated and Hermione realized how lucky she was that Draco had taken her in. Although he was the reason she was there at all things could be much worse for her.

Some of the other girls were slapped around for doing something wrong and she was sure she had seen some being ‘hit on’. Draco too was looking around at the other girls and hoped very much that how he treated Hermione would not be brought up. She was barely a servant compared to some of the other girls. So far that evening she had only done the basics and he had tried to keep her out of the way.

On his right Draco’s father was ordering around a small girl, she couldn't possibly be older than a second year, faster than Draco could keep track of. Soon though he hoped dinner would be over and he could retire to his room with Hermione, who seemed to not be as hostile towards him since they went shopping.

Just as this thought crossed his mind the brunette leaned over his shoulder, filling his glass with pumpkin juice and he smiled up at her brightly. She returned the smile but was gone in a flash, retreating back to the wall. Neither that the simple act of kindness had been noticed by another.

“Ms. Granger.” Draco’s heart stopped as he heard the Dark Lord’s snake-like voice slither over to his ears. “Ms. Granger, could you fill my cup with some pumpkin juice, please?”

Hermione didn’t move for a moment but then quickly, with her head bowed slightly she made her way over to the Dark Lord. Before she made it though she tripped, as if an invisible force had reached out and grabbed her ankles. The pumpkin juice splattered all over the Dark Lord’s black robes and sprinkled onto Snape, who was sitting next to him.

It was as if a hush had fallen over the Hall when the Dark Lord stood, his face red with anger. “Draco!” He shouted, the hall going completely quiet, “Punish this foolish mudblood,” He shouted his red eyes gleaming.

Shakily Draco stood up, his wand in hand and a heavy heart in his chest. Towering over top of Hermione, who was kneeling on the floor he looked down at her, “I’m sorry.” He mouthed to her as she looked up at him with her honey eyes. “Crucio!” He shouted regretfully.

Hermione growled as once again she was woken from another well needed sleep. Every since her punishment at dinner the other night her body seemed to be in pain somewhere. Whether it was a headache or a toe ache she had dealt with it. This was the second time in only a few days. Rolling over she opened her mouth to lash out at Draco but his hand slid over her mouth stopping her words.

“Be quiet. We’re leaving.”

Chapter 27: Escaping
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Author’s Note: Now before you start reading, be warned that I have yet to explain much yet. Actually I bet a good bit of people are more confused after reading this. Don’t worry almost everything should be explained in the next chapter. A downfall though is that the next chapter will take a considerably long time to be ready. It will be long and full of information, some of which I don’t even know the full details of. Please be patient and bear with me. Cheers, Mya.

“Be quiet. We’re leaving.”

“What?” Hermione said breathlessly, sitting up and blinking her eyes a few times to adjust them, “We are? Now?”

“Yeah,” Draco said rolling off the bed and grabbing a heavy black cloak nearby, “Here where this it’s cold outside and you’re still wearing those rags.”

Hermione shot out of bed, overly excited to leave the wretched castle. “Do you have Dylan and Sofia? I can’t leave them behind. We have to bring them with us.”

He didn’t answer her but helped her into the cloak. “I pulled in a couple favors and we’re supposed to meet them in a half hour. We have to make it through the castle into the dungeons without being seen.”

“Draco,” Hermione said as he led her out of the bedroom, “I can’t leave without my babies. You know I can’t.”

“Look, Hermione,” Draco whispered hurriedly pulling her close in front of him, their faces mere inches from each other, “The other night at the feast was a setup. Somebody knows that I’m not loyal to the Dark Lord and that I treat you much too well. For our sake, for both our sakes, we have to leave. We might not receive another chance.”

Hermione felt like crying. Over the few months that she had been the guardian of Dylan and Sofia, she had come to feel like a mother to them. They were just like her babies. Leaving now would make her feel like she was abandoning them.

But her and Draco’s lives depended on it.

The Slytherin watched the emotions in her eyes conflict and he quickly pulled her into a tight hug, enjoying the feel of her body against his but only for a moment, “We must go now.” He whispered.

The corridors were dark and quiet but the couple stayed to the shadows and had removed their shoes for quieter movement. Reaching the grand staircase, which led into the Entrance Hall they gazed down into the open area of darkness below them. It looked as if it was completely deserted.

“Wait,” Hermione hissed lowly, pulling Draco back into the shadows, “This is too easy. We’ve made it this whole way without seeing anyone. There’s another way into the dungeons. We can go that way.”

“We won’t make it in time.” Draco shook his head.

“We could be caught going this way.”

Draco stared at Hermione hard, thinking it over. Sighing lowly he grabbed Hermione’s hand and they ran the whole way to the stairs that would lead downstairs. He only hoped they would be on time.

A light at the end of the darkened hall beckoned to Hermione and Draco and they sped up taking long strides to their destination. Ahead Hermione could see two men dressed in black robes with their hoods up so their faces were hidden.

“Zabini, Goyle,” Draco nodded to both of them, “Where’s Crabbe?” He asked, his tone strung with worry.

Blaise Zabini let his hood fall back, revealing his black hair and dark complexion, “He’s keeping watch in case anyone decides to come down here.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Draco nodded awkwardly looking around nervously. “And you’re sure this is going to work?”

“Positive,” Blaise told him, knocking the stone wall three times and then twice in another area. Slowly the wall began to open, “It will open for the next thirty minutes and Rosier will return to his post in five. So get going. Send a postcard, etcetera, etcetera.”

“Thanks, Zabini. I owe you one.” Draco said as he led the three into the Slytherin common room, Goyle staying behind to listen in case Crabbe saw someone.

“Yeah you do.” He muttered darkly, “I could be Avada Kedavra-ed for this. You had better be thankful.”

Hermione took a step forward and threw her arms around him, “Thanks Blaise.” She muttered into the dark boy’s chest.

“Er, yeah, don’t mention it.” He muttered a small blush coming to his cheeks.

“Come on, we have to go.” Draco said irritated and showing small signs of jealousy toward Blaise. He didn’t stay long enough to say anything though. Grabbing Hermione’s waist he pulled her against him and in seconds they were swirling through fire.

Hermione’s knees buckled as they landed inside a dark room behind what appeared to be the counter of Honeydukes. “Draco, where are we?” She hissed looking around quietly, the eery feeling of being watched at her back.

“Sh!” Draco said putting a hand over her mouth and a finger to his lips in a motion to be silent.

Pulling Hermione over to the wall, he sat down behind several barrels and urged her to sit next to him. From this view they were completely hidden except for a small crack where Hermione could see the fireplace.

“What are we–?” Hermione stopped in the middle of her sentence as the fire roared with green flames and a handful of Death Eaters, fully dressed, stepped out of the flames. Traditional Death Eater masks were placed on their faces and their wands were flourished in front of them.

The two teens huddled close to the ground in a strong effort to be sure they weren’t seen from their hiding spot. Wordlessly the Death Eaters made their way out of the store, not bothering being quiet. Draco saw one or two Death Eaters snatch some candy off the shelves and put in their pockets for later. There was dead silence for the next five minutes or so which seemed to tick on forever.

Slowly, Draco stood and helped Hermione up along with him. “What were those Death Eaters doing?” Hermione asked breathlessly, afraid to speak too loudly.

“They were going off on some sort of mission or another but either way it opened the fires in Hogwarts to allow them to leave without walking to Hogsmeade. From here we can floo away, far away.” Draco took Hermione’s wrist and pulled her over to the fire. He had floo powder in his pocket.

Holding tight to the teenage boy as they spun around Hermione expected to come out at the Burrow or Grimmauld Place but instead they appeared in a small, run down cabin. Most of the windows were boarded up and looking through a crack in the closest window Hermione saw dark forest foliage all around. The cabin had one large room on that looked to be a living room and kitchen. Narrow steps led to the second floor.

“I suggest making yourself situated. We’ll be here for a few more hours. I don’t want to walk around these forests at night.” Draco said, opening the front door and then closing it. He locked several locks along the door and jiggled it a bit to be sure.

“Why are we in the woods?” Hermione asked backing away from the window. “I don’t see the point of us coming here.”

“Once someone notices we are missing, which should happen sometime later today, they’ll check the fires and know that we left only moments before that Death Eater mission left.” Draco told her as he sat down on a dilapidated armchair. “They’ll track us to Honeydukes and then here. By that time though we will be long gone with no way to be found. It’s only about four a.m., so go to sleep for a bit and in a couple of hours, when the sun if fully rose we can leave.”

Staring over at Draco, Hermione asked, “Why are you so scared of the forest while it’s dark? We’re not in the Forbidden Forest are we?”

“No, we’re in a small forest about two and a half miles away from Malfoy Manor. I used to come here as a kid and about half a mile away if a broomshed where I have an old broom. We can fly away to my grandfather’s old mansion and floo somewhere there.” Draco shrugged, making a few attempts to be comfortable in the chair. “I’ll watch for anything that might come along while you take a nap on the couch.”

Laying down on the couch Hermione was on her side, looking at the back of the couch, mulling over what could possibly be in the forest. It was difficult to sleep with knowledge that there may be something lurking not far away from where she was laying down; something dangerous.

"Hurry!" Draco urged, pulling Hermione to her feet after she had tripped over a tree root, "We have to move quickly."

Both teens were breathless and had dirt on their knees and legs. The sky was still a light blue and the sun was barely over the horizon. The cold air bit at them and Hermione wished she had a cloak to wrap around her body. After being shaken awake roughly by Draco, Hermione had been surprised at how quickly they had been forced to leave the cabin. He gave her no explanation except that something had come up.

Approximately fifty yards away Hermione could see a clearing, and in the center was the broomshed she assumed they were going to. Inside there was a space of about five feet all around. A set of quidditch balls, which looked quite old, and a Cleansweep broom was all the shed contained.

Nervously Hermione stared at the broomstick; her fear of heights and flying evident on her face, “Do we have to use that?” She asked bluntly.

“If you want to get away quickly, yes.” Draco said untying the chain that held the broom down before he saw her face, “Don’t worry so much, I’m a great flier and I’ll keep you safe.”

In the grass Draco and Hermione situated themselves on the broomstick with a good bit of difficulty but soon, too soon for Hermione, Draco kicked off and they were in the air. Rising over the tree tops, Draco read a small compass on the front of the broomstick and zoomed off to the southeast.

Behind him Hermione was digging her face into his back and gripping him around the waist. The cold air was something Draco was used to from many quidditch games played in the rain. Hermione on the other hand had never been on a broom since first year yet alone played in a quidditch game where it was raining and windy.

“How long is this going to take?”

Looking at the nifty speed dial Draco had, had hooked to his Nimbus he said, “We’re going forty miles an hour so only about fifteen minutes.”

Hermione wasn’t sure how to work a broom but she thought hard about how she wanted to make it move faster and in her mind she thought they were going faster. For the next ten minutes she concentrated on breathing deeply and forgetting that she was flying, which was hard considering the wind was biting at her while they flew.

Draco, on the other hand, had more important things to worry about. Death Eaters could be on their tail for all he knew and he wasn’t positive that his grandfather’s house was completely empty. Beneath them a few Death Eaters were sure to be looming; the Malfoy Manor was well protected. Ten minutes had never gone by any slower.

Landing neatly in front of a side door of the manor, Hermione scrambled off the broom and backed away a few feet while Draco dismounted from the broom. Knocking on the door, Hermione stared at Draco incredousley. They were supposed to avoid people

Draco smirked, “Only a few house-elves are here to keep the place straightened up.” He told her as the door swung open.

“Mister Malfoy!” The small boy elf squeaked, “Come in, come in ”

The house-elf moved to the side for the two to enter. Hermione was about start going on about how it was terrible to enslave house-elves but Draco cut her off, “I know all about your campaign to save house-elves and don’t even try it here. The elves have been warned many times to never let someone talk to them about freedom. It’s unallowed.”

Scowling the eighteen year old followed Draco into a small sitting room off from the hallway they had come in at. A fireplace was roaring gently in the corner and the small house-elf had fetched a pot of floo powder. Hermione sighed. She was becoming very tired of using such a means of transportation.

A jolt of happiness spread through her body as Hermione appeared in a very familiar and homey kitchen. She was back at the Burrow, finally. Smiling she rushed into the arms of Harry and Ginny who were waiting for her. For the first time in several days I felt safe again with the people I cared about most. It seemed as if the entire Weasley family, with the exception of Charlie who was still abroad, had piled into the kitchen waiting for my arrival.

“I have so much to tell everyone!” Hermione exclaimed, hugging everyone in turn, “Voldemort has taken over Hogwarts. It was horrible being what you might call a slave there. There's so much everyone needs to know. The Order needs to attack--”

“We know, Hermione,” Mrs. Weasley said softly interupting the girl while holding her at arms’ length, “I think we are the ones who have to fill you in on many things.”

Chapter 28: The Seer and The Telekinetic
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The Seer and The Telekinetic

“We know, Hermione,” Mrs. Weasley said softly interrupting the girl while holding her at arms’ length, “I think we are the ones who have to fill you in on many things."

“What! You knew what had happened and nobody helped me?” Hermione exploded in anger, “Nobody helped the other students that are imprisoned in a place they once called home Where was everyone? You’re supposed to be the Order of the Phoe–”

Mrs. Weasley put her hand up to silence Hermione, her eyes closed momentarily as if she were in deep thought. “We understand your anger and frustration, Hermione, but really it’s not as if the entire Order has been sitting upon their bums this whole time. After the initial shock of Hogwarts’s state only hours after you left and then finding Dumbledore’s body, not only the Order is in chaos. Even the ministry is-”

“Dumbledore’s body!” Hermione shrieked shrilly, “What do you mean? He can’t be dead! Dumbledore can’t die.”

A strong hand settled on Hermione delicate shoulder, “Do not worry. Dumbledore’s body was a fake but his whereabouts are unknown at the moment. Come sit down, Hermione.” He instructed her firmly, leading her into the living room and over to a couch.

Standing or sitting around the living room was Ginny, Charlie, Tonks, and a few members of the Order, varying in appearances from looking like they haven’t slept in days to looking like they were recently run over by a rampaging hippogriff. Draco followed the two women into the living room and leaned on the wall nearest to the doorway that wasn’t being taken up by a plush but a worn armchair. Unbeknownst to Hermione he knew everything that had happened and he felt a pang of guilt that she was clueless. Perhaps he should have told her a bit of something.

Hermione was simply fuming. These people knew so much and they didn’t bother saying anything to her. They didn’t storm Hogwarts or anything Her babies were still there in the clutches of those terrible people. How could they expect her to simply sit here and listen while more important things plagued her mind?

“From the information we’ve collected it appears that this operation has been underway for many months now, but the Dark Lord only revealed it to his most trusted Death Eaters. Until the other night when the attack began that is.” Molly Weasley let out a deep sigh, “We cannot be completely sure yet what exactly happened that evening but we are assuming four Death Eaters were placed in the castle and attacked four young students. The innocent types that would never be seen as doing wrong; they impersonated them and infiltrated the common rooms. There they cast a silencing spell around the commons and waited.”

“Around midnight other Death Eaters swarmed into the common rooms and they slowly crept into the dormitories.” Bill continued where his mother left off but his own voice soon trailed off into a silence that filled the room.

A cold dread filled the young girl as she thought back on all the people she had seen locked away in the dungeons. She had seen Ernie, even spoke to him in fact but the true thoughts that everyone was there suffering, the harsh conditions were hard to swallow

“What is the Order going to do? All the students are locked up in the dungeons. They need help and now. The conditions they are all living in are unacceptable.” Hermione asked frantically looking from person to person.

Her eyes stopped once they reached Molly, “We don’t know, dear, we don’t know. It took McGonagall days to flee the castle and place herself in charge of the Order. You came a day too early to be looking for tons of information. There is a meeting tonight where the plans will be fully made.”

“What about the Ministry? Aren’t they doing anything to help?”

A small chuckle escaped from Remus Lupin, who stood across the room from Hermione, “Hermione, the Ministry if barely accepting that Lord Voldemort is back yet alone letting the public know that he has taken over Hogwarts. Everything is being kept very hushed up and few people actually know the truth. If our world knew that our children were under the reign of the most feared wizard alive there would be an uproar at the Ministry. Then consider the fact that the Dark Lord has much power in the Ministry. High officials and the heads of departments are under his control by either force or free will.”

“Pretty much they’re keeping everyone in the dark.” Harry said darkly, his dislike of their wizarding government growing with the topic of conversation.

Hermione wasn’t surprised by this new development. It had taken over a year for the Ministry to even accept and publicize the fact that the Dark Lord was back and kicking.

“Dylan and Sofia,” She croaked, “Why does the Voldemort want them so badly? They’re just children.”

An uncomfortable silence filled the small room, “Dylan and Sofia aren’t . . . normal children, Hermione.” Mrs. Weasley spoke softly, “Nor are their biological parents for that matter.”

“Abnormal as in . . . ” The young girl was still very confused as to where the conversation was supposed to be going from here.

“They possess powers that are much more than normal wizarding powers. They are descendants of a long line of Seers, real ones, and on the other side of the family they are descended from witches and wizards with mind-reading, telekinesis and that sort of thing. We will not be sure which power she possesses until she is older. Obviously, their parent’s weren’t married for love but to create the most powerful children.” Lupin explained softly to her.

The brunette’s jaw dropped slightly, “You’re telling me that I have been watching a Seer and a telekinetic for months now and haven't noticed a thing?”

“You shouldn’t have. The children are still a bit too young to be truly showing their powers although Dylan could be and just not telling anyone. Since he is so young there is a very good chance he doesn’t understand what he is See-ing.” Mr. Weasley spoke this time and Hermione couldn’t help but notice how his red hair seemed to be littered with more gray than usual.

Hermione was at a loss for words. All the information she had to soak in was somehow just going over top of her head in a way. It was a strange feeling to not have the information just slip into her mind. She was the girl who practically memorized her school textbooks before school began and then read extra books and memorized almost all of the information.

The conversation seemed to be over as everyone around the room began to move about, halting Hermione’s questions in their warpath. Draco took a step forward and laid his hand on Hermione’s shoulder gently.

“You have a bed waiting for you in Ginny’s room if you’re tired and a trunk of clothes arrived from your parents. The sent them over as soon as they could.” He said lightly, taking her hand and leading her away from the chair.

The young girl couldn’t help but not care who was leading her upstairs, exhaustion seemed to have an icy grip on her despite the fact that she had slept not too long ago. She was hungry as well, a loud rumble from her stomach reaching her ears. Luckily she was sure that Mrs. Weasley would be making a fantastic dinner later that evening.

Inside Ginny’s room was an extra cot but as Hermione went to lay down in it like she had in many previous summers Ginny stopped her. “You haven’t had a proper bed to sleep in since you left on Christmas. Here, sleep in my bed.”

“Thanks, Ginny.” She told the redhead. “I have been wanting a warm, soft bed instead of the sofa I’d been sleeping on.”

The youngest Weasley nodded with a smile as she watched her brunette friend’s gaze turn to the window as she sat down on the bed. A far off look glazed her eyes and Ginny couldn’t help but feel her heart go out to her fellow Gryffindor. She couldn’t fully understand what it felt like to have two young children, who were like her own, be in the clutches of Death Eaters. However, she did know that while they were there all Ginny had wanted was a friendly hug and comfort every now and then.

“They’ll be okay, Hermione. You heard everyone downstairs, You-Know-Who needs them for some plan.” Ginny sat next to her friend and put a comforting arm around her shoulders.

A ragged but stifled sob shook Hermione body as she let her face fall into her hands, “I know but what if that plan involves hurting them in some way? It’s my fault. I should have kept them closer to me but I allowed them to be taken away by those vile people. I’d make a terrible mother.”

“Nobody blames you in the least, Hermione. You were severely outnumbered there was no way for you to save yourself let alone them.”

The room was quiet except for Hermione’s crying, which was dying down as the elder girl became in more control of her body. She didn’t speak though but looked up at Ginny with a nod as if to say that she knew Ginny was right but wasn’t going to say so out loud.

“Get some rest, Hermione. I’m sure dinner will be ready when you wake up and the Order will have a plan ready.”

Chapter 29: The Order's Plan
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The Order's Plan

The stairs creaked hours later as Hermione crept down the stairs onto the main floor of the Burrow. A wonderful aroma was wafting through the cozy home and had awoken Hermione, who’s stomach was cruelly empty. She could hear people in the kitchen shuffling around, silverware and plates clanking, and chairs being moved.

Inside the kitchen Mrs Weasley was instructing her husband, Ginny, Harry, and Ron with several different tasks to hurry along dinner. Hermione stood in the doorway unnoticed and watched as the four people moved quickly to finish cooking the supper.

A bright smile crossed Mr Weasley’s face as he noticed Hermione standing there quietly, “Oh, good Hermione, you’re awake. We were worried we’d have to wake you from your sleep when we leave.”

“When we leave?” She asked straightening slightly and furrowing her brow in confusion.

“Yes, dear, when we return to Grimmauld Place. It isn’t safe for us to stay in the Burrow now that You-Know-Who will surely have noticed you and Draco are missing. He’ll be out to find you in no time and we’re assuming that this will be one of the first few places he would look.” Mrs Weasley explained as she placed a large pot of mashed potatoes in the a box on the floor.

Suddenly panic struck through Hermione as she thought of where else the Death Eaters might be sent to look for her. “My parents ” She exclaimed, “What if they go after my parents? They’re only muggles they won’t be able to fend for themselves. They need to get out of our house.”

“Already done.” The elderly woman smiled sweetly, “They should already be at Grimmauld Place waiting for dinner like many other Order members.”

Relief washed over the young girl as the large box that everyone had been placing their food in was sealed magically by Mrs Weasley’s wand.

Dinner was absolutely fantastic, as would be expected from any meal that Mrs Weasley cooked for anybody. Seated between her parents Hermione listened as they told her about how their business was growing and they wished to set up a clinic elsewhere in London to attract more customers. Across from her Draco was eating in silence with his head bowed although he did occasionally look up at her.

Unlike the other three people involved in the plan that Moody would soon bring up with the Order, he was aware of what lay ahead of them possibly the following morning. The dangerous task would involve a lot of extra strength and Draco was being sure to stuff himself with a proper serving of each food group.

Hermione, too, seemed nervous to him although he was fairly sure that had more to do with the fact that Dylan and Sofia weren’t with her. He wanted to reach out and hold her hand or simply touch her shoulder but he knew that she wouldn’t want him to. The bloody Gryffindor wouldn’t allow him to touch her. As she looked up their eyes caught each other’s and they held the gaze for several moments before Hermione turned away from him.

After dinner Moody led everyone into a large room off the side of the kitchen that had not been previously cleaned in the years before. A long table stretched from almost one side to another and other people who had not stopped for dinner were already there. Hermione quickly seated herself eager to have the meeting start and learn of the information the Order had to offer her.

As if to only prolong her anxiety the first half hour or so of the meeting was spent listening to a few members give reports on any information they had. It was dreadfully boring but Hermione sat on the edge of her seat, wordlessly begging for Moody or Lupin or someone to hurry the meeting along. Finally after what seemed like years they made it to the topic of her choice.

“Hogwarts must be infiltrated by a certain few people who know the castle it’s best since their memories are most clear at the moment.” Lupin continued for Moody, “These four would be Hermione, Draco, Ron, and Ginny because they have been attending the school for the past six or seven years. They’ll know their way around the easiest.”

“Won’t everyone in the castle notice who they are and attack them?” Bill Weasley asked, his brow furrowed in concentration.

Lupin smiled weakly, “While Draco was at Hogwarts one of his tasks was to collect a hair sample from three men and two woman. Thanks to Professor Snape we had enough Polyjuice Potion already brewed for them to transform and they’ll be ready to leave by tomorrow evening.”

“Tomorrow?” Mrs Weasley nearly shrieked hysterically in surprise, causing silence to fall on the table. “They’re not ready to leave tomorrow. These children need rest and good food before they can leave and we should give it to them.”

A slow murmur of agreement rose from other members of the Order as they thought over what she had said. Hermione was torn between logic and her feelings. She wanted to leave the following morning since it would mean that she would be allowed to see her babies sooner than later. How long did Mrs Weasley want them to wait?

Moody exchanged glances with Lupin who gave him a smile, shrug, and a nod of agreement with Mrs Weasley. “Molly, how long are you proposing we wait?” Lupin turned to the redheaded woman.

“A week, at the very least.”

A low growl came from Moody, “We can not wait forever to send them, Molly, and I’m sure Ms Granger and Mr Malfoy want those two kids returned to them safely and as soon as possible.”

A deep blush appeared on Molly’s face, “I...I know how they surely feel at this moment but I still think that waiting a week will do them better than going tomorrow.”

Lupin spoke next, “All in favor of postponing the plan for a week raise your hand.” To Hermione and Draco’s dismay a little over half of the room raised their hands including Ron, who quickly put his down at a scathing look from Hermione.

Scowling Moody nodded and adjourned the meeting as he accepted that the plan would have to wait a week. Standing up many members congregated around the room conversing quietly with each other or otherwise leaving the room to retrieve their coats to return home to their loved ones.

One of the few people who didn’t leave their seats was Hermione who was staring down at the table trying to hold her emotions in as she realized how difficult the next week would be. The whole time she would have to deal with the fact that the two children who were so much like her own were so far from her. That in the middle of the night she wouldn’t have to rush to make Sofia a bottle or rock her back to sleep. For a one more whole week she wouldn’t have to worry about Dylan crawling into bed with her and Draco after a nightmare.

A gentle hand fell on her shoulder and she started, looking up to see Draco as he took a seat next to her, “Don’t worry, Hermione. I promise that the children will be okay.”

“Shut up, Malfoy.” She snarled coldly, “I’m tired of being told that they will be okay. I know they’ll be okay, I’m not stupid. There are other more important things that I have on my mind about them. To think I thought you might have been the one person to understand that.” She laughed hollowly.

Draco scowled at her, “You don’t have to be so rude, Granger. I was coming over to comfort you since we do happen to be in the same boat.”

“If we are in the same boat, as you say, why can’t you understand what I’m upset about then?” She snapped angrily, standing up and placing her fists on her hip, “You’re the only other person who would miss the small things that the kids would do.”

“I do I miss Dylan moving into bed with us at night because he was scared and I do miss taking him out to Quidditch with me. I miss having Sofia coo at me while I held her on the couch at two in the morning.” His anger was peaking as he stood up next to her, “Quit acting like you’re the only one who thinks of those sentimental things around here.”

With that as his last words he stormed out of the room and upstairs to his bedroom, careful to not wake Mrs Black. Rooted to the spot, Hermione fumed silently before following him but turning into the bedroom she shared with Ginny instead of going to his to make up with him. She didn’t even want to think about him at that moment.

Raindrops were falling in a rhythmic pattern on the window as Hermione gazed out onto the empty, muggle street in the apartment she had spent her Christmas. A blanket was thrown over
her legs as she curled up on the window sill with a book on her lap. She couldn’t concentrate, however, as the knowledge of what was to occur in barely seven days weighed on her mind.

What if they were unsuccessful? What if something went wrong and they were unable to ever see Dylan and Sofia again? Or worse, what if they were murdered while on their mission to simply, get them out of the way.

She shuddered as the thoughts of different blunders they could come across plagued her mind and made her blood run cold. She was so engrossed in her own thoughts that she did not hear anybody coming into the room and could not feel the stare they were using the try and force her to look around.

Draco stood in the doorway, leaning against the frame and staring at the girl so close to him physically but so far away in terms of their relationship at that moment. It had been proven to her that he was on her side but he didn’t think that she was going to trust him any time soon. Frustration was filling him nearly to the brim but he managed to hold it all in and control himself from lashing out at her verbally.

There was so much he wanted to yell at her. He wanted to scream at the top of his lungs about how he was trying to be fair to her and let everything work itself out but that he was angry she fighting it. He yearned to cause a riot over how angry he was that no matter what he did he suspected that she would never trust him. Mostly though he wanted to hold her still and listen to how he fancied her. Maybe even more than fancied.

‘Ha Like she’d ever stand still long enough to listen to something like that let alone believe it.’ He thought bitterly to himself as he remained where he was.

In his mind he debated over the two possible things he could do at that moment. One, he could walk over and sit next to her and make her listen then whether she wanted to or not. Or two, he could simply back out of the room and return to his own bedroom downstairs.

Despite his insane urge to talk to the Gryffindor in his mind was leaning towards the latter of his choices. The self control that seemed to have taken a lifetime to get a full grip on was conquering the more healthy side of him that said to let out all his anger.

He would have to deal with it later he supposed as he turned and left Hermione to her thoughts.

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Chapter 30: Nurse Hermione
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Nurse Hermione

Three days had past and Hermione and Draco were still refusing to speak to each other and avoided each other all costs. This would have put a damper on Draco’s day if he cared to leave his room for more than the bathroom and food because Hermione began spending all of her time with Potter, Weasley, and the Weaselette. Mostly the quartet could be seen in the drawing room, playing chess or talking over what was to come in the next few days.

In Draco’s absence and her own anger, Hermione had been spending more time with Ron who was more than happy to lavish her with attention. The two had spent the past two nights together after dinner, talking and occasionally Ron would hold Hermione’s hand. She knew it was wrong because the whole time she would hold his hand she would think of Draco. She would think of them sitting together and holding hands while they spoke of nothing but everything at the same time.

The horrible realization that she fancied Draco Malfoy for sure was startling to her and she wondered how she hadn’t noticed it before. There had been times where they had seemed so close and almost like a couple. But now she was certain that it would take a lot of work to make them cooperate together again, happily.

She didn’t like to dwell on her thoughts of Draco and kept herself very busy those days. After talking to Lupin he had brought her a few books for her reading pleasure and she had taken to helping Mrs Weasley in the kitchen. The room she shared with Ginny was also completely spotless and Hermione had the strange urge to scrub the floor.

Being separated from the Slytherin boy seemed to be a good thing as she had soon blown off her steam and had simmered down to being content and almost missing his presence. After finishing the next chapter in a fiction book that Lupin had allowed her to read, Hermione went off in search of Draco.

The first place she looked was the first floor. She really did not expect to see him downstairs but took a quick look just in case.

Next she checked in Draco’s room where she was dismayed to find he wasn’t there. Before she left though Hermione moved over to his bed and quickly pulled the covers and sheets together carefully over the pillows neatly. Then she moved on to pick up the dirty clothes that had been left on his floor and place them in the hamper that was left in the corner. Lately she had felt an the insane urge to clean anything and everything in her nervous state.

Once she felt that the room was put back into it’s proper way she left the room quietly, closing the door completely behind her. The only other place she could think that he would be was the attic apartment since he rarely ventured to the first floor where everyone would be. Again she was disappointed to not find Draco anywhere in sight. The rooms were empty and there was no sign that anyone had even been there since the last time she had come up.

Sighing she sat and buried her face in her hands, massaging her forehead. After spending so much time avoiding Draco it seemed ironic that when she finally did want to see him, he was nowhere to be found.

A loud crash echoed up the stairs and Mrs Black’s portrait began screaming and matched Mrs Weasley’s quite well. Alarmed Hermione left the empty attic apartment and hurried downstairs. At the top of the stairs that led to the first floor she witnessed a horrible scene that she had hoped she never would have to. Draco was sprawled out with his right arm laying at a horrible angle that suggested it was broken and the twins and Ron being screamed at by Mrs Weasley.

Almost tripping down the stairs herself as she ran the young girl stopped next to Draco and ran a hand over his sweaty forehead. His eyes were closed tightly as if he were holding back tears that threatened to fall.

“You could have killed him ” Mrs Weasley screeched at her sons, “What on earth are you playing at, pulling some silly trick on the poor boy who has helped the Order so much Shame on all three of you for doing such a nasty thing. Those stairs are dangerous. Didn’t you learn anything when Ginny was hurt falling down a few years back?”

The three redheaded boys quivered as their mother yelled at him and Lupin and Tonks joined them. Quickly jumping into action Lupin conjured a stretched and Tonks helped Mrs Weasley levitate Draco onto it. Being as careful as he could be Lupin began climbing the stairs with the two older woman behind him and Draco’s stretches in front.

Hermione glanced back at the Weasley boys angrily as she began to follow the crowd. “Hermione, wait, don’t go.” Ron’s voice met her ears and she glared back at him.

“I don’t know what you three did but it was obviously a horrible thing since Draco’s arm appears to be broken.” Hermione snapped out at him as he closed the distance between them to almost a half of a foot.

“Oh, so it’s Draco now is it?” Ron snarled angrily at the use of his biggest rival’s first name.

“Yes, it is.”

Ron’s face was priceless as Hermione stormed up the stairs.

The brunette sat by Draco’s side as Mrs Weasley bandaged his right arm and gave him a potion that would take away some of the pain. She frowned as he gagged on the potion but drank it down the second time. The anger that had filled her previously seemed to have dissipated as she saw how much pain Draco’s broken arm was putting him in and carefully held his left hand in hers.

Mrs Weasley sighed sympathetically, “I’m so sorry, Draco. I promise that those boys will be punished severely for this. There’s no excuse for such behavior.”

Draco nodded and smiled up at the older woman who had been so kind to him since the day he had arrived. He couldn’t be any more grateful than he already was. If the pain potion had not temporarily impaired his speech he would have thanked her but when he opened his mouth only a few gurgles came out and he closed it quickly in embarrassment.

“No need to speak, dear. I’ll bring your lunch up soon.” She told him, patting his shoulder in a motherly way before leaving the room.

Hermione remained for a moment stroking Draco’s hand lightly as he looked over to her and she couldn’t bear to look him in the eyes, “Well, Draco now that you’re okay, I suppose you’ll want to be alone.” She said standing but her wrist was caught in his hand.

“Don’t go, Hermione.” He said although because of the pain potion it sounded more like, "N’t o, Ne.”

Staring at him in confusion she tried to understand as he repeated, “Don’t go.” A few times before she understood what he meant. Sitting back down in her chair she smiled and took his hand back in her own.

“I have to tell you something.” He said slowly although still quite unintelligibly. Once again he was forced to repeat it a few times before Hermione could understand but once she did she let him know, “I’m listening.” She still held his hand.

“I think I love you.” He said and only had to repeat himself once before Hermione’s face turned bright red and she looked away from him.

“You shouldn’t say things like that, Draco. Love is a bit of a complicated feeling to understand at only seventeen.” The young girl muttered pulling her hand back from his, unsure of her own feelings.

The blonde shook his head, “No. I mean it. Please don’t go.” He said as his speech came back and he only slurred a few of his words as she pulled her hand back.

An uncomfortable silence fell over them and Draco could feel his heart sinking and thinking that he had made a terrible mistake by saying that he loved her. What else could he have thought would happen? Ever since they had returned to Grimmauld Place she had practically forgotten he existed and ran into the arms of Weasley.

Hermione’s mind was buzzing with her thoughts. Draco loved her. He said he loved her. She, too, had feelings for him but love? It seemed to take everything out of proportion. “Love is a very big step, Draco. I...I fancy you but I don’t think I love you. I barely know you well enough to love. Up until a few months ago we were sworn enemies.”

“I understand.” He whispered looking away from her and up to the ceiling. “You can go if you want. You don’t have to stay here with me.”

To his surprise she had leaned over and left a small kiss on his cheek. “I’ll be back later.” She told him as she stood up and squeezed his hand one last time before leaving the room.

Outside in the hallway she had to take a few deep breaths as she leaned against the wall with her eyes closed. Her bedroom floor needed scrubbing. Yes, a very good, thorough scrubbing in the muggle way instead of with magic.

Chapter 31: Traitor in the Midst
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Tratior in the Midst

The days seemed to creep by slowly but soon the day of the teenagers leave arrived. Hermione woke exceptionally early despite the fact that they would not leave until sunset. As she rose from her bed wide awake, she noticed that the sun was barely beginning to creep through the blinds over her bedroom window.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, she stared at the window contemplating how she would spend her day. Butterflies flew about her stomach as she dressed and pulled her thick hair into a tight bun at the back of her head. After she pulled a sweater around her shoulders and found the book she was reading at the time.

With her nose already in her book she walked barely two steps out of the bedroom when she collided with another body.

"Sorry." Hermione mumbled as she bent over to pick her book up from at her feet.

Leaning over did not improve the situation, however, because in the same motion Draco also bent to retrieve her book for her and their two heads smacked against each other.

"Ouch." Both teens made low moans about their pain they were in. Looking up they met each other's eyes with apologetic glances. The young girl was frozen in front of him with a wide-eyed stare that had she was able to see for herself she would have wiped off her face instantaneously.

Draco too looked back at her, gauging her reaction for their first encounter since his unfortunate fall. His injuries had subsided in an astonishingly quick time but even though Hermione had kept to herself the past few days. A small pain pinched his heart as he thought about their last exchange. He was confused about her.

She didn't love him. She fancied him.

She kissed him. But then she spent the next few days ignoring him.

She hadn't spent much time around anyone in fact.

"Good morning." He tried to say with a stiff tone. Her warm brown eyes completely melted him though. "Are you going down to breakfast?"

"Well, no, not really but I suppose I could join you if you want some company." Hermione shifted nervously from foot to foot. She still had no idea how she felt about Draco and she didn't want to talk about it very much especially not to his face.

Together the two found their way down the dark stairs and into the kitchen where Hermione sat at the table and Draco went about the room trying to find himself some food. As he fumbled around the room Hermione couldn't help but leave, her eyes on his back with her head slightly bowed. The tension in the room was almost edible as if drifted between the two teenagers.

Draco seated himself across the table from Hermione and blew on his steaming oatmeal and apples in front of him. "So . . . this place is very clean." He commented lightly, encouraging a conversation.

Hermione shrugged, "I didn't have anything better to do."

That stung.

Draco shook off the sting of Hermione's explanation and asked, "Have you been training at all this past week?"

A sinking feeling rushed into Hermione's stomach. No, she hadn't even stopped long enough to think about the training room that had been set up for the five kids who were to embark on their mission that day. After Mrs Weasley had insisted on a week long wait, Mad-Eye Moody had designed them a room that was soundproof and padded so that they could practice magical fighting with each other. Ginny and all three boys had become best friends with the room but Hermione hadn't even stepped in it more than a few times.

Deep inside her she knew that she had secretly been avoiding Draco although she wouldn't admit it out loud. Once she had left his room the other day while he was recovering with a broken arm she had thought a lot about their relationship. Somehow it seemed right when they were together but then again it didn't. One day he was handing her over to Voldemort, the next he was saying that he loved her.

They had barely been friends for a few months!

That was not nearly enough time for Hermione. Patience was not one of her virtues until it came to the topic of her love relationships. She just didn't feel like such things needed to be rushed, especially in teen years where so many teenagers made mistakes. Besides, her parents hadn't met until they were in their late twenties and they had been happily married with her ever since.

Draco must have been high off his pain medications and spells to even know what he was saying. 'I shouldn't even take what he said seriously.' Hermione said to herself as she gazed guiltily down at the table.

"No, I've been too busy for that, too."


What was he supposed to say? It seemed now that breakfast had been a bad idea. Maybe she was too busy for this, too.

"Are you too busy to have breakfast with me, too?" He snapped irritably as he stabbed his breakfast with his spoon, not getting anywhere since you couldn't really stab oatmeal.

Hermione's eyes narrowed at his tone and she glared at him icily, "You know what maybe I am too busy to sit here with a jerk like you."

"You didn't seem to think I was a jerk a few days ago."

His comment made Hermione's face turn beat red as she thought about the small peck on the cheek she had left him to think about.

"It was a mistake." She murmured under her breath knowing the full sting of her comment that would soon meet him.

Draco's generally pale face turned a little whiter with anger and frustration, "That's all it was to you? A mistake?"

"Yes." Hermione stood up from the wooden table. "It was a stupid and foolish thing to do. I'm sorry."

"You don't mean that." His breath had caught in his throat and Draco was inwardly gasping for breath. Anger and misery poured through his body. How could she possibly say something like that when only a few days ago she had kissed him and said she fancied him? Was it all just a joke to her?

"Draco, don't make this more difficult than it has to be, please." Hermione begged him lightly as she backed away from the table.

"You are the one making this difficult."

"No, I'm not!" Hermione yelled at him her voice raising for the first time. "We aren't supposed to be together! It's not right."

She was moving toward the door when suddenly she was jerked around by a hand on her shoulder. Draco had appeared behind her with an angry but anguished expression. Before she could respond his lips had crashed against hers, his arms instinctively pulling her against his chest and to his surprise she didn't punch him.

When his lips touched hers Hermione froze with shock. His lips were warm and inviting on hers and it took all she could to resist his temptations. Being pressed against his chest was all it took to knock out her ideas of resisting him and she gave in involuntarily.

Draco was dizzy with delight as she responded to his kiss and he put one hand behind her head to hold her there steadily.

Finally the two broke from each other in need of some air. Hermione's eyes were wide as she looked up at the blonde boy, unsure of what to do with herself. On one hand she wanted to run but at the same time she wanted to stay here in his arms as long as she was able to.

Her decision was made for her as his grasp loosened and she was going to pull them back into a kiss when the door behind them opened and harry and Ron walked into the kitchen.

Startled Hermione quickly whispered good-byes to the boys and left the room without a glance back, dashing up to the attic apartment.

Draco watched her go with a pleased expression marked on his face that was met with angry glares by Hermione's two best friends. Before they could start in on him, he sidestepped around them and followed in Hermione's footsteps but slower. She needed her time to be alone. Later, they could talk about it. After the children were returned to them.

He walked into the library with every intention of waiting out the rest of the day there whilst he read. Everything was falling right into the plan.


The silhouette of Blaise could be seen from their hiding spot hunched over in the pumpkin patch behind Hagrid’s hut. Hermione was about to leave the cover of the forest but Draco stuck his arm out in front of her.

"Wait, the coast might not be clear yet." He hissed pulling her back into the shadows and against his cold, hard chest.

Hermione squirmed in his arms but only for a moment as she soon saw the outlines of people walking through the grounds nearby. The small group fell deadly silent as their eyes followed the couple gliding quickly toward the castle they had once called home. Once the double doors to the Entrance Hall had closed Draco released Hermione from him grip and couldn't help but catch the eyes of her two best male friends who were glowering with rage at him.

Time crept by like a giant tortoise and Hermione couldn't help but feel her patience waning as she yearned to see the two small children she had come to see as her own. It had been such a long and agonizing day. Their carefully planned journey included apparition, several fireplaces, plenty of walking, and one terrifying, long broomstick ride. Now as evening set they had arrived at the edge of the Forbidden Forest and were just waiting to join Blaise in Hagrid’s Hut where he would help smuggle them into the castle.

Finally after what was only a few minutes but seemed like hours they began to move from the comfort of the trees and closer to Blaise who straightened as he saw them approaching.

"Hurry!" Blaise urged them once they were only a few yards away. "In here."

He jerked his head at Hagrid's abandoned hut and opened the door quietly leading them into the darkness. In the dark Draco found Hermione's hand and squeezed it lightly. Behind them they heard the door become locked and bolted.

"Should you really be locking the door, Blaise? What if we need to escape quickly?"

"Oh there will be no need for escape, Mr. Malfoy." A smooth voice slithered from out of the far corner as the lights were switched on.

Chapter 32: Prisoners of War
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Prisoners of War

Instinctively Draco moved in front of Hermione ever so slightly acting as if he were her personal human shield. Had their lives not been in such danger at that moment he was sure there would have some sort of tiff between himself and Harry and Ron, who would feel some stupid need to protect her from nothing. It didn’t matter though. He wouldn’t let any harm come to the smaller woman standing with him.

He had no time to think about it though as Voldemort rose from his chair and very slowly glided toward them as if he were trying to make it a dramatic scene. Beside him Draco could feel a small shudder shake Hermione's body.

The Dark Lord chuckled softly to himself, although nobody joined in on the fun he seemed to be having. Ron and Harry closed in around Ginny and closely behind Hermione, drawing their wands in a protective stance. Hermione glanced toward Harry who’s face was hard and his eyes never left Voldemort’s face as he waited for the opportune moment to strike at him.

“Now, Mr. Malfoy you know you want to put that wand down from in front of your master. You and I both know that all you seek is power, and power is what only I can give you.” Even Voldemort’s was as snake-like as his features while he spoke to Draco and leaned in a bit closer. “What power can a simple mudblood give you?”

Draco snapped up his wand, a curse on his tongue but before any damage could be done he was quickly disarmed by a new presence in the room.

“Draco, Draco, Draco.” Lucius Malfoy’s voice was unpleasantly sweet as he snatched his own son’s wand up in his hand. “I thought you wouldn’t be such a disappointment to me.”

Hermione could feel her wand in her pocket and in her mind she was already forming a plan to retrieve Draco’s wand and free them from this situation. Without a second’s hesitation, Hermione stepped out from behind Draco and whipped her wand out.

“Expelliaramus ”

The spell blasted off toward Lucius but in the very next second Hermione’s small body was thrown to the side and into the wall. Draco’s wand was smacked out of Lucius’s hand and landed only a foot from where Voldemort, who was now fuming, was standing.

“Enough.” He said in a solid, harsh but low tone. “Separate them and take them to the dungeons. Use as much force as you see fit.”

With a last sneer at them, particularly Harry, he swept out of the room and onto the grounds. Draco rushed to Hermione’s side and helped her to her feet and receiving no help as the young girl mostly leaned on him and rubbed her bushy head. A sharp cry brought Hermione to the present as Ginny and the boys were disarmed and quickly trapped with a binding spell.

“No ” Hermione attempted to lunge for her friends as they squirmed under the binding spell but Draco held her back in his arms, focusing on his father who was smirking at them.

Without wands, however, Lucius found no reason to bind them. The older blonde man circled the young couple until he was fully behind them.

Jabbing his wand into Draco’s back Lucius instructed Blaise and another Death Eater who had also slipped in unnoticed from the back. “To the dungeons with them and I don’t want any of those three to be in the same cell. Leave these two,” He prodded Draco again, “To me.”

Outside the wind was whipping around them but Hermione and Draco closed in on each other as they led the way to the castle. Hermione’s mind was whipping around almost as quickly as the wind around her. There had to be some way for them to escape from this place. But she knew too well that without her wand all hope was lost.

Behind them she could hear the footsteps of Lucius as he trudged behind them and even farther back was the struggling of mostly Ginny. No longer under the binding spell she kicked, screamed, and threw her body around as Blaise attempted to carry her up the school. A small smirk spread across Hermione’s features as she heard Blaise cry out in pain.

“She bit me The little witch bit me ”

Now free Ginny shoved away from Blaise who was nursing his bitten arm and took off running back to the Forbidden Forest. Growling Lucius took his wand away from his son’s back and pointed and aimed towards Ginny.

“No ” Ron and Harry protested, fearing the worst for the younger girl. Struggling against their chains that bound them to each other they tried to move away from their captor.

“Stupefy ”

The small redhead fell to the ground in a heap fifty yards from them, knocked into unconsciousness. Hermione’s blood ran cold and she took a tentative step to help her friend but once again Draco held her back. Looking up at him she glared although she knew he was right in keeping her there. There was no use in being stupefied as well. Glancing over she could see Harry and Ron still tensed up, Ron’s face red with fury.

“March.” Lucius instructed coldly and the four teenagers were forced to move on as Blaise simpered over to Ginny, still muttering about his bite.

Fear for Ginny made Hermione’s blood run cold as she remembered her last visit to the castle and her encounters with the men residing there. The fright she felt made her muscles feel numb and her body stiffened, causing her much difficulty in walking. It wasn’t until they were going up the few steps to the Entrance Hall door that she realized Draco had been practically dragging her since they had started moving.

She glanced up at him apologetically but he wasn’t looking at her. Instead he was gazing up the steps with his eyes oddly blank, as if he were deciding whether they should narrow or widen. Looking up as well Hermione was surprised to Narcissa Malfoy waiting for them at the top. She was just a wife of a Death Eater, why was she staying here?

Rifling through her memories mentally Hermione couldn’t remember seeing any of the families of the Death Eaters lurking around. Perhaps they had remained hidden while she did all the cleaning, avoiding her as if she was stricken with a deadly and contagious disease. A prod in her back sent Hermione scuffling up the stairs. Despite all the Gryffindor bravery she had left in her she wasn’t looking for a fight when she didn’t have a wand on her.

At the top of the stairs, Narcissa reached her hand out, extending it toward Draco who merely bowed his head. Directing Hermione to the door Draco waited for it to be opened, unsure of whether he should go ahead and do so or not. The small girl in his arms shot a look back at the blond's parents to see Lucius shake his head at Narcissa who nodded back and looked out at the grounds with a now blank face.

With a quick step in front of the younger teens Lucius opened the large oak doors and nodded for them to move inside. Hoping to see where Harry and Ron were Hermione shot a look behind her but could not see her best friends. The grounds were now silent and the first light of the day was beginning to peak through the trees of the Forbidden Forest. A shock of panic ran through her as the door closed and she still had no idea where Harry and Ron or Ginny were.

Once inside however Hermione was dragged away from Draco roughly by two large hands that she could not identify. Likewise Draco's father grabbed a fistful of his robes and began to drag him along.

Hermione The young man struggled against his father to return to his bushy haired friend. Let go of me

Shut up. Lucius snapped as he flicked his wand to open the door that led into the dungeons. You are despicable and need to be locked away for good.

The man restraining Hermione chuckled deeply to himself and squeezed her arms a bit harder when she attempted to free herself from his gasp. Hissing she began kicking out when she was picked up off the ground and flung over his shoulder.

The dungeons were cold and damp feeling and filled Hermione with the memories of her recent time spent in this prison. Still struggling against the arms restraining her she wished she could see where Draco was and what he was doing. Thoughts swirled around in her head as she thought about where Dylan and Sofia could be and a feeling of failure took over her. Her motherly instincts began to kick in and she thrashed against her captor but her need to fight kicked in a little too late.

For the second time in only a mere few weeks Hermione was thrown yet again into a dungeon cell, although this time the cell was a bit nicer. Draco stumbled in after her, stopping next to the young girl who was sitting on the floor. Hermione didn’t feel a need to move. There was nothing left to do.

They had been betrayed and now who was to save Dylan and Sofia? Who would save them?

Hopelessness seemed to sink into Hermione as she sat there and without realizing it silent tears began to course down her cheeks, alarming Draco.

“It’s going to be okay, Hermione.” Draco whispered in her ear as he crouched down next to her. “I’m not going to let anything hurt you anymore. I’ve messed up enough as it is.”

“Whose going to save them now?” Hermione’s voice was so low Draco had to lean in to hear her. “Whose going to help them get back into the clutches of people who love them?”

To this, Draco didn’t have anything to say. What could anyone say at the moment? But he refused to give up. Somehow, some way he was going to make this better again so Hermione, Dylan, and Sofia could all live out their lives happily.

Straightening his body Draco ran a hand over his pale face and through his fair hair. The stress of the situation was beginning to bring on a migraine and that just wasn’t something he had time to do deal with right now. Right now he and Hermione needed some sort of plan. A plan to rescue the kids and then safely escape.

The impossibility of the situation made Draco softly laugh in an almost sigh-like tone. Without their wands they couldn’t even hope to find a way out of this jam. Sitting back down on the cot he buried his head in his hands, hiding behind his long fingers.

“We need a plan.” Hermione whispered softly as she pulled her knees up to her chest.

“What can we do without our wands?”

“I don’t know, but we need to think of something. Don’t you feel the insistent need to find Dylan and Sofia? To take care of them and make sure they aren’t in the hands of evil people?” Hermione spat at him with angry eyes.

Turning to look at her Draco too was angry. “Do not doubt the way I feel for those kids. You aren’t the only one who cares about them, you know.”

An tense silence fell over the teenagers as Hermione rolled her eyes and looked away from him, hot anger filling her heart. He was just a stupid seventeen year old boy. He had no idea what it felt like to be so closely attached. Boys never got that attached to children that weren’t thier own flesh and blood. It just didn’t happen and Draco surely couldn’t hold in that much maturity in his mind. His ego took up too much room.

Next to her Draco brooded as well but his mind had already changed the subject as he plotted out how he would manage to steal a wand or two. Surely they wouldn’t leave them there to starve forever. Eventually someone had to come and bring them food and when that happened he would be armed but wouldn’t bring back up. Who would be worried about two teenagers still in school?

A smirk fell Draco’s face as he imagined Hermione and himself beating one of the Death Eaters with.... He gazed around the room and there was nothing there to even think about attacking someone with. Damn, he thought. Although there was always the cot they happened to be sitting upon. He couldn’t repress a soft chuckle as he imagined Hermione helping him pick up the cot to defend themselves.

“What’s so funny? Got another trick up your sleeve?” Hermione snarled suddenly jumping from the cot and folding her arms across her chest, not looking down at him.

Standing up next to her Draco snatched Hermione’s arm and pulled her in close to him. “I did what the Order told me to do so if you want to blame somebody for what’s happening right now, go blame them. I didn’t know they were going to take the kids away like that. It was out of my control. Now if you don’t mind shutting up it would be really nice.” Pushing her away much more gently than he wanted to Draco plopped back down on the cot in a laying position, facing away from Hermione.

Hermione glared at the blond boy and although she didn’t want to stand without anything to do she refused to sit next to him. He was so full of himself. Of course, there was more he could have done. Wasn’t there? A sinking feeling of guilt pressed on Hermione’s heart. She felt terrible about not being able to save the children but there wasn’t really a reason to shove that anger to herself in Draco’s direction.

Sighing she sat down next to him, looking straight ahead. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have yelled at you like that.”

“Damn straight you shouldn’t have.” Draco grumbled, his voice muffled slightly by the arm he had slung across his eyes. He needed so sleep.

Next to him Hermione yawned widely and shifted her body around so that she could lay down next to Draco in a somewhat comfortable fashion. Closing her eyes she quickly drifted into a restless sleep. Draco scooted over and rolled to his other side, watching the expressions on Hermione’s face. He had the vague idea that she was having a nightmare about the whole situation that were currently in.

He reached a pale hand up and stroked it across her cheek and the muscles beneath his fingers relaxed a bit. Carefully he arranged himself so that one arm was underneath her neck and the other arm wrapped around her waist. He shook his head at himself as he watched the young girl sleep in his arms.

Minutes ago she was accusing him of the worst possible things but already he felt a need to comfort her while she slept. Almost disgusting the way one person could love another person so very much. Curling next to her body he didn’t care for the moment that if they woke up like this in a few hours she would be furious that his arms were around her. Now he had to concentrate on sleeping for just a few hours as his mind fogged and he drifted off to sleep.

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Chapter 33: The Magic Sucker
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The Magic Sucker

Waking up beside Draco seemed easy. Almost too easy really Hermione couldn’t help but think as she sat up and looked around dismally at the dungeon she was still locked in. Her body was alert although Hermione knew she couldn’t have slept for more than a few hours. She certainly hoped so anyways. Running a hand through her hair she leaned back on both palms, wishing Draco had put his watch on before they left or that they had a way to see the outside.

The cot was small and barely enough for Hermione and Draco to lay flat next to each other but that was nothing that concerned her at the moment. Her body was alert but her mind seemed rather foggy and her stomach let out a low rumble of hunger, reminding Hermione that she hadn’t eaten in quite some time. With a grimace she remembered that Blaise had said he would have food waiting when they arrived at Hogwarts.

Almost as an answer to her prayers a soft knock was heard on the wooden door as it swung open to let it in a small patch of light. The small torches in each corner of the cell were hardly enough to keep the whole room lit. Narcissa Malfoy’s bright blond hair seemed to light up the room by itself. In front of her she carried a tray of levitating food. Draco stirred beside her and sat up when he saw his mother.

Without a word to the young couple she set the food down on the cot and flicked her wand roughly downwards. In the middle of the room a small table with three chairs apparated before their eyes. With a few more swishes and flicks the food was placed on the table again and a few candles lit the table.

“I’ve been sent to bring you lunch.” She told the two teenagers with a clear voice. “Eat up quickly, Draco, I need to take you back with me.”

“I'm not going anywhere without Hermione.” He hesitated on his way to the table. Hermione followed suit as she straightened up next to him.

"Oh don't be ridiculous, Draco. The Dark Lord seeks your presence at a meeting with the Inner Circle." Narcissa couldn't control the nervousness of her tone or the anxious look she tried so hard to conceal.

Draco gently gripped Hermione's shoulder as she sat down in front of the large tray of food. Next to her Draco stood, snatching up an apple and shoveling it down his throat. On the other hand, Hermione had no appetite or need to eat any of the delicious looking food in front of her. Across from her at the table Narcissa sat with a blank look on her face, giving away no thoughts or emotions in her pale features.

The room was filled with an awkward silence and Draco succumbed to his hunger and Hermione stared down at the food, feeling nothing inside her stomach. "Really now Draco, you're eating as if I taught you no manners while you were growing up." Draco stopped chewing for a moment as he looked down at his seated mother.

"You told me to eat quickly." He mumbled when he had finished chewing what was in his mouth at the moment.

She wrinkled her nose in disgust, "Perhaps one day you will want to find a woman to marry and she won't be interested in a rude young man who can't seem to remember his table manners."

"Perhaps I already have."

Hermione couldn't look up at Draco but kept her eyes on her food as her stomach dropped then jumped back up again. She quickly shook her head mentally. Of course he wasn't speaking about her, what a stupid thing for her to think. Her eyes darted up to see Narcissa pursing her lips together in a thin line, much like McGonagall would except with much less comfort in them. Hermione's eyes quickly adverted themselves back down to her food once Narcissa looked over towards her.

"Humph, well we had better be gone with ourselves." The thin woman stood up and Hermione couldn't help but stand as well, feeling stupid as soon as she had fully risen.

“Okay, give me a moment.”

Stiffly Narcissa nodded and left the room. Before the door closed on her though she said, “Two minutes.”

As soon as the door had shut completely Draco took a step to Hermione and placed a hand on her cheek tenderly and sighed. Swooping down he embraced Hermione and squeezed her. They stayed contentedly in the spot for a moment before he placed a small peck on her right cheek. Pulling away Draco smiled down at her and ran a finger over her cheek, but the sadness, the anxiety was obvious in his eyes.

“I’ll be back soon.” He told her as he pushed a bushy brown strand of hair behind her ear and out of her face.“I promise. And when I get back we will think of a plan to get out of this.”

Hermione nodded, “Okay, I believe you. Please hurry.”

Draco nodded and kissed her forehead swiftly before swooping out of the room to join his pale mother and hopefully uncover more of this mystery after one last glance at Hermione.

Outside in the corridor Narcissa was waiting for him. Jerking her head down the corridor Narcissa led the way out of the cold dungeons and out into the Entrance Hall, filling Draco with memories. He could still remember leaving The Slytherin Common Room to come out here but the castle didn’t give him the same feeling. It hadn’t since his return on Christmas Day. There was no point in living at the castle without all the hustle and bustle of students making their way to classes, teachers shouting out, and of course the occasional animal getting away from its owner.

His mother was stiffly walking away from the Great Hall and up the stairs to the first floor much to Draco’s surprise but he didn’t question her. As they moved another flight of stairs he could soon hear the sounds of much movement and people. He was about to ask his mother where they were going when she stopped in front of a large double door leading off to the center of the castle.

Nervously she gave him a meaningful look before she swung open the doors and Draco couldn’t help but catch his breath. Inside it seemed as if he were in a geographic excavation dig. The floor down to the ground was completely dug out and dirt was seen in the bottom. There were no dungeons below this part of the castle but the drop was still a good fifty or so feet. Circular staircases led down to the bottom and even further up. At the bottom he could see people working, on what he did not know but it didn’t appear to be much fun.

Craning his head back Draco could see a large, glass cage being suspended in air near the top of the room, for lack of a better term. Inside there was some sort of creature that almost dementor like but more billowy and smokey. The black creature filled the glass container and every now and then he could see a white orb, whish he assumed was some sort of face of the creature.

“A magic sucker.” Narcissa whispered as she too gazed up at the creature high above their heads. “Those two children that you and ... the girl were caring for, did Dumbledore tell you very much about them?”

“Not a whole lot really. We were just recently informed that Dylan is a Seer and the believe that Sofia will be telekinetic. Nobody ever went into great detail about anything else.”

“It was prophesized that the children will grow to be extremely strong, powerful wizards and if Potter were to fail, they would be the next in line to take down the Dark Lord. Instead of simply killing them though the Dark Lord would rather steal their magic from them so to say. Thus, he hunted down this rare beast and plans to use it against them. With his own magic and the children’s he hopes to have a better chance at defeating Potter and he most likely will.” narcissa explained slowly to him, her eyes never leaving the creature above.

Draco thought for a moment in silence, “So pretty much if the Dark Lord is able to steal this magic we’re all pretty much doomed.”

“Those who aren’t on the Dark Lord’s side when he rises to power, yes. They will all be doomed.” Narcissa said cryptically looking up to her son who now towered over her. There was almost a pleading look in her eyes.

“Hmm.” Draco found nothing to reply to his mother. "Well, when is this Inner Circle meeting you've been sent to drag me off to?"

"There never was a meeting that you were invited to. After the stunts you have pulled recently, do you really think the Dark Lord will want you to be present at any important meetings?" Narcissa told him quietly, I told you that because I knew you would not leave otherwise.

Neither of the blonds spoke for a while. Draco watched the people below him digging around inside the dirt bowl below them. When he squinted he could have sworn he recognized some of the faces below as his fellow peers but he could not be sure from so high above. Beside him his mother seemed to be deep in contemplation.

"Draco," She hesitated, biting her lower lip and shifting her weight onto one foot as she crossed her arms across her chest. Draco couldn't help but observe how much she happened to like a spoiled pre-teen at the moment. "You can not really be serious about that...girl. After everything your father has taught you, after everything you know about the Dark Lord, how can you even stand to be near the filth? She will do nothing but bring you down. Soon, the Dark Lord will rise to power and destroy all who defy him."

Sighing, Draco pinched the bridge of his nose, knowing that this was bound to come up at anytime. "Mother, I know I am making the right decision. I'm a grown man now and I can do whatever I please. The views father and you have adopted aren't going to be mine. The Dark Lord isn't going to rise to power, Mother."

"Look around you, Draco He has already conquered Hogwarts, the 'safest' place possible. If he is capable of doing this, what could be a challenge to him?"

Casting an incredulous look at his mother he said, "Potter. Over and over again Potter has defeated the Dark Lord in battle and I doubt the Dark Lord will ever win against him. This," he waved his hand to refer to the castle itself, "was a lucky victory that will soon be ripped from his clutches."

"Don't be such a fool, Draco The only thing that is in your future is death because you've become fond of a mudblood." The blond woman snarled at him, her anger an desperation becoming apparent. "I won't lose my only son because he is acting foolish."

"You are the only fool here, mother. Soon the Ministry will restore order to the castle and you will be locked away in Azkaban forever with father. Do you think that is a fate I want for my mother?"

"But I won't be in Azkaban I will be the wife a revered Death Eater and you will be disposed of. No mudblood is worth this Draco. Please, just make the right decision."

"I already have." He said coldly turning on his heel, determined to return back to Hermione.

Out in the corridor his pace sped up but he stopped at the sound of his mother's voice one last time. Turning around he stared at her almost disheveled appearance as she desperately tried to stop him. Deep in his heart he knew she meant well but at the same time he knew she was wrong. They were all wrong and soon his mother would be rotting away in a cell surrounded by dementors.

"Time is running out, Draco." She now spoke quietly, so that he could just barely hear her. "Tonight at six thirty. The will release the children into the dirt bowl and unleash the magic sucker upon them."

The color drained from Draco's face. He was supposed to have so much more time than this. Last he had heard he still had days. Maybe even a few weeks to come up with a plan to save the children. Now all of a sudden his time was so limited. It couldn't be too early in the day. They had arrived at the castle close to dawn and he and Hermione had been left alone for several hours.

Turning away from his mother he took off at breakneck speed. Now that he knew what sort of time frame he was stuck in there was no time to lose. Taking the stairs several at a time it took less than a minute for Draco to be back at the entrance to the dungeons. It seemed like a miracle that nobody ran into him but he did not dwell on the thought as he skid to a stop in front of the door where Hermione was.

Busting through the door he was almost too breathless to begin the immediate explanation, Hermione desperately needed. Draco had been gone maybe an hour, she couldn’t be sure, but the entire time she was on edge. Her previous experiences in the castle did not leave her with many good memories of what it was like to be alone in a dungeon.

“Draco What’s going on?” She rushed to his side and took his hand to lead him to a chair nearby. “Catch your breath, dammit. What did you learn? Is everything okay?”

“Tonight ” He gasped out hoarsely. “They have this creature. A magic sucker and tonight they will unleash it on Dylan and Sofia.”

Hermione gasped and took a few steps back in horror, her eyes wide as she stared at him and collapsed onto the cot. “Are you sure? How could they have possibly found one? They are so rare.”

“I don’t know but we have to do something now.”

“Yes,” Hermione nodded in agreement, “How much time do we have left? What else did you find out about tonight?”

Before Draco could go any further into detail on what was going to happen very soon their dungeon door burst open, slamming viciously against the wall and in stepped Lucius Malfoy.

Without a word he aimed his wand at Draco and uttered, “Crucio.”

Draco fell to the ground next to the cot, Hermione gasping in horror as she watched. Lucius laughed as his soon yelped out in pain, the curse coursing through his body.

An eternity seemed to pass as Draco was slowly tortured in front of Hermione. Terrified Hermione curled up on the cot, wanting to help Draco but knowing she was completely helpless without her wand. Draco has ceased his screaming, fighting the curse the best that he could.

Lucius’s cold laugh chilled Hermione to bones. She could not grasp how any parent could torture their child. It was disgusting to watch. She glared at him, wishing she could do something. Her eyes glanced around the room for something, anything that she could chuck at him. Anything to free Draco from his grasp.

"No please don't." Draco muttered from his father's feet as Lucius raised his wand again at him. He could only handle so much and so many of Hermione's small gasps from the cot in the corner.

A harsh, hollow laugh escaped the pale man's lips, "You are so weak," Lucius sneered at his son, disgusted with what he had raised.

"I am not," Draco managed as another wave of pure, hot pain ran through his body, feeling it all the way into the middle of his bones. "Just because I fell in love, doesn't mean I am weak."

"No, you are nothing but a weak, worthless little disgrace," he snarled menacingly. "You not only fell in love but with a mudblood at that. I raised you better than that."

"At least I'm not a stuck up, ignorant, bastard. You might think you are on top of the world but you have nothing. The Dark Lord will fall and you will go down right with him." the young man snarled back at him. "And by the way, you didn't raise me. You were barely around at all for that matter."

Lucius had heard enough at that point and was past his breaking point.. He took his cane and smacked it off his son’s head. “You will never speak to me like that boy. I have every power to kill you and her," he glanced at the cot in the corner saying 'her' with extreme distaste, as if it left a disgusting taste in his mouth.

A sudden fear swept across the seventeen year old. He had vowed to keep her perfectly safe and that’s how he planned to keep it.

"But no, I would rather watch you both suffer not knowing what is happening to them," he smirked down at the young man on the floor, obviously pleased with himself.

"No, please I'll do anything, anything just don't hurt her," he said rather loudly the fear and worry evident in his desperate voice.

Lucius grinned in an evil twisted way and threw his head back and laughed, coldly, with an almost hollow sound to it. He turned on his heel and stalked over to a large wooden door, giving a glare at the occupants in the room. The young man pushed himself into a sitting position and looked around the small dungeon room. The lunch table that had been there sat, laden with food and untouched up against the wall. There was a fairly large cot where Hermione was sitting, stricken with fear as Draco walked over to her and proceeded to sit down.

"Hey, Hermione," he whispered brushing his hand on her cheek.

The young woman smiled weakly up at him and her hand went to her cheek and took his hand. She closed her eyes, pushing tears back into them. "Hey," she murmured. "Are you okay?"

“Yes, yes, I’m fine. Don’t worry about me. I’m tougher than I look.”

“What about...the kids? Did you...did you learn anything about their whereabouts? Are we going to be able to find them quickly enough?”

His mouth dried up and he gulped. Her eyes opened and locked with his.

"Draco?" She barely managed to say.

He couldn't make eye contact with the one girl he loved. She knew what his silence meant. She began to sob uncontrollably. He took her in his arms and she grabbed the front of his robes as if her life depended on it. He pulled her against him allowing her to cry into his chest.

"I m...m...miss th...them much," she stuttered.

"I know, I know," he said while rubbing her back. "I miss them too. Don't worry, the Order will be here soon."

"What if they are hurt?" She said.

"Don't worry baby. They won't hurt them, I promise. They need them. They’re plan will begin in a few hours." he soothed, still rubbing her back.

She pulled back from him and wiped her eyes, his hands resting on her shoulders. "I'm sorry. I’m being stupid. I know they would never hurt them, no matter how much they'll hurt us," she muttered more to herself than him.

"No, your not stupid. Just scared and worried," he paused for a moment. "I am too. This is all my fault. I should have never let the Death Eaters take you and the babies. It’s all a big mess now and we’re running out of time."

She looked up at him and shook her head. It was not all his fault. This was not the way their plan was supposed to go but he had done nothing to mess it up. Except, of course, trusting Blaise who had betrayed them all. Fed them to the lions, or snakes really.

"I love you," he whispered in her ear.

"I love you too," she whispered back.

He leaned forward and brushed his lips lightly against hers. She pulled him closer and their lips met, sending a shock through them both. Draco’s mind was ablaze with her response ringing in his ears. She had said she loved him. She loved him back.

Before they could deepen the kiss however, before they could let it sink in that they truly loved each other, a loud bang came from the upstairs.

Chapter 34: Saviors
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It seemed almost as if the whole castle were shaking as Draco pulled Hermione down onto the bed to shield her from the falling dust and rock particles. In the door way stood Harry, Ron and Ginny. Jumping up from her crouched position on the floor Hermione ran into their arms and held all three at once.

"Oh! You guys are okay too! I wasn't sure if I would see you guys ever again." Hermione clutched them her emotions giving way as a few tears flew down her face. "They're going to make them squibs! Voldemort wants to steal their magic."

"It's okay, Hermione." Ginny comforted her friend, "What do you mean he is go ing to steal their magic? I thought that was impossible."

"Not with a magic sucker." Draco piped in appearing a few feet away from them behind Hermione.

His reply brought on blank stares from all three of the newcomers. "A magic sucker is a very rare creature but once found it can be unleashed on anyone and suck out their magic, like a dementor sucks out the happiness in someone. Dylan and Sofia are very...powerful and Voldemort wants to steal it. He thinks that if he steals their magic they can defeat Harry." Hermione felt a sob rip open in her chest. "Oh, Harry! We can't let him do it! Voldemort will be able top defeat you if he does."

"Harry can take him." Ron placed a hand on Hermione's shoulder. "He'll have us right next to him. Besides, when was the last time Voldemort came even close to winning?"

"He's right, Hermione." Harry smiled at the shorter woman. "With you guys and the Order by my side I'm sure Voldemort will be unable to win. Evil never wins."

"Are dunderheads done yet?" Draco snapped irritably. "We aren't kidding when we say that Voldemort will be too powerful. For once could you deflate your fathead?"

"Shut up, Malfoy." Ron snarled. "Your full of it if you think for one second that we are fooled by your act. Run back to your precious father and bow down to your master."
"Guys, really this isn't-" Hermione started to break them apart.

"Ha, as much as I would love, I mean really love, to see you fall at the hands of anyone Weasley I'm afraid you are sorely mistaken about my alliances." Hermione had to shift her position to keep Draco and Ron separated. "Don't act like you know anything about me."

"Don't act like your really on our side then! I can see right through your lies and you aren't going to hurt Hermione." Ron's face turned red as he dragged Hermione into their argument.

"Why are you brining Hermione into this Weasel?" Draco snarled right back stepping forward as far as Hermione would allow. "Jealous I'm getting more attention?"

"Why you little!" Ron lunged for Draco and knocked Hermione out of the way carefully. The two boy rolled around on the floor before Ginny stepped up and whipping a wand out of her pocket she sent red sparks close to them on the floor. "Get off the bloody floor you fools! We have to get going if we plan to find these kids before time runs out."

Hermione stepped around Ron and dragged Draco to his feet while Harry did the same for Ron. "Ginny, where did you get that wand?"

The redhead grinned slyly and pulled two more out of the pocket. "Actually I have everybody's wands. After I got loose from Blaise I feigned being hit by that spell and once you guys had disappeared I punched Blaise in the mouth and took off back to the cabin. They obviously underestimated us because all five wands were still there where they had fallen. How did you think we got loose?"

"You are the best, Gin." Hermione grinned widely too as she caught her wand in midair. Now that her hand was heavier with the added weight she felt fuller, more whole like her wand was literally a physical piece of her being.

Another loud bang and the castle shook. "The Order will be here soon. They gave us thirty hours to send a patronus back to them before they would follow." Harry said as he looked up at the ceiling like it would tell him what was going above their heads.

"Right, well we need to get going now. I don't know where they are hiding the kids anymore. There is a ninety-nine percent chance that they moved them from where they used to be and if they didn't then they are being extremely foolish." Draco took the lead as he too received his wand and ran his fingers along the length of it.

"Let's start out in the Heads Common Room." Hermione suggested. "You don't think they would have changed the password do you?"

"They changed the password to the Slytherin Common Room." Ginny commented as she leaned against the doorframe.

"And how would a Gryffindor like you know that?" Draco raised an eyebrow at her.

"I know things, Malfoy."

The redhead and blonde squared off, staring each other down and causing the tension to become only thicker if that was possible. Gulping Hermione took Draco by the arm and pulled him along to the door. "We need to go. There can only be so much time left for Dylan and Sofia."

Creaking the door open Hermione peeked out into the corridor, checking to make sure that the coast was clear. Once sure that nobody was coming she slipped out with Draco on her tail, their fingers intertwined in each other's palms. She pulled him out against the wall next to her while they waited for the other three teenagers to join them.

Hermione's feet moved quickly but as silently as she could make them go, her mind racing with ideas as to where the children could be. "Where do we go to check first?" She glanced over at Draco, unstartled by the hard expression on his face.

“The Head Common Room? Perhaps they found a new use for it after we left.”

“Be careful.” The trio warned Hermione and Draco before slinking out of sight in the coming darkness. Hermione watched them leave before Draco gently pulled her into the double doors and into a small hallway. A door to the left at the end was brightly lit.

Hermione could see the two children as she peered around the corner. Her mind took in their frightened faces, unable to know what would soon be happening. Unsure as to why they were locked away in a cage. They seemed thinner somehow and Hermione couldn’t help but worry about their well being.

Were they being fed properly? Were Sofia’s diapers being changed regularly? Did someone give them baths and rock them to sleep at night?

She took an unconscious step toward the two babies she came to know as her own but Draco pulled her back against his chest in the shadows and dropped his head to her shoulder. He laid a gentle butterfly kiss on her clothed shoulder and whispered into her ear his reassurances that all would okay soon.

Their bodies were trembling in anticipation as they waited for Dobby to appear with the children’s dinner. Draco glanced at his watch to see that it was already six o’clock. That left them with only a half hour’s time to find their way out of the castle and as far away from the Hogwarts grounds as they could manage.

The seconds ticked by slowly. Hermione squeezed her eyes shut trying to concentrate on the happy ending that hopefully stretched before them. Harry and Ron and Ginny would have found broomsticks and they would soon be flying out of the castle with Dylan and Sofia. It would only take a day before they were safely back at their Grimmauld Place apartment and she and Draco could speak about the future of the children.

As she stood in the dark, waiting and watching to two small children Hermione knew she would never be able to just walk away from them. No matter what Draco felt was best she would have to make every effort to gain custody of the beautiful children. Life had been a disaster so far without them. Her motherly instincts would never allow her to live without Dylan and Sofia.

Draco’s arms had found their way around Hermione’s waist in a comforting embrace. Would Draco want the same thing as she? Could a relationship between them ever become stable? There were days like this when it seemed like things could be perfect between them if they just tried but then.... Hermione couldn’t ignore the many days when she told him she hated him. When nothing could bring them together to get along peacefully. That wouldn’t be a good environment for Dylan and Sofia to grow up in.
But she loved him.

And he loved her, right?

That was they way it was supposed to be. Two people loved each other so they spent the rest of their days together. But love couldn’t possibly be that blinding. And Draco Malfoy couldn’t be so trusted, regardless.

Hermione was so distracted in her distraught thoughts that she barely acknowledged the door opening to her left and a small elf with a tray of food entering. Draco nudged her slightly to be sure she was focused on the plan at hand.

“Dobby!” Hermione gasped loudly and the small elf turned to see where she had spoken.

The small elf jumped with fright and nearly dropped the food on the floor as he caught sight of the witch and wizard. “Miss!” He squeaked delightedly. “All is clear, Master Malfoy.” He added with a small bow.

Rushing forward the two teenagers grappled with the cage that enslaved their two young children. Hermione waved her wand and whispered every unlocking spell that she had in her arsenal.

“Damn, they must have it under a special type of locking device.” Draco snarled slamming his hands against the cage doors.

“Mama!” Dylan was squealing from the inside of the cage while Sofia sat quietly next to him, her eyes wide with amazement.

“Oh, Dylan.” Hermione crouched down to the floor on her knees and grasped Dylan’s hands. “We’re going to get you out of here, okay? We’re going to get you out of here and then we’re going to leave this horrible place.”

“The key, sir.” Dobby was tugging on Draco’s robes with a large key in his hand.

“How did you find this Dobby?” Hermione asked as she smiled and fought the urge to squeeze the small house elf.

“Dobby can not tell. Dobby mustn’t tell, Miss.” Dobby clutched both of his ears and shook his head roughly.

“Okay, Dobby, okay.” Hermione reached out and stopped the house elf from hurting himself. “You don’t have to tell me.”

The door to the cage creaked open slowly and for a moment it was silent. A small squeal escaped from her mouth as Hermione charged forward and snatched up both children into her arms as she kneeled on the ground. She kissed them both on the head and squeezed. Tears of joy were running down her cheeks when Draco joined her. The small ‘family’ spent several minutes like this, tears and all.

The large wooden door creaked open behind them and Draco froze. Wheeling around he brandished his wand. In the doorway stood a Death Eater, masked and with a wand raised.

“Silencio!” Draco hissed, “Stupefy!”

The Death Eater was struck down and silenced before he could move. Hermione gasped and pulled the children closer.

“Hermione, we have to go now! There are probably more where he came from!” Draco picked Sofia off the ground and she wrapped her arms around his neck.

The two led the way out the door with Hermione and Dylan closely behind. Dobby had disappeared, hopefully to a safe spot. Hermione couldn’t help but worry about the poor creature but she knew there were more pressing issues at hand.

The corridor was empty but screams and spell casting could be heard below them. The Order had arrived to release Hogwarts from it’s deadly grip. Rushing down the stairs, they did not stop until they reached the Entrance Hall. Scattered in the hall were pairs of people squaring off to duel. Hermione could see Remus and Tonks back to back, each fighting off their own Death Eater.

Ron was not far away dueling with another unknown Death Eater. Hermione wanted to run and help but was relieved when Fred or George came to his side. Draco nudged her and they rushed down the steps. Avoiding any duels they stuck to the walls, their wands raised and ready for an attack as they reached the double doors.

They burst through the door and came face to face with Professor McGonagall. “Professor!”

“Oh thank heavens! You found the children! Ms. Granger they need to be taken off the premises immediately.

“We know professor,” Draco said as he ducked a spell and form a shield around the children and Hermione.

“Get the children to the edge of the woods! I will take them from there.” Hermione had never seen Professor McGonagall run nor did she ever think she would. At that moment though she did not have time to dwell on the humorous fact. She took off with Draco at her side and Sofia in her arms. The edge of the woods grew closer and she was soon leaving her children again.

“Be safe.” McGonagall warned them as they kissed the children good bye.

“You, too.” Both teenagers urged her.

“Do not worry about us. I will not be alone and we will be safely back at Grimmauld Place before we know it.”

Distracted, Hermione watched McGonagall race off with the children into the woods. She never saw the spell coming until she was hit square in the chest as she turned around.

Chapter 35: Battlefield
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The spell sent Hermione reeling into a tree where she slumped to the ground. She was dizzy but had not lost consciousness. Above her she could hear Draco cursing angrily. He was dueling with someone. Rolling over she saw a Death Eater, whom she recognized as Carrow, sending hexes toward Draco. Grasping for her wand, which had fallen several feet from her, she turned and screamed, “Expelliaramus!”

Carrow’s wand flew to Hermione and Draco was able to petrify and wrap magical cords around his body. “We can come back for him later.”

Draco reached out and took Hermione’s hand in his own. Hermione had to fight back a gag as they entered the grounds. She could see dead bodies littered here and there and the smell of something burning was wafting toward them. In the distance, she could see Hagrid’s hut on fire and Hagrid himself in a rage in front of the hut.

“Hermione, watch!” Draco yanked her behind him as a spell nearly collided with their bodies.

Forming a shield around them, Draco and Hermione began to fight with their backs to each other for protection. A spell grazed Draco’s shoulder and left a burn mark on his shirt and a minor cut. Hermione’s hair caught on fire at one point but she quickly doused it with her wand.

Out of the corner of her eye, Hermione tried to look for Ron and Harry and Ginny whenever they were near her. She watched Ron become the victim of a nasty burning spell. A spell narrowly missed her as she broke ranks with Draco to help Ron put out the fire. Draco kept up with her though and helped douse Ron with water before they continued dueling.

As Draco squared off with a Death Eater that Hermione did not know, her and Ron stood side by side to prepare themselves to fight.

“Hermione.” Ron said warily as he performed a shield charm to dodge a wayward spell.

“Yes, Ron, what is it?” She pushed herself against his back to hide from a cursed rock that was flying through the air, hitting any object in its way.

“I love you.”

Her heart stopped for a second and she narrowly dodged another spell as it grazed her robes and she had to quickly put out the fire that caught to it. The moment would have been incredibly more awkward if they were not in the middle of a battle. Being that they were, however, it just proved to be distracting and dangerous. Ron, too, had lost some of his concentration as he gulped before speaking again.

“And I thought I should let you know that I want you to be happy and if being with Malfoy makes you happy then I guess I’ll eventually get over it.” Ron sighed as a weight seemed to come off of his chest. “I thought I should tell you in case on of us dies or something today.”

“Don’t say that, Ron. We aren’t going to die.” Turning around Hermione forgot where she was for a moment and pulled Ron into a bear hug. “I love you, too. Your blessing means so much to me.”

Ron hugged her back for a moment but the peace the two were feeling only lasted moments. A Death Eater aimed a spell and Ron through the pair to the ground to avoid it. He rolled off of Hermione and jumped to his feet. The battlefield had grown quiet.

Harry and Voldemort were pairing off. Both wands were raised as they equally made and deflected spells, curses, and the like. Hermione felt like the world was standing still. She hardly noticed Draco come to stand beside her and take her small hand in his.

A dome of light filled the air around Harry and Voldemort as they squared off. Hermione held her breath and silently prayed that Harry make it out alive. It was understood by both sides that this duel was to be left alone. They were fighting alone for all it mattered.

Voldemort cackled and a cloud of smoke appeared around him. In the place where Voldemort had been only moments before there was nothing. The spell was broken and the dome faded into nothing

The grounds were silent for a moment. All the Death Eaters that had not been captured were out of sight in the woods and had most likely disappeared in the same manner that Voldemort had only moments ago.

“Agh!” Harry screamed, kicking the ground where Voldemort had stood only moments before. “Impossible! Apparition on Hogwarts grounds is impossible!”

“It’s alright, mate. Next time we’ll get him.” Ron reassured Harry going to stand next to him.

The anti-climatic tension in the air was unbelievable. Hermione leaned on Draco in exhaustion from the battle. What did they do now?

On the steps into the castle, Remus Lupin stood with his throat to his wand, ‘Sonorus,” He muttered and his voice was magically modified so that everyone could hear him, “Okay, we need everybody’s help now to collect the dead and wounded bodies. Madam Promfrey has informed me that she is setting up a hospital in the Great Hall for easy access to the wounded. Nobody is to go into the Forbidden Forest to look for Death Eaters. For now we must gather our fallen comrades and help those who can still be helped.”

Lupin broke the silence and was followed by other professors and a few adults who began to take charge. People began moving and it seemed like tears were falling before anybody had even began to move.

Hermione was waved over by Lupin, who instructed her that she was wanted in the Great Hall to help with the healing. Draco gave her hand a squeeze before they separated and he went to help collect the wounded and dead.

The grounds of Hogwarts were stained with blood that day. Draco had to gulp back his fears and hold his breath occasionally to stop from puking. The death and destruction was disgusting. He did not even see many people he knew.

He recognized some of the people though. Ernie Macmillian was found writhing on the ground in agony before he was carted away to the Great Hall to be inspected. Draco helped pick him off the ground and put him on the stretcher that was conjured. There was a large, gaping gash in his side.

Collin Creevey was found, dead. His eyes were still wide open.

A Slytherin fifth year that Draco had seen around the common room had been the victim of a nasty Reducto curse, leaving her dead from blood loss.

Terry Boot, a seventh year Ravenclaw had a broken leg but remained silent through it all. Draco admired him for it. The bone was nearly popping out of his skin.

Numerous other school robes were taken to the Great Hall. All the dead and injured were to go there before they did anything else. Ministry officials had arrived to declare people dead and many more people arrived to help clear the mess.

Draco soon found himself without an assignment. He wondered the grounds aimlessly, numb from the despair he felt. These people had not been his friends. He did not even recognize some of them but it hit him hard somewhere inside.

As he moved farther away from where the majority of people were standing he looked out onto the lake. Something caught his eye as it gleamed in the sunlight about fifty yards away from him. Squinting, he could swear he thought he saw a body floating in the weeds. Moving slowly he watched carefully as he got closer. The body was still very far away but a feeling of dread was filling him.

He began to walk a little faster. He looked behind his shoulder, wondering if anybody was watching him. Ginny stood near the corner of the castle, her eyes trained on him. Draco couldn’t help but think about how they probably thought he was trying to take off to join the other Death Eaters. Nobody had any faith in him.

The sunlight was bouncing off something white in the water. The body was no longer moving or fighting the small current.

Draco broke out in a sprint as he rounded off the last couple of feet and plunged feet first into the water. He threw both arms around the body and pulled it free from the weeds. He lost control of himself and tears fell down his face. Sobs choked in his throat as he laid the woman down on the ground.

Leaning over her he tried to pump her lungs with air and breathed into her mouth. Ginny had arrived beside him but he did not even notice her.

He screamed shrilly, “Mum!” and continued to pump her body, bring her back to life. “Mum, don’t do this, please. Merlin, no.”

“Draco,” Ginny tried to take a hold of his arm but he shook her off violently.

“No, no, she can’t do this to me.” Draco sobbed over his mother’s body. “She can’t die like this on me.” His howls echoed all around them as he shook his mum.

“It’s okay, Draco.” Ginny wrapped both arms around him as he covered his face with his hands, “It’s alright.”

The two rocked back and forth, silent except for Draco’s crying. Others were beginning to join them. Molly Weasley was first on the scene. When she saw Narcissa Malfoy’s body she gasped in horror and had to cover her mouth. Ginny looked up to her mother for help.

“There, there, dearie.” Mrs. Weasley patted Draco on the shoulder and motioned for Harry and a ministry official to come collect her body.

As Narcissa was loaded onto a stretcher, Ginny helped Draco to her fit. “Come on, now, Hermione is in the Great Hall.”

Hermione followed Remus into the Great Hall where Madam Promfrey was ordering several other students to fetch her different things. She told them that Healers from St. Mungo’s would be arriving soon but that they would all still be needed as assistants.

When bodies first started to arrive, she wanted to cry. She wanted to break down into the millions of pieces that she left like and sob. She wanted to, but she couldn’t. Quickly she was forced to be on her feet, running, and fetching this and that. Madam Promfrey was trying to tend to almost everyone at once. A couple adults that had been present with the Order knew a few healing tricks and spells and were able to help her.

Ernie Macmillian arrived early and was her first badly injured patient. He was writhing in agony on his stretcher. His cries of pain were unbearable. On his side was a gash about six inches long and deep. Hermione quickly mixed a pain relief potion with a small flask of Pumpkin juice and helped Ernie to lean forward and drink.

It took a few minutes but he was soon out of his misery for the time being. The Healers had arrived and Hermione was shunted to the side. She moved from bed to bed helping the Healers while her heart throbbed.

Everywhere she looked there was more death and more injuries that seemed worse than the last one she had seen. She willed herself to be numb to the death but she couldn’t make herself stop feeling the pain.

Collin Creevey’s small body nearly sent her over the edge. She could not hold the tears back as she gave a ministry official his name and information. He had been so young. He had good grades, never got in trouble, and had even been made a prefect that year. Why him? Why did all the good people have to die so young?

Hermione moved away from the stretcher with, she knew would be removed soon and placed somewhere else.

Her heart stopped.

In the doorway to the Great Hall was George and Percy, both of whom were carrying a large, lanky, red headed body. Hermione shook her head at the sight and felt a sob work its way up her throat. No, not him.

She deftly walked towards them and helped the two brothers move Fred into a bed. Neither boy looked up at her for long, they couldn’t take their eyes off their brother. Hermione had trouble with the same thing. He had not been her brother but sometimes she felt like he might as well have been.

When he had gotten into mischief back in her fifth year, she had been the one to try and reel him and his twin in. She had spent most of all her summers at the Weasley home where Fred and George had always been. She had come to know Fred as more than just her best friend’s brother. He had been a friend to her as well.

She pulled up chairs but did not sit. She knew that the rest of the Weasley family would soon be joining. As she said this Bill and Arthur both walked in helping an injured Fleur limp into the Great Hall. She met their eyes and watched the horror fill theirs. The trio made their way slowly to the group around Fred’s bed.

A Healer rushed over to help Fleur but she hissed and shooed him away as she limped with Bill. Hermione could see him tell her to go with the Healer but she shook her head and insisted that she stay with him. Arthur was shaking when he reached his sons. George stood up and helped his dad into a seat before the sobs came.

The feeling of awkwardness overcame Hermione and she went to help Fleur and Bill. After they were seated she backed up a few feet and leaned against the wall.

She didn’t realize a day could ever get this bad.
“Hermione!” Ginny cried out to her friend, rushing over, “Draco needs...”

She stopped suddenly as she caught sight of her own family. Hermione went to put her arms around Ginny but Ginny pushed her away and pointed back to the entrance to the Great Hall. A chill ran down her spine as she saw Draco’s tear streaked face. He was following a ministry official and Harry who were carrying Narcissa.

Forgetting for the moment about Fred and the Weasleys, Hermione began to walk and then run as she reached Draco.

“Oh, Draco.” She whispered as she threw her arms around him. He didn’t respond with words but she could feel his body shaking and his tight grip around her body.

With an arm around each other the couple sat down beside the bed that Narcissa was laid on and they were silent. Hermione stroked Draco’s head and made soothing noises. He was unresponsive with his elbows on his knees and his chin in his hands. He nodded a few times when Hermione would say something but otherwise made no acknowledgment of her.

They didn’t need to say anything more as they sat together, alone. Nobody came to say nice things but that was okay. Draco was okay with just having Hermione there to comfort him. He didn’t anybody’s faux depression near him.

The only comfort he needed was the comfort he was receiving from Hermione. Her love was more than enough to get him through his difficult time.

Author's Note: Okay, so I know there are probably some really confusing parts, like how did Voldemort dissapear? Don't worry! I will answer that question probably not in the next chapter but the one after that. The next chapter will hopefully be up soon. I don't have anything written but I have an outline of how it will go and the chapter title, so I know exactly where I'm going with it, I just have not had the time to do so yet. Please leave a review. :) I love them so very much!

Chapter 36: Don't Hold Back
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Don't Hold Back

The laughter of children was audible even from the highest floor in Grimmauld Place. Draco had a perfect view of the muggle children as they danced and played in the street below from a window in his apartment. The atmosphere in Grimmauld Place posed a striking contrast to the world outside. Tomorrow they would lay Fred Weasley and Nymphadora Lupin to rest. Today, Narcissa Malfoy’s viewing and funeral would both take place.

The surreal feeling had not faded away yet. Draco was still in some sense of denial that his mother could really be gone. Two days ago she had been helping him indirectly escape from his Hogwarts prison. She had been moving, insulting, and doing her usual whining. That was just the way she was. Regrets filled Draco when he thought of all the times he had wished his mother would go away so that he could avoid her incessant whining or lecturing or complaining. He wouldn’t mind listening to it right now.

Draco had not moved from his window for quite some time. Hermione had taken Dylan and Sofia downstairs to feast on the massive amounts of breakfast that Mrs. Weasley was sure to have concocted. He willed the sun outside to be hidden behind a mass of dark clouds and for rain to pour into the street and cause the children to retreat to their homes.

His father wouldn’t even be there.

He knew he wouldn’t. The Ministry would surely have this funeral watched and everybody tabbed. Being the wife of a notorious Death Eater could really put a damper down on someone’s funeral. Draco leaned his head against the window.

A knock on the door behind him caused him to jump slightly. He turned his somber eyes to Hermione as she slipped through the door alone. She gave him a small, sympathetic smile and closed the distance between them. She wrapped her small arms around his waist and rested her head on his chest.

“Are you ready?” Her voice was muffled against his chest.

He sighed heavily in reply. They stood in silence.

“Draco,” Hermione whispered.


“I love you.” She leaned up and softly kissed his lips.

He returned the light kiss, “Are you sure?”

Hermione nodded her head, “Of course. I wouldn’t say it if I wasn’t one hundred percent positive.”

“Funny because you seemed to be getting pretty cozy with Weasley on the battlefield.”

The instantaneous mood change was eerie. Hermione pushed Draco away from her and placed her hands on her hips. “Excuse me? What is that supposed to mean? ‘Getting cozy’ with Ron? I don’t even know what you are talking about.”

Her lips curved upwards into a sneer and her eyes squinted down. She knew that their moment of happiness could never last. First, they had to save Hogwarts, and now Draco had to go and act like a child about everything. For once, Hermione would like to be able to share a tender moment with the idiot.

“You heard me. I saw you two cuddling up to each other while we were supposed to be battling Death Eaters. Mind you, I was almost cursed while you decided to have your tender moment.”

“You are being ridiculous. Ron and I are just friends. Best friends.” Hermione snapped irritably.

Draco rolled his eyes, “Yeah, to you! Can you seriously stand there and tell me that you haven’t noticed the way Weasley looks at you? Or how about the extra incentives for him to play that stupid prank on me? He doesn’t just hate me because I’m me. He hates me because I have you.”

“You didn’t have me then.” Her voice was barely a whisper.

“Then you’re blind to his stupidity. He couldn’t even bear to watch Krum dance with you at the Yule Ball.”

“Watching me were you?”

“You could say that, I suppose. You were dancing with a very famous quidditch player.”

Hermoine shook her head. “It doesn’t matter I’m not listening to this. You are being completely and utterly ridiculous and I’m tired of it. I told you I love you and I meant it. I love Ron but in a very different way. He is like my brother is doesn’t matter how much he loves me, I can’t reciprocate the feelings when you are the only one that I want. I don’t care if he loves me, you have my heart.”

“Well I do care.”

She let out a short burst of frustration, “You can be so stupid! Would you like to know what Ron told me? Would you really like to know?...”

“Sure, go ahead.” Draco mumbled as she spoke.

“...He told me that he loved me, but he was happy to see me happy. He told me that he wants me to be with you if you are what makes me happy. There! He gave us his blessing you idiot!”

Draco was speechless and Hermione was fuming. ‘Weasley had given us his blessing.’ Draco could barely comprehend that idea. Weasley would never really say that, would he? He was practically obsessed with Hermione.

“I know Ron and Harry aren’t the nicest of guys but at least Ron could overcome his anger at you to make me happy. I would have thought you could do the same.” Her arms were crossed on her chest, which was moving up and down rapidly. A few strands of hair had escaped her tight bun on the back of her head.

Going back to the window, Draco stared out in the sprinkling rain, “I’m sorry,” He muttered as a few tears ran down his face, “I don’t know what got into me just now. I’m sorry, Hermione.” He covered his face with his hands and took a deep breath.

Hermione’s face fell and she walked over to him and put her arms around his waist. “I know, Draco, I know. Today is just a rough day for you.”

The funeral was small. Hermione stood next to Draco by his mother’s closed coffin. Draco had said that he didn’t want to have to look at her lifeless face all afternoon; he wouldn’t be able to stay in the building.

Hermione could feel for Draco. She felt his pain and offered him every ounce of her kindness and love. Their spat from that morning had been momentarily pushed to the side for the day. Hermione could understand him being so upset but the argument would not be forgotten for long.

At the same time, her heart swelled with pride as the whole Weasley clan, minus George and Percy, and Harry had come to pay their respects. Mrs. Weasley even came over and hugged Draco for a long time. The woman really had a heart of gold. Harry and Ron shook Draco’s hand, although he seemed to not really notice.

After they had left Grimmauld Place to come to the funeral, Draco had grown sullen and silent. His eyes had turned glossy and unfocused. He stared at the coffin for the most part.

Outside, the wind was whipping harshly and the ground was still covered with a light sprinkle of snow despite the earlier rain. At the head of the coffin, Hermione stood with Draco. Nobody was going to make a speech here today. The only true mourners were the ones who would keep their feelings private. Next to Draco was Andromeda Tonks. She was forcefully dabbing at her eyes and cheeks with a white handkerchief.

It was two in the afternoon when Narcissa Malfoy nee Black was laid to rest. She was surrounded by many who barely knew her, if they had at all, a sister, whom she had been estranged with for years, and a grieving son, with his muggle-born girlfriend.

That night Draco slept fitfully, Hermione next to him and wide-awake. She cradled his body against hers, rocking him. In his sleep he was muttering and fighting with someone she could not make sense of. A few tears escaped her eyes at some point in the night.

At one point Draco began to thrash about in the bed. Hermione barely slept all night, worrying over her boyfriend.

Morning broke with a bright sun and a cold wind.

The next day, everyone was going to Tonks and Fred's funeral in black limos. They were magically expanded inside to fit almost everybody in one car. The mood was stifling. Hermione's black dress was sticking against her body. She desperately wanted it off.

Fred's funeral was all a blur. She could remember all the tears, and the hurt faces that had swam around her. Hermione remembered standing, hand-in-hand, with Draco as she shook with silent sobs. A few tears even escaped from Draco's face.

Mrs. Weasley and George were completely beside themselves. Molly's howls startled a few people, who did not belong to the Weasley clan, and George's dead, silent gaze seemed to scare everyone, who was used to seeing a bright smile on his face. Ron and Ginny had huddled into a corner with Harry on the far side of the room.

Joining them, Hermione put and arm around Ginny and Ron at the same time. Draco stood a few feet away. No words needed to be exchanged between the small group. There were no words that would be able to sum up the way that everyone was feeling.

They stood in silence, holding each other in their time of need.

Tonk's funeral followed right after Fred's. The room was packed with many people that Hermione could not recognize. Draco stood by Hermione while they went up to the coffin to say good-bye to Tonks but then exited quietly. Hermione told him she would be out in a moment but wanted to talk to Remus first. He was standing very close to the coffin of his wife.

Hermione embraced Remus tightly and whispered softly, "I'm so sorry, Remus. Tonks was wonderful woman."

"Thank you." He whispered back.

The funeral was a very quiet procession except for the many sniffles that could be heard. It was also very large; much larger than Narcissa's and maybe even larger than Fred's. Many ministry officials had come out that day to see Tonks be laid to rest. Hermione could only guess that these were the friends she had made throughout her career as an Auror.

Remus and Andromeda were at the head of the crowd to say their good-byes to Tonks. Hermione's cheeks stung with the cold as tears flowed freely down her face. She could very clearly remember all of the good times she had, had with Tonks. Her memory stretched all the way back to when she had first come to Grimmauld Place and Tonks had been helping her take her things up to the room that Hermione would be sharing with Ginny.

Of course, it has ended in near disaster. Around the top of the stairs, Tonks dropped the Hermione's large trunk and it bounced back down the stairs. The trunk popped open and all of her belongings found themselves on the steps. Ron and a brother or two of his has picked just that moment to walk by and notice all of her panties and bras spread out on one of the stairs.

Hermione had clambered down the stairs to snatch up her things and Tonks, apologizing profusely the entire time, began to wave her wand about in order to clean up the mess she had made.

All the while this was going, Molly Weasley was storming up the stairs in a bit of a huff to close the curtains on Mrs. Black's portrait and stop the incessant screaming that she was making.

Not a bad way to start a summer; a very 'Tonks' way to start a summer.

Hermione had lost herself in her flashback. Draco tapped her shoulder and she bowed her head to pray for the loss of the young soul. As her body was laid into the ground, Remus fell to the ground, his hands covering his face, howling in pain. Hermione's tears fell a little harder as rain began to drip from the clouds above. The sun was still out.

It was like the angels were mourning with them.

The reception for Tonks and Fred's funerals were both held at Grimmauld Place.

Nobody could remember a time when it was more quiet inside the home. The radio was on but nobody was listening. Molly Weasley had, as usual, cooked a feast for an army, but nobody was very interested in eating at the moment.

In the living and dining rooms there were several small groups of people, who were gathered and speaking in low voices. Remus was sitting on a couch that faced the fireplace alone, nursing a frosted mug of whiskey. Hermione took the seat beside him quietly. The pair sat in silence for several minutes.

"Hermione, I need to tell you something and I want you to take it to heart, okay?" Remus muttered thickly as he took another swig of whiskey. "I see the way you look at Malfoy, and I just..."

"Remus, please." Hermione sighed inwardly, "I do not want a lecture over him. He might not be a saint but there is some good in him, I promise."

Remus shook his head quickly, "You misunderstand, that is not what I want to tell you," He took another gulp, "I realized something very important when Tonks died. You know, we have only been married for a few weeks. Barely able to start our lives together happily before she left me here alone. I feel so alone. I don't want you to feel like this. I feel like I missed out on something amazing."

"Sir, I really don't see..."

"Please, Hermione, let me finish. This is very important and I don't know how much longer I'll be awake." He breathed out very heavily, "I missed out on a lot of important time with Tonks that I can't ever get back. Don't make the same mistake that I made. Malfoy makes you happy so go after him before it is too late. Don't let him leave you before you can finish up any business the two of you might have. And," He took another very large gulp and paused before he gave Hermione a very hard look, "Don't hold back. Don't hold back anything from him. I tried so hard to repress my feelings for Tonks for so long even though I knew that she was what I wanted. I thought about her non-stop for days but I resisted. Believe me you, I wanted to protect her. That was my whole goal, protecting Tonks. I never thought that the day would come where I would have to protect myself. Dear Merlin, I'm rambling. Do forgive me, Hermione."

She smiled weakly, "Don't think twice about it, Remus. I forgive you."

He nodded weakly. His eyes were beginning to droop and he let his head fall back against the couch, "Oh good." She heard him murmur before he let out a loud snore.

Behind her she heard a giggle. "Bore him to tears, did you, Granger?"

Hermione turned around slowly and gazed up at Draco with wide eyes. He stared back at her, perplexed at her strange looks. She slowly rose from the couch and came over to capture him in a bear hug.

"I don't want to hold back, Draco. I don't want either of us to end up being so unhappy like Remus did."

Draco nodded and patted her on the head. "Don't worry, things like that won't happen."

"You don't know that," Her voice was low.

To that, he had no reply. Hermione leaned her head back and stood on her tip-toes. "I love you, Draco Malfoy." And a hush fell around the room as she captured his lips with her own.

She couldn't spend her life holding back.

"Oh, Hermione." Draco breathed softly, "I love you, too."

Author's Note: So, I'm pretty unsure about this chapter. I don't know why I just feel like something is sort of...missing. But at the same time I feel like it is complete. Let me know what you guys think. :) I know this chapter was pretty sad(maybe that's why I feel weird about it) but I will try and make the next chapter a little happier. :) Thanks for reading! Cheers, Mya.

Chapter 37: Wounded
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Hogwarts is left in shambles, utter ruins. Without Dumbledore's strong hand to guide it, our beautiful school has fallen into the hands of evil before being released by Harry Potter and many other brave students alongside of Ministry officials, Aurors, and adults. I, Rita Skeeter, felt compelled to be the first to tell this story.

After a little bit of digging and searching I was able to contact Minerva McGonagall, a woman with little accomplishments, who is now the new Headmistress after the death of Dumbledore. Talking with her led me to believe that reconstruction of the school is already under way, something that surely the public should have known. I'm sure parents of Hogwarts age children will be very interested in knowing what will become of their children's education.

A ministry worked, who wished to remain anonymous, said that students should be returning to school sooner than previously thought and that seventh year graduation will not be pushed back by more than a few months.

Notice how he did not say they would be returning to Hogwarts, however. Students will be returning to school. What will become of our lovely school? What is the ministry so desperate to hide from the school that they won't allow it to be released as of yet?

The death toll has finally been marked at seventy-three, which includes twenty-six students, thirty-two adults and ministry officials, fourteen Death Eaters, and one Auror. The devastation is unbelievable. Twelve Death Eaters were also captured and will soon be taken to trial for war crimes. Hogwarts has been left in shambles. The ministry and staff of the school are resisting any owls and questioning on the matter.

Surely light will be shown on this tragic event soon.

After the mysterious disappearance of You-Know-Who during the battle at Hogwarts, many wizarding scientists have flocked to the grounds of Hogwarts. Their findings? He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named used a very rare form of ancient magic to transport himself out of the grounds.

Officials explanations of this magic are lengthy and complicated but a slightly easier version was finally unearthed by a young scientist, Adam Wolfe. The spell involved in this magic is different from apparition and was not included in the protective walls of Hogwarts. This magic has not been used in many generations and did not seem to be a threat.

The spell is called Tessavera. It is an unspoken spell that can transport the user anywhere in the world that they would like. Concentration is very important here. Much like apparition, if done improperly the consequences can be dire, if not fatal. Splinching would very likely if someone could not concentrate hard enough on the spot in which they wanted to go to.

This now leaves the question, how did You-Know-Who concentrate so well in the heat of battle. Wolfe had this to say, "You-Know-Who is one of the most powerful wizards of our time. His magical prowess would be enviable if he were not using his powers for evil. My best guess? He has been using this magic for a very long time and has mastered using it in stressful situations."

My own personal research has brought up no information on this magic. If this kind of magic was considered dark or taboo it was not mentioned in any of my interviews. Is the ministry hiding something yet again?

Draco set the newspaper back down on the table and sighed deeply. The Tessavera spell was very ancient but he had once heard his father speak of it. It was more common among purebloods because the spell was passed through generations rather than placed in textbooks. He could remember, distantly, his parents mentioning some great-great-great-grandparent of another who had been the last Malfoy or Black to use the magic. Of course, now that it had mostly died out information was rare to come by.

The grandfather clock in the corner ticked slowly. He leaned his back and closed his eyes. The house was so quiet.

There had been an Order the evening before to discuss the reconstruction of Hogwarts. Draco had volunteered immediately. So had hundreds of other witches and wizards around the country. There was also a rumor that foreign wizarding ministries were going to send people to help rebuild the school.

It gave Draco a sense of fulfillment when he thought about helping to fix what his father had helped destroy. The past week since his mother's funeral had been very difficult on him, but he survived. He had also started to do some digging of his own. The need to know who had murdered his mother was burning in his mind. Surely, his mother, the most graceful woman he had ever met, did not simply fall into the lake on her own accord. Foul play was present.

With the ministry so busy, however, they offered him little help and had marked his mother off as a casualty of war.

Draco knew better though. He had a vengeance and was ready to unleash it.

Upstairs, Hermione and Ginny were laying out on the floor with Dylan and Sofia coloring with crayons and markers on a coloring book that Ginny had bought for Christmas.

"This is so boring!" Dylan flopped himself back onto the floor.

"Deeyan!" Sofia screamed her brother's name and threw a crayon at him, encouraging him to color with her.

"I don't want to color anymore, mummy." Dylan grumbled.

Hermione sighed inwardly and gave him a small smile while Sofia handed out new crayons to everyone and took back the ones they had.

"So you and Malfoy?" Ginny inquired, grinning at Hermione.

The brunette shrugged her shoulders. "I suppose."

"You suppose? Hermione you professed your love for him out loud last night in front of everybody."

"I don't really want to talk about it though."

"Not even to me? I thought we were best friends."

Hermione sighed defeated. "What is there to know?"

"How long?"

"How long what?"

"How long have you supposedly been in love with Malfoy?"

Hermione say up straight and set her crayons down, "I don't know really. A few days? It just feels right, you know? We really said it for the first time while we were imprisoned in the dungeons. I can't explain it."

"I see." Nodding her head, Ginny slowly guided a crayon away from Sofia's mouth.

She raised an eyebrow, "You're apprehensive, aren't you?"

"Can you blame me? I mean I knew that something was going on a long time ago. You don't just spend nearly every hour of the day with a person without developing some types of feelings. I can say that I never thought it would turn into something serious though."

"I wouldn't call it serious, not really."

"Does he think the same about you?"

"He says he does." Hermione whispered.

"He's told you so or are you making a guess?"

Hermione felt a little offended, "He told me he loved me, of course."

A twinkle was visible in Ginny's eyes, "And do you trust him?"

After thinking for a moment, Hermione replied softly, "Yes."

"Then I would say that it is a serious relationship. Have you thought about the future yet?"

Hermione shook her head vigorously. "Not at all. McGonagall told me that I would be able to ahem, take guardianship after I graduate but...I'm not sure that is a smart decision. I'm only eighteen. I want to have a normal life. I want to make something of myself, you know?"

"How many girls are mothers of two at eighteen?"

Both girls snorted at the question, "Futureless girls who plan on never making it anywhere." Hermione muttered under her breath.

She sighed and leaned against the wall behind her, "At the same time, I can't imagine not having these two with me all the time every day."

"There is always open adoption. I've heard of those before from someone, oh who did I hear that from? Well, it doesn't matter but I'm sure you could work out some type of agreement where you could still be a part of their lives but not be a parent. Have you talked to Draco?"

"No, it hasn't come up but I can't imagine him wanting to go through with adoption."

"You can't be sure until you ask."

"Mum!" Dylan whined, dragging out the 'u'. "How much longer do we have to color? I want to go outside!"

Hermione looked down at the small boy and ruffled his hair. She planted a small kiss on his forehead. "Go down into the dining room and find your dad. He will take you outside and maybe play on the toy broomstick that Remus bought you."

Grinning, the boy tore out the room, screaming at the top of his lungs for Draco. Sofia's face broke out in a yawn.

"Ready for a nap?" Hermione asked the small girl.

The baby shook her head vigorously. Hermione nodded her head. "I'll put her in her crib." Ginny offered.

Standing up, the redhead picked Sofia off the ground and held her tightly as the baby struggled in her arms. "Her cup is on the table over there," Hermione pointed, "It helps her fall asleep."

Ginny nodded and disappeared into the other room. Hermione picked up the crayons and coloring book off of the floor and set them up on a table. She collapsed onto the couch and was soon joined by Ginny. Sofia was crying in the other room but would soon fall silent in her slumber.

"Any good gossip for me? I've been so busy since September I haven't been able to really keep up with you. Any boys?"

The redhead shook her head, "No. Not one."


She laughed, "He's too preoccupied with the whole 'save the world' thing to have time for a girlfriend." They both silent for a long time, thinking over Harry's task, "I couldn't stop thinking about Blaise for so long. Now I just feel stupid. How could I have ever thought that he was even slightly charming?"

"He had us all fooled, Gin. I thought he was a good guy, too." She whispered.

Her red hair flew around her face, "Hermione, I had a relationship with the guy. I thought I might have finally found someone who could make me happy, like really happy. He made me forget about Harry."

"I'm sorry, Gin." The two embraced each other gently. "I wouldn't give up on Harry though. I've seen the way he looks at you."

"I have too, but..." Her voice trailed off, "I guess I'm sort of looking for something a little more immediate and a lot more permanent. What if he defeats Voldemort but then someone else rises up as evil as Voldemort and he feels like he has to run off and save the world?"

Hermione smiled, "I don't think that's possible. I think once you have settled down with him he will see things differently. Harry has never had a romantic relationship that ever really worked out for him. I mean look at Cho. She was insane. She saw me as her primary competition and that was enough to tear them apart. But you, you're different Ginny."

The redhead smiled, blissful. She leaned her head on Hermione, "Thanks, Hermione. Now all we have to deal with is Ron!"

Both girls fell into a fit of giggles.

"The possibility is very good. He has been very...accepting lately. He told me that if Draco makes me happy then he wants us to be together. Can you believe that?"

"No way! He would never say that! Was he under the influence of anything?"

"Fear of death?" Hermione shrugged her shoulders, "He told me during the battle and if he can handle that then you being with his best mate should be as easy as eating for him!"

Again, they rolled on the couch in laughter. The mood was greatly lightened from the previous topic. It was almost like all the bad in the world was gone. There was no Voldemort. There was no death. There weren't people fearing for their lives while Voldemort raged on. They were just two teenage girls worrying about teenage problems. The world was right for the moment.

"Where are you going?" Hermione muttered, half asleep as she sat up in bed. The sun had barely crept over the horizon outside.

Draco pulled on his pants that he had just dug out of his dresser and returned to the bed. "I'm going to go see a man today. He performed an autopsy on my mother for me. Hopefully he'll have some answers into her death."

She frowned, "Draco, I know you are very upset about this but don't you think you're taking it a little far? Solving the mystery won't bring her back."

He nodded and leaned in for a kiss, "But it will help to heal my wounds." He whispered back to her before he got up to finish getting ready.

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