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Hermione's Past by 2525yasmin

Format: Short story
Chapters: 4
Word Count: 4,317
Status: Abandoned

Rating: 12+
Warnings: No Warnings

Genres: General
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny

First Published: 03/24/2005
Last Chapter: 10/17/2005
Last Updated: 10/17/2005

Hermione has had enough of her witch life so shes been living in San Francisco for 5 years.will that be long enough to get the rest of her past time to forget about her or will her past taunt her.

Chapter 1: We meet Again
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“Hermione! Get over to that table in the corner” yelled her boss at the Parmela Bar in which she worked. The Parmela Bar sat at the corner of Parker Avenue and Shasta Lane in San Francisco, California; she had been working there for five years after she had had enough of her witch life.
“I’m going I’m going” said Hermione grabbing her order clipboard. “What’ll be?” she asked the young couple sitting in the booth.
Oh…I don’t know, how about a Bud for me. What about you honey?” “A Piña Colada please” said the girl
“Ok, coming right up” said Hermione. She gave the order to the bar tender and turned facing the door and leaning on the counter. Right then her past walked right through the door chattering loudly. She heard the first part of the conversation (she was not ease dropping if that is what you are thinking)
“Hey, Ginny have you heard from Hermione at all lately?”
“No and neither has Ron; he was devastated when he found out she was leaving because between you and me he had a crush on her.”
“He did, why didn’t he tell me? I mean we’re best friends.”
“You know how you guys always joke about her well he thought if he told you the joke would be on him.” Then they reached a table and stopped talking.
“I know, I’m going, I’m going” she yelled walking toward the table. “What can I get you?” She asked with her order clipboard over her face
“Umm… how about a Fire Whiskey” said Harry Potter from Hogwarts which led Ginny part of Hermione’s past into the bar. Harry was the only one out him and Ginny that recognized her.
“Oh-” said Hermione because Harry had caught her off guard. “We don’t have any” she said fairly fast because she knew he was testing her.
“Do you even know what a Fire Whiskey is?” asked Harry.
“Ye- I mean no never heard of it” she answered. “But we don’t have any so don’t bother with it anymore Harry Potter.” She sneered because he had brought part of her past here.
“Uh…Harry how does she know your name” said Ginny very confused .Right then Ron walked through the door and Hermione turned and looked to see who it was, once she had seen Ron she ran into the kitchen where the other waitress was finishing up her lunch.
“Here Juliet take table five” she said jabbing the order clipboard into her chest.
“Uh…Ok, Wait, are you taking lunch?” asked Juliet as Hermione was grabbing her coat and running out the back door leading onto the ally. “I’ll take that as a yes” Juliet said.
“What are they thinking coming here? Why aren’t they back in the ‘Wizarding World’ but no they had to come all the way here to San Francisco” she said sitting down on an upturned crate beside the door. Then she reached inside her coat pocket and grabbed her packet of cigarettes and lighter. She lit a cigarette and blew a puff of smoke into the sun dust in front of her thinking about what Ginny had said about Ron having a crush on her.
Then she heard the front door opening as someone stepped outside; who could that be she thought for only a second because someone yelled, “Hermione, where are you!? It’s me Ron” then Ron glanced in Hermione’s direction down the alley “Hermione” said Ron squinting in the sunlight.
“Ron” said Hermione starring back at him “what are you doing here?”
“Vacation” answered Ron walking toward her on her upturned crate and cigarette in hand. “When did you take up smoking?” Ron asked leaning on the dumpster.
“Ever since I left” she answered with a puff a smoke.
“Why?” asked Ron getting down to her level on the crate.
“Dunno, just when I left I felt different and thought that if I started smoking I would change completely” she said putting out her cigarette and standing up. “Umm… don’t know how to ask this but, here goes” she stopped to take a breath and then said; “Ginny said you have a crush me is it true?” she finished out of breath because she said it really fast. Then before Ron could answer Harry and Ginny came running out the front door.
“Ron, Hermione where did you go?” asked Harry with Ginny trailing behind him as they ran up the alley.
“Please umm… Harry one sec” said Ron and he held up one finger on his left hand and a shooing gesture with the other.
“Ok” said Harry gently pushing Ginny himself away.

“Ok, what were you saying, oh yeh something about me liking you, right” said Ron tuning over another crate and sitting down next to Hermione.
“Yeh, do you?” said Hermione zipping her coat because it was getting chilly.
“ Umm… hey, lets all go out together tonight not like a date just like we used to” said Ron getting also zipping his coat. He offered to help Hermione up off the crate but she denied his offer with a gentle shake of her head.
“I’ve got to finish my shift” she said very shyly also taking a step toward the backdoor leading back into the kitchen. “Maybe some other time, ok” she turned the door knob.
Ron grabbed her wrist and said “How about after work then say meet back here”
“I don’t know how ‘bout give your number of where I might be able to reach you and after work I’ll call you if I’m up to it, ok” she said stepping across the threshold.
“Ok, you got something I can write with” said Ron searching his empty pockets in hope of finding something.
“Yeh, here” said Hermione handing him a pad of paper and pen and when she did their fingers touched and in Hermione’s mind all the good memories she had had with Ron came flooding out of the deepest darkest parts of her brain because she had shoved them way back when she left five years ago.

Chapter 2: Old Friends
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‘Ring ring ring’ “hello” said Ron picking up the receiver.
“Uh…hi is Ron there” said Hermione almost tempted to hang up because she was so nervous.
“This is he” said Ron “who is this” he asked even though he knew for sure that it was Hermione.
“Oh- hi Ron it’s me Hermione I just wanted to call and tell you tonight isn’t a good night for me to go out I’m uh… busy yea busy but I’m terribly sorry you know I really wanted to hang out and all but something came up and I can’t come” said Hermione as an excuse to get out of it because she just needed time to think.
“Okay…” said Ron a little disappointed but he was not going to let Hermione know.
“But really I really wanted to come but, like I said something came up, sorry” said Hermione hoping he would be okay with it.
“Okay maybe some other time” said Ron.
“Yea some other time well, bye” said Hermione hanging up her receiver and Ron did the same. That very night Hermione tossed and turned all night thinking of what Ron had planned earlier that evening and her conscience kept telling her “she should of went” over and over again driving her mad by time her alarm went off at 5:30 the next morning. She rolled over and slapped the clock and it immediately shut up. She lazily climbed out of bed and reached for her robe and slippers in the over stuffed chair in the corner beside her bed. She walked over to her bathroom and closed the door behind her. When she got ready to step in the shower the door bell rang causing her to almost slip because of the fright it gave her. She hurriedly put on her robe and ran down the hall to the person at the door. When she opened the door to find Ron she screeched because she was in a robe.
“Good morning Hermione I’m sorry I didn’t call first I just really needed to talk to you” said Ron walking in the door.
“Um can you come back later” said Hermione.
“No because later, I’m getting married” said Ron kind of nervous of how Hermione may react.
“Um,um married” said Hermione like she had heard wrong because between you and me she had feelings for him to, secretively. “To whom?” she could hardly get the words out she was so shocked.
“To Felicity” he said inviting her inside. “Felicity this is Hermione, Hermione this is Felicity” Ron introduced. The two girls shook hands and Hermione went stiff.
“Nice to have met you Felicity” said Hermione taking her hand back from Felicity’s grip.
“Same to you” said Felicity in return also releasing her hand.
“So, where did you guys meet” asked Hermione tapping her foot a little so that they might see that she was in a hurry.
“Um here actually, it’s quite a funny story come to think of it” said Felicity giggling a bit.
“Oh I’m sure it is but I really need to get ready for work so how about you two come by the Bar where I work, Ron you remember right on the corner of Parker Avenue and Shasta Lane” said Hermione.
“Yea I remember so we’ll see you there?” asked Ron
“Sure around 10:30ish” said Hermione.
“Ok see you there” said Felicity with the little giggle still in her voice.
“Bye” said Hermione closing the door behind them but, as she did she watched them through the little window in the door, Ron was opening the door for Felicity and before shutting it he leaned over and kissed her gently on her tender lips.

Chapter 3: The Wedding
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Ron was tying his shoelace and heading out the door to the Parmela Bar to meet Hermione. “Hi, do you know where I might find Hermione?” asked Ron to the bartender
“Yea, she’s in the alley” the bartender said gruffly gesturing toward the back door.
“Thanks” said Ron walking out the door and turning into the alley.
“You came” said Hermione standing up to get a better look “so… you’re getting married?”
“Yes this afternoon at the park on Larson’s Avenue” said Ron shuffling his feet.
“Oh yea I know where that is” said Hermione.
“Well I’d better go and get ready” said Ron turning to go.
“Yea you better you don’t want to be late being the groom and all” said Hermione stepping across the threshold into the kitchen. “Bye” she said before shutting the door.
“Bye” replied Ron walking to his car.

Ron was tightening his black tie and watching his reflection in the mirror. Felicity who was at her mother’s house getting ready as well was watching her mom do her hair she looked almost like a princess with her long flowing gown and silver tiara in her lap. She smiled slightly “It’s your wedding day you should be happier” said her mom.
“I just keep thinking of that girl Ron introduced me to yesterday” said Felicity.
“Why was she odd or something” said her mom giggling to herself.
“No mom she was beautiful and from I took in smart too” said Felicity carefully putting the dainty tiara in her hair. She stood up to see her self she was a princess her dainty little nose her rosy cheeks her delicate lips these were all the things Ron liked about her. Ron got in his car drove to wedding when he got there, there were about 80 guests all getting settled in the seats all nicely lined up in neat little rows with pink and purple garland dangling off the chairs. He found the preacher and said “we’re starting in five minutes”
“Ok ill be ready, is your bride here yet?” asked the preacher.
“No I was just going to call her” said Ron heading to a nearby tree and pulling out his cell phone he had just recently aquired and dialing Felicity’s number. “Hello” said Felicity.
“Honey are on your way?” asked Ron strolling the park.
“Yes me and mom are getting into the car right now so we’ll see you there” said Felicity.
“Ok, I love you” said Ron stopping from walking.
“I… love you too” said Felicity hanging up the phone with an unsure face. Ron found his bride’s maid and got in line to start the wedding. When the music started he slowly made his way toward the preacher before letting go of his bride’s maid all the groom’s men and bride’s maid followed and shortly after the little flower girl made her way up the isle. Then the ‘Wedding March’ came on and his beautiful bride made her way towards him he had longed for this moment for so long that it all most seemed to be in slow motion. Felicity was given away by her father and given to Ron who gently grasped her slender hands. The preacher began and before they new it he was saying, “to who ever objects please speak now or forever hold your peace” for a couple seconds it was silent then to Ron astonishment Felicity said “I object” the whole crowd gasped.
“What but I love you” said Ron.
“No you love that Hermione girl I saw it in your eyes the minute you introduced me” said Felicity now in tears. The preacher closed his bible with a snap and said “well…”
“I’m sorry, I just can’t love someone who loves someone else” said Felicity drying her tears a bit.
“You know old relationships die hard you said it your self” said Ron holding her at arms length as to look her straight in the eye.
“Yea but this is not an old relationship it’s still happening right now” said Felicity.
“Please” said Ron now crying also.
“I’m sorry” said Felicity grabbing her dress and running away. Her graceful feet seemed to barely touch the ground as she ran away.
“Felicity wait” yelled Ron.
“For what for you to have a few a years with her and then come back to me I don’t think so” Yelled Felicity across the park her mascara running down her face with every tear. As she faded away into the distance Ron collapsed as he watched the guests scurry to their cars to get out of the rain.

What seemed like forever to Ron but really only a few minutes he saw a red car pull up at the sidewalk he started to get up but fell to his knees again. He could not make out the figure that was walking toward him through the fog but soon enough he found himself in the arms of a women, Hermione.
“What are you doing aren’t you supposed to be getting married” said Hermione pulling him to his feet.
“Yes but sadly she ran away” said Ron walking to her car.
“What she ran away” said Hermione in astonishment. “Why?”
“Because I love you” said Ron as they were pulling away from the curb.
“What… you love me” said Hermione stopping the car.
“Yes I’ve loved you ever since third year” said Ron they were looking into each others eyes now.
“But I thought you loved Felicity” said Hermione.
“I did until she got me to realize I loved you” said Ron with a loving look in his eye.
“How could you love me I ran away from you and Harry and called you freaks” said Hermione.
“That’s all in the past” said Ron now smiling. Hermione started driving again unsure of what to say.

Chapter 4: The Happy Moments Renewed
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As Hermione drove on she noticed that out of the corner of her eye Ron was getting uncomfortingly close to her head and was about to say something when Ron pulled up the emergency brake and they jerked to stop “wha-” but she couldn’t get it out for Ron had leaned over and started kissing her. Hermione at first was very shocked but then melted away in Ron’s arms they sat there for almost an eternity it felt until the cars that were now backed up behind them started honking their horns. Hermione broke off and giggled as she pushed down the brake and drove on. There was complete silence until Hermione said, “this is your stop” she did not even look at him as he unbuckled and opened the door.
“Thanks for the ride” said Ron before closing the door. He stood there and watched her drive away until he could no longer see her.

The next morning when Hermione opened the door to go to work Ron was sitting on her porch. “What’s going on, what are you doing here” Ron jumped because he did not hear her come out.
“Um…” said Ron biting his lip. “I was wondering if you’d like… to um…”
“Well spit it out” said Hermione tapping her foot and looking at her watch.
“Go out sometime” said Ron not looking at her face. “Like tonight maybe, I mean I know you don’t get off until 5 but I can make reservations for around 6ish” said Ron looking at her face again.
“Where at? Because I just might drive there straight from work because Mr. Chafer is putting it on thick for us tonight” said Hermione.
“Oh- well its ok I’ll just make it later the reservation that is because it’s a formal place” said Ron looking at his shoes.
“Well you still haven’t told me where it is so I couldn’t even go if I wanted to” said Hermione laughing a little.
“Well... I thought I’d pick you up” Replied Ron. “And it’s sort of a surprise” “but if you really want to know I can tell you” said Ron.
“Well, I don’t like running a surprise, how ‘bout you pick me up around say...7:00” said Hermione with a smile.
“Yah, ok” said Ron “7:00.”

After work Hermione hurried home and found a really pretty dress that was white and barely covered her knees, she had white high-healed sandals, and white nylons. She looked at her self in the mirror and remembered when she last wore it; it was the night she had won the junior Olympics for figure skating in 2003. She slipped her slender legs through the top and began to pull it up of her shoulders she zipped the back and put on the nylons and her shoes she then pulled her hair back into a sloppy bun where most of her little hairs that could not quite reach the bun fell in her face she turned on the curling iron and began to curl those little hairs when she was down she did her makeup and as soon as she was putting everything away the doorbell rang and as she headed to the door she grabbed this mysterious bag and her purse. Ron grabbed her hand, took her to the car, opened the door for Hermione and closed it as well. When they got out of the car Hermione saw where they were they were at Ange Flocon the best French restaurant in town. “How, how can you afford this I know for a fact that you aren’t made of money” said Hermione with her mouth wide open in amazement.
“Well, I have connections” said Ron putting out his hand to guide the still amazed Hermione.
“What connections do you have anyway?” asked Hermione as they entered through the elegant double doors. When Ron stepped up to the pedestal where all the reservations were listed in alphabetical order he said,
“Um…” said the man in the black and white suit as he clicked his tongue. “ Aha he it is ‘Ronald Weasley’ right this way please” said the man after grabbing the menus he gestured us toward the left and he followed in our wake. After we were settled the man asked “what can I get you to start on while you read your menus?”
“Um...can I have your finest Champaign?” asked Ron ‘he was really being sweet to night’ thought Hermione. “Is there anything you want Hermione?” asked Ron looking at her with a sweet smile.
“Um… I think that should do it for now but thanks for asking” said Hermione gentling placing her white linen napkin on her lap.
“Ok, Champaign and two glasses coming right up” said the man as he walked away. Then about 10 minutes or so later a waiter came who was really tall and took our order in a matter of minutes he was back with a platter full of food.
“Would you like a re-fill?” asked the tall waiter.
“Yes, please” said Hermione holding up her glass for him to pore the Champaign in to it.
“How about you sir?” he asked Ron
“Um, sure” said Ron as if coming out of a daze. So the waiter filled his glass too before leaving us to our meal.
“Are you ok you seem troubled?” asked Hermione with a worried look on her brow.
“Um yeah I’m fine” there it was again the dazed look in his eyes. What was going on, what was he thinking about; Hermione was determined to find out. An hour or so later they were leaving, but when Hermione got in the car she grabbed that mysterious bag of hers and set it in her lap. Tomorrow being a Saturday Hermione normally wouldn’t care what time it was when she returned home but tonight was different she was determined to return with the sun still low in the sky for she had plans later that very night. When Ron pulled up to her apartment she stepped out very quickly and said “goodbye had a great time” and she was gone across the parking lot to her own car but Ron didn’t leave he was determined to find out why Hermione had run off so quickly. So he followed her car to a place he’d never been before to a part of town that was completely deserted all lights had gone dim hours ago ‘why would Hermione want to be here it was such a gloomy place.’ When he noticed that she had pulled in to a parking lot that had the only source of light he could see for miles he followed her and into the building she went Ron was worried about going in he was afraid she would think he was stalking her even though he wasn’t. But finally he got up the nerve but by then Hermione had already been in there for a few minutes so when he found her she was ice skating with great talent she looked like swan that was just about to land back on the ice when she jumped into the air so gracefully .When she came back done she did not even flinch she did it so gracefully. When Hermione did her triple loop jump she saw Ron sitting in the bleachers for the first time and when she landed she slipped and fell as she did that she screamed really loud and her scream echoed throughout the whole arena. Ron jumped up and ran to her aid as she whimpered “my ankle my ankle I think it’s broken.”
“I’ll look” said Ron starting to untie her skate when he finally finished untying it (it took him forever because he took out the string completely so he would not hert her when he took of the skate.) he pulled it off and was in shock her ankle bone was sticking out a good 3 inches and the inside of her skate was full of blood.
“How bad is it?” asked Hermione still lying down on the ice. It looked as if it hert her to speak but what did Ron know he knew nothing about the medical field.
“It’s going to need a cast but I think you’ll live” said Ron pulling her pant leg down over the bone so Hermione couldn’t see it and end up going into shock. When Ron looked up to see how she looked in the face he saw that she was closing her eyes and turning blue. “Hermione! Don’t go to sleep I’ll get you out of here and into my car where it’s warm” said Ron picking her up she was growing limp and was getting heavy. He carried her out to the car and gently set her in the front seat and buckled her in. After closing the door he saw a trail of blood she had left behind them.

After checking her into the ER he sat and waited for the one of the nurses to come out and say “she is fine, she should be out of here by tomorrow”, but that happy message of hope did not come. Then about 2 and a half hours later the nurse said “do you want to see her?” and Ron followed the nurse into Hermione’s room. She was very pail and she had hundreds of machines hooked up to her, her ankle was in a cast and her arm had an IV in it, Ron traced the IV tube with his eyes to the little package of blood hanging from the rack that was draining down the tube into Hermione’s arm.
“Will she be ok?” asked Ron looking expectant towards the nurse checking on Hermione.
“We are not sure” said the nurse reading her clipboard and scribbling something down in the margin.
“…and her ankle it’s just broken, right, will she be able to skate again?” said Ron. The nurse looked at him for the first time since they had entered the room.
“It depends on the bone whether it will heal correctly or not” “with an injury like this 95% of patients that have this kind of injury end up without the ability to even walk” Ron looked at the nurse then said,
“…And the other 5%?” asked Ron.