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Untitled So Far by Bond O'Carroll

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 1,521
Status: Abandoned

Rating: 12+
Warnings: No Warnings

Genres: General
Characters: Draco, Harry, Hermione, OC, Ron

First Published: 11/11/2002
Last Chapter: 11/11/2002
Last Updated: 11/11/2002

So far, Angora's new at Hogwarts, and soon takes Cedric Diggory's spot on the Hufflepuff Quidditch team, what will happen next?

Chapter 1: Untitled So Far
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[Introduction] Angora's broom came to a halt at the top of the mountain, from the looks of it she only had a few more miles to go, she could see the castle on the horizon. she kicked her broom into full blast and leaned into it, she guessed she was going around 80 mph. "WOOHOO!!" she yelled into the wind. the wind whistled in her ears as she narrowly spiraled between two great oaks.
Leaves rustled as she passed by, she saw a clearing in the trees and tilted her broomstick upward just the tiniest bit and became perpendicular to the ground, arising above the trees. She was nearly at the castle by now. Slowing down to a sudden stop, she surveyed the area before her and laid her eyes upon Hogwarts, her new school.

As Angora caught her breath, she thought of the headmaster, who would most likely be waiting in the main entrance with the other teachers; a few more minutes wouldn't kill them. Angora though of her old school, Beauxbatons in France; after that place Hogwarts would be easy. Her father's job entailed them moving all around the wizarding world. Originally from America, she hoped one day to move back there, back to a normal life.

One more year wouldn't hurt. She actually liked the travelling sometimes when it didn't include the strenuous and tedious work of packing in the Muggle way. Her parents insisted on doing so while they lived in a Muggle community. But this time, they told her, they'd be living in an all wizarding community, what a relief.
The Muggles used to tease her in grade school before her parents decided to tell her she was a witch when she was 11. They teased her because she could make things happen; she often became scared of the bullies in the higher grades than she and just as they were about to pounce they were soon blasted ten feet away by an unknown force, giving Angora the chance to flee, leaving them in her dust.

Snapping back out of memory lane, Angora continued on her ride slowly, daydeaming ...


"I hear we have a new student." Ron Weasley said, he brushed his bright red hair out of his eyes and looked over at his best friend, Harry Potter.

"We have new students every year -"

"No, dimwit, I mean in our year. Seamus said they're coming from Beauxbatons." Ron and Harry shriveled their noses in unison remembering a visit from Beauxbatons school to Hogwarts last year, especially an extremely snooty part girl, part veela - Fleur Delacour. They laughed at each others expressions then were quiet again.

"I wonder what Hufflepuff's Quidditch team is gonna be like this year without Cedric." Harry pondered aloud, looking out the window of their train compartment on the steam engine Hogwarts Express. Ron shrugged as they both remembered the dismal end to their fourth year with the return of Lord Voldemort and his attempt to kill Harry, succeeding in killing Cedric Diggory, the Hufflepuff House Quidditch team captain and seeker.




[*...*Jube Cube*...*]
Sharmayne Goodwell squirmed uncomfortably in her seat. She was sitting at the Ravenclaw table. She had transferred from the Australian Academy for Young Witches and Wizards or Aus-Ac as everyone called it. Sharmayne had heard that there were more than just herself transferring from around the world. There was a noise in the hall. Sharmayne lowered her head, her long bronze hair fell over her face. The hall started to fill with noise and chatter. Sharmayne's hazel eyes peeked out from under her bronze hair. Her hazel eyes met bright green ones. She lifted her head. Who was that? Was it? Could it be? Harry Potter! It was! The headboy and headgirl came and sat down next to Sharmayne. They introduced themselves.

"Later we'll introduce you to the other people in your year." The headgirl said to her.

"Okay. Thanks." Sharmayne had spent the whole day here because her parents had dropped her off really early. Professor Dumbledor had spent the day showing her around the grounds and castle. She spent a few hours in the Ravenclaw common room and had already learnt the password 'Crinkle Cut'.

Sharmayne watched as Professor McGonnagal brought out a stool and the Sorting Hat. She had been sorted privately. She's glad that she was though because she was very shy and a bookworm. Her jokingly friends nicknamed her 'Booki' and it stuck. The first of the students were called up to be sorted.

Angora landed with a soft thud (tripping slightly on the hem of her robes) on the grass and looked around, "Not bad." She said to herself. Smoothing out her robes so as not to look bad in front of the Headmaster, she quickly walked up the steps to the castle and through the large wooden doors.

Angora looked around and saw a grand staircase leading up to higher floors. What she saw surprised her, the staircases were changing! Her eyes opened wide at the sight and tilted her head up to gaze at more of the spectacular view, the ceiling stretched higher than she could see, she began to feel dizzy, so she looked back at her surroundings and stumbled slightly.

"They tend to do that to you." Said an old voice with a slight chuckle. Angora looked in the direction of the voice and was met with a kindly and wise looking man with a snowy white beard and hair down to his belt. His robes were deep crimson with gold insets of swirls and stars and moons. His belt was a cord of gold rope, knotted at the waist. This must be the famous Albus Dumbledore she's heard so much about from her parents, he was Headmaster when they attended Hogwarts.

"Professor Dumbledore?" She asked timidly, she was so excited to meet him that she tripped slightly when she walked toward him, holding out her hand. He nodded with a twinkle in his eye behind his half-moon spectacles and shook her hand gently, his hands were pleasantly warm. "It's great to meet you Professor, I've been looking forward to meeting you, Professor." She realized how stupid she sounded and shut her mouth, apologizing slightly with her smile. He chuckled again.

"If you'll follow me, we'll begin your sorting. You've arrived a tad late I'm afraid, so you'll have to be sorted right away before the other students arrive for dinner." He looked at her as she scurried to follow.

"Oh, ok ... what's ... sorting?" Angora asked quietly, knowing how silly she sounded.

"That's right, that's right, at your other schools you must have a different way of things. All you'll do is sit on the stool, put on the Sorting Hat, and wait till it tells you what House you're in. There's Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor ... and Slytherin." She could tell that he was trying to hide the dislike in his voice and countenance.
"The Sorting Hat ... um ... 'tells' you what house you're in? How so?"

"Just like any other talking hat." Another twinkle in his eye he led her into the Great Hall where she saw thousands of floating candles and four long tables stretching the length of the Hall. She looked around and saw that there were only three other students sitting at a table to her right. She had a sense that the girl with the bronze hair was new and the girl with golden ringlets and the boy with messy black hair were students telling her about the school.
"... It's really not that bad, you'll get used to the size ..." She heard a snipit of their conversation and followed Professor Dumbledore up to the front of the Hall. The students eyes followed her, especially the boy's. She looked back at him and he turned his attention back to the new girl. 'Weird' she thought ... 'was that a scar on his forehead? In the shape of a lightning bolt? NO WAY!' The more she thought about it, the more she was certain it was him. Ever since she was little her parents would tell her stories about the amazing Harry Potter and how he defeated He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named many times. These times were becoming bleaker with the rumors spreading of the You-Know-Who rising again. She hoped they weren't true.
She realized that she was standing in front of the stool and a stern-looking woman with emerald green robes on with silver and ruby designs with her hair pulled back tightly into was holding a dusty and patched wizard's hat. She looked at the stool and sat down, taking a deep breath. The woman placed the hat on her head and it went past her eyes, all she could see was black. Then she heard a voice in her ear ...