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Secrets Held: Love with A Twist by boyluva0101

Format: Novella
Chapters: 4
Word Count: 9,001
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Romance
Characters: Draco, Harry, OC, Ron

First Published: 03/21/2005
Last Chapter: 05/08/2006
Last Updated: 05/08/2006


When an unexpected person suddenly comes "out of the darkness" in your eyes, and you see them in a new light after years of knowing them, will everything change, or will you struggle with the fact that is simply...couldn't work out? And when things get hard, who will you run to: the one you supposely "love", or an unexpected visitor? ***REVISED***

Chapter 1: Prologue
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Remake of Love with a Twist--Enjoy!

A young girl with sleek black hair that stood out against her light complexion stood along a dark railing, her deep purple eyes focused on the midnight dark sky above her. A gentle breeze lifted her long hair, playing with the tips of it in a light nature hold. Sighing into the night’s breeze, the girl thought about everything, and yet nothing at all. Her young face was chock full of emotions, none of them decipherable, and yet totally readable. Thick, pink lips that held a glow to them as if they were softer then silk were parted slightly among her thoughts. Payton Dove stood at the top of a tower looking upon miles and miles of dark, almost spooky, trees that strangely gave her a comforting feeling, despite the eerie fog and unnatural glow settling around them. This scene, and this scene alone, gave her exactly what she needed: an answer to all of her questions. She was to change things, and change them fast, before they got out of control. It simply wasn’t healthy, she had decided, to live her life the way she was; to live day by day, miserable to an extent and never knowing what would come of the moments ahead of her. Her aunt and uncle, those who had raised her after her parents died when she was quite young, had been trying to tell her for two years now that her life was not heading in the direction it could be headed in, and that it was unnaturally able to swerve her whole life into an auto mode that could very well be the end of her sooner or later. And so, with a swish of her head and a blink of her long black eyelashes, Payton turned away from the comfort of her life as it was now to face what was surly to be the best decision of her life.

A swift walk with light swaying hips led her inside from the balcony and into a dimmed room, complete with a large bed against one wall, French doors leading in and out of the room, pictures galore, and of course, plants. Lots and lots of plants filled the room, as did their heavenly scents. Daisies, lilies, jasmine vines, large elephant ears, and small round roses still in the midst of blooming, small simple green plants scattered just right atop every table and large vine-like plants covered with pinks, oranges, purples, reds, and whites grew along the wall, giving the entire room a flowery, angelic garden look. It almost brought tears to the teen’s eyes as she found that to start a new life for herself; she would have to leave this room behind, leave it until the right day came to come back to it and once again breathe in its enchanting smells. She would definitely be leaving a large part of her heart here with all that she had grown to love and cherish, but deep down, she knew that no matter what, change was on its way, and the first of it would be to leave her old life behind, which included her dark confined space that she forever went back to when the going was rough.

Gently taking her long, thick hair into her hands and scooping it all onto the back of her head, Payton slipped a black purple scrunchie off of her small wrist and tied her hair up in a messy bun with it. Looking around the room, she realized just how hard starting over would be. The books stacked it their proper order beside her large four-poster bed against the far wall looked as if all of her memories would stay right there, within the pages that she had read so many times before during a nighttime like this, when the moon was full, taking in every carefully written word and digesting all of it until her heart’s utmost consent. Scanning her deep purple eyes across the dark cherry wood floors, the wooden planks of which she used to lay atop when she used to stare up at the dark ceiling that was adorned with vines and swirls of colors reminded her of every time that she had indeed lied along the polished wood, running her hands back and forth along the smooth surface. 15 year old Payton sighed and then moved her dark eyes to the walls of which paintings and portraits of everything that she had ever held dear to her hung.

Portraits of herself, staring strait ahead with a thoughtful look upon her delicate features, were scattered along the walls in complicated swirls and filled in blank places where her beloved plants didn’t take up. Hand-drawn landscapes in dark cheery wood picture frames held deep sky pictures with a full moon in one corner and millions of stars scattering the sky while a dark, comforting shadow seemed to follow along the bushy trees running spaced out on the bottom of the pictures. All of the drawings, paintings, and portraits held one thing in common, though, and that was the never ending swirl of different colors and hues that seemed to fit everything into one, as if those colors were the single object combining everything between the frames together to make a beautiful picture.

One small drawing stood out against the colors of the dim-lighted room however. Taking three small steps to reach it, Payton held out her fingers, touching the rough cover of which the black and white lines, both thick and thin, joined to make the one thing she held above all else. The picture seemed to speak aloud into the night sky, screaming that there was something…unordinary among all of the plants and portraits. This specific picture held a large castle with winding columns that lined the huge French doors at its entrance. The very top of the drawing held two animals, an owl with sleek black feathers and one in the darkness, one that couldn’t exactly be made out. The only sure thing was that it was too…detailed to be a human, and yet just in the shadow enough to know that it was an animal. A dark purple and blue sky held those two animals close and yet so far away. The pointed towers of the castle held dark roofs and a single pair of French doors that opened up to a magnificent balcony, each balcony somehow leading to the tower next to it in swerved and complicated designs. One would say that it looked absolutely magical, but then again, that would be implying that something more then what was plain to the eye was hidden in the drawing…

Breaking her gaze from it, Payton strolled over to one of the many table stands and picked up her sleek silver cell phone, flipped it open and held it to her ear. Without a pause, she began speaking into it. “I’m ready,” she said.

“Where are you?” A deep, scratchy voice answered, the tone of it full of confidence, as if it knew something that no one else did.

“Where I always am. Come pick me up, I’ll be waiting for you in the garden. I’ve got something to finish there before I leave.”

“Of course, I should have known. I’ll be there in a few minutes.” The deep voice stopped, and without a goodbye or even a sign of hanging up, Payton flipped the phone closed, ending the call. Swallowing on absolutely nothing, Payton walked back out onto her beloved balcony, closing the French doors behind her, yet keeping the dim glow of the room on. It didn’t matter if the light was on, no one would ever possibly find the tower, anyway. Without a second thought, Payton grabbed the broom leaning against the dark railed balcony and jumped off of the railing, falling towards the ground, her hair whipping past her in the midst of her fall. With the broom still clutched in her hands, the girl swiftly maneuvered it under her, so that she was riding it. Soon, instead of falling to her doom, she was flying in the air, swerving and spiraling until she just about hit the ground full on. Instead, however, the girl pulled up on the broom’s handle and in no quicker then a blink of an eye, she was leveled with the ground. Pulling the broom into the air, she urged it to move towards the front of the castle, where her large, carefully thought out garden was held.

The garden held all of the plants found in her special room, the vines and thick stems all poked out of the ground and either blossomed beautifully or wound up the bricked wall off to the side. Lowering herself and the broom downward, settling her feet onto the ground, and pulling the magnificently carved wooden broom out from underneath her, Payton carefully stepped around the colored flowers and vines until she reached the middle of the garden. Upon reaching it, she carefully tossed her broom to the side, away from the beautiful garden. Bending her knees to kneel into the compose, Payton gently held her fingers folded ever so slightly and rubbed the back of her knuckles against the soft, smooth petals of the only flower that wasn’t adorned with brilliant colors; a potent, splendidly powerful black rose that had just fallen into it’s first stage of blooming. The girl’s soft lips rose up in a smirk-like-smile, letting the softness of the rose overcome her entire body.

The rose seemed to be just as dark as the sky tonight, which meant something special….something indecisive. Pulling her hands away, Payton pulled her hand away from the rose, reached into the pocket of the black leather jacket covering her shoulders from the summery wind and pulled out a mahogany bag with golden ties at the top. She carefully opened the bag and settled it on the ground before her quickly as if something had shocked her delicate skin, burning it and giving her no choice but to set in on the soft dirt. With dark colored nails, Payton dug her hands into the moist dirt surrounding the beautiful black bud, twirling her fingers in and out of the small fragments making the soil. After a moment or two, the young woman pulled her hands out of the dirt, clinging onto something magical. Its soft red glow seeped out of her enclosed fingers and later seeped out of the top of the enclosed bag, right where the opening and closing of the parcel were. Smiling ever so slightly, Payton stood, not bothering to wipe off the apparent dirt scattered along her torn and distressed looking jeans. It felt as if she did, then a part of her would be swept off with it, pushed off into someone else’s hands, just like her beloved garden and enchanting towers would soon be.

A gust of wind picked up, and the young girl knew it was time to leave. Placing the bag with the glowing object inside her jacket, Payton turned. There, right before her stood- well more like floated – a tall man with dark hair and even darker eyes. He grinned his toothy white grin under the mass of long curly beard and spoke roughly,

“I see you’ve got what you need, we best be off, then.” His scroungy voice shook the small, quiet location in a silent manner. Payton smiled, patted her pocket just to make sure she had what she needed and then nodded.

“Yes, I think we best.”

Chapter 2: Starting Anew
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Please know that I am, in no fashion what so ever, the owner of the magical world in this story. All wands, brooms, games, ect. belong to the great J.K Rowling and could never possibly be owned by one like me...else it'd be ruined, hehe.

Chapter one- Starting Anew

Some four hours later, the same bulky looking man with the same scraggly, untamed hair stood before the same teenager with the same glowing red bag pushed down into the depths of her pocket. Towering over her, the man walked to her side and took the only open seat in seeing distance, on the wooden railed bench. Upon his weight, the side he sat down on sunk into the sandy ground while the other side rose up into the air. With a shaky, embarrassed smile, the man gave a thick grumble sort-of laugh which turned soon into a fit of uncontrollable coughing upon being under the intense violet gaze of young Payton.

Clearing his throat, the bulky man settled his great black eyes upon the ground, tensing up his toes succumbed inside his great mass of shoes out of pure embarrassment. Payton took the seat raised into the air, and the burly man re-adjusted himself so that the side of the bench lowered itself. Sitting close to the man, Payton barely cracked a smile. Soon enough, the young girl was practically crying with laughter. Her sweet giggles and tears of joy brought the man to laughter himself. “Oh, it’s so great to see you again Uncle Stephan.” Payton uncurled from her laughter fit position and jumped upon to overly large man in a big, warm hug. She hadn’t seen her uncle in so long, being preoccupied with all of the business in her tower and such. Being 15 years old wasn’t much help either, as teenagers at this age were always trying to find their own independence in things and progress in life on their own. This reason just happened to be one of many in which young Payton had locked herself in her beloved castle for the last two months, talking and singing with no one but the clouds, her growing plants, and the occasional bird chirping along so high in the sky.

“How have you been, Leyla?” asked the large man, using her middle name as he always did. The violet eyed girl just smiled, a sad smile, but a full one none-the-less. She didn’t even have to answer her uncle, as he already knew that not everything had been all fine and dandy the last few months. “Yes, stupid question, I know.” Payton mustered up a light giggle. Oh how she had missed her uncle in every way. She even missed how he would embarrass her to no extent every year on the first of September as he watched her leave on her school train until the locomotive soon turned its first corner out of sight, always a single tear rolling down his rough cheeks. Yes, it was great to be with someone that still hadn’t abandoned her.

Bright blue clouds rolled above the girl’s velvet black hair, the only sign that happiness and care-free spirits still wondered around in her little world. Payton gazed at the passing clouds for a moment, finding the hidden picture in each puff of white before moving on to the next cloud and finding its hidden creature. Slowly, the girl’s eyes began filling with a wet saltiness, catching in her eyelids before she blinked them away without giving the tear time to fall down her cheeks. She had done too much crying lately, that much was sure. Staring at the white wonders, thoughts of Payton’s mum came to mind. She looked just like her mum, or so Uncle Stephan had told her. All that Payton still had of her beloved mother was the star shaped locket tied loosely around her slender neck. A thick hand covered her small shoulder and a gruff voice spoke into the air, “She would’ve been so proud of you, Leyla.” Stephan pursed his lips in remembrance of his dear sister. “With everything you’ve accomplished and found out on your own, she would’ve wanted to be here for you, there’s no doubt in my mind about that…”

A single tear fell from Payton’s violet eyes, rolling down her cheek solemnly. And just as the tear fell to the earthly ground beneath her, the sky began to mist over, blue clouds turning to grey quickly, soon making the young girl feel even more miserable then she was two moments before. Oh how she was so moody lately, from happy to miserable to ecstatic all in the amount of three whole minutes!

“Mum always did love the weather, didn’t she?” Payton’s voice was soft and low, full of blocked in emotions swirling around her in so many angles all at once. “We used to just sit outside and stare at all of the clouds passing by and try to guess which ones were animals and which ones were the gods of the sky.” A feeble attempt of a laugh escaped the girl’s lips, but only another tear fell down her cheek. The fake smile was doing nothing to hide her sadness. Stephan wrapped his arm around his only niece, pulled her to him so that she was leaning on his large, rounded chest, and played with the ends of her jet black hair.

“Just remember this one thought, Leyla. You’re mother is always close to your heart.” Payton gripped the metallic chain that was wrapped around her neck and moved her fingers across it, feeling every crease and folding of the star shaped medallion. She could even feel the smooth inscription of her mother’s handwriting on it.

My darling daughter, though my body’s gone,
I am close to your heart always. I love you dearly, sweet princess.

Another lonesome tear trolled down the girl’s cheek as her mother’s bell like voice echoed in her head. More clouds rolled in, only enhancing the girl’s terrible mood. With her uncle there or not, she hadn’t felt so alone in so long. Hastily, Payton used the back of her hand and wiped the tears away and stood up. “Come on, Uncle Stephan. Best get inside and get this where it belongs.” Indicating to her still glowing red pocket, Payton stared at the raindrops hitting against the soil of the ground in which her feet were now sinking in.

Without waiting to see if her uncle stood to follow her, Payton began walking away, towards the ever so familiar bungalow house settled along a cliff overlooking a great ocean. Her broom was gripped tightly in her hand, her fingers pulsing and throbbing along with her head. Her feet made a light ‘thud thudding’ sound as they carried her from the now pouring rain inside.

Bridget Dove stood with a bundle of flailing legs in her arms, rocking the baby back and forth as it wailed, the rain hitting the sill of the window, screeching down the glass before slowly falling off and hitting the roses below it. Deep, dark circles surrounded the new mother’s blue eyes, swallowing them in a since of being a “proud first time parent.” Bridget’s curly black hair fell around her face in spirals, just like it had ever since she was little herself. Breathing hard, Bridget sighed, “Come now, shhh. Hush Payton, momma’s here.” Cooing to her newborn, the young mother paced along the elegant walls around her, gentle yellow in color with small baby ducks following a trail of rain drops along the ceiling.

“Hush now, baby. Please don’t cry.
Momma’s here to sing you a lullaby.”
Began she, her lovely voice ringing out into the cool room and grabbing the attention of the screaming child in her arms.
“Take my hand and hold it tight.
Plead and prey you’ll grow tonight.
Play with your young hands, I will.
Keep your head up strong and still.
Hush my baby, please don’t cry,
And tell me you’re going to be alright.
Times are tough and tougher still.
I can’t help, but I know this will.”
Finally, the cries of young Payton stopped, the brilliant eyes of the young girl falling upon her mother’s with interest, as if she knew exactly what her mother was saying to her. As Bridget sang the last few words, cradling her baby with one arm and reaching into a pocket with the other, she pulled out a locket, star in shape and let the young fingers of her child hold and play with it.
“Fight away the evil near,
I will always be here.
Hush little baby, seize your cries;
I’m here to sing you a lullaby.
Hold this ‘round your neck always,
Keep me close until the day,
That I’m here not to stay
By your side to watch you play
Please my baby,
Don’t forget
The secret’s with you
Till the end
Find it; you have to on your own
Till the time that you have grown
To the woman I have Seen
Keep your thoughts to stay clean.
They’ll be for you, soon I hear
Always keep what you hold dear
I’m with you, my sweet child,
With the secret that you hold now
Stay my baby, keep me near
Remember to never fear
I love you, sweet girl
Time to save you from this world…”

Bridget ended her beautiful song with tears streaming down her face, her blue eyes but a blur. Baby Payton only gazed at her mother with sadness in her violet eyes, but with no tears. It was so hard to imagine that in just a few moments, Bridget Paige Dove would have to give up her only child. Give her to someone else to care for her, yes, but to save her life in a way that the baby would not know until she had lived several years. Rain still pounded on the window, but not as hard as it had been for the last several days. At last, the weather had let up. “It’s time, my child,” she spoke gently to her baby, the one person that she loved more then life itself. And that was why she was doing this; because if she didn’t, life would be a meaningless adventure.

Bridget still held Payton close to her, rocking her back and forth rhythmically. Now that the baby was quieted and had a look upon her small face that she knew something greatly life-altering and yet did not cry, it was time to give her only child to the only person she would ever in her life trust, her brother. Just as the thought of her beloved child coming into the loving arms of her brother, Stephan Cole Dove walked into the nursery, a sling wrapped around his broad chest.

“Bridget,” he spoke. Even with a gruff voice like his, it was now soft and gentle. More tears escaped the woman’s eyes as she took a final look at her darling daughter. With nothing more then a goodbye kiss upon the smooth skin of her little girl’s head, Bridget handed the bundle to her brother, turned away, and hid her head in her hand, facing the wet window pane, the only place in the nursery where she would look outside upon the many treetops surrounding her little home. Stephan was quiet. He knew this was extremely hard on his little sister, to have her only child taken away from her after only a few short months of her birth. And so, pursing his lips, the man held the baby within his arms for a moment before placing her in the sling around his chest, bundling her inside of it tightly. Payton’s round little face looked up at her uncle with a certain look in her eyes that almost spooked him. Yes, she was definitely her mother’s little girl, as that was the same face that Bridget herself gave him when she knew something terrible was soon to happen.

Two short steps and Stephan was once again out of the nursery, this time with an almost too quite baby with him. Bridget couldn’t bear to watch her brother take Payton away, and so instead she looked out the window solemnly. After watching her brother fly away on his broom through the rain and out of sight, Bridget began singing the same lullaby that she had been just a few short moments ago, this time with a part of the song that she had left out.
“I know that you are so strong
As to make the evil fall
Bye, my baby, please stay safe
To come out in the top some day
Let him guide you though your tasks
Help him be your guiding mask
Fall, you shall not stand to bear
Keep that locket; I’ll lead you to care
Find out what you’re meant to find
Break the spell, let it all unwind
Stay my baby, you always shall
I love you, and keep well…”

Several more tears fell out of the heartbroken mother, but what was done was done. At least, for now, her child would be safe and would have the chance to grow into the woman she was supposed to, and fulfill her destiny. “You’ll be safe now, Payton. Don’t ever forget me.”

End Flashback

And that was the last time that dear Payton had ever seen her mother, when she was no older then 9 months old. Since then, she refused to live with any one other then her beloved tower and her Uncle. Stepping through the mud to the house, Payton’s eyes continued to let tears loose, at least she was somewhere now where she knew forever and always that she would be safe.

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Chapter 3: Upside Down, Flipped Over, and Backwards
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Chapter 3 Upside Down, Flipped Over, and Backwards

It had definitely been a long two weeks. After coming to her Uncle’s house for the first time in many months, Payton had spent the last 14 days setting up her things and getting used to the way Stephan ran his house. As she was so used to living on her own in her tower, Payton had many things that were quite different –uncomfortable sometimes, even- including the fact that she had not yet brought plants or pictures of any kind into her new, much smaller bedroom.

Normally, a girl at 15 years old spends her time locked within her bedroom, worrying over her make-up while on the phone with their jock boyfriend, but not this girl. Payton spent most of her time outside along the cliff’s edge, standing right where the rock ended and the great fall to the sputtering and splashing ocean lay. The entire ocean was the backyard of Stephan, so it wasn’t much of an area to grow any plants or make a garden of any kind, but it was a place to sit and think amongst the periodic waves and the blue skies around her. Every other day or so, the sky would be dark and clouded, swirling the ocean’s water furiously, and on those days Payton stayed inside, keeping quietly to herself or otherwise tending the things around the house.

On one particularly solemn day, Payton felt that she just couldn’t get out of bed. The skies were grey, yet showed no other sign of rain, and the atmosphere around her seemed to be grieving something her eyes had not yet opened up to. The girl’s long velvet hair was sprawled out around her, knotting in some places and frizzy in others. Blinking her eyes tiredly, Payton let her thoughts succumb her.

For so long, the girl had nothing more then her uncle and her tower. And now, well, now everything was going to turn upside down, that much was obvious. Even though her future was still slightly blurry, Payton could feel deep down in her stomach that whatever was coming was coming; she could do nothing for it. Sighing loudly, the girl pulled herself up in her purple satin sheets, a headache just beginning at her temples. “What is it with today that’s so dreadful?” she moaned before flopping back onto her bed, bouncing on her back after the landing.

Just as she decided to stay in bed and let the world around her be just as tired and lazy as she was, a soft knocking came at the door, followed by a gruff voice, “You up yet, Leyla?”

Payton sighed again, “Yes, Uncle Stephan. I’m up.” In one swift movement, Payton was up out of her bed and walking to her door, letting her uncle into her temporary bedroom.

“Hullo there, sleepy head.” Uncle Stephan took two large steps into the girl’s bedroom and smiled widely. On one hand, he had an old muggle oven mitt. His torso and upper body had a flowered and frilled apron, wrapped tightly around his thick neck. Upon the oven mitt lay a pan of thick, luscious brownies.

“Thought you might like a small treat before getting up for the day.” His ruff voice sounded throughout Payton’s room, the window rattling a bit. Payton eyed her uncle wearily, sculpting his form with her intense violet eyes, searching for some reason as to why her uncle was REALLY treating her.

“Thanks,” she replied, taking the pan from her uncle, grabbing the mitt from his overly large fingers, and walking over to her desk. The light wood set in perfectly with the rest of the empty room. A few lone pieces of parchment lay scattered, a dull quill pushed off to the side. Payton set the mitt on the table and then placed the pan on top, so that the heat of the brownies didn’t set through to the wood.

Turning from the desk, Payton gave a lingering smile towards her uncle. He was hiding something, that much was clear. She saw from the corner of her eye that he was staring at the floor and shifting from one foot to the other uneasily. The girl REALLY didn’t want to bring the subject of which was haunting her uncle’s mind up. From his shifty attitude this morning, she could tell that it was way too early in the morning to actually comprehend what his burden was. Instead of talking to Stephan, Payton walked to the opposite side of her bedroom to the closet and pulled out a great bulky sweatshirt with pockets and a hood. She put it on and easily slid her small hands into the pockets, making herself comfortable. One thing she had been lacking when she arrived to this cottage was a decent amount of clothing, so her uncle’s old –and smaller- shirts and sweats were to suffice until she was brought to Diagon Alley for newer items.

Against her better judgment, Payton spoke, “Is something bothering you?” Stupid question, but necessary to break the ice.

“Well, um, actually Leyla. I’ve come to tell you, that, well-”

Payton raised her eyebrows in question, pushing the answer. Locking her deep violet eyes upon him, the girl concentrated. In nearly two seconds, Payton’s expressions grew from curiosity to something just a sliver under rage.

“No, there’s absolutely NO WAY I’m going. Uncle, you don’t actually expect me to go to a school all the way in London, do you?!”

Stephan sighed, “You know, I really don’t like it when you do that,” he said, rubbing his temples as they began pounding. “I was going to tell you on my own. It’s hard enough to have so many thoughts rumbling around in a person’s head and it just doesn’t help to have a sixteen year old rummaging through them all.” Stephan winced, “And those bloody headaches you get afterwards…they’re absolutely killer!”

Payton just about screamed! “You really need to get over that, uncle. Mum had the same power of mind reading. And you didn’t complain too much about it then, did you?”

Stephan just grunted, his temples still pounding. “You’ll like this school, Leyla. Your mum went there and so did I. You’ll be under the safe eye of Albus Dumbledore, no doubt.”

“I don’t even know who that is! I don’t want to go to bloody Hogwarts! Can’t I just stay here and be home-schooled like I have been for the last 5 years of my life?” Yes, this was it; the reason as to why the day was so dull. Terrible news such as leaving one of the only places you’ve ever known as home for a stupid boarding school so far away was DEFINITELY the reason for the weather.

Stephan became quiet, focusing on the retched looking floor boards. He rocked from the back of his heel to the very tip of his toes uncomfortably. His thick, raggly hair fell all around his face and his flowered apron lay limply against him. Probing his mind for anything at all to break the unsettling silence, Payton pushed her seething thoughts to the back of her mind and focused more on those of her uncle.

“Hey, watch it!” Stephan cried, grabbing his temples again. Payton grimaced. What she had found was NOT what she wanted, not at all. Her uncle sighed, “Pack your things; we’ll be leaving for Diagon Alley in three hours to get your school things. We’ll be taking a train to the school in four. Take the brownies with you for the trip there, that’s what I made them for.”

Of course, Payton Leyla Dove already knew that bit, she’d found it deep within her uncle’s mind just moments before. She turned her back towards Stephan and went to the bed rest sitting aside her silky purple bed. She opened the drawer it held and grabbed a small bag that glowed red from deep within it and shoved it into the pocket of her sweatshirt. Underneath her thick eyelashes, the dark haired girl stared at her uncle forcefully. Getting the picture, Stephan left the room, leaving the door open as he sauntered back into doing whatever he was doing before he brought such news to his only niece.

Payton stormed towards the door and threw it closed, slamming it practically off its hinges. Fingering the bag within her pocket, young Payton’s anger seethed. How could her uncle possibly send her away to a boarding school and expect her to live there with a load of strangers! How could her life be twisted so far that she would end up in some foreign place with no one to live off of! It was twisted, wrong, and…and…-

“If he wants to send me away, fine,” Payton growled while pulling an empty trunk out from underneath her bed and tossing it onto the top of her bed, the mattress giving it slightly at the weight of the trunk. Throwing open the top, the girl threw in her few belongings, including the lone parchment pieces and the dull quill. After gathering all of her things, she reached back into her pocket and grabbed the little glowing bag. She held it out before her and let her eyes dance around its captivating glow. Even from inside a bag, it was still magnificent. Sighing, Payton placed the item on the very top of her belongings and closed the top to the trunk. Stretching one arm towards her bed stand, Payton grabbed the only remaining item that had not been scraped from the bedroom. She clasped her wand tightly before raising it high above her head and pronouncing, “Accio, Firebolt!” Suddenly, a fancy broomstick flew into the room, having recently flung open the closed door due to the magic of its calling. Seizing it from the air, she held her wand out once more to levitate her trunk.

If Uncle Stephan wanted to give her to some man named Albus Dumbledore, so be it. She wouldn’t put up a fight, and she wouldn’t pester her uncle as to why he was punishing her so. Payton clenched her jaw and silently walked out of her bedroom without looking back; she knew that nothing other then an elaborate bed and an empty desk would be staring back at her if she did. Leaving the only other place she could possibly call home, Payton walked downstairs to the kitchen where her uncle was just finishing up something. Upon her entrance, he turned towards her.

“Ready, then?”

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Chapter 4: All Over Again
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Chapter 4 – All Over Again

Payton gulped, gazing up at the largest castle she had ever seen in her entire life. In her shaking hands, she held one large bag, stuffed with magically shrunken objects that she had just recently bought in Diagon Alley with her uncle. It had been a brief trip; brief, yet satisfying. While there, the young girl got a new wardrobe, polish for her wand and her broom, and a new owl. Clara was hooting noisily with excitement in her cage in Stephan’s arms, occasionally pecking at the bars of it, dying to be let out.

“So this is Hogwarts,” whispered the girl to herself, amazement written all over her delicate features. She looked up into the sky and noticed tall towers gleaming back at her in the afternoon sunlight. Everything was happening so quickly. Not even a few hours ago, Payton felt as if everything around her was flying by, leaving her in an empty space in her own little world. When she had awoken, the air was thick and dull. Now, however, it was brightly lit by the noon sun, perfect air settling against thick green grass. Morning dew still hung lightly to each and every blade that she stepped on, making the ground seem softer.

Stephan nudged his niece ever so slightly, signaling for her to move towards the giant school. Clara was still hooting with fondness to her new home. Payton gave a skeptical look towards her soft grey owl. ‘At least someone around here likes this place.’ Sure, it was beautiful, and big, and so inviting looking, but Payton Leyla Dove simply couldn’t put her finger on just what her worries about this place was. ‘Maybe I’m just freaked out about all of this…newness.’

Taking each step carefully, Payton finally found herself before great wooden doors, shadowed by an even greater arch above it. She swallowed hard, her stomach was knotting up with something…was it nerves? Still gripping Clara’s cage, Stephan moved before his niece and pushed the giant doors in. As if they were quite old, the doors squeaked as the moved inward, exposing both Payton and her uncle to the vastness that was Hogwarts. Payton’s eyes grew wider; the hallway that the doors opened up to was absolutely magnificent! Arched all the way down the corridor, the hallway was welcoming and brightly lit by glorious candles, floating underneath the ceiling. Stephan took two large steps inside and ushered his niece in as well. Before he could say anything, an old man with a long white beard approached them. His sparkling blue eyes held pure happiness, something that Payton hadn’t seen for a while.

“Ah, Stephan, it’s so good to see you,’ recited the old man, shaking her uncle’s hand vigorously.

“Likewise, Albus. It’s been years…”

“So it has, old friend. So it has.” Turning from her uncle towards her once more, the man smiled at Payton. “Miss Dove, I presume.” He lightly nodded his head to her, acknowledging her presence. Payton gave a little smile, unsure as to how she should feel about some old person greeting her in this manner. Something about this man gave her a warm feeling, covering the anxiousness inside of her as if it were a warm blanket. Just the look of his frail body against his pure joy-filled face made Payton think that his looks most certainly underestimated him. “I’m so glad you’ve come. If you would, follow me, and we’ll meet the rest of the school in the Great Hall.”

Payton looked up to her Uncle for some sort of supporting glance, but as it turned out, her uncle was too busy with exchanging a silent statement with the old man. The elderly person grinned at Stephan again before turning his back to them and leading them down the enchanted hallway. Soon, they came to a set of more powerful looking oak doors then the one’s that had led her into this place. They were tall and commanding, yet at the same time, comforting almost. The old man smiled as he looked upon the doors and set his wrinkled fingers upon the handle, “Miss Dove, with all of my pleasure, I introduce you to the heart of Hogwarts, the Great Hall.” He opened the doors and soon laughter and loads of mixed conversation floated to her ears. As he stepped through, the old man’s robes swished behind him. He walked to the front of the Great Hall and stood atop a few steps leading to very front of the room, obviously where the adults of the school sat.

Payton looked beyond the old man, towards the table behind him where other elders sat, their golden plates stacked with assorted foods. Dumbledore simply smiled upon his students and locked his hands together before him. The entire Hall went silent, ‘This guy really has power around here,’ Payton found herself thinking.

“Good afternoon to all.” He began, smiling greatly. “I have asked you all to dine with us this lunch hour for a special reason.” His long white hair fell past his shoulders as he moved his head back and forth, locking eyes with each student in turn, respecting them as they respected him.

“Dumbledore always was so proud of his students,” whispered Stephan, quiet enough so that only his niece could hear him. Payton smiled slightly, gaining a new respect for the old teacher.

“Today, we have accepted a new student into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I ask you all to treat her with kindness and befriend her as you would each other.” Albus Dumbledore stood graciously before his students, so thrilled to gain a new student. His aged face was smiling as if there couldn’t possibly be any wrong in the whole world. As the Headmaster of the school spoke to his students about where she came from, what her name was, and how to treat her, Payton looked around the room, scanning all of the faces she would soon meet. There were four tables sitting vertically towards the front of the room, and all heads belonging to students were turned facing Dumbledore.

“I ask you to be respectfully quiet as we sort Miss Dove into her House. Of course, cheering if she in sorted into your house is acceptable. Without further ado, please, Payton Dove, if you would step up to the stool.” Instantly, a shuffling sound was heard and all eyes turned the opposite direction to the girl with the long black hair and the violet eyes. Payton froze. Once again, she was stuck wide eyed.

“Go on, Leyla,” whispered her uncle, pushing her ahead of him. Payton looked around her and slowly began moving forward. The entire time, her breath was locked in her chest and her voice seemed to have disappeared. Usually, the girl wasn’t affected with stage fright of any kind, but in this case, it was different. She slowly walked up the few steps and reached Dumbledore and another woman with a tight expression and dark grey hair who she had not seen walk onto the steps. In between the two adults was a rather old, worn stool with a weathered hat sitting atop it. The woman with the grey hair in the tight bun on the tip of her head lifted the hat and offered the stool to the newest student. Payton sat, her nerves shooting through her body. Her violet eyes searched for some reassurance in her uncle, standing in the back…. He obviously didn’t hear her silent plea, because he was busy admiring his niece.

When the hat was placed upon Payton’s head, she nearly jumped! The very moment the rag touched her scalp, it began speaking to her. “Ah, yes. Very interesting, indeed. You’ve got the strength and bravery for Gryffindor. Yes, you’d do well there. But, oh, what is this? The knowledge and security for Ravenclaw… and the kindness of heart for Hufflepuff. Yesss, very tricky, you shall be to place.”

‘I knew I could read minds, but I didn’t know that included the minds of hats,’
she thought nervously.

“Oh, no no no, my dear. I speak to all of the students I am placed upon. I can hear your thoughts and feel your feelings. It is how I place you into the correct House.”

Payton’s eyes grew wide, ‘Well, then….Continue, please. I’d really rather not be the attention of all of these people any longer.’ She thought these things as loud as possible, not quite sure how much it took for the hat to understand her completely.. She figured it did when he hummed to himself.

“My, my my, dear. You also have the attitude and the slyness of a Slytherin. You would most definitely do well in that house. The Slytherins could feed your powerful state of mind well. But…there is something else here; something that has made my decision. Yes, it will have to be…”

“GRYFFINDOR!” A loud cheer blew across the entire hall. Whoops and clapping escaladed and bound through her ears. When Payton looked towards Dumbledore, he motioned her to sit with the cheering group. Obviously, it was the Gryffindor table, since a thick banner with a lion and a cursive ‘G’ decorated the ceiling above it; and the hat had only mentioned four houses, only this one started with a G.

Payton found her footing and descended down the steps to the cheering table. She found an empty seat around the middle of the table and sat down quietly, eyeing the great oak of it. Dumbledore once again took the attention of the students. “And now, if you all will, continue in your feast.” He stepped down from the stairs and took a seat behind a large wooden bench like thing with a few other adults, one of them being the woman with the tight expression from before. Turning into her still cheering new “House”, Payton lightly bit her lip. She reached into her pocket and grasped the little bag it held. Instantly, her mind was free of thickening emotions, allowing her to process everything with content. The light of the object grew brighter with each second that she held it, its power engaging and feeding off of Payton’s emotions.

“Congratulations, Leyla.” The gruff voice of her uncle startled her, her hand slipping out of her pocket and breaking the grip on the glowing object as she jumped in surprise.

“Uhh, thanks Uncle Stephan.” She mustered a grin and took a deep breath in before turning around in her seat to face her only living relative. He stood tall before her, setting a slight shadow upon her face. His big grin hidden by a mass of dark hair around his chin made her smile just a bit. He loved her so much…and she knew it well. “Well, I’ve got some business to attend to with Headmaster Dumbledore, so why don’t you just jump right in a get acquainted with your housemates?” With that, he walked off towards the staff table, practically deserting her.

‘Great,’ she thought. She sighed deeply and turned back around to the table, the aromas of fresh biscuits and roast beef filling her nostrils. Roast beef was her absolute favorite, but she just couldn’t convince herself that she was hungry at all. Her nerves were just too great.

“Hullo, there,” someone called out to her, “I’m Hermione Granger.” Payton matched a voice with a smiling face as the girl sat down next to her. Her wavy hair bounced when she sat and her dark brown eyes were full of….happy.

“Hi,” Payton answered. “I’m Payton.” She mustered up a smile, trying to return at least half of the kindness that this girl was giving off.

“I’m Head Girl of Hogwarts, and Professor Dumbledore asked me to show you around if you’d like a tour of the castle. I understand that you transferred here from being home schooled, right?”

Payton nodded her head. My, this girl had such a bright attitude. Unfortunately for her, Payton was in a quiet, shy sort of mood.

“We’re really glad that you’re in our House. Gryffindor is by far the best House to be in.” Hermione smiled at her with a toothy white grin.

“Um…we?” Payton asked, trying to take in one thing at a time.

Hermione looked around her quizzically before standing up, walking a few paces the opposite way, and grabbing a red headed boy with food stuffed in his mouth out of his chair. She walked back, dragging the boy alongside her. “This is Ronald Weasley, Head Boy of Hogwarts, and my boyfriend.” She smiled again, this time with adoration towards her boyfriend. The boy swallowed and nodded his head towards her in acknowledgment. “Oh, don’t mind him, Payton. He’s just a bit shy when it comes to new people…”

“I am not,” the red head protested.

Hermione nodded her head in a sort of belittling manner, “Of course not, love.” She then gently turned him around and set him back on his way to where he was before, filling his golden plate with adorned food and stuffing his face. “He’s really not that bad once you warm up to him.”

“I’m sure,” chuckled Payton, blind as to how a girl with such intellect could possibly be dating a guy like….him!

From three tables away, Draco Malfoy sat with his back to his House table, eyeing the new girl with the thick black hair. “Already, that mudblood has gotten to her,” he mused to the big warts of boys sitting on either side of him. “I suppose we’ll just have to fix that, how won’t we?” He sneered his famous sneer and turned back to his table, processing just how easily this girl would be to fix and mold into the person he wanted her to be. Just the look of her made him get the impression that she was gullible.

“Oh, Dracy,” cooed a girl with a pudgy face and thin black hair falling against her cheeks. “She’s not worth your time. She’s a stupid Gryffindor. Wouldn’t you rather spend your energy on someone much worth your while?” She flaunted her stubby eyelashes at him, trying her hardest to look appealing.

“You mean someone like you?” He chuckled, “I highly doubt that, Pansy.” Pansy just stuck her bottom lip out and pouted. Draco ignored her.

“I can show you the way to the Gryffindor Common Room after lunch, if you’d like. Then afterwards, maybe a tour of the grounds would be nice?” Payton nodded her head slightly. “Oh,” Hermione continued. “And don’t worry about dragging your belongings up there; it’s already been taken care of.” Payton blinked heavily, hadn’t she just been holding her bags? She assumed that her Uncle must’ve slipped them out of her hands when she took the long walk to the talking hat. Shrugging, the new girl took a long lasting look around the Great Hall. It certainly was massive. Next to her, Hermione giggled and droned on about something to do with a hidden room on the 7th floor of the school, but Payton couldn’t quite hear her, she was too busy admiring the room.

The ceiling above her was the mirror image of the fantastic weather outside and long, beautifully decorated columns held the roof above her at each corner. She looked back to the giant oak doors that she had walked in through when she saw out of the corner of her eye someone walking swiftly inside of them. Payton gasped at the sight of him. She swore to herself that she recognized that messy black hair and those crooked wire rimmed glasses…It was like this boy was from a distant memory.

Two little children danced and giggled around together, holding hands in a small room as they twirled. A little girl with dark black hair twirled in her pink flowery dress happily, grinning at the little boy dancing alongside her. The boy had small wire rimmed glasses and jet black hair which was pushed around atop his head, sticking strait up in several places. The little girl didn’t seem to mind, though, she thought it was cute, really. A quiet sound of tinkling music filled the air, growing louder and softer as violins and drums grew angry and then died down a bit, always in a soothing pattern. The children danced to the music, grinning as they repeated the moves that they remembered seeing older kids doing. The song died down to a quiet hum and the little girl gigged again. She pulled apart from the boy and closed a little star shaped locket around her neck, ending the chiming sound of the quieting music. “Yay, that was fun,” she announced. “Thanks for dancing with me!” Her violet eyes twinkled with happiness. The boy just smiled back at her, grinning toothily.

A voice sounded from behind a closed door, “Payton, Harry, why don’t you both come in her to wash up before dinner?”

Payton broke out of her trance, confused beyond all reason. What had she just witnessed, a memory? Perhaps a dream? The boy entered the Great Hall and headed strait for her. Payton could only look at him with big eyes. Strangely, he looked just like the little boy from her memory…if it even was a memory.

“Oh!” Cried Hermione, ending her ranting shortly. “Payton, I’d like to introduce you to someone.” The Head Girl beamed at her. “This is Harry.”

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