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Switching with Sirius by velvet

Format: Novel
Chapters: 21
Word Count: 74,780
Status: Abandoned

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Humor, Romance
Characters: Dumbledore, Lupin, Snape, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: James/Lily, Remus/Lily, Sirius/OC

First Published: 02/18/2005
Last Chapter: 09/22/2007
Last Updated: 09/23/2007


In order to teach Sirius a lesson, Dumbledore comes up with an idea that puts Sirius in the shoes of another...the other being Lily Evans of course! How will he go about being a girl (and a prefect for that matter), and how will Lily be able to fool the marauders into thinking that she is Sirius? What will happen when they have to switch back? Will things be the same? A very different L/J story with many twists...enjoy!

Chapter 1: The Unfortunate Swap
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Disclaimer - I own none of the characters that you are familiar with...they are all J.K.Rowling's lovely toys. I just play with them! (J.K, i bow to you).

Ch.1 The Unfortunate Swap

You’re going to do what?” Lily hollered, standing up from her chair in one swift motion. Normally she would have yelled if she had been speaking to anyone other then the headmaster.

“You heard me Miss Evans, now if you’d be so kind as to sit back down…” Dumbledore started quite calmly.

“No I will not sit back down Professor. I’m sorry but you’ve got to be joking! Please tell me you’re joking,” Lily asked, a pleading look in her eyes.

“This is not a joke, Lily, it will only benefit you. I thought of it as I was having my afternoon tea yesterday. Please calm down and let me explain.” Dumbledore replied patiently to an exasperated Lily Evans.

“I don’t mean to sound rude headmaster, but what were you thinking? I mean its fifth year after all, owl year! This will most definitely not benefit me in the slightest! And of all the people to choose, I mean, Black? Black?” Lily exclaimed right back at the headmaster, no fear in her voice whatsoever. “How can I even think of calming down after what you just said? An experiment! Professor you know where I stand on the subject of Black!” Lily fought frantically. It was evident to her that she would lose against the Headmaster. But if she was going to be forced into this, it wouldn’t be without a fight.

“It is not an experiment Lily. It’s actually a very clever plan of mine if I do say so myself,” Dumbledore said with a twinkle noticeable in his blue eyes.

“But you told Black it was an experiment.” Lily said, then sighed, recognizing defeat, as the she sat back down into her chair

“Right you are. He thinks it’s simply an experiment so we can trust him not to tell anyone. Do you understand?” Dumbledore asked.

“So it’s more then just an experiment then?” Lily said, trying and failing to sound as relaxed and ok with the thought of this then she actually was.

“Yes in fact, I’d have to say it is.” Dumbledore said, choosing his words carefully. “You see for five years now, Mr. Black and his friends, I believe they call themselves the marauders, correct me if I’m wrong,” Dumbledore started.

Lily laughed at the name, recalling all of the times the four boys wouldn’t speak to anyone unless they were addressed specifically by the term Marauder. They defended their title like it were almost holy, and were extremely put out when someone had foolishly called them ‘the meridians’. But at least they didn’t prank that kid as much as they had the boy who had called them ‘the murderers’. But now the marauders were quite popular and had made big names for themselves at Hogwarts.

“I’m judging by your laugh, that I am correct.” Dumbledore said, keeping the conversation going.

“Yes, that’s what they have called themselves Professor, go on.” Lily suggested.

“As I was saying, Mr. Black and his friends have been making havoc on the castle for five years now, and I don’t see them stopping in the near future. Nor would I want them to.” Dumbledore added as an afterthought, “ But I think it’s time to teach young Sirius a quick lesson.”

Lily, liking where this conversation was now going, made quick eye contact with her professor and urged him to continue.

“What do you have in mind, Sir?” She asked.

“Well I want him to learn a little about responsibility before he leaves the castle and goes out to reek havoc on the unsuspecting world. Once he learns his little lesson, you and Mr. Black will be changed back into your normal selves.” Dumbledore was beaming, obviously proud of himself for thinking up such a wonderful plan.

Now Lily wasn’t smiling, in fact she was beginning to worry again.

“Wait a minute, until Black learns a lesson? But that could take years! That’s not fair, why me?” Lily dramatically asked the currently laughing headmaster.

“Because you have much responsibility in your life Miss Evans and I want to see if young Sirius will be able to handle it. In the meantime, you should just enjoy yourself with the other…marauders. Who knows? You might just learn something too…” Dumbledore trailed off, and it was clear to Lily that he had more ideas up his sleeve then he let on.

“Please come back here at 7:00 after dinner with Sirius and I will make the switch then. Remember not to tell anyone about anything or my plan will not work. Everyone has to believe that you are Sirius Black and that he is Lily Evans. If you do warn people, I will know Miss Evans and the switch might have to be made longer than you anticipate, as I might have to teach you a lesson as well. That is all. See you at 7:00, I advise you to enjoy your dinner!” Dumbledore finished his little speech and Lily, knowing that it was over headed down the spiral staircase in a state of registered shock.


Lily was currently taking a walk around the castle feeling absolutely terrible. Sirius was an immature, bigheaded show off after all, and now she had to pretend to be him. It was not her idea of the perfect fifth year. But what was worse, was that Sirius had to be her, in her body, and she had no idea of the sort of things he would do. It could take him months to figure out the lesson Dumbledore had set for him, especially since he thought that this was only an innocent experiment.

Lily had let her feet take her on a journey and was a little surprised when she found herself approaching the portrait to the Gryffindor common room. She let a small sigh escape her lips as she saw the four most popular, sought after boys in fifth year sitting under it, chatting easily. Well three at least. Peter wasn’t exactly talking; he was just listening to his best friends poke fun at each other.

“You know that there is carpet just on the other side of the portrait right? It’s a bit more comfortable then this hard marble stuff.” Lily asked the marauders as she came to a stop in front of them.

They had obviously not noticed her approach, but stopped talking immediately when she had spoken to them. One of them hadn’t moved a muscle but had just stared at her without speaking. A second marauder had turned to face Lily and smiled a genuine smile. The third just sighed as in relief then started laughing like a maniac, and the forth marauder had suddenly shot his hand up to his hair and proceeded to make it messier then it already had been.

Lily just rolled her eyes at them and raised an eyebrow. They were four annoying Gryffindor’s who thought they were better then anyone else, but Lily reminded herself, that no sooner then tonight, she would have to pretend to be one of them.

“We…er…. don’t exactly know the password,” Remus Lupin spoke, “If you would be so kind…?” He asked hoping against hope that she would let them in.

“Of course”, Lily thought to herself, “they weren’t here yesterday when we told the rest of the Gryffindors the password. Most likely out pranking someone”. Lily was a prefect, and as such, had the duty of setting the passwords, so of course she knew what the new one was.

“Hmmm,” she said, pretending to be seriously thinking about whether or not to let them in. She was going to have to be nice to them starting tonight she knew, so she decided she might as well start practicing now.

“Alright, it’s ‘Patronus’.”


It was 6:50 and Lily was sitting in the Great Hall already finished her dinner. She was waiting for Black to finish so that they could go up to Dumbledore’s office together, but he seemed to just keep refilling his plate. And he was obviously unaware of the time.

So it was with a frustrated sigh that Lily walked past the spot where Sirius was eating, gave him a knowing look, and then continued to walk out of the doors. Sirius, taking the hint, told his friends that he had a meeting with some teacher, hoping that they wouldn’t be able to see through his lie.

Needless to say, they didn’t.

So Sirius raced out of the hall and caught up with a very nervous looking Lily Evans.

“What’s the matter, eh? You get to leave behind all of your problems and be the noble Sirius Black for a while! Sounds interesting to me, I personally can’t wait.” Sirius had started saying. He did look genuinely happy at the thought of being someone else; it was like a big prank to him.

“Well I’ll just put it bluntly then shall I? I don’t trust you Black. I’m afraid of what you’ll do because knowing you, it could be anything.” Lily had stated, then seeing the look of shock on Sirius’ face, stopped talking.

“I’m not going to do anything…I swear, marauders honor! I’ll be good. But you in return can’t do anything that I wouldn’t do, got it? Like homework for example.” Sirius said chuckling to himself at his own little joke.

Lily was in no mood for joking, and was saved answering him when they had stopped in front of a gargoyle statue that they both knew would come to life and jump out of the way to reveal a hidden staircase. A staircase that would take them directly to Dumbledore’s office.

“Lemonade Lollipops” Lily exclaimed, and the gargoyle came to life and jumped over to one side to show the entrance to the staircase. They both stepped onto it and let it spin them up. Taking Sirius to what he thought was a big prank, and taking Lily to her doom.

“Welcome.” Professor Dumbledore said almost too cheerfully as Lily and Sirius walked out into the office then continued to sit in two seats that were placed opposite of each other.

“Morning Dad!” Sirius was beaming up at his headmaster fully ready for what was about to happen.

“Nice to see you too Sirius, Miss Evans.” He said, nodding in the direction of Lily. “Now we are going to do this quick so that no one realizes you two have been gone for a long period of time. Now remember, you have to act as the other would. Meaning, Lily you are now Sirius, troublemaker, prankster, and one of the leaders of the marauders.”

Sirius smiled widely as Dumbledore described him to Lily.

“And Sirius, you are now Lily, a very friendly, helpful prefect. Got it?” Dumbledore finished, waited for them both to nod their heads then walked from behind his desk, taking his wand out as he walked.

“Ok on the count of three then. One…” Dumbledore stood in front of them. “Two…” he raised his want and muttered a spell and instantly Lily and Sirius both felt themselves leave their bodies. “Three…” Lily blinked, and was shocked to see her body sitting in front of her in another chair. She looked down at her robes and realized they were Sirius’.

Sirius was also having an interesting time taking in his new look.

“I’m a girl!” He exclaimed, very happily for some reason.

Lily sucked in breath as she heard her own voice coming from the other side of the room.

“This is too weird” Lily said, her voice now sounding like the infamous marauder’s.

“You are both free to go” Dumbledore told them kindly. “And remember, not a word to anyone!”

And with that, they left his office and headed back to the Gryffindor common room, praying that they would be able to fool the other’s friends.


“Ok before we go in there I need to tell you some stuff.” Sirius was saying to Lily.

“Ok tell away.” She answered still not used to her voice sounding like a boys.

“Ok, now my friends will probably call you Padfoot when you’re alone with them. That is normal all right? Hmmm what else? James, or Prongs as I like to call him, is you new best friend got it? Be nice to him. You are going to share a bunk bed with him; you’ll be on the bottom bed. I think that’s it for now. Got any advice for me?” Sirius said, a smirk evident on his face. He knew that Lily was going to have to try very hard to be nice to James.

“Well, I have this book next to my bed, which is the one closest to the door, you’ll find all of your prefect meetings, and tutoring sessions in it. Good luck with those! Your new best friend is Christina Conroy. Be nice to her, don’t…I don’t know…hit on her or anything…. that wouldn’t go too well.” Lily finished thinking about what would happen if Sirius acted like…well himself.

“Ok ready?” Lily asked.


And they entered the common room.

James immediately came running over to Lily, who he thought was Sirius.

“Why are you with Lily, mate? Anyways, come with me, Remus was just telling us some interesting stuff up in our room.”

And Lily had no choice but to follow James into his, and now her, room. As soon as she entered it she started to feel nervous. Sirius was one of the ringleaders of the group, they listened to him, and they would defiantly know if something was up. Well James would anyway.

“Alright,” Remus resumed his speech. Lily had always liked him the best, “We were just talking about the best prank ever Padfoot! Wait until you hear this.”

And it went on like that for the next few hours. The three boys and “Sirius” talked about their new prank, and Lily found that it was pretty easy to be Sirius. She just had to give her opinion about things, once and a while start a pretend argument with James, which she guessed happened regularly for a good laugh, then attempt to find her trunk to get her pajamas when it was time for bed.

It was near midnight when the boys even started talking about going to bed. James had wanted to go down to the kitchens to get some food, but Lily just said that she wasn’t hungry and that they could go tomorrow. It was apparently the wrong thing to say, as the other three thought that Sirius was always hungry and always up for an adventure.

“I’m just tired you guys.” She said, “Let me sleep then we can pull double the pranks tomorrow ok?”

“Whatever, mate” James replied, then yawned at the person he assumed was his best friend.

James then changed into his pajamas right in the middle of the room, and Lily had to force herself to look away, because she was sure that Sirius would never stare at his best friend’s body. James had the best-toned body she had ever seen though, thanks to years of quiddich, but she quickly let that thought slip her mind as she got into her new bed.

“Night, Padfoot.”

“Night Prongs” Lily said, remembering the name Sirius had told her to call James earlier.

Lily lay in her bed anticipating the next day. “Maybe the marauders aren’t that bad” she thought to herself. "They seem nice enough to eachother at least." And with that thought in mind, she drifted to a comfortable sleep.

James was lying in the bed right over Sirius’ also thinking to himself. He couldn’t get to sleep so easily. James immediately knew something was wrong with Sirius, as this was the first time in five years Sirius had turned down one of his adventures, and also the first time in five years he hadn’t snored.

Chapter 2: Makeup, Chocolate, and Some Revenge For Flavour
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Thanks for all of the lovely reviews! I got so much great feedback on the first chapter that I was inspired to write more! So here's the next chappie, enjoy...

Disclaimer - I own none of the characters that you are familiar with...they are all J.K.Rowling's lovely toys. I just play with them! (J.K, i bow to you).

Ch.2 Makeup, Chocolate, and Some Revenge For Flavour

“Professor McGonagall? What are you doing here? I don’t want to make you pancakes!”

And it was with a sudden realization that Sirius had awakened to find himself the cause of laughter for three giggling girls.

“Dreaming about McGonagall, Lily?” A very good looking girl sitting on the bed across from Sirius asked casually to the person she thought was her best friend, “Didn’t know you swung that way!”

Sirius recognized the girl at once as Lily’s best friend, Christina Conroy. They were never seen separated at Hogwarts, and Sirius sometimes wondered why Lily was a friend with this girl. They seemed like extreme opposites when it came to personality. Lily on one hand was very outgoing, and had a sense of humor that almost mimicked the marauders’.


She was also the leader, you could say, of her group of friends and after the first time you met her, you would know almost immediately that she held her own very good and wouldn’t be a follower. Now Christina was, what you would say, different. Sirius had categorized her from the moment he heard her speak into the category of girls that would do unexpected things. You never knew what was up her sleeve, and she was one to always speak her mind. The marauders had guessed that was why Lily had quickly become friends with her, she was honest, loyal, and always there to create mystery into the lives of her friends.

At this point, Sirius had remembered that he was in the girl’s dormitory, in Lily’s bed, in pink pajamas. And he was feeling just a tad bit embarrassed at the thought of McGonagall being in his dream.

But this didn’t even seem remotely weird to him anymore as he recalled what had happened the previous night.

He had excitedly raced up the stairs to see just what a girl’s dormitory looked like but was a little bit sad to see that the walls weren’t filled with pictures of him on them. Him and James were having a bet on who was more liked by the ladies. At this point, they were tied, but Sirius was determined to find out what the fifth year girls actually thought about him.

He himself had started up the nighttime conversation, when the girls were getting ready for bed. He had asked what they all thought of the marauders.

That had started a very long conversation full of girl talk. One that Sirius very much had enjoyed. He learned that James had a ‘very nice body’ as they put it. And also that he secretly passed cute notes to all the girls regularly during their classes. That amused him greatly and he even starting laughing when the girls had shown him the corny “love notes”.

“Oh Prongs,” he had said. But was slightly taken back when the girls all stopped talking and looked at him surprised. Then the questions came.

“What did you just call James?”


"That’s what Sirius calls him”

“I thought you only called him Potter?”

Their questions hit him like a dead weight. He had forgotten momentarily about the switch and couldn’t afford to do it again. He ended up telling them that he was very tired and even suggested that they all go to bed. Sirius’ suspicions were proved right when he had said that Lily was the ‘leader’ of the girls, because as soon as he had said that he was tired, the rest climbed into their beds almost instantly, saying their goodnights.

Needless to say, Sirius fell asleep grinning like a mad man at the thought of James writing love notes to all of the girls in the year. He had some definite blackmail to use on his buddy now.

And that was Sirius for you, jumping right into any situation and making the best of it. He knew that he’d have to be more careful though, as it was evident to him that Lily really didn’t like James.

And that was the last thought he had when a voice took him out of his memories from the night before.

“Hello, earth to Lils? We have defence against the dark arts class in less then half an hour, you better start getting ready girl!” It was Christina who had said this, and even threw a pillow into “Lily’s” face to make her point clear.

“Alright, alright, I’m up! But it doesn’t take me half an hour to get ready you know.” Sirius replied very sleepily.

“But you have to shower, get dressed, do your hair, makeup, find your books for class and mentally prepare yourself for James.” Christina had answered as she was putting on some lipgloss as if this were a regular morning routine. The scent of he lipgloss had filled the room, and Sirius instantly became obsessed with the smell of vanilla.

But he had froze as he heard the word that would make any boy shiver. He, Sirius Black was going have to wear makeup.


Lily hadn’t woken up to anything remotely better. There were two marauders jumping on the foot of her bed when she opened her eyes. She had rolled over onto her side very easily, realizing at the same time that Sirius was much stronger then she normally was.

James and Remus were jumping from bed to bed squealing like two very hyper little girls. With a quick glance over to one of the dressers by Remus’ bed, she noticed an opened box of chocolates laying on it.

“Why am I not surprised that they eat chocolate for breakfast” Lily thought to herself as she tried to stop the two boys from jumping on her any more. As soon as James came jumping onto her bed, she put her hands out and accidentally pushed him to the floor with strength she didn’t even know she had.

“Oops, sorry there, mate!” She said, trying her best to say what Sirius would say.

“It’s all good, Siri!” A laughing James said from where he now lay on the floor. And in two seconds, he had pulled Lily (who he thought was Sirius) down onto the floor next to him.

“Ha! Point for James!” James exclaimed to no one in particular.

“Do you really feel the need to talk in third person?” Lily asked, actually curious as to what the boy had to say. He was very different when he was hyper off chocolate.

By this time, Remus had fallen ‘accidentally’ on top of them both and was laughing at his two best friends struggling under his body.

“Dog pile on Sirius!” Remus had suddenly yelled out of nowhere, then added, “No pun intended!” And winked at Sirius, as he and James launched themselves on top of an unsuspecting Lily.

They were both laughing at Remus’ little joke, but Lily didn’t get it at all, and was only laughing in order to not feel left out.

Finally checking the clock, Lily saw that there was only ten minutes to class, and that all of them were still in their pajamas and unshowered.

“Hey you guys, we have to be in potions class in ten minutes, maybe we should get ready” Lily said frantically wondering how on earth they could get ready that fast.

“Alright, everyone gets a two minute shower” James ordered, “And if you’re not out of there in that time, then I’ll come in and make you come out, got it?”

Lily got to go first, and as quickly as she could, ran the water and took off her pajamas. Feeling she wasn’t altogether ready for another adventure today, she stared determinedly in front of her not once looking at Sirius’ ‘manhood’. “I’ll be nice to him by respecting his body” she thought to herself, hoping that he would have enough courtesy to do the same for her.

She heard a knock on the door then James’ voice call out that her time was up, and left the bathroom in nothing more then a towel around her, or rather Sirius’, waist. James ran into the bathroom, thanking her for leaving the water on.

Lily found some clothes to put on under Sirius’ robes, and quickly changed and brushed the black hair that surrounded her new face in the way that Sirius always brushed his. Feeling quite confident in the way she could present herself as Sirius, she turned around to see that James and Remus were already showered and fully dressed. “Wow” she thought, wishing to herself that she could get ready in that short of time when she was in her normal form as a girl.

“Hey, where’s Peter?” Lily asked rather fast as she remembered the forth and forgotten marauder.

“I dunno, he said he had to do something this morning and left early saying that he’d catch up with us at potions,” came James reply as he stuffed his books in his black book bag. “Well we better get going guys, I want to see if I can get a seat next to Evans.”

‘Fantastic’, Lily thought sarcastically.


Sirius and his new friends were already sitting in the back row of the defence against the dark arts room when Lily walked in, right in the middle of James and Remus.

James then led the way to four seats near the girl he thought was Lily and sat down. Peter was nowhere to be seen as Lily and Remus sat down beside James taking out their books and quills.

“Hello Lily!” James said very cheerfully to the ‘girl’ next to him. “And how are you on this lovely day?” He asked, “You look different this morning!”

And sure enough, Sirius had put on way more makeup on his face than Lily ever would. The truth was that he had fun experimenting with the different colors…

Lily nearly laughed as she heard James putting the Potter charm on the person he didn’t know was actually his best friend. “Sirius better not pull anything stupid” Lily thought.

“James!” Lily heard her own voice reply to a very surprised looking James. Lily rarely acknowledged James’ presence in class, let alone answer one of his questions. So needless to say, James was taken a little by surprise. “You look wonderful this morning! Did you do something new with your hair? Thank you for saying hi to me, I’m sorry that I usually ignore you like everyday, it’s very stupid of me!” Sirius finished then looked up as the teacher entered the room.

James was for once in his life at a loss of words as he just smiled goofily in his seat while the teacher took attendance.

Lily, absolutely furious with Sirius, sighed and glared at him. “This means war” she thought to herself.

So for the whole class Lily took many notes in a book that looked unused. Whenever James would pass her a note, she would write back saying that she wanted to pay attention and had no time for this sill waste of time. All that earned her was a curious stare from James but nothing more. She needed something that would make Sirius mad, and that something, she noticed, was sitting right in front of her.

Severus Snape.

“Oh Severus?” She called out and poked him in the back. Making sure not to call him by any nicknames that Sirius had given him.

“Get your filthy hands off of me Black” Came Snape’s cold but very fast reply. It was almost as if he had been waiting the whole class for Sirius to do something to him.

“I’m sorry.” Lily said trying not to laugh.

“Yo, what did you just say Padfoot?” Said an exasperated James who was a little surprised by his friends actions.

“I said sorry. I mean don’t you think we should stop being so mean to Severus? It’s not like he ever did anything to us right?” Came Lily’s smooth reply.


James had his mouth open, and even Remus had stopped paying attention to the teacher and was now staring at Sirius wondering if he had anything up his sleeve. But Snape looked like he had been smacked in the face. Obviously he had not prepared himself for a comment like that.

“I don’t need any favours, especially from you Black! Your cousin was right about you, you are just a big softy who has shamed the name of Black.” Snape replied, knowing that he would hit a sift spot with Sirius. He then turned around and didn’t say another word for the rest of the class.

Sirius, who everyone thought was Lily, had his hands clenched up and was fighting the urge desperately to not curse the boy who had just insulted him. He had a look on his face that could kill anyone, three times over. Lily noticing this raised her hand to get the teacher’s attention.

“Professor?” Lily asked, trying to talk like how Sirius would talk to a teacher, “Lily’s not looking well, can I escort her to the hospital wing please?”

At this, all eyes turned to look at Sirius, who they thought was Lily. And sure enough, if Lily didn’t get him out of there quickly, he was going to rage on something, or someone.

“Sure Sirius” The teacher replied, “Since class is almost over, you wont need to come back. Just read chapter 3 for homework, recognizing the werewolf.”

“Thanks,” was all that Lily could say as she rushed herself and Sirius out of the room and into the hallway.

Sirius was beside himself in anger. He was about an inch away from punching the wall when Lily grabbed his arm and stopped him.

“Look Sirius, I didn’t know that the conversation would get so far. I’m really sorry, I’ll be mean to Snape from now on.” Lily managed to say in order to try and calm down Sirius. Being a Black, he was, like a Potter, famous for having a temper.

“Lily! What did you do that for?” Sirius said not making eye contact with her. He was unnaturally calm now, and it was scaring Lily a bit, “actually never mind, lets just promise to act exactly like the other person from now on, alright? No more funny business.” And he raised his eyebrow at her and gave her a small smile.

“Deal” Lily said.


The two of them walked together away to the Great Hall, as they still had a little bit of time until their next lesson.

A new conversation started and lasted for the next ten minutes where Lily and Sirius just asked questions back and forth.

“You know Lils, I never knew that you wore black lacy underwear.” Sirius said bluntly to Lily who had not expected this to come out of his mouth. “It’s quite comfortable actually. Oh and makeup is so amazing! I mean you have like every color of the rainbow! I never knew, but girls are pretty cool!”

“Sirius, let us remind ourselves that you are not really a girl. And for your sake I advise you not to wear my black lacy underwear.” Lily said with a smirk. “Oh and since when do you eat chocolate for breakfast, hmm? And would James really have come into the bathroom if I hadn’t gotten out of there in two minutes?” She finished.

“I’m afraid my dearest Lily that, yes, James would’ve come in to the bathroom. He’s done it before, and quite literally nothing is sacred with the marauders. James, at least, knows everything about me, if you know what I mean!” Sirius said, then winked at Lily.

“Ok, enough said!” Lily said. “Do you know where to go for your prefect meeting tonight then?” Lily said and then laughed at the thought of what Sirius would say at the meeting.

“Ya, I think I’ll manage. But what about you? I don’t know what you’re smiling about missy, you have a Quiddich practice tonight!” Sirius said with a laugh, and then looked at Lily questionably.

“What! I don’t have a quiddich practice tonight liar!” Lily exclaimed, “I checked the schedule!”

“Ah, that may be so, but did you check the marauder schedule? I think not. Well, we head down to the pitch every Monday for a friendly game between friends. So have fun playing quiddich, marauder style!” Sirius said, then got up from the table and started walking to the door undoubtedly going to his next class leaving Lily sitting at the table in a state of dreaded shock.

‘God help me’ she thought. Then ran out of the hall after Sirius to walk with him to Transfiguration.

Chapter 3: Playing the Part
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Alright, thanks to an overwhelming amount of positive reviews for the past two chapters, heres the next one for you. It's longer, that's a good thing, right? May not be as funny as the other ones...who knows...please check it out. And here comes a big thanks to all the wonderful reviewers! It's appreciated...and now enough stalling...on with the chappie!

Disclaimer - I own none of the characters that you are familiar with...they are all J.K.Rowling's lovely toys. I just play with them! (J.K, i bow to you).

Ch.3 Playing The Part

Even if Lily wouldn’t admit to it, she found that being a marauder wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Younger students were constantly staring at her in the halls as if expecting that she would pull some extremely hilarious prank right in front of them or else say something charming to some random girl. It unnerved her actually and she almost asked James how he puts up with it everyday when she reminded herself that James loved attention. He glowed in it, and would always be that way for the rest of his life.

The marauders and Lily had just finished their last lesson of the day, which happened to be Lily’s favorite, Charms. She was torn however between listening to the teacher describe a new charm that interested her greatly, or joking around with James who was drawing very unflattering drawings of Snape’s nose. She had decided to join James since she ultimately knew that Sirius would never pass up an opportunity to amuse his best friend, and she had made a pact with Sirius about no more ‘funny business’. Truthfully she had enjoyed herself for the hour they had spent doodling and writing pointless notes. The bell had now rung however, so the ‘four’ marauders were found walking side by side in the crowded hallway that seemed to make room especially for them. Peter had joined his friends after skipping the potion lesson completely but wouldn’t give a straight answer to where he had been. James and Remus were concerned for a while but quickly forgot about it since they figured it couldn’t have been something too important. Lily however had her doubts.

“Hey, so do you guys want to head down to the library then to get our homework out of the way?” The sensible marauder asked. It was obviously Remus.

“Shall you handle this one or should I?” James asked as he turned to look at Sirius with a smile on his handsome face.

“Go for it, mate.” Lily replied, not really knowing what he was talking about anyways. Much of the boys were a mystery to her, it was like they had some unique bond that no one could really understand, nor want to for that matter.

“Alright Moony, let’s take a look into the past shall we?” James said, and it was evident that he was very happy with what he was saying as it showed in his big smile. “Everyday you ask us if we want to go to the library” He paused for dramatic effect. “Now tell me what always happens everyday that you ask. What do end up doing?” Then he stopped and looked at Remus with his eyebrows raised.

“I’ve got the marauders map.” Remus said, defeated. But it was clear that he knew what James was going to say beforehand because he laughed, shook his head then pulled out the map.

This was when Lily started doing some serious thinking. ‘What on earth is a…what was it…. murderer’s map? Please tell me they didn’t actually make a little map and go as far as to name it. That’s the most childish thing I’ve ever heard of. But then again they are the most childish people I’ve ever had the misfortune to meet.’ But in the very back of her mind another voice reminded her that James, Sirius and Remus were very smart when they wanted to be, and were almost top in their year right alongside her. She just sighed and got jolted back to reality when she heard James talking to the map.

“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.”

‘He’s talking to the map. A map of all things. There are no words to describe that boy. He’s insane, that’s all there is to it,’ she thought to herself, then decided she could find the words to say, and started to talk to James.

“You know, I don’t think you really need to tell the map the you’re up to no good, I mean everybody already knows that piece of information, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the map, which by the way can’t talk back James, already knew that you were bad news. I mean seriously, is there something wrong…” But she stopped as she saw words writing on the top of the parchment. She also knew that she had gone too far, and had almost insulted James, which she knew wouldn’t go unnoticed by the boys.

“Is this one of those jokes that you say, but we don’t get, Padfoot?” James asked. “Because if it is, then you’re doing an absolutely spanking great job.”

“Er….” Said Lily. What was she supposed to say to that?

“Sirius, quick!” Remus had suddenly exclaimed. They had made their way up to the forth floor corridor where they weren’t supposed to wander into when Remus had yelled and pointed to the map to where the caretaker was shown to be walking just around the corner, which Lily now held in her hand. “Sirius!” He said again.

“What Remus?!” Lily said wondering why the boy in front of her was yelling indignantly at her.

“Erase the map! Look! Magnus is coming!” Remus said to her like she was stupid. Which she was ironically starting to feel at the moment anyways. ‘Erase it? I don’t know a spell for that.’ She was thinking frantically to herself as she took out her wand.

“Oh my god Padfoot, are you like back in first year or something? Give me the freaking map!” James said then snatched it out of Lily’s hands. She had a surprised look on her face and no clue what was going on even though all of the rest of them apparently did.

‘Mischief managed.’ James said quietly, and then placed the map in his robes as they ran into the closest boys’ washroom.

And there they waited until they heard no more footsteps outside of the door. It’s not like they were afraid of detention or anything, for they held the records for the most in the school, but they didn’t want to be caught so early on in the afternoon. It took all the fun out of sneaking around for the rest of the night.

“He’s gone.” Peter said from behind the rest of them. Peter had rarely talked that day and Lily just assumed that was how he always was since the other two didn’t mention it at all.

“Ok, then let’s go back to the Gryffindor common room to drop of our books before dinner because I’m starving.” James said as he took command once more.

Lily readily agreed since it seemed like James was waiting for her approval or something. She had a feeling that he always waited for Sirius to agree with what he was doing before actually doing it.


They were walking to the Gryffindor common room to drop off their books before dinner as James had suggested when they ran into some other fellow Gryffindor fifth years.

“Why Lily! You’re still looking smashing today!” Came James’ cocky voice, and Lily turned her head faster then Sirius did when he smelt food, to find a happy looking Lily standing in the middle of the group of students (who everyone still believed to be Sirius).

She gave Sirius a warning glance with raised eyebrows, before he sighed and answered his friend who was unknowingly flirting with him. He was quite amused with the situation actually, and decided to also use this as blackmail against James when he returned to his normal body and friends.

Trying not to burst out laughing, Sirius (always quick on his toes) answered James in an annoyed, exasperated voice as he tried to imitate Lily.

“Look Potter, I am perfectly aware of how I look without you having to tell me every hour. “

Lily almost laughed.


“Oh and Black?” Sirius continued, feeling that he was talking to himself, “I unfortunately need to have a word with you later after my prefect meeting, so don’t be out doing something stupid as usual!” And with that, Sirius entered the common room for they were now standing outside the portrait entrance and walked up the stairs to the girls’ dormitory.

Lily held in a smirk after she had heard Sirius tell off his friend but it quickly disappeared when she saw the look on James’ face.

“What is it with her, mate? I try and I try, but I get nothing. Can you figure it out why she hates me so much tonight when you have your little ‘private-meeting-that-I-wasn’t-invited-to-because-she-never-ever-talks-to-me-alone-because-she-likes-you-better-then-she’ll-ever-like-me’? Please?" And with that, he turned to look ‘Sirius’ in the eyes, guilt and sadness filling his own.

“Do I detect a hint of Jealousy?” Lily teased.

“No, because Prongs never gets jealous of every single guy who talks, looks, or comes within fifteen feet of Lily, does he?” Remus added in, his words dripping in sarcasm. Lily laughed, as Remus was dead right as usual, James was extremely overprotective of her and got jealous very easily. As she was thinking this, something else James had said drifted into her head. ‘…She hates me so much’.

“She doesn’t hate you.” She bursted out unexpectedly. James just looked up at her with sad eyes.

“How do you know? Of course she does, she’s made it quite clear Sirius, and even you’re not that thick, are you?” James said then let out a single laugh.

“She doesn’t hate you.” Lily repeated.

“Ya and how do you know?” James also repeated.

“I just do, mate.”

“Well I’ll believe that when she tells it to my face, if that day ever comes…” he trailed off.

They then made their way into the common room, waved at a few younger students playing a quick game of chess before dinner, then walked single filed and quietly up the red stairs towards their shared dormitory.


Sirius was sitting on his bed in the girls’ dormitory busily occupied with a craft, as he called it. With scissors in one hand, he was cutting out pictures of himself in the shape of hearts and sticking them to the walls around ‘his’ bed. Now he fully planned on telling James that the girls’ had pictures of him hanging on their walls as soon as he got the chance. This kept him busy for only ten minutes when his stomach growled and he got up to make his way downstairs for dinner. But just as he jumped up to face the door, he accidentally moved the pillow on Lily’s bed and saw the corner of a brown book sticking out.

Sirius being Sirius, quickly grabbed the book without thinking then opened it to the first page, and read in beautiful silver letters, ‘Lily’s Diary.’

‘Nice’, Sirius thought to himself and then sat back down on the bed with a new found treasure.


The marauders and Lily had just finished dinner and were now in excellent moods as usual when Remus stood up quickly after checking the time and spoke.

“Ok I’ll catch up with you guys later, I’ve got my prefect meeting now.” He said, addressing his three friends.

“Sure buddy, we’ll just be playing quiddich anyways but we’ll meet you in the common room in an hour, alright?” James said, once again taking on the leader role in the group.

“Okedoke.” And that being said, Remus turned around, straightening his robes as he did so then made his way out of the great hall.

“Er…guys…I don’t think I’ll come. I have to redo some homework tonight.” Peter was telling his friends.

“Ok, then I guess it’s just me and Padfoot tonight, eh?” James joked.

“Sure is.” Lily answered.

“Just like old times.” James said more to himself then anyone but nonetheless concluding the conversation.

In the hallway just outside the great hall, Remus was walking quickly towards Dumbledore’s office for they were told to meet there this week as Dumbledore wanted to address a few things to the prefects and head boy and girl.

Dumbledore was waiting outside of his office, just in front of the stone gargoyle.

“Remus! Welcome! Please go upstairs, you’ll find everybody already there, we’re just waiting for Ms. Evans now.” Dumbledore said to him, and then said words that were obviously the password as the gargoyle came to life, jumped out of the way and revealed a hidden staircase that Remus stepped onto. As soon as he did this, the gargoyle returned to its original position, forcing him to go up the stairs and into Dumbledore office.

As minutes passed, Dumbledore had to laugh as he saw ‘Lily’ running down the hall towards him, hair flying everywhere.

“Sorry…Dumbledore….” Sirius panted, “I was…occupied…. and lost…track of…. time.” He finished and looked up at Dumbledore as he motioned for him to go onto the staircase as the gargoyle had moved aside once more.

“It’s ok, Sirius” Dumbledore said with the familiar twinkle in his eyes.

It felt weird to Sirius to be called by his name, as he was now just getting used to hearing everybody call him Lily. He thought it sounded nicer then his old name. So many things about being a girl appealed to him as he kept adding to the list.

They made their way up into the office to find all of the other prefects, and the head boy and girl sitting in chairs that were in a circle by Dumbledore’s fireplace. Sirius quickly without thinking sat down next to Remus as a habit and waited for the headmaster to speak. He glanced at the Slytherin prefects sitting opposite him and unknowingly glared at them from where he say, mentally thinking about how funny it would be if he just all of a sudden randomly poked them with a very long stick. He was awakened from his very exciting daydream when the headmaster spoke however.

“Thanks for coming everyone!” He began. “This is just in regard to the upcoming ball that you will all need to organize together. Please take a survey of how many students in your house will be attending, and write down a list for any ideas about what you may think would be a help to make this night memorable and fun for all.” He continued to say, “Alright, now that I’ve bored you with the same old information, please wake back up because we are going to do a little activity.”

At these words everyone got anxious as to what was coming. Sirius however was very eagerly listening now though because you could never know what the old man could be planning in his crazy mind.

“Ok I want each two prefects from each house to pair up together and sit and face each other.” Dumbledore stated.

So Sirius, very excited, got up off his chair and sat down on the floor to face his friend, Remus.

“This is going to be good, I can tell.” Sirius said to Remus.

“I didn’t think you liked these kind of things Lily, you know…unplanned spur of the moment ones.” Remus said looking at Sirius who he thought was Lily.

“People change Remus,” was all Sirius had to say.

“Ok,” began Dumbledore once more, “We are going to be doing some inter-house activities to spur up the dreadfully boring month we are having. All I want you to do is talk to your partner about some games or challenges you could hold in your own individual houses that everyone will participate in the upcoming week. A different one for each day of the week would be ideal. There are no rules, so don’t be afraid to have fun with this.” He finished and then looked at the pairs of people who were looking sceptically at him.

“Awesome!” Sirius exclaimed. “This is great, we get to pick something fun to do and everyone will have to do it.” He then started laughing manically.

“This should be interesting actually, I personally can’t wait.” Said Remus, the marauder side of him showing itself, as he got excited about the task.

“No need to talk so proper, it’s just me Moon…I mean Remus.” Sirius said trying to hide his slip.

“Alrighty then. Whatever you say.” Remus answered, but he was now looking at Lily in a different way. She had almost called him Moony. Nobody knew his nickname except James, Sirius and Peter, and Peter rarely even called him by it. Something definitely was going on with Lily, and Remus decided to figure out just exactly what it was.

But later. Now it was time for fun.

“Ok any ideas?” Remus asked the person across from him.

“Ok well I think we should play a huge spiffing wonderful game of truth or dare. Each year could have their own games going on in the common room; c’mon it would be so fun. I know you like playing truth or dare so don’t even try to reject my absolutely brilliant idea.” Sirius said, positively thrilled about the chance of asking James some embarrassing questions without him knowing that it was him.

Remus just stared at Sirius (who he thought was Lily). Something wasn’t right with her, he could tell that right away this morning when she had first spoken to James. ‘She sounds almost exactly like…but no it couldn’t be. But then how does she know that I like truth or dare?’ Remus thought to himself, and then spoke to the person across from him.

“Sure sounds great Lily, I bet James and Sirius will love it especially.” He put extra emphasis on the word ‘Sirius’ hoping to get some kind of reaction.

“Of course they will, why wouldn’t they?” Sirius replied without thinking.

They went on the rest of the hour swapping ideas until they had five good ones that they wanted to try out starting hopefully tomorrow. As they got up to leave, they were reminded to change the passwords to get into their dormitories. Remus told ‘Lily’ that it was her turn to pick a new password, so Sirius decided to change it to ‘James loves Lily’ just for the havoc it would cause between James and Lily. Not fully thinking what could happen because of it.


Meanwhile, James and the person he thought was Sirius, were passing the quaffle in the air on their broomsticks. Now Lily wasn’t exactly the best flyer, so she missed the passes almost half of the time because she was holding on for dear life to the broomstick.

“Can we go back now?” She asked James as a rather cold wind whipped across her face.

“Why, you’re not afraid of a little wind are you, paddy? Don’t turn girly on me here.” He joked not knowing that Lily was laughing inside at his last comment because ironically Sirius had literally turned girly on him.

“If anyone’s a girl James, it’s you. I just wanted to be back in time to meet Remus who I’m guessing you have conveniently forgotten about right?” Said Lily.

“Ya, ya, alright it’s just that we never hang out just the two of us anymore.”

“Didn’t know you liked me that way”, Lily teased, sounding like her friends.

“Don’t even start with me.” Said James who was now laughing. He then threw the quaffle at Lily who as usual missed it completely as it soared towards the ground. “Point for James!” He said as he began to fly towards the ground as well.

‘Why do they always talk in third person’ Lily thought to herself as she also made her way to the ground.

They landed, and then started walking back towards the castle, when Lily suddenly remembered that Sirius wanted to talk to her. She hoped it wasn’t just to tell her that he liked wearing skirts, or something along those lines.

She smiled then skipped back to the portrait hole gaining curious stares from James before he too joined in the ‘manly’ skip. They stopped right in front of the entrance to their common room.

‘This is going to be interesting,’ she thought before bracing herself for whatever Sirius would tell her, ‘Knowing him, it could be about anything or anyone’.

And it was about a certain something to be exact.

A very private something.

Chapter 4: Feelings, Realizations, and Important Conversations
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Ch.4 Feelings, Realizations, and Important Conversations

“James loves Lily.”

Lily stopped dead in her tracks. She was standing next to a smiling James outside the Gryffindor portrait that led to the common room. They had just finished a rather painful game of Quiddich and were now finished their walk to the Gryffindor living quarters. Lily’s thoughts had been on Sirius who had said that he needed to have a word with her later on that evening. Truthfully though, she was starting to feel a little bit awkward about being in James’ company for so long without having a fight. She had never had such a good time with him as she did tonight and since it was scaring her, she vowed to never let it happen again. James still thought she was Sirius after all, and she knew she was going to have to learn how to be friendly with him without having any feelings whatsoever. As she thought this, she got painfully awakened from her thoughts however when James had stated the three simple words that totally caught her off guard. Not knowing that it was the new password set for the Gryffindor common room, she let her eyes meet his piercing hazel ones and her mood immediately turned defensive.

“What did you just say?” She said incredulously at James who had an annoying smirk on his face. She had always wondered if he had reserved it especially for her, but had a hunch that she wouldn’t figure out the answer for a long time. She brushed the black hair away from her face as it had fallen into her eyes, also brushing away her thoughts about his smirk in the process. James spoke almost immediately though in a distant voice.

“I know isn’t it surprising?” He started, “Moony told me that Lily herself set the password! Do you know what that means? James asked, but then answered his own question almost instantly, “I’m finally getting somewhere with her, mate! This is so the best day of my life! And I don’t care if you think I’m a loser for thinking that, because the barrier between Lily and myself is weakening just like I told you it would! Ha! I am all knowing! I can predict the future! I believe I am superior to you mere commoners now!” And as he said that, he added in another hysterical laugh.

Now by this time James was in a very enthusiastic mood. A mood Lily had not seen from him ever and for the first time since she had known him she feared for his sanity. She felt it best not to reply right away, for fear she would say something about his arrogance or that he was stupid to be in love with someone who would more likely go out with Snape of all people then with him. So Lily took a few deep breaths to calm herself from the newly surfaced anger she was feeling from the password Sirius had chosen, before she spoke once more to the cocky boy standing in front of her.

“I don’t think Lily set the password, James,” She said truthfully and bluntly.

“She’s the prefect Padfoot! Who else has the power to set the passwords I ask you?” James replied.

“Hmm, lets think James, There are only two prefects for Gryffindor, one seems to really hate you and want nothing to do with you. The other is one of your best friends, fellow marauder and prankster. Now thinking logically if you can, doesn’t it make more sense for Remus to set the password as that just for a cheap laugh?” Lily asked James who now was not smiling anymore but was still held holding her gaze.

“Er…. come on Pads, Moony wouldn’t pull a trick without telling us!” He paused to think about his friend. “But then again Lily would never use that specific password either! Well we are in a pickle now, aren’t we?” James said as he ran his fingers through his unkempt hair.

Lily laughed before she replied once more.

“Only you James, could say ‘we are in a pickle’, and still be sought after by almost the whole female population of Hogwarts.” Lily teased.

“Wrong. It’s not just me that can pull that saying off, Padfoot.” He said and put extra emphasis on the last word.

“Come on then you silly little boy, lets get out of the hallway already!” Lily said, then walked past James who was currently blocking the portrait opening. She was actually more surprised then she let on when James hadn’t said anything after she’d called him a silly little boy, but she just figured that maybe Sirius actually said stupid things like that and James was just used to it. So as Lily laughed inwardly about the language that James and Sirius used, she walked into the inviting red common room with James on her heels, scanning the couches for a familiar face.

‘Great, Sirius isn’t here’ Lily thought to herself. ‘I knew it couldn’t have been something too important that he had wanted to talk about.’ But all the same, she still wondered where Sirius was at the moment, and was a little bit put out when she realized that she would have to spend yet more time alone with the messy haired, cocky pureblood who stupidly went by the name of Prongs.


“But we have to tell her before tomorrow night professor!” An angry voice said to Hogwarts’ headmaster who was sitting calmly in front of the speaker with a sad smile playing on his face.

“Sirius Black, calm down. There is absolutely no need at all to be angry with me, I am trying my very best to help you through the situation at hand. Now one more time, if you’d be so kind, please explain to me why it is so important that Lily should be informed.” Dumbledore said as he tried to calm down the student in front of him.

“Because, Professor! James isn’t lacking at all in the brains department, he’s not as lost as he lets on, it’s all just an act to keep himself up in the popularity polls. He is definitely going to notice if Lily is totally clueless about the whole situation! He’ll never buy any excuse she gives him! I guarantee it! Tomorrow night he’s going to be totally suspicious if Lily doesn’t go, because I would never let one of my best friends be alone this time of the month! I wouldn’t ditch them, and James knows it. We’re even closer then what everybody says, you know.” Sirius told the professor who was now looking at him with new interest.

“Am I to understand that you and Mr. Potter have found out a way to help your friend and be with him in his time of need every month?” Dumbledore asked very slowly.

“Er…” Was all Sirius could say. He definitely wasn’t about to tell the headmaster of all people about the biggest secret that him and the marauders shared. But he was saved from answering as Dumbledore spoke again.

“So what you’re saying Sirius is that if Lily doesn’t know about tomorrow night, then James will start to put two and two together, and eventually piece together the puzzle to find out about Lily and yourself’s current…er…situation?” Dumbledore asked.

“Look, James is the smartest person in our year.” Sirius stated, like it was a well-known fact. “I’d bet my house elf that he already has his suspicions.”

Dumbledore was silent for a few seconds, obviously thinking about what he knew he had to do. He took a deep breath before raising his head to look at Sirius once more that evening.

“I believe you’re right, Sirius. I can see how very loyal you are to your friends as well. Yes Lily will need to know, but I think you know as well as I do that there is only one person who has the right to tell her, don’t you agree?” Dumbledore asked Sirius who was in the meantime nodding his head to everything the headmaster was stating.

Sirius then lowered his head and sighed. That one person had had a hard enough time telling the marauders about it (and they were his closest friends), so how was he going to tell Lily so easily?

Dumbledore then spoke once more, “I am going to talk to him, and I think it’d be best if he knows about the whole situation, if you know what I mean. It’s only fair, and I trust he wont tell anyone else if I ask him not to in my sweetest voice. Would you please go retrieve him and tell him that I need to speak with as soon as possible?” It was not a question, but instead the nicest way you could say a direct command to someone.

Sirius, always thinking ahead, reached into his pocket immediately and pulled out a small and old looking mirror.

“I have a faster way.” He said before handing it to the headmaster. “You might want to use it instead of me though. James has the other one and he will get quite a shock if he looks and sees me in it, since I presently look like Lily.” Sirius said, then finished with a laugh as he pictured what his friend would do if he thought Lily was using the mirror. Without a doubt James’ hand would rush to his hair and his stupid grin would fill his giddy face.

Dumbledore however was now holding the two-way mirror and looking at it with the amazement like that of a little kid gazing through a window of a candy store.

“Haven’t seen one of these in ages.” He muttered to himself. “So James has the other one then?”

“That he does. Go for it Professor, James will respond faster then you can say Snivellus smells.”

“That’s Severus, Sirius.” Dumbledore said as he took on the role of headmaster.

“Ya, ya, just go ahead and contact James.” Sirius said, ignoring the last comment said by Dumbledore.

Dumbledore then held the mirror out in front of him gazing at his reflection for a minute or two. Sirius chuckled to himself as he saw this but stopped instantly when he heard the words ‘James Potter’ come out of Dumbledore’s mouth.

The mirror showed slow swirling blue fog inside it for a brief couple of seconds before it started to focus on the face of a fifth year boy with messy raven coloured hair.

James had started talking before even looking at the face in the mirror, for he assumed that it was Sirius contacting him and had no reason to think otherwise.

“Sirius is that you? Where did you go so fast? You were just here talking to me outside the common room a few seconds ago but then you disappeared so…” By then James had taken his first gaze into the mirror to see the face of his headmaster looking back at him. His own face turned crimson very quickly as he stopped talking, letting Dumbledore speak.

“Ah, and so I find out yet another secret unknown to anyone but the infamous Hogwarts’ pranksters. I always did wonder how you guys communicated with each other so quickly and how you four alone seem to know what is happening in every part of the castle, all of the time. But there’s one mystery of life I can cross off of my list.”

“Professor, I can explain!” James started to say, but Dumbledore cut im off before he could jump into a made up story of how and why he had a two-way mirror.

“James, James, James! ‘Tis alright, I was just wondering if I could have a quick little chat with a friend of yours.” Dumbledore said quite cheerfully to a happy looking James Potter.

“Which friend, headmaster?”

“Please send Remus directly to my office alone and as soon as possible.”


Dumbledore and Sirius were now sitting facing each other in the headmaster’s office in silence. They were patiently waiting for Remus to arrive, both feeling slightly nervous of how he would take the news. Dumbledore then broke the silence, which was just starting to become noticeable.

“Just so you know, Sirius, I am quite proud of you at this very moment.” He told the boy sitting in front of him.

“How so, Dumble…I mean Professor?” Sirius asked.

“You have shown immense responsibility tonight and I tip my hat to you.” He said with the familiar twinkle in his blue eyes.

Sirius sat there looking at the headmaster but not quite taking in what he had said. He had never been called responsible before in his life, which did not surprise him. He had never wanted to be a responsible teenager for fear of being called a ‘square’ by the other students enrolled at Hogwarts. So he simple did not care if the headmaster thought him responsible.

‘I’ll be sure to prove him wrong as soon as I get my body back.’ He thought to himself, as the two of them waited for only three minutes more in a newly formed dreadful silence for Remus to knock on the door and grace them with his God-like presence.

Chapter 5: Over-Bloody-Whelming
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A/N - drum roll's chapter 5! I know i said i was going to update 'Captivated' next, but i was in a crazy mood know....and the creative juices were it just felt like the best time to write the next chapter in this story! I really hope you guys enjoy it, it's longer then most of the other ones! Hugs to all.

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Ch.5 Over-Bloody-Whelming

Just as Sirius had reached for yet another lemon drop from on top the Headmaster’s desk, a loud knocking broke the great silence. Sirius breathed a sigh of relief and turned his attention to the entrance of Dumbledore’s large office.

Sirius and the Headmaster had been sitting facing each other for the past three minutes having a staring contest to pass the time until Remus Lupin would arrive, transforming their duo into a trio. As they heard the loud knock however, Sirius had jumped slightly and broke eye contact, giving the headmaster an easy victory.

“Good game Sirius, but I believe that I have once again proved that I am the superior at staring contests.” Dumbledore said as he walked towards the facing door smiling.

“And thanks for once again rubbing it in Professor,” Sirius said also smiling.

Dumbledore turned the doorknob and opened the door towards him showing a nervous looking Remus with ruffled light brown hair standing on the other side.

“Come in Mr. Lupin!” Dumbledore said as Remus took a couple steps into the room.

It was at this time that Remus glanced at the person he thought was Lily sitting in one the chairs facing the Headmaster’s desk. He inwardly relaxed when he saw her because he figured that this was probably just one of Dumbledore’s random prefect meetings, like the last one where they had been told to plan inner-house activities for the Gryffindors.

Sirius, upon seeing Remus, got up from his seat and practically ran over to his friend, engulfing him in a big hug, and ignoring the looks Dumbledore was giving him.

“Remus! Finally, it’s been forever!” Sirius said as he had Remus in a big suffocating hug. Remus had his eyes opened really wide and was presently trying to find room to breath. As Sirius released him he stepped back then spoke to the person he thought was in front of him.

“Lily! Er…. it’s good to see you too…” Remus said. He had an amused look on his face and was trying not to laugh since he had never before seen Lily throw herself at anyone like that. It looked like something either James or Sirius would do…

“Please sit down Remus,” Dumbledore started. “We have to discuss something very important. This isn’t Lily Evans you see before you.”

Not for the first time in his life, Remus felt like the odd person out. He looked between Dumbledore and the person who looked and talked like Lily, searching with his eyes for some kind of explanation. But when no one spoke, he cleared his voice, sat down in a chair and asked the headmaster a question.

“Pardon me Professor, but what makes you think that this isn’t Lily? It sure looks like her, sure sounds like her.”

“Have you not noticed anything different about Lily or Sirius lately?” Dumbledore asked lightly, a smile playing on his lips.

“Well…yes I have, Sir. But what does Sirius have to do with anything?” Remus said starting to get confused.

“Everything.” Was all that Professor Dumbledore said to Remus who looked like he had been smacked in the face.

The person who Remus was convinced was Lily stood up and walked over to him until they were face to face. He then bent down and whispered something into his ear. He said his statement very quietly obviously so that the Headmaster wouldn’t be able to hear him. But Dumbledore did catch the last word however. ‘Moony’.

After Sirius stepped away, Remus opened his eyes wide once more trying to believe what was just told to him.

“You…Sirius…but…no…. Lily was…this makes no sense.” Was all Remus could get out as he was still in initial shock.

“Yes Remus. Sirius and Lily had to temporarily change bodies for reasons I prefer to keep undisclosed at the present time.” Dumbledore said to as he started explaining to Remus about the swap. After he told him all the information he felt necessary there was a silence in the room until Remus eventually broke it.

“Alright, I think I get it now,” Remus said, then added in his head, ‘I knew Lily wouldn’t really set a password like that for the Gryffindor quarters.’ He then looked at the floor trying to make sense of the last couple days when a new question came to him. “But why are you telling me now if no one is supposed to know?”

Sirius then spoke up, deciding to answer his friends’ question.

“Tomorrow’s full moon Remus.” As he said this, he gave him a meaningful look.

“Thanks Sirius, I’m pretty aware of that little fact.” Remus said, joking for the first time since he had entered the office.

“Well, James thinks that Lily is me, and he’s going to notice if I’m…myself tomorrow night.” Sirius said, hoping that Remus would catch his drift.

And sure enough…

“Oh! I see, well I’ll just tell him that you’re…busy or something.” Remus said.

“Remus! It’s not that simple, me and Lily have to try to act like each other the best we can. She has to know. You have to tell her…and it has to be today.” Sirius finished, preparing himself for Remus’ reaction.

Remus, unexpected to everyone, started bursting out in uncontrolled laughter. He was looking from the headmaster to Sirius during his hysterical laughter as if the whole thing was a hilarious side-splitting joke. When neither of the other two occupants in the room even broke a smile, Remus stopped laughing slowly as realization dawned on his face. He looked once more at Sirius for him to start laughing as well, but when he didn’t, Remus fainted, falling out of his chair onto the hard floor.

Dumbledore and Sirius quickly exchanged looks before Dumbledore walked over to pick up Remus from the floor. He looked at Sirius once more with his eyebrow raised and spoke.

“Well now you’ve done it.”


Meanwhile, Lily was sitting with James on the floor of the boy’s dormitory. She thought that she was doing pretty well at keeping with Sirius’s personality as they talked back and forth. It turned out that James spent a lot of time with Sirius as they had been friends the longest and were completely comfortable with each other. She quickly learned that James thought of Sirius as the brother he never had, and was starting to wish she had a relationship like that with someone. Lily wasn’t nearly as comfortable around James as Sirius was but was doing a pretty good job of faking it. Even though she would never admit it, she was having fun with him. She was never this carefree when she was in her normal form, and would’ve been doing homework or something at the present time instead of goofing off with the infamous James Potter.

Just as they were sitting in a comfortable silence after having another laughing fit, James pulled out a black book from under their bunk and slid it across the floor so that it was lying in between them on the floor. In red letters on the front were the words,

The Date-Rate Book
Copyright Marauders
Read, and Suffer the Consequences

As soon as Lily had finished reading the title, James opened it and started flipping through the many filled pages. Each one had a different picture of a girl on it and under each picture were comments that had been written by the four marauders. Most comments were just saying which girls each marauder had dated, or who was off limits to the group. As soon as Lily had laid eyes on page after page of her fellow classmates, and on the words written underneath the pictures, she had to momentarily leave the room as she didn’t think she could contain the laughter that was building up inside of her.

When Lily returned and sat down once more beside James, she noticed that he had just flipped to her page and was smiling as he looked at the picture. She saw a yellow sticky note under her picture that said,

James’ Page – touch, change, or bewitch, and you’ll have his face to answer to!

As soon as she had read this, her eyes darted a little further down the page to more words that were written unmistakeably in Sirius’ handwriting. They read,

‘and no one wants to have to look at that boys deranged face, am I right Moony?’

After James had also read what was written under his sticky note he turned on the person who he thought was Sirius and started raging about how he had ruined his ‘precious page’. Lily was once again laughing uncontrollably when James threatened something that only made her laugh even harder.

“Sirius! If you don’t personally apologize to this book, then I’m going to show the rest of the Gryffindors your ‘special boxers’!”

“Alright James! Calm down, how about we settle this in a different way before we resort to the showing of private clothing.” Lily said once she had finally stopped laughing enough to speak.

“Fine. Let’s play truth or dare then, but without the truth. If you chicken out of a dare though, I’m afraid the boxers are going public, mate.” James stated and Lily laughed again.

“Ok, deal.” She confirmed.

After about twenty minutes of enjoyable dares that Lily participated in whole-heartedly since it would be Sirius who would be the one getting embarrassed, not her, she started to think of the funniest dares she could.

“Your turn.” She started, “I dare you to charge around the common room pretending to be drunk, trying to kiss…Lily!” As soon as she said this, James’ face went into a big grin before he spoke.

“I would do that just for fun Padfoot, but you’re on anyways!”


Sirius who had poured four buckets of ice-cold water on Remus after telling Dumbledore that it would ‘awaken the senses’ had eventually woken him up. Since the shock had worn off, Remus was now thinking more clearly and after a lot of convincing, had decided that it would be best in the end if Lily knew about him being a werewolf. It had taken a lot of convincing however and Sirius had almost suggested taking away Remus’ prefect badge if he refused one more time. But Remus had eventually given in, and now him and Sirius were walking down the hallway towards the Gryffindor living quarters talking like old best friends, which they were.

“So Padfoot, are you like wearing…you know…. a bra?” Remus asked, whispering the last word causing Sirius to go into a fit of laughter.

“Maybe. Why? You want to see?” He asked curiously.

“No! God Sirius!” Remus practically shouted defending himself.

“I am a God.” Sirius said smirking to himself.

Remus just rolled his eyes before he thought of something and decided to voice it out loud.

“You do realise that James has probably taken out the Date-Rate book by now to gaze at Lily’s picture, meaning that she’s probably the first girl to ever lay eyes on it.” Remus said to a scared looking Sirius.

“Not good,” was all he could say.

Remus laughed, and then continued on with his theories, “She’s probably found out all sorts of stuff about you by now…I mean, think what James usually talks to you about when you’re alone.”

“Oh my god, he’s probably rambling on about Lily without knowing that she’s sitting right in front of him.” Sirius said causing them both to laugh once more.

“Man, Prongs is going to be so embarrassed when he finds out.” Remus stated.

“Excellent.” Sirius said, his familiar smirk back on his handsome face.

“And you call yourself his best friend” Remus teased then chuckled to himself.

“Hey I am his best friend, we have a one-of-a-kind relationship, as you of all people should know by now.” Sirius said trying to defend his friendship with his closest friend.

“Ok, you just keep believing that buddy.” Remus answered.

“I shall.” Sirius said bluntly.

“Hey, where’s Peter?” Remus asked as he hadn’t seen Peter in a very long time and was wondering if Sirius had seen him lately.

“Don’t know, don’t care.” Sirius said simply before continuing, “Ok get ready.”

“Even though I don’t think I want to know this answer I’ll bite. For what?” Remus asked actually wanting to know the answer.

“I’m going to change the tone of our conversation in a matter of seconds.” Sirius told him.

“Go for it.” Remus answered.

And that was when they started talking about the current situation at hand. After they were almost at the portrait of the fat lady they had decided that Remus would tell Lily as soon as possible so that she could have some time to prepare herself for tomorrow night. They felt quite happy with their decisions when Sirius thought of the one loophole in the plan. (He wasn’t usually the one to point out the problems in one of their plans, so this was a new experience for him).

“What are we going to do about the transformation Moony? I’ve tried turning into a dog while in Lily’s body and I can do it successfully because you need your mind to do it, not your body…” Sirius said but Remus cut in before he could finish.

“So that means that Lily won’t be able to transform tomorrow.” Remus finished for him.

“We have to tell James. If he knows that we let Lily be out there with you in your werewolf form without any protection, and not being able to transform, he’ll totally flip out on us.” Sirius said in a new panic filled voice.

“But Dumbledore said…” Remus started, showing his responsibility.

“I don’t care Moony. I know James the best, either we tell him, or Lily doesn’t come out with us tomorrow.” Sirius stated.

“Ok, ok, I’ll think of something.” Remus said, finishing the conversation because they had reached the portrait hole and had said the password.

Just as Sirius had stepped inside the common room he heard loud laughter coming from all of the Gryffindors who were all looking at James who was currently acting like he was drunk. Sirius could tell he was just acting though because he knew James too well and had that twinkle in his eye whenever he was doing a dare. As soon as James spotted Sirius (who he thought was Lily), he came charging over very ungracefully and immediately tried to kiss him. After Sirius had gotten over the shock of his best friend’s lips coming towards him, he had quite the time trying to keep James off.

Remus was kneeling on the floor because he was laughing so much, which was what pretty much everyone else was doing in the common room at the time. But no one was laughing as hard as Lily and Remus were. Sirius had eventually pushed James to the floor by accident but took it as his chance to run up the stairs to the girl’s dormitory leaving behind a happy looking James who had stood up and started bowing to the rest of the Gryffindors.

Remus and Lily were both done clapping for James who was still getting praised by the Gryffindors, so Remus took the opportunity to go over and try to talk to Lily alone, without James overhearing.

“Lil…er…I mean… Sirius! Can I talk to you for a second?” Remus said realizing that he couldn’t use her real name while they were still in the common room.

“Sure Remus, what is it?” She answered.

“Not now. Lets sneak down here after James falls asleep tonight so we can talk in private. It’s really important, and serious.” He finished then searched for a reaction.

“Ok, sure Remus but I don’t understand why you can’t just tell me now.” Lily asked.

“I know about everything,” he finished, and then walked away to go hang out with a glowing James.


Lily had snuck up to the boys dormitory without James noticing to be by herself and think for a bit until he realized that one of his friends was missing. ‘How can Remus know?’ She kept asking herself getting more and more curious as the minutes flew by. As she was pacing around the room, she pushed the black hair out of her eyes and noticed a small folded up note on her pillow.

Lily smiled thinking she knew who it was from.

She quickly ran over to it, unfolded it and noticed that the writing was on a page ripped out from her very own diary that until now she had forgotten she had left in her old room. Kicking herself for forgetting that Sirius would eventually find it and read it, she glanced at the short paragraph that was written in Sirius’ messy printing on the sheet.

Not funny Evans!
God, James almost molested me to death, you think that’s a walk in the park?!
You wait until I have my body back – you just wait!

Lily laughed as she read this, noticing Sirius’ humour in the three simple sentences he had written. She had learnt a lot about him in the past couple of days and was actually happy to see that he had written her a note. She was still smiling when she wrote him a response and was starting to think that maybe, just maybe, she and Sirius had more in common than she ever thought.......

Chapter 6: Remus' Story
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A/N I'll keep this short. Here's chapter six! Thank you to all the lovely reviewers, i just couldn't not post because you were saying such nice things about this story! Ok...hmm....this chapter isn't as much funny as it is emotion filled, and important. So i hope you like it as much as the other ones, it's essential for the plot. Alright, enjoy the read.....

Disclaimer - All J.K.Rowlings characters and world. I still can't believe she came up with something so original and perfect....we owe her.

Ch.6 Remus’ Story

Lily, never having been the heaviest sleeper, woke with a start at a loud sound from the other side of the room. James hadn’t even stirred in the bunk under her. Typical, she thought, we could be getting robbed, attacked, or even spied on, and Potter wouldn’t even move a muscle. I feel sorry for his future wife, that’s for sure. And with those happy thoughts in her mind, she rolled over onto her side and gazed through the darkness in the direction of where the sound came from, to see an outline of a person. Whoever it was, was obviously trying to keep quite, but it looked as if they had stubbed their toe on one of the random trunks placed directly in the middle of the room. Lily, for about the hundredth time, brushed the black hair out of her eyes that kept falling perfectly on her face and peered through the darkness. With a quick glance at the clock beside her and James’ bed, she realized it was just after midnight. When she turned again to look at the person, she found that they were crawling into one of the beds at the far side of the room. What’s Peter doing out so late, and by himself? Lily wondered, now full of curiosity and not tired at all. But she quickly forgot about that when she slowly glanced to the bed above Peter’s to see it empty.

Memories flashed back at her quickly as she remembered that she said she would meet Remus later tonight after James had fallen asleep.

'Well James is asleep now…' she muttered silently, as she climbed down the stairs on her bunk bed trying her best not to kick James’ face in the process. Realizing she was not wearing a shirt, (because she found that all of the marauders went topless to bed), she tried to search for Sirius’ trunk. But seeing as how it was too dark and she was extremely anxious to go and see Remus, she just gave up and made her way to the door, shirtless.

One safely on the other side of the door, Lily placed a charm on the room so that it’s occupants (James and Peter), wouldn’t be able to hear anything from the outside until she lifted it. Taking a long breath, Lily mentally prepared herself for the conversation that was coming, then turned around and walked in the direction of the red stairs that led to the common room.

From the top of the stairs, Lily looked down to the chairs by the fire. Two of them had occupants, who were sitting in silence as if waiting for something. As Lily walked down the slightly creaking stairs, both heads turned in unison and Lily saw Remus’ kind eyes staring up at her, and oddly enough, her own emerald ones. Upon seeing that Sirius had decided to join them on their secret late-night meeting, Lily instantly assumed that he had told Remus about the switch. Since Lily wasn’t exactly the best at keeping her thoughts in her head, this was no exception as she glared at Sirius before she exploded.

“You swore not to tell anyone! What was Dumbledore thinking when he picked you?! I can’t believe he thought this would teach you some responsibility! I knew you’d mess this up, you have no will power, do you? I’ve had to endure hours upon hours with Potter but do you see me running to my actual friends? You’re such a lying, immature…” Lily started before she got cut off by Sirius who had run over to where she was. He wasn’t exactly the type of person to take insults lying down.

“Evans stop! You might be able to talk to James like that, but with me it’s a different story. First of all, I didn’t tell Remus about the switch, Dumbledore did! So stop blaming me, you’re starting to sound like my mother, and that’s something you never want to sound like, trust me! And what if Remus didn’t know, and you came down here screaming it for the whole Gryffindor tower to hear?” Sirius yelled right back at her.

Lily couldn’t think of a reply at the moment so she stayed silent, as it was obvious that Sirius was about to say something more.

“And as long as I’ve got your attention, here’s something that’s been a long time coming. I was reading your diary Evans. Or should i say your 'I hate James' book and it made me mad. You know how you always go on and on about how arrogant James is? Well you’re no better!” Sirius ranted.

“Sirius!” Remus whined, “What are you doing?”

“Something I should’ve done a long time ago Moony. Evans you think you’re better then everyone else because of that stupid badge. You think James has a big head? I’m surprised that yours can fit in this castle! But he still likes you Lily, hell I wouldn’t even be surprised if he loves you. Even after every fight, and every time you tell him off, he can’t give up on you, I don’t know why, but he can’t. God you’re such a hypocrite. You say that Dumbledore wanted me to learn responsibility, but do you know what he wanted you to learn? He wanted you to see the person James really is, and to give him the chance that he so deserves by now Lily. How can you not see that James is hurting? Are you really that thick? Once you figure out that the world doesn’t revolve around you, then you can talk to James.”

“Sirius, stop!” Remus cried, “that’s not even why we’re here! You can’t talk to her like that, go back and sit down. There are more important matters at hand here.”

Sirius, obeying his friend, walked over to the couch, anger still cursing through his body.

Lily just stood there in complete shock staring at nothing in particular. She had thought that she and Sirius were getting along fine. It just turned out that Sirius really hated seeing James hurt or something. And she had never ever seen that side of Sirius before; it was the polar opposite of the Sirius that had sent her the letter the night before.

You always go on and on about how arrogant James is, but you’re no better. The words stuck in her head, and she swallowed, realizing that Sirius might have been right.

“Lily come and sit by the fire with us, ignore what Sirius said for now, I have to tell you something really important.” Remus said in a calming voice.

Lily slowly walked over to the fire, taking a seat far away from Sirius who still looked as if he had more to say.

“Alright, that’s better.” Remus started as he took a seat in between the two of them, “Ok Lily, Dumbledore told me about the switch because we have a little problem. It’s 12:50 AM right now, which means it’s the next day. Do you know what today is?”

Lily cleared her throat, finding her voice for the first time since Sirius’ rage on her.

“It’s Saturday.”

“Well yes, but its also full moon tonight.” Remus added, realizing that it was going to be hard to tell her this.

“So what, do you guys go stargazing on full moon or something?” Lily joked.

“Stop joking Lily this is extremely important!” Sirius said from his chair.

Clearly he was still a little mad at her.

“Sirius, just stay quiet. Now Lily, do you know why I always look pale on the day of the full moon, or why I miss like three days of classes each month? Or why the rest of the marauders are awfully tired the morning after a full moon and always late to their first class? Or even why we’re always in a corner talking quietly just days after? You must have noticed something by now.” Remus said, trying to drop hints.

Now Lily was a very smart witch, who had recently done the potions homework on recognizing the werewolf, and now had suddenly gone pale.

“You…no way Remus…. never suspected…never…no….” was all Lily managed to get out as she looked at the person she thought she had known for the past five years.

“I understand if you don’t want to be around me anymore Lily.” Remus said, obviously sad at the thought that Lily might stop talking to him.

Lily sat in her seat without moving for a few second before standing up. Remus stood up too, waiting along with Sirius for her reaction. She looked up into the eyes that she’d seen so much sadness in throughout the years, and now it all made sense to her. She walked over to him, threw her arms around his neck and gave him a hug.

“I’m so sorry Remus, I had no idea.” She whispered.

“You mean you’re not scared of me?” Remus asked timidly.

“Of course not Remus, it must be so hard for you each month.” She said, and then looked to see that Sirius didn’t look as mad at her any more. “So the rest of the marauders know then?”

“Naturally.” Sirius said a little offhand. “Which is exactly why we brought you here tonight. Ready to learn another marauder secret?”

“Er….” Was all Lily had time to say before the person in her body vanished before her eyes. She frantically looked around until she searched a little lower and saw a handsome black dog.

“Oh my God, are you guys animagus?” Lily asked after she petted the dog and noticed some things that resembled Sirius in the dogs face.

“Sirius, James, and Peter are, yes.” Remus answered for her, as she was still petting Sirius. “They learned how to transform so that they could be with me on full moon, when I turn into a werewolf. It helps me when there are my friends around, I’m not as…bad.”

Lily stood speechless not for the first time tonight, realizing just how important friendship meant to the boys. It all seemed too surreal to her, but seeing Sirius transform before her eyes made it all the more real. Silence now rang through the common room when a realization came to her.

“Padfoot and Moony! Wow you guys are good, it makes perfect sense now. So this is Padfoot, eh?” Lily asked as she scratched behind his ears.

“Call him Snuffles, he loves that.” Remus said jokingly, for he was in such a good mood now that a weight had been lifted in his and Lily’s friendship.

‘Keep laughing Moony, I can transform back at any time and then you’ll be sorry.’ Sirius thought.

“I know that look, better not call him Snuffles” Remus said as he glanced into the eyes of Sirius. “However, he might like Snuggles better…”

Lily had started laughing now, causing Sirius to transform back into her body, making her realize something again.

“Wait, how can you transform when you’re in my body?”

“Because you need your mind to do it, not your body.” Sirius said proudly.

“Oh my God, then what are we going to do about tonight? I can’t go with you guys. And James will definitely notice if you go Sirius, because you look like me!” Lily exclaimed.

“Ah, there’s the problem Lily. That’s why we have brought you here tonight. We think we have a solution however.” Remus said, and then let Sirius take over.

“You tell James that you have detention or something and that you’ll meet us later in the whomping willow…”

“The whomping willow?! Are you guys crazy?” Lily yelled.

“Just go with it Lily. Anyways, he might say that he’ll wait for you. Make sure he doesn’t. Then a little later, I will transform and then go outside to meet them. That way James will never see ‘Lily’s body’, just the dog and assume nothing is wrong. It’s foolproof. Just make sure they don’t see you at all after you leave for your mock detention.” Sirius finished.

“Alright, but how will you get back into the castle after? Nobody has been able to successfully ‘pull one over’ on James before.” Lily truthfully said.

“I know, he’s too smart. But, hey, we’re his best friends, and if anyone can fool him, it’s us. Don’t worry; we’ll think of something, I guarantee you.” Sirius said one more time.

“Ok, I’ll do my best.” Lily agreed, then on second thought added, “And Sirius, I’m sorry for ‘making James suffer’ as you put it, maybe there was some truth in what you said even if I don’t want to admit it.”

“I knew you’d see it my way Lily dearest. Friends again?” Sirius said and reached his hand out for her to shake it.

“Friends.” Lily said as she took the hand. He then pulled her into a tight hug, before transforming once more into his loveable dog form. Lily realizing she was now hugging a dog, quickly let go and proceeded to give him a belly-rub instead.

“So does he ever get fleas Remus?” Lily joked.

“Well he does scratch himself a lot I’m afraid.” Remus said with a smile on his face.

“You’re friends must really love you Remus.” Lily said, changing the mood once more that night.

“I know.” He replied. “Thanks for not ditching me once you…found out what I am.”

“You’ll still Remus to me, I’d never ditch you, I like you to much.” Lily said, and then started laughing.

Remus just sat there smiling, realizing now why James was obsessed with this girl. Sirius was now showing off with all the tricks he knew how to do in his dog form.

“I’ve trained him well, haven’t I?” Remus said to Lily who nodded.

Sirius barked, and then proceeded to jump on Remus until he was on his back.

Lily, who was laughing uncontrollably unfortunately didn’t hear the footsteps coming from the boy’s hallway.

“What’s going on here?”

Lily immediately turned to face the boys’ staircase, Remus sat up from off of the floor and also turned his head to the stairs, while ‘Sirius the dog’ stood on all fours, frozen temporarily on the spot.

Remus turned instantly to Lily, and then spoke.

“I thought you sound-proofed his room?”

Chapter 7: You is a smart one, Moony.
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A/N Here's a nice little chapter to tide you over. Nice and sweet. lol, hope you enjoy it, i got so many nice reviews on the last one, so thank you very much! I'm smiling right now if you can't tell. But anyways you can expect more regular updates from now on, and i mean it. Thanks to all of my loyal readers, you flatter me just by reading my stuff. On to the chapter...

Disclaimer - I give credit to J.K. Rowling. As i should. Because she totally deserves is.

Ch. 7 You is a smart one, Moony.

“I thought you sound-proofed his room?”

The words hung thickly in the air as the three occupants in the common room sat frozen on the spot, each one unaware of what to do, or just how bad the situation actually looked.

The boy at the top of the stairs had now had enough time to take in his whole surroundings and was currently thinking he was going a little mad. There in front of him were his friends gaping up at him. Now normally this wouldn’t have bothered him as his friends as well as himself were well known for gaping up at people, but this time it was different, even a little creepy perhaps. And not to mention a tad uncomfortable. The first person he saw was sitting below him and was looking as if they had something to hide. Well he recognized him as Remus of course. And next to Remus, was someone who seemed to think that if he didn’t move at all, he would be unnoticed. Well he also recognized this person in less then a second. Less then a millisecond perhaps, for he had grown up with the boy. It was Sirius. But what was sitting next to Sirius was what was the confusing part, and the cause of the current silence. There was a black dog. But not just any dog, it was Sirius’ animagus. The boy on the stairs could distinguish Sirius’ transformed self anywhere, even in pitch darkness, (as he had to do on more then one occasion), and was positive that this dog was sitting next to its human form. But as he thought more about this, he found that it started to clutter his mind too much, making him too tired to think properly as it was late. And the more he thought about it, the more he seemed to forget what he was thinking about in the first place. So, in an attempt to keep awake, and remember what he was supposed to be thinking about, the boy closed his eyes and rubbed them hard before slowly reopening them again. As he opened them, he remembered about the two Sirius’ in the different forms that had confused him, and was a little shocked to see that the dog had vanished from his view. As if he had just vanished into the silent, secretive air. The thought amused the boy for some unknown reason as he pondered it, since no one was talking to him anyways.

Sirius it seemed had taken a chance and had actually gone and hid behind one of the chairs furthest from the situation that was about to unfold when the onlooker had closed his eyes for the few precious seconds. It appeared that Sirius had always been quick on his toes, and this proved to be no exception. Now Remus on the other hand looked to be quicker in the mind as he slowly turned his face from the intruder, mouthing to Lily to ‘just relax and follow his lead’.

This was because Lily had started breathing very fast as she was not at all used to having secret midnight meetings where there was a chance that she could get caught. But at least she was in Sirius’ body, which seemed to not show stress or fear as much as her own would have. But as she mentally asked herself ‘what would Sirius do’, her breathing started to return to normal, even if her heart was still beating faster then ever.

But her heart always beat fast when she was in close distance to the boy who was now walking down the stairs towards them. If the fast beating was because of her anger towards him, she didn’t know. She had a faint suspicion that there was another reason to the thumping in her chest though. She just didn’t know what it was yet. And after all, it was a very faint suspicion.

Lily and Remus watched a shirtless, sock-less James walk off the last step and stride toward where they were seated uncomfortable on the floor. He stopped in front of them, and then proceeded to sit down cross-legged in a somewhat childish position. But it was what made him comfortable, and it wasn’t like he ever cared what people really thought of him anyways.

Lily and Remus exchanged a look, wondering why James was so calm, and why he hadn’t blown up at them for being out of bed at night without him. Or why he hadn’t just commented on seeing what were unmistakably two different forms of Sirius talking with Remus in the dark.

No this was definitely not normal James Potter behaviour and even Remus had a concerned look on his pale face. That is until he waved a hand in front of James’ face and got no reaction. And everything somehow became clear as if some sense had been knocked into him at last. Remus then made to address the tired, yet spaced out Potter who was now smirking directly in front of him and looked as if he were in some sort of weird daydream.

“You’ve taken your dreamless sleeping potion tonight, haven’t you James?” He asked, confusing Lily even more then she already was.

And now the silence and tension had finally been broken.

“You is a smart one, Moony. It’s not much use though is it, seeing as I’m not exactly asleep, eh?” James replied before laughing to himself at what he thought was funny.

“Ok, what does a dreamless sleeping potion have to do with anything, Remus?” Lily asked, wanting to have at least one of her questions answered tonight.

“Well Lil…I mean Sirius,” he started, while rolling his eyes at the slip up that almost occurred before continuing on with his explanation, “You should know better then I that James sometimes takes dreamless sleeping potions prescribed from the nurse when he has something on his mind.” Remus began trying to explain the situation at hand here. “And you should know, Sirius, that if he uses the potion and doesn’t fall directly asleep, or wakes up during the middle of the night for example, there can be side effects. We’ve seen them in James before, remember?”

And he stopped his little speech to give Lily some time to make a reply.

“Er…right.” It was all she could say before he went on, because she was trying to comprehend what she had just been told and apply the information to the situation.

“Well anyways, it seems that he is in a very ‘happy’ mood right now, as you can see. Kind of drowsy and not really able to comprehend what exactly is going on. The potion also makes him extremely tired though so he should be falling asleep any time now. But as for now, he’s obviously in his own little world, and I wonder if he still realizes that I am talking about him.”

Remus paused, waiting for James to acknowledge him or something. When he didn’t, Remus and Lily both turned and saw him starring at the flames in the fireplace with a sad smile on his face, eyes drooping.

“Point Proven,” Remus stated before laughing a small laugh, “he should start snoring any time now. Tomorrow he’ll just have a faint memory of what happened tonight. Won’t remember the details of what he saw. Hopefully that is.”

“You’d make a good teacher Remus.” Lily stated before James interrupted them with a noise.

It seemed that he had chosen that moment to drop his head on the ground and place himself into a curled up position on the floor. The next second Remus and Lily knew, James was in a deep, dreamless sleep.

“Oh the things you get yourselves into…” Lily remarked, obviously amused by the whole situation now that she knew that James wouldn’t be mad or suspicious. After all, it wasn’t everyday that one got to see James without his cocky attitude or even his intelligence for that matter.

Just then, Sirius, still in dog form, came leaping from behind the couch transforming back into the body of Lily.

“And that is what we call ‘Marauders’ Luck’, Lily” He stated.

This caused them all to laugh for a short happy while before the most sensible marauder noticed that it was going on 1:30 in the morning and stopped the giggling.

“We should carry James up to bed Lily, for he might blackmail us silly if we leave him stranded on the common room floor asleep until morning where the other girls can get to him.” Remus addressed Lily.

“Right you are. Even though I don’t think he’d mind much. Night Sirius, you better go and get your beauty sleep…” She said to Sirius as they all stood up around the body of James.

“I wouldn’t be too smug if I were you, I’m not the one that has to carry that load of bricks up to his bed,” Sirius teased.

And with that, he ran joyfully up the stairs towards the girls’ common room and out of sight before he got asked to help.

Now Lily stood with Remus above James, alone in the dark room.

“Ok I’ll take the legs, and you can grab the arms. Be careful not to wake him.” Remus instructed as if he had done this loads of times. But Lily reminded herself that he probably had done this loads of times. Or at least more then once.

He then lifted James’ legs off of the ground with ease. Remus was stronger then he looked. Possibly even stronger then Sirius, Lily guessed.

“You know, you’re going to make a good father one day, Remus,” She pointed out.

“Nah, I doubt I’ll ever have kids, Lily,” he told her truthfully.

“That’s too bad,” Lily said more to herself then to Remus.

“What was that?” he asked.

“Oh, Nothing. Lets get this lug upstairs.” She said, quickly changing the subject.

“Alright,” he agreed before he smiled at the girl in Sirius’ body then continued talking. “So you never did answer my question then Lily. Why didn’t you sound-proof James’ room?”

“But I did Remus.” She said, wondering herself why her spell hadn’t worked.

“Hmm, interesting. I guess that James just wanted to go for a walk or something. He does that you know, leave in the middle of the night to come and sit by the fire to think. But usually never when he takes his dreamless potion. I wonder what’s on his mind lately.” Remus said.

“Or why he needed the dreamless potion tonight in the first place…” Lily added as an afterthought.

They had now lifted James up the stairs and were entering their room. Heading for his bunk, they made sure not to wake Peter as a cranky Peter was never fun. Once there, Lily laid James’ upper body on his blue sheets feeling slightly embarrassed at touching his bare chest, (since he was shirtless after all), while he was asleep. If only he knew it was her. Remus on the other hand, put his friends’ legs down on the other end of the top bunk that was reserved for James before turning to face Lily one more time.

“Alright, so you know the plan for later tonight then? Pretend you have detention so that Sirius can sneak outside in his dog form and meet us in the willow. Hopefully James won’t suspect a thing.” Remus whispered to her through the darkness.

“Got it. By the way, it’s still kind of hard for me to believe you’re a werewolf Remus. I mean it totally caught me off guard, and I don’t know what to think really. But I’d like to learn more about the condition sometime, do you think you could teach me?” She whispered right back.

“Anytime Lils. But you know…James knows a lot about it too, and I know he wouldn’t turn down an opportunity to spend some quality bonding time with you.” He added, and Lily could tell, even through the darkness that he was smirking.

“Great. Glad to know you care.” She whispered, making her sarcasm evident through the tone of her voice.

“You know I do. We better get to sleep however Lily, so see you in the morning I guess. I’ll make sure James doesn’t jump on your bed and wake you again. Unless you liked that of course…” he finished as he started climbing into his own bed.

“Goodnight Remus,” Lily said as she herself crawled into the bunk under James’.

“Night. Oh, and Lily?” He asked.

“Yeah?” she replied.


Chapter 8: The Anxiety of Lily Evans…Or is That Sirius Black?
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A/N --> Well here it is...the super long chapter! Yay! One of my favorites to it is the day and night of the full moon. I really hope you like it....i could've made it 2 chapters, but it just felt better to keep it as i made it longer for you guys! Please please review on this one...thanks! And now that i am finished with my ramblings, you may continue with the rest of my piece of writing! Oh and just for good measure...guess what?! I totally got 92% on my english final at school.....yay! Last minute cramming does work i tell you! No but i think it had something to do with this writing! Sorry for putting that in here but i had to tell someone! And now...on to the long awaited chapter!

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Ch.8 The Anxiety of Lily Evans…or is that Sirius Black?

“Come on Miss Evans. We could be lovers, don’t you know.” Came a cocky voice from the other side of the common room opposite to where Sirius was sitting chatting with Lily’s old friends, (his new ones). Sirius was putting on what was now the third coat of vanilla lipgloss on his lips, trying to ignore the flirting James.

Lily who was currently sitting with James and Remus in the secluded corner was trying to stifle the laughter that was burning to be released from her body. The whole common room had seemed to be put on mute as every little group had suddenly stopped talking, in hopes to hear what Lily’s reaction would be today to the boy everyone knew liked to annoy her. But Lily in particular was very interested to see how Sirius was going to handle this one. It looked like he was thinking for the perfect response to shoot at James, so she sat quietly with every other Gryffindor and waited for the priceless moment. When Sirius didn’t reply right away, James spoke again.

“You see, I just noticed you noticing me and I just wanted to give you notice that I noticed you too.” He said, which caused Lily to smile even if she didn’t want to. This did however make Sirius speak.

“I wasn’t looking at you Potter. And just so we’re clear, I don’t want to be with you because I don’t like you, ok? For the last time, there’s no chance for us because you’re just another unnecessary distraction in my life, got it?” Sirius said, trying to imitate Lily the best he could. Thinking this would shut up James, he turned back to the girls he was talking to.

“You’re right, you deserve better. But I would go to the ends of the world for you Lily.”

“Don’t give me that Potter, that’s the oldest line in the book.” Sirius replied, calm and surprisingly mature as he turned back again to face James.

“There’s a book! Why were we not informed of this?” James said as he turned to who he thought was Sirius, (but was actually Lily), with a fake surprised look on his face.

“What is it with you guys always having to act like such idiots?” Sirius said, now standing up and facing his former friend. He was now getting fully amused by the situation and wanted to hear James’ reactions.

“Well, we don't actually have to; we do it because we enjoy it. It's the old fashioned pride in a job well done that's missing in so much of the world nowadays.” James replied very quickly as if this were just a normal conversation between friends. Which is was actually. “It’s a guy thing.” He finished.

“Which really means that there is no rational thought pattern connected with it, right?” Sirius said, causing Lily to laugh from where she was sitting beside James. It was a very amusing conversation to her and she didn’t want it to end anytime soon.

“Stop laughing Sirius! I always know what I’m doing, Lily. Have some faith in me.” James said, before flashing her a cheeky grin. “You sound like you believe that girls are better then guys.”

Now Lily was smiling very widely waiting to hear what Sirius would say, for if it were actually her in this conversation, she would start defending girls right now. And Sirius knew it.

“Girls are better then guys.” He said, before shooting Lily a quick glance, making Lily sure that Sirius thought he was betraying guys all over the world by saying that.

This statement only got James more excited however as he got to his feet and started walking over to where the girl he thought was Lily was standing.

“I bet I could give you one hundred reasons why guys are better.” James said, as if setting a challenge.

“Well I bet I could give you one hundred and one reasons why girls are.” Sirius replied as his face suddenly lit up. He was obviously having fun talking with James again. Regardless of the subject matter.

“Care to make a game out of it?” James said looking thrilled at the idea.

“I don’t have time for games Potter, especially with you.” Sirius replied right away, and Lily had to admit that he was doing a pretty good job of staying true to her personality.

“Then I guess that just proves that guys are better.” James said before turning around to everyone else in the common room that was listening and said, “I rest my case.”

Oh no, Lily thought. She knew that Sirius couldn’t just leave the conversation at that. He hated whenever James beat him at something. And it proved true again this time.

“Alright you’re on. You give me the five best reasons you can think of as to why guys are better then girls, and I’ll give you my five reasons why girls are. And you can’t get any help from your friends. Then we’ll let everyone else decide who wins.” Sirius said, and Lily sighed as James stood up straighter and looked the person in front of him in the eyes.

“Deal. I’ll go first.” He said.

“Typical.” Sirius said, trying not to smile as he did so.

“Alright reason number one why being a guy is better…” he paused and thought for a few seconds while everyone in the room held their breath. It seemed that everyone was very excited as to how this game was to play out, because Lily usually never accepted any of James’ games, or ‘lowered herself to his level’ as she used to refer to it by. As soon as James thought up his first good reason, Sirius knew right away because his smiled increased in size and he even went so far as to smirk. “None of our peers have the power to make us cry.”

There were shouts from the rest of the guys in the room telling James that he was perfectly right, and that he had done a good job.

“Fair enough. My turn.” And Sirius was silent for a few seconds as well as he thought about why girls were better then guys. Lily and Remus who were both sitting on James’ side of the room were really anticipating what Sirius would think up, for he had only been a girl for a couple of days. He looked up at James before giving his first reason, “In response to what you just said then…reason number one…girls can cry without pretending there's something in their eye or contact.”

James just smiled as he pursed his lips trying to think up another reason.

“Ok number two…the world is our urinal.” James said, causing all of the guys in the room to laugh. And even a few of the girls.

“Absolutely disgusting and disgraceful…I mean James. Anyways, reason number two why girls are better then guys…. if we’re a lousy athlete, we don't have to question our worth as a human being.”

Now this caused the girls in the room to laugh, Lily included.

I knew they’d like that one, Sirius thought to himself before James interrupted.

“Ok quiet, quiet.” James said to the room before continuing, “Reason number three…. Guys can sit with their knees apart no matter what they are wearing.”

“Nice, James.” Sirius said, realizing at the same time that he had forgotten to call him Potter for the second time. “Ok my reason number three…. Girls know the truth about whether size matters,” he said causing Lily to gasp, before laughing along with everyone else once more.

“Well does it?” James asked.

“Does what?” Asked Sirius.

“Does size matter?” James asked back.

“Like I’d tell you. Give your forth reason, Potter.” Sirius said, extremely pleased with himself for getting James off topic.

“Alright. How about this… if another guy ends up coming to class with the same outfit as us, we might become lifelong buddies.” He said.

“Hmm…good one.” Sirius said, “Alright reason number four why girls are better then guys…we can possibly live our whole lives without ever having the experience of taking a group shower.”

James even laughed at this one, while Sirius beamed.

“Alright last reason, my dear. Guys are better then girls because they can wear a white shirt in the rain.” James finished, and then waited to hear her last reason.

“Ok here it comes Potter, you ready for this? Playing off what you just said again, girls are most definitely better then guys because they can dress themselves!” Sirius finished, again smiling very widely, placing his hands on his hips like he used to see Lily do all of the time.

James smiled at the girl he thought was Lily before turning to the rest of the occupants in the room, “Alright so who won?”

At this, there were equally loud shouts from the girls who were defending Lily, and the guys who were defending James, making it almost impossible to tell who had actually won the argument.

“Guess it’s a tie, Lily dearest. Good game.” He said while he put his hand out in front of him.

Sirius shook James’ hand quickly before walking back to Lily’s friends once more. As Sirius had shook James’ hand, Lily giggled as she noticed that Sirius had sadly painted his nails.

Everyone, it seemed, was deciding to go down for dinner now that the entertainment was over and was standing up. Sirius watched his fellow marauders lead the group of Gryffindor’s out of the common room, slightly amused at how well they could hide their tiredness. For it was only last night and early this morning when they had met in the common room to discuss the plans for full moon, which Sirius knew was only in a couple of hours. He left the room with Lily’s friends, and they all made their way down to the great hall rather quickly.


“I’m stuffed like a chicken.” James Potter stated as he placed his fork down on his plate and looked at the person he thought to be Sirius.

“I don’t know what zoo you went to as a child James, but chickens aren’t generally stuffed nowadays.” Lily said while even going so far as to try to imitate Sirius’ trademark smile.

“I wonder why not. That’s going on my list of things to ask Dumbledore. Oh and speaking of questions, did anything strange happen last night, guys? I remember something vaguely that had to do with you Sirius but that’s about it.” When no one answered him, he brushed off the subject and checked the time, “Hey guys it’s 8:00, and it’s already starting to get dark out, maybe we should pick up the pace,” he said, speaking almost directly to Remus who Lily noticed wasn’t looking so good.

As he said this, James grabbed the spoon out of Peter’s mouth and threw it on the table, as they all stood up together. Lily stole a glance down the table to where Sirius was sitting, chatting easily with some of her friends. Secretly wishing she could be back talking to her friends who shared the same interests as her, she watched Sirius look up at her as soon as the marauders had stood up, for it had been done very loudly. They shared a meaningful look before Lily broke eye contact and started to follow the other three out of the great hall. Many eyes watched them strut across the room making Lily feel uncomfortable, but the rest somehow at ease.

When they reached the door, Remus turned the handle and they all got a surprise when they saw a girl on the other side of it crying. But Lily’s eyes widened as she noticed the girl as her best friend, Christina. She instantly stepped forward wanting to do nothing more then comfort her friend.

“Christina, what’s wrong!” She said in what she thought was a concerned voice while putting her hand on her friend’s shoulder in the process.

“Get away from me Black I’m really not in the mood,” She snapped, before pausing to sniff, and continued in a soft voice, “in fact, I really don’t want to be around any guys right now, so can one of you please go back in there and get Lily for me?”

James immediately turned on his heels, walked halfway to where Lily was sitting before yelling so that his voice echoed throughout the big room, “Hey Lily! You’re friend needs you!”

“Are you referring to yourself Potter?” Sirius yelled right back, not in the least embarrassed of starting a fight with James in front of all of her teachers, “because if you are, then let me remind you once more that we are not friends and…”

“No Lily, stop! It’s Christina.” James said, cutting her off.

Sirius rose out of his seat, knowing that Christina was Lily’s best friend and that it was his duty to go and help her. He would have been there without question if it had been one of his friends, after all.

James and ‘Lily’ walked out of the hall, now with every eye on them before they closed the doors behind them and met up with the rest of the marauders and Christina.

“Christina! What’s wrong, why are you crying?” Sirius asked, impressing Lily with the compassion in his voice.

“Not here. Come up to the dormitory with me.” She said.

Sirius glanced at Lily, knowing that the marauders were planning to start the night’s adventures at any moment. He prayed that whatever was wrong with Christina wouldn’t take too long because he had a designated time to meet up with James outside after Lily left for her fake detention. But he did have an hour until then at least.

“Ok let’s go” He said and the two of them ran up the stairs towards the Gryffindor common room. Sirius glanced down at Lily who had a worried look on her face that told him that she thought the whole plan had been ruined. He just shrugged and ran after Christina leaving Lily with the marauders who had already started walking towards the front doors of the castle.

Lily had already fallen behind, slowed down even more, thinking about how she was going to drop the news about her ‘detention’ to James who was currently walking in the front as always, leading the other two rather quickly.

“James, wait!” She said, not able to think up anything cleverer.

“What is it, mate?” He said without even turning around or stopping for that matter.

“I just remembered that McGonagall gave me detention tonight…er…right now in fact.” She said hoping that he would just let her go.

Well that got him to stop walking at least, and turn around as well.

“What! Padfoot! You know we can’t get detention on nights like these!” He said, giving evil glares to any passing student who had turned to stare at them when he had started screaming at his best friend. For James Potter never yelled at Sirius Black, and everyone knew that. Unless it was very important or involved another friend. And in this case it included both.

“I’m sorry Prongs, really I am! I didn’t mean to…it will just be an hour and then I’ll come and meet you guys,” Lily said, actually sorry for getting James so mad. She had almost forgotten about his temper since the nights before she had been transformed into Sirius’ body, which seemed so long ago, when he used to yell at her.

“Fine. Just go Padfoot, but I won’t forget this, and neither will Remus.” James said softly before turning around once more.

“For the love of friendship Potter, you’re overreacting completely!” She shot right back before turning on her heals and heading to the library to where she had planned to hide out when Sirius was going to sneak outside in his dog form. All she heard as she stormed off was a faint, ‘what did you just call me?’ from James, who seemed shocked to have been referred to by his last name by his best friend.

Lily entered the library and sat at the closest table she could get, not caring if any passer by could see her through the glass windows, even though she was supposed to stay hidden for the rest of the night.


James, Remus, and Peter all stood silently not knowing what to say or what to do about ‘Sirius’’ reaction. He didn’t usually blow up at James, and they couldn’t remember a time when he had ever called him Potter.


“You know what guys…you go ahead, I forgot…er…. the cloak…so ya, I’ll meet you outside later,” James said quieter then usual, his confidence seeming lost.

“Ok James, but just make sure you find us, ok? It’s pretty foggy outside tonight, making it really hard to see in which direction the willow is in, let alone a rat or a werewolf,” Remus said to James, lowering his voice as he said the word werewolf. James nodded in reply not really hearing what was said.

At this, James turned around and walked directly towards the stairs that would lead him up to the Gryffindor common room. He turned once he had reached the top of the staircase to find that Remus and Peter had already gone outside unnoticed as they all did every month. He continued his walk to his room, but didn’t take the shortest route he knew. In fact he took the longest one so that he could be by himself and think. But being by himself didn’t seem an option, as the halls were full of people who were just leaving the great halls, and were talking noisily.

“Hey James, how’s it going! Do you want to go to Hogsmead with me next weekend?” A blonde third year asked him as he passed by her. It was one of the many girls that he had smiled at some time before who had become infatuated with him as a result.

James, slowing starting to get annoyed of girls fawning over him, sighed as this third year interrupted his thoughts, which were of more important matters then Hogsmead.

“Er…sorry, I didn’t even know there was a trip this weekend. I think I’m going to ask Lily Evans though, so maybe another time, all right? I’d try someone in your own year though, because I’m sure someone with your pretty face could get a date in a matter of seconds,” he said before flashing her a genuine smile, hoping she would take his advice.

The girl just smiled before walking over to her friends who were waiting at the end of the hall. James shook his head as they all started giggling and squealing in what he believed to be too high a tone of voice for any human to use. After saying a hello to some fellow Gryffindors, he climbed another set of stairs until he felt that he could return to his previous thoughts. Which were of a certain shaggy haired friend.

Not really watching where he was going, James somehow eventually ended up outside the portrait that was now the only thing standing between him and the Gryffindor common room.

“James loves Lily,” he said, feeling like an idiot as he said the password. But he was let in nonetheless, so he tried to make his way to the boys’ staircase without having to talk to anyone.

He had to stop though as there were only two people sitting by the fire and one of them was crying. He stood there watching Christina cry, and watching who he thought was Lily trying to comfort her, looking more uncomfortable then she ever looked before.

“I’m going to get some more Kleenex’s Lily, and maybe some more chocolate…I’ll be right back,” Christina said as she got up and left, even though James knew it was because she didn’t want him to see her cry.

Lily, or rather Sirius, looked up from the couches to see James staring sadly at her before raising his eyebrows.

“What’s up James, you don’t look seem your usual upbeat, playful self today?” Sirius asked, knowing right away that something was wrong with James. It was his friend intuition.

“Oh it’s nothing that you’d care about Lily,” he said to the redhead.

“Well, seeing as I’m already in the sympathy giving mood right now, why don’t you try me,” Sirius said, knowing he would get it out of James in the end.

“Simply put, I’ve got friend problems Lily. I know, I know, I bet you never thought you’d see the day where James Potter and Sirius Black weren’t attached at the hip, and maybe I’m overreacting, but I think something’s changed between us,” he honestly said to the girl who was actually ironically Sirius.

Sirius, a little taken aback by this openness didn’t know what to say at first.

“Well…er…I know that Sirius has a lot of things on his plate lately. Are you just noticing this from the past week then?” He asked, wondering what Lily must have said or done to him lately. He was definitely going to have a talk with her later though.

“Actually no, I’ve been feeling not as close to him for the past month, if I think about it. I mean, God Lily, we used to be inseparable and I loved that. It was like nothing could be that bad if we just had each other. You probably think I’m too dependent on him or something don’t you?” He said.

The past month? Sirius thought. If he wasn’t speechless before, he was now.

“I’m sorry to hear that, James. I think you should maybe wait a week or two to see how things go, and then have a good talk to Sirius. I’m sure he feels the same,” Sirius said. It was all that he could say to James while he was currently in Lily’s body. He would just have to wait until he was back to normal to tell James that he was sorry.

“I don’t know why you’re suddenly being nice to me Lily, but thanks. I’ve got to go though, got places to be, friends to meet, you know?” He said before turning around and walking to the foot of the stairs. He stopped though and turned around one more time before speaking again, “Oh by the way, what was wrong with your friend?”

“Oh…uh…right, her boyfriend broke up with her. If anyone’s dependent James, I’d say that it’s girls on their boyfriends. See you later.” Sirius said, just as Christina came down from the girls’ staircase, chocolate box in hands.

James turned around, ran up the stairs, then walked into the marauder’s room and found his cloak under his pillow where he kept it. He quickly grabbed it, and then left the room, closing the door as he did so. As he walked back down the stairs and to the portrait opening, he heard a faint voice that he recognized as Lily’s,

“Nice cloak, Potter.”

Smiling, he walked out into the hall, and started to make his way to the nearest staircase. When he found it, he went quickly went down it, skipping two stairs at a time until he found himself walked alongside the library. Taking a quick glance in, he saw Sirius sitting by himself at one of the tables. Wondering why Sirius was out of his detention a half an hour earlier, James debated whether or not he should go and see him. His curiosity got the better of him however as he entered the library door and headed straight for his friend, preparing himself for the confrontation.

“Sirius! What are you doing in the library of all places! I thought you had detention, or were just lying to me now?” James asked in a quiet voice so that no one else could hear their conversation.

“Look, I just got out of my detention, ok? Calm down, Sherlock Holmes,” Lily said as she started to stand so that she was level with James.

“Well let’s go outside then. Moony and Pete are already out there,” James said as he started to head for the library door through which he just came in from.

“Right behind you,” Lily said as she waved to the librarian and followed James out of the library and through the crowded hall to the front door.

Even if Lily looked cool on the outside, she was terrified on the inside. This wasn’t part of the plan, and the real Sirius was nowhere to be seen. She knew that she wouldn’t be able to transform if she needed to, and didn’t know what to do with a werewolf.

James opened the front doors and the two of them slipped outside into the dark unclear night. When Remus had talked about fog, he wasn’t exaggerating. Lily couldn’t see anything except her and James through the mist, and it looked as if they were about to walk into a cloud.

“I can’t see anything, Sirius!” James exclaimed as he tried to peer through the fog for their friends.

“Me neither. I guess we’ll just have to go back inside,” she suggested even though she knew the idea would never fly with James.

“No way, Padfoot! Remus needs us, come on, we’re going through the fog and we’re going to find him,” he said, taking the leader role once more as he walked into the fog, almost vanishing from Lily’s sight.

Against her better judgment, as she didn’t know the grounds nearly as well as James did, she followed him quickly and made sure that they didn’t get separated.

As soon as they had walked for about 10 minutes, Lily grabbed James’ who had been walking in front of her, and made him stop.

“James…er…do you even know where we are, because I can’t see anything...not even a tree,” She asked peering at James’ face.

“I’m not lost. I know exactly where we are,” He said as he looked around once before focusing his attention on her again, “well, either that, or no one will ever see us alive again. Your call.”

“I prefer the ‘I’m not lost’ answer,” She said in Sirius’ joking voice.

“Me too. Let’s keep going though, I think the Whomping Willow is around here somewhere,” he said, and as he did, walked forwards.

What am I going to do? Lily thought to herself, praying that Sirius would get out here soon to alleviate her from the danger, as she watched the fog and clouds start to move aside making room for the moon.


“Look Christina,” Sirius said, as he looked out of the window and saw the first traces of the full moon showing through the fog, “you’re better then this, alright? Don’t cry over some boy who isn’t worth your tears. And don’t swear out guys from you life just yet, because believe it or not, there are some good ones out there who care about you and want only good things for you.”

“Thanks Lily,” Christina said, putting down her Kleenex’s and chocolates to give her friend a hug.

“Anytime. Now why don’t you turn in early tonight and get a peaceful few hours before the other loud, gossipy girls come in,” he recommended. He didn’t like loud, gossipy girls.

“I think I will Lily. Thanks again, I really appreciate you being here for me,” She said, before standing up and heading for the staircase.

As soon as Sirius saw her close the door, he bolted right up, ran to the portrait opening and raced out of the common room.


“James, what are we going to do? The moon’s almost fully showing and we are lost somewhere in the forest I’m guessing,” Lily frantically said.

“I don’t know Siri. I guess we should transform soon, but keep your ears open for any sound of Remus,” he said as he transformed and then walked more into what Lily was sure was the dark forest.

Lily stood alone on the spot, and started to hyperventilate at all of the thoughts and fears that were going through her mind at the moment. But just as she was feeling that she was in the worse situation she could ever think of, she felt something soft touch her hand making her jump in fear, eyes wide open.

She was about to run before the creature came into her view path and she recognized it as a black, shaggy haired dog.

“Sirius!” She yelled hugging the dog at her feet, “Thank God! I don’t know where James went!”

The dog nudged her hand again as if telling her to follow him, and she did. Sirius led her back to the entrance of the school very quickly. Apparently dogs had a better sense of direction then she did.

The fog shifted once more that night and the moon came into full view, so Sirius barked as if to make sure she was safe before turning around and running back into the mist. She knew that he was off to find his best friend, James, before the two of them would set out to have an adventure of a night with Remus and Peter, if they ever ended up finding them.

Lily turned around and was face to face with the door to Hogwarts. She turned the handle with a little difficulty, pushed the door open slightly, and slowly stepped inside.

Chapter 9: The Chapter In Which Sirius Finds Himself Out of His Element.
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A/N Here's chapter 9! Thanks to all my loyal reviewers and readers! I love you guys so much. This chapter is dedicated to Sirius...and we find that he is learning to take responsibility of things in his life and is maybe maturing a teensy weensy bit. Is there a switch back in the near future? on my friends...

Disclaimer - J.K. Rowling owns the wonderful...well...everything.

Ch9. The Chapter In Which Sirius Finds Himself Out of His Element

Sirius woke the next morning in Lily’s bed, head throbbing, body full of scratches, to the voice of a girl.

“Lily are you alright?” Christina asked Sirius from the other side of the room, “You look like you were out all night playing in the dirt.”

Sirius held back a laugh but allowed himself a smile.

“You don’t know the half of it,” he replied, stretching as he did so.

Last night had been an interesting full moon. Once he had caught up with James somewhere in the dark forest, the two of them had searched for nearly an hour before they came across Remus in his werewolf form. They ran around in the fog together, Sirius letting his animal instincts take over everything else, feeling relaxed for the first time since the switch. The three of them had never found Peter in the fog however, but Sirius felt confident that James would ask him where he was last night. When they all woke up that was.

He didn’t remember coming into the girls’ dormitory at any time, and was quite surprised to see that he had at some time dressed himself in Lily’s pink pajamas bottoms, and had found a matching tank top in the dark.

Sitting up on the bed, Sirius yawned, before asking Christina what time it was.

“It’s ten, Lily,’ she replied.

Well that’s about two hours too early, Sirius thought to himself, knowing that in the marauder’s dorm, all of the boys would be asleep until at least noon. It was the norm following a full moon adventure.

Sirius watched Christina finish up her mascara in a little mirror that she held in her hand, wearing a confused expression on his face, before talking once more.

“Why do you wear that stuff, love?”

He could have kicked himself.

Oh my God did I just call her love? he frantically thought to himself, It must be this lack of a girlfriend thing. You idiot, Sirius, act like a girl!

But Christina didn’t seem to notice as she checked to make sure that her hair was straight before putting her mirror away.

“I do it to look nice Lily. Why do you wear it? Well, besides your obvious reason, of course,” she asked as she sat down on her bed smiling, so that she was now across from Sirius.

“What do you mean my obvious reason?” he asked, curious as to what she thought. He wasn’t even aware that Lily ever wore mascara.

But then again, he didn’t even know what mascara was before quite recently.

“Well we all know that Potter is obsessed with your eyes, right? I mean he talks about them all of the time,” she started slowly wondering when Lily would catch on to where she was going with this.

“So what are you saying? That Lil…I mean I wear mascara to make my eyes stand out…so that Ja…Potter will notice them?” he asked incredulously.

This was news to him, and would definitely be front-page news to James once he told him.

“Well…oh come on Lily! You must feel a little flattered when Potter compliments you all of the time! I mean it’s James freaking Potter!” she began.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Sirius began not really wanting to have to talk about Lily’s feelings when she wasn’t even in the room. In all honesty, he had no idea how she truthfully felt about James. And he didn’t usually talk about feelings anyways. Well not with anyone other then James. “Er…I have to go to the bathroom, I’ll be right back.”

“Whatever Lils, I know the truth,” she said before packing a lipgloss into her white jean purse that was laying right next to her, as Sirius walked to the bathroom.

Five minutes later, he returned not looking any better then he had going in there, clutching his right hand as if he had touched his hand to fire or something worse.

“What the hell is that thing?” He asked Christina, still clutching his hand as if it was going to fall off from the pain at any minute.

“What happened now Lily? You’ve really been doing stupid things lately, do you know that?” she asked walking over to where Sirius was standing giving evil glares to her and to the bathroom for that matter.

“That evil snapping weapon thing on the counter burned me when I tried to move it! I mean, maybe a Slytherin put it there or something and was hoping that it would attack us when we least expected it! I think it has some permanent sticking charm on it or something because it seems to be attached to the wall,” Sirius started on his rant about the evil snapping weapon he had encountered in the bathroom.

“Lily stop! Are you serious?’ Christina asked before Sirius grabbed her by the hand and pulled her to the bathroom to show her the ‘deadly weapon’.

“There. See, it’s attached to the wall, I can’t get rid of it,” Sirius said, genuinely worried as he pointed to the thing he was afraid of.

Christina sighed as she pulled the wire that was ‘attaching the weapon to the wall’, and picked up the small object by the handle Sirius had neglected to notice on his first trip to the ‘battlefield’.

“Lily Evans, let me introduce you to my Hair Straightener,” she said, before rolling her eyes, placing the hot iron back on the counter, and exiting the bathroom.

Sirius, thinking to himself how brave girls must be to have the courage to risk being burnt by a metal rod every morning, touched the handle once as if making sure it wouldn’t bite him, and then followed Christina into the dorm room.

“I guess you learn something new every day, eh Christy?” he said, with a grin on his, or rather Lily’s, face.

“Ya sure Lily,” she said, looking over at her friend, wondering if she had actually been playing in the dirt last night. Then remembering something, she stated very fast, “Lily what are you doing! You should be getting ready!”

“What? It’s Sunday, my dear. I’m not getting ready until much, much later!” Sirius said, and then went as far as to go back under the covers of his bed. His head was throbbing even more now after his little battle with the hair straightener, and the fresh scratches from last night weren’t healed yet.

“You have to tutor that kid today, Lily! In half an hour actually and you haven’t even eaten breakfast or gotten dressed yet! She said, as she picked up her purse and walked over to the door.

Well that was something he hadn't expected.

“Wait! What? Tutor? No bloody way Christina, it’s Sunday morning and I don’t even pay attention in class in the first place anyways!” Sirius said frantically as he jumped out of the bed and searched for Lily’s book that had all of the month’s events in it.

Opening the small pink book, he sure enough saw, in Lily’s handwriting, the words Tutoring – 11:00 – Library – Third Year. under the spot that said Sunday.

Sirius, looking as if he would rather jump out of the widow to his right then go and sit in the library with some third year, ran his hands through his hair and looked at Christina frantically.

“Where are you going? Don’t make me do this,” he practically yelled, noticing for the first time that none of the other girls were in the room with them.

“I’m going down for breakfast, and then to meet our group outside by the lake. I’ll see you at twelve, right? After you’re done tutoring the kid. Don’t let him give you any crap this time, alright?”, Christina said as she turned the handle on the door, revealing the hallway that led down to the common room. “Oh and Lily? Thanks for the talk last night. I shouldn’t have broken down like that but the break-up just came as a shock I guess. I can’t believe James saw me crying! At least it wasn't Sirius...” she finished before walking out into the hallway and closing the door behind her.

Sirius stood alone in the girl’s room trying to figure out the fastest way to get ready. A week ago he would’ve killed to be alone in the girl’s dorm, but now he had no time to enjoy it as he had to get ready very fast if he wanted to be down at the library in less then half an hour.

He was glad that girl’s didn’t have to shave every single day like guys did, because he had luckily shaved Lily’s legs yesterday. He knew he wouldn’t have time to do it again if he had to today, because it had taken him an hour of grumbling about why girls have to have such long legs, to get the job done. Sirius quickly got in the shower, cursing the need of girls to use more then one type of scented shampoo at a time.

He of course was well aware of the fact that he didn't need to use the sweetly scented shampoo's, but he just kept telling himself that he had to keep up with Lily's good smells. In truth, he liked having perfumed hair that would wave in his face from time to time. Maybe liked it a little too much for his liking.

Once clean, (and smelling good), he jumped out, quickly wrapped a towel around his now small body and grabbed frantically for the brush. Then, remembering that Lily’s long hair took a very long time to dry, he reached for his wand instead and muttered the simple drying spell that he had learned the first time he and James had fallen into the lake.

Hair dry, Sirius, thoroughly annoyed by the way it kept getting in his mouth and eyes, decided to throw all of his pride away and attempt pigtails. Once he had successfully put his red hair into the tiny ponytail holders, (on the sixth try mind you), he frantically brushed his teeth as fast as he could and then reached for the vanilla lipgloss. He had decided that he didn’t have time to put on any makeup today, and was grateful that Lily didn’t need it anyways. However, he had grown fond of the vanilla lipgloss and couldn’t resist the tube just lying on the counter in front of him. Once lips fully moisturized, Sirius rolled his eyes and stepped out of the bathroom remembering that he still had a towel on and needed to pick clothes.

Running to the closet, Sirius, very excited, looked at all of the outfits that Lily owned. One of his favorite parts of being Lily was looking at all of her clothing and picking outfits that matched, for he never knew that someone could own that much fabric. Since it was Sunday, he knew that he wouldn’t have to wear the usual Gryffindor skirt that Lily always had to wear to classes. He eventually decided ten minutes later on a flowing white skirt that went past his knees, a simple black t-shirt, and black slip on sandals. Checking once more that his ‘outfit’ matched, Sirius laughed to himself wondering what James would say if he could see him now. Deciding that he didn't want to run that conversation through his head, he compromised by lowering his head in shame for his actions, honouring the unwritten 'guy code'.

Sirius then grabbed some chocolate out of Lily’s dresser that he had brought with him from the boy’s dorm when they had switched, and ate his breakfast. Once eating as much as he felt he should, he smacked another coat of lipgloss on and ran out of the door, down the hall, and into the common room. He had ten minutes until he was expected at the library so he walked straight across the room fast, but still noticing the looks the guys were giving him.

Oh God, I better never see those looks again. Curse you for being hot, Lily Sirius thought to himself as he walked through the portrait hole, stepping foot into the cold corridor.

He quickly walked towards the library remembering at the last second that he had not brought any books with him. He also realized that he didn’t know what subject he was supposed to be tutoring.

I can fake it, he said to himself. He did know quite a lot of information in all of his classes and usually did hear what the professor was teaching even while he was passing notes with James for example.

Sirius sat down at an empty table near the middle of the library and waited for this third year to come to him, since he didn’t know what they looked like. He was five minutes early anyways.

Taking a piece of paper and quill from someone at another table when they weren’t looking, he started to doodle pictures of broomsticks and chocolate. It wasn’t until he heard some girls next to him get up and leave, did he stop his drawings and realize that the student who needed tutoring should’ve been arrived ten minutes ago. Feeling slightly relieved, as it looked like the guy wasn’t coming, Sirius looked back down at his drawing.

No sooner had he done this, when he was interrupted by a sickly familiar voice. He slowly raised his head to look at the person he knew was heading for his table.

“Let’s get this over with Evans, it’s embarrassing enough that I have to sit with a Gryffindor, let alone a mudblood,” the approaching third year boy spat out as he sat across from the person he didn’t know was Sirius.

Sirius grimaced as he heard the voice that he had grown to hate. Fingers balling into fits under the table, he tried to keep his cool and move the irony of the situation into his favour.

“Didn’t you’re family ever teach you the difference between right and wrong? I mean not even your brother? I’m sure he would’ve if you had asked. Or is it that your parents don’t care that much about you to teach you that what you just said was offensive and makes you sound stupid? I’m afraid you’ve learned the wrong lessons about life, boy,” Sirius quietly said, choosing his words very carefully, wanting to get a rise out of the boy in front of him without loosing his own temper in the process.

“Don’t you ever talk about my brother to me, Evans. He was the one who learned the wrong lessons in life by never getting his priorities right. He’ll regret it eventually, just you wait,” the boy drawled, smiling at the thought of his brother getting what he thought he deserved.

“You want him to regret it, don’t you? You want him to be the wrong one for once, am I right? So that mommy and daddy will finally see you, the neglected one?” Sirius went on, not caring if he didn’t sound like Lily any more, and putting emphasis on the word neglected.

“You have no idea what I’ve been through Evans, so don’t try to begin to understand. You’ve only heard his side of the story. Everyone always used to listen to him, but not anymore. The family’s turned against him as have I. Now it’s my turn to be listened to,” he finished.

“So that’s what you want then? Attention. I should’ve known… it’s what all Slytherins want. That’s not the way to get it though and you know it. I know that you know Sirius has the right idea,” Sirius went on.

“Even if he does, I can’t back out now Evans,” he simply stated letting his mean outside character slide.

“I knew it,” Sirius said quietly before remembering that they were supposed to be here for a tutoring session, “ what did you need help with again?”

“I need to master a transfiguration spell for the next test, otherwise I’ll fail. Not that you’d care about that,” he finished and then looked around to make sure no Slytherins could see him talking to Lily Evans.

“Transfiguration, eh? My specialty,” Sirius said, feeling a little better about his so far unbelievably bad luck.

After fifteen minutes in which Sirius successfully taught the Slytherin the simple spell that he himself had mastered on his first try in third year, Sirius told him that he could go.

“Er…thanks Evans But could you not tell anyone about this? Especially Sirius? He’d turn into a madman if he found out you were tutoring me, let alone talking to me. In case you haven’t noticed, we aren’t exactly on good terms since he shut me out,” the boy asked, “and Snape would kill me,” he added as an afterthought.

“Snape! You hang around with Snape? That’s the worst thing I’ve ever heard! Stay away from that slimy git,” he warned the boy in front of him as if he felt the need to protect him.

“He’s teaching me all about dark magic and it’s making me popular with the other Slytherins. I wouldn’t stop hanging out with him for anyone. Especially not you, Evans,” he said, his mean outside persona slowly returning.

Sirius sighed as he realized that any hope there was for the boy’s redemption to the good side would be shattered thanks to Severus, his ‘new older brother’.

“Just go,” he said, wanting to get out of the presence of the Slytherin who he knew was heading down the wrong path. These thoughts always got Sirius in a bad mood and he didn’t have James this time to talk to about it.

“Give Sirius a good insult from me,” he said before turning and walking out of the library with his Slytherin arrogance that Sirius now knew was all an act to fit in and be accepted by his parents.

Sirius sat at the table alone and placed his head in his hands, feeling for the first time in a long time very mad. He was having a hard time believing that just hours before he had been worrying about Mascara, Hair Staighteners, and sleeping in. For the first time since the switch, Sirius full heartedly wanted his body back to be able to cope with his anger and work his problems out without hiding behind Lily’s body.

I should have helped you while I had the chance Regulus, he thought to himself, If only we could get out of that house….

Sirius now realized just how many problems he had on his plate at that very moment and wondered why he had decided to switch bodies with Lily in the first place. It had just taken a look through the eyes of another to realize that he had to fix his remaining problems in his life and stop ignoring them, before new ones came up, or old ones resurfaced for that matter.

Angry with himself for letting things get out of hand with his brother, Sirius slammed his hand down on the table as he thought of everything he needed to fix right away. His brother was the one family member that he even had the chance of turning good, but he had foolishly been blocking out his whole family and refusing to deal with any of them, which only left Regulus completely on his own to learn the wrong messages the family was teaching. Sirius, thinking these thoughts, was now mad at his own selfishness, and was wondering for the first time ever in his life why he had abandoned his brother so easily. And to top his feelings all off, James, the main salvation from his family, was feeling distant with him. He picked up the quill once more and wrote a list of the things he would have to deal with as soon as he had his body back.

1. Forgive Regulus and teach him the truth about the ‘Noble House of Black’.

2. Apologize to James for being distant with him and try to rebuild the much needed friendship that we had.

3. Apologize to Lily for yelling at her in the common room.

4. Find out how Lily feels for James.

5. Get Prongs his Lily.

6. Find out what Peter is up to.

7. Find a way to get out of my house. (Note: Maybe talk to James about this one).

8. Become un-addicted to Vanilla lipgloss. (*)

9. Face my fear of straightening irons.

10. Steal Remus some more chocolate.

11. Plan the best prank with James, since my wonderfully ingenious pranks are just itching to be let loose on the unsuspecting castle and students again.

12. Find a healthy way to let my stress out. (Note: screaming into pillows, wrestling with James, eating three boxes of chocolate, and sending love notes to Dumbledore from McGonagall are apparently not healthy ways).

Feeling confident in his list, Sirius folded it up and carried it out of the library. The Slytherin had painfully reminded Sirius of the family that he hated so much, wanted freedom from, and had tried to block out of his life. He was now however feeling relieved that maybe he could find ways to be a normal fifth-year boy, regardless of if he had a family or not. For he had been carrying the burden of the 'Black's' reputation for a long time now, and in secret mind you. But even if he wasn't sure that he could save his brother, he at least had his friends, and concentrating on them meant that he didn’t have to concentrate on other things. For the time being anyways.

Sirius walked back to the Gryffindor common room in hopes of finding Lily to talk about switching back, completely forgetting about meeting Christina outside by the tree, deep in thought.

What would they all say if they knew that the infamous marauder had problems in his life? Well they’ll never know. I’m a good actor. And hell, they haven’t been able to tell so far. Now where did Evans get to…

A/N Well it would seem that Sirius has learnt the lesson Dumbledore wanted him to learn about responsibility and what not...but has Lily learnt her lesson yet? What is her lesson? Will there be a switch back any time soon? And what oh what was Sirius doing picking out matching outfits?!

**In case you don't know, (but please, for the love of chocolate, tell me you caught on), the boy Sirius was tutoring was his younger brother, Regulus.**

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Chapter 10: So What Really Happened to James' Cat?!
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A/N --> lol, sorry for the lame title, it really has hardly anything to do with the chapter at all...but it's intriguing all the same, isn't it? So this takes place at the same time as the last chapter did, except this time we are following Lily around...and that Potter kid. Hope you like it! Thanks for the wonderful reviews on the last chapter, i love ya. Enjoy...

Disclaimer - I own none of the characters that you are familiar with...they are all J.K.Rowling's lovely toys. I just play with them!

Ch10. So What Really Happened to James' Cat?!

Dear Diary,

Well here’s the next instalment from ‘yours truly’. Be prepared for another four page rant because I can feel anger boiling up inside of me like lava in a friggin’ volcano. And here I go with the similes again. Lucky you. But, you’re a diary…a plain old book, so I guess you don’t really care what I write in you. Although I do recall Remus once saying something about books having feelings. Silly boy. I do feel sorry for him; I mean just think about how many precious days he spends with those monkeys, (a.k.a. marauders). No wonder he thinks the books are talking to him.

But anyways, now ‘tis the time for my rants and rage. Here’s the story. Well, the shortened version because I’m not going to write down everything that’s going through my head right now. Ok, enough pointless rambling, on with the show…or story as some like to call it…

It all started with the dress. That’s right I bought a new dress for him, but I do recall writing that already in here in another entry so we’ll skip the shopping part. So anyways, I was wearing the green dress that I had bought to impress him. What was I thinking? Well regardless of that, (because I don’t think we’ll ever find an answer for it….), I was wearing it as I stared down the stairs into the common room. And there he was. In the arms of another! And they were salsa dancing of all things! Who in their right mind salsa dances, I ask you?! You’re probably thinking that ‘he is not in his right mind’, and you are absolutely right. Sometimes I do wonder what that boy has running through his thoughts. Probably broomsticks and breasts, (excuse the language...but it must be said). I would bet on it. Stupid marauder, I should’ve known he didn’t feel for me the same way I felt for him. So the gist of what happened next involved me taking off my shoes and throwing them at his head, mad that he couldn’t be mine. I mean, I am Lily Evans after all. He should have been in love with me by now, or at least worshipping the shoes that I had just thrown at him. But no, I guess I’m not good enough for the arrogant ‘ladies man’, am I? Well during my angry run back to my dorm, I realized that I am better than him. He doesn’t deserve me anymore, I’m done playing hard to get. Maybe I’ll start hitting on one of his beloved friends. See how he likes that. Nobody rejects Lily Evans and wrecks her perfect life. He’ll learn…
Padfoot likes men…Wait, why did I write that?…Padfoot likes men……Who cares about Sirius’ sexual preference when I’m in a mood?…Padfoot likes men……Oh my God, what’s happening! There seems to be a mini earthquake in my dorm, I’ll finish this entry later…Padfoot likes men…

Lily woke with a start as she felt something whip her face, causing the bed around her to lightly shake. Not even needing to see who was holding the pillow that had been the cause of her abrupt wake up call, she pulled the covers over her head knowing that James would have to stop eventually. Wondering how Sirius ever put up with these early morning rituals, she heard James’ voice from the other side of her blanket chanting something for the whole room to hear.

“Padfoot likes men…Padfoot likes men…”

Lily quickly recalled what she now knew must have been a dream that she was having just moments before. It was obviously James who had who had interrupted her with his ‘Padfoot likes men’ serenade and had woken her from something that she could now barely remember.

I was writing something, Lily thought to herself trying to recall what exactly she had been dreaming about, and I was mad at someone. A marauder.

It was all she had time to remember when something smacked her sleepy face once more. James had started to hit her with the pillow again, stopping his chant in the process.

“Come on Sirius it’s lunchtime, let’s go get some food,” James said in-between pillow smacks. “I know you can’t resist food. Especially after that mega-adventure last night in the fog. Peter’s already down there, probably sitting by himself mind you, and Remus is still in the hospital wing. So that leaves you and me. Rise and shine!” He positively squealed to the boy he thought was his best friend under the covers.

Lily rolled her eyes from under the blanket, utterly surprised that she had been sleeping until noon. It was the first time she had slept past nine-thirty in a long time. And she hadn’t even been out all night in the fog like James thought she had been.

Being a boy was tiring work it seemed.

She made to remove the covers that were protecting her eyes, when nine simple words came into her mind out of nowhere.

…Nobody rejects Lily Evans and wrecks her perfect life.

She recognized them almost immediately from her dream and was starting to feel a little surprised and sick for saying those things. Even if it had been just a dream. Lily for one believed that dreams were her subconscious reality. Now starting to feel disgusted for sounding so arrogant and full of herself, she stared into the blackness that the blanket was creating in front of her eyes, wondering if Sirius had a point when he had yelled at her in the common room not too long ago about her arrogance.

Those nine words had been an even bigger wake up call then the smack in the face from James had been. Even if she still didn’t believe that she had a ‘big head’ as Sirius had put it, she vowed to be a little less selfish, and a little more selfless.

And I might as well actually try to make a little effort with James, she thought to herself as James hit her face with a pillow one more time, even if it is an impossible task.

She smiled as she pulled the covers off of her head and sat up on the bed, the black hair that once belonged to Sirius, sticking out in all directions.

“About time, mate,” James said as he threw his pillow back onto his own bed where he had taken it from in the first place.

Lily noticed that he was smiling too.

Or was that a smirk?

Deciding that the differences between a smile and a smirk on James Potter’s face were almost impossible to notice anymore, she yawned as she slowly stood up and stretched her arms in the air. Lily then walked over to Sirius’ trunk, found his favorite pair of jeans that he wore almost religiously on weekends, his white shirt and socks, and then walked directly and silently into the bathroom.

“Fine ignore me. See if I wait for you next time,” James threatened in a fake mad voice. Lily knew he wasn’t really mad though and that he would always wait for Sirius no matter what the circumstances.

“I’ll be out in five minutes, hold your horses, boy,” Lily replied through the now closed door to James on the other side.

“You know I don’t have horses, Siri,” James said, and Lily rolled her eyes for the second time in the ten minutes that she had been awake. “Mom thought it inappropriate to buy me a pet that was bigger then me, remember? That’s why I got stuck with that cat,” James said thoughtfully, and Lily knew that he had now sat down somewhere to wait for his friend.

“Right. Your cat,” Lily said, not knowing at all that James had a cat. He just didn’t seem like a cat person to her.

“I wonder what ever happened to her. I think we scared her off after that magic show we put on for the neighbours that one summer. Remember that? Good times, buddy,” James said as he thought about his past. It sounded to Lily like James almost wished he could go back and relive the specific day with Sirius. “Pity too, cats are so much easier to train then dogs."

Lily knew that James was trying to start a pretend fight with her, or at least get a reaction after that dog comment.

“Maybe that’s because dogs find that being told to ‘play dead’ by you isn’t exactly a fun way to spend one’s time,” Lily stated right back at James as she opened the door fully clothed, hair brushed and gelled. She stepped out into the messy room in Sirius’ snugly fit jeans to find James unsurprisingly hanging upside down off of their bunk bed.

“Finally, let’s go eat. Maybe Evans is down there, and I can force myself to apologize again about hexing Snape last week,” James said as he sat up and then jumped off of the bed not caring at all about the previous conversation. “Oh, and Peter and me were talking this morning about the new look you’ve been sporting lately,” James said with a smug look on his face as if he was trying not to laugh before the time called for it.

“What are you talking about Po…James?” Lily said as she became instantly nervous. She almost had gotten sidetracked from their conversation when he had mentioned the apology thing.

“Well you haven’t shaved in days Padfoot. Going for the motorcycling, outdoorsman look this week, are we?” He said, as he led Lily out of the room, laughing.

Now it was Lily’s turn to almost kick herself. She had completely forgotten that Sirius used to always shave his face everyday. Wondering how that little detail could have slipped her mind, she followed James out into the hall and down the stairs.

Needless to say, he still had his head back and was laughing uncontrollably as they set foot into the common room. So Lily felt the need to say something about the whole shaved look thing she had unfortunately given Sirius.

“I’m actually going for the bad boy look, James. Recent evidence has told me that girls like that sort of thing,” she said trying to put a smug look on her face like the way Sirius used to do.

“Really? Thanks for the tip,” James said as they both walked across the common room and towards the portrait hole. Lily saw James waving at a couple Gryffindors who were talking in the armchairs and found herself raise her own hand to do the same.

They walked down the hallways and Lily found herself for the first time since the switch, liking the fact that kids would actually stop in the hallways and smile if they got a mere wave from her and James. Well, Sirius Black and James that is. She could now see why the boys liked being popular, and saw that James never acted arrogant to anyone unless they came up to him first. She had never noticed that about him before.

Lily walked beside James until they had almost reached the Great Hall. Amazed at how well James could handle people gawking at him all of the time, Lily found herself interested in this non-arrogant side of James.

Even if she didn’t want to be. And she desperately didn’t want to be.

But she did and wanted to now learn more about the infamous Potter. So she mentally told herself that the next time she talked to Sirius, she would tell him that she wanted to stay switched in his body for as long as possible. Lily figured that she had secretly wanted to be able to fully enjoy the new side of James, learn the hard task of being nice to him, and learn more about the ways of the marauders since the beginning of the switch. She just couldn’t bring herself to admit it before now. She guessed that she had the desire to watch them do what they do for some reason, and now for the first time, Lily appreciated that she could be a part of their fast paced lives. Since it was so unlike her own.

In fact it was almost the polar opposite.

They entered the Great Hall after James had opened the doors. Lily followed him with one thought now on her mind.

Yes, I’ll definitely tell Sirius that we need to stay switched for a long time…


After eating as much as they thought their stomachs could hold, James, Lily, and Peter sat in a comfortable silence together in front of their empty plates.

“So does that count as breakfast or lunch, guys? I mean seeing how it is lunchtime but we never ate breakfast,” Peter asked his idols who were sitting across from him.

“It was brunch, my worm tailed friend,” James replied, a smile playing on his lips.

“I like brunch,” was all Peter said before he grabbed his wand that he had laid on the table in front of his plate and made to stand up.

“Where are you going?” Lily asked quickly before she could stop herself. She had become suspicious about Peter’s behaviour lately.

“Er…well,” Peter stuttered before mentioning something about the Library.

“Hey wait Pete, where were you last night?” James asked before Peter could scurry away, “we looked for you mate, but never found you. Remus could’ve used the extra company…it was a rough transformation,” he finished to a guilty looking Peter.

“I…er…got lost in the fog James, I tried to look for you guys though,” he said before walking away quickly.

Lily had to admit that Peter seemed to be getting better at lying to his friends.

“There’s something with that boy, James,” She said to James who looked appalled that Peter had just walked away from him mid-interrogation.

“We’ll figure it out sooner or later, Padfoot. But not now. Now it’s time for Quiddich!” He said absolutely excited with himself before jumping up and motioning for Lily to do the same.

Now it was Lily’s turn to do some quick thinking, for she had vowed to never play Quiddich again with James outside of team practices if she could.

“I’m actually going to see how Remus is doing. But I’ll catch up with you later in the common room, alright?” She said as they started walking to the doors that led out of the Great Hall.

“Suit yourself. This will give me the perfect opportunity to find Evans though. I’ve haven’t talked to her in forever, Siri,” James said, smiling as he opened the doors.

“You talked to Lily,” and she put extra emphasis on the word Lily as if to urge him to start calling her by her first name, “like two days ago. Is two days, forever, Prongs?"

“Yes. When it comes to Lily it is. I miss her, you know?” He said, surprising Lily with his sincerity.

“She’s not your girlfriend, James. You know that, right?” Lily said as they walked closer to the stairs where she would have to leave him soon in order to go to the hospital wing.

“As if I need reminding, Sirius. I get enough of that from her, on a daily basis mind you. One day she’ll love me as much as I love her. Just you wait buddy, I’ll even let you be best man at our wedding,” James said in a joking voice, even though Lily knew he was being completely serious.

They had reached the stairs and Lily was silently relieved for she didn’t know what to say now to James. He had just said that he loved her. She had foolishly thought that he had just had a silly crush on her all those years and that it would eventually fade away. But if it was love…now she really wanted to stay in Sirius’ body for as long as she was allowed. She had to find out if he was just saying that, or if it was somehow, though unbelievably, what he honestly felt.

“She’s warming up to me though, Sirius,” James continued talking as Lily stopped at the staircase, fully ready to part ways with him. “I notice these things. The little things, Padfoot. She’s totally starting to like me,” he finished, causing Lily to look up from the floor where she had been currently staring.

“What makes you say that?” she asked.

“Have you smelt her lately,” James replied, looking off into space.

That was not what Lily was expecting to hear, that was for sure.

“Excuse me? You smell her?” She asked, starting to find humour in the otherwise serious topic of conversation.

“Er…sometimes…alright yes! I smell her, ok? Is that such a crime? It’s just that she smells so good,” he said, and then went so far as to smell the air as if he was imagining her smell right at that very second.

Lily didn’t know whether to laugh or to bring the boy to a therapist.

“But I don’t understand. How does her smell have anything to do with you thinking that she’s starting to like you?” Lily asked, causing James to stop smelling the air and put on his trademark smirk.

“Well my friend, it’s simple. You may not have noticed, though how can someone not, but lately, Lily has been smelling strongly of vanilla. Ah, sweet vanilla,” he finished as to remember the smell before he continued, “Well pretty much everyone in Gryffindor has known for a long time that my most favorite smell in the whole world is vanilla.”

And with a wide smile playing across his face, he turned and set off in search of his vanilla smelling love.

Lilt stood rooted to the spot of the bottom stair she had been standing on. It was true though; everyone did know that James’ favorite smell was vanilla. And of course Sirius would know.

Sirius is going to wish he was dead, she thought to herself as she began the ascent to the floor which housed the hospital wing, and a certain amber haired friend.


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Chapter 11: Lily’s Confession and the Overdue Cornering of Peter.
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Ch.11 Lily’s Confession and the Overdue Cornering of Peter

Lily walked the stairs two at a time wanting to get to Remus as soon as possible. She was also hoping that Sirius would be there, for she felt that he deserved a good smack across his head. But as she walked up yet another flight of stairs, she quickly changed her mind about smacking Sirius as she realized that it would be altogether too weird to have to smack her own face.

As she was in the process of deciding that she’d save the slap for after Sirius got his body back, she felt someone grab her arm from behind.

Out of pure shock and reflex, Lily screamed at the top of her, or rather Sirius’, lungs, causing several students in the hallway to drop their bags in the process, and she herself to jump. She pushed the hand away that was resting on her arm, not even looking to see whom it belonged to, as she started to feel embarrassed for causing a scene.

Instantly she heard giggling replace all other sounds in the hallway.

She hated giggling.

Just as she was about to keep walking without even checking to see whom her ‘attacker’ was, she heard an all too familiar laugh come from directly behind her.

Her own.

Great, Sirius is here, she thought to herself just as she unfortunately heard him starting a clap for her little ‘episode’.

So now, once again, she was, unsurprisingly the center of attention as she turned around to face Sirius, (who was, as she noted, still clapping).

Oh, God… Lily thought as she saw Sirius mimicking to her very discretely to take a bow.

Knowing that if she didn’t do what he was telling her. he would surely do something embarrassing to her; Lily bowed to the entire hallway. Giving Sirius an evil glare, she turned on her heel and quickly walked to the nearest corner, leaving behind the clap that had started once more.

These people will clap for Sirius no matter what, she joked to herself.

She could see how it would be funny though. It must have looked like Sirius Black, co-leader of the marauders and known lady charmer, was screaming like a girl at the top of his lungs when someone had touched him. Lily laughed to herself, wondering if she had ruined a fraction of Sirius’ reputation, as she heard running footsteps coming towards her from behind. She stopped dead in her tracks letting the person catch up to her very fast.

“Thanks for bowing, Lily…got to give the people what they want,” a voice said from behind, and even without looking, Lily knew there was a smirk on the speaker’s face.

It was painfully obviously Sirius.

Lily turned her body so that she could look him in the face before exploding at him.

“Why did you grab me? It scared the life out me!” she said, her voice maybe a little louder then Sirius thought was strictly necessary.

“Got to keep life interesting, baby,” Sirius said, a wide grin on his face.

“Don’t look so cheery,” Lily said as she started walking again, Sirius on her side, “I won’t be bowing to your friends again.”

“Ya, ya, I know you liked it though,” he said and then continued talking so that Lily had no time to respond. “Look, I’ve been looking for you everywhere. We need to talk about something.”

“Ok, Sirius, now when you say ‘everywhere’, you mean that you just looked in the Gryffindor common room, didn’t you?” Lily asked in a now friendlier tone.

“I’m hurting inside. Have some faith in your best looking buddy,” he said.

“You’re only the best looking because you are in my body, Sirius,” and she stopped herself to laugh a little bit before continuing, ‘but anyways…do you want to talk about the switch? Because I’ve been wanting to talk about that as well.”

“Yep, about the switch. I was hoping we’d feel the same way about it,” Sirius said and then stopped talking fast as if waiting to hear that she agreed with him.

“And just how do we feel, Sirius?” Lily asked, quickening her pace after noticing Sirius do the same.

He answered almost instinctively as if he’d been waiting for the question the whole conversation.

“That we want to switch back, right? I mean, come on, I’m sure you’ve had more than enough of being a marauder, right? So why don’t we tell Dumbledore that we want to switch back. I mean this was just a stupid experiment, right? And besides…I miss all the attention,” he joked to Lily who knew that he was being serious despite his facial expression.

Lily was sure there was another reason that he wanted to switch back though, because she knew that Sirius loved being a girl. And she had recently become good at telling when someone was lying due to the fact that she now had to spend time with Peter.

“Er…Sirius…I actually feel the exact opposite,” she said, waiting and preparing herself for the infamous Black temper to rise.

“Good…wait, what?” he said, shocked and a little confused.

“I don’t want to switch back,’ she said, emphasizing each word and speaking slowly as if she were talking to a five year old.

“But you have to! We’re switching back, Lily,” he exclaimed, his joking voice forgotten.

“Don’t order me around, Sirius,” Lily answered immediately, her joking voice forgotten as well. “Look, we’re not switching back, alright? Give it another week…or two, maybe,” she started but didn’t get to finish her thought due to the fact that she was interrupted by Sirius whose temper was indeed rising.

Lily! You’re unbelievable! I can’t be you for another two weeks! I need to be a marauder again; I need to talk to James again…for Pete’s Sake! It’s out of the question, Lily,” he said firmly.

“Deal with it,” Lily said coldly, the conversation starting to seriously remind her of one her past fights with James.

Lily, knowing that she wouldn’t need to explain her reasons about wanting to stay switched to Sirius because he wouldn’t be listening to reason no matter what, stayed quiet and waited for his answer.

“You’re going to regret that order, Lily,” was all he said.

“I highly doubt that,’ she replied as she made to walk down the hall again.

“We’ll see,’ Sirius finished, turned, and walked off in the other direction with a mad, mischievous look in his eyes.

Lily continued walking the opposite way, leaving behind the other students who had taken to staring at the pair.

They hadn’t exactly been quiet in the hallway it seemed.

Lily shrugged off the looks she was being given as she turned one last corner and saw her destination. She then walked up to the door that would finally bring her to Remus.


Sirius flicked the red hair out of his face as he stomped down the hallway away from where Lily was going. He was thankful for the first time in his life (and probably the last) that he had put on Lily’s high-heeled boots in the morning, for he could make quite the noise stomping on the marble floors. Sirius was also stomping on the inside though. He was inwardly very mad at Lily for refusing to even talk about switching back. He knew that he was more then ready to be his charming self again, no matter how much fun it was to be a girl. But if Lily was just going to brush him off like that, then he now felt no shame in interfering with her life and giving her what he thought she deserved; a hard time.

Sirius slowed down his pace considerably and made less noise with his boots. He was thinking up ways to get back at Lily so that she’d be begging before long to switch back with him. As he turned a corner and walked into a very short hallway with two or three empty classrooms, Sirius felt somewhat happy for the first time since his encounter with Lily.

So happy in fact that he began to skip down the hallway, telling himself that it was, indeed a macho, manly skip.

Sirius reached the end of the hallway very fast seeing as it wasn’t very big to begin with, and turned a rather sharp corner waving to the portraits that were smiling at him. Apparently they had never seen Lily Evans skip down a hallway before. Not watching where he was going, and not being used to skipping with boots on (or with skipping in general), Sirius unfortunately tripped over his own left foot. And it wasn’t very graceful.

As if in very slow motion, Sirius saw the ground coming closer and closer to his shocked face and had no time to yell or call out. Just as he was about to fall straight on his, or rather Lily’s, face, he felt a strong pair of arms catch him seconds before he would have collided with the floor. It was someone who had obviously been about to turn the very same corner.

After getter over the initial shock of his ‘near-death-experience’, Sirius let out the breath he didn’t know he had been holding and looked into the eyes of the rescuer.

Well it was a boy as Sirius expected. But he had known that as soon as he had immediately recognized the hands that had grabbed him.

“Well it looks like you’re finally falling for me, Evans. I’d laugh at the irony of the situation but I’m seriously afraid you’ll slap me,” the boy said, his hair sticking out in every direction.

Sirius smiled as a plan quickly formed in his mind.

Lily’s going to hate me for this… he thought to himself as he opened his mouth to talk to the all too familiar boy who was currently holding him inches above the ground.


Remus heard the hospital door open, so he sat up in the bed he was peacefully occupying, hoping that it was one of his friends.

As the visitor entered the silent room, Remus, noticing at once the shaggy black hair, made to call out and welcome Sirius. But that was before he remembered that this person was actually Lily.

So, even if it had sounded somehow good in his mind, his welcome ended out coming out rather odd, as he had called out half of each person’s name by accident.

“Hey,” he accidentally said before making himself stop talking in fear of embarrassing himself even further in front of Lily.

“Silly? Well there’s a name I’ve never been called before,” Lily answered before smiling at the boy who’s red face she was sure could be seen clearly from any angle of the room.

“Sorry, Lily,” and he emphasized her name as if to make sure he got it correct this time, “ It’s just that it is so weird talking to you in Padfoot’s body. It’s just so…wow, I can’t even explain it, that’s how weird it is!” he said as he watched Lily walk towards him.

“Well it keeps life interesting, Remus,” she said, remembering Sirius saying something similar to her earlier.

“That it does. So what brings you here to my humblest of homes?” he said as he motioned to the room, voice full of sarcasm.

Lily quickly scanned the room and saw that there were no other students in the hospital with him. She noted the rows upon rows of empty beds, a few medicine cabinets on the far wall from them, the bright ceiling light, and then, as she gazed back in front of her, the painful looking scratches on Remus’ body.

“I came to see you of course. How are you feeling?” She asked, her eyes trailing from his face, down the curve of his neck, and onto his bare chest where a particularly nasty cut was placed. She noticed him watching her scan his chest, and shot her gaze at the floor, embarrassed to be caught staring at his body.

“I’ve never been better, Lily,” he said to Lily.

It was a lie. Lily knew that much.

Remus smiled weakly until their eyes locked once more. He was looking into the eyes of Sirius Black, but was easily picturing the round, warm, green ones instead.

“Look, I know you don’t like other people worrying about you, Remus,” Lily said after his short answer, “and we don’t have to talk about your…er…condition if you don’t want to. I understand that it’s hard for you, but know that I do worry. The way a friend should.”

Remus surveyed her through his own amber eyes, realizing what a genuinely great person she really was. He had a clear picture of her in her girl form by now in his mind and was staring as if in a trance, thinking about her red hair and the way it reflected sunlight when they would walk outside together, or her eyes. Remus loved her eyes the most, and felt it was probably because James spoke so often about them. And her lips…

Remus blinked and immediately looked guilty as if someone had caught him doing something he should not have been doing. Remembering what she had just said to him that had made him go into a sort of daydream, he replied.

“Thanks, Lily.”

He was feeling very weird and ashamed to be having thoughts about Lily and her lips, because she was his best female friend, but most importantly, because she was the interest of a certain good friend of his. Reminding himself that if Lily was to end up with anyone, it would be James, for Remus always felt himself second best to James or Sirius, he put thoughts about her out of his head, determined to never let anybody know what went on in his mind. Besides, he had told James that he would help him get Lily. But that was years ago after all…

“Most people aren’t that understanding, Lily. So thanks. Erm…so did you want to talk about anything else then? He asked as he watched his own reflection in the grey eyes.

Clearly they weren’t going to talk about anything full moon related, so Lily picked out a topic that had been on her mind lately and spoke in even tones.

“Well yes, actually. I feel like you’re the only person who I can talk to about this…er…problem that I have,” she said to an interested looking Remus.

If she had thought he had a weird expression on his face just moments before, she didn’t have time to ponder what it meant because it had now vanished and was replaced with a genuine smile.

“Really? What about Sirius? You can talk to him, you know. Oh! Which reminds me, he was just here looking for you,” he said as if were simply remembering an answer to a test question.

“Oh I…er…bumped into him in the hall on the way here actually,” she said trying to conceal a smile. “And no, I can’t talk to him. I mean not about this, he’d take sides, and I know whose side he’d take. I need your advice, Remus.”

“Alright what’s up Lily?” He asked curious, but at the same time, having a hunch as to what the subject matter was going to be about.

“James said that he loved me,” she blurted out before she could help herself, or weave it casually into the conversation.

“Ah. I was wondering how long it would take for you hear him say that,” Remus said, a slightly disappointed look on his face now.

“What do you…” but she was cut off.

“James talks to Sirius about you all the time, it was only a matter of time before you heard him go on one of his ‘Evans’ rants,” Remus said, looking as if Lily had just asked him what color grass is.

“Oh, ok. But he said love, Remus! Love. Not like, love. He has to be lying or something, I just can’t believe him,” she said, looking mildly agitated.

“Can’t believe him, Lily? Or won’t believe him?” Remus asked in a very quiet voice.

“I...I…I don’t love him back, Remus. Not even close, and I honestly thought he was getting that message.”


“Why hello James!” Sirius said in his sweetest ‘Lily’ voice to the boy who had caught him after his little skipping incident, which he vowed to never talk about again for as long as he lived.

James, thinking his damsel in distress to be Lily, bent down close to ‘her’ ear so that he could whisper something that the whole hallway would be unable to hear.

“You smell nice.”

Wow, what a line, Sirius thought to himself, mentally making a note to teach James how to pick up girls as soon as he got his body back.

Needless to say, he was indeed, smirking on the inside.

Getting a little creeped out by his friend being so close to him, Sirius found his feet at last and stood up with a little help from James who looked as if he didn’t want to let go of ‘Lily’.

After making sure his skirt was pulled down, Sirius raised his eyes to meet James’, a fully formed plan ready to be put into action.

“Walk with me, Prongs,” he said as he turned to walk down a hallway on their right.

Let operation ‘get-lily-so-mad-that-she-will-beg-me-to-switch-back’ begin Sirius thought as he smiled at the sight of James following him like a puppy dog.

They walked down the hallway, which surprisingly enough turned out to be deserted, in silence for about a minute. Sirius knew that James couldn’t stand silences, so he didn’t have to bother with starting a conversation, knowing that his friend would. He was just waiting for James to ask a particular question that he knew was coming at any minute.

“Want to go to Hogsmead with me, Evans?” James asked, breaking the short silence.

I know you too well, Prongs, Sirius thought in his head.

And he watched James wiggle his eyebrows at him.

It took every inch of Sirius’ strength and will power not to laugh at his best friend.

If only you know what you were doing, James, if only.

Thinking up a reply, Sirius took the conversation into his own hands.

“Well that was nicer then the usual ‘if you’re good to me then I’ll let you tag along’ line you usually use,” Sirius said, the corners of his mouth slightly switching.

James was now looking utterly surprised that he had not been smacked in the face yet, and had even taken a step backwards when he had ‘popped the question’

“Erm…well I had to try a new strategy with you, didn’t I? Obviously my first hundred plans failed,” he said promptly as if it were a fact.

“James, I’m not a Quidditch match,” Sirius said feeling that he was sounding like Lily even against his better judgement.

And when James looked fittingly confused by this last statement, Sirius ploughed on.

“You don’t have to strategize,” he explained to his friend who was never this slow to pick up on most things.

Choosing to ignore this last statement (a wise choice as Sirius could have talked about it at random for a very long time), James directed the conversation back to the original topic. Not very discreetly either.

“So what do you say?” Come to Hogsmead with me!” He asked, in a ordering kind of way.

Not even needing a second to think about his answer, Sirius responded.

“Yes, I’d love to come,” he replied as he smiled at James before walking around yet another corner, keeping his laughter to himself.

That should teach her, he thought, knowing that the real Lily would have never agreed to go to Hogsmead with James and was bound to be mad. He didn’t even care that it would probably be the most awkward day in his life when the time came, he just wanted Lily to see that she if didn’t change back with him soon, he would change her life however he saw fit.

Deciding to take his ‘get-lily-so-mad-that-she-will-beg-me-to-switch-back’ plan (hereafter known as GLSMTSWBMTSB), one step further for the day, Sirius slowed down his pace so that they were walking casually beside one another before he blurted out suddenly;

“Sirius hit on me today!”

James laughed.

“I don’t believe you…Padfoot knows that I lik…erm…well he wouldn’t do that,” James said in a ‘would be’ convincing voice.

“Well, he put on his ‘Sirius Black charm’ and tried to chat me up. I think you should talk to him about it because he told me that you really, really don’t like me anymore, and that you never want to be friends,” Sirius said amazed by how easily he could come up with the back-story.

“He…what?” James said, looking extremely shocked.

And Sirius could see the anger starting his eyes. He didn’t want to make his friend mad, but he desperately wanted his own body back. He was thinking up any way he could that would make Lily mad at this point. And besides, he’d explain to James later anyways.

“So…ya. Just thought you’d like to know,” Sirius finished.

They turned down what felt like the fiftieth hallway lined with several classrooms that they assumed to be empty.

“I’m going to have words with Sirius, all right,” James finally said.

Excellent, let’s see Lily talk her way out of this one, Sirius thought to himself, knowing that when James’ temper got the better of him, he wasn’t exactly fun to be around or easy to handle for that matter unless you knew exactly how to deal with him. And Lily did not. She’d be asking to switch back tomorrow.

“But why do you care that this would anger me anyways, Lily?” James asked, “I think you’ve made it painfully clear that you don’t want to be friends.”

“Yet you still follow me around every second of every day,” Sirius said trying his best to think like Lily would.

“Potter family motto; never give up on something you really want,” James recited.

Sirius chose not to respond after the ‘Potter family motto’ comment, having already known that little fact about James’ family. He knew that it wasn’t just a line and that it was truthfully and sadly the actual Potter motto.

They were almost at the end of the hallway when they heard whispered voices coming from the last door on the right of where they were passing.

James looked at Sirius, (who he thought was Lily), then whispered, “I wonder who it is and what they’re up to. Let’s check it out! You can give them detention, Lily, if you so desire…but only if they’re up to no good that is,” before creeping over to the door which was open just a crack.

A crack just big enough to let voices carry through nonetheless.

James was now in his element. He was obviously ecstatic about the thought of catching whom he deemed ‘fellow mischief makers’.

Sirius followed behind a grinning James before unfortunately speaking without thinking first. He too was getting slightly excited about the fact of finding out who was being so secretive in the room. For he was in his element as well, and had conveniently forgotten that this was not one of their Padfoot and Prongs adventures.

“Just use the map,” he whispered to James who had frozen at the words.

“How do you know about the map? There is no map, Lily,” he said quickly hoping to brush off the subject.

Oh God, Sirius thought as he was brought back to reality, remembering that James thought him to be Lily at the moment, not Sirius.

“Erm…” Sirius said, not able to think up a good enough excuse for the first time in his life.

“Whatever, forget about it, alright? Who would carry a map around anyways?” James said as he stepped as close to the slightly open door as he could, putting his ear to the opening.

Sirius had to give James credit for not spilling the beans about the map to whom he thought was Lily. It would have been the perfect opportunity to show off, and Sirius knew that James would have liked nothing better then to show Lily all of the advanced magic they had put into the map.

He smiled in spite of himself.

And another thought came to the front of his mind. A more random one though. He had just realized for the first time that he was a prefect and could give out detentions to whomever he pleased.

And his smile only widened as he too pressed his ear to the door and watched James’ body go tense beside him.

He’s probably not used to being this close to Lily, Sirius thought, or for going so long without being physically injured.

He couldn’t keep the smile off of his face no matter how hard he tried. Being with James again, no matter the circumstances, made him happy.

A pair of first years walked past them, took one sight of their beloved James Potter and equally loved prefect Lily Evans in a position that looked as if their ears had been glued to the door, and walked in the opposite direction. Very fast. No doubt worrying for the two fifth years’ sanity.

Sirius shrugged it off and noticed that he finally was able to hear what the whispers were saying. Realizing that James seemed to have noticed that too, they both stood immensely quiet, ears on the door, listening.

“Show them were your true loyalties lie, already!” A deep voice said slowly, obviously to someone else who was in the room.

James glanced at Sirius before they both heard another low voice similar to the first, but belonging to a different person. The person seemed a little older then the first as well.

“Yes. Tell the Gryffindor trash, who you unfortunately got sorted with.”

“You do know that a lot of Gryffindor’s are purebloods, don’t you?” A third voice said a little quieter then the first two.

Sirius recognized this quieter voice at once almost as if someone had yelled the name in his ear. So did James it seemed.

It was Peter.

“Don’t talk back to me. If you’re referring to Potter and Black here, then you’ve got no argument. They’re the two biggest blood traitoring idiots in the school.” It was the voice of the first boy who had spoken again.

Sirius felt James shift beside him and saw that he had taken out his wand. Sirius, completely confused with what their familiar Gryffindor was doing with who he now recognized as Snape and Lucius, was surprised to find his own hand tightly clutching his wand as well.

“Look, just do what we told you to do, and then we’ll meet back here again in a week, alright? And try not to let your feelings interfere this time, because we won’t be so nice next time! We are your true friends, we can guarantee you protection,” Lucius said as if he were talking to a child.

As soon as he paused to take a breath, Sirius felt the door in front of him swing open. James had walked into the room, twiddling his wand in-between his fingers easily, obviously wanting some answers. He wasn’t normally one to sit on the sidelines it seemed.

Lily?” he said, as to announce their presence, “beautiful day, isn’t it?”

He then rounded on Snape, his biggest enemy in Hogwarts. The tone in his voice changed very, very fast.

“Can’t get your own friends so you have to steal mine, Snivellus?” James said, wand drawn, smirk planted firmly on his face.

“Potter! Don’t stick your over inflated head into things that are above you. We’re done here,” Lucius said as if he actually thought that the conversation would end there.

He made to walk to the door completely ignoring who he thought was Lily standing next to James. But he did however notice the she seemed to have the same look of hate on her face as James did, which was unlike her.

“Remember what we said, Pettigrew,” Snape addressed Peter before turning to James, “watch you’re back Potter, you’ll never know what hit you.”

And he followed Snape out into the hallway, leaving James, Sirius, and a very nervous looking Peter in his wake.

Sirius had been tempted to start yelling and questioning Peter, but soon remembered that he had to act like Lily, and with much difficulty, held his tongue. He knew James would been it anyways in a matter of seconds. And sure enough, Sirius watched James raise his eyebrows and look Peter directly in the eyes.

“Peter…what the hell?”


“You don’t even like James a little bit, Lily? I mean that’s hard to believe, because almost every other girl in the school fawns over him,” Remus said, trying to smile at this sensitive subject.

“I’m sorry Remus, but I just don’t. Not yet, at least. I’ve been hanging out with him a lot lately, and I admit that he isn’t as horrible a person as I used to think. And I think that I want to try being friends with him, Remus. But I’m not honestly sure if I can handle James for a boyfriend. I mean I’ve hated him for the past five years! It’s hard to forgive and forget, you know? No matter how funny, or interesting he seems to be now, he’s still James. James freakin’ Potter! Some memories run deep. And besides, this new side of him has come at a rather bad time because I actually…well…” And she paused, knowing that if wanted to tell him what she was about to, she had to do it now. And she wanted him to know, he would understand. “Er…well ok, I like…I think that I may have feelings for…a…a…different marauder,” she said very slowly carefully looking at her shoes, (which were actually Sirius’).

“I had a hunch you fancied Sirius!” Remus exclaimed, jumping to the most logical conclusion he could think of. After all, if was pretty strange for him to hear someone who looked and sounded exactly like Sirius Black saying that they liked a marauder, and still be able to keep his wits about him.

“Well, actually…it’s not Sirius who I think I fancy, Remus,” she said as she avoided his gaze another time.

“Peter then? I mean he’s never been one with the ladies, but if…” he started but was cut off suddenly by Lily.

“No, not Peter either,” she said.

And they sat in an uncomfortable silence for a very long and painful minute before Remus, who had been staring at his bed sheets, found his voice at last.


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Chapter 12: Last I checked, the Term ‘Marauder’ Applies to You Too.
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Ch.12 Last I checked, the Term ‘Marauder’ Applies to You Too.

“You guys will never believe what just happened!” James Potter exclaimed as he came bursting through the hospital wing door, hands flying and out of breath.

Lily quickly stood up off the end of Remus’ bed where she had just been sitting, as if afraid that James would guess her secret if he found her anywhere near Remus. With a quick glance over at the bedridden werewolf, she was not pleased to see that he had a guilty look on his face as he tried his best to smile at his hyper friend who had just come through the door.

When James got no response from either of the two, he walked closer to them and then lowered his voice so that only Lily and Remus could hear him.

“Is there anyone else in here, you guys? We’ve got some marauder business to discuss,” he said as he looked around the room himself.

Lily made to walk to the door, forgetting that she was a marauder and would be part of the discussion, and had almost made it there before James rounded on her.

“Sirius, where are you going? Last I checked, the term ‘marauder’ applies to you too,” he said, maybe a little colder then what was necessary.

Lily stopped dead in her tracks trying to think of something to say. She was a little shocked to hear James talk to his best friend like that, and wondered why he seemed to have such a short temper with her all of a sudden.

“James,” Remus started and then gave Lily a look that told her to just act like nothing was wrong, “no, there’s no one else in the room, me and Sirius were just having a conversation before you showed up. But it’s alright, we’ll finish it later.”

Lily noticed that Remus’ guilty look had vanished, but she could also tell that he was still thinking about what she had just said to him.

’I think that I may have feelings for…a…a…different marauder.’.

The words kept playing over and over in her mind and each time she heard herself say them, the more she got embarrassed with herself for actually telling Remus. By now Lily was thinking of herself as an idiot, especially since all Remus had said was ‘oh’ after her little confession, but she tried to put the conversation out of her mind until James left, at the very least. He was already suspicious of her enough, especially as she had almost walked out of the hospital room forgetting that she was supposed to be Sirius, so she figured she would need to devote her full attention to being a marauder at the moment.

Lily looked at James who seemed satisfied with the answer that his friend had given him a moment before and reminded herself to thank Remus for acting so calm and innocent. Lily could tell that he knew how to handle James. Knew what to say to him.

‘They don’t call him a marauder for nothing,’ she thought to herself before she was interrupted by James once more.

“So anyways, before Sirius almost ditched us here,” and he paused to glance over at Lily who once again wondered why he was acting the way he was to his friend, “I was going to tell you guys something really important,” he finished and sat down on the foot of the bed as he did so.

Lily took this as her queue to walk over and sit down on the bed as well, but in a position so that she wouldn’t have to look Remus in the eyes. She didn’t think she could stand the humiliation.

“So what is it, Prongs?” she asked in her most innocent Sirius voice.

James opened his mouth to speak before he closed it right away as soon as he had heard himself being called Prongs. It was as if he had just realized something important that he had missed before. After the look of realization left his face, Lily watched a huge grin spread across it.

“What are you smiling about now?” Lily asked James, watching his smile just grow wider as she did so.

“Lily…she just…in the hallway…,” he said, getting the look on his face that told Lily that he was really happy.

Oh no, what did Sirius do?, Lily thought frantically to herself.

Remus seemed to be thinking along the same lines because he posed the question that Lily didn’t want to know the answer to.

“What did Lily just do in the hallway, James?” Remus asked slowly, in a caring voice.

James turned to look at Remus, ready to burst with happiness.

“I didn’t realize it until now, but she called me ‘Prongs’!” he said with a confident, smug look on his face.

“He what?!” Lily said, knowing that Sirius wouldn’t just let something like that slip accidentally in the hallway.

She, Sirius,” Remus said looking up at her, laughing as he did so, “Lily is a girl. We say she, not he.”

Keep laughing Remus. Lily found herself thinking, as she glared at him as if daring him to keep going.

“Having a gender crisis are we, Sirius” James said as he too joined in on the laughter. It seemed his bad mood had passed all of a sudden.

“You don’t know the half of it,” Lily found herself saying, a little upset that Remus was teasing her.

“Well anyways, that’s not what I came to talk to you guys about actually, even though I’ve got more to tell you about my walk with Evans,” James said as he looked back and forth between his two best friends.

“It’s Lily,” Lily said, getting frustrated by the fact that James kept calling her by her last name.

“Since when do you care about anyone’s feelings, Sirius? James snapped back at her.

Great, his bad mood is back, Lily thought to herself, trying to remember if she had done anything to upset James without meaning to.

“James, just lay off him for a minute and tell us what you came here to tell us in the first place,” Remus said, not liking James’ tone of voice at the moment, and wanting to take the subject off of James’ love for Lily.

“Alright listen to this! Me and Lily were just walking down a deserted hallway together talking,” he started.

Oh God, Lily thought to herself trying not to picture what Sirius could possibly have been talking to him about.

“And then we heard voices coming from a classroom –“ he said before Lily cut him off.

“No way. You heard people talking in a classroom…at a school?!” Lily found herself mocking. If James was going to be angry with her, then she was going to be angry right back at him.

“If you don’t care what I have to say, then just leave, Sirius,’ James said before he was interrupted by Remus this time.

“Ok, just stop. I don’t know what’s with you guys,” he said, “Sirius! We were just talking and you weren’t mad at James then,” he said and then shifted very uncomfortably at bringing up the conversation he had been having with Lily before James had arrived.

“Well if James is going to be mean to me, then I’m naturally going to have a little problem with that,” Lily said as in response to what Remus had just said.

“Well you should have been prepared for this after what you did,” James said almost immediately back at her.

“After I did what? God Pott...James, why would I do anything that would anger you?” she said, knowing that Sirius wouldn’t do anything to ever make James this mad at him.

“Enough!” It was Remus again; “you guys can talk this out later. The nurse if going to be back at any minute. Who was in the classroom, James?” he forcefully asked, stopping the fight that he could tell was coming. He didn’t’ know how long Lily could resist yelling at James anyways, and thought it best not to find out at the moment.

“Peter!” He exclaimed, turning to talk directly to Remus.

Lily instantly became interested, for she had been wondering for a long time now what Peter was up to.

“Well what was he doing in a classroom alone then?” Remus asked, obviously just as interested as Lily.

“He wasn’t alone. Get this, we found him with Malfoy and Snivellus!” James said, looking anxiously at Remus’ eyes for his reaction.

But it was Lily who got her words out first.

“What? What were they talking about?” she asked, getting very curious at this point and forgetting that she was supposed to be mad at James.

“Well, Padfoot,” and he put extra emphasis on the nickname before continuing, “I think they were threatening him or something.”

And within the next five minutes, James had told Lily and Remus exactly what he had heard in the classroom.

“And then Snape told me to watch my back, the slimy git,” he said, watching Remus nod in agreement, knowing that he wanted him to continue, “Well anyways, I cornered Peter after they left and –“

But at that moment the school nurse entered the room with a student who they learned had fallen off of his broom and had broken his arm.

As they watched the nurse show the boy to a bed where she could check what damage had been done to his arm, James spoke in a whisper with a disgusted look on his face.

“What kind of idiot falls off his broom?” he asked Remus before adding, “but no worries. We’ll finish this conversation later. Will you be out of here before 9:00 tonight Moony?” James asked.

“I should be, why?” Remus asked.

“Well, when I was walking Lily back to the common room, she told me about the Truth or Dare game that you two supposedly had planned a while ago,” he said with an evident smirk on his face.

“Oh, right. That,” Remus said.

“Well she scheduled the game tonight at 9:00. So, ya it should be fun, right?” he asked.

“You know I can’t resist a good game of Truth or Dare, Prongs,” Remus said giving him a smile and a mischievous look.

“That’s my boy,” James said as he stood up and announced that he would leave Remus to his rest.

“Wait! What are we going to do about Wormtail?” Remus asked after checking to see if the nurse and boy were listening. He figured they were which is why he had said Wormtail instead of Peter.

“Don’t worry, I’ll think of something,” James said, his leadership qualities showing as he said this. “I hope you feel better by tonight, Moony, because I know how rough it can be for you after a transformation. I’ll be in the common room waiting for you, alright?”

By this time he had reached the hospital door and was getting ready to walk through it.

“Thanks, Prongs,” Remus said.

“Catch you later, Remus,” he said and he left the hospital, letting the door close behind him.

Lily, who had been silent since she figured she was right in assuming that James was still mad at her as he hadn’t acknowledged her, or rather, Sirius’, presence when he had left, looked at Remus.

She didn’t know what to say as the silence grew around them. Remus, she noticed, looked guilty and embarrassed, which was exactly what she was feeling on the inside.

Wanting the get out of the awkward situation, Lily stood up off of the bed and spoke to Remus who hadn’t made eye contact with her since James had left.

“Look, I should go after him. Find out why he’s so mad at Sirius,” Lily said as she looked into his gray eyes.

“Good idea,” he said before he added, “look, about before –“

“Don’t Remus. I was being stupid, I shouldn’t have told you that. I know what you won’t want to jeopardize your friendship with James over a girl. So, just forget that I ever said anything,” Lily said as she slowly walked through the hospital wing door.

Just as the door was about to close behind her however, she heard Remus’ voice one last time.

“Lily, I like you too.”

The door then clicked shut but Lily had heard the words nonetheless.

Feeling oddly happy, especially at picturing the looks that nurse and boy must have been giving Remus at this point, she ran through the halls until she caught up with James, feeling ready for whatever he’d say to her.

“James wait up,” she said and she knew that he had heard her because he had stopped walking and was slowly turning around.

Chapter 13: It’s Like Wearing Shorts Under Your Pants
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A/N -> Phew! This chapter is sooo long, I'm sorry, but just think of it as two chapters, ok?! Ok?! Now you see why I had to split it apart from chapter 12? Ah, good, you can be taught. Everyone who reviewed on the last chapter - I heart you. I write for you. Thanks! I hope you enjoy this's one of my personal favorites. to the 'Truth or Dare' part of the chapter...I've read sooo many stories where the marauders play Truth or Dare and I get quite annoyed by the things that they have to do. Cuz they just don't seem very reasonable, you know? I didn't want to make mine unreasonable just for the sake of a laugh. it is. Inspired by real life Truth or Dare games that I have been a part of...and maybe some stuff from my imagination. Hope you enjoy.

Disclaimer - I take no credit for anything Harry Potter. It all belongs to J. K. Rowling.

*This chapter is dedicated to Albus Dumbledore, the best headmaster Hogwarts has ever seen, for...well I think you know why.*

Ch.13 It’s Like Wearing Shorts Under Your Pants

“What do you want, Sirius?” the question seemed to be asked as if the questioner didn’t really care to hear the answer but was just trying to be polite for the sake of staying calm.

James clearly didn’t want to talk to his friend at the moment, but Lily wasn’t going to let him get away so easily.

“What’s up with you? Why are you acting like a Slytherin whenever you talk to me?” she asked, knowing that James would get upset at that.

“You want to talk about it? Fine, we’ll talk. What did you tell Lily?” he asked, making eye contact with her for the first time.

They were standing the middle of the hallway facing each other, letting other students walk around then.

“Nothing,” Lily said, knowing that he wouldn’t believe her, and also thinking to herself that she should have realized that his problem was going to be a about his obsession. Her.

“Oh, ya right. She told me that you hit on her. And that you said I never wanted to be friends with her, ever! I thought that when you told me years ago that you would ‘never do anything to make me mad at you’, that you were being serious, Padfoot!”

Oh, Sirius is good, Lily thought, knowing that Sirius had only said all of that stuff to James to get her to want to change back with him. Not today, Padfoot. If he thought that she didn’t know by now how to deal with James, he was wrong.

“Prongs! I’m your best friend and you’re mine. You think that I don’t know about your feelings for Lily? I would never say that to her, or hit on her for that matter. Ever. You’ve got to trust me here, buddy. I value your friendship too much, I’m afraid,” she said evenly.

Lily was lying through her teeth.

James looked taken aback and out of his element now after hearing what ‘Sirius’ had just said.

“You mean…you never…,” he stuttered.

“I never,” Lily said and then smiled, letting James know that it was all ok between him and his friend.

“Sorry, Pads,” James said and then brought his hand up to ruffle his own hair.

“It’s all good,” Lily answered, “even the best of friends fight sometimes. But usually they get all of the facts first,” she added.

When she got no response from James, she spoke again.

“Shall we go back to the common room or something?” She asked.

“Good idea, mate,” James said as his attitude completely changed. He looked much better now that he wasn’t mad at his friend. He apparently didn’t have any experience fighting with Sirius, and it had shown in his appearance and mannerisms.

He turned around to start leading the way and walked two steps before stopping dead in his tracks. Turning around, he walked back to where the person he thought to be Sirius was standing.

James, unexpected to Lily, wrapped his arms around her and gave her a brotherly hug.

After they separated, they walked back to the Gryffindor common room, no words needing to be shared, and waited for Remus to come and join them.


A couple of hours later, Remus walked through the door to the ‘Marauders’ Lair’ (their dormitory), looking as weak as ever, but a lot better then he had been previously.

Lily was currently sitting on the floor reading something, and James it seemed was sleeping. Remus, not wanting to disturb them, found his own book, waved at Lily nervously, and then went to his own bed to read.


“Here, Sirius” James said, throwing him a pair of red silk boxers as he did so.

James had long since woken up, greeted Remus, gone down for dinner with his friends, come back up to the lair and was now telling his friends that they needed to get ready for the event that would be taking place at 9:00.

“Erm…what exactly are these for? I thought we were playing Truth or Dare,” Lily asked, getting a bit worried.

“Oh, come on Padfoot. You know better then me that the girls are going to dare one of us to strip down to our boxers. Girls always dare that,” he said that.

Well this was news to Lily.

“And how exactly do you figure that?” she asked a little amused by James’ confidence.

She could hear Remus snickering in the corner.

“Care to make a bet on it?” James asked.

“Fine,” said Lily, feeling that she knew the fifth year girls a little better than James did.

“Alright, good. Loser has to break out into the song and dance of their choice whenever the winner snaps their fingers,” he said, as if he had been planning what he had been going to say since the morning.

Lily gave him an ‘are you insane’ look, before smiling and answering.

“Deal. You better start stretching now though, because you’re going to be dancing a lot tonight, Prongs.” Lily said as looked down and noticed that the boxers were still in her hand, “But I still don’t understand why I can’t just wear my own boxers…” she finished, giving James a raised eyebrow as she did so.

“Are you kidding me? Put on the red ones, the girls will love you. Trust me,” he said as he headed to the bathroom to change into a matching pair of boxers in white opposed to the red ones that Lily now held in her hand.

As soon as he had shut the bathroom door, Lily turned to Remus who had been silent throughout the whole conversation to see him badly trying to conceal laughter. As soon as he noticed her turn to him, the laughing stopped and the mood in the room became one of awkwardness.

Lily, deciding that she could act comfortable with him if she put on an act, put the burning feeling of mortification out of her mind. She wasn’t used to telling boys that she liked them, and knew that Remus wasn’t used to telling girls that he liked them either. But she knew that he still had more experience then her.

He was, after all, a marauder.

Lily tried to speak as if she were just talking to a good friend.

“You know, I still don’t know why you guys have to wear such long boxers under your clothes. It’s totally not comfortable. I mean, it’s like wearing shorts under your pants,” Lily said as she picked up the silk boxers and examined them.

“Lily,” he said in a whisper so that James couldn’t hear him, “it’s exactly like wearing shorts under your pants,” and he broke out into a grin again.

Lily, worried that things were going to be unbearably weird between her and Remus after their little discussion in the hospital wing, watched his eyes light up as he spoke to her, before talking again.

“Since when do you guys share boxers?” she teased.

“Just put them on,” he said avoiding the weird subject.

“By the way Remus, a couple days ago, James threatened to show the rest of the Gryffindors Sirius’ special boxers,” and she paused to laugh, “do you happen to know where said boxers are?”

“Just put the red ones on. Sirius would kill me if I showed them to you,” Remus answered with a secret smile on his face now.

Just at that moment, James exited the bathroom looking exactly the same as when he had entered it. Only Lily and Remus knew that he had changed into his white boxers.

Lily instantly rose from the floor where she had been sitting, cast one more look at Remus who was lying on his bed with the same loopy smile plastered all over his face, and felt a strong jolt go through her stomach as she did so before she walked over to the bathroom and shut the door.

She found that once she was in the bathroom, she couldn’t hear any sounds coming from the other side where the boys were talking and that the weird sensation in her stomach seemed to have now vanished.

Putting on the red boxers as quickly as humanly possibly, (and feeling stupid just doing so), Lily was soon out of the bathroom and caught the end of Remus and James’ conversation.

“I told the idiot rat not to talk to us for a while. Not until we find out what he’s up to, or until he tells us what they wanted with him, at least. I mean, come on Moony, what on earth would Snape and Malfoy want with Peter?” James was saying.

“Maybe Peter went willingly, Prongs,” Remus said quietly, “Maybe he’s just, I don’t know, had enough of us or something.”

“This is Peter we’re talking about, Remus. He wouldn’t betray us. We’re his friends!” James was saying.

“But still James. Maybe we shouldn’t be so trusting. Not everyone values friendship above everything else like me, you and Sirius do,” Remus answered thoughtfully.

“He’s a marauder. That’s all that needs to be said. Wormtail wouldn’t do anything to hurt us, especially behind our backs. He’s never been as intelligent anyways as the rest of us, right? I mean, he’d have a hard time keeping something like this from us, wouldn’t he?” he asked Remus, looking for reassurance in his theory.

Lily felt it was time to let her presence be known.

“He is a rat, you guys,” she said, letting the two know that she was back in the room, “is that just a coincidence?”

“Welcome back, Padfoot,” James said, standing up from where he was sitting on the floor, “don’t worry, you guys. Peter will come to his senses eventually.”

Remus got up to and the three of them then walked out of the dorm, ready to start the game that was waiting for them in the common room, putting all thoughts of Peter, rats, or trust out of their minds until later.


James, Lily, and Remus walked down the staircase with the red carpet at exactly five minutes to nine. They were expecting to see more people in the common room then usual but were shocked to see what looked like every single person that had gotten sorted into Gryffindor in every year, sitting together in the room.

“I thought you said that it was just going to be the fifth years playing?” Lily asked James as they walked through the crowd until they found a place to sit together on the floor near the fire.

“Did I? Well, everybody from every year is playing Truth or Dare tonight, Sirius,” James said.

Remus, noticing the confused look on Lily’s, or rather, Sirius’ face, tried to explain better what James had not.

“Each year will be playing a different game though. So we’ll only be playing with the other fifth years. Get it?” he said, and then smiled as Lily gave a look of understanding.

Looking around the room, Lily saw that everyone was looking very excited, but not one hundred percent sure about what was going on. Just as she felt. She couldn’t believe that Sirius had organized something like this without telling her, and wondered what he had bribed Dumbledore with to get away with forcing every Gryffindor to play a game of Truth or Dare. She also had a bad feeling that Sirius was going to do something that she wouldn’t approve of, since she now knew that he wanted to switch back with her and was angry with her for point blank refusing.

Lily saw Remus stand up beside her.

“Where exactly are you going?” She asked him, grabbing his pant leg as she did so to stop him from walking, but quickly released it when she noticed that every Gryffindor sitting by her was staring at them.

“Erm…I’ve got to go introduce the game. With Lily,” Remus answered and pointed to ‘Lily’, who was really Sirius, and who was standing on a chair ready to start speaking.

“Right,” the real Lily answered as she watched Remus go over to the chair Sirius was standing on. Sirius pulled Remus up so that they were both standing on the cushioned chair.

We don’t look that bad together, Lily thought to herself as she looked at Remus standing next to her body on the chair. James interrupted her thoughts however.

“Doesn’t Moony look uncomfortable that close to Lily?” James joked and laughed, which caused several first years around him to laugh as well even though they hadn’t heard a word of what he had just said.

And it was true. Remus looked very uncomfortable standing on a chair that close to what looked to be Lily. But Lily felt that she would have been uncomfortable too if she were standing next to one of her best friends in the body of the opposite sex.

“Welcome!” Sirius said from up on the couch, causing the laughter, whispers and general noise to stop.

Everyone always listened to Lily when she spoke and it seemed that tonight was no different.

“You’re probably wondering why you’re all here, if you don’t already know that is,’ Remus added with a smile.

He always got just as much respect as Lily did from the other Gryffindors, but Lily wasn’t sure if that was just because he was a marauder.

“We have told you all to meet us here tonight for a rousing game of Truth or Dare!” Sirius chimed in, cutting straight to the chase and not wasting any time.

At once, the whispers started up again from anyone who had not been informed as to why they were all crammed in the common room.

“Dumbledore’s orders,” he added, positively beaming at this point, and not looking like the usual Lily Evans that the Gryffindors were used to.

Everyone seemed to look to Remus for him to confirm what ‘Lily’ had just said. He nodded, and the whispers got more intense.

“I told you that Dumbledore was a past marauder!” James shouted from the back where he and Lily were sitting. It caused everyone to laugh, and the whispers lessoned as they all turned instead to the two prefects on the chair, wanting more information.

“Alright,” Remus began, “we are going to split up into seven groups,” he said and then held up his hand to stop the whispers that were starting again, “don’t even bother trying to pick groups right now, because they are already decided. You will be playing with the other Gryffindor’s in your year.”

“That’s right, Remus,” Sirius agreed, a mischievous look on his face now, “now the only rules are this. You may dare whatever you want, but if you fail to complete a dare, then you are out of the game and will have to just sit out and watch. And who wants to miss out on the fun?” he said, paused for dramatic effect and then continued, “now as to the truth part…well it’s going to be a little different. Remus and me have tampered a bit with the potion known as Veritaserum.” But he stopped as everyone had annoyingly started whispering again.

Lily was actually quite shocked herself that she had not known that Remus and Sirius were meeting to brew potions. She guessed that they must have been meeting at night when no one else was awake.

What marauders… she thought, before she saw Sirius getting ready to speak again.

“Don’t you lot worry. It’s perfectly fine and safe. And here’s how it works. If you pick truth, then you have to down a sip of the potion, which will be given to each group in their own cauldron. It will make the drinker unable to lie for about two minutes. So the person asking the question will have to ask quickly. And, even though this is obvious, know that you cannot possibly lie, so if you do pick ‘truth’ then you have to be brave and willing to answer whatever question you get asked. I think that’s pretty much it, don’t you think, Remus?” Sirius finished, the smile never having left his face.

“Yes, that’s pretty much it. This game is for uniting us all, and to have fun. So go ahead and try to get to know your fellow Gryffindors through this.” Remus said.

“Oh, and who ever is left still playing at the end of the games, meaning that they didn’t refuse a dare so they haven’t been eliminated, will have bragging rights for as long as they want and are encouraged to rub it in to anyone they deem worthy.” Sirius finished, got a holler of appreciation from James who was looking admirably at ‘Lily’ up on the chair.

“Alright, so just split up into your groups and start the game!” Remus said, and him and Sirius got off of the cushion and walked over to the fire where the rest of the fifth years were gathering around James and ‘Sirius’.

Lily saw Sirius pull out some vanilla lip-gloss, coat his lips, and then sit down right next to her best friend Christina Conroy, looking a little overly excited. Lily greatly resisted the urge to roll her eyes and then moved back closer to James, so that the rest of the fifth years could join their circle. Remus sat down next to her and she instantly tensed up.

Peter, they noticed was sitting on the opposite side of the circle. Lily knew that everybody wondered why it seemed that the marauders were now down to three, but only they themselves, Lily included, knew that Peter was sitting away from them because James had told him not to talk to them until he admitted the truth about what he was doing or being asked to do. Clearly, he hadn’t told them yet.

Remus took out his wand after noticing that everybody seemed to sitting within the right circles, which were now scattered around the common room, and muttered something to himself as he flicked his wand. Instantly, seven bubbling cauldrons full of a clear liquid appeared in the middle of each circle. It was obviously the Veritaserum, but also the signal to begin the games.

“Alright, so who wants to go first?” Sirius asked his fellow fifth years, wanting to start their game right away.

There was a general murmur as everyone tried to decide who should ask the first question.

“I propose that Lily asks first, since she was one of the planners of this whole thing,” James said and, as usual, everyone agreed with him that Lily deserved to ask first.

Sirius got that look on his face like he always got when he had a prank in mind, a mischievous smirk and wide eyes. Except that it entirely different on the face of Lily Evans as she never usually was one to smirk.

Sirius looked directly across the circle to James, smiled, and without a second thought, asked his first person.

“Truth or Dare, Potter?”

Every eye in the circle shifted so that they were staring shamelessly at James.

Lily inwardly groaned, not wanting to be playing the game in Sirius’ body, and not liking the look in Sirius’ eyes as he waited for James’ answer. It was obvious that he already knew the question that he was going to ask, regardless of if James picked truth or if he picked dare.

Lily knew that Sirius planned these kinds of things. And however sad that may have seemed to her, it was the truth. But it was one of the few things she loved about Sirius Black, and that was the fact that the little things in life still excited him.

James smirked and Lily knew that he had decided on his choice. She also knew what he would pick before the words even left his mouth.

“I pick dare, Miss Evans. Do your worst,” James said.

Lily sat with the rest of her classmates, who were now all staring at Sirius, waiting for his dare. She silently prayed that he wouldn’t dare James to strip down to his boxers. That, she figured, would not go down too well, let alone the fact that she would’ve had lost the bet they made.

“Alright, let’s start off easy, shall we?” Sirius said, holding everybody’s attention.

Please don’t let it involve me, please don’t let it involve me…Lily found herself chanting in her mind, knowing that Sirius was going to involve her into James’ dare somehow anyways.

“I dare you to say this,” and he conjured up a piece of parchment and quill with Lily’s wand, and wrote something on it before handing it to James and continuing the dare, “but you have to face Mr. Black, who I might add is conveniently sitting right next to you, and say it to him in your most seductive voice, without breaking eye contact or smiling. And you have to be completely serious,” Sirius said, watching James break into a grin at the words he was reading on the parchment that Sirius had just handed him.

Almost everybody sitting in the circle had laughed at ‘Lily’s’ dare, as they knew that it was going to be very funny to see James try to seduce his best friend.

So that’s what you’re up to… Lily thought to herself as she turned a little bit so that she would be facing James. Oh it’s on, Sirius, it’s on.

Sirius had felt that this was a good way to start the game. He didn’t want to give James that hard of a dare at first, but rather one that would amuse the group, and hopefully make James feel a little bit uncomfortable in the process not to mention what he hoped Lily would feel.

Leaving all pride behind, James turned to his left so that he was sitting on his knees, facing the boy that looked like Sirius. Lily tried not to stand up and run away when James went as far as to hold her hands in his own. He glanced at the parchment that Sirius had written on one more time, let any trace of a smile leave his face and stared into the eyes that he didn’t know were actually Lily’s. Putting on what Lily could only guess was his ‘seductive’ look, he inched closer so that their faces were closer, (for dramatic effect), took a breath and tried to speak in a low voice over the giggling that was coming from the circle.

“Oh, Sirius. As the moon shines through the open window, it reflects so magnificently off of your beautifully perfect silk hair. Hair that only someone of your natural handsomeness could make look sexy. I want nothing more then to hold your muscular…ok this is just getting weird,” James said, casting a look to the person he thought was Lily.

“Oooh is the great James Potter chickening out of a dare already?” Sirius mocked, kind of glad that James had stopped as the result had just made everyone laugh harder.

Sirius knew before the words even left his mouth that James would finish saying what was written on the parchment.

“…your muscular body,” James continued, causing laughter to erupt from around the whole circle, “My room is free tonight, why don’t you make me the luckiest…hey, Lily, you spelt marauder wrong,” he added as he had picked up the parchment to see what the end of the speech said.

If the circle had been laughing before, it was nothing compared to the general howl that came from all of them now. James let go of Lily’s hands and broke eye contact.

“Alright enough, James. Just stop, no more. That sounded a little too believable, if you know what I mean,” Sirius added, having noticed the looks the girls had had on their faces when James had read the words to his best friend. Obviously they were wishing that James were talking to them in his ‘seductive voice’. Getting a little bit jealous at the girls fawning over James instead of him, Sirius had decided just to let James have it easy. Besides he’d have harder dares for him later.

“Well in that case, I believe that it is my turn, is it not?” he asked the girl that looked like Lily.

He knew perfectly well that it was his turn.

Sirius gave him one of Lily’s famous looks that told him that if he didn’t ask the question to someone else, then he would get slapped.

“Alright, alright, I know that look,” James said.

Remus laughed beside him.

“Erm…Padfoot, truth or dare?” he said as he looked to Lily once more that night.

Not at all ready to be part of the game again that night, Lily sighed silently. She was still getting over the image of James asking her to come upstairs to his bedroom, that she had almost missed the question.


“Dare,” she said, feeling that she needed to be true to what Sirius would choose if he was back in his body at the present time.

But she also didn’t want to choose truth in case she was asked a question that would somehow blow her ‘cover’. And she was not ready to ruin the secret and let Sirius have his wish of switching back fulfilled just yet.

James eyed her suspiciously as he thought up his dare. Unlike Sirius, he didn’t come prepared to these kinds of events.

“Ok,” he said, as it appeared to everyone that he had thought up his dare, “but this one involves leaving the common room.”

“That’s ok,” Sirius said from across the circle, “but only a couple of us can go with him though.”

James smiled the smile that made Lily dread what was coming next. She never was too good at dares, and James thought her to be Sirius at the moment, who was an expert at them. He turned to her and Lily held her breath as she waited for the bomb to drop.

“I dare you to go and stand outside of Dumbledore’s office and sing a Christmas carol until he comes out. When he asks what you are doing, you have to tell him…um… that you are just serenading a wonderful role model… and then blow him a kiss! After the next thing he says, instead of answering him, you have to deny the whole thing and pretend that you were sleep walking and don’t know what he is talking about.” James finished and Lily just sat there confused.

Sirius was practically wetting himself with excitement at this point as he waited with everyone else for Lily’s reaction.

“You’re on,” she said regretting the words even before she had said them.

Now normally she would have never done the dare, but seeing as she was in Sirius’ body, she figured she might as well give Sirius a run for his money tonight.

James ‘elected’ that ‘Lily’ could come and watch along with Remus on the reasoning that they were the two in charge of the night and could make sure that ‘Sirius’ went through with the dare, or was eliminated if he chickened out.

“We’ll be right back,” Remus said as the four of them stood up and walked together out of the portrait hole.

“Ah, another nightly adventure for the marauders,” James said as soon as they were in the hallway and the portrait had closed behind them.

“Don’t get any ideas,” Sirius said doing his best to act like Lily, “we’re going to watch Sirius do the dare and then return to the game, got it? No funny business.”

“Since when do you lecture me around for talking, Miss Evans?” James said, “I don’t mind it of course, but it would be nice to get the night off.”

Lily saw Sirius smile in spite of himself. He obviously loved getting James to flirt with him. She picked up the pace until they were standing in front of the stone gargoyle that guarded Dumbledore’s office.

“Now he’s probably not asleep yet anyways, so this shouldn’t take too long,” James commented.

“Lemonade Lollipops,” Sirius said from beside all of them and they all watched the gargoyle jump aside revealing the staircase that was familiar to all of them. But for different reasons.

“Erm...why did you do that?” Lily asked Sirius.

“So our dear headmaster can hear you properly. We’ll be standing behind this corner alright?” and he pushed her towards the stairs as the rest of them hid behind the corner that was close by.

Lily walked up as close as she dared to the staircase, looked around and saw no one there, and took a deep breath.

“You better watch out, you better not cry, better not pout, I’m telling you why…Santa Clause is coming to town,” Lily began feeling the most like an idiot then she ever had in her life before. But as she heard the voice of Sirius Black ring through the empty corridor and, god help her, up the staircase, she felt a smile creep up on her. She had never heard Sirius Black sing before.

“Oh,” she began with a little more confidence this time, “he’s making a list, and checking it twice, gonna find out who’s naughty or nice –”

At that second she heard footsteps coming down the staircase and so she finished off the verse and then shut her mouth waiting for the headmaster to come down from his study.

“Santa Clause is coming…to town,”

No sooner had she said ‘town’, then she found herself face to face with Albus Dumbledore who was wearing slippers and an amused look on his face.

“Is it that time of year already, Sirius?” he asked, the twinkle evident in his eyes, and a smile perched on his face.

It wasn’t that time of year. Not even close. Lily knew that Dumbledore was enjoying this as much as James, Remus, or Sirius was from behind the corner.

Suddenly, Lily’s eyes widened as she registered what that smile meant. He knew it was her. Dumbledore knew that she, Lily, was currently in Sirius’ body. But of course, she had failed to remember that little fact when she was so conveniently singing to him from under his stairs.

She felt a rush go into her cheeks and started to feel embarrassed. So embarrassed that she had forgotten that he had asked her a question.

“To what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?” Dumbledore asked, rolling back and forth on the balls of his feet, with a look on his face that looked as if he wanted nothing more then to be standing here by one of his students, asking them why they were singing Christmas carols outside his office.

Knowing that she had to complete the dare, as she had already come this far, Lily, silently thanking James that he had chosen Dumbledore for the dare instead of a professor with no sense of humor, remembered what James had told her to say. Feeling her cheeks redden even more, she, without meaning to, tucked the black hair that was falling into her eyes out of her face and behind her ears.

“I was just serenading a wonderful role model, sir,” she said and then, thinking that the situation could get no worse anyways, blew him a kiss like James had requested.

“Well isn’t that lovely,” Dumbledore commented, not at all the least bit surprised by what Lily had just said to him, “I daresay that the portraits in my office enjoyed your rendition of ‘Santa Clause is Coming to Town’ very much. A little too much, if you ask me.”

Lily felt so humiliated now that she wasn’t sure if she could go through with the other half of the dare. But she tried. It was the Sirius Black thing to do.

“Er…sorry what? I wasn’t singing. What am I doing here?” she said and tried her best to look surprised.

She knew that the headmaster didn’t buy it, but that he would play along just for fun anyways.

“You weren’t? I must have been mistaken then. My imagination has been known to wonder from time to time. Though one may ask why you are standing at the bottom of my staircase?” Dumbledore said, but it wasn’t a question that he expected her to answer as he said right after, “Thank you for this night time chat, Sirius, it’s been most pleasant for me. This is the stuff that a headmaster loves.”

Lily kept the confused look on her face as she said, “Goodnight, sir,” before she turned around and walked around the corner to find the three marauders sitting on the floor clutching their sides from silent laughter.

Just as they were getting up to start their walk back to the common room, they heard Dumbledore’s voice one more time from around the corner.

“Have fun with your game,” he called after them, which caused the four of them to cast amazed looks at one another as they trudged back to the common room.

They walked single file through the portrait hole and then went over to join their circle by the fire, laughing as they told the story to the rest of the fifth years who laughed along with them. Once the euphoria had died down a little bit from ‘Sirius’’ dare, Lily realized that it was her turn to ask someone. For the first time in a long time, she said something to her best friend.

“Christina, Truth or Dare?”

Christina looked shocked that Sirius Black had picked her to go next, Lily could tell.

“Um…truth,” she said a little quietly.

As soon as she said this, Sirius who was sitting near, crawled over to the cauldron in the middle of the circle, picked up the spoon that was sitting in the clear liquid and fished for a spoonful that he gave to Christina in a matter of seconds.

She downed the spoonful, although looking a little afraid to be the first one to do it, and everyone else in the circle held their breath.

After about five seconds, Remus announced to them that it had ‘kicked in’ and that ‘Sirius’ was free to ask his question any time now.

“Alright, Christina,” Lily started, “who do you have a crush on?”

Lily herself already knew whom Christina liked and figured it wouldn’t be so bad that the person found out, since a lot of girls had crushes on this particular boy regularly anyways.

“Sirius Black,” Christina said in a matter of seconds.

Lily watched Sirius on the other side looking genuinely surprised by this new piece of information. She watched him look at Christina as if he was seeing her for the first time, before he got distracted when, after the two minutes were up, the potion seemed to wear off and Christina’s face went red.

Lily watched her look down at the floor, not knowing that it was her turn to ask a question.

James cleared his throat after a minute of silence, and she got the picture and looked around for the next victim. She picked one of her other friends, a girl by the name of Julianna London, who had long blonde hair and a smile on her face all of the time.

Julianna picked dare.

Lily had found it extremely amusing when she had heard what her shy friend, Julianna had to do. Christina had dared her, using the floo powder, to put her head in the fire and floo it to the Slytherins common room. Once there, she had to just simply smile and keep smiling with no explanation or no words until the Slytherins reacted. So all of the fifth years watched as Julianna said, ‘Slytherin common room’, threw some floo powder into the flames and whipped her head in it as if she had done it a million times. When she returned, she had told them that all of the Slytherins who had seen her were most definitely getting annoyed by her silent smiling, and were even starting to take their wands out. This caused the whole circle to laugh again, and they all resumed their positions in the circle.

Lily hoped that the rest of the years were having as much fun as they were. She never used to like the game of Truth or Dare before, but was now finding it very amusing.

Julianna picked another of her and Lily's friends to go next. Once Lindsay, the friend, had succesfully completed the dare which had involved kissing a rather good looking boy in the circle with wavy, brown hair, she sat back down in her spot with a red face. The boy had happened to be her crush. And the boy had happened to be Remus Lupin. And it wasn't out of freaky coincidence that Julianna had picked him for Lindsay to kiss. She had known. But what are friends for?

Lily noticed that Remus seemed to have enjoyed the kiss more then he should have, and that he couldn't stop smiling afterwords. She secretly wondered whether he had been telling the truth earlier when he had said that he liked her.

Maybe he was just trying to be nice before and didn't know what else to say... Lily thought to herself, her spirits dropping but then, deciding that she was maybe reading too much into this, as it was, after all a dare, and Remus loved Truth or Dare, she put her mind back to the game.

Now Linsday, realizing that it was now her turn, turned to the person she thought was her friend Lily once everyone was quiet and asked the night’s question.

“Lily, Truth or Dare?”

Sirius knew that Lily would not have picked Dare, so using all of the willpower he had in him, he smiled and said, “Truth.”

Lindsay handed him a spoonful of the tampered Veritaserum and then waited five seconds to make sure that it would work when she asked her question.

“Alright, Lily. Here’s the question. Why have you been acting all different lately?” she said, thinking that it was a perfectly innocent question.

Lily froze.

Remus froze.

Sirius, had he not just taken the truth potion, would have frozen too, but at the moment he had no control over what he was about to say. The words came smoothly and freely.

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Chapter 14: The Unfortunate Swap: Part 2: The Chapter of Stress, Truths, and Hallway Conversations
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Ch. 14 The Unfortunate Swap: Part 2: The Chapter of Stress, Truths, and Hallway Conversations

’Oh please, oh please, oh please, be strong enough to repel the Veritaserum,’ Lily found herself desperately thinking as she watched Sirius start to speak anyways, knowing that what she was thinking would do no good to the situation at hand.

As she glanced over to her right she saw James looking over at who he thought was Lily, eagerly awaiting ‘her’ answer along with the rest of the fifth years. Remus she saw had widened his eyes and was trying to discretely mouth to Sirius to keep his mouth shut at the moment. But it was doing no good, as Sirius didn’t seem to understand what he was saying or what he was about to say.

Lily closed her eyes as she heard her own voice start to speak monotonously and smoothly from the other side of the circle.

“I have been acting weird lately because I have been under a lot of stress.”

Lily opened her eyes in pure shock and happiness once she had heard the words that Sirius had said. He hadn’t spilled their secret at all, and what was better, he had even given an answer that Lily herself would have given. She made a mental note to congratulate Sirius later for being able to repel the Veritaserum potion, which she knew only a very powerful wizard could accomplish. Just as she was starting to relax however, she heard Lindsay speak again.

“All right fair enough, Lily. But what are you so stressed about then?” she asked.

Lily held her breath and wanted to kick herself for relaxing. Sirius was supposed to be under the potion for a couple of minutes, and only about thirty seconds had gone by since he had downed his spoonful. Hoping that he really was repelling the potion, she waited along with everyone else for his answer that came almost immediately without any hesitation at all, making Lily somewhat worry.

As soon as he said his first sentence, Lily knew that he was actually under the influence of the Veritaserum and couldn’t lie.

“Well, firstly, my brother won’t believe me when I tell him that everything my parents have ever told him is wrong, and when he finally starts to be seeing reason, some Slytherin comes along and makes him hate me again. Secondly, my best friend feels that I’m not as close to him anymore, and I have no idea why. It’s been really hard to have to lie to the other marauders, especially James, because lying to each other is just something that we never do. I feel that Prongs is going to hate me once he finds out the truth. Third, it’s rather hard to be a convincing girl when I’ve been brought up as a boy for the better part of my life. I want to be switched back into my old self before everything in my life goes more and more downhill, but Lily’s being stubborn and is refusing to switch back any time soon. And fourth to add to my list of stress, I have recently figured out who Lily fancies, and it bothers me because this boy is not the right one who she should be with. Oh, and to top it off, I haven’t had a detention in weeks,” Sirius said very fluently and fast.

About three seconds after he stopped his little speech, Lily watched as the potion seemed to wear off, bringing Sirius back to his senses.

As it turned out, he hadn’t been powerful enough to repel the Veritaserum.

Sirius quickly brought a hand up to his mouth and wore a horrified expression on his face, clearly realizing what had just come out of his mouth. Lily too was wearing a similar expression on her face, except that her eyes were narrowed.

“Damnit, Sirius!” she said, before she even realized what she was saying.

Well, if the secret hadn’t been blown before…

Her hand automatically flew up to her mouth as well so now they looked like two very horrified twins.

The rest of the circle hadn’t made any sound yet, but wore similar expressions of confusion on their faces as they all shifted their gaze to Remus as if expecting answers.

Remus, who had been biting his lip, looked from Lily to Sirius, and noticing that neither of them was in any state to say anything, felt it his turn to say something.

The circle waited as Remus thought of something to say to answer all of their unanswered questions. But no excuses were coming to his mind.

“Well, no one can repel the Veritaserum potion. So we have to agree that what was just said was true,” he said, careful not to say ‘he’ or ‘she’, because he didn’t know which one to use anymore.

Again, no one said anything.

Lily and Sirius both turned their gaze to James to see if they could read the expression on his face because he had reason to be the most confused out of all of them.

He seemed to be in his own little world and it looked to them as if he was trying desperately to place together a puzzle in his head with the information he had just been given. All of a sudden, he turned to Remus and spoke.

“There’s no way that was the truth, Remus, I mean it makes no sense at all. She must have been speaking on her own free will,” he said as he raised his eyebrows expecting to be told by Remus that Lily had just been joking around or something.

“She was under the potion, James. You saw her go into a kind of trance, and then snap back into reality after a couple of minutes,” Remus said reasonably, “those are the telltale signs of Veritaserum.”

“But,” James said, not knowing at all how to finish that sentence, “she sounded exactly like…”

But Lily found her voice at last, and with one meaningful look over at Sirius, stood up and stopped James in midsentence.

“James, can we see you in the corridor for a second?” she asked as she watched Sirius stand up to on the other side of the circle.

“But…” James started again before Lily and Sirius walked over to him and picked him up by his arms so that he was now standing with them.

“Remus,” Sirius said, “us three are taking ourselves out of the game, but feel free to continue.”

There was no need for him to point when he said ‘us three’ for it was painfully obvious to everyone in their circle who the ‘three’ were that he was referring to.

Lily and Sirius linked arms with James and walked him to the portrait hole, leaving behind the dreadful silence by the fire.

They all stepped out into the hallway before Lily and Sirius let go of the grasp on James’ arms. They knew that they were going to have to explain something to him, because he looked about as confused as ever.

Sirius also knew that James was about to get extremely mad when he heard what they were about to say, and was not looking forward to being cursed by his best friend.

Lily on the other hand, had just been getting used to the un-arrogant, friendly side of James, and was not looking forward herself to having to go back to fighting with him and his temper.

“Look, Lily, we have to go tell Dumbledore that our cover has been blown so that he can switch us back,” Sirius was saying, ignoring the unreadable looks that James was giving him.

“Sirius, what’s going on?” James asked Lily who was tucking Sirius’ black hair behind her ears at the moment.

Apparently James trusted that Sirius, at least, would tell him exactly what was happening.

But Lily ignored him and looked over at Sirius.

“But I don’t want to switch…” she started before she noticed Sirius giving her a death glare.

“Don’t finish that sentence, Evans. It’s time,” he said as he started walking down the hallway, leaving Lily and James standing still in front of the portrait hole.

“Where are you going, Lily?” James asked as he brought his hand up to his forehead, clearly confused as he watched the redhead walk away.

Sirius stopped in his tracks, turned around, and addressed James’ question.

If James was going to be mad at him later on anyways…

“Look Prongs, it’s me! Can’t you tell? I know you’ve noticed that something has been wrong lately. Well, you were right. I’m Padfoot, not Lily Evans. And I’m going to Dumbledore to get my body back,” he said before he turned around and started walking again.

Lily grabbed James’ hand and ran after Sirius with him, not caring if it looked weird to everyone else that James Potter and Sirius Black were running down the hallway together holding hands.

After keeping a safe distance behind Sirius who seemed to take every shortcut that he knew to get to the headmaster’s office, they watched him stop in front of the stone gargoyle.

Lily walked up to where Sirius was standing, dragging James along with her who looked upset at being the only one still confused, and stood right beside him. It seemed odd to Lily that just moments before, they had all been here watching her sing Christmas carols to the headmaster. Any embarrassment she had felt then had now completely disappeared and had been replaced with worry.

James hadn’t said anything since Sirius had told him who he really was outside of the portrait hole, and Lily was starting to seriously wonder how he could stay so calm.

Sirius seemed to be thinking along the same lines.

“Look James, I know this won’t mean a thing to you right now because you probably still don’t have any idea what I’m talking about, but I’m sorry. We’re sorry. Come with us, Dumbledore will make everything right again, and then you can yell at me,” Sirius said before he turned to the stone gargoyle, “Lemonade Lollipops.”

As soon as the staircase was revealed, Sirius jumped onto it, motioning the other two to follow. Lily immediately ran onto it and was standing next to Sirius before she realized that James was not behind her.

“James,” Sirius said as he looked at his friend.

“You’re kidding, right Lily? Or Padfoot, if that’s what you’re calling yourself now? I’m not going up there with you two,” he said as he gave them a look that told them that he thought they were being crazy.

Sirius rolled his eyes, hopped off of the staircase and walked over to where James was standing. He grabbed his arm and dragged him onto the staircase.

“We’re telling the truth, but you have to find out for yourself,” he said as they got carried by the stairs up to the headmasters office.

Sirius, who had let go of James already, stepped up to the big brown door, and pushed it open, not caring at all if he was interrupting anything.

He was the first to walk into the room, and noticed right away where Professor Dumbledore was. He was sitting at his desk going over what looked like some old piece of parchment. His eyes had quickly darted up when Sirius had forcefully entered his office, and he was now smiling at someone who looked like Lily Evans but was in fact Sirius Black.

Dumbledore was about to speak when Lily came bursting into the room just as Sirius had done except that she, unlike him, had a confused James Potter walking slowly behind her.

“Sirius! Lily! And…ah,” Dumbledore said as he watched James walk slowly into his office, clearly lost in thought.

Sirius flopped down in one of the chairs behind Dumbledore’s desk, leaned his head back and put his hands on his face.

“Well, the secret is out,” he said to the headmaster who was watching him intently.

Lily was reminded briefly of a therapist. It looked like Sirius was laying on his chair, about to tell all of his problems to ‘Therapist Dumbledore’. But before she could laugh, or even smile, Dumbledore started talking and she was brought back to the current situation at hand.

“Well that’s not good,” Dumbledore said playfully as he cast a twinkling eye over to James who was listening extremely carefully to every word that was being said, trying to understand the meaning of what he thought to be a practical joke.

“We’re ready to be turned back now,” Sirius said as he lifted his head to look Dumbledore in the eyes.

“Are you now?” Dumbledore said as he smiled at Sirius and invited Lily and James to sit down as well, “what happened, miss Evans?” he asked Lily once she had sat down next to Sirius.

Lily told Dumbledore the whole story about the Truth or Dare game, including what Sirius had said while under the Veritaserum, not leaving out the fact that every fifth year in Gryffindor now knew about the switch. She had conveniently forgot to mention that Sirius had said that one of the reasons he was stressed was because he had figured out who she fancied.

James still sat as quiet as ever, as if he wanted to get all of the information before he said something stupid.

“You may or may not recall Sirius that you two were supposed to learn lessons by being in each other’s bodies. If you have learned them, then you may of course switch back,” Dumbledore said as he looked over at Sirius who was not at all pleased with Dumbledore’s answer.

“Look, it doesn’t matter if we learned any lessons or not yet. I need to sort out some things in my life as soon as possible and I can’t do that in Lily’s body. I messed up with some things, and some people,” Sirius started and he looked over at James when he said that, “and being in Lily’s body made me realize that I need to finally start fixing and facing what I’ve been putting off for so long.”

Dumbledore raised his eyebrows at Sirius once he had finished talking.

“That was my lesson, wasn’t it?” he said as he looked guiltily into the headmaster’s eyes one more.

Dumbledore nodded which caused Sirius to smile in spite of him. Dumbledore never ceased to amaze him.

“What are your thoughts, Lily?” Dumbledore asked Lily who had been kind of surprised that Sirius had learnt his lesson after all.

“Well, I don’t really want to switch back yet,” she said quietly which caused James to look over at her and Sirius to roll his eyes.

“Oh?” Dumbledore said, urging her to continue speaking.

“Yes. Look, here’s the thing,” she started, not caring if what she was about to say sounded stupid to any of them, “I got to spend so much time with the other…erm…marauders these past couple of days, and I’ve learned so much about them that I’ve never known before. I guess it’s just been fun to be a marauder that’s all; they’re such good friends to each other, Professor! I’ve never had a relationship like that with my friends before, and I’m not ready to go back to ignoring the lot of them again,” she finished and then looked sheepishly down at the ground.

These words seemed to be the first convincing ones that James had heard so far, for his eyes were now widened as far as they could go. It seemed as though he was finally starting to piece together the puzzle.

“Wait a minute, it was you…I was telling you…that’s not…” James stuttered before he stopped talking and his face turned a brilliant shade of red.

“Yes, James, it has been Lily who you have been spending your time with lately,” Dumbledore said with a happy voice.

Clearly he was at least pleased with how the situation was turning out.

Sirius had turned to Lily however with narrowed eyebrows, ignoring James and his embarrassment.

“Lily, what makes you think that you have to stop being friends with us after we switch back?” Sirius asked quietly.

“Well don’t you think it will be weird, Sirius? It’s probably just easier if, when we switch back, we all just go back to the way things were before,” Lily answered reasonably.

“You know we can’t do that, Evans. You know too many marauder secrets!” Sirius said in his joking way before letting a smirk place itself on his face.

James’ face went an even deeper shade of red, while Dumbledore merely smiled.

“So Lily, am I right in concluding that once you spent a little time with James here and his friends, you learned that they are a little different then you previously thought?” Dumbledore said thoughtfully yet a little eagerly.

“Well…yes, that’s right. I guess that I realized, with a little help from Sirius that is, that I’m not any better then them after all,” Lily said as realization dawned on her just at it had dawned on Sirius earlier, “that was my lesson, wasn’t it?”

Dumbledore smiled, and Sirius was one again impressed at the brilliant mind of his headmaster. Only Dumbledore could get Lily Evans to admit that maybe she had been wrong about James Potter.

“Now if you two would kindly stand on opposite sides of the room,” Dumbledore said as he stood up and took his wand out.

Lily and Sirius both stood up and walked to opposite corners before they turned around and faced each other.

“Just out of curiosity sir,” Sirius began as he watched Dumbledore walk around his desk, “when me and Remus told you about the Truth or Dare game that we were planning, did you know that this was going to happen?”

Dumbledore’s blue eyes twinkled and a thin, mischievous smile played on his lips.

Sirius smiled at the silent answer he had been given. He noticed James staring at Dumbledore, clearly in awe of him as well.

I guess you were right, James’ Lily thought to herself as she saw Dumbledore stop in-between her and Sirius, ‘Dumbledore must have been a past marauder’.

“All right, ready?” Dumbledore asked them as he raised his want in preparation.

James was now sitting on the edge of his seat, eagerly awaiting the advanced magic that was about to be performed.

Lily merely nodded.

“Wait, Professor!” Sirius exclaimed as he shoved his hand into Lily’s robes that he was wearing. Within seconds he had found what he had been looking for.

Lily couldn’t hold back laughter at this point, and watched with raised eyebrows as Sirius coated ‘his’ lips with her faithful vanilla lipgloss one last time.

“Only you, Sirius,” Lily said once he had put the gloss back into his robes.

Dumbledore looked mildly amused as he waited for Sirius to finish the task. James, on the other hand, had what looked to be a disgusted look on his face.

“Ready,” Sirius chimed in, causing Lily to stop laughing and James to lose his disappointed look that he had been giving his friend.

“Well you know the drill then. On the count of three, I think,” Dumbledore said as he pointed his wand in the middle of the room in the center of where they were standing, “One…two,” Lily and Sirius once more felt the familiar sensation of themselves leaving the body that they were in until, “three.”

Lily blinked and smelled the scent of Vanilla very clearly now. She looked carefully at the person standing across from her. It wasn’t her own body anymore, it was Sirius’.

“Wait, what just happened?” James asked, obviously wondering what had just happened since he hadn’t felt the experience of leaving his body like Lily and Sirius had.

“I believe that the rightful owners have returned to their bodies,” Dumbledore said as he walked back behind his desk, wand in his hand, and sat down once more.

Lily!” Sirius exclaimed as he ran across the room and engulfed Lily in a huge hug, “we’re normal again!”

Lily laughed, which was kind of hard to do since Sirius had been squeezing her so hard that it was difficult to breath, let alone laugh.

James brought a hand up to his hair as he watched along with Dumbledore, the happy looks on the faces of Lily and Sirius.

“Well, I won’t keep you from enjoying the evening,” Dumbledore began, “you are all free to go. Lily, Sirius, I’ll give you the option of telling the Gryffindors whatever you like. Thank you for participating in my little experiment,” he said and then offered them, with an outstretched hand, a bowl of candies that had not been on his desk previously.

“Thank you, thank you, Professor!” Sirius said, clearly very happy to be back in his body.

He was currently running his fingers through the facial hair that Lily had forgotten to shave, while grinning like a maniac.

“Yes thank you, Sir,” Lily added as she saw Sirius start to walk to the door.

Lily started walking to the door too after she had waited for James to stand up from his chair as well. For the second or third time that evening, she couldn’t keep track at the moment; she couldn’t read James’ face. Letting him go in front of her, they walked onto the staircase, and let it carry them down to the hallway again. Sirius was standing there waiting for them, smile sill intact.

“James, I’m back! And I’ve got a great idea for our next prank! But before we do that we need to work on your flirting skills. Quite frankly I was a little scared of you the past couple of days,” Sirius said as he walked over to James and hugged him as well.

He had definately missed being a marauder and now wanted to start spending as much time with James as he possibly could.

James didn’t return the hug, but instead looked at his friend in a way that Lily had never seen before.

It almost looked like disappointment to her, but she couldn’t be sure. She walked off to the side, letting them have their ‘moment’.

“How could you not have told me something this important, Sirius?” James asked staring directly into Sirius’ eyes.

Lily watched the smile fade quickly from Sirius’ face.

“Look mate, Dumbledore made us swear not to tell anyone…” he began.

“Well, Remus obviously knew,” James cut him off.

Sirius found himself a little speechless.

“I…well…it’s not like that, James. I would have told you if I could have,” Sirius said knowing that James wasn’t going to believe him.

James looked for a moment like he was going to accept Sirius’ word, but then he narrowed his eyes and sighed.

“It’s not like I would have told anyone, God, Sirius you made me an idiot out of me! Is that what friends do? I thought you trusted me more then this, that’s all,” he said coldly before adding, “and if you are under so much stress, then why did you keep it to yourself? I’m glad you were under truth potion tonight, Padfoot, because at least I got to find out what’s been going on in my friend’s life lately,” James finished before he walked in the other direction, leaving Sirius and Lily alone in front of the Dumbledore’s staircase.

Their happy feelings suddenly lost.

Once James was around the corner and out of sight, Sirius turned to Lily.

“I told you he’d hate me,” Sirius said softly.

“I never said he wouldn’t. At least he’s not embarrassed about unknowingly spending so much time with me anymore,” Lily added trying to conceal a smile.

Sirius just sighed.

Lily, knowing that he was about to go after James and try to restore their friendship at any moment, decided to ask the question that had first came to her mind when she had heard him speak back in the common room.

“Sirius,” she began slowly.

“Ya?” He asked and looked at her, clearly interested.

“Before, when you were under the potion…well, you said that you recently found out who I fancied,” she said, not feeling as embarrassed as she knew she should be at the moment.

“Right,” he said, not saying anything else.

“Well, who do you think I fancy, then?” She asked, getting a little annoyed at his shortness with her.

“Look, Remus told me,” he said before he stopped at the look on Lily’s face, “News travels fast with the marauders.”

“But…wow, you seem to know everything lately, Sirius,” she said.

“And you forget that I stumbled across your diary. But don’t change the subject, Lily,” he said tilting his head as he did so, letting his black hair fall in front of his eyes, “what did you really want to talk about?”

Lily shuffled her feet before she answered.

“Well, I don’t think that he really likes me back. I mean he said that he did and everything...” she stared but stopped as Sirius had started talking.

“He did?” Sirius said surprised.

“Erm…yes. But do you think that he was just being nice or something, Sirius?” she asked wanting Sirius’ advice more then ever.

“Actually Lily, I’ve been thinking that Remus has had feelings for you for a while now,” Sirius said quietly, a little distracted from the words James had said that were currently going through his mind.

That was not what Lily thought was coming.

“You did? But how come I never noticed before then?” she asked a little skeptically.

“Because James has been after you as well. Who can compete with James Potter, right? But seriously Lily, if you know Remus at all, then you'll know that he’s not going to act on his ‘feelings’ any further,” Sirius started, bringing his fingers up to show pretend quotation marks as he had said feelings, “he knows how much James likes you.”

Lily smiled in spite of everything, every conversation she had with a marauder seemed to always come back to James. And although this fact used to annoy her like nothing else could, she now found it oddly amusing.

“But what if I like Remus more then I like James?” she asked, “don’t I get a say in this?”

Sirius simply smiled.

“Remus won’t ask you to be his girlfriend as long as he is friends with James. And, quite frankly, I wouldn’t let you go out with him even if he did feel like betraying one of his best friends one day,” Sirius said, still smiling.

“Oh really?” Lily said in a mock angry voice.

“How about this, Lily. Now that you’ve told Remus that you ‘think’ you like him, and he told you the same, you can both move on, all right? I want you to suck in your pride and give James a chance,” he said, knowing that he was possibly being more hopeful then he could afford.

Lily waited half a second before she gave her well rehearsed answer.

“Sirius! It’s not that easy, I’ve been fighting with James for like five years, I can’t just change my impression of him that quickly. Why don't you go and tell him to change his arrogant ways before you come here and tell me to give him a chance that he doesn't yet deserve,” she said.

“I know you’ve seen a new side of him, how could you not? He doesn’t act like an idiot when he thinks that he’s just talking to me. He just tries to impress you, you know that. Come on, Lily,” he urged.

Lily closed her eyes and tried to picture herself being nice to James. It was different now that she was in her own body. And besides, she had fun when she fought with him and teased him. But until James stopped being...well James, Lily found it extremely hard to even imagine giving him a chance. The stupid smirk and ruffled hair kept coming to her mind.

“Sirius, I can’t,” she said forcefully.

“Give it a try. Humor me,” Sirius answered.

Lily rolled her eyes but did not say anything. James and her were total opposites, a friendship between them would never work.

Sirius, taking the break in their conversation to remember that he was still standing in the hallway in front of Dumbledore’s office, widened his eyes and turned to Lily again.

“Oh my God, I have to go find James. See if we can still be friends…I mean, he's right, I did kind of make an idiot out of him,” he said quietly.

Lily smiled.

“You’re the infamous Sirius and James. The brothers. Never seen without the other. If you can’t work this out, then there’s little hope for the rest of us,” Lily said kindly in a humorous voice.

Sirius thought about her words for a second before he smiled again.

“You’re right. I can fix this,” he said as he reached his arms up to give her a hug.

Lily hugged him back.

“By the way, I’m glad it was you who I got to switch with, Lily,” Sirius said, still hugging her.

“Same here, Padfoot,” Lily said as she let go of him.

As Sirius was bringing his arms back down from around her neck, his shirt rode up a little and they both noticed at the same time the top of the red silk boxers that were showing just above the waistline on his jeans, through his open cloak.

Sirius looked down at the boxers he knew did not belong to him, and smirked as he met Lily’s gaze.

“All I said was for you to humor me. I just wanted you to start being nicer to James, Lily. You didn’t have to go wearing his boxers.”

And with that, he ran down the hallway to start his search of James. He hoped that James had had a little time to cool off since the last time they had talked.

Lily stood alone in the empty hallway and smiled as she ran her fingers through her hair. She had noticed in all her time in Sirius’ body that he had not ever straightened the red hair he had had, and she wondered the reason. She also noted the painted nails that she now had, each one a different color. Lily laughed to herself.

She then started to think about what Sirius had just said to her about Remus and James. She stopped her laughter and sighed in frustration instead, not knowing what to do with either of them at the moment.

Reaching her hand into her robes just as Sirius had done, she pulled out her tube of lipgloss and unscrewed the lid. Suddenly, as if the smell of vanilla had triggered it, she had a flashback from a time not too long ago when she had been in Sirius’ body.

“But I don’t understand. How does her smell have anything to do with you thinking that she’s starting to like you?” Lily asked, causing James to stop smelling the air and put on his trademark smirk.

“Well my friend, it’s simple. You may not have noticed, though how can someone not, but lately Lily has been smelling strongly of vanilla. Ah, sweet vanilla,” he finished as to remember the smell before he continued, “Well pretty much everyone in Gryffindor has known for a long time that my most favorite smell in the whole world is vanilla.”

The flashback ended. Lily shook her head before applying a rather thick layer of lipgloss onto her already glossed lips. Smiling, she started the walk back to the Gryffindor common room.

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Chapter 15: What Happens in the Potions Room Stays in the Potions Room
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Ch15. What Happens in the Potions Room Stays in the Potions Room

Sirius ran down the empty hallways of the school, getting used to the new feeling of running in flat shoes as opposed to the high heels he had worn in Lily’s body, on his mad search for James. It was past the school curfew; apparently the meeting in Dumbledore’s office had lasted longer then he had originally thought it had, and Sirius knew that he wasn’t allowed to be running in the corridors at this hour. But he didn’t care in the slightest what would happen to him. In fact, he was looking forward to a detention since he had been deprived of them while pretending to be Lily.

After every turn he rounded and every flight of stairs he put behind him, Sirius still had no idea where James had gone. He hadn’t been bothered to look in the Gryffindor common room because he knew James well enough to know that when he was mad he wanted to be somewhere quiet and alone where he could think.

Since it was after hours, the lights had already been diminished so Sirius was having a hard time seeing where he was running. With one graceful leap into what he thought was another open corridor; Sirius felt his head crash into a door unexpectedly and painfully.

Cursing, Sirius rubbed his forehead where he had banged it and looked up in horror to see the handle of the door he had just run into turning. Within seconds, McGonagall’s face appeared from behind the door and she looked around before noticing the boy on the floor in front of her door.

“Mr. Black, then? What was so urgent that you felt the need to come running head first by the looks of it into my door when you are suppose to be in Gryffindor house?” she asked with a tiny hint of amusement in her voice as she watched Sirius rubbing his forehead.

Sirius quickly stood up, ignored the pain pulsing through his forehead, brushed off the dust from his robes and put on his most charming smile. After a minute of silence in which Sirius just smiled and raised his eyebrows at the head of his house, McGonagall sighed in light frustration and gave in.

“Very well, Sirius. Detention tomorrow night for being out in the school after hours without an adequate excuse. My office at seven. Oh, and don’t bring your mirror again,” she said as she made to go back into her office.

Sirius did his best bow before adding an, “it’ll be my pleasure.”

After he heard the click of the door and knew that McGonagall was on the other side, Sirius ran off as fast as he could into a new hallway. The mirror comment had forcefully reminded him that he needed to find James soon and talk to him before the later had time to sit and think about the events of the night too much in depth.

Taking many turns and entering new corridors within seconds, the only thing Sirius knew about his route was that it was getting further and further away from the Gryffindor common room. He had no doubt however that his feet would somehow lead him straight to James. If anyone could find James Potter it was Sirius Black, and Sirius knew that.

Not knowing why, Sirius instantly stopped running. He looked to the left and saw three suits of armour that were very familiar to him for he and the rest of the students of Hogwarts past them every time they entered the great hall. As Sirius stared at them, he suddenly got a feeling of certainty and somehow knew that James hadn’t come past here on his attempt to find a quiet place to think. Making up his mind, Sirius turned around and run from the direction he had just come from. He then turned down a dark hallway to the left instead of the right one that he had just previously come down. Checking in every empty classroom, Sirius kept on moving, not seeing his friend anywhere. Just as he was about to retrace his steps and look a second time around the castle, he felt a tingling in his right pocket. Not knowing that the object was in his pocket since Lily had dressed him this morning while she had been in his body, Sirius reached down into the deep black pockets of his school robe. With a feeling of relief, Sirius quickly pulled the two-way mirror out of his pocket hoping to see James’ face in it.

With a shock of disappointment, Sirius saw the face of Remus Lupin instead in the used-looking mirror.

“Moony! How did you get James’ mirror?” Sirius demanded, as he talked to the mirror quietly in the dark, deserted hallway.

The face of Remus smiled a little before he answered in a hurried voice.

“He left it in the dorm, Sirius. Honestly, did you think I stole it or something when he wasn’t looking? But anyways, that’s besides the point…” Remus started before he was interrupted by Sirius.

“I can hear another voice, who’s that in the background?” Sirius asked and watched the face of Lupin turn around to look at the speaker that couldn’t be seen in the mirror.

“Oh, that’s Lily,” Remus said.

Sirius raised his eyebrows due to the fact that he was confused but didn’t get the chance to say anything for Remus continued.

“He’s in the potions room.”

Sirius raised his eyebrows even higher.

“What?” he asked in a tired voice. He didn’t want to play any games at this point.

Remus sighed and rolled his eyes at Sirius through the mirror before answering quickly.

James, you idiot. James is in the potions room down in the dungeons. Lily told me you went to go find him and I’ve been watching you on the map run about the castle like a wild animal or something. I thought I’d help you out,” Remus said with a mischievous smile.

Sirius showed signs of understanding now and another wave relief came over him. He wished he could hug his friend at that very moment.

“Ah, thanks Moony old pal, you’re a lifesaver!” Sirius said as he shook the black hair that had fallen into his eyes.

Remus put a fake disgusted look on his face.

“I’m sorry, did you just call me old?” Remus asked.

Sirius put his most innocent look on and stared back at Remus with puppy dog eyes.

“I believe it was right before you continued to call me a lifesaver. Which by the way is a muggle candy,” Remus added with a smile now on his face as he watched Sirius’ attempt at innocence go down the drain.

“I thought you liked to be called old candy,” Sirius said with a smile on his lips, deciding to play up the scene he had created.

“Think again,” Remus said which caused Sirius to laugh quietly to himself.

“Would you prefer aged sweet then?” Sirius asked in mock seriousness.

Sirius watched Remus’ face in the mirror laugh, and heard the laughter of Lily who he guessed was standing near to him at the moment.

“Just go, Sirius,” Remus said.

Sirius didn’t need telling twice. He stuffed the mirror back into his pocket, eager to now have a destination. He continued running in the direction that he had been going in before Remus had contacted him. The turn he had chosen when he had been at the suits of armour had turned out to be the right way after all, as he knew it would. His feet could usually lead him to James and this time proved no different.

After only a couple of minutes, Sirius slowed to a walk as he entered the dungeon area of the castle. The hallways were much narrower down here, and the air was one of stuffiness. Why James had willingly come down here was beyond Sirius but he didn’t care at the moment. The previous joking mood he had had with Remus was now lost as the darkness and closeness of the corridor reflected the situation at hand.

Feeling that no teachers would be down in the potions wing at this time at night, Sirius decided to risk some light. He took his wand out of his pocket, muttered a short spell, and instantly a light appeared at the end of it, illuminating the hallway.

Down a little and to his right was their potions classroom, so Sirius decided to make right for it. He hadn’t heard any sounds yet except his own shuffling feet, and that fact alone was making him wonder if Remus had been playing a sick kind of joke on him and that James was really up in the common room or something with them all laughing at silly little gullible Sirius. But as soon as Sirius reached the doorway to the classroom, he instantly bit on his own thoughts and felt stupid for even thinking them.

There, sitting cross-legged on top of a desk facing the chalkboard was James, cupping his face with his hands and making no sound at all. There was a single lantern hovering in the air at the front of the classroom that Sirius guessed James must have conjured himself for some light.

Before Sirius could think of a way to let his presence known without startling James in the process, James sighed and spoke in a sad voice without even turning around.

“How is it that you always seem to know where I am, Sirius?”

Sirius almost dropped his wand at the sound of James’ voice. He had not been expecting James to know that he had been there and the heavy silence from before had made his voice sound odd.

“I know everything,” Sirius stated in an attempt to lighten the mood.

James remained quiet and still had not looked at his friend.

Evidently the attempt hadn’t worked. The mood was not lightened in the slightest.

Sirius walked into the classroom, shutting the door behind him.

“I’m going to lock the door so that you can’t leave until you forgive me, James,” Sirius said, not joking anymore.

James finally turned around as he heard Sirius cast a locking charm on the door with his wand.

“You do know that I am equally as skilled as you and could unlock that door at any second if I wanted to, right?” James asked as he looked questionably at his friend.

“Yes I’m aware,” Sirius said as he walked over to a desk in front of the one James was sitting on.

Sirius climbed onto the desk and sat atop it just like James was doing except that he had his back to the chalkboard so that his face was facing James.

“It was just the dramatic effect I was after,” Sirius said as he tried to get James to look at him.

James was currently looking at his hands that were now in his lap.

After a minute of uncomfortable silence, (which had never happened between the two before), Sirius rolled his eyes and tried to start conversation, something that before today had never had to have been forced before.

“Okay, well just say it then,” Sirius asked in desperation, “I can take it, I’m a big boy. I know you’re mad at me. I knew you would be, so go ahead and yell. Let your temper out.”

But James remained quiet, something that was unsettling Sirius very much at this point. So Sirius raised his voice a little bit, starting to get a bit aggravated by James’ stubbornness.

“Look I…we should have told you the truth, Prongs. But Dumbledore told us we couldn’t. This isn’t my fault and it isn’t Lily’s,” Sirius said as he felt his temper rising.

James looked up at him with dull hazel eyes.

“But,” he started.

“James, come on!” Sirius exclaimed, hands flailing, “You know why we had to tell Moony."

Sirius at this point almost could have laughed at James’ jealousy.


He instead decided that the time called for brutal honesty.

“Look mate, if I could have told anyone about this, you would’ve been number one,” Sirius said now in a gentle voice trying desperately to get James to grasp the truth in the words he was saying.

James put a hand through his hair; something he did whenever he was uncomfortable or nervous.

“Sirius, you can say all you want but how do I know you’re telling the truth anymore? How do I know truthfully that you would have told me if you could have? Tell me that,” James asked now with desperation in his voice.

The response came almost instantly.

“Merlin’s beard, Prongs! Because you’re my brother.”

Silence then rang though the room. James caught Sirius’ eyes and held their gaze. People had been calling them brothers for years, either to their faces or behind their backs. But never had they themselves voiced the comment to each other in all seriousness, with all joking and the need to impress aside.

James looked torn and Sirius shocked at the words that had just filled the empty quiet potions room and the effect they seemed to have. They knew them to be true this time. There was no denying it. The way Sirius had said his last ringing comment had been so emotional and raw that no sentence seemed good enough to follow it.

What did follow was still the strong silence. But it was different then the ones earlier. Sirius waited for James’ reaction and was a little startled when James hopped off his desk. He watched his friend start pacing the room, clearly lost in thought, clearly wondering how to approach the situation.

“You should have told me,” James finally said as he continued to pace in and out of the rows of desks.

Sirius sighed. He had hoped that they had past this accusing and blaming phase.

“I know, I know! But like I already said, James, I couldn’t,” Sirius replied trying to get through to James even a little bit.

James stopped walking and turned to look at Sirius.

“No, not that Sirius. You should have told me what you’ve been going through lately. Look, I’m no stranger to stress. I could have helped you. We could have made it better,” James said quietly.

And at that moment Sirius knew what had really been bothering James. It wasn’t so much the switch as the fact that Sirius had been keeping things from him.

“Prongs, I didn’t want to bother you with my stupid little problems, when I know you’ve got your own to deal with,” Sirius simply said.

James resumed his pacing.

“Your problems are my problems, Padfoot. I’ve been wondering for weeks what was wrong with you. I mean, no one else could see it,” James said but avoided eye contact with his friend, “Everything just sort of caught up for you all at once didn’t it?”

Sirius looked at his best friend in awe.

“Yes. How did you-”

But James cut him off.

“I just know. Usually the people who seem the happiest and who seem to have a perfect life are just trying to hide something underneath.”

It was a conclusion that James and Sirius had come up with years ago. They used to always talk about how the perfect people were probably the ones with the problems and the stress. It had never occurred to them how right they were, until now that is.

“Here I come, racing around the castle like a house elf on firewhiskey trying to find you with a thought in my head to talk about you and here we are talking about me,” Sirius said to the back of James’ head since the latter was still pacing around the dungeon room.

“Funny how that happens, isn’t it?” James asked and Sirius could tell that he had a smile on his face.

“Look, I’m sorry that you feel we’ve drifted because of this. It’s so easy to joke around with you and have fun and stuff but when it comes to real life…it’s just harder,” Sirius said and the mood shifted once more back to seriousness.

“I know,” James answered.

There was another silence that followed except for the sound of James’ shuffling feet. Sirius decided to take up the conversation again.

“What would the school population think if they could see us now? How weak would we seem to them, do you think?”

James finally stopped his pacing for a brief second and faced Sirius before answering.

“We’re not weak, Padfoot. Sometimes it’s harder to talk truthfully with your best friend then it is to take on an enemy or win the house cup or something,” James said which was very out of his character.

Sirius smiled and knew that James had probably been thinking about that for the past couple of days.

“I’ll remember that,” he finally said.

“You always do,” James replied as he resumed his pacing once more.

A couple of minutes past in which James just walked and Sirius just stared at the floating lantern that was their only source of light. Their silence wasn’t uncomfortable anymore.

“You know,” Sirius began, “sometimes I wish people could hear what you have to say, James. You’re really smarter then you let on. I know people would think I’m crazy, but I’m surprised that Dumbledore didn’t make you a prefect or something,’ Sirius joked.

James looked up thoughtfully before answering.

“Sure I’m smarter then I let on, but I’m not so good at the responsibility thing. It’s just easier to pretend I’m some crazy, immature marauder who’s obsessed with himself. You’re the only one that’s seen the serious side of me,” James said honestly.

“And you me,” Sirius replied feeling connected with his friend in way he couldn’t explain, “so I guess we’ve been brothers for a long time then,” he finished.

James stopped walking again, turned his head to the left so that he could see Sirius and smiled.

“Well, family is-" he started.

"-what you make it," Sirius finished with a smile.

And they were back to finishing each other's sentences.

“So am I forgiven?” Sirius asked in his joking voice.

“I’ll sleep on it,” James said which caused them both to laugh.

He then walked over to the teacher’s desk and threw himself down on the comfortable chair. Sirius turned on his desk to that he could face James once more who was now at the front of the class.

“So you ready to be our old charming selves again? None of this ‘heart to heart’ stuff when we go back to the common room?” Sirius asked, not being able to keep the smile off of his face now.

James plastered his trademark smirk on his face, the smirk that hadn’t made its way into the dungeon yet.

“What happens in the dungeon stays in the dungeon, agreed?” James said as he picked up a quill from the teacher’s desk and started rolling it back and forth over his fingers.

“Agreed, oh wise one,” Sirius answered, and nodded his head at the same time.

Their common personalities were already surfacing already.

“You know, maybe girls would like to see our sensitive, non-joking sides,” James put forth to the room.

“Nah,” they both answered in unison, which only caused them to go into a fit of laughter.

After they caught their breath, they both realized how weird it was that they were sitting in the potions room that they both hated with a passion. Sirius knew that James had only come down here so that he could be alone. But he had underestimated the powers of friendship and for that Sirius was grateful.

“So what’s with the single floating lantern light thing, Prongs?” Sirius asked. He had been staring at it for the longest time and was somehow drawn to it.

“Dramatic effect,” James answered immediately.

They together smiled.


Five minutes had past in the cold dungeon and when Sirius checked his watch he saw that they had been down there for at least an hour. Knowing that they should get back, he felt a sudden urge to stay out all night just to spite the school and its rules. Just as he was in the middle of imagining what it would look like to be found sleeping in the potions class by the potions master, James spoke from the teacher’s desk that he was still sitting behind.

“By the way, welcome back to manhood.”

Sirius laughed at his friend and rolled his eyes.

“What, you didn’t think I made a good girl?” he asked in a fake hurt voice.

James sat up straighter in his chair before addressing Sirius.

“Quite rankly I was a little afraid of the amount of vanilla lipgloss you went though,” he said in an accusing voice.

But Sirius had a counter attack.

“I wouldn’t even go there if I were you, James. Don’t forget, you have been putting the ‘Potter charm’ on me for the past week,” Sirius said with a smile.

James looked horrified before his face broke into a small grin.

“Erm…sorry mate,’ he said quietly.

Sirius could have laughed at James’ embarrassment. And he did.

“It amused the hell out of me, so I forgive you. Just don’t do it again,” he added at the end for fun.

James twiddled the quill in his fingers and glared at Sirius before he assured him that it would not ever happen again.

“So anyways, tell me everything then.” James said as got an excited look in his eyes.

Sirius knew what was coming.

“What do they sleep in? What do they talk about? What does Lily look like in the morning without make-up? What are high heels like? Or, oh! How about a bra? Oh my god, Padfoot tell me everything!” James said in a very ecstatic voice as he clapped his hands in amusement.

Sirius let out his bark like laugh at the sound of his friend asking what it felt like to wear a bra.

“Well, are you ready for this? They have pictures of me hanging up in their dorms,” Sirius said and tried to conceal a smirk as James widened his eyes.

“No way!” he exclaimed as he brought a hand up to his face for drama.

“Totally. I told you they liked me better,” Sirius said.

James just looked happy and said nothing like he was thinking about something.

“Oh by the way, Padfoot, Lily knows about your special boxers,” James said and couldn’t contain his laughter at the horrified look on Sirius’ face.

“What! Prongs! You are so dead!” Sirius yelled. It was an empty threat however. Sirius didn’t care if a girl saw his boxers.

“Relax, she saw a lot more then that,” James said and he continued to laugh uncontrollably.

Sirius just glared at his friend.

“Thanks. Now I can relax,” he said as he shook his head in the process, “ah, it’s ok. You won’t want to know all the stuff I found out about her.”

James immediately sat up in his chair and focused every ounce of his attention on Sirius.

“I’m listening,” he said as he placed the quill that he had been holding into a small empty case on the edge of the teacher’s desk that seemed to have been there for no apparent reason.

Just as Sirius was about to answer his friend, something happened that made the both of them freeze in confusement and turn their attention to the blackboard behind James.

A rumbling noise had started behind James’ back and when they looked at the clean board at the front of the class they saw thin silver markings forming on it slowly.

James looked back to Sirius who had now gotten off of his desk and was walking towards him.

The silver markings on the chalkboard had evolved to now show the shape of a door with a fancy handle that looked real enough to turn.

As soon as Sirius reached the desk that James had stood up from, he turned his attention away from the board and instead looked at his friend who had been staring at the ‘door’ as well.

“James…did you do something?” Sirius asked as he looked around to make sure that nobody had heard the rumbling sound and had come to see what the noise was about. But there was no one.

“I…I don’t know, all I did was put this quill into that weird jar thing at the corner of the desk,” James said as he motioned to the quill that he was referring to.

Sirius and him then shared a meaningful glance before they both ran over to the jar on the desk. It turned out to be permanently stuck to the old wood desk, as neither of them could remove it from its position no matter how hard they tried.

“You must have hit a button or something when you put that quill into it, James. Look around the side of it…it has the same silver markings on it as the door does,” Sirius said as he examined the little black jar that did indeed have silver markings on it in the shape of a door that mimicked the one on the blackboard perfectly.

James looked at the jar as well and agreed with his friend. They then both walked slowly over to the chalkboard.

Sparing one glance over at Sirius who was looking entranced by the silver door that was shining out into the otherwise dark room, James reached out towards the handle of it. With a bit of a surprise, James felt himself grab the handle that he had previously thought had just been a drawing.

James just stood there holding the handle before Sirius encouraged him to open the mysterious door.

With one swift movement, James had turned the handle and the door had swung open to reveal a dark passage that led to somewhere neither of them could see. Standing at the edge of their new found discovery, they caught each other’s eyes and took out their wands at the exact same time.

“Ready for another adventure?” James asked Sirius once they had both gotten a chance to look down the scary passage that could lead anywhere.

“Are you kidding? A chance to venture under the depths of the school?” Sirius asked as he looked at James once more.

And at that, they both lit their wands and took the first step into the deserted, thin passage that didn’t look like it had been used for years.

Which it hadn’t.


Alone in the boys’ dormitory in the Gryffindor house, Remus and Lily sat on the floor waiting for James and Sirius to come back from their little talk. They didn’t care that it was getting late. They were also both prefects and knew that James and Sirius shouldn’t be about the castle at this hour but it didn’t bother them in the slightest anymore. They just wanted the two to sort out their differences and come back as friends again.

Lily and Remus had been sitting on the floor reading books silently to themselves to pass the time when Lily looked up from her book and sighed.

“It’s been a long time, Remus. Are they still in the potions room?” she asked and raised her eyebrows as she did so.

Remus immediately reached onto the bed that he was sitting next to and grabbed a piece of parchment off of it.

“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good,” he said quietly and opened the map to reveal the school of Hogwarts.

After scanning it for a couple of seconds he looked up at Lily.

“They’re not in the potions room anymore, they must be heading back,” he said as he looked back down to the map to see where exactly they now were.

A couple of minutes had passed in which Lily watched Remus scan the map over twice.

“Erm…Remus, hello? Where are they?” she said wondering why he was taking so long.

Remus looked up to her, dropping the map onto the floor as he did so.

“I don’t know, Lily. I can’t find them. They’re not on the map.”

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Chapter 16: 'This is definitely one of our more greater discoveries, Prongs.'
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Chap16. 'This is definitely one of our more greater discoveries, Prongs.'

Once upon a time in a land inhabited by wizards and muggles both,
There lived four very different people held together by a common oath.

This vow they had made was for friendship alone,
When the powers of evil and good were not quite yet known.

These four equally talented people were magically blest,
But their extraordinary thirst for knowledge made them different from the rest.

As a result from their findings, the four friends agreed,
That to teach future generations was the right choice indeed.

And like many friendships that ignite over the littlest sparks,
They were there for each other through the fights and remarks.

But when two confident people try to each lead the rest,
Ego’s collide with every protest.

But as was the case with the two leaders of these four great friends,
A compromise could always be found to make, for the time being, amends.

This system of fighting and compromising went on for many years,
Until it suddenly became too hard for the leaders of the peers.

Ego’s did collide and disagreements did increase,
Until the two best friends found it hard to find peace.

After long discussions, arguments and finally a brutal fight,
Both, finally sick of compromising, severed ties and one took flight.

So split the group of four apart,
Never to be as close of heart.

And history was written.

This rivalry between the two former friends developed and grew,
And on went the years of tension with the two.

Before they knew it, one had turned to the side of good,
While the other had found benefits from the evil that none understood.

While they fought to see who had chosen the right side,
The thought that began to interest them was to let future generations decide.

So the leader who had ventured to the dark side decided to leave behind a mystery,
One that could only be discovered by those he deemed worthy to behold his history.

But since the brains of the rivals were equally trained with knowledge and wit,
The other wizard on the good side soon found out the secret, as luck would have it.

Not wanting to be shown up by his ex-friend to future generations,
This man also left behind a secret to be discovered by people that met his own expectations.

For many years, these well-hidden mysteries were left untouched and discovered by none,
And since the death of the two enemies, most declared the rivalry done.

The secret of the bad wizard however couldn’t say hidden without a sound,
And what he left hidden beneath a school was eventually found.

Devoted to him and his heirs was a chamber of what he believed,
Clearly something that he thought would out due whatever his rival achieved.

But after the interest died down about the chamber that had been discovered,
The mystery of the other wizard was soon forgotten and left uncovered.

And until the worthy people in the good man’s eyes came to look for his mystery,
Whatever he left behind would remain a secret and a myth from old history.

Even after death, the rival between good and evil carried on,
So that even today, witches and wizards can’t fix this wrong.

The two sides will continue to battle strong,
All because two of the four infamous founders of
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry couldn’t get along.


James Potter and Sirius Black walked at a quick pace beside each other, trying to make the least amount of noise that they possibly could. The secret passageway that they had recently discovered was very dark and also very damp. A fact that made the boys think that they had ventured under the Hogwarts lake. It had a sense of something in the air, they could tell, and it also looked like it hadn’t had any visitors down its long confusing passages in a very long time.

With their wands emitting the only light they could see, the two recently reacquainted friends started getting anxious. They had only walked about ten steps into the thin, stuffy passageway and just as James was about to say something to lighten the seemingly creepy atmosphere, they heard a rumble from behind them.

Both turning around directly on their spots in perfect unison, the boys saw the last signs of the classroom they had just come from disappear. The door they had entered had unexpectedly closed behind them, leaving them locked into a place that neither knew.

James cast an unsure look over at Sirius.

“You don’t happen to have the map with you, do you?” he asked.

Sirius checked his pockets until he felt the mirror and remembered that Remus had the map at the moment.

“Erm…no I don’t,” Sirius replied, shrugging his shoulders as he did so and taking his hands out of his pockets.

James sighed before he turned and looked down the rest of the tunnel once more.

“I guess we’re on our own then, Padfoot,” he said to Sirius who had also turned to look down the endless passage.

“When has that ever been a bad thing though?” Sirius joked which caused James to immediately smile.

The two then walked side by side into the dark unknown knowing that they would conquer this mystery together.


“I’m telling you they’re not on here, Lily!” Remus exclaimed as he told the redhead once more that there was no sign of James or Sirius on the Marauder’s Map.

Lily, who was still sitting beside him, rolled her eyes and outstretched her hand.

“Let me see,” she said exasperatedly.

Remus gratefully handed her the map so that she could see for herself that he was telling the truth. After about a minute’s silence, Lily looked up from the parchment and met his piercing gaze.

“Is it like impossible for you to ever be wrong, Remus Lupin?” She joked as she slid the map on the ground closer to the boy, “ they’re probably off breaking rules. Let’s just wait for them to turn up then.”

Remus agreed, offered a small smile and reached his hand on the map that Lily had pushed over to him.

Only problem was that Lily hadn’t lifted her hand yet.

What resulted from this awkward hand touching was an uncomfortable pause in which neither Lily or Remus knew what to say. Remus eventually lifted his hand and brought it back to his own lap before he turned to look into the green eyes of the girl sitting next to him.

“Look Lily,’ he began before she interrupted him.

“It’s ok, I know,” she said with a smile and watched Remus’ face become unreadable.

He looked down at his hands in his lap once more.

“No, you don’t understand. You can’t because I haven’t been able to tell you yet,” he said in his quiet voice.

Lily furrowed her eyebrows and started running a hand through her hair. It was what she always did when she was caught in a situation that she was unprepared for. Which didn’t happen regularly.

“What’s there to understand,” she started to say not being embarrassed at all, “I like you, and you like me.”

She was a very forward person, as James would say.

Remus was having no such luck at being comfortable with the situation however. In fact, he looked almost as bad as Sirius had looked when James had been dared to kiss him.

“Well, yes I fancy you,” Remus agreed as his face turned crimson, “but that’s it, ok? That’s as far as the possibility of ‘us’ can go, Lily,” he said with a stronger voice now.

Lily was about to yell at him for not explaining himself before she remembered that Remus wouldn’t take to kindly to her raised voice. He wasn’t like James.

And then it hit her. James.

“Oh, Remus don’t,” she said as she wondered how James could find such loyal friends.

Remus finally took the opportunity to look at her and he gave her a questioning stare.

“Are you saying that nothing can happen between us because of James?” Lily asked exasperatedly as she glared at Remus.

“Lily…” Remus began as he closed his eyes.

“No, don’t try to explain. Look, I haven’t been able to have a relationship with anyone for years because of James and his ‘intimidating popularity’. Don’t you think that even if I had had the tiniest of feelings for him, I would have gone out with him? I don’t want to be with him. I want…well…I want you, Remus,” Lily finished her rant with a pink tint on her cheeks, waiting for Remus’ reply.

Remus brought his hands up to brush the wavy brown hair out of his eyes as if to stall for time before he had to answer.

“He would kill me,” was all he said, still not looking at the girl in his dormitory, “him and Sirius both.”

“Come on, James can find some other girl in a matter of seconds! Why do you always put others before yourself, Remus?” Lily asked.

Remus’ lips went very thin as he pondered the question.

“Because I owe those two so much, I guess,” he said and then suddenly just stopped talking as if that sentence was enough to sum up what Sirius and James meant to him.

Lily started biting one of her nails, not quite knowing how to respond. Of course she knew that the boys held friendship above everything else, she just didn’t like admitting that that everything else included her as well.

She decided to give it at least one more go. She couldn’t help herself; this loyal, awkward, cute Remus was getting more attractive to her as every moment went on.

“You’re friendship is stronger then anyone’s I know. James will forgive you eventually. Like, he won’t label you untrustworthy for the rest of your life or anything, right? I mean it’s not like he specifically said that you couldn’t date me, did he?” she said liking what she had said for her argument.

Remus shrugged his shoulders.

“Well no, not exactly,” he said as he looked into Lily’s smiling face and then to her eyes.

The green eyes that he could always lose himself in, even when they weren’t being directed to him as they were at this very moment. He had always liked Lily, just as James had. But he, unlike his friend, had always labelled Lily as ‘out of his league’ and had been fine with just imagining her as a girlfriend for the years. But now with the possibility of his fantasy becoming reality, and with him for once being preferred to the infamous James Potter…well it was a hard opportunity to pass up and Remus struggled inside. Should he finally do something for himself? But whenever he thought that, images of his friend and the kindness he had always shown to him came to his mind.

No, he thought. Lily was off limits.

But didn’t that make her even more desirable?

Remus was, after all, a marauder.

Remus looked at Lily and watched her studying his face intently as if she was trying to see what he was thinking. Did he remain loyal to his friends just like he always did? Or did he finally get the girl of his dreams who, in his eyes, was a perfect match for him? It was a hard decision for a sixteen-year-old boy. He was no closer to making up his mind when he got jolted back to reality by the sound of Lily’s voice.

“We could keep it a secret,” she said.

Silence then filled the room and Remus turned to stare at the wall across from him as he thought about that possibility. What James didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him, right? But just as he turned back to face Lily to tell her that James would eventually find out, he got quite the surprise to see her face much closer then it had been previously.

She had shifted over more towards him and her face was increasingly becoming closer to his.

Much closer.

In fact, too close.

He could see his reflection perfectly in her hungry eyes before she slowly closed them.

All of a sudden, her lips lightly touched his. But when she got no reaction, she quickly pulled away.

“I…I’m sorry, Remus. I thought…” she began but was cut off as Remus’ lips collided with hers once more.


James shivered.

“See anything yet? We’ve been walking forever,” James asked Sirius who was currently walking ahead of him in the cold passageway.

Sirius suddenly stopped and pointed his wand out a little ways in front of him towards what looked like a small, silver table that was blocking the otherwise empty pathway.

James caught up with Sirius who had only been a couple of steps in front of him anyways before he halted beside his friend.

“Now what do you reckon that is there for?” James asked as he glanced at Sirius.

The two of them then both walked together over to the small table. As they got closer to it, the same markings from the door they had first entered were clearly visible on the table legs.

What was on top of the table was what was grabbing their attentions however. Two regular shaped drinking goblets were sitting next to each other on the silver tabletop. One of the goblets was an emerald green color while the other was scarlet red.

After they waited there for a couple minutes in which nothing at all happened, James turned to Sirius.

“What do you think we have to do?” he asked as he eyed the goblets wearily.

Sirius furrowed his eyebrows.

“I guess we pick one,” he said as he looked to James who was still looking at him.

After a moments silence, James stepped forward.

“Ok, I’ll do it,” he said and he reached his hand towards the table slowly as if scared of what might happen if he did.

When nothing did happen, he then proceeded to pick up the scarlet goblet until his hand was fully around it and he had lifted it off of the table.

What happened next almost made him drop the goblet from his hand.

White steam had started to rise up from the cup and was oddly enough starting to form letters as it did so. In the air directly above the goblet and James’ hand, written in what they had to imagine was some sort of ‘magic mist’ were the words;

Congratulations, you have chosen the color of a true Gryffindor. Now drink and present your name and perhaps you will discover what lies ahead.

After James and Sirius had both read the words floating above their heads, they looked at each other once more while the steam disappeared back into the goblet.

“Look, mate, we can go back if you want. You don’t have to drink whatever’s in that cup,” Sirius said as he eyed the goblet warily.

But he knew his friend well and was not surprised at all with what happened next.

James took half a second to think before he brought the cup to his lips and drank its entire contents.

“James Potter,” he stated to nobody in particular after he had swallowed, and waited to see if he would be permitted to ‘discover what lies ahead’ as the steam had said.

James and Sirius waited for more then a minute, thinking that maybe James hadn’t been judged ‘worthy’, before anything happened.

The table with the green goblet still on it, and the goblet from James’ hand suddenly vanished into thin air as if someone had muttered a disappearing spell.

The boys looked around but nothing else seemed to have been changed.

Just as James was starting to feel disappointed, the wall to the left of them started rumbling, and just as before, silver markings started to form in the shape of another identical door that mimicked the one from the blackboard.

A smile spread across James’ face as he walked forward and grabbed the handle.

Sirius followed his friend through the newly appeared door until they were both on the other side and it had closed behind them just as the other one had done. It was even darker where they were now and their wands were refusing to light. But they only had to stand for a few seconds in the pitch darkness until, all of a sudden, close to a hundred lanterns lit before them, illuminating a huge chamber of red and gold.

The two boys stood in awe as they took in their new surroundings. It was hard to believe that this chamber was hidden under the school. It had the resemblance of the Gryffindor common room but with a more royal and personal feel to it. Not to mention that there were tall, beautiful waterfalls on either side of them that they had both neglected to notice in their surprise to finding such an amazing place.

As they walked further into the chamber, their amazement just grew. In the middle of the room were a bundle of warm looking couches like the ones in their common room, and on every side of the chamber, in-between the waterfalls, there were huge roaring fireplaces.

Sirius ran over to the couches and flopped down onto them before James soon followed suit.

“Can you believe this? What is this place?” Sirius said, breaking their awed silence, “this is definitely one of our more greater discoveries, Prongs,” Sirius said as he laughed.

James was feeling the exact same thing. The chamber was giving him a sense of happiness and warmth. James was a sucker for unknown places where he could be alone, so this place was something of absolute heaven to him. And he had a hunch of what it was.

“Hey Siri, you know how those students found the Chamber of Secrets in this castle years ago?” he began as he looked around for some confirmation of his suspicions.

“Ya,” Sirius agreed starting to see what James was maybe hinting at, “it was made and hidden by Slytherin himself, wasn’t it?”

James smiled.

“Look over there,” he said as he pointed to one of the fireplaces in the middle of one of the walls.

Sirius turned his head a little so that he could get a full view of the fireplace. There, written on the rather high up mantle was the inscription Godric Gryffindor.

“I knew it, Padfoot. We found Godric Gryffindor’s secret chamber!” James said in a very excited voice, “didn’t I always tell you that he would have left one, since Slytherin did and all?”

Sirius laughed at his friend’s excitement, but had to admit that he was feeling very ecstatic himself. Both boys were very proud to be Gryffindors, and finding their mentor’s secret chamber was a very big thing to them.

“You were right. This place is amazing. We can come down here and no one can ever interrupt us or anything. Wait until we tell Remus!” Sirius said as he started jumping on the couch they were sitting on in his excitement.

James laughed at his friend.

“Ya. Hey, how about we go and get Remus right now and show him how to get down here?” James offered and Sirius stopped jumping immediately.

“Good idea. Oh! But I think Lily’s with him right now,” Sirius said, remembering from when he had last talked to his friend in the mirror.

James thought for a minute before he stood up off the red couch.

“That’s ok, she can come too. But we have to agree not to tell anyone else, ok?” James asked and waited for Sirius to get off the couch and join him on the carpet.

“Ok,” Sirius agreed before he remembered something else, “wait, what about Peter? He is still a marauder, after all.”

James started walking to the door they had come from and Sirius followed.

“As soon as he gets his act together, we’ll tell him, all right?” James said.

Sirius agreed and the two of them walked out of the brightly lit chamber into the passageway that they had originally come from. As soon as they had walked a couple steps down the tunnel, they heard the familiar rumbling sound and turned to see the door vanish, and the table return with the goblets, ready for the next time they came.

“Oh, Prongs, this is so cool!” Sirius said as they both resumed their walking again.

James laughed and agreed with his best friend. They knew they sounded like two excited kids in a candy store, but they didn’t care.

“I’m glad it was you who I found this with, Sirius. That’s how it should be,” James said with sincerity.

“Same here, buddy,” Sirius replied as they continued on their way back to the common room to retrieve Remus and Lily.

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Chapter 17: The Problem With Teenagers
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Ch17. The Problem With Teenagers

James Potter and Sirius Black stopped just outside the portrait that would lead them to the Gryffindor common room. They had come to find Remus and Lily so that they could show them the discovery that they had unveiled inside the familiar potions room.

“James loves Lily,” James said to the lady in the portrait, waking her up.

“Yes, well we all know that by now, don’t we?” The fat lady answered, faking anger at the two boys for waking her up.

“Oh, come on, you know you’ll always be number one with the marauders!” Sirius said as he sent her a wink.

“Well I should hope so…the number of times I’ve let you guys in here after hours…” she started to say as she swung open and a rush of sound greeted the two black haired boys’ ears.

James climbed through first but stopped dead in his tracks once he had reached the other side. Sirius soon followed suit and the pair of them exchanged a look before addressing the crowd that was taking over the common room.

“What are you guys doing?” James asked as a wide grin spread across his face. He knew what they were doing.

“Ya,” Sirius added, “we have classes tomorrow and everything!”

A short, fit looking boy with curly blonde hair stepped forward and walked unsteadily over to the two marauders, a drink in his hand.

“We’re having a party, what does it look like?” he said as he spilled a bit of his drink when he gestured to the rest of the room full of Gryffindors of every year.

He was clearly not drinking pumpkin juice. And he had clearly not been drinking pumpkin juice for a while now.

“Moore, you idiot!” James yelled at the blonde in front of him who was in fact named Riley Moore, “we have a Quidditch game tomorrow against Slytherin! How’s it going to look if our keeper can’t stay on his broom because he has a hangover?”

Sirius let out a laugh and watched as a couple of people were stopping their conversations to get a look at who was yelling over them music.

“Haha, Potter, that’s the reason we’re having a party, silly! To get everyone excited about the game tomorrow! And besides…I’m drunk not,” Moore stated as he unfortunately slurred his last sentence.

James smirked before answering, “very convincing!”

“Aw, it’s ok Jimmy,’ Sirius said as he clasped a hand on James’ shoulder, “remember last time…we invented that potion that cured our hangovers. We’ll just brew a batch big enough for everyone this time!” he finished to an agreeing crowd who were cheering at his words.

James smiled again.

“I totally forgot about that, Siri!” he said to Sirius before turning around to face everyone once again, “carry on everyone!”

Everybody resumed what they had been doing before, and it was clearer on second glance that more people were not in their right state of mind. James could tell that most of the students from fifth year and up were in fact under the influence at the moment and he wondered just how long him and Sirius had been down in the dungeons for.

James turned around expecting to talk to Sirius, but instead found empty air. Looking to his right, he saw his friend talking to a couple of giggling girls, a drink now in his hand.

Sirius had never been really good at controlling himself.

James walked a little further through the crowds of people hoping to see some sign of Remus. But he had clearly misjudged some of the fifth year girls.

“James, dance with me! I was waiting for you to show up,” a pretty brown haired girl from James’ transfiguration class said to him as she threw her arms around his neck.

“Cassie!” James said in surprise to having a girl already draped across his front, “Look, baby, in a little while…ok? I’m looking for someone right now,” he said as he unclasped her hands from around his neck with skill and looked past her in hopes of seeing Remus.

“She’s not over there, Potter,” James heard from someone on his left.

He turned and saw another girl, this time with short blonde hair, with a look of anger on her face.

“What are you talking about, Megan? Who’s not over there?” James answered.

This was one of the girls that liked to follow him around and he got quite annoyed by it from time to time.

“Your precious Evans,” she said with a sneer.

James stopped trying to walk through the people and looked her in the eyes. If she thought she was going to insult Lily, well, she thought wrong.

“Don’t be jealous of Lily, Megs. You had your chance. You and me…we’re in the past, get over it. And even though it’s none of your business, I’m not actually looking for my ‘precious Evans’,” James said as he walked around her, leaving her standing there alone, speechless.

After dodging a few more girls and even a couple of guys who James was quite scared of now, he eventually made his way back over to Sirius who by the looks of it had drank whatever had been in that cup plus whatever else he had been offered.

“…and Snivellus has never eaten with a spoon ever since!” Sirius finished to a round of laughter from a crowd that had formed to hear him tell his stories.

James walked up to him smiling.

“James, m’boy! How wonderful of you to join us here on the floor! I was just telling them of our last heroic prank against the slimy…”

“Snivellus. Yep, I heard you Padfoot,” James said as he took a seat next to his friend.

“Well this is a first,” Sirius said as he patted James rather forcefully on his back, “James is completely sober at a party!”

James had to smirk. Even when Sirius was not in his right state of mind, he could still read James perfectly.

Everyone in the area turned to look at James as if he was some animal in a zoo. With a small wave, James grabbed a couple glasses from some surrounding people’s hands and downed them as a loud cheer erupted.

And that was the problem with James Potter. He usually fell victim to peer pressure.

After about half an hour, when Sirius and James had both drunken more than really should have been allowed, James found himself dancing with girl after girl in the middle of the common room. And for reasons unknown to both of them, they were both currently without shirts.

“I’d say that us Gryffindor’s really know how to party!” Some random boy from the middle of the crowd yelled to nobody in particular.

Over the yells of agreeing Gryffindors, James immediately remembered why he and Sirius had come back to the common room in the first place.

“Siiiiirius!” he yelled in a singsong voice over the heads of students, trying to find where his friend had gotten to.

Within seconds came the reply.

“I’m right next to you, mate!” Sirius said and sure enough, he was dancing with girl just feet away from where James was currently standing.

Taking a minute, (or two), to laugh, James motioned for Sirius to come over to him.

Once they were within whispering distance, James reminded Sirius of the chamber they had found and asked him if he had seen Remus.

Sirius, not understanding why they were whispering, answered in his loud booming voice.

“It’s ok, Jimmy, we’ll tell him tomorrow! Besides, I haven’t even seen him once tonight.”

That seemed to be answer enough for James and he resumed his dancing.

Another half an hour had passed and before James knew it, he was making out with some random fourth year girl. Moments before, he had seen Sirius with Lily’s best friend, Christina, and not wanting to feel outdone by his friend, had latched onto the nearest girl he could find.

Just then though he felt a tugging on his arm and he broke the kiss to see a marauder on his knees with tears forming in his eyes.

“Peter!” James exclaimed in delight at the sight of the boy, clearly not realizing that Peter was on the verge of a breakdown.

“James,” Peter started, “I’m sorry. The Slytherins…they lied to me…said I was…and now I’m afraid…you have to be careful…I won’t do it again…I’m…I’m…sorry,” he finished as tears started coming out of his eyes.

James looked at him in a very confused way.

“Pete, you’re not making any sense right now. Tell me later, I’m a little busy,” and he went back to kissing the fourth year.

Peter scuffled away but not without realizing that Sirius had been listening as well from his couch.


Remus spared a glance at the map that was just lying precariously on the floor in front of him and Lily.

“Oh my God, Lily! Look at the common room!” Remus shouted with surprise, which was extremely unnecessary seeing as how Lily was sitting very close to him.

Lily looked into her new boyfriend’s alert eyes before she too looked down at the map.

“Looks like a party, Rem. But how did we not hear it from here?” She asked, clearly at a loss.

Remus took one look at the door before answering, “I guess the room is still soundproofed.”

After about a minute of silence, they both went into a fit of laughter.

For the first time in a long while, Remus found himself in complete happiness. The past hours he had spent with Lily had been more enjoyable than he had thought they would be. They had talked about everything and already he felt like he had just found another best friend. Not to mention when he had kissed her, it was the best kiss he had ever had.

The only problem was that James kept popping up in his head whenever he looked at Lily. Like her hair for instance, whenever he looked at her perfect defining trait, he was forcefully reminded of the many conversations he had shared with the marauders in which James would go on and on about Lily’s hair. But he soon learned to move those thoughts to the back of his mind.

What James didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him. Lily and him had decided that together. They had agreed to a secret relationship. No one would know and they’d just see how it played out. Although secretly, they were both dreading the day when James would find out.

But that day was in the far, far future and Remus was more concerned about focusing on the present.

“We’d better go down and see the damage then,” he said to Lily as he stood up and offered her his hand, “McGonagall would have our badges if she knew we let the party go on any further on a ‘school night’.”

Lily stood up too with the help of Remus’ hand, smiled, and walked with him to the doorway. As they opened to door to a wave of noise and music, they unclasped their hands and walked together to the staircase.

At the top of the stairs, they took in a view of the common room. It looked like a few people were already passed out on the floor, while more were, by the looks of it, making out on the couches by the fireplace. No one was really dancing anymore and the music seemed to be playing without a purpose. There were cups and food everywhere, not to mention random pieces of clothing, and overall, Lily and Remus declared it a sad sight.

Walking down the staircase, Remus told Lily that he’d go get Sirius and James from their spots on the couches and tell them that the party was over. Lily agreed, not wanting to get asked out by a drunk James Potter and went to ask some girls talking in a corner to go to bed.

As soon as they had turned the music off and some of the students had staggered up the stairs to their dorms, most people declared the party done and soon followed to bed. Remus had been having a hard time getting James and Sirius away from the girls they had been with, but eventually managed the feat as only a marauder could.

“Good idea to stop the party Moony,” Sirius said once everyone else had gone up to bed except for the few people passed out on the floor around them, “ I was getting a little bored anyways.”

“I bet you were. Here drink some water, it will help,” Remus said as he offered his two friends some water.

“We don’t need water, silly. We’re perfectly fine,” James said and Sirius quickly agreed.

“Then where may I ask are your shirts?” Remus said with a faint smile on his face.

James and Sirius looked down at their chests as if just realizing for the first time that they were topless.

“That is a mighty good question,” James said as he ran hand across his stomach, “but who needs shirts anyways? I mean, they only cover our beautiful bodies, right Pads?”

He looked over at Sirius who was now sitting on the same couch as him.

“Right you are, Saint Jimmy,” Sirius agreed, as they knew he would.

“Well that just proves that you need the water,” Remus said as he handed over two glasses to his friends with a smirk.

He then chose that time to go and help Lily vanish the mess around the room and attempt to levitate the people passed out on the carpet up to their dorms. In about fifteen minutes the room looked back to normal and Lily, knowing how long it would have taken to clean it up the muggle way, was eternally grateful for magic. Her and Remus then went back over to the couches to see what James and Sirius were now talking about.

To Remus’ great amusement, the two marauders on the couch were currently snuggling very close to one another, clearly cold without their shirts on.

“I guess that’s why we need shirts, guys…so that we don’t get cold and start spooning with our best friends,” Remus teased, causing him and Lily to laugh hysterically.

James, hearing Lily laugh, seemed to notice that she was in the room at last. He quickly brought a hand up to his hair, causing the two prefects to roll their eyes.

“Lily! You look smashing, my dear! Would you care to sit here on the couch with me and keep me warm? Sirius will move, don’t worry!” James said.

“No, James, I would not care to do that, sorry,” she answered before thinking ‘and so it begins… in her head.

While she had been in Sirius’ body, she had liked the fact that James hadn’t been hitting on her. In fact, she had liked James briefly and was starting to see why his friends adored him so much. But now those views were slowly fading from her mind. Especially as he sat on the couch without a shirt, clearly drunk.

“Lily, you might as well go up to bed. I can handle these two,” Remus said as he motioned to his friends.

Lily nodded, smiled over at Remus and offered a quick ‘goodnight’ before walking up the stairs to the girls’ dormitory.

Once she was gone, Remus turned back to the other marauders and snapped back to reality.

“Ok, well you might as well go up to our dorm as well then. I already had to levitate Peter up there,” Remus added with a small laugh.

“Good idea…oh! Wait, Remus, we have to tell you something!” Sirius exclaimed as he jumped up in his excitement.

Before Remus could even answer, Sirius went on.

“Me and James…in the dungeon! Guess what we found! You’ll never guess so I’ll just tell you! We found Gryffindor’s secret chamber! It was amazing…with waterfalls…and couches perfect for jumping on…” he started until Remus cut him off.

“I’m sure you did find all of that,” he said, his voice dripping with sarcasm, “now how about you finish your story on the way to our first class tomorrow.”

Sirius looked annoyed at being cut off by Remus but soon agreed that such stories were better left until the daytime. Once they had decided that they would make a potion in the morning to help with…well, hangovers, they all started walking over to the staircase leading up to the boys’ dormitories.

Halfway there, Sirius stumbled on his own two feet and fell face first onto the ground. Looking up from the floor, he quickly asked the other two if they were all right.

Remus fought back a laugh and answered that they were fine and that it was nice of him to ask.

They walked up into their room before the silence was broken again.

“You know, one of these days I’m going to have to ban these parties on the nights before Quidditch matches,” James mumbled as he climbed into his bunk.

Remus smiled at the thought that it didn’t matter at all to James that they also had classes the next day as well.

“You know, one of these days you guys are going to get arrested,” Remus joked as he got into his bunk as well, careful to avoid bumping Peter in the process.

“Oh, Remus,” Sirius added in, “if we got chucked into Azkaban, we know you’d be there to bail us out.”

Remus snorted. But he didn’t doubt that he would bail his friends out of Azkaban if they got thrown in there for such a thing as underage drinking.

“And what if I didn’t come because I had warned you that you shouldn’t break the law? What would you do then?” Remus said as Sirius turned off the lights and climbed into his bunk below James’.

“We’d escape, silly,” Sirius said from his bed.

Remus laughed at Sirius before answering.

“No one’s been able to ever break out of Azkaban, Padfoot. Just because you’re a marauder doesn’t mean you can do everything,” Remus said, wanting to get a reaction out of his friend.

The answer came almost instantly.

“Well I guess you’re just going to have to come and bail us out then,” Sirius smugly said, ending the conversation as James’ snores filled the room.

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Chapter 18: ‘Seriously, just tell me’.
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Chapter18 – ‘Seriously, just tell me’.

Lily sat in the transfiguration room humming quietly to herself, pretending to be reading the chapter on human transfiguration in her spell book, while secretly thinking about a certain marauder who was sitting right behind her.

“Sirius, the boy just ate your pumpkin pie!”

Simultaneously, every head in the classroom looked up from their reading and turned to see what James Potter was talking about now.

McGonagall herself even looked up from the many papers she was grading at her desk and put her quill down. She had a look of mischief in her eye.

“Nice to see you finally awake, Potter. I hope you had a nice dream about Mr. Black,” the professor said with a small hint of a smile on her lips.

The class broke into a fit of laughter, something that was usually James Potter’s doing anyways.

James looked around at the many faces laughing and, realizing that he had the whole class’s attention once again, decided to bask in it.

“Oh, I wasn’t sleeping,” James said as he used his hand to dismiss the thought, “I was merely reflecting on the beautifully selected chapter you wanted us to read.”

The class tried to stifle their snickering.

“It’s true,” Sirius, piped up, “James here reflects all the time.”

“Boys, enough.” McGonagall said as she raised her hand to halt their speaking which she knew, unless stopped, could continue on for a very long time, “if you were merely ‘reflecting’ Potter, then you wouldn’t mind if I asked you a question about the reading?”

James smiled, tilted his head to one side, and raised his eyebrows.

“Give me your hardest,” he said.

“Well, since this chapter is on human transfiguration, why don’t you tell the class everything you know about the term animagus,” McGonagall said smugly as she crossed her arms and stared back at the boy on her interrogation.

Remus smiled.

Sirius smiled.

Peter smiled.

And even Lily smiled as James put on a smirk and opened his mouth.


“James, you didn’t have to go on and on about what it feels like to be an animagus for ten whole minutes. We’re not trying to let anyone else know, remember?” Remus said as he walked alongside his fellow marauders who were leaving the transfiguration room.

“Relax Moony, McGonagall doesn’t suspect anything. There’s a lot of random facts and stuff that I know, and she knows that. She probably just thinks I’m as crazy as ever,” James said, a little too confident in himself.

Sirius nodded his head in agreement, of course.

“But what if she tells Dumbledore. He’ll know for sure. He probably already knows, actually,” Remus added,

James stopped walking, (which caused the other three to stop as well), and looked at Remus.

“Just leave it, buddy, it’s no big deal. Dumbledore wouldn’t care anyways. Hell, he’d probably want to join us on our monthly adventures,” James said with a reassuring smile.

Remus just shrugged his shoulders and started walking again. James always made things seem simpler then they were, he knew. But he, Remus, always exaggerated things, which was why they made a good pair of friends.

“Well anyhow, I’m going to go and find Lily since we have our joined spare right now,” James said as soon as the boys had reached the main staircase.

“She’s in the library,” Remus said automatically without even thinking.

“How do you know, mate?” Sirius asked, not that he even cared.

Remus briefly shifted his eyes to the left before answering with a “oh, she told me earlier that she was going to go the library for her spare”.

The rest of the marauders, not thinking anything weird of this since they knew that Remus and Lily were good friends, nodded in agreement.

“Well I guess I’m going to the library then,” James said as he turned to walk down a corridor to the left.

Before he got three steps however, he turned around and looked Sirius in the eyes, trying very hard to resist laughing.

“Siri, you do know that you still smell like vanilla, right?” he said.

Sirius let out a bark-like laugh. The one he was famous for at this school. Well, that among other things.

“How can I welcome you back to manhood if you still smell like a girl?” James added.

“Well you can start by not letting people eat my pumpkin pie!”


James entered the library slowly, trying not the get the attention of the librarian.

“James Potter, I thought I banned you from the library this week.”

James sighed and turned around to face the librarian who had her hands on her hips and was looking at him in a very accusing way.

“I’m just going to go and get someone, alright? And then I’ll leave. Seriously,” he added as the librarian raised her eyebrows in disbelief, “just give me five minutes and I’ll be out of here.”

The librarian shrugged her shoulders and shook her head as she allowed him to go, as he knew she would.

“Oh, James,” she added just as the boy was getting ready to start his search for Lily.

“Yes,” he said as he whipped back around and made eye contact with the lady.

“She’s over there at the table behind the last bookshelf.”

“Thanks, Cindy!” James said as he turned and veered off to the table at the far side of the library.

Upon reaching Lily, he saw her look up from her books, put her feathered quill down, and fold her arms.

“I thought you weren’t allowed in here this week?” she said in a mockery tone.

James slipped into the chair opposite of her and folded his arms as well.

“Is that why you chose the library to come to for your spare then?” he asked.

Lily didn’t answer.

“Come on Lils, let’s go for a walk outside, it’s really nice out there. We haven’t really talked since you’ve been back in your body, as weird as that sentence just sounded. And I didn’t get to see you last night,” James said as he unfolded his arms and started rapping his fingers against the table to some tune that was only audible in his own head.

“That would be because you were busy being drunk, James. Not to mention how you were making out with half of the Gryffindor girls,” Lily shot back.

Lily immediately shut herself up for she had not meant to say that. She knew that she wasn’t supposed to care. Especially not after last night, when she had decided that she liked Remus.

“Lily I’m not going to lie, and I’m putting all cockiness aside here, but you sound jealous. And I think that’s because you’re distracted,” James said in a concerned voice, “just come and walk with me. I know you need to talk to someone right now. I can tell something’s on your mind,” James said.

Lily’s eyes showed shock. The only thing she had been thinking about the past couple of hours was about how she was going to put her feelings for James aside for Remus’ sake. And yes, she had realized that maybe she did have feelings for James Potter. But she hadn’t realized it last night when she had agreed to a secret relationship with Remus. Remus was one of her best friends though, and now all she was worried about was losing that friendship with him if anything went wrong in the long run. But what she was most worried about was Remus losing his friendship with James if James every found out about them. She didn’t think that she could risk that anymore. Everything she had said to Remus, reassuring him that they were doing nothing wrong, seemed horribly wrong to her now. And it had been distracting her all morning. She did need to talk to someone. But James was the last person with whom she could bring this up with. She knew she would let everything spill, because it was very hard to lie to James, she had found. Especially when he actually cared and was the one person who could help her with this. Not the mention the one person who knows right away when something’s bothering her.

“James I don’t think that’s a good idea,” she said as she looked back down to her book.

“What are you afraid of, Lily? Seriously, just tell me. I can never figure it out. Something is scaring you and that’s preventing you from talking to me. I won’t ask you out, if that’s what it is. I won’t crack any jokes. I won’t…” James started as he counted off the things he wouldn’t do on his fingers.

“Stop, stop, stop. I don’t care about those things anymore. Just…ah, I don’t know. I don’t think we should go for a walk,” Lily said.

James stopped talking immediately as soon as she had said stop but was not about to respond once more.

“Lily Evans. It’s a walk. No harm ever came from going for a walk. What are you scared of?” James said.

Lily looked around the library for some sort of answer that she could give, but nothing was inspiring her today.

She guessed the truth would be best.

As it always was when she was with James.

“I’m scared…about the fact that you can tell right away when something’s bothering me. That you know before anyone else. That you are the one that comes and finds me. That you came even before Remus came. And I’m scared that I can’t lie to you anymore. I don’t know why, James, but you’re different now. I mean, after the switch, I just don’t know. I’m also scared that I’m going to say things that I’m going to regret later…or not say things that I’m going to wish I should have.” Lily said as her eyes were welling up. Her emotions were on the edge lately and she had never been this confused before. And James knew it. She didn’t want to realize that James was different. Not now. She didn’t want to hurt Remus but she knew she was going to have to.

James reached across the table and took her hand.

Lily pulled it away out of habit.

“Lily, it’s okay. Everything is going to be alright. I only know that something is bothering you because I care about you. Maybe too much. You know that, come on, you know that. Let me help you. Let’s go for a walk,” James said a little more forcefully this time.

Lily sighed a very big sigh and stood up, picking up her books in the process.

“James, I can’t talk to you about this one. I’m sorry. I know you care, but you have to trust me when I say that we can’t talk about this,” she said as she walked away from the table and out through the library doors into the hallway.

James sat at the table all by himself, the thought to follow her not even crossing his mind this time. They could have just talked about prefect duties and he wouldn’t have minded. She was confused about something, that he knew. But why was she surprised that he had come to her even before Remus? He made a mental note to talk to Remus after his lesson and see if he knew what was bothering Lily.


Lily walked down the deserted hallway alone. Most of the students in Hogwarts were currently in a class.

With her head facing the ground, she turned a random corner and walked slowly until she heard a familiar voice coming from in front of her.

“If you keep walking, you’re going to walk right into me. Not that I’d mind, of course,” Sirius Black said.

Lily looked up and smiled. She was always happy to Sirius, she didn’t know why. He was like a big brother.

“Sorry Sirius, I’m just a little distracted, that’s all,” she said.

Sirius grabbed her shoulders until she made eye contact with him before speaking again.

“Well since you won’t talk to James, you’re going to have to talk to me,” he said in a very serious tone.

Lily look surprised.

“How do you know…” she started to say before she was cut off by the marauder in front of her.

“We have our ways, don’t ask. But really, Lily, I just got kicked out of class so I have nothing to do right now. So we’re going to go somewhere and talk. You can tell Sirius all about it,” he said with a grin.

“It’s ok, Sirius. I’m fine, we don’t need to talk,” she said as she made to start walking past him. Lily did know that she needed to talk to someone, she had learnt that from James, but she wasn’t really sure if a marauder was a good choice. Especially one who was best friends with the one person who couldn’t know what was wrong with her.

“I hope you know that I’m not going to let you go as easily as James did,” he said.

And with that, he linked arms with her and he started leading her to a room that he knew would be empty where they could talk.

Lily sighed, knowing that Sirius was another person whom she couldn’t lie to.

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Chapter 19: The Words of Lily and Sirius, (With The Occasional Marauder Here and There)
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Chapter19 – The Words of Lily and Sirius, (With The Occasional Marauder Here and There).

“Sirius, we’ve walked past this spot a grand total of three times. If you don’t know where we’re going, then this is just pointless,” Lily said, starting to get frustrated with the boy attached to her right arm.

But Sirius ignored her completely, even going as far as to close his eyes. He had now stopped them in the middle of the hallway, his eyes still firmly shut.

The corridor they were in was currently abandoned, but Lily recognized it as the seventh floor right away. Mainly because she had been down it many times in search of Dumbledore’s office, but also because the enormous tapestry depicting Barnabas the Barmy's attempt at teaching trolls how to dance ballet was something that was not easily forgotten. Not to mention the fact that her and Sirius had now officially walked past it three times.

Lily pulled her favorite lipgloss out of her robe pocket. It was the only tube she had ever bought from the magical world, and applying it was always a fun experience since you never knew what flavour it was going to be until it touched your lips.

Touching the brush to her mouth, Lily smiled as the scent of bananas filled her nose.

Just as she was about to attempt to pull away from Sirius’ grasp while he stood looking like an idiot with his eyes closed, Lily had to do a double take as something caught her eye on the wall opposite the tapestry. By the time of her double take, Sirius had now opened his eyes, a huge grin etched across his face as he too stared at the lines that seemed to be forming in the shape of a door in front of them.

Once the handle was clearly visable, Sirius reached for it, not even phased a little bit as if he had opened walls a hundred times before by his mere mind power. Grabbing the now grabbable handle, he turned it and opened the door to what looked like a cozy red room, equiped with, (what Lily could see from the corridor), a regular sized window, a messy desk with Quidditch magazines covering its surface, a large fireplace with pictures sitting on top its mantel, and a bunk bed that looked like it had had it’s fair shair of occupants over the years.

Just as Lily was about to open her mouth to ask where in the castle Sirius had taken her, he unlinked their arms, gently placing one hand on her back, pushing her towards the room.

“After you, Evans,” he said as Lily stepped cautiously into the room before her.

Sirius soon followed and the door shut quickly behind him.

Lily watched as Sirius ran and jumped onto the top unmade bunk bed, curling himself under the black sheets.

On further glance, Lily noticed various old spellbooks from previous years at Hogwarts piled on the floor, along with what looked like ‘The Ultimate Book of Pranking’, and ‘How To Better Werewolf Rights In Our Society Today’. There were also many letters scattered across the floor that looked like they had been read over many times, a clearly visable spot on a side table where an owl cage should go, and a big stuffed dragon that perched on the desk, looking to Lily to be a Hungarian Horntail, (the most viscous of dragons).

“Room of Requirement, dear,” Sirius said from his position on the bunk bed, “probably the most handy room at Hogwarts, not to metion the best kept secret.”

Lily took her gaze away from the dragon and stared up at Sirius, confusion clearly showing on her face.

“Room of..” she stared.

“Requirement, that’s right,” Sirius finished, “all you have to do is walk past this spot in the corridor three times concentrating hard on what room you want to find inside and it will appear for you.”

Lily nodded her head, taking in what he had just said and storing it in her memory for future reference like she did with all new information.

“But how did you find this place?” She asked the handsome boy.

“Not important,” Sirius said before he turned his body so that he was laying on his stomach, giving his full attention to her, “I’ve had many good talks in this specific room before, Lily, on this top bunk bed even, and it’s the most comfortable place that I know so I thought I’d see if it works for you too.”

Lily shrugged her shoulders and layed down on the bunk below Sirius, placing her head on the huge, but very confortable, pillow so conveniently positioned.

“Well, what is this room then?” She asked. It did give off an aura of comfort and familiarity to her but she had never even seen it before.

“I’ll tell you later,” Sirius said, and Lily could tell even from the bed below him that he was smirking, “so what’s on your mind, crazy? You might as well just tell me now, otherwise we’re going to have to stay here a very long time until you do.”

Lily sighed, weighing her options in her head.

Her first option was to tell Sirius everything. It was what she would like to do. To get everything out in the open, that is. But even as she thought this, she knew that she couldn’t tell Sirius the whole story. He would be obligated as a friend to tell James. And her and Remus had decided not to tell anyone about them.

Her second option was to get Sirius’ advice by telling him only part of the story. She could leave out names, or just omit parts that he didn’t really need to know.

And option three was just to leave. She could get Sirius to let her go. But then she’d just have to go and find someone else to talk to, when it would be just so much easier to talk to the boy urging her on.

“Ok, Black. Here we go,” Lily started.

Sirius clapped his hands in excitement, the way a three year old would get excited about seeing a puppy.

“My emotions are really…er…bi-polar today. One second I’ll feel something, and then the next, I’ll feel the complete opposite. I don’t get it Sirius,” Lily said in a huff of frusteration.

Sirius was fast to respond.

“Well it all depends on what your thoughts are about, Lily. Are you experiencing something that you haven’t really experienced before?” Sirius asked quietly.

Lily thought about this.


Yes she was experiencing something new.

Her relationship with Remus. He was her first boyfriend. Ever. Of course she was going to feel new emotions and feelings. Relationships were very delicate things. That made sense. But why was she thinking about James then? That part didn’t make sense.

“You’re right, Sirius. I am going through something new,” Lily said before she quickly stopped.

Sirius sat up on his bed fast.

“Oh, what is it? Tell me,” he said very excitedly like only a marauder could.

Lily rolled her eyes before answering.

“I’m only going to tell you what you need to know, Black.”

Sirius smiled. It was funny how Lily was sounding more and more like a marauder even after only spending a short while in his body. As he was thinking this, Lily’s voice brought him back to reality.

“Sirius..what were you like after you got your first girlfriend?” she asked timidly.

Sirius took a moment to think and silence filled the room until he felt ready to answer.

“Now you can’t tell anyone this, Lils, but I think I remember feeling nervous. But after I got over that feeling, I was so happy. It was just like…wow…I’ve never felt this before. You know, like having someone like you back and care about you, it was just…I can’t explain it, Evans, it was just a feeling that I wanted to always have,” Sirius answered in a smooth voice.

Lily thought about his words. They didn’t entirely fit with what she was feeling.

“But did you ever have second thoughts about someone? Did you ever think about someone else while you were going out with another person?” Lily asked.

To Lily’s shock, Sirius laughed.

“I never have second thoughts, Lily. If I’m going out with a girl it’s because I like her. A lot. And am positive that I like her,” Sirius said, and Lily’s spirits dropped a little until, “but there was this one time. I really thought that I liked this one chick, I even got to be friends with her and her friends beforehand. I know, shocker! But anyhow, long story short, it turned out that it was actually her friend who I liked. I didn’t know it until after. But looking back, it was her friend who I liked more, and I guess I only kept going out with the girl so that I could spend time with her friend. I know, it’s horrible. But I’m a marauder, it’s what we do,” Sirius scoffed.

“You know, you can’t keep using that excuse forever, Sirius Black,” Lily snapped back quickly.

“What excuse, Lily Evans?” Sirius replied almost quicker.

“That you’re a marauder. You should start taking credit for some of your actions,” she said.

Sirius remained silent, so Lily took the opportunity to think about what he had actually just said.

He had liked the friend of the person he was going out with.

‘That doesn’t apply to me though,’ Lily thought to herself, ‘I know I like Remus. End of story.’

“So who is he then?” Sirius asked after about five minutes of silence.

Lily immediately jolted back from her thoughts and remembered she was still in the cozy little red room on the comfortable bed with Sirius Black.

“Who is who?” Lily asked, knowing she sounded ridiculous.

Sirius leaned over the top of the bunk so that he could make eye contact with Lily below, his long, black hair falling into his eyes in the process.

“I may be a marauder, but that doesn’t mean I’m stupid. Does my little Lily flower have a boyfriend? Could it be? Finally?” Sirius mocked.

Lily rolled over and put her head in her pillow.

“Sirius, leave me alone, it’s none of your business,” she said, although the words came through the pillow muffled.

Sirius laughed.

“Everything is my business,” he said as he jumped down from the bunk and reached his hand out for Lily to grab, “by the way, none of this was in your diary that I found when I was in your body,” he said with a smirk.

Lily pulled her face out from the black pillow, grabbed Sirius’ hand, and stood up. She had completely forgotten about the diary. There was nothing in there that Sirius didn’t already know though. She’d let it go.

“Well if you want my advice anyways, here it is, dear,” Sirius said as he let go of Lily’s hand and started walking to the door on the opposite side of the room, “if you’ve finally said yes to someone, then you must like him. So give it a shot. It may mean nothing that you’re thinking about someone else. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you like both of them. But then again, it could. So I say that you try it out with this mystery guy, and if the thoughts about the other one don’t go away in a couple of days…tell your boyfriend. Deal?” Sirius finished as they reached the door and he reached for the doorknob.

Lily thought about this. She usually took advice from Sirius to heart, because he was more often then not right. And he did have a point. Her emotions were bound to be weird. And if the thoughts didn’t go away about James, then she’d do something about it. In the future. Sounded like a good plan to her.

“Deal,” she agreed as they stepped out into the corridor.

“By the way,” Sirius continued, “I never read your diary.”

Lily grinned and just as the door closed shut behind them, the bell signalling the start of next class rang.

“Wow, you’re good,” Lily said once the bell had finished ringing.

“I know the bell schedule,” Sirius said with a wink, “now shall I escort you to Defence Against the Dark Arts?”

Lily smiled as she grabbed his outstreched arm once more.

“You’ll only escort me there because you have the same class,” she said as they started walking.

“Fair enough,” Sirius responded as they made there way to the third floor to meet the rest of the marauders who also shared the same class.


“No, I don’t know why Lily’s upset, James” Remus said with a concerned look in his eyes.

They were both sitting the the back row of the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom, saving seats for both Sirius and Peter who hadn’t yet arrived.

“Alright, well I asked Sirius to go and talk to her, so hopefully he fixed whatever was wrong with her. He’s good at that,” James said as he took an apple from his bag and started eating it.

Remus nodded, unnerved by the fact that he hadn’t even known something was bothering Lily until James had mentioned it.

Just as James took a rather loud bite from his apple, a group of loud Slytherins entered the room, Severus Snape bringing up the rear.

“Just leave him today, Prongs,” Remus said as he saw James make eye contact with the greasy haired boy who had just walked in.

“But he gave me a look, Moony,” James said as he sat up straighter in his chair.

Remus shook his head.

“A look? You sound like a little kid,” the werewolf said with a hint of mockery in his tone.

James put his apple down for the time being.

“Oh Snivelllllllus!” he called in his most annoying voice before turning to Remus and adding quietly, “you know I’ll always be a little kid at heart.”

Severus Snape turned around from his spot at the front of the room where he was situated with a bunch of other Slytherins and a boy who, from behind, looked oddly familiar to James.

“Shut up, Potter, no one cares,” Snape replied.

But James had now focused all his attention on the boy who was sitting a few seats down from Snape. The boy who had apparently walked in with the Slytherins. The boy who was now trying to crouch lower and lower in his seat as if to avoid being seen by James, (who he had obviously just realized was in the room).

James whipped his head to the left towards Remus who was busy eating the rest of the apple that James had put down on his desk moments before.

Remus raised his eyebrows as he took a crunchy bite out of the apple.

“You know that Snape just told you to shut up, right?” Remus asked James who looking completely speechless at this point.

James just blinked his eyes as more people continued to enter the room.

Before he could find the words to say to Remus however, Sirius walked in with Lily attached to his arm.

Lily went and sat with her friend Christina who had taken the seat in front of James and Remus, while Sirius sat down on James’ right. Within seconds, Sirius sensed something was wrong with James and one scan around the room told him everything he needed to know.

“You guys, why the hell is Peter sitting up there with the Slytherins?” he asked.

Remus looked up front to see Peter still crouching lower and lower in his seat.

The three of them all exchanged looks of disgust until Sirius took the apple out of Remus’ hand and threw it at Peter’s head. Perfect aim.

Peter pretended to ignore the apple as it clearly bounced off of his head and flew to the front of the room.

Still speechless, the marauders sat in silence as the teacher entered the room, closing the door behind him.

“Alright class, let’s resume our talk on the werewolf. Who knows where we left off?” the professor started as various hands shot up into the air.

Lily turned around in her seat and offered a knowing smile at Remus who immediately smiled back, the sensation of butterflies flying around filling his stomach.

James, still staring at Peter, neglected to even notice.

Remus went back to listening to the teacher, taking the occasional note here and there, even though they were pointless considering the discussion topic.

Sirius passed a note to James who opened it and read the familiar scribble as fast as possible.

I don’t even know what to say about this. What is Wormtail thinking?!?

James grabbed his quill and immediately wrote back.

I don’t know Pads, but I guess it’s about time we had a talk with him. Grr. I’m mad. Prank? I think so. But speaking of talks and being mad…how did it go with Lily?

He slipped the note back to Sirius who grabbed his quill, ready to reply to the words he was about to read. He read the note and wrote back, slipping it back onto James’ desk once more.

Oh it went alright. She’s not mad. Just confused. She’s fine now though. I don’t know why she couldn’t talk to you about it though unless…oh. OH MY GOD. I think I just had a revelation (if that’s what they’re called). I’ll tell you later. At lunch.

I agree about pranking Peter though. Of course. We need a good one this time.

James read the words, and smiled before writing back.

We can refer to the ‘Ultimate Book of Pranking’ on this one, Siri. But I can’t really remember where I last left it. Hmm. That’s not very good, is it?

Sirius took the note back and read it as the teacher droned on and on about how to recognize a werewolf in its transformed state. He knew that if James or himself had been even listening remotely to the discussion at hand, they could easily have earned Gryffindor 50 points for all the questions they could have answered.

So Sirius wrote back and placed the note on the desk next to him once more.

You left it at home in your room, Prongs.

As soon as James read the words, his face lit up as he remembered where he had left the book.

Oh, that’s right. It’s on the floor next to the book we were reading last summer on werewolf rights.

Sirius read the words and smiled.

For he already knew that. And now, so did Lily.

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Chapter 20: A Craving Fulfilled
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Chapter 20: A Craving Fulfilled

Sirius and James walked out of their Defense Against the Dark Arts class glowing with their usual confidence. Not feigned by the weight of the detention slips in their hands, (for, in their opinion, the note passing had been worth it), they marched directly down the center of the corridors in heated conversation. 

“You think what?” James practically yelled as several Slytherins ahead of them turned around to glare. 

Sirius made a face at them to prompt them to continue walking, and, as if any of them would openly defy him since he was a Black after all, they resumed walking. 

He then turned back to his best friend who was at this point quite flustered and wanting answers. 

“James, I told you. You must be doing something right with Lily. I think I know a thing or two about girls, and what other reason could there be? Why else could she not talk to you specifically about her problem? It makes sense, mate,” Sirius said as they started a descent down the staircase leading to the front foyer of the school. 

They took the stairs two at a time, until, reaching the bottom, walked right past the doors of the Great Hall and straight for the doors leading outside. Sure it was lunch, but when the two marauders were in the middle of an interesting conversation, sitting with a bunch of people around them was the last thing they wanted to do. They opened the doors to a beautiful day. Not a single cloud in the sky. 

“Um, hello Sirius! What other reason could there be? How about the fact that this is the girl who has sworn her dislike for me multiple times over multiple years. It’s perfectly in character for her to not want to talk to me,” James said. 

Sirius shook his head, accidentally making his hair fall into his eyes. He quickly brushed it away. 

“I’m telling you, she likes you. But there is someone else in the picture too. And it’s messing her up,” Sirius said, smiling, “I think you can win this one though. And I’m telling you that as your best friend, not as a marauder.” 

James couldn’t help but smile at the look of sincerity on Sirius’ face. How he had found such a great person to be friend’s with, he still wondered about sometimes. 

“Sirius, you’re always a marauder,” James said, as he picked a single flower from the ground. 

Sirius laughed before replying, “can’t argue with that. And I wouldn’t want to even if I could. Shall we go back and eat something? Besides, I don’t want to be seen with you if you are going to be picking flowers.” 

James agreed after throwing a playful punch in Sirius’ direction and they headed back from their short walk towards the school. Within ten minutes, the boys were opening the doors to the Great Hall, smiles on their faces. They soon found their usual spots at the Gryffindor table and were a little surprised to see Lily sitting next to Remus. 

Sirius took the seat across from the other marauder, and James sat directly across from Lily. Within a second of sitting down, James whipped out the flower he had picked from his walk and handed it across the table. 

Lily took it, and spared a small glance towards Remus before smiling. 

“Wow Evans, you smiled,” James said to his own surprise. 

“It must be one of her little hidden talents, Prongs,” Sirius answered with a smirk. 

Lily just shook her head, laughing a little before telling the two to be quiet. 

“So where were you just now? Did you have to stay that long after class?” Remus inquired, trying to get his mind off the fact that his best friend had just given his girlfriend a flower. 

“Nah,” Sirius answered through a mouthful of food, “we were there for like ten seconds...” 

“...long enough to get detention mind you, ” James added. 

“Yeah, and then we went for a walk. Important matters to discuss and such,” Sirius finished. 

Remus had a look of disappointment on his face. Usually he was involved in important matters to be discussed. 

“Well, what was so important that couldn’t wait until after you’d eaten?” Lily asked, interrupting Remus’ thoughts. 

“Boy stuff,” James instantly replied. 

Lily laughed before answering with, “let me remind you that just last week it was me who you were having boy talk with, James.” 

This automatically made James smile. He still hadn’t really gotten used to her calling him James instead of Potter. He liked how she said it. 

“I’m sorry, lovely, but we can’t let you in on this one,” James said in a voice as if he was talking to a first grader. 

“Oh, come on, don’t keep secrets, let me know!” Lily whined, and almost got James to give in without realizing the consequences of what he could say until Sirius came to the rescue. 

“Hey Evans, are you wearing your black bra today? Or is the lacy one? Or….” Sirius started. 

“Okay, Sirius! I get it. You don’t want to talk about it,” Lily said sheepishly, her face feeling warmer by the second. 

James smiled at Sirius, who was currently in the middle of raising an eyebrow at Lily. Remus, no one noticed, was looking very awkward and uncomfortable. 

After a minute or two of silence, (awkward for some at the table), Remus got up abruptly mentioning something about wanting to go to the library. 

Sirius and James let him go with a wave of friendly dismissal, but Lily suddenly looked a little upset by this random action. 

“Lillllly!” James said in a singsong voice, “earth to Lily! What’s wrong?” 

Lily, realizing she had a look of sadness on her face quickly got rid of it and looked up to see the two familiar hazel eyes staring intently into her own. 

“I just was…well…he didn’t even say goodbye or anything,” she stuttered out. 

Sirius spared a glance at James, both looking confused at to why Lily would be so personally upset by this. 

“I’m sure he was just wanting to get out of here in a hurry,” James answered at last. 

But this answer did nothing but make Lily, if possible, seem more upset. 

Sirius motioned at James to do something, and thinking on his feet, James put on a smile and put out his hand. 

“Come on, Lily, come with me I want to show you something.” 

She looked into his eager face but didn’t take his hand. 

“What is it James?” she asked with a sigh. 

“It’s this new room that Sirius and I found the other day. We can spend our spare in there, but we have to get there before class starts again,” he replied. 

At this, Lily took his hand and stood up. 

“Ooh, is it the red room with the bunk beds again? The one that Sirius took me to? With the fire going? And the little messy desk with all the magazines and books all over…” she started, getting excited again as she described the room Sirius had taken her to previously that day on her other spare. 

“I’m sure it’s a different one, Lily,” Sirius interrupted quickly, a look of pain on his face as he faced James. 

James turned to Sirius, eyes wide. 

“What room exactly did you take her to, Padfoot?” James asked even though he already knew the answer. 

Sirius smirked, quickly stood up, turned and walked briskly out of the Great Hall without even a glance back. 

James rolled his eyes as he faced Lily again. 

“Do you know where this room was? Do you want to show me?” he asked her. 

Lily smiled and nodded as they walked out of the Great Hall together, hand in hand, not realizing the stares they were getting or the rumors that would be circulating later that day. 


Just as James had feared, they ended up in the third floor corridor, and were currently walking past a very familiar spot on the wall three times. 

As he knew it would, a door appeared and Lily stepped forward to open it. 

Together they walked into the room she had described at the lunch table, and James closed his eyes, mentally making a note to curse Sirius later. 

After the door had closed, and Lily had run and jumped onto the bottom bunk bed, James spotted his book of pranking on the floor and immediately went over to pick it up. 

Lily laughed before telling him that that book had reminded her of him the first time she had been brought here. 

James sat down on the floor next to the bottom bunk, and, shaking his head, raised his eyebrows at her. He might as well get the awkwardness over with sooner rather then later. 

“Did Sirius tell you what room this is?” he asked her tentatively. 

Lily rolled over to face him from her spot on his bed. 

“Yeah, the Room of Requirement. It’s so cool! Any room you imagine will appear!” she answered quite excitedly. 

“Well, yes, I know, we found this place years ago, dear. But I meant ‘this’ room specifically. Do you know which room he imagined?” James asked. 

At this, Lily rolled her eyes to the left in thought, trying to remember if the other marauder had mentioned it hours before. 

“ No, I have no idea. All he said was this was the place he felt the most at home, and I have to say I can see why. It’s so comfortable in here. I felt safe and a feeling of familiarity the moment I laid down on this bed,” Lily answered. 

James looked at her with interest. This was the place where Sirius felt the most at home? Maybe he’d only curse Sirius a little bit later. 

“Well, believe me when I say I know what you mean. And that makes sense for Sirius to say that. When he ran away from his house, he slept on that top bunk every night for the rest of the summer, and will continue to every summer until he becomes of age,” James said, as if reminiscing about past memories. 

“But I thought Sirius ran away to your house?” Lily said in confusion as she rolled over onto her stomach and stared directly into James’ eyes. 

James laughed and shook his head before motioning around the room.

“Honestly, you’re the smartest person in our year, and you can’t figure this one out? Sweetie, this is my room,” he said as he picked up the Quidditch magazines off the desk as if to prove his point. 

Lily was silent for a few seconds before… 

“Ah. Well that makes perfect sense,” came her polite response. 

James put down the magazines and leaned over to the bed so that his chin was resting on it right by her head. 

“You mean you’re not going to freak out? You do realize that this is James Potter’s room. Seriously, I’m sorry if you’re going to be scarred for life, dear, that wouldn’t be very good now would it, you might as well go now before any permanent damage is done,” he joked to her, even though he was sure she probably would be scarred for a little bit. 

Lily then turned on her side so that she was now very close to James’ face before answering. 

“Have I really made you think that I hate you, James? And I don’t want to leave, I like it here,” she said quietly. 

If this had been any other girl James would have taken her last sentence as a confirmation of a crush on him, but since this was Lily, his mind jumped to different things. 

“Erm…what? Are you kidding me? All the names, jokes, insults, shut-downs, not to mention curses over the years, and you’re telling me you don’t hate me?” James asked incredulously. 

“Of course I don’t hate you. I’ll admit, your arrogance was starting to really get to me. Until switching with Sirius. Maybe I realized that it was just an easier front to hate you then anything else. I mean what would people say if we suddenly came out and said we were friends?” she answered, laughing as if this was just a nonchalant thing to say. 

James stammered on his words. Something he hadn’t done for such a long time. 

“First of all, who cares what people think. And second, what are you doing to me?” he asked turning the conversation serious. 

Lily looked confused. 

“You know what I mean. First you hate me. Then you want to be friends. But you want to still pretend to hate me to please other people?” James stated. 

“Can’t we be friends in secret?” Lily asked playfully, not quite realizing that James was starting to get into a little rage. 

James looked at her as if she was insane. 

“I’m sorry, but I can’t do that. You know I would love to be friends with you, Lily. You know I think you’re the smartest, most beautiful girl in all of Hogwarts. I mean, hell, I’ve asked you out like a million times. But I’m sorry; I can’t afford any more major secrets. If we’re going to be friends, I want everyone to know it. I want people to see that I’m talking to most wonderful girl in the school, and…” 

“Oh my god,” Lily said in awe, stopping him mid sentence. But that was all she said. 

Normally she would have been disgusted by the compliments she heard so many times from him but it was different this time. She had just realized something and was going to do something that she had been waiting to do for quite a while now. 

And James’ head still resting on the bed next to her only made it that much easier. 

“Oh my god what?” James asked. 

And he got his answer in a way he never would have expected. 

Lily had placed her hand in his messy hair, (the first time she had ever touched it), and forcefully smashed her lips onto his. 

Although still completely confused, James didn’t argue or resist. The girl he had been dreaming about for years was finally kissing him. Only when she motioned for him to come join her on the bed, (his bed), did he pull away. 

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, what are you doing to me?” James said, still in a dream-like state. Her lips had been so soft, something he had been unknowingly craving for a long time now. 

“Acting on impulse?” She replied. 

James turned away, unsure of why he was doing this. 

“Look, Sirius told me you were torn between two guys. If you’re not going to pick me, then we should just stop,” he said sadly. 

Lily looked very surprised. 

“How did you know you were one of them?” she asked exasperated. 

He smiled, “hopeful wishing?” 

She made him turn to face her again. 

“James, this is so weird. But that felt so right to me. I thought it would be completely awkward, and that I would finally know for sure that I should be with Re…the other guy,” she said. 

And with that statement, Remus came into her mind. 

What was she doing to Remus? He was the nicest person she had ever met. But things were clearly uncomfortable between them. Sure they had only been together for a couple of days, but it was enough to tell that it wasn’t meant to be. Surely he felt the same way? 

But on the other hand…she couldn’t be with James either. She hadn’t realized she had feelings for him until very recently. Maybe it was just teenage hormones? Tons of girls had fallen into his trap. And what would everyone say? She knew she shouldn’t care, but everyone would be talking about them, and she did care. It would be so much easier if she just stayed with Remus Lupin, and they came public with their relationship. They were clearly the better match. 

“So what’s it going to be, Lils? Shall we brush this off as impulse? Or are you going to finally see that we should be together,” he said, knowing what her answer would be. 

What her answer always was. 

Besides, he figured, he didn’t want some other guy to be mad at him. He had enough enemies already with the Slytherins and didn’t need any more. If he had been dating Lily Evans and some other guy kissed her, he knew he would find a bucket full of testosterone somewhere inside of him and the other guy wouldn’t know what had hit him. But then again, she wasn’t dating someone else or he would know, wouldn’t he have? And it was totally different when he was the other guy. 

It was her call. 

“I’m sorry I was so mean to you. You were right this whole time,” she said. 

And with that she got off the bunk bed and sat down in his lap, (where he was sitting on the floor), facing him. Smiling once more she kissed him again, more delicately this time. He responded by pulling her closer. 

This was the girl he had been wanting forever, and he had known that he wouldn’t ever have been able to resist her. Especially after the first kiss. 

He would deal with the ‘other guy’ at a later date. He never had trouble talking to people, no matter the situation. Hell, he could talk his way out of anything. The guy would be fine. 

He stopped his thoughts and focused on the red hair now running through his fingers. 

For now, they would just live in the moment.

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Chapter 21: A Rush Of Reality
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Chapter 21: A Rush Of Reality.

Memories suddenly started clouding over James Potter’s thoughts. What was once a spot for clear concise thinking, a place to judge, rationalize, even contemplate, was quickly turning into a slide show of the recent past. Not understanding how his brain could possibly be distracted in this shining moment, he let all thought succumb to his recollections. As if he could help it.


Oh it went alright. She’s not mad. Just confused. She’s fine now though. I don’t know why she couldn’t talk to you about it though unless…oh. OH MY GOD. I think I just had a revelation (if that’s what they’re called). I’ll tell you later. At lunch.”


It was the note Sirius had written him in one of his classes flashing through his brain. As soon as it had appeared though, it disappeared to be replaced by more memories of the past.


“Wow Evans, you smiled,”

It had been after he had given the flower to Lily at lunch previously that day. He hadn’t noticed it until now, now that the scene was running through his head again. But Lily had pointedly glanced at Remus before she had offered the smile. Made and held eye contact with Remus.


“Hey Evans, are you wearing your black bra today? Or is the lacy one? Or….” Sirius started.’’


Again, after further thought, James finally took into account had awkward Remus had looked and acted after Sirius had said that to Lily. In fact he had left the table. And Lily’s reaction had been no different: 


“I just was…well…he didn’t even say goodbye or anything,” she stuttered out. 


Why did she get so upset about the fact that Remus didn’t say a personal goodbye to her? No one ever does that.


And then all of a sudden, James’ thoughts swirled once more and he was brought to a different day with different memories.


“I’m scared…about the fact that you can tell right away when something’s bothering me. That you know before anyone else. That you are the one that comes and finds me. That you came even before Remus came’’


What did she mean by that? “..even before Remus came.” Why would Remus be there first? Nothing was making sense. James’ mind suddenly flashed back to a different day. The day they had had the party in the common room.


Remus had come out of their dorm with Lily that night. They had been standing at the top of the stairs together. At first he had just assumed that they had gotten together to stop the party. But no. They had come out of a room together. How long had they been in there? Alone?


And sticking on this train of thought, why had Remus known about the switch. He had known the whole time. That was weird. Since when did Lily have such a close personal friendship with Remus Lupin? He hadn’t seen this coming. And swirling back one last time, James landed on a final memory. This one had been from his last visit to the hospital. The day after Remus’ latest transformation.


“James,” Remus started, “no, there’s no one else in the room, me and Sirius were just having a conversation before you showed up. But it’s alright, we’ll finish it later.”


That was when Sirius and Lily had been in each other’s bodies. That meant that Remus and Lily had been having a conversation that needed to be finished later. What was so important that he, James, couldn’t have been told? And now, looking back, he must have sounded like an idiot. Running in there exclaiming to them both how ‘Lily’ had called him Prongs in the hallway. How stupid he had been. How could he not have noticed until now?


The memories stopped with a screeching halt, sending him back to the world of reality. These memories, which had lasted mere seconds, had told him all he had needed to know. He pulled away from the girl who was kissing him. The girl who had caused so much trouble in his life. The girl who had been at it again.


“Evans, look me in the eyes and tell me that the other guy isn’t Remus,” James said with a pleading look in his eyes.


Lily’s emerald eyes opened wide as she attempted to look into the hazel ones interrogating her. Swarmed with guilt and knowing that it was showing in her eyes, she looked away from James.


James lowered his head and closed his eyes. Relationships weren’t supposed to be this hard. For the first time in his life, he was actually seriously mad at the girl in front of him. The girl of his fantasies.  Taking a deep breath he looked back up and saw Lily on the verge of tears. Not caring at the moment, James spoke harshly to her.


“You can’t do this to people, Evans. Pit two best friends against each other. But you know what, I’m not even mad at Remus. You are dating him, right?”


Lily nodded, tears starting to slowly leak down her cheeks.


“Then consider it over between us. I’m rejecting you this time, okay? It’s not a good feeling, is it? I don’t know how I put up with it for so long. Especially to have it lead to something like this. Just…date Remus. But don’t tell him about ‘us’. And don’t cheat on him. He’s one of the best people I know. He deserves you.”


Lily was speechless. How could someone be so loyal to their friend? James wasn’t even mad at Remus.


This is what she wanted though. She wanted all the blame. In fact, she just wanted this to all go away.


“James, I’m sorry. I don’t even know what to say,” Lily said as she watched the person she knew she wanted to be with walk towards the door.


James turned around slowly. Hoping he would say something to make her feel better as he usually did, she stood up and met his sharp gaze. But his eyes were not showing any pity. He was upset. Was he going to cry?


“Does Sirius know? Did he know the whole time?”


Lily was taken aback. Of all things, she had not been expecting that.


“Yes, he’s the only one I told,” and then realizing what saying that might mean she added, “but please don’t be mad at him, James. This is completely my fault. I shouldn’t have led you and Remus both on like that. Don’t fight with Sirius over this, okay?”


But James just turned around and left the room.


And Lily was left alone with tearstained cheeks and a pained heart.


James found Sirius in the hallway.


“Thanks a lot, mate! Look, I’m out. I don’t want to be a marauder anymore. Everything’s too damn messed up,” James said rather loudly as he walked past Sirius.


Sirius, who had been in the middle of a conversation with a couple of guys from their year, could say nothing in response to his friend who had just yelled and stormed away from him. Offering looks of apology to the other boys, Sirius picked up his bag from the floor, threw the banana he had been eating in a nearby garbage bin and ran after his best friend.


Sirius only caught up to James just as he was heading through some big iron doors leading outside.


“Slow down, Prongs. What the hell happened?” Sirius said, catching his breath as they stepped out into the sunlight.


James was walking fast and Sirius was having trouble keeping up with him.


“Oh, now you’ll talk to me. Go away Sirius, I told you I don’t want to be a marauder anymore,” James said rather harshly as he turned left towards a path that they both knew well.


Sirius grabbed James’ arm and stopped his rigorous march.


“Well I’m calling your bluff. And I’m not going away until you tell me why you’ve suddenly taken to yelling at me,” Sirius said equally as harshly.


If there was anyone who knew how to deal with James, it was Sirius.


But James just pulled his arm out of Sirius’ grasp and shook his head. He then turned back around and continued walking in the direction he had been going.


Sirius was just about to follow when something on his right caught his attention. Peter was walking a little distance away with none other then Severus Snape. Absolutely repulsed by this, Sirius made a mental note to stage an intervention with the traitor. But later. He had much more important things to deal with now apparently.


Looking back in front of him, Sirius was shocked to see how far ahead James had already gotten. It was almost like he was running away from him. Still utterly confused, Sirius jogged to catch up with him.


“Honestly, Potter! Don’t make me get my wand out,” Sirius said once he was next to his best friend again.


A split second after he had said this, James had his wand out.


“Sirius I’m not even kidding, leave me alone,” James said rounding on Sirius.


Sirius rolled his eyes.


“What are you going to do? Curse me with a spell that the pair of us made up together? Put your wand away, you idiot,” Sirius said. This wasn’t funny anymore.


James glared at Sirius, but put his wand away nonetheless.


They had reached the place where Sirius had knew they had been heading the whole time. It was the Whomping Willow Tree which had been planted at Hogwarts for Remus. James prodded the secret knot which rendered it motionless and started to climb down the passageway that they knew led to the shrieking shack. As if he would do anything else, Sirius followed, but at a good distance away. He was trying to remember what he had last done to upset his friend. But nothing was coming to mind.


They were almost at the opening to the shrieking shack before Sirius attempted to talk to James again.


“Look, I’m sorry for whatever I did. I know you’re not actually done with the marauders though, Jim,” Sirius said.


They stepped into the shack and Sirius closed the door behind them before rounding on James once more. James seemed to have considerably calmed down.


“I can’t deal with it anymore. But let me at least try to do it by myself,” James said before sitting down on the floor.


Sirius sighed before flopping down on the floor on the opposite side of the room.


“James Potter. Do you seriously not know me at all? After all these years? I know everything about you., mate. And more. We tell each other everything. You know you’re going to end up telling me. Don’t make me get out the veritaserum,” Sirius said. This was getting ridiculous, but he figured if he got angry at James back, it would not help the situation at all.


“We tell each other everything? Then how come you didn’t tell me that Lily was dating Remus?” James said, his eyes wide.


Sirius ran his hands through his hair. Of course this was about the girl.


“Look, in my defense, I didn’t know they were dating. I just knew that she liked him,” Sirius said knowing these words would hold no meaning to his friend though.


James stood up and started pacing.


“You might have clued me in! This is so retarded. I’m in love with the same girl as one of my best friends, you’re keeping secrets from me for the first time ever, and our last marauder is off doing god knows what with the Slytherins! I don’t want to be part of this anymore, don’t you see?” James proclaimed, his voice echoing in the otherwise silent room.


Sirius was silent for a minute.


“All problems that can be fixed,” he started, “First of all, I’m not keeping secrets from you, James. You sound like a five year old. Lily told me that she like you and Remus. What was I supposed to do? If I went to you I would have had to have gone to Mooney as well. Then you would be yelling at him instead of me. Better me,” Sirius finished.


James shrugged before losing all composure.


“He likes Lily. Sirius, this is not good. I was kissing her. Finally, I know. And I rejected her. I rejected her, Padfoot! I told her to go back to Remus. I yelled at the girl I’m in love with and told her to date my best friend. After she finally told me that she liked me back. How is that not messed up?” James said before slouching on the floor once more.


“Yeah, it’s messed up. Give it time, mate. Who knows what Remus will do? Those two are too similar anyways. In my opinion, it won’t last that long,” Sirius said.


There was silence for a long time where the two of them just sat in silence in the dusty room.


“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. And I’m sorry you had to find out all the stress I was going through at that stupid truth or dare game. And I’m sorry Lily is being horrible lately. And I’m sorry that Remus doesn’t even know. Because if he did, he’d feel so bad, and I don’t want that. But he’s going to be mad, James. If we don’t tell him, he’s going to be mad at us,” Sirius said.


James just nodded his head.


“What I don’t get,” Sirius continued, “is how he likes Lily. He knows you’ve liked her forever. He must already feel bad.”


James just nodded again. He didn’t like how this day had been, and he was feeling pretty helpless at the moment. When he didn’t say anything, Sirius spoke again.


“I know you feel alone, but don’t shut me out. If you quit the marauders, then we all quit. In fact, if you ditch me, I might as well just go home to Grimmauld. And if you want me to grow up to be a ‘noble pure-blood’, then go ahead. Take away the thing that makes life interesting,” Sirius finished. 


He liked being dramatic with James. It usually was the only way to get points across.


James laughed. An action that caused Sirius to smile. Finally he was getting through to his friend.


“I wouldn’t let you go back there, Padfoot,” James said.


“Good! Because I wouldn’t be able to guarantee the survival of the house elf for too much longer, ” Sirius said with a huge grin on his face.


“Yeah, Kreacher’s a piece of work, isn’t he?” James said to Sirius.


“Just last year I caught him praying to his ancestor’s heads on the wall. He’s jealous he’s not up there with them yet, I think,” Sirius said nonchalantly.


James laughed and walked over to where Sirius was sitting and offered his had to help him up.


“Look, Siri, thanks for following me. And for threatening me with your wand. Not to mention your return to Grimmauld. And not hating me after I yelled at you,” James said awkwardly.


Sirius took James’ hand and stood up so that he could look into the eyes of his friend.


“I know that it’s easier to get mad at me then at Lily. Or Remus, for that matter. No worries, mate. We’ll figure out how to deal with them later,” Sirius replied.


James then pulled Sirius into a half hug, as manly as they could muster. They then turned around and walked out of the shack together.


“You were totally going to cry if I hadn’t followed you, weren’t you Jimmy?” Sirius teased.


They had just exited the base of the tree and were starting a walk back to Gryffindor tower.


“I wasn’t going to cry, Sirius. Honestly. Marauders don’t cry,” James said with a smile.


“Whatever, mate, you forget that I know you even better then you know yourself. You walked past me in the hallway knowing that I’d follow you, knowing that I’d make everything better, knowing that I would stop you from crying,” Sirius mocked.


“Sirius, shut up. What do you want me to say? That I don’t know what I’d do without you?” James said in-between laughter.


Sirius nodded before turning his head to get the long hair out of his eyes.


“Well that’s a start. If you didn’t have me, you probably would have drowned in the lake already or something,” Sirius said, pointing to the lake as they walked past it.


“Probably,” James agreed, “but without me you’d probably be eaten by the giant squid by now.”


Sirius nodded his approval before turning to a more serious tone.


“But really, Prongs..” Sirius started before being interrupted by James.


“I know, Padfoot. Me too.”


And with that they entered the front doors of the castle.


Ten minutes later, after persuading the portrait of the fat lady to let them into the common room, (apparently Lily and Remus had changed the password again without telling them), James was in a much better mood.


That was until he noticed the two people sitting by the fire.


Lily was sitting in an armchair facing Remus. Similar to before, she had tears running down her face. The conversation did not seem to be going in her favor. It looked like Remus was doing most of the talking, which was unusual in itself.


“Erm…want to go upstairs and play a card game or something?” Sirius asked James trying to avoid any more awkward situations tonight.


James agreed and starting walking up the red stairs towards their dorm room. Sirius offered a smile to Lily’s friend Christina, who was sitting by herself on a couch reading a book, before following his friend.


Upon reaching the top, James turned back to Sirius.


“You can go talk to her if you want, I’ll be fine by myself.”


But Sirius only shook his head before walking around James towards their room on the left. As he reached the handle, he said over his shoulder:


“After what just happened today, I am now officially afraid of girls, mate.”




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