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The Suite of Llyr by miss_morals

Format: Short story
Chapters: 8
Word Count: 9,433
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature

Genres: Romance, Drama
Characters: Harry, Dumbledore, Hermione, OC, Ron, Voldemort
Pairings: Harry/Hermione

First Published: 02/16/2005
Last Chapter: 11/27/2005
Last Updated: 11/27/2005

CONTINUATION: the first part is A Baby Wizard and His Cousin Harry... written by Miss_Morals. it is about Harry and Hermione raising a Baby Dursley at Hogwarts. So sit back and enjoy the ride.... PLEASE R&R thanks

Chapter 1: The Suite of Llyr
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DISCLAIMER: as always the original HP characters are accredited to J.K. Rowling, but the new characters previous to the last three are all accredited to Miss_Moral who is not in any way affiliated with me. I just loved her story and saw how it I could see it forming out. She has been gracious enough to allow me to continue writing this. I fully suggest reading all of the stories written by Miss_Moral

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When Harry returned to the suite he felt eerily alone and was very worried about the two people he loved most that were lying up in the hospital wing unconscious because of a letter sent to him. He decided that he couldn’t spend all night by himself and gathered up his invisibility cloak and the mauraders map and headed for the hospital wing. When Harry got their Hermione looked up from her bed in the corner closest to the door and whispered. “ Harry is that you?”
Harry pulled off the cloak and went over to her because she was now crying out of the joy of seeing him. Hermione was sitting up in bed against the headboard with baby Duncan in her arms fast asleep.
“ I am so sorry about all of this Hermione. I was so worried about you and Duncan that I could not just stay in the suite alone all night.” Harry said with worry clearly expressed in his gently spoken words.
“ It isn’t your fault Harry, I am just so relived that you are alright. When I came to and you weren’t here I thought you were…” Hermione couldn’t say any more because her voice caught in her throat. She started crying very hard now and was still able to keep it almost silent in fear of Madam Pomfrey coming out and giving them detention. Harry put his arm around her shoulder and she leaned her head against him.
“ I don’t know what I would have done. We haven’t signed the papers to adopt Duncan yet and they might have taken him away from me because I am not a blood relative and then he would have gone to an orphanage and I cant give him up I just cant.” Hermione said in a very panicked voice.
“ I know, I know, we need to see Dumbledore tomorrow about signing the papers.” Harry said in a very gentle calming tone and Hermione relaxed a little. Harry reached over and kissed Duncan gently on the forehead then Hermione spoke again.
“ He really is ours Harry. After we sign the papers can we write to your aunt and uncle and as their permission to have him call us Mum and Dad? I would also like to get a picture of them so that we can tell Duncan when he gets old enough.”
Harry smiled because he was thinking this very same thing earlier.
“ Of coarse we can. He’ll be talking soon and he might as well be calling us the proper names.” Harry said now with a tinge of humor in his eyes.
Both of them smiled at this thought. Harry then spoke in a very serious tone of voice and said,
“ That letter had an old Chinese symbol on it and Dumbledore said that there is and ancient Chinese dark magic that could have be discovered by Voldamort and I want to find out more about it if I can. I think I am going to go to the room of requirements and see if I can find anything. I will be back to check on you first thing in the morning.” Harry smiled and got up from the bed. Hermione looked up at him and said in a somewhat worried and almost motherly tone,
“ Please be careful and try not to spend all night in there. You should probably go and explain to Ron about our not being at the feast tonight. I’ll bet he is really angry at us. And don’t worry about us we’ll be fine you should go enjoy breakfast in the great hall for once and if they ask where I am just say I slept in.” Harry then making a quick decision bent down and kissed both Duncan and Hermione on the forehead and then slipped the cloak back over himself and left Hermione smiling contentedly.

Chapter 2: The Room of Requirements
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DISCLAIMER: as always the original HP characters are accredited to J.K. Rowling, but the new characters previous to the last three are all accredited to Miss_Moral who is not in any way affiliated with me. I just loved her story and saw how it I could see it forming out. She has been gracious enough to allow me to continue writing this. I fully suggest reading all of the stories written by Miss_Moral

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As Harry stepped into the room of requirements he found many different books about dark magic awaiting his exploration on a long black coffee table that stood in front of a comfortable looking deep maroon couch. Next to the couch on both sides sat two matching chairs both with footstools of the same material. Beside the chair on the right Harry found a smaller square table made of wood with round bronze feet and trimmings on the top. Sitting on that table was an oval shaped bowl made of copper with intricate designs of crimson and turquoise that swirled around the bowl and the lid that was set on the top. Harry walked over to the bowl and tried to open the lid but it would not open. Harry suddenly looked up at a loud tapping coming from the window and saw Fawkes outside beckoning to come in. He ran over to the window and opened it up. Fawkes landed gracefully on a large oak desk sitting near the window and held out his leg waiting for Harry to remove the letter. After he untied the letter Fawkes then flew back out the window and Harry shut it behind him. Then Harry walked over to the chair nearest the bowl and sat to read it.

Dear Harry,
I thought you might be curious about the pensive sitting at the small table in the room of requirements. I sent it there figuring you would be using the room tonight. I have been saving it for sometime now and decided that now is the time for you to use it. The things you store in this pensive will be able to be seen by you and I alone unless we are there to show someone else. I have charmed this pensive so that it will only open when you are in a clear state of mind. It will also appear anytime either of us needs it. I have cleared it with the ministry after telling them of your letter. Please use it carefully, and remember that the things placed in it can be seen by the two of us alone unless we choose other wise. It would also be wise of you to keep this knowledge amongst yourself and your closest friends. Remember even some of your friends can not withhold when under the grasp of Lord Voldemort.
Professor Dumbledore

Harry looked over at the pensive with more curiosity now and decided to try and open it. He sat strait forward and attempted to clear his mind but the face of Hermione kept floating in an out of the emptiness. After a few failed attempts he gave up and picked up a large brownish green book with dust on it that sat at the top of the pile, Dark Wizards of the Nineteenth Century after about an hour of reading about the darkest wizards and what they had done he put the book down and reached for another. This one was a huge black book with a sign that he didn’t recognize crested in silver on the front, this book too was very dusty and looked as though it hadn’t been used in many years. A History Of Dark Magic this looked like it might be more help than the last one was. He flipped to the index and in it found Chapter Six: Ancient Asian Spells and Potions he then flipped to the chapter and started reading. About halfway through on a page with pictures of Chinese men creating a potion he found notes in the margin and on the corners of the page in writing that he recognized from somewhere. It couldn’t have been Dumbledore’s because it wasn’t as loopy, and surly no one else he knew had been studying the book. Thinking about what he had just found he tried to open the pensive once again. He remembered last year in his occulmency lessons with Snape how he had managed to free his mind completely two or three times and he tried that now. After a few meager attempts he managed to open it and saw one solitary image swirling around in the silvery liquid, when he got closer the image stopped and it was a Dumbledore. Harry then remembering how he had gotten to see the images before in Dumbledore’s office he lowered his head into the pensive and saw Dumbledore standing in his office and saying
“ Harry just as you have found this thought of mine I will be able to see your thoughts and memories. Please don’t let this discourage you from using it. I believe that now this has happened it is very important for you to keep memories that are important to you guarded. As you know Voldemort uses mind power to control most of his victims and will take away some of those dearest to them. Your memories are safe with me so don’t be afraid to use it for personal use as well as and alternative means of communication to me. You are welcome to explore any of my thoughts and memories placed in this pensive and I will observe yours as well. Good luck.” With that Harry was jolted back out of the pensive and the image of Dumbledore went back to swirling in the silvery mist. Remembering how Snape had put memories into the pensive Harry touched his wand to his temple and extracted the memory and put it in the pensive and watched it swirl with the other image. After this he placed about six or seven others including in those the memory of earlier that night when he got the letter. Looking closer at the swirling image he was somewhat surprised to see Hermione and Duncan’s faces in the image. He then placed his head back into the mist and heard Hermione softly say
“I…wouldn’t mind being your babies mother either” then he saw the owl fly through the open window while he was leaning over to kiss her, then opening the letter, the black smoke filling the room, him lying on the floor holding his head and writhing in pain as he cursed loudly. Then he heard his own thoughts as loudly as if they were spoken about how he wanted to make sure Hermione and Duncan were safe but he couldn’t because of the pain. He then pulled out of the pensive and laid on the couch. Reliving this memory had caused his scar to prickle uncomfortably. After looking at his watch and reading four a’ clock he decided to rest for awhile and dosed off.

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Chapter 3: Back to Normalcy
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DISCLAIMER: as always the original HP characters are accredited to J.K. Rowling, but the new characters previous to the last three are all accredited to Miss_Moral who is not in any way affiliated with me. I just loved her story and saw how it I could see it forming out. She has been gracious enough to allow me to continue writing this. I fully suggest reading all of the stories written by Miss_Moral

Smoke filled the room and all Harry wanted to do was get Hermione and Duncan to a safe place but his scar had paralyzed all movement and he couldn’t help them. All he could do was helplessly watch through clouded vision as they fell limp and died…

Harry suddenly woke with a start and looked around the bright room forgetting where he was. He looked at his watch reading quarter to eight. Panic suddenly overcame him when he realized that he was going to miss his first class and he couldn’t even check on Hermione. He jumped off the couch grabbed a couple books and put them in a brown bag that was sitting by the door he hadn’t noticed when he came in. As he walked out of the door he pointed his wand at himself and said scurgify. After “cleaning up” he began to run down the corridor and headed for the Suite but then remembered that he had given Dobby the day off and the only way he would get breakfast is to either make it himself or eat in the great hall. He only hoped that he could make it to breakfast before the tables were cleared. Before he reached the doors he slowed to a very brisk walk and entered while trying to catch his breath. He was glad to see that Ron had been getting a late start as well so that he could talk with him. He smiled and Ron scowled at him. When Harry reached the Griffendor table he said to Ron who was now ignoring him,
“ Now hang on a second before you get yourself into a fit. I have something to tell you, I promise it is a good reason for missing the feast last night.” Ron then looked up and said
“ Where’s Hermione, and Duncan?” as though he suddenly realized that they weren’t there.
“ Hospital Wing” Harry said plainly.
“ What! Why? Are they alright? What happened?” Ron said drawing attention to himself by people all over the great hall one of which was Draco Malfoy listening very intently.
“Shh. I cant talk about it here it’ll have to wait till lunch when we can go to my room where other ears can not hear us.”
Harry said in a hushed tone looking around to see who else had heard. Ginny was sitting down about four seats with one of her girlfriends named Meliana Price. She looked very curiously at Harry and gave him and ‘I’ll talk to you later look’. Harry then looked down at his watch and choked on his pumpkin juice because it told him he had one minute till he had to be in Snape’s Dungeon before he would be loosing some major points for Griffendor. He then jumped up out of his seat and gathered a piece of toast and some bacon then as he was grabbing his bag Ron looked at him and said
“ Harry…What are you doing? Why are you in such a rush?” Harry looked at Ron with some annoyance at the fact that he wasn’t in a rush as well.
“ We have one minute to be in Snapes class before we get our heads torn off.” He said now getting ready to sprint off to the Dungeon.
“ Harry, its Saturday! We don’t have classes today!” Ron said somewhat loudly. “What!? Wait…” Harry said with sudden realization. Then taking a deep breath he said.
“ Well then I suppose I don’t need to be in such a rush. I don’t know how I got so mixed up. Then that means that Dobby will be back today and is probably having a fit to find us. I had better go to the suite and tell him what’s happened. Come for lunch and I will tell you everything. If I’m not back yet just go on in and have Dobby fix you something while you wait.”
Harry said with a note of urgency back in his voice. Ron nodded his head in agreement as he took a gulp of pumpkin juice and with that Harry took his leave.

“Venus and Love”
Harry said to the statue of Aphrodite and as he entered the Suite of Llyr he heard a loud howl and then was pummeled to the floor by a very overwhelmed Dobby. Harry felt a lot of tears hit his face and then as he gently lifted the crying house elf of his chest he sat us and chuckled as he pulled Dobby into a big hug saying,
“ I’m glad to see you too Dobby. How was your trip?”
Harry asked remembering that Dobby said he was going to Hogsmeade for his days off. “ Harry Potter sir Dobby is so glad seeing yous are alive sir. Dobby came back early this day sir and Harry Potter and his Family was missing sir. And Dobby was scared sir that Harry Potter was… that Harry Potter was … was dead sir.”
With that Dobby started wailing again even louder than the last time and Harry patted him on the back after they both stood up and said,
“ I am fine. Duncan and Hermione are as well they are in the Hospital wing now and should be home before the day is over.”
Harry said as he remembered telling Hermione that he would be up first thing this morning.
“Dobby, I promised that I would be up to check in with her first thing this morning, so I should be getting up there. I promise to tell you the whole story later but for now I need to get going.”
Harry said smiling to the house elf that he liked and cared about so much. Dobby nodded through the tears and then smiled and meekly said,
“ I know you don’t like special things but I is going to make a special meal for Harry Potter and his family, if that is being ok with you sir.”
Harry smiled and asked Dobby
“ Do you think that you might come up with something for lunch? Ron is supposed to be by and with any luck I will have Duncan and Hermione with me as well.”
Dobby’s face lit up and he squeaked
“ I will Sir! Harry Potter can count on Dobby sir!”
Harry then nodded and left a beaming Dobby standing in the living room.

“Harry! There you are. I began to worry. Is everything all right? Did Dobby get back?”
Hermione said all of this very fast and Harry just smiled feeling a new and stronger love for this person he knew so well.
“ Harry? Are you alright?”
Hermione said with mounting concern showing in her eyes.
“ I am fine.”
Harry said as he walked over to her, he then leaned down and kissed baby Duncan’s head before lifting him out of the elaborate red and gold bassinette that he assumed Dumbledore himself had conjured up the previous night.
“How are you feeling?”
Harry said with loving concern in his eyes as he gently brushed a stray piece of curly brown hair out of Hermione’s face. She smiled at his gentleness and was glad they had expressed their true feelings last night.
“ I feel fine, a little groggy but fine all the same. Madame Pomfrey wants to keep me another day but Dumbledor feels that I should be in the suite instead. He is speaking with her in her office now.”
She said softly looking up at him. Harry smiled again.
“ Ron is coming over for lunch today so that I can explain to him about what’s happened. Dobby was very excited when I told him that he could go all out for lunch.”
At this they shared in a laugh imagining what they would be going home to with the house elf being given full reign to make an extravagant lunch for them and their guest. Then Hermione turned more serious and said
“ Did you find out what the letter meant?” she said reluctantly but interested.
“ No. Dumbledor said that It was powerful dark magic that was perfected by ancient Chinese wizards, but whoever used it must not have know exactly how to do it because if they did you and Duncan would be dead now.”
Harry said these last few words around a tear. They heard a door open down at the end of hospital wing. Both looked over and saw both Dumbledore and Madam Pomphrey walk out of her office talking in hushed tones so not to disturb the occupants of the hospital wing. When Madam Pomphrey saw Harry holding Duncan she hustled over and sternly asked him
“ What do you think you are doing Potter? This little boy has gone through a tremendous amount.”
Baby Duncan who was busy forming spit bubbles smiled up at her and the previously stern expression faded. Professor Dumbledore then approached them and offered to hold Duncan for a moment and Harry hesitantly obliged.
“Young mister Dursley is growing up very quickly. Won’t be long before he is toddling about making all sorts of messes. Dobby will be thrilled.” Dumbledore said with a glint of humor in his eyes. Harry laughed thinking how much Dobby would like having more to do with his days. He knew Hermione was scowling at him and it was probably best to avoid her eyes just now.
“Mr. Potter my patients do need rest so if you will please excuse yourself.” Madam Pomphrey stated with her once again stern tone.
“ Poppy I actually thought it would be better if Miss Granger and Mr. Dursley were back in their suite. I would rather not draw attention to the situation of last night. If any other students were to come in here and see them questions would then be posed and I would rather keep this between as little people as possible.” Dumbledore’s calm voice seemed to persuade her, though she did look as though she would rather not.
“ Well I suppose. If you think it is for the best.” She then turned to Harry.
“You must keep a close watch on them for the next few days. I have never dealt with anything like this before and I am not certain what will happen.”
Harry nodded before turning to a beaming Hermione. He walked over to help her up and as she stood Dumbledore said,
“Do you mind if I change you and Mr.Dursley’s clothes? As I said I would rather not draw attention to the situation, and I fear that walking about in your nightclothes would pose some unwanted questions.” Hermione nodded and after Dumbledore handed Duncan back over to Harry he pulled out his wand looked as though he was picturing something in his head then he pointed his wand at her and swished it rapidly in the shape of and X and before their eyes her outfit changed to that of her favorite Saturday attire. She looked down and smiled. He then turned to Harry and asked him to hold Duncan out then doing the same to him put him in an outfit that looked like a baby size version of a wizards robes of midnight blue with silver stars and swirls all over it that neither of them had seen before. Harry looked at Dumbledore and said
“ That isn’t his. You must have been mistaken.”
“ Its beautiful Professor where did you get it?” Hermione said with wonder.
“ It was Harry’s when he was a baby. I gave it to your mother and father after you were born and found it in the rubble of your house. I think it is time you have it back.”
After Dumbledore spoke these words both Harry and Hermione stood there with tears in their eyes, and for a fraction of a second Harry thought he saw one in Dumbledore’s eyes as well.

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Chapter 4: Back to Llyr
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DISCLAIMER: as always the original HP characters are accredited to J.K. Rowling, but the new characters previous to the last three are all accredited to Miss_Moral who is not in any way affiliated with me. I just loved her story and saw how it I could see it forming out. She has been gracious enough to allow me to continue writing this. I fully suggest reading all of the stories written by Miss_Moral.


Before Harry, Hermione, and Duncan left the hospital wing Dumbledore took Harry to the side and said

"As soon as you are finished with your lunch with Mr. Weasley please come up and see me we need to talk about the things I found in the pensive. There was also a letter sent by the ministry pertaining to the adoption of young Mr.Dursley."

Harry nodded and smiled at the prospect of finding out more about when they could adopt Duncan.

" I will Professor, and thank you for all of your help in this. The pensive really helped last night."

Dumbledore smiled knowingly and nodded just before Hermione called over.

"Harry? Are you ready?"

He smiled at her and nodded. Both Harry and Dumbledore and Harry walked towards them together. Harry took out the stroller and before he could put Duncan inside Dumbledore spoke up

“That Bassinet was meant as a gift from the staff. It can easily transform into a stroller, bath, changing table, and a highchair. It also has many safety charms and growing charms on it for when he gets bigger. We were going to give it to you for his birthday but thought that now was a good time for it. I have also instructed the house elves to bring the rest of your baby clothes Harry. They will be in a trunk of your parents in your suite when you return."

Harry and Hermione just nodded neither of them could say anything. Harry half turned away to wipe a tear and Hermione was openly bawling. She briskly walked to Dumbledore and engulfed him in a hug, and then when she backed away they both thanked him before walking out.

As they started down the stairs they moved into the normal positions to carry Duncan downstairs but the minute the wheels lifted off the ground they transformed into a cloud like substance that began to carry Duncan down the steps at a calm, relaxing and steady pace. Both Harry and Hermione looked at each other in surprise and Duncan gave a squeal of delight

“Well that will be a nice change." Harry said and Hermione nodded in reply.

After they finished descending the stairs and made it almost to their suite Lavender and Pavati walked by and cooed at Duncan then said to Hermione

“It is about time you began dressing him in normal clothes." With that the girls left waving goodbye to Harry.

"Venus and Love" Hermione spoke with anticipation

They walked in to find Ron and Dobby speaking animatedly and then they both turned and looked shyly at Harry and Hermione.

“Hermione! Are you all right? How’s Duncan?" Ron said with a pink tinge on his ears and cheeks.

“We’re fine Ron, how are you? I haven’t seen you for ages. Are your headboy duties going well?"

“Well enough I suppose. It really gets tiring chasing around rowdy first years, not to mention studying for NEWT’s and now that Hermione isn’t in the common room grading my papers every night I really have to be careful” Ron said rolling his eyes.

“Well Ron I told you before but you can bring your homework anytime for me to look at.” Hermione said with some exasperation.

“So are you going to tell me what happened or are we going to keep on with the chit chat all bloody day?” Ron stated impatiently. Then Harry spoke up saying

“I better go put Duncan down, and change his nappy before we start” he then got up and took Duncan and his nappy bag to his room.

“I will be right back Ron, Harry forgot to get Duncan’s medicine. Dobby can you please set up lunch? We will be eating while we talk.” With that Hermione got up and grabbed a small smokey looking vile from Duncan’s new carriage. Then she went quietly into Duncan’s room and for a split second Ron heard her singing.


Harry was standing with his back to the door and as Hermione slipped in silently through the sound proof door and shut it as Harry kissed Duncan’s forehead and laid him in the cradle. A small smile came across Hermione’s face.

“Get some sleep Duncan you have had a long day.” Harry said quietly.

“It would be easier if you were to give him is potion.” Harry jumped at the sound of her voice so near him.

“Hermione! How long have you been there?” Harry said looking a bit pink in the cheeks.

“Does it matter?” She replied

“No I guess not. We see each other doing these things all the time.” He stated with a smile.

“I hope we find out about the adoption soon. I can’t wait to know that he truly is ours.”

Hermione said with some tone of worry on her face and in her eyes.

“I plan to bring it up when I meet with Dumbledore this evening. Like Dumbledore said he will be talking and walking soon and I don’t want him calling me Hawie or you Hermie, no matter how cute it could be.” He said with a smile then looked down at his shoes.

“Me either.” She then reached up and swept an awry piece of hair out of his eyes. As she took her hand back down his cheek slowly he reached up and covered it then brought it to his mouth and kissed the inside of her palm and they both hesitantly dropped their hands and smiled.

“Ron will be waiting.” Harry stated regretfully, and then they both turned for the door, and left.


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Chapter 5: Lunch
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DISCLAIMER: the first 7 chapters of this story belong to Miss_Morals who is in no way related to me. I simply loved the idea and ran with it. All origional characters belong to the genious of J.K. Rowling.

On the table set all of Harry, Ron, and Hermione’s
favorite foods, along with some foods they had never
seen. Dobby then jumped up on his chair and
“Lunch is served!” with an excited squeal.
“ Thank you Dobby. It looks marvelous.” Hermione
stated with a smile.
“ What is that crispy stuff Dobby?” Ron asked with a
furrowed brow.
“ That is Baklava, it is a Greek dish sir… while Dobby
was on vacation he got a new recipe book to try.”
Dobby beamed.
“ Thank you Dobby! That was a wonderful idea!” Harry
said through a suppressed laugh
“ Lets eat!” said Ron with excited bounce to his voice
“ Yeah, Dobby will you join us?” Harry asked with a
“ Yes Sir Harry Potter! Dobby would be honored! But
can I serve you too?” he asked meekly.
“ Of course you can Dobby, but make sure you eat as
well. I wont have you going hungry.” Hermione said
with an understanding smile.

Harry and Ron looked at each other in confusion and
then to Hermione who was dropping a spoonful of mashed
potatoes on her plate. This was the first time she had
ever been willing to have any house elf serve her
without first putting up a slight hesitancy to
allowing it.

“ Well don’t just sit there in shock, tuck in.” She
said looking at the boys.


After eating and chatting lightly for about a half an
hour Harry and Hermione looked at each other
significantly and shared the thought that it was time
to let Ron in on all of the happenings of the past two
nights. As Ron finished up the last bite of his
treacle tart
“Why don’t we go sit in the living room to talk.”
Stated Harry.

The mood suddenly changed from light and happy to
anticipative and heavy.
“ Sure mate” Ron replied matter of factly as Dobby
grabbed his plate and piled it with the rest of the
dishes. Hermione took out her wand and easily said
“ Scurgify” all of the dishes were wiped clean and
with a snap of Dobby’s fingers they were neatly
arranged back in their shelves. Harry smiled at the
little routine that Hermione and Dobby started when
Dobby began working for them. As the three walked into
the living room Ron automatically took his favorite
chair next to the fireplace, as Harry led Hermione to
sit at the couch.

“ So what happened?” Ron asked bluntly.
“ Well it all started when Harry and I were sitting
here in the on the couch we were talking when a letter
came in from an owl we didn’t recognize when he opened
it black smoke filled the room and he dropped to the
floor as Duncan and I passed out. I don’t remember
anything after that but I do know that Harry took us
up to the hospital wing.”
Hermione explained all of this with occasional glances
at Harry making sure that he didn’t want to step in.
“ Where did it come from?” Ron asked sounding as
though someone had insulted him greatly.
“ We don’t know. Dumbledore said that it was a form of
ancient Chinese dark magic and that he thinks
Voldamort had gotten a hold of it.” Harry explained
tired of talking about it.
“ How does he know it was Chinese?” Ron asked
“ There was a symbol on it.” Hermione chimed in.
They all shared a significant look and were deep in
thought at what it would bring. After sitting in
silence for a few minutes Harry said cautiously not
wanting to hurt Ron’s feelings
“There’s something else” Ron looked fearfully at him,
and asked,
“ Wh…What, is it Duncan? Is he ok?”
“ Duncan is fine… Its us…” Hermione said meekly.
“ What’s wrong, did it affect you worse or what…?” Ron
asked with mounting worry at the state of his best
friends. Hermione cast a worried glance at Harry, and
looking back to Ron said carefully,
“ Ron, were well…” Harry then cut in and said quickly,

“ Were in love. We didn’t even realize it until last
night just before the owl came.”
The look of relief that came over Ron’s face surprised
Harry, he knew that Ron had feelings for Hermione
since their third year and couldn’t believe that he
still wasn’t turning red from a feeling of betrayal.
“ Is that all? You sure did make a big deal out of it.
I thought you two would have said that ages ago.”
“ W…Wait, You knew?” Harry asked quizzically. Stealing
a quick glance at Hermione.
“ Yeah mate it’s been obvious for ages. You two have
been making soft eyes at each other since the third
week here.”
“Your not… mad?” Hermione asked cautiously
“ No, not at all, at first I was but then I started
hanging out with other people and well I got over it.”
Ron said with a slight shrug of his shoulders.
“ That’s good, Listen mate I’m really sorry we haven’t
made much time for hanging out. Now that Duncan is
older and such maybe we could leave him with Dobby on
occasion.” Harry said with relief in his voice.
“ That would be great! Hogsmede is going to be coming
up next month again, Woops… don’t say anything… I
wasn’t supposed to.” Ron brightly stated.

After their conversation the mood in Harry and
Hermione’s suite lightened considerably and they all
made it a deal to hang out one night a week, even if
the Marauders had to help them sneak out. So it was
set next Thursday the trio would take their own trip
into Hogsmede alone they would slip out just before
supper and would go have their own in the Hogs Head.
Duncan would be left in the capable care of Dobby.


“ Come in Mr. Potter.” Dumbledore called from his desk
as Harry walked in.
“ Sorry I took so long sir. We had a lot to talk
about.” Harry said looking at his feet.
“ I knew you would. Since you have had much on your
plate the last few days I will be quick. I saw all
that you put into the pensive and not only was I
saddened by the lack of information we received but I
was also relieved that you and miss Granger do infact
love each other. I knew you were incredible friends
but I could have only hoped for such deep love that
showed in your memory.”

Harry turned pink at the realization of letting such a
personal memory slip into the pensive for others to
see, but he was also glad that he would not need to
explain the reason for him to not need a new bed in
the suite. After all he and Hermione were doing fine
in the same room. Why did they need another bed.
“ I do love her sir. Very much.” He hesitated. “ Sir?”
“ Something wrong Harry? ” Dumbledore stated patiently.
“ Sir, Hermione and I we were… well we were wondering
about the adoption papers, we would like to teach him
to call us mum and dad before well before …” Harry’s
voice trailed off.
“ I understand and that is the particular reason that
I wanted to speak with you. In order for you and
Hermione to adopt him legally we will need both your
guardians present to do so, since both families are
muggles, I have written both the Grangers and your
aunt and they are willing to meet us in muggle London
over winter break to sign papers, to allow you to
adopt him, we also need the Dursleys to sign over all
rights to Duncan and we need them to do the same for
both the wizarding world and the muggle world. Your
aunt wrote me back assuring me that they will meet us
on the first day of break at a café near kings cross
station.” Dumbledore finished with a smile.

“That is a relief sir. We were getting worried that he
would never be considered ours.”
Harry said smiling widely.

“ There is only one more thing standing in the way
Harry.” Dumbledore said with some hesitation.
“ Whatever it is I’ll do it!” Harry said with
“ Are you sure?” Dumbledore asked cautiously.
“ YES!!! What is there to think about? I love Hermione
more then anything and Duncan is the only other one
who comes close.”
“ Harry you two will have to get married before
signing adoption papers.”
Harry’s face went white with shock. After a few
moments of silence he spoke.
“ If she will consider it I would love to marry her.
But when?”
“ You would have to do it before we leave for London.”
Dumbledor explained.
“ Could you maybe tell her? I don’t know how too. And
I am not so sure that I want to see the look on her
face. If she doesn’t want to.” Harry said with doubt
in his eyes.
“ Certainly. I will find her tomorrow.” Dumbledore said
with a new concern in his voice.
“ May I go Sir? I think I need to walk for a bit.”
Harry asked.
“ You may. Have a good night Harry, and have faith.”
Harry nodded before he disappeared through the door.

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Chapter 6: Mulling it Over
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As Harry wondered the ground he saw Madame Hooch near the broom shed.
“Madame Hooch?”
“Good afternoon Mr. Potter. What can I do for you?”
“Well if it isn’t to much trouble I would very much like to ride my broom for awhile.”
“I suppose not, but I am going inside in a few minutes, would you mind just bringing it back out later so I don’t need to come back?”
“Thank You and yes I will.” Harry pointed his wand at the broom shed and said
“Acio Firebolt.”
“Alright then, and stay on grounds.” Madame Hooch called after him when he kicked off the ground.
How wonderful it felt to be in the air again. He missed it. Even though he had quidditch practice and games he didn’t have much extra flying time between taking care of Duncan and Homework. Then the thought struck him. If he asked Hermione to marry him right now then she wouldn’t feel pressured into doing it. He already knew that she would do any thing to keep Duncan as her “son” but if she was told she had to be married then he would possibly never know if she would just marry him out of her love for him. Then he heard a loud thud come from the forest and the entire herd of Thestrals flew into the air and landed near Hagrid’s cabin. Harry decided to fly to the spot where the noise came from and investigate. When he got near he used the disillusionment charm on himself and a silencer charm on his broom. After passing through a dense patch in the forest he was shocked at the sight in front of him.

“Agrid, there are three more coming behind me” A very untidy looking Madame Maxime was saying to Hagrid.
“Arigh Olimpe. Dumbledore’ll be ere in a mo.” Hagrid replied with a slight smile.
“Harry?” Professor Dumbledore said almost making fall off his broom and causing Hagrid to look around.
“Professor I…I… sorry sir. I was just flying over the pitch and hear a boom and the Thestrals all went flying and… well…” Then a confused look came over Harry’s face as he wondered why he was visible. He looked down at where the rest of him should be but all he saw was branches.
“Harry you shouldn’t be in here.” Dumbledore said quietly.
“Professor… How come you can see me but I can’t?” Harry asked hesitantly.
“Because we cleverly used the same charm at the same time.” Dumbledore smiled.
“Oh.” Harry said and with a still slightly confused look on his face changed the subject saying
“Professor, I’ve changed my mind. I would like to ask Hermione on my own. I don’t think I could stand it if she told you yes out of obligation. I would also like very much if I could get her a ring ahead of time.”
“Alright Harry. I believe that could be arranged. The next Hogsmede weekend is coming up soon and you might find something there.”
“I was actually hoping to go into muggle London and find something there. I don’t want it to be magical since we both were brought up as muggle’s.”
“Harry I am not sure how we could do that.” Dumbledore stated concernedly.
“Well I was thinking, Hogsmede isn’t for another two weeks and maybe I could get a “Saturday Detention” this week so that I might go get the wring and get her parents blessing.”
“Hermione would be with Duncan and as long as the “detention” isn’t where she can find me I don’t think there would be a problem.”
“Harry I will need to think it over some I will let you know tomorrow. In the mean time I need you to please return to the castle. Would you please return to the castle and empty what you just saw here into the pensive. It will be on my desk. And you are welcome to explore it but I have not added anything but tonight’s conversation.”Dumbledore said with consideration as he looked at the seven giants along with Hagrid and Madame Maxime sitting in the forest clearing.
“Yes sir.” Harry said somewhat down hearted.
“And another thing please, don’t speak of this to anyone please”
“Yes sir”
“Including Miss Granger.”
“Yes sir. Good Night.” Harry replied downheartedly.
“Good night Harry. I will find you tomorrow.”
With that Dumbledore flew down to the meeting place, pulled out his wand and with a final glance at Harry he whooshed his wand and the place where they had all been seconds before had now just become a clearing.”


“Harry? What are you doing in here? How did you get in?” Ron said from the bed in the Head Boy’s room. Harry waved the Marauders map a bit before flopping down in the comfortable Gryffindor colored chair next to the bed.
“I just needed to talk.” He replied
“Something Dumbledore said?”
“Yeah… I just don’t know what to do with it…”
“Well whatever it is it can’t be worse than the prophet, can it?” Ron said with some worry in his voice.
“It could.” Harry said looking interestingly at his trainers.
“Well what is it?” Ron pressed with some inpatients.
“If we want to completely adopt Duncan… Hermione and I… we have to …well … get married first.” Harry said as he got up and walked to the window.
“What? What do you mean married? You’re not even out of school yet! Are they crazy…You can’t get married!”
“I have to… No I want to. I am just afraid that she won’t say yes.”
“Are you loony? When you left earlier she was talking about how she was scared that everything would change after school was out. I asked what she wanted and she said that she wanted nothing more than to be with you and Duncan forever no matter how long that was.”
“Really? She said all that. But what about her life and plans? I have already screwed up this year too much. I don’t want to take away her dreams too.”
“Harry you and Duncan are her dream. Now she talks about how proud she is of you and all that you have done for Duncan. She loves you so much that she said she even cries sometimes when you forget to do occlumancy before you sleep and have nightmares about you know who taking them away or killing them.”
“What? She knows about those.”
“You talk in you sleep mate… always have.” Ron said as Harry sat back down and put his head in his hands.
“I feel so stupid.” Harry said
“Harry don’t. She loves you” He stated as he moved over and placed his hands on Harry’s back.
“I better go, she’ll be worried.” Harry said standing.
“ Don’t worry it will all work out.” Ron gave Harry an encouraging smile before he walked out of the room.

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Chapter 7: Winky's Worry
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By the time Harry was saying the new password to Llyr it was half past one.
He walked in to find every light in the Suite lit up and Hermione sleeping, book in hand In their favorite chair near the fire. He walked silently over picked up the book and after marking it he set it on the mahogany side table and gently picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. After laying her on her side of the bed he removed her slippers and robe placing them on the armchair in the corner. He then maneuvered the covers over her then after putting out their bedroom lights, and closing the door he went to check on Duncan.
Dobby was sleeping on a bed that Hermione had requested he have it was covered with his socks and hats and a quilt that Mrs. Weasley had made for him from old hats and socks that had become so badly tattered that they would no longer hold their place. Harry walked over to the cradle and found Duncan in a pair of deep maroon pajamas that he had never seen before. Duncan slept peacefully sucking on his fist and after a few minutes of watching this boy that meant every thing to him he was even more determined to make him and Hermione part of his life forever. Tomorrow during lunch he would go speak with Dumbledore about the ring, and a trip into muggle London. Maybe he could borrow Mr. Weasley’s car for the trip. The clock on Duncan’s chest of drawers chimed two and Harry decided that he could do no more so he left the sleeping Duncan and went to bed.

“Harry…Harry wake up! Harry your just dreaming, Wake up!”
He sat bolt upright with his wand in his hand ready for attack.
“Harry its ok… it was just a dream…” Hermione said as she gently put pressure on his wand hand lowering it.
“Wha…Where’s Duncan? Are you alright?” Harry sputtered as he quickly rose out of bed.
“Harry were fine, Duncan is in his room with Dobby. Really its ok.” Hermione said as she got up putting on her robe.
“I am still going to go check on him; I need to see he is ok.” Harry said as he replaced his shirt and walked out of the bedroom.

As they opened Duncan’s room they were surprised to find Winkie holding him and cooing softly to him.
“What are you doing here?” Harry asked forcefully.
“Harry she was just holding him. Winkie are you alright? May I have Duncan?” Hermione asked as she stepped in front of Harry fearing that he would get even more upset.

“Winky was hearing crying and wanted to see if the Gryffindor baby was ok.”

“Wha….Wait...What? The ‘Gryffindor’ Baby? What does that mean?” Harry asked stepping past Hermione.

Winky handed Duncan to Hermione then Crack she disappeared. Hermione held Duncan up and gave him a very long maternal embrace and a kiss as she went to set him back in his cradle she heard.

“Accio Bassinette.” From the living room.

She went to find Harry walking to their room with the bassinette following closely behind.

“Harry, what are you”

“He is not sleeping in a different room than us anymore. I want to make sure that he is ok. I won’t let it happen… I WON’T!” He shouted with finality.

“Harry what are you talking about? He is fine, nothing is wrong with him. Winky didn’t hurt him, Dobby was right there; he was just sitting on the bed watching Winky. They aren’t going to send another letter. We have all the windows and doors protected.”

“Not the letter! It’s not the blasted letter! I won’t let what happened to my Mum happen to you… I can’t. I love you too much!”

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Chapter 8: Proposal?
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“Oh, Harry, Is that what your worried about?” Hermione said as she walked slowly over to him and rested her hand on his arm.
“ Hermione, I can’t let Duncan grow up like that. He can’t go back to the Dursleys. He might not have any one to love him. Hogwarts might not be as easy for him as it was for me.” He half turned to go when Hermione reached for his other hand and faced him towards her.
“ Did you really mean it?” she questioned searching his eyes.
“ What?” He asked forgetting what he said a moment before, his thoughts were still on the Dursleys.
“ That you love me…” She trailed off hoping against all hope that he meant it.
“ Yes. More than anything.” He was mad at himself, this was not how he planned to tell her about their circumstances with the adoption. He wanted to ask her to marry him, not for her to feel pressured into it.
“ Harry what is it?” She asked after seeing the hesitation and momentary anger flash across his face.
“ Lets sit down. I have something to tell you.” He held her hand as he led her over to the couch.
“ When I met with Dumbledore I asked him about the adoption papers,
“ What did he say? Are they ready yet?” she asked with excitement.
“No. Something else needs to happen before we can sign them. In both the Muggle and Wizarding worlds.” Harry’s head dropped.
“Whatever it is I’ll do it. I just want him to be ours for good. I want the first words out of his mouth to be mum and dad, and them to be at us.”
Harry’s head shot up. He looked into her eyes, and when she looked back at him he said:
“ Will you marry me?”
She blinked in amazement, then turned questioning eyes on him.
“ Are we allowed to? We arnt even of age… I mean, I have thought about it, a lot actually… but are we actually allowed?”
He lowered his head and tried to find a different way to say it he cautiously looked up at her and said
“ We have to.”
“ What? Why? Is it Duncan?”
“ Yes, the laws say that a person wishing to adopt a family member must either be of legal age to do so or have consent of their guardians to be married so that the child will have a chance at a more normal childhood.”
“ I agree, but did you just ask because of that?” Hermione asked as realization of the situation hit her full in the face.
“ No, it’s been on my mind for ages. I was going to wait till we were out of Hogwarts so that we could have some sort of normalcy the next two years, but Dumbledore said that it was required or Duncan would have to go back to the Dursleys.”
“NO!” Hermione said now as she started to cry. Harry leaned over and took her in his arms
“ This is not how I wanted it to happen, I wanted to make you feel like you are the person I see you as. Just because we have to get married now doesn’t mean I don’t love you. On the contrary, I love you more because you have a very hard decision to make.”
“ Oh… Harry, I do love you. But what if my mum and dad say no?” She said backing away and looking him full in the face.
“ They can’t, we cant let them.” He said as though fighting against their no already.
“ But how?”
“ We’ll ask Dumbledore if on the next Hogsmeade visit we can go to London with him instead. Duncan will come with us and if your parents and the dursleys see how much we love him they just cant say no.”
“ Can we talk to Dumbledore now?”
“ I don’t know, Hang on…” Harry said, as he pulled out his wand.
“ Accio Map” In a moment the map was in his hands and he opened it saying
“ I solomny swear that I am up to no good.”

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