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Obsession by HoboJoe193

Format: Short story
Chapters: 7
Word Count: 8,456
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Romance
Characters: Draco, Ginny, Harry, Hermione, Ron, M. McGonagall
Pairings: Ron/Hermione

First Published: 01/30/2005
Last Chapter: 08/14/2005
Last Updated: 08/14/2005


. A romance blooms between Ron and Hermione, but what happens when a fellow student has an unhealthy obsession with Hermione? Please Review (: And special thanks to melihobbit for the banner.

Chapter 1: Strange Sounds, Footsteps and Photographs
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Hermione sat at her vanity readying herself for the start of the term trip to Hogsmeade with Ron and Harry. She was seventeen now, a few weeks into her 7th and final year at Hogwarts. The year would hold new adventures, Hermione knew it would. Whether it be dangerous ones that Ron and Harry dragged her into, or simple ones that came along with being named Head Girl.

Yes, she was Head Girl, a fact that she proudly displayed at every chance she got, in a Percy like way. The name of Head Girl also came along with a seperate dormitory, with it's own common room and bathroom. It seperated her from the rest of her Gryffindors. Yet a new found feeling of independence had tagged along with the new Head Girl suite. She was well on her way to becoming the healer she always wanted to be, taking pre-healing classes as well as medical potions classes. She embraced the challenges this year would bring, happily. But despite the great things in her life, one solitary thing remained out of her reach. Ron.

She'd loved him for a while now, but he was too clueless to notice. A fact that Hermione simply adored about him. She loved everything about him, from the overprotective attitude he'd displayed when she almost dated Victor Krum in their fourth year to their petty arguments that seemed to eminate from their mouths whenever they disagreed with one another.

With a wave of her wand, her hair began to twist and dance about as if being blowed by the wind until it was completely dry and had curled itself. She brushed make up on her face and walked over to her armoire to chose an outfit to wear. After staring at several different options, she decided on a knee length red skirt that flowed when she walked, and a white v-necked sweater. She walked over to her bed, laying out her choice. She slipped off the silk robe she was wearing and began to step into the skirt.

A sound came from the corner of the room that distracted her. A sound like someone bumping into the desk that sat just to the right of the corner. She looked, but no one was there.

Brushing it off as her imagination, she finished dressing and put the thought out of her mind. Thinking of Ron, she spritzed some perfume on, hoping he would notice later. It made her sad to know that he wouldn't notice, or that he wouldn't care.

Sitting on her bed she noticed the photograph of her and Ron that Harry had taken when they'd stayed with Ron's family over the summer. They were sitting in his garden, covered in dirt and looking thouroughly exhausted from the de-gnoming they had finished moments earlier. But they still smiled and waved happily from the stone they were sitting on. She fingered the sides of the metal frame the picture resided in. She wished so deeply that she could tell Ron how she felt.

But an uneasy feeling came over Hermione when she felt eyes on her back. The noise came again, this time it was louder. She turned to look over at the corner, but still no one was there. Quickly, she put on her shoes and left, still not able to shake the feeling that someone had been watching her get dressed.

Walking through the hall, she felt a little safer knowing she would be with Ron in a few moments. She turned from the fifth floor corridor that was home to her dormitory and begin to walk to the Great Hall. There were footsteps behind her, but when she looked, no one was there.

People had stopped using this particular corridor because it was where the Defense Against the Dark Arts class room was. Not that there was anything wrong with that class, but the new teacher, Professor Feehily had a love for cats. And his classroom smelled strongly of tuna and cat dung. A smell that often wafted out into the hall, causing students to find other means of getting from one place to another.

But this remained the shortest way from Hermione's dorm room to the Great Hall, and she still felt shakey about the strange sounds that came from the corner in her room. And it appeared whoever was watching her in her room had followed her. She began to walk more quickly. Her heels clicked wildly on the floor, but she didn't care.

Soon enough, she was in the Great Hall and Ron and Harry waved her over to their seats.

"What took you so long, Hermione?" Harry inquired when she finally joined them.

"You okay? You look rather pale." Ron asked.

"I don't know, really. They were strange sounds coming from the corner in my room, and I kept feeling as if there were someone else there. But when I looked, there was no one. And I heard footsteps following me. It was really strange."

"Oh, well you're safe now. No need to worry," Ron said, patting her on the back in a comforting manor which brought a smile to her face.

"It was probably just Crookshanks hiding under your desk," Harry stated.

"Yeah, you're probably right. But that doesn't explain the footsteps."

"Maybe you were still freaked out by Crookshanks, so you just imagined them," Ron said.

"Oh great, so now I'm crazy," Hermione sighed.

"I didn't mean it like that."

"I know, I guess I'm still a little shaken up."

"Ready to leave for Hogsmeade yet?"

"Yeah," Hermione mumbled, feeling stupid for getting so worked up over Crookshanks hiding under her desk.
* * *
A few hours later, the trio was walking around Hogsmeade looking through all the shops. They entered into Zonko's when they were interupted by a very happy Ginny.

"Hello Harry," She muttered.

"Hi Ginny," He aswered happily. The two had shared a kiss over the summer and were in the beginning of a new relationship. Ginny took Harry's hand and pulled him off into a corner of the store to look at something.

"Look at those two, going off on their own. If Harry hurts her, I swear I'll..." Ron muttered looking somewhat angry.

"Oh Ron, it's Harry, he would never hurt her. If anything, I'd be worried about Ginny hurting Harry!" Hermione joked.

"Ha ha, very funny," Ron mumbled sarcastically.

"Why don't we leave those two alone. Besides, you look as if you could attack Harry," She laughed. She smiled at the thought that they would have the rest of the day alone.

Unfortunately for her, nothing of any importance happened, but he still enjoyed their time alone.
* * *
When Hermione finally made it back to her room that night, she was somewhat dissappointed at the lack of excitement in the day. She had been alone with Ron all day, yet she still didn't have to courage to just say three simple words.

"I like you Ron, how difficult is that to say?" She said, sounding frustrated.

She sat down at her vanity to wipe off her make up. She looked over to see the photograph of Ron and her, but what she saw shocked her.

It was gone, someone had taken it.

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Chapter 2: Chaos, Kisses and Draco
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Hermione stood in her room a little frightened. Her favorite photograph was missing. Someone had obviously seen her looking at it as she was getting ready for her outing to Hogsmeade. The sounds she had heard were not Crookshanks at all. Someone had been in her room.

And suddenly a feeling of utter unsafety overcame her. She wanted nothing more than to leave her room. With that in mind, she dashed to the portrait whole and left. Her feet took her in the direction of the Gryfindor common room. It was late, but in the least, she could spend her time reading in the common room. Anything to get out of her room.

When she arrived at the common room, she saw several Gryfindor's relaxing, engaged in conversation or a game of Wizards Chess. She looked frantically for Harry or Ron. And she spotted a mass of red hair sitting by the fire.

She walked towards him, shaking now.

"Great, Hermione, you're here. Harry just went up to bed, I konw it's early, but he was up late last night, and I still need help on my Forgetful Drought essay for potions. What is the most effective ingredient in it anyway?" he mumbled, not having looked at Hermione yet, but at his messy essay. When he looked up at her, his expression changed. "Er.. Hermione, is everything okay?"

"I don't know."

"Did something happen?" he wondered.

"Someone was in my room," said Hermione.

"But I thought that was just Crookshanks."

"But it couldn't have been. I was looking at a photograph of the two of us, that one we took over the summer, right before I left. It was on my vanity before I left, but when I came back, someone had taken it from it's frame."

"Are you sure? It wasn't just Crookshanks, right?"

"Ron, it wasn't Crookshanks, I think someone was in my room!" She said, exhasperated now.

"Well, do you want to stay here for a while?"

"This is insane, I shouldn't be afraid of my own room," said Hermione. She sat down on a comfy chair across from Ron. She still looked a little pale.

"Well, in any case, I'll walk you back to your dorm, and make sure no one is in there," Ron said, trying to sound brave and protective.

"Ron, you know, if there really is someone in my room, I'd be able to fend them off a lot better than you would," she giggled.

Ron just went red. After a few minutes of Hermione laughing at him, he said, "Well, at least I've got you laughing again!"

"That's right Ron, you're good for one thing," she giggled more. "Come on, lets go."

The two got up, and Ron left his potions book on the chair he'd been sitting in. They made their way back to Hermione's dorm in about ten minutes, it wasn't that far. Hermione said her password, and the portrait swung open. Ron still hadn't been to Hermione's head girl suite yet. In fact, he'd never been in Hermione's old dorm either. He felt kind of strange in this new setting. It was nothing as he expected it to be. He had expected it to be neat and tidy, but on the contrary, the common room was strewn with large stacks of books. Large ones, tiny ones, old ones, new ones, they filled up a large portion of the floor. But despite it's chaos, each book seemed to fit where it had been stacked up. Hermione's own form of organized chaos.

"I haven't got a book shelf yet," said Hermione, seeing the look on Ron's face. She too felt the strangeness of Ron's entrance into her dorm.

She walked out of the common room and into her bedroom.

"Are we going in there?" Ron mumbled.

"Yes," she answered, looking back at him from the doorway. She beckoned him with a wave of her hand, and he followed with a curious look on his face. She walked to her vanity and picked up the empty picture frame.

"It really is missing," said Ron.

"Well I wasn't lying to you," Hermioned said, a little bitterly. She walked over to her bed, sat down, and pouted a little. Ron looked over at her. He realized in that moment just how beautiful she was. Her cheeks were rosy red once again, and her amber hair resting on her petite shoulders.

"What?" Hermione asked, noticing his stare.

"Er, nothing," he muttered. "Whoever was here seemed to have gone for the night, though." He walked over to her bedside and stood across from her. "You know, I would never let anything happen to you." He said this seriously, without flinching.

"I know," Hermione said, standing up now. She was a lot shorter than Ron, barely reaching his shoulders. But she hugged him anyway, and in that moment, she was happier then she'd ever been before. They both pulled away from their embrace, but stopped without taking their hands off one another. Hermione stared up into Rons blue eyes, and something about them drew her in. And soon, both her and Ron's faces had gravitated close to one another. And they kissed. A gentle, loving kiss.

But their embarrassment had pulled them away.

"Er.. I think I should go now," Ron said, and soon he bolted for the door, his face redder then it had ever been before.

He left Hermione standing in her bedroom, confused but happy.

* * *
He'd left Hermione's room when Ron had bolted for the door, to angry to watch her any longer.

His expensive shoes clicked on the stone floors as he stealthy creeped back to his dormitory. They made an eerie sound, as he was wearing his invisibilty cloak, and no one walking through the halls could locate origin of that clickity clackity sound. He turned down past the Great Hall and continued on to the dungeons. He made it into the Slytherin common room and back to his dorm room without the notice of anyone.

When he had finally retreated to the saftey of his dorm room, he slipped out from under the silvery cloak that kept him hidden. He plopped it uncareingly onto his bed. Looking in the mirror that hung on his wall, the young boy of seventeen admired himself. His eyes were grey, similar to the stones of the castle walls that he was enclosed in. His blonde-white hair was slicked back, as it always was.

"Oh what Father would say if he ever discovered my abnormal obsession with mudbloods," he thought to himself. "I must say that this one seems different than the others. Hermione is not like my usual prey."

He glanced down at the photo he held in his hand. It was of Hermione and Ron. They were sitting on a rock in some strange outdoor setting. Something he was not accustom to. They laughed together, and he could tell their attraction to eachother. It was clear from both of their eyes. Their loving eyes.

"Hmm. I never thought anyone would prefer a Weasley to me," he smirked. "Oh, maybe one day I will teach her the harsh realities of disrespecting Draco Malfoy."

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Chapter 3: Pink Sweatshirts and Late Night Visits
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Her room was pitch black, darker than the night sky outside. Hermione lay in her bed with her head buzzing. She was happy that Ron had kissed her, or that she had kissed Ron, or that they had kissed eachother. She wasn't sure which it was, but she was still happy. But he had run away afterwards, so if she did kiss him, maybe she had scared him off. Maybe he was disgusted with her. Besides that, she was also scared of being in her room alone. Some had snuck in there and watched her. It made her feel gross and she wanted to just take a shower and wash away any traces of this person watching her.

"Lumos," she mumbled. Her wand lit and she waved it around to check if anyone was in her room. No one. No sound, no movement, nobody. The silence was eerie, not one sound in the whole room. And then suddenly came a loud thump from her common room. It sounded as if the books that she so carelessly stacked all over the place had falled over. She gripped her wand more tightly. She tip toed out her bedroom door with her eyes practically sewn shut from fear. When she opened them, her wand illuminated a ginger cat stuck between two fallen stacks of books.

"Crookshanks!" Hermione shrieked. "You silly cat, you scared me half to death!" She tip toed over to the fallen books and stacked them again, freeing the frightened cat. She sat down against the wall and pulled Crookshanks into her lap. Stroking him lovingly, she contemplated going back to sleep in her bedroom. She thought about Ron, about their kiss. And soon, her confused mind got the best of her.

Grabbing a pink sweatshirt that lie on her couch and placing Crookshanks on that couch, she headed for the portrait door. She put the sweatshirt on and zipped it up. If she was going to go talk to Ron, it was best that he not see her in her pajama shorts and a spagetti strapped tank top.

Before she could even think of turning back, she had made it to the gryfindor common room, without being cought by Filch or Mrs. Norris. Bravely, she stepped inside. But because the clock hanging on the wall said 2:42, the common room was empty. She had made it this far, what was the use in turning back. It took all of her courage to walk up the stairs to the boys dormitory, but she did. It took all of her courage to open up Ron's bed hangings, but she did.

"Hermione, what what are you doing here," Ron whispered, trying not to wake anybody. Luckily, his roomates were sleeping.

"I don't know, it was a mistake, coming here I mean. I should go." She turned to leave, but Ron grabbed her arm.

"No, s-stay," he stuttered, barely believing his own bravery.

"Really?" she said, sounding amazed.

"Yeah." Ron pulled her up on his bed and closed the hangings. Hermione raised her wand and mumbled "Silencemursia." Ron raised his eyebrow in confusion.

"Its a soundproofing charm, so we don't wake anyone. Like the one they used in The Order meetings."

"Oh." Ron sat up in his bed, revealing to Hermione that he wasn't wearing a shirt. In the years he'd played Quidditch, he had really gotten into shape. Hermione smiled.

"Did anything happen, you know, with someone being in your room," Ron asked.

"No, I just, couldn't sleep. I was too scared. "

"Oh." There was silence for several minutes until Ron said, "Hermione. About what happened earlier, I don't really know what came over me."

"Oh," Hermione said, blushing. "Well, I'm glad it came over you."

"Really," Ron blurted out, sounding astonished. "You mean, you fancy me?"

Hermione turned several shades of pink and then nodded. Ron smiled and turned red too.

"I've liked you ever since you said I had dirt on my nose the first time we met," Ron said after a while.

Hermione giggled. "I told you that you had dirt on your nose because I liked you. It sounds stupid, but I was only 11!"

Ron pulled Hermione from the foot of his bed so that she sat right next to him. He kissed her lovingly, gently. They'd both been waiting since they were children for this to happen, and now that it had, nothing in their lives, nor nothing that would ever happen in their lives could compare. There wasn't anything that could describe the way they felt. It was something like happiness.

And in the passion of the night, Ron unzipped Hermione's pink sweatshirt. She let him, for it was getting sort of hot. He threw the sweatshirt to the foot of his bed and forgot about it. But when Hermione felt Ron's hand up her shirt, she pulled away.

Ron looked stunned, for he realized what he was doing. But he had no idea what his hand was doing up Hermione's shirt.

"Ron, I'm sorry, I'm just not ready----" she began.

"Oh, Hermione, I'm an idiot, I never meant to---" Ron said.

"Its okay," she whispered, kissing Ron's cheek. "I'm just not ready yet. Maybe I should be getting back to bed."

"Wait, Hermione. I don't think I want you sleeping all alone when someone has been sneaking around in your room. Stay the night."

And so she did. She cuddled up next to him.

"You know, it killed me when you dated Krum in fourth year. I was ready to kill him," Ron laughed.

"Almost dated, almost dated," she reminded Ron. "Besides, you had nothing to worry about. I was just jealous that you liked Fleur so much."

"Then why did you go to the ball with him?" Ron asked teasingly.

"Because I knew you would never ask me!"

"Yeah, I guess I was too shy," he mumbled.

They talked some more until both of them were to exhausted to stay awake. They just fell asleep in eachothers arms.

* * *
"Er.. Ron? I never knew you wore pink sweatshirts," Harry laughed picking up a pink sweatshirt that was sticking out from Ron's bed hangings. He pulled open the hangings, and was absolutely stunned with what he found.

"Ron! Hermione!" he said after several minutes of shock.

The two of them awoke with a start. Ron looked up at Harry, his eyes wide with embarrassment. There he was, laying without a shirt on with Hermione. Luckily, she was fully clothed, but it still didn't hinder the awkwardness of the moment.

"Oh no, oh no," Hermione wimpered. "We didn't wake up in time for me to sneak back out!" She was panicked and it clearly showed.

"Calm down, Hermione," Harry said, trying to keep her from waking up the rest of the dormitory.

"If a teacher catches me, I'll be expelled!"

"Its okay, Hermione, you can just use my invisibility cloak to get back to your room. And then Ron can tell me what the hell just happened." He walked to his trunk and removed a silvery colored cloak from it.

Hermione hugged Ron, and then Harry, for he had saved her from getting in a lot of trouble. She draped the cloak around her and dashed from the room.

After she had clearly left, Ron sat still in shock.

"Ron, of all the things I ever thought I would find in your bed, Hermione never actually made the list." Harry laughed as Ron turned even redder.

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Chapter 4: Black Roses and Doxies
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In the days that followed, Draco had devised the rest of his plan. He'd done this before, so many times that it was difficult to remember each girl. But something about his obsession with Hermione made him nervous. And on the night his plan unfurled, he lay awake in the silence of his room.

This room was empty except for himself. The embers of his personal fire slowly died out, whispering to him as they faded. The moon shone through his bedroom window, mocking his loneliness. He could hear the incessant ticking of the clock. Each tick louder than the previous one. Each sound more booming than the last.

His father had gone out of his way to ensure that Draco had his privacy while attending Hogwarts. However, Draco never doubted for a second that his reasons for doing so were less than fatherly love. It was too much of a risk for Draco to share a room with anyone who could possibly discover proof of his father's true nature. Even Crabbe and Goyle were not to be trusted.It was in this lonely seclusion that Draco learned to despise his father for everything he had put him through, and for everything his father expected of him. And it was in this lonely seclusion that Draco turned to stalking unwilling girls and where he fabricated his every move to every girl he'd after watched. It was in this lonely seclusion that Draco worried tonight.

The sounds, the heavy feeling in the pit of his stomach, the gnawing pain in his cold heart, it all became too much, Draco got out of bed and lit a candle on his bedside table. As it flickered to life, it brought an eerie air to the room. A solitary candle lighting a dead room. He wanted more than anything to drape his invisiblily cloak around him and see the warmth of Hermione. To watch her, to hear her lovely voice. It was more than a desire, it was a need. And when the need took over him completely, he rumaged through his armoire for the silverly cloak. But as he pulled it from the spot where it was so carelessly tossed, a sqeaky little elf appeared at his side.

"It's about time. I told you to be back before midnight. Now, exactly what does the clock on the wall say?" Draco hissed.

"It says 1:07, yes it does," the elf squeaked. "I is sorry master, but it is taking longer than I thought. I go to that boys room for sleeping and I wait. Red haired boy was not alone. And bushy haired girl and red haired boy took very long time to go to sleep. I is truely sorry master!"

"Bushy haired girl? What the hell are you talking about? She was in his bed!?!" he screamed. "Oh the little slut!"

Draco kicked the trembling elf carelessly out of the way. He went to sit at his massive desk where the candle was lightly shining, the expensive mahogany reflecting the candle. "Did you at least get what I asked you for?" he snapped.

The shakey elf removed a vial from a pouch that hung from a string draped around his waste. He handed it to Draco and stood in silence.

"Well, get the hell out of my room!" Draco boomed and the elf scurried from the room. Draco held the vial up to the light of the candle and looked at the several red hairs that resided inside.

With a swish of his invisibilty cloak, he crept from his lonely room.
* * *
The sun batted its lashes at the Hogwarts castle, drifting carelessly into the school through the windows. The morning air was crisp, and the dewy grass glistened in the soft sun. Morning birds chirped quietly from the branches they were perched on.

Hermione awoke to this morning scene, gazing through a crack in Ron's bed hangings. Her head was lazily resting on Ron's shoulder. From here, she could see that Ron's watch, which was resting on his nightstand, read 6:07. She knew she had to go soon, or she would be cought by a teacher. It had been several nights since she had slept in her own bed, both because she was scared of going back to her own room, and because she enjoyed being with Ron. She hoped he felt the same way.

In an effort to wake him, she kissed his cheek softly and shook him gingerly.

"Morning," she whispered.

"Morning," he replied, kissing her on the cheek in return.

"I've got to go now," she mumbled. "I'll meet you at breakfast."

The two shared on last kiss and then Hermione slipped on Harry's invisibilty cloak, which he'd loaned to her again and left.

She had memorized each step from Ron's room to her own. She could make the trip in the dark, as not to wake anyone. So her feet took her back to her own room, all the while she was stuck in her own world. She absentmindedly wandered back into her dorm and up into her room. What she saw jerked her firmly back into reality.

At first she thought they were some kind of insect, but they weren't. Silky black specs covered her entire bed. They were rose petals, black ones. As she stood there in confusion and stared, the shutter on her window blew open. The gust of wind sent the rose petals fluttering through the air. The beautiful sight soon changed, as the rose petals grew flapping wings, which soon became covered in thick, black hair. They had changed to this strange fairy like creature with too many arms and legs. They were doxies.

She knew doxies were mildly poisonous. A state of familiar panic sent through her body, the kind that happened when she knew she was in danger. Her hand automatically went for her pocket, only to find it empty. She had left her wand in Ron's bed. She turned to run from her room, but she felt the swarm close in on her, sharp pains all over her body. Soon the room was going hazy, the colors blurred together. She was surrounded by a hurricaine of the grey of the stone walls around her, the scarlett of the velvety quilt on her bed, the mahogany of her bed posts, until it went completely black and she was forced into a strange dream like state.

As soon as the doxies had seen Hermione slump to the floor, the swarm buzzed to the window and left, as if nothing had happened at all.

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Chapter 5: Free, but not for long
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Above her, the light slowly began to buzz back into her eyes. She blinked several times, to ready her eyes for the candles that hung overhead. As soon as she had done so, she wished she was asleep again. The pain was unbearable, from her head to her toes, that was all she felt. She attempted to move, but it was difficult. It was as if the messeges in her brain weren't being sent to her body. And in a moment of pure terror, she thought she was paralyzed.

But her head snapped to the right, as she had wanted to do. It seemed that the messeges in her mind weren't being sent as quickly as they should be. The only problem was she didn't know where she was or what had happened. To her right, she saw beds, with white linen, lined up one after the next. The hospital wing, she recognized.

She tried to turn to her other side. It was quicker this time, and it wasn't as sudden. She was expecting it. She smiled at what she saw. That she could do quickly, smile. Be happy, happy to be alive. Ron, or rather, half of Ron, sat, dozed off in a chair. Inevitably, the invisibilty cloak he had been wearing so that Madam Pomfrey would not see his late night visits. It lay, hiding his shoulder and his legs, so that only one arm and his head were visible.

"Ron, Ron, wake up," she whispered. Her voice was soft and feeble. She continued to say his name, each time consistantly stronger and louder than the last, until finally, she had shaken him awake.

"Hermione, you're awake," he said, each breath he took soaked with relief. He stood up and kissed her forehead.

"What happened to me," she mumbled, barely able to say the words.

"I was hoping you could tell me. Madame Pomfrey doesn't really know. But she found enough doxy poison in you to kill you. It was strange, when I found you lying on the floor in your room, there weren't even any doxies in the room. She said that if you had gotten here a moment later, you would have been.."

He couldn't finish the words. He couldn't wrap his mind around the concept. "But you're alive, you're okay!" He shouted with gaiety. He bent down and hugged her. But he didn't feel her arms around him, something he'd been longing for so long. "Why aren't you hugging me back."

"Because my arms won't move."

"Oh yeah, minor paralysis is a side effect of doxy poisoning. But that should wear off. But you'll have to take a potion for a while after you leave the hospital wing, to ensure that none of the paralysis is permanent."

"How did you know all that?" Hermione whispered in awe.

"I spent an entire week in the library, looking for any information that could help you. Madame Pomfrey was just annoyed though, she knew what to do without my help," Ron said, turning rather red.

"An entire week?!? How long have I been unconscious for?" Hermione moaned, somewhat surprised.

"Nearly a month."

* * *
It had been one month, since he had set his plan in motion. He hated that it took time, his cool grey eyes exhausted from the lack of sleep. He had been far too excited to sleep. Far too fervent to rest his head.

He got out of bed, ignoring the clock that sputtered to him that it was finally 3:00 and meandered to the corner of his empty room. In it, there was an old, rusty trunk sealed by several different locks. With a wave of his wand, he had summed the jangle of keys to him. He chose an old fasioned silver key from the bundle, and found its match on the trunk. He turned the key and opened the trunk wide. Inside was a sort of room, cool and unwelcoming. But a thick gold couldron sat in the middle, steaming just a little.

He'd never been one for potions class, but the polyjuice potion he had definately mastered. After his continuous use of it to morph into someone that a young lady would trust, brewing it was more simple than breathing. He lowered himself down into the dingy room.

The floor was scattered with remnants of the past month. Fluxweed, lacewing flies, leeches, horn of bicorn, skin of boomslang, and knotgrass, of course. He knew the ingredients so well. The excess ingredients lay strewn about the floor. The fire underneath the gold couldron was beginning to die down. He poked at it with his wand and soon the flames grew.

He grinned in the firelight, as it reflected red and orange, giving color to his pale skin. His cool grey eyes became rather red, fueled with passion. Hermione would be waking up within the hour, if she hadn't already been torn from her slumber. He knew the effects of his specially breeded doxies. He knew they couldn't kill. But he knew she would be weak, in both mind and body. Any type of resistance would be futile.

Especially if she saw no reason to resist.

On the floor, he saw the vile of red hairs. He clutched it in his hand and popped open the cork that sealed it. In a fever of excitement, he poured the contents of the vile into the brewing potion. A puff of smoke emitted.

He stirred the potion and then stepped back. He'd let it sit for the remainder of the night. It would be more potent that way.

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Chapter 6: Making the World Forget
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The halls were empty, and each uncertain step Hermione made echoed. It was in the middle of classes, so most of the population of Hogwarts was tucked away behind a desk, sleeping through their second class of the day. It had been a week since Hermione had awaken from her long, toxin induced sleep. It took her the entirety of that week to regrain control of her own body. She felt frustrated that she could barely even move herself around. She'd made much improvement, and this morning, after much persuasion, Hermione was allowed to return to her normal life.

Although she was capable of movement on her own, each step was shaky, and she felt weak. Slowly, she turned the corner on the floor of her dorm, ready for a full day of not sleeping. However, it appeared she hadn't turned slowly enough, has she walked smack dab into a smiling, red haired boy.

"Ron!" She sqeaked, throwing her arms around him. He held her back, except his touch sent a cold shiver up her spine. Something seemed different, his hand was cold and stony, no longer warm and inviting. Had she worried him too much?

"What are you doing out of class?" said Hermione, after their embrace broke.

"Snuck out because I heard Madame Pomfrey was releasing you today," Ron beamed.

"Er.." Hermione stumbled on her words. "How? I didn't even know I was getting released today." At her statement, Ron's face grew pale and icy.

"That doesn't matter," he brushed off. "All that matters is that we're both here now."

Something about the way he'd said the words, the tone in his voice, or his awkward emphasis on certain words made Hermione shiver. Before she could ask what was different about him, he lunged forward and started to kiss her. His lips bumped up against hers, knocking them open. Soon his tongue began to jet in and out of her mouth, far too quickly, far too unlovingly. She tried to push him away, she certainly didn't like what Ron was doing. Maybe he was just a little overzealous at not seeing her for so long. But his kiss had changed. She pushed harder, trying to get Ron off of her, but he only seemed to hold onto her tighter, squeezing her arms as he smothered her face. He pushed her up against the cool wall, putting his arms on the wall, enclosing her within them.

"Ron, stop it!" Hermione hissed, as soon as she could get Ron's tongue away from her. "Please, stop!"

"Oh, c'mon, you never said no those nights you spent in my bed," he leered at her, his eyes shooting daggers through her own.

"What is the matter with you!?" She cried back at him. She pushed past his arms, breaking the cage he entrapped her in. She stalked away, quickening her pace. But Ron cought her by the arm.

He pulled her close to her, wrapping his fingers around her arms. He leaned close to Hermione, and whispered into her ear. "Don't say no to me, mudblood."

Hermione's face stiffened. Ron had never called her mudblood, Ron would never. "Who are you?" she screeched, trying her best to sound intimidating.

But he didn't giver her an answer. He pushed her forward, then clutched onto her wrist. Pulling her with great strenth, he dragged her into a broom closet that was located in that corridor.

"Let me go!"

"I don't think so." He sneered.

Soon, he pushed her to the wall once again, and began to kiss her roughly. She felt him press himself against her, she felt his body up against hers. All she wanted was to get away from him, to be safe again. His hand found her thigh, and began to wonder up her skirt. She felt dirty, she felt her innosence leaving her body. She wanted him to stop.

She pulled away, and turned her head. The man clamped his hand around her jaw, and pushed her face against his. But in that short glimps, she saw his hair fading from ginger red, to pale blonde. She pulled away again, and soon, she was looking face to face with the stone colored eyes of Draco Malfoy.

"Get away from me! It's been you, all this time? Hasn't it!? The strange sounds in my room, the doxies, the photograph? You've been stalking me!" The words slipped from her mouth, and she felt dirty with each one.

"Its funny how it took the smartest witch in our year this long to figure out what was going on," he grinned. He pulled her closer to him, in the tiny broom closet, positioning himself so that he blocked the door, and her only escape. He began to feel the curves of her body, running his fingers up and down her sides, over her back. Each touch sent shivers of fear through her body. She struggled, trying to break free. She reached her arm up, in one swift movement, to slap him away. But he caught her arm. He clamped his fingers around.

"Ouch, stop it! Let go," she begged.

"Don't you dare," he hissed. He raised his hand, and in one violent movement, he had slapped her across the face. She felt the blood rush to her cheek. She felt the pain.

"Now, thats not any fun for me now, is it?" He took a vial out of his robe, and wrapped his free had around her waist, pressing her against him. Stiffling her struggles to get free. He clasped her face, and pressed her jaws until her lips came open. He poured the vial into her mouth. "Swallow, or I'll kill you right here." He held her mouth closed, and waited until he felt movement in her throat.

Within minutes, she collasped onto the floor. Draco smiled.

* * *
It felt much later in the night when Hermione shivered awake. Her clothes were somewhat wrinkled, and her blouse was torn in one place, but she felt relieved that they were on her body.

"Good morning, Granger." Came a voice from the corners of the stone room.

"You, what did you do to me?" Hermione whimpered.

"Oh, once the sleeping affect in that potion wore off, you were much more fun. Willing, even."

Hermione shook. "Let me go."

"I can't do that now, you'd surely go and tell that boyfriend of yours."

Hermione sat down, she needed to be calm. She needed to think a way out of this.

"There's no use, Granger, your brains won't get you out of this. When I get bored of you, you won't remember a thing. You see, I'm very experienced at this. Ginny, that red headed friend of yours, she was the object of my obsession last year. Only, one dose of this," he held up a small goblet, "and you won't remember a thing. And you unexplained absense, I can take care of that. I'll just put a bit of this memory potion in Hogwart's breakfast feast. The house elves have been quite the help, they have." He smirked, and he lunged out from the corner, toward Hermione.

But Hermione was a step ahead of him. With one blow, she punched him square in the jaw. Draco staggered backwards, touching his figner to his lip, feeling the wetness of his own blood. "Now you've done it, Granger. No one is going to remember you at all. You'll have vanished from this world. Kept in locked away, for my own entertainment."

Draco flicked his wand out of his with one deafening mutter he immobolized Hermione in her tracts, and darted for the stairs. He emerged from his multi-lock trunk and lunged for his desk, his black robes billowing out behind him. He'd always had a secret brew of memory potion in his room. Adding a pinch of Hermione's hair would make the world forget.

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Chapter 7: Wandless Magic and Terrible Revelations
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A dimly lit chandelier hung from the center of the dingy, cellar like room that Hermione was being held captive in. The candles flickered as Hermione watched them. The room was small, four simple walls made from stone. The back wall was lined with dark, wooden shelves, ladden with strange glowing potions, stones, purple hairs, silver worms ---the ingredients usually linked with an apothecary. A black, empty couldron sat in the corner of the room. Hermione had tried to touch the ingredients, but her hand hit some sort of invisible barrier.

On the wall opposite the shelves was a stoney, thin and narrow set of stairs, leading to a trap door. Hermione attempted, in vain, to open this door, but it was locked from the outside. She didn't have a wand, alohamora wouldn't help her now. She'd banged on the door with her fists until bruises showed, but there was no one there to open it.

She wasn't even sure that she was still at Hogwarts. She hadn't been conscious when she'd been taken to this dark, foreboding room. She'd lost count of the number of hours that had passed. If it had even been hours, she didn't know. In her fear, she'd lost all sense of time.

She was sitting in the corner of the room when expensive black shoes descended the stone stairs, making clicking noises and sending a shakey chill up Hermione's spine.

"Ah, Mudblood, how has your day been? I imagine you've had quite a productive one down here." Malfoy snickered.

Hermione remained silent, sitting on the floor with her feet up to her chest, wrapped in her arms.

"Not very talkative, are we? I'll fix that." Malfoy flicked his wand, and without warning, Hermione began to talk, sputtering random words, inciting Malfoy's explosive laughter. He flicked his wand again and she stopped.

"That's better, isn't it?" He said in a mock caring voice. "Now, come here and play with me, I've had a long day. It was quite difficult sneaking that memory potion into the morning's breakfast. But I did, and now, everybody who ever knew you were here has forgotten."

Hermione cocked her head in his direction. So thats what he had done. But had he followed through in this threat? Or was this just another empty threat, another thing screaming with Malfoy's lack of bravery. Either way, she refused to move.

"Now, now, I said come here." He yelled. "You don't want to make me angry, you wouldn't like it," he said, tilting his head in a malicious grin. "Come here!" He boomed.

He swished his wand. Hermione felt her body loose control. She stood up, against her will. She walked over to him, against her will. She wrapped her arms around him, against her will. She kissed him, against her will.

After they broke apart, Hermione gained control of her body, and stepped back. She stared at him, not a shred of good feeling towards him. She wanted to scream at him, to hit him, to hurt him in any way. To hurt him for taunting her with the mere control of her own body.

"I suspect your hungry, then? Being held down here the entire day." He reached into his robes and took out a brownish sac. He emptied the contents onto the floor. A goblet filled with orange pumkin juice lay sprawled on the floor, no doubt protected by an anti-spilling charm. A loaf of bread and a chicken wing accompanied it.

Hermione stared at the food, laying on the dirty floor. She wasn't about to eat something Malfoy gave her, but she was starved, having not eaten anything for nearly a day.

Malfoy watched her as she stood staring at the food. "Now, there really isn't much sense in my poisoning you. Even though everybody at this school has forgotten you by now. You're muggle parents might worry, sending an owl or something. That would mess up my plans immensely."

Hermione stared at Malfoy. His blonde hair was slicked back. It was nearly as light as his pale skin. She wouldn't eat anything from him. She would starve to death before she gave him the opportunity to give her some sort of potion.

"Oh, wait, I've nearly forgotten. I've sent your dear parents a batch of special cookies. Yes, I wrote them a letter. About how these cookies were the first you'd ever conjured with your own wand. I believe they thought you were taking a class on wizard cooking. How gullible of them. But don't fret," he said as he walked over to her, so he was close enough to touch her. He brushed her curly hair out of her face and ran a finger down her cheek. "They won't remember you now."

Hermione explode with anger. She smacked his hand out of her face. She'd never felt so angry in her entire life. She was screaming, but she couldn't remember opening her mouth to make the noise. Her hands were over her head in rage, but she couldn't remember raising them. She wanted her wand more than anything. She wanted to cause pain to this stupid boy. Standing in front of her, mocking her. She wanted her wand to perform every hex or curse she'd ever learned.

And suddenly, she felt something long and smooth in her hand. She opened her eyes and looked at her hand. Malfoy's wand was in her hand. She looked up, and fear slowly spread across Malfoy's face.

She screamed. "STUPEFY!" And Malfoy was suddenly lying on the floor, unconcious.

Hermione was overcome with a feeling of freedom. She walked over to the stone stairway and pushed open the trap door, which was still unlocked from Malfoy. She emerged from a trunk, ladden with about seven locks, which surprised her. She'd never have expected to find out her captivity had been inside a trunk. She locked the lock that had led her out. There was no need for Malfoy to escape.

She looked around the room she was in now. A bed made from deep mahogany wood, with emerald green bed hangings sat in the center. An armoire and desk, made from the same deep mahogany wood, lined the wall farthest from her. Directly to her left was a stone fireplace, the embers of a fire left burning far too long slowly calming down, puting out the last flames.

Hermione walked over to the desk. Parchment with half written essays lay scattered around. She pushed several of them aside and saw a book open to a page with directions to a memory potion on it. The page was splattered with dried splashes of some purple liquid. The title for the potion said the Oubliserum, a potion to erase a person from somebody's memory. She closed the book and looked at his title. The Memorable Book of Memories.

After snooping through Malfoy's armoire, she found a silvery cloak. She slipped it on and watched her body dissappear. Holding The Memorable Book of Memories tightly to her body, she left Malfoy's room and descended into the Slytherin Common Room. Finding the exit easily, she left, still wearing Malfoy's invisibilty cloak.

Unsure of whether Malfoy had actually put the memory potion in Hogwart's breakfast or simply threatened her, Hermione slipped off the cloak. She wrapped in around the book she was holding, not knowing whether it had dark magic in it or not.

She was wandering down to the Great Hall when she saw Professor McGonagall walking by. McGonagall obviously saw her as well. But she tilted her head to the side in confusion.

"Excuse me, " Professer McGonagall asked in a stern, but uncertain voice. "But who are you? I don't recall seeing you in any of my classes." A look of confusion and a little fear spread across the Professors face.

Hermione's heart dropped. Malfoy had administered the potion. Malfoy had erased her.

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