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The Boy Who Lives Again by Harlequin Hero

Format: Short story
Chapters: 7
Word Count: 8,380
Status: Abandoned

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Romance, Action, Humor
Characters: Draco, Ginny, Harry, Dumbledore, Hermione, Neville, Ron, Luna
Pairings: Harry/Hermione

First Published: 01/26/2005
Last Chapter: 02/06/2005
Last Updated: 02/06/2005

Coming back from the dead is impossible... Or so Hermione Granger thought. When someone very important to her died, she didn't think she'd ever see him again. Then, almost a year after his death, he mysteriously shows up. Where has he been? How did he come back? And most importantly, who is he after? (Thanks for the great reviews everyone! Anyone who hasn't read this just might want to!)

Chapter 1: The Boy Who Lives Again
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The Boy Who Lives Again
By Harlequin Hero

CHAPTER 1: The Return

Hermione Granger cried every day for a year.
How couldn't she? He'd died. He was her best friend, and maybe even something more.
She remembered the day he'd left:

"The prophecy has to be completed," he tried to explain.
As usual, Hermione wasn't taking it well.
"Why do you have to go now? Why not next week? Or next month? Year? Do you have to go at all?"
Harry had to smile.
The smile didn't last long. A tear slipped down her face.
Switching back to serious mode, Harry said, "We know where he is. It's now or possibly never. He's killed too many people. I'm the only one that can stop him."
More tears.
He reached up to her face and wiped some of them away. He pulled her into a hug.
"You better not die," she sobbed.
"I'll come back," he whispered.
He pulled back only slightly and looked her in the face. He then did the unexpected.
He kissed her.
Soft. Simple. Caring.
He pulled back and smiled.
"I'll come back."
With that he left. That was the last Hermione saw of Harry James Potter.

That had been a year ago, on that very day. A week later, it was on the news everywhere. The Infamous Lord Voldemort was finally brought down by Harry James Potter, who unfortunatly also lost his life.
Hermione eventually learned how to hide her depression. She'd smile and go about her normal life like everyone else. In her home, however, she'd cry.
It wasn't fair. How could he leave her? It was like a broken promise.
Her phone ringing broke her chain of thought. She picked it up.
"Hello?" she inquired.
"Guess who!" a familiar voice said.
She smiled. "Finally got one, Ron?"
She'd spent the last month phone-training Ron. She couldn't adjust to the floo way of communication, so she stuck to muggle customs. She dragged Ron down with her.
"This things amazing!" he said. He was still talking to loud. At least he wasn't shouting.
"I suppose their alright," Hermione giggled, hiding her depressing mood.
At least she thought she was hiding it. Ron, even over the phone, could see through her disquise.
"It was a year ago, wasn't it?"
Hermione instantly dropped in mood. "Do you mean when he left or when he died?"
"I know it's hard, Hermione. He was my best friend too?"
He was so much more to me, she wanted to shout. She didn't.
"I just wish so much that he were here right now," she said shakily.
"I know what you mean," Ron responded.
Hermione didn't say anything. She just thought.
His face. His voice. His kiss...
The phone cut off all of the sudden. Her lights started to flicker.
"Ron..." she said into the phone.
The lights were now actually out and her fireplace emitted a green flame.
Scared she covered her eyes.
She heard something come out of the fireplace and all of the lights returned to normal.
She opened her eyes and looked at the man dusting himself off.
"Harry?" she said, not believing it could be him.
The man turned to her. Emerald green eyes. Jet black hair, though it was much longer than she remembered it. And that face. Scarred and dirty, but the same face.
Harry Potter smiled at her for the first time in a year.

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Chapter 2: The Reunion
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The Boy Who Lives Again
By Harlequin Hero

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CHAPTER 2: The Reunion

So many questions ran through Hermione's mind.
Where has he been? How is he here? WHY is he here?
She opened her mouth to speak and could say nothing.
A tear came to one of those eyes as he said, "Hermione."
Again, she wanted to speak and couldn't.
She didn't have to. He bounded across the room, grabbed her in his arms and pulled her into a kiss.
To say the least, this caught Hermione off guard. Almost instantly, though, she relaxed and wrapped her arms around him, returning the kiss with equal passion.
He pulled away and looked at her face, memorizing every little detail about it and running it through his mind.
He started laughing happily. "It's really you!" he exclaimed. With that, he pulled her into another kiss.
When this one was over, Hermione finally thought of something to say.
Harry's smile faded as he looked at her. Hermione cursed herself. Hi? HI?! As she continued to scold herself for her poor choice of words, his smile returned in the form of a laugh.
"I NEVER thought I'd see the day you couldn't think of anything to say!" he shouted.
She did something she hadn't sincerely done in a year: She smiled.
"It's you!" she exclaimed, diving into his arms and hugging him.
"I'd sure hope so," Harry said, "or else I'm totally confused."
She looked at his face, letting out a small laugh while tears came down her face.
"It's really you," she said.
Harry nodded, beaming at her.
"But how..." she began to ask.
He put his hand over her mouth and shook his head. "I don't want to talk about it."
He removed his hand and she automatically said, "But you were d..."
The hand was back. "Not now. And this is definitely the Hermione I remember."
She muffled a response through his hand. He removed it.
"What was that?" he asked.
"I said that you stink, you're absolutely filthy, and I doubt you've finished that Potions essay that was due 5 years ago." He laughed. Hermione couldn't believe it. Not more than 15 minutes earlier, she thought this man was dead. And here was, showing off his wonderful smile.
"I know that recently deceased men don't usually come into your house and ask to use your shower, but can I use your shower?" he asked.
Hermione smiled. Harry loved that smile.
"I'd be rather upset if you didn't take a shower soon," she responded.
He walked off to where he could remember there was a bathroom.
As he stepped in, he peaked his head out the door. "Hermione?"
She turned to him. "Yes?"
"It's nice to see you." This was not the smiling dialogue of earlier. This was deep from the heart.
She grinned. "It's wonderful to see you."
He smiled and shut the door.


Ron stood outside of Hermione's door. He'd knocked a few times now. He was getting worried.
The door opened and Hermione glanced at him. She seemed to be in a dreamy state.
"I came to check on you," Ron said. "I was worried when the phone disconnected. At first, I thought I broke it. Then I tried calling over and over again and it wouldn't work. So I apparated over here."
He looked inside and saw a floor covered in soot.
"What happened here?"
Hermione motioned him in.
As she was about to say something, the bathroom door and a man that Ron had given hope on ever seeing again showed up and stopped when he saw Ron.
"Bloody HELL!" Ron exclaimed. He then fainted.
Harry watched him fall to the floor. He looked up at Hermione. "I would have expected THAT out of YOU."
Harry was wet and clean and... back in his dirty clothes.
Hermione looked at him questionably.
Harry looked back. What? he asked her with his expression. He looked down.
He grabbed his shirt. "This? It's all I've got."
She just stared.
He stared back. "FINE! I'll go get new clothes. But you can't make me brush my hair!"

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Chapter 3: The Deadman
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The Boy Who Lives Again
By Harlequin Hero


CHAPTER 3: The Dead Man

“So you were dead?”
“More or less.”
“And now you’re back?”
“You came in through Hermione’s fireplace?”
“That bout sums it up.”
“And I fainted…”
“All good stories contain a good ending.”
Ron had been pelting Harry with questions the entire walk to the Leaky Cauldron. Most people ignored Harry, but from time to time, a passerby would gasp as if they’d seen a ghost.
Hermione was quiet, for the most part, something that was very uncommon of her, at least to Harry. To Ron, Hermione’s quiet attitude was normal. She didn’t talk as much since Harry had died.
They reached to door of the Leaky Cauldron. Harry opened the door without hesitation, knowing all muggles would ignore this building completely.
Everyone in the small bar stopped what they were doing and stared at their new guest. A guest that had been dead for a year.
An old witch walked up to him and touched his face. “Well I’ll be damned,” she whispered. “This is Harry Potter!”
Immediately a flood of people gathered around Harry.
“Where have you been?”
“How’d you come back?”
“What’s the afterlife back?”
“Wanna buy a drink?”
Questions continued to hit Harry. He lifted his hand as if he were going to speak. Everyone got really quiet. He walked through them and they parted for him. This man was going to speak. Let him do it where he wants!
He turned as he got to a brick wall. He turned and opened his mouth and inhaled. As if giving it a second thought, he turned around, pulled out his wand, and gave the right bricks the right taps.
The wall opened and Harry stepped into Diagon Alley.
No one in the Leaky Cauldron moved. Finally, a young wizard spoke up.
“I think he just left,” he said.
“Whatever gave you that idea, dumb-shit?” was the response from the same old witch from before.

Ron laughed and laughed as they stepped into the alley. Harry’s exiting stunt was absolutely brilliant.
“They all were expecting-!!! And you just-!!!” None of Ron’s thoughts got finished through his laughter.
Hermione, trying to keep a straight face, said, “That wasn’t very nice, Harry. They were all expecting you to say something.”
Harry just grinned. “Yeah I know. Isn’t it great?”
Ron saw the quidditch supplies store. Not even his newly alive best friend could keep him from floating that way. “I’ll catch up with you guys later,” he said dreamily as he joined the group of little kids staring through the window at the latest model of broomstick.
Harry shook his head. “He hasn’t changed much since I’ve been gone, has he?”
Hermione shrugged. “He knows how to use a phone now.”
“Really?” Harry asked, obviously surprised. “And the whole shouting thing…”
“Almost totally gone,” Hermione said as if she were talking about a child.
“Amazing…” Harry said.
They passed the robe store.
“Um, Harry. The robe store is that way. If you didn’t want robes, we could’ve gone shopping for muggle clothes.”
Harry just kept walking. “I know where I’m going.”
He stopped outside of an unmarked building. Hermione just looked at it and then she looked at Harry.
“Harry. I don’t think this building’s being used.”
Harry didn’t say anything. He just opened the door and walked in.
Sighing, Hermione followed him in.
What she found was not what she expected.
A large room full of clothes and… auror weapons.
“Harry…” she managed to say.
The shopkeeper stopped in her tracks. She looked at Harry. Blinked. Looked again. Then she gasped.
“It’s me, Mrs. Penniturn,” Harry said.
“My God, it is you!” the woman exclaimed. “But you were-“
“Dead,” Harry finished for her. “So I’ve heard.”
The woman just stared in awe.
Harry picked at his tattered and dirty clothing. “I need a new wardrobe,” he said.
Snapping out of her trance, the woman began to move around quickly, using her wand to have some rulers make measurements and write them down. “Of course, of course, of course!”
She read the measurements. “Come with me,” she said, still a little unsettled by Harry’s presence.
Hermione grabbed Harry’s hand as he moved to follow the woman.
“Yeah?” he said.
“When you came back, the first thing you did is kiss me. I was just thinking about it. Why did you do that?”
Harry didn’t answer right away. He looked down and then he looked her in the eyes. Those beautiful, hazel eyes. He opened his mouth to speak.
“Come on, Mr. Potter!” Mrs. Penniturn shouted.
He closed his mouth and grinned. With that, he winked at Hermione and turned to follow Mrs. Penniturn.
Hermione sighed.

A few minutes later, Harry stepped out in new clothes. Auror clothing.
A lot of black. Black pants. Black shoes. Black shirt. Black trench-coat. Black gloves.
He looked at himself in the mirror and looked at Hermione.
“God damn, I make this job look so cool,” he said.
Mrs. Penniturn admired the outfit. “Very nice. Picking up the job again, Potter? Does the ministry even know you’re back?”
“They will soon enough,” he answered.
The old woman nodded. “Here are a few more of the same outfit and muggle clothes. I remember your preferences, Mr. Potter.”
Harry looked in the box. “God bless you, Mrs. Penniturn. You never seem to fail me.”
“Anything for you, Mr. Potter.”
“How much do I owe you?” Harry asked.
Mrs. Penniturn shook her head. “This time, it’s on me. But don’t expect me to go so soft on you every time!”
Harry smiled. He looked back at Hermione. She’d been admiring him from behind.
“Ready?” he asked.
“Let’s go get Ron,” Hermione answered.

They pulled Ron away from the window. Apparently, he’d been talking an 8-year-old boy’s ear off about the newest Firebolt model.
“And it can go 5 times faster than the Nebulus 7!” Ron shouted as his friends dragged him away and the little boy gave a silent blessing that was over.
The three walked down the street. Ron and Hermione were following Harry, who obviously knew where he wanted to be.
The Ministry of Magic.
“What are we doing here?” Ron asked.
“I have a job to do,” Harry answered, walking to the door.
Ron looked at Hermione for an explanation. She shrugged and followed Harry.
People kept stopping and staring at Harry in disbelief. He ignored them all. He seemed to have this new urge to get his job done.
He got to where he wanted to be. The Minister’s office.
Without knocking, he walked in.
Albus Dumbledore, Minister of Magic, looked at Harry and smiled.
“I was wondering when you would come visit me, my boy,” the old wizard said with a smile.
Harry softened up and returned the smile.
Ron was baffled. “You mean you already knew he was back?”
“The very moment he came through Miss Granger’s fireplace,” Dumbledore responded.
Ron didn’t bother asking how he knew.
Dumbledore studied Harry. “Already dressed for work, Mr. Potter?”
“I have a job to do,” Harry said.
Dumbledore now understood what Harry was talking about. “You’ll start in one week. I want you to be prepared for this,” Dumbledore said, very seriously.
Harry nodded.
Hermione put her hand on Harry’s shoulder. “What job, Harry?”
Harry turned to her. “I have to hunt down and kill Peter Pettigrew.”

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Chapter 4: The Story
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The Boy Who Lives Again
By Harlequin Hero


CHAPTER 4: The Story

The walk home held a tense silence. Ron never knew what to say, but even Hermione couldn’t think of the right question to ask.
That’s not to say she didn’t have a lot of questions. She had a lot from the moment he hit her floor. She tried asking at first, but he turned it away.
And then there was the subject of Peter Pettigrew. Peter Pettigrew was dead. He died the same night that Harry and Voldemort died. Why does Harry have to kill him?
Ron just left. He muttered a good bye, which Hermione responded with a small wave and Harry didn’t respond at all.
They go to Hermione’s house and Harry walked through the door and stopped.
Without turning around, he said, “Ask away.”
Hermione shut the door and walked around him to stand in front of him.
She asked the first and most obvious question.
“Where have you been?”
Harry sighed. He didn’t want to recall it.
“I thought I was dead. I thought I had died and gone to hell,” he said, his eyes begin to shine.
Hermione sat down and Harry took a seat across from her on the couch.
“I hit Voldemort with my curse and he was dying. At about that point, I let out my sigh of relief. I’d forgotten about Pettigrew.”
Hermione was hanging on his every word.
“I forgot he was Animagus. He had been the rat, hiding from me. He reappeared and saw his dead master. He then pulled out his wand. I was too slow. Too weak. He muttered something quickly as he approached me with his wand and the next thing I knew, the world around me was black.”
Now a tear ran down his face.
“Things weren’t black for long enough. Soon, they were green. The same color of the spell that haunts my dreams. The one that killed my parents.”
“Where were you?” Hermione asked. She scolded herself for saying anything. He was obviously getting to that point.
“Pettigrew’s spell had thrown me into what is referred to by Auror’s as a ‘space slit’. We didn’t actually think they existed. Just outlandish tales about a place that you can get lost in. Like a hell. Pettigrew threw me into one of them. The worst part was what awaited me at the other end.”
He took a breath. This was getting harder for him.
“Voldemort’s own personal demons. There specially waiting for me.”
He didn’t want to get into detail. He gritted his teeth.
“This place was designed to be my hell.”
He stood up. He took off his coat and pulled off his shirt. At first, Hermione didn’t know what to think. Then she looked at the skin on his body.
Scars. Everywhere, there were scars. Along his chest. His back. Everywhere. She now understood why he had the scars on his face.
“The tortured you,” she said through soft sobs.
He didn’t even nod in response. He just looked down.
Hermione felt bad about asking him the question. He sat down and looked at an empty space on the floor.
Hermione approached him and sat down next to him. He began to cry. She brought his head down onto her shoulder and held him.
As soon as his sobbing stopped, Hermione decided she had to know one more thing. Without letting him go, she asked, “What about Pettigrew?”
Harry tensed. She felt anger building up in him.
“He sent himself there with me. Intentionally. He wanted to make sure the job was done right. He did too good a job. He left that hell a month ago. Figured I could just suffer and die down there.”
Harry sat up. “Well I’m back, and there’s hell to pay.”
Hermione stood. “How did you get back?”
Harry looked at her. “I don’t know. Somehow I was sucked out and flew through blackness. Then I’m dusting myself off on your living room floor.”
Hermione just stared at him. “How can I help you?”
Harry shook his head. “I don’t want you involved in this.”
She cut him off quickly. “He hurt you. I now have my own personal vendetta with Pettigrew.”
Harry stared at her, his eyes soft, like she remembered them.
She stared back. “Why did you kiss me? Before you left and when you got here.”
She already knew the logical answer. She just wanted to hear it from him.
Harry looked deep into her eyes. “I love you.”
She put her arms around his neck and kissed him. He responded automatically. He pulled her closer as the kiss became more passionate. Soon, he pulled away softly.
“I need a place to stay.”
She looked at him and looked at the couch. He looked at the couch too.
“I have to sleep on the couch?” he asked, a little disappointed.
She grinned at him. “There’s not enough room on my bed for you… yet.”
He sat back down. “Home sweet couch,” he said.
She looked at the time. It was getting late. She yawned.
He looked up at her. “Good night.”
She looked at his scars. She loved Harry too much to let Pettigrew get away with this.
“I love you,” she said softly.
Harry nodded. He relaxed on the couch. “Sure you don’t want to stay. Maybe there’s room for two on this couch.”
She laughed and rolled her eyes.
“You’re impossible,” she said.
“I love you,” he stated.
“I love you too,” she responded.
“Good night. I’ll be all alone. Here on the couch.”
She smiled. “That’s where you’re staying for the night. So get comfortable.
With that, she walked to her bedroom. She took one last look at him before closing her door.

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Chapter 5: The Visit
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The Boy Who Lives Again
By Harlequin Hero


CHAPTER 5: The Visit

Harry woke up with a jolt. He looked around, freezing from the sweat that dripped down his face and breathing deeply.
“Are you okay?” he heard a sweet voice say.
“Hermione,” he gasped in relief, lying back down on the couch.
Hermione gulped. She’d heard him muttering something in his sleep. It turned into cries and pleas. Eventually he was screaming.
“Are you okay, Harry?” she repeated.
He looked at her. He just nodded, busy calming down.
She was afraid to ask, but she did anyway. “What were you dreaming about?”
Harry just shrugged. “What was I saying?”
“You mean you don’t know?” Hermione asked.
He shook his head. “No. What was I saying?”
“You were saying someone’s name. It didn’t sound like you were very fond of them. You were begging them to stop. It started with a ‘B’.”
Harry closed his eyes and let out another deep breath. “Barandorf.”
“Who’s that?”
He opened his eyes and turned his head to her. “A very big and very bad demon.”
Hermione didn’t say anything. She just looked at him. She began stroking his sweat covered head.
“What time is it?” he asked, just beginning to breathe normally.
“3:30 in the morning. Do you want a glass of water?”
He nodded. “That would be nice.”
She went and got him a glass of water. Upon her return, she saw him sitting up on the couch, running his hand along a particularly large scar on his chest.
Hermione didn’t need to ask.
“Yeah. He was responsible for this one.” He grabbed the glass of water with a quick “thank you” and took a drink.
“How many of the others was he responsible for?” Hermione asked.
Harry laughed in an ironic fashion. “It’d be easier just to ask how many he wasn’t responsible for. It was one big fucking blade that guy carried.”
He stopped smiling all together. His face became one of anger as the glass of water shattered in his hands and he let a breath out. He looked at his bloodied hand.
“Sorry bout that,” he said.
Hermione just stared, shocked.
“I’ll, uh, just clean this up,” Harry said awkwardly.
Before he knew it, Hermione had pulled out her wand and muttered some spell and the mess was gone.
“Or you can do it,” Harry said.
Hermione grabbed him by the hand.
“You mean to tell me you’re a medical wizard, too?” Harry asked, smirking.
“I know a thing or two,” she replied, concentrating on Harry’s mess of a hand.
Again, she said a spell that Harry didn’t recognize and his hand was good as new.
He opened and closed his hand. “Damn! Got something for the scars, too?” he asked.
“Sorry,” Hermione replied with a shrug.
Harry returned to his laying position on the couch and closed his eyes. “I’ll see you in the morning.”
“Okay,” Hermione said. “I love you,” she added.
“I love you, too,” he muttered as he fell back to sleep.

The rest of the night was dreamless for Harry. He woke up at 8 to the smell of eggs and bacon.
He walked to the kitchen. Hermione already had plates set, eating her own and reading the Daily Prophet.
“When did you learn to cook?” Harry asked.
“I didn’t,” Hermione said, finishing a mouthful of eggs. She held up and shook her wand, grinning.
“Cheater,” Harry said with a smile.
“Where do you want to go today?” Hermione asked.
“The Burrow,” Harry replied. “I have a family to visit.”
Hermione rolled her eyes. Molly was going to be ecstatic. That meant a lot of tears and a lot of hugs.
Harry ate his breakfast quickly and went to get dressed. Picking out some of his favorite muggle clothes, he was ready long before Hermione.
Eventually, Hermione came out of her bedroom.
“It took you THAT long to get dressed,” Harry asked.
“No,” Hermione said, defending herself. “I had to brush my hair too.”
Harry rolled his eyes. “Let’s go.”
Hermione giggled. “You know you love me despite my waste of time on such things as getting dressed and hair.”
“Does that make me stupid?” he asked.
She punched as hard as she could on his arm. It hurt her hand more than it did his arm.
They laughed and carried on the entire way to the Burrow. Hermione lived within walking distance of the Weasley’s home.
Harry knocked on the door. When it was opened, he was instantly crushed with the tightest hug he’d ever received.
Molly Weasley was talking very fast and very loud.
“Nice to see you to,” Harry replied. “Can I breathe now?”
He was let go and instantly met with more hugs from the rest of the family. All but two family members, that is.
Ron was the obvious one. There was one more.
“Where’s Ginny?” Harry asked.
“Still up in bed,” Molly said, stopping her excited talking and rolling her eyes. “That girl sleeps in for so long every day now.”
“I’ll go wake her up. It’ll be a hell of surprise for her,” Harry said with sly grin.
Going up the stairs, he went through the map of the Burrow in his head. He eventually remembered which one was Ginny’s room.
He opened to door and creeped in. He approached the bed and almost got sick at what he saw.
“Oh fuck no!”
Draco Malfoy woke up quickly and jumped. He was naked.
Ginny shot awake too, covering her naked body.
“What the hell is he doing here?” Harry asked.
“He’s- HARRY?!” Ginny exclaimed.
“Oh… Hi, Ginny. Now what’s he doing here?!”
Ginny instantly forgot all confusion about her dead friend in her room. There was something bigger going on. “Would you be quiet?!” she whispered.
Draco pulled on his clothes fast. “Nice to see you’re alive. Bye!”
POP! He apparated away.
Harry looked as if he was going to be sick. “Mind explaining that?”
“Don’t tell anyone,” Ginny said. “They would kill me.”
“Going to be sick. Ginny’s fucking Malfoy. I walked in on naked Malfoy. No clue why Ginny’s fucking Malfoy.”
Harry was going crazy.
“Just don’t tell anyone!” Ginny said. “Please.”
Harry sighed, shuddering. “Fine.”
Ginny let out a sigh of relief. Then she remembered that Harry was dead.
She stood up, forgetting she was naked. “You were dead! Oh my God! You’re alive!”
Without thinking, she jumped in to Harry and hugged him.
Harry gulped. “Um, Ginny.”
She looked at his face and frowned. She jumped back and covered herself with her sheets.
Harry nodded awkwardly. “That’s p-probably a good idea.”
Ginny’s face was almost as red as her hair.
“I’m just gonna, um, go down and, uh, see everyone, er, else,” Harry managed to get out as he stepped out of the door.
“Okay,” she managed to say.
Harry spent his entire trip down the stairs trying to purify himself mentally. It wasn’t working very well. He felt like he was going to be sick.
Hermione smiled at him. “Well she sounded excited. I’m guessing the surprise worked.”
Harry nodded, still looking a little pale. “Yeah. Excited. That’s an understatement.”

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Chapter 6: The Woods
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The Boy Who Lives Again
By Harlequin Hero


CHAPTER 6: The Woods

The questions seemed unrelenting.
Everyone around him seemed to have a new question. Unfortunately, Harry didn’t have an answer for them all.
I need to breathe, Harry thought.
“I’m, uh, stepping out for a walk,” Harry announced, standing up from the middle of a circle of red-heads.
Everyone got quiet. “Okay,” Molly said.
“I’ll come with you,” Hermione said, standing up.
“Ron?” Harry said, looking at his friend.
“No,” Ron responded. “I have, er, something to do.”
Harry shrugged and stepped out of the room. As he left, he heard Molly say, “I could’ve told you we were asking to many questions. The poor dear.”
They stepped outside. It was cool, but not cold, and cloudy.
Harry raked both hands through his hair and sighed. Hermione grabbed one of his hands as it fell to his side.
He looked at his hand in hers and looked at her. She smiled reassuringly at him.
He smirked. “That wasn’t easy back there. Not as easy as explaining it to you. It was getting kind of hard to breathe. Too many questions.”
She gave his hand a soft squeeze. “Things will get better.”
They walked into the woods behind the Burrow.
Harry didn’t say much. Hermione begged silently for something to talk about.
“Um… Ginny was pretty quiet back there,” she said.
Harry instantly paled. Good job, Hermione scolded herself.
“Uh, yeah. She was,” Harry awkwardly responded.
He wasn’t fooling Hermione.
“What happened?” she said.
He gave her a pleading look. “Do I have to recount that monstrosity of an event I witnessed?”
Hermione stopped and let go of his hand. Crossing her arms, she nodded.
Harry rolled his eyes. “I walked in on her and Draco Malfoy… naked.”
Hermione stopped. Harry knew!
Noting her reaction, Harry pointed. “You knew!”
She blushed.
“You knew!” Harry said, half upset, half teasing. “And you didn’t tell me!”
“I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone,” Hermione said. “No one!”
“How long has it been going-“ Harry said, stopping as a sound cut him off.
A low growl.
Hermione looked around. “What is it?” she asked quietly.
Harry put a finger to his lips, scanning the area around him. He then saw something move in the bushes.
“Shit!” he yelled, grabbing Hermione by the wrist and running.
“Harry!” she exclaimed, surprised. “What’s going on?”
“Just run!” Harry shouted.
Hermione heard something come out of the bushes and start running after them. She looked back and screamed.
It was big, ugly, and kind of looked like it’d been hit by a few trucks. It snarled at her.
“We can’t fucking out run this thing!” Harry said, mostly to himself. Thinking, he got one solid idea. He clumsily grabbed his wand out of his pocket and yelled the first useful spell that came to mind.
“Accio Firebolt!”

Todd Efflehart was a 12 year old wizard at Hogwarts. He was just going to bed holding his most prized possession in his hand.
His firebolt.
His dad had gotten it for him as a gift. Apparently, he had bought it at an auction. Rumors were that it had belonged to the great Harry Potter.
And it was all Todd’s now.
“I’m the luckiest boy in the-“ Todd said.
He stopped talking when the Firebolt left his hand and flew through the window.
Todd’s mouth gaped open as he took a look at the broken window and his empty hand.

The beast was catching up with them, Hermione doing more screaming than running. Even Harry couldn’t keep running for long. They had a good start on the beast, but it was catching up.
Harry heard something whistling in the sky. He put his hand up and felt his trusty old broomstick hit it. He hopped on, flinging Hermione on as fast as possible, and kicked off the ground just as the beast reached the spot. They left it snarling and drooling on the ground.
Harry sighed with relief as he raised higher and higher. Hermione gripped him tightly. She hated heights.
“What the fuck was that?” she gasped.
Harry almost smiled. It was the first time he’d heard Hermione ever use the word “fuck”. The situation was too grim for smiling, though.
“Barandorf’s hound,” Harry said.
“That was a hound?” Hermione asked.
Harry heard a growl as he saw the hound fly past him. It had wings!
“Yeah,” Harry responded. “And puppy just learned a new fucking trick!”
Harry now pulled his broomstick the other way.
“Hold on,” he said. “This is gonna get bumpy.”
The clouds were now turning into heavy rain. Harry couldn’t see a thing.
“Hermione!” he yelled.
“Yeah?” she responded.
“Do that thing with my glasses,” he said as the snarling beast took a close dip at them, barely missing.
“I can’t! I’d have to let go,” she complained.
“Hermione!” Harry pleaded. “Do it or we die. Which one?”
She sighed in frustration. With a shaky hand, she grabbed her wand out of her pocket.
She performed the spell that made Harry’s glasses practically water proof. It helped, but not much. The hound got another close dip.
“Now drive,” Harry said.
“What?!” Hermione asked like he was crazy.
“I have a plan,” he replied. “Just drive.”
“Harry, I don’t think this is a good-“
“Drive,” he said.
He stood up, balancing himself on the broom, giving her no choice but to take control of the broom. She was not good at this.
Harry reached into his shoe and pulled out what looked like a small 6 inch stick.
“Reylus,” he said quickly. The hound was right behind them.
“What?” Hermione shouted.
“Keep it steady,” Harry said. His word had made the stick shift into something different. He threw it at the beast. In mid-air, it finished its transformation into a two foot sword. The hound let out a last yelp as the blade was buried in it’s skull. It fell.
Harry sighed. Hermione lost control of the broom.
Harry looked at the ground as it approached fast. A branch knocked him backwards.
Hermione looked back and was about to shout his name before a branch hit her.
She fell and landed on something softer than she was expecting.
She opened her eyes and saw Harry’s eyes looking back at her.
She had landed on his chest.
“As enjoyable as this is, I think I have a few ribs where they shouldn’t be, so do you mind rolling off?” he asked painfully.
“Oh!” she exclaimed.
Harry sat up, holding his chest. “Nope… Feels like everything’s where it should be.”
He gave her a look. “You need to learn how to use a broom properly.”
“I wasn’t that bad, was I?” Hermione said.
Harry pointed at where the Firebolt was. It had bulleted like an arrow straight into a tree.
“I don’t think my broomstick OR the tree deserved that.”
Hermione blushed.
Harry stood up and looked into a clearing. There was the dead beast.
He walked over to it and observed it.
“Yeah. This is definitely Barandorf’s fluffy best friend.”
He looked up at Hermione, who had followed him.
“This isn’t good,” he stated.
“What does it mean?” Hermione asked.
Harry sighed. “It means that Barandorf knows where I am. And if he knows where I am, then Pettigrew knows where I am. And if Pettigrew knows where I am, we could all be in a lot of trouble.”

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Chapter 7: The New Secret and the Ambush
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The Boy Who Lives Again
By Harlequin Hero


CHAPTER 7: The New Secret and the Ambush

Harry held his back uncomfortably as Mrs. Weasley flipped through a book, looking for an appropriate spell to take care of Harry’s pain.
“I didn’t mean to nearly kill you,” Hermione said apologetically.
“I already told you I forgive you,” Harry stated.
“I know,” Hermione sighed. “It’s just that I feel really bad about it. And your broom…”
“Should be fixable,” Harry said. “If I can pry it out of the tree,” he added quietly.
“I heard that,” Hermione said.
Molly plopped down the book. “Okay. This one should work.”
“Ailmenta Ceaso,” Molly said with the flick of her wand.
Harry arched his back a bit to see if it worked. He smiled at Mrs. Weasley.
“Thank you,” he said, engulfing the woman in a hug.
She returned the hug. “It’s not a problem. I take care of you just like I would any of my boys.”
He gave her another smile. God bless Mrs. Weasley, Harry thought. Without her, I wouldn’t know what motherly love was.
Harry turned his head to Hermione. “So let’s go look at that broomstick.”
Hermione gave him a sheepish smirk. He smiled and grabbed her hand, pulling her out the backdoor with him.
“Okay. The broom should be right over-“
Harry was cut off by Hermione’s hand.
He looked at her and she put a finger to her lips. She used that same finger to point into the nearest clearing.
Harry saw red hair. Ron. With a girl.
“Who is that?” Harry whispered to Hermione.
“Look closer,” she whispered back.
Harry squinted. His eyes bulged.
“Luna Lovegood,” Harry said, grinning.
Hermione shook her head. “I should’ve known this would happen.”
Harry shot her a confused look. “What do you mean? She may have always been fascinated with him, but he couldn’t stand her.”
“Which is exactly why this makes sense,” Hermione said, unable to control her smile.
Harry chuckled. Today, he’d seen one of his better friends naked in bed with his worst enemy, a demon’s pet had attacked him, and he’d nearly had his back broken after getting knocked off his Firebolt. And he was laughing.
Hermione grabbed his hand. “Let’s take the long way,” she whispered.
Harry didn’t take his eyes off of Ron and Luna, now snogging.
“Does everyone around here have a secret relationship?” Harry asked.
Hermione giggled. “Not everyone. But most people, I guess.”
“Is ours a secret?” Harry asked after thinking for a moment.
Hermione was actually stumped. “I guess so. We haven’t been hiding it, but we haven’t told anyone, either. So I guess it’s a secret. Is it really a big deal?”
Harry shook his head. “At least not nearly as big a deal as a Weasley fucking a Malfoy.”
He then spotted his broomstick sticking out of a tree. He approached it and observed.
“God damn, woman. You did a number on this tree. Buried that broomstick deep.”
Hermione gave a soft laugh.
“The good news, however, is that the broomstick should be ok,” Harry said, smiling.
“How you gonna get it out?” Hermione asked.
No sooner than she asked, Harry gripped the broomstick and yanked it out of the tree cleanly.
Hermione’s mouth was gaping open.
“Harry,” she said, astonished. “I don’t think a troll could’ve done that.”
Harry smiled. “At least not without breaking it.”
Just then, an owl flew down and landed on the broomstick. It held out it’s leg, offering a letter.
Harry took it from the owl, opened it, and read silently. He looked up, an intense look on his face.
“What does it say?” Hermione asked.
“They’ve found him,” Harry said.
Hermione gave him a quizzical look.
He looked her in the face. “Pettigrew. They’ve found him.”

Harry charged into the Minister of Magic’s office.
“Dumbledore, I want your best aurors and I want them assembled by 5:00 tomorrow morning outside this building,” Harry demanded.
Albus Dumbledore shook his head. “It’s too early. You need to wait. I know you have a personal vendetta to settle with Pettigrew, but you can’t just charge into this.”
“Dammit!” Harry exclaimed, slamming his fist down to the table. “Can’t you see? We know where he is! This may be our only chance to get to him before he gets to us. We need to go after him now.”
Dumbledore raised himself from his seat, a stern look upon his face. “You will not attack. You will wait for my order to go after him.”
Harry shook his head. “If you don’t assemble those aurors, know that I will. I’m not letting Pettigrew go.”
Dumbledore realized that Harry wasn’t going to back down. “This is a bad idea. This is a very bad idea. I’m pleading with you. Wait and organize your soldiers later. Pettigrew is bound to follow you.”
“I won’t let him come to me,” Harry said. “I’m going to get him.”
Dumbledore sat back down. “Organize the aurors you wish to come with you. I will take no part in this. Make sure they know this is voluntary.”
Harry gave his former headmaster a cold look. “I will not let Peter Pettigrew leave that forest alive.”
With that, Harry Potter turned and strode out of the room, leaving a sad old wizard shaking his head.

Harry paced in front of the line of wizards and witches that stood before him. He was pleased with who had decided to join.
“Pettigrew is hiding in the Timekeeper’s Forest, 20 kilometers west of Hogsmeade. We’ll attack from two directions, one group with me at the front charging straight in from the southern part of the forest while another group with Neville Longbottom at the front enters and ambushes from the east. His forces are likely to be short. Pettigrew, if caught, is to be kept alive. He’s mine.”
The aurors all nodded.
“Any questions?” Harry asked, more out of politeness than invitation.
Good thing, too, since no auror made a sound.
“Good,” Harry said. “Let’s go. Longbottom.”
Neville turned to him. “Yes, sir?”
Harry grinned. “None of that ‘sir’ stuff. We’re old friends.”
Neville smiled. “Yeah Harry?”
“Good luck,” Harry said.
Neville smiled and nodded. With that, he took half the group and they all apparated away.
Harry turned to his group. “Let’s go,” he said. With that, they all disappeared.

The Timekeepers was an enchanted forest that housed animals like unicorns, centaurs, and werewolves, much like the Forbidden Forest on Hogwart’s school grounds.
Because of its enchantment, one could not apparate into it. So they had to move from the outside of the forest.
Harry and his group moved quietly but quickly. Then Harry spotted the clearing they were looking for.
He started mouthing words.
Neville heard the words in his head. “When you get to the clearing, stop. I will make the first move.”
Neville was about there. He held up his hand to stop his group.
Harry saw what he assumed was his target. A large tent in the middle of the clearing. There was no one around.
Harry held up his wand. He’d mastered certain silent spells. He prepared one that he had a lot of fun with when he learned it.
Staring straight at the tent with a look of pure concentration, Harry’s wand let forth a ball of light, about the size of a quaffle.
The ball reached the tent and there was a large explosion as the tent was taken by flames.
Harry put down his wand. Was that it?
He heard a familiar deep bellow of a laugh that suggested otherwise. Out of nowhere appeared what looked like a man, only he was eight feet tall and freakishly muscular. He had black skin and a bald head. He carried a large battle axe.
“Oh shit,” Harry said. “Barandorf.”
The large demon smiled and waved at Harry. “Hello there, little Potter. I haven’t had much fun since you got out. As for my puppy, you might just be in trouble for that one.” He laughed another one of those deep laughs.
Before Harry could even think, Death Eaters began appearing out of nowhere. Then, where the tent used to be, Peter Pettigrew appeared.
“You’re too much like your father was, Potter,” Peter shouted across the field.
Harry mouthed one word. Now.
Neville and his group charged in and started shouting spells everywhere. Harry and his group followed.
Barandorf began deflecting hexes and flinging bodies everywhere. Death Eaters began their shouting of hexes. Peter Pettigrew stood and watched with joy.
Harry went straight for Peter. An axe came in his path. He looked up at Barandorf’s face.
“Bad idea, Potter,” the demon said with a smile. With that, he used the axe to fling Harry all the way back into the trees.
Harry slowly got up. He looked at the battle happening before him. His soldiers were being massacred. He saw Neville. Neville Longbottom was fighting with fury that Harry had never seen in anyone but himself.
Then Harry looked to Pettigrew. Pettigrew had his wand ready for one spell. Harry saw the man’s lips move and he knew what was about to happen.
Neville fell over in pain. The Cruciatus Curse.
“Fall out!” Harry screamed as he ran to Neville’s aid.
Using another spell he’d mastered silently, he knocked the wand away. Grabbing Neville, he took one last look at the man he had to let get away and ran with the rest of the aurors.

Hermione apparated to her house. She heard what had happened and was looking for Harry. She heard the shower running upstairs.
She ran upstairs and saw the open bathroom door. Rushing to the door, she looked inside.
Harry was sitting down in the shower, fully-clothed, just letting the water hit him. He gave He gave Hermione a glance and almost immediately looked back to his empty space.
She walked slowly over to him and crouched down by the shower.
“How is he?” he asked, not looking at her.
“The healers said he’d be ok. Paralysis is a possibility, but no extremely terrible effects like what happened to his parents.”
Harry just shook his head and sobbed. “How many dead?”
Hermione didn’t answer. Harry knew it was bad.
“Those wizards and those witches were all under my command,” Harry said through sobs. “It’s my fault that they died. I was too reckless. I let that happen to them.”
He let his head hang down and he cried.
Hermione, with a lack of anything to say, just grabbed his hand and held it as she let her tears fall with his.

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