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Keeping Your Enemies Close (Sequel to Just Breathe) by gemini69

Format: Short story
Chapters: 14
Word Count: 13,645

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Romance
Characters: Draco, Ginny, Harry, Dumbledore, Hermione, OC, Snape
Pairings: Others

First Published: 01/23/2005
Last Chapter: 03/07/2006
Last Updated: 03/14/2006


This is my first banner so tell me whatcha think. k? The Malfoys and the Potters are back at Hogwarts. This time it is the new generation. ~~~ Corbin and Trista are in their sixth year and the snake and lion can't stand each other in the least. What will brew between the two when they are thrown together for a Potions project though? I wonder...

Chapter 1: Keeping Your Enemies Close (Sequel to Just Breathe)
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Keeping Your Enemies Close (Sequel to Just Breathe)

The Malfoys and the Potters are back at Hogwarts. This time it's the new generation however. Corbin and Trista are in their sixth year and they can't stand each other. What will brew between them when they get thrown together for a Potion's project? I wonder....

Chapter 1** Snape's Instructions

Corbin dragged his feet as he walked into his least favorite teacher's classroom. He had double potions with the Slytherins first thing today. Hell of a way to start the day off if he said so himself. He straightened his shoulders as he reached the door to the dungeons. He took a deep breath and opened the door. As he took his usual seat in the back he felt all of the optomism drain out of him.

Trista Potter walked in with a smirk on her face that just screamed ' I'm better than you and I know it.' She took her time walking to her seat in the front row. She gracefully sat and crossed her feet at the ankles. She knew that she could have come in half an hour or more late and Snape still wouldn't have done anything about it. She was, after all, his favorite student.

Snape looked up after Trista took her seat. "Now that everyone has finally arrived I have a new project for all of you. For this particular project you will be put into pairs. Unfortunately for you, the headmaster has chosen the pairs to work on this project. Now... " Snape pulled a long piece of parchment out of his robe and began to read down the list. "Weasley and Longbottom... Potter and Malfoy..." At this both Corbin and Trista began to voice their objections, however Snape acted as though he couldn't hear either of them. When he was finished reading the list he looked up at the class with a piercing glare. "Now I must inform you that there is no way that you may change your partners for this particular project. As a matter of fact you will be in these pairs for the remainder of the year. In every class." At this most of the students were overcome with looks of ill ease. Gryffindors and Slytherins paired together for the entire school year?! In every class?! This had to be some sort of joke! "You and your partner must work together on the project that I am about to give you. I will not accept splitting the work so that each of you only has to do half. You must work on your project together ! Each of the pairs will be given a different type of potion to brew. Now here are your projects. You will find the instructions concerning the deadline on the potion at the bottom of the paper that I am about to hand you. You must, however, find the ingredients and the instructions that will be needed on your own. I have asked Dumbeldore to give you all specific permission to go to Hogsmeade at the end of your classes tomorrow. That will give you a day to make the list of ingredients that will be needed." He handed Corbin his last as he finished telling them about the Hogsmeade trip. "Also, you will be expected to sit with your partner in every class from here on." At this everyone in the class emitted a groan which made Snape crack a grin. "Class dismissed."

Hey everyone! I know that this was a really short chapter but I promise that I will be updating soon and the next one will be longer. I hope that you all liked it. Bria

Chapter 2: Research
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Chapter 2** Research

Corbin was dragging even more by the time all of his classes were over. He headed straight to the library without a second thought. There was no point in procrastinating. If he had to work on this potion with Trista then he wished to get it done and over with as soon as possible. He headed directly to the potions section. He began to run his fingers over the spines of the books as he searched for the specific one that he needed. Proffessor Snape had given the most difficult potion to Trista and him. Corbin had a sneaking suspicion that he had done that on purpose as well. He had given them the time travel potion. They had a month and a haolf to brew it and then they would have to test it on themselves. They were allowed to choose the time that they wished to go to. All they needed for that was something from that time. Lovely , he thought. Another thing that Trista and I are bound to argue over!

He found the book that he was looking for and headed over to the corner table that he usually sat at. When he reached it, nose already in book, he realized that someone was already there. As he looked up he felt his stomach sink. He thought that the day couldn't get any worse yet here, sitting in front of him, was the one person that he didn't wish to see. He turned and was going to try sneaking away quietly when Trista looked up. Shit! Now there was no way that he could exit gracefully. He would have to sit down and talk to her about the project.

"Malfoy." Trista nodded towards him and sniffed. he nodded back stiffly, "Potter."

Corbin walked over and took the seat opposite her. He pulled some parchment and a quill out of his bag and began to write down the ingredients that they would need to pick up in Hogsmeade. Trista went back to the book in front of her and proceeded to run a finger down the print on the page. Corbin looked up when he heard her muffled scream of frustration. She ran her fingers through her dark red hair making the curls fall back into her eyes. Her elegant face was twisted in annoyance. If they hadn't been enemies for so long he would ahve thought her cute. However, since they were enemies, he just found that habit of her's annoying.

She looked up and caught Corbin staring at her with a look of pure annoyance and loathing. What had happened to the friendship that they had had when they were young? They used to be inseperable as children. She cleared her throat nervously. "Did you have an idea concerning the time that you'd like to visit?"

Corbin's eyes widened slightly. Had Trista just asked him a question without a snide remark attached? She hadn't been this nice to him since they were children! "Hadn't really thought of it. I wouldn't mind going back to the time of the Great War though. I know that it was a dangerous time, but it would be great to see our parents defeat the Dark Lord wouldn't it? I mean the duel between your father and Voldemort must be the most memorable battle in the history of the wizarding world. I think it would be rather fascinating to watch. Do you not agree?"

It was Trista's turn to look shocked. Malfoy had just complimented her father without saying anything nasty about her. Then again, he had always held her father in great respect. Funny that he had the same idea that she herself had had. She had just been reading up on the great war. The war itself lasted for three days. If they calculated it right then they would be able to go back for the whole of the war and be back just two days after it ended. That would mean that they would not only be able to see the war with their own eyes but they would also be able to see the immediate after effects. She had always heard the stories of how her mother had fought fearlessly alongside her father though she had never been able to imagine it. Her mother had always been kind and gentle. It was hard for her to imagine another side of Ginny Potter. She was also curious to see how the infamous Draco Malfoy had risked his life to save Hermione. They had always said that Draco Malfoy was evil yet he had almost died for Hemione. She couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to have someone love you so much.

Yes, that would definately be the time that they aould go back to. It was perfect now that she thought more deeply about it. They would be able to watch the defeat of the darkest wizard of all time and watch the events that had led to their parents marriages. She had to admit that she was immensely curious.

"Alright." Trista whispered, more to herself than him. She looked up at Malfoy as a thought struck her. " My mother gave me her old diary. She wrote in it every day of her sixth year. I'm sure that she had an entry on the day the attack was made. If I can find it then we can use that in the potion and it should work. Is that alright with you?"

He looked up from writing. "Sounds good. I"m sure it will work. We are, after all, the top two students in Potions in the entire school." At the slight compliment Trista felt the heat start to travel up her neck and color her cheeks. She tried to force it down but only slightly succeeded.

Corbin sat there in genuine shock. Was a Potter blushing from a compliment that he had given her? He never thought that he'd see the day.

They went back to reading and writing in silence. Trista had pulled out some parchment and a quill and had begun to write down her ideas about exactly what day they would want to go back to and how they would manage it. She marked down the day that the war had begun and also the day that it had ended with Harry and Voldemort's duel. She slowly rolled up the parchment and slipped it and the book into her bag just as Corbin did the same thing with the book of ingredients and his quill and parchment. They stood at the same time and pushed their chairs back under. They both found it odd that they went through the same routine as they got ready to head down to dinner.

If each of them had known what the other was thinking they would have laughed. This was going to be the most interesting year at Hogwarts yet. Having to be partners wasn't looking so bad after all.

Chapter 3: Observations
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Chapter 3** Observations

As the bell sounded signaling the end of classes Corbin grabbed his bag and headed back to the Gryffindor common room. He had half an hour to change out of his robes and get ready for the trip to Hogsmeade. He threw on a pair of worn in jeans and a wife beater. Then as a second thought he put on a button up shirt in light blue which he left un buttoned and untucked. His hair lay every way on top of his head in pure chaos. He knew that there was no way to tame it so he threw on a pair of tennis shoes and grabbed his money bag out of the bedside table. As he headed out of the dorm he tucked his wand into his back pocket and pulled his shirt down to cover it.

He headed out a couple of minutes early. He wanted to get to the Great Hall with time to spare so that Trista wouldn't have anything to complain about. When he showed up he noticed that Trista was no where to be seen. That was odd. For once he was earlier than she was.

Trista hurried up from the dungeons. She couldn't allow Malfoy to be at the Great Hall before her. Her heels clicked on the stone floor as she walked briskly down the corridor. She had always enjoyed the sound of heels on stone. It was so feminine and powerful.

She turned the corner and her breath caught in her throat. Corbin was standing there in the light coming through the front doors and he looked absolutely gorgeous. His shirt was loose and the sleeves were rolled up to the elbows. His hair was unruly but it was the smile on his face that stopped her. He had a smile on his face as though there was nothing in the world that could have bothered him at that moment. He looked so perfectly charming there, leaning against the wall with that smile on his face. She stopped herself. Those thoughts about a Malfoy simply wouldn't do. She shook her head to chase the last of the thoughts away. Next she took a deep breath, straightened her shoulders, and started walking towards him.

Corbin didn't move though he knew that Trista was coming towards him. He stayed in the same position just because he knew it would annoy her. Finally, when she was only a few feet away he opened his eyes and looked directly at her. She skidded to a stop in front of him and stood there holding her breath. His eyes were so shockingly blue that they left her breathless.

He slowly looked her over without moving from his position against the wall. She looked stunning! Her dark red hair was in loose curls that were piled ontop of her head. She had on a pair of low-rise jeans, with her wand tucked into the back pocket, and a halter top in hunter green. She had developed some amazing curves since their childhood! She had green and black Vans on her dainty feet. She was the picture of a skater girl. She was wearing her wire framed glasses and looked incredibly intelligent.

Her eyebrow lifted as she noticed he was appraising her. She straightened her shoulders in defense. Her jaw tightened slightly. She brushed a stray curl away from her eyes impatiently. She scowled when he looked her dead in the eyes. "Are you quite finished with your observation, MALFOY?" At her curt question he snapped out of it. "About time you decided to show up, PRINCESS." He smirked when her eyes darkened at him calling her princess. So he could get to her. That would be useful information later down the road.

Corbin pushed off from the wall and glanced at her before walking out of the double doors and onto the grounds. She had been late so they would have to walk to the village or fly. He was pretty sure that she was terrified of flying though so it looked like they would have ot walk. He sighed and began to trudge down the hill that led to Hogsmeade. He had only taken three steps when he heard Trista's soft voice behind him. "Why don't we just fly there? It would make it much easier."

He turned slowly to look at her face. "Alright. We'll take my broom." She gave a rather stiff nod and he knew right then that he was correct in assuming that she was terrified of flying. That little piece of information didn't give him as much pleasure as it usually would. He walked over to the Gryffindor locker room and came back out broom in hand.

Corbin walked over to her and swung his leg over the broom. He held out his hand to Trista. She took it and swung her leg over the broom as well. "Now, just wrap your arms around my middle and hold tight." She did as she was told. He felt an odd sensation as she burried her head in his neck so that she wouldn't see what was going on. He kicked off from the ground and tried to clear his mind. What was it about this girl? One minute he couldn't stand her and now all he could think about was how beautiful she looked. He needed to get therapy. He shook his head and steered the broom towards Hogsmeade. Today promised to be awkward.

Chapter 4: Hogsmeade Visit
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Chapter 4** Hogsmeade Visit

When Corbin finally touched down Trista scrambled off rather quickly. Her legs were quite wobbly and she looked slightly green. Corbin walked over and took hold of her upper arm. It showed the state that she was in that she did not say anything when he steered her towards a bench. He helped her sit down and put his broom next to them. "Just put your head between your legs and breathe deep. It usually helps. Just take deep breaths."

Trista immediately leaned forward and stuck her head between her legs and started to gulp down air. She didn't think twice about the fact that she was doing exactly what Malfoy had told her to. After a few minutes of taking deep, gulping breaths her head started to clear and the nausea slowly disappated.

She lifted her head and looked around slowly. They were on the outside edge of Hogsmeade Village. They were sitting on a bench just in front of the Shrieking Shack. Very few people knew that the shack was not actually haunted. Only the Weasleys, Malfoys, Potters, and Hogwarts proffessors knew of the shack's history of being used as a safe haven for Remus during his days as a werewolf. The golden trio had only told their families of that night that they had learned of Sirius's innocence. Therefore the families were the only people that were not afraid of being near the shack.

Trista stared at the shack. "Thank you." she whispered without looking
at Corbin.

They sat thre in silence for a few moments. She had never thanked him for anything before unless her parents had forced her to. "You're welcome." he replied quietly. The silence stretched on again. Yet this time the silence was not as uncomfortable as usual.

Corbin stood and held his hand down to Trista to help her up. Surprisingly, she accepted his help. Corbin transfigured his broom into a watch and handed it to Trista. "Go ahead and put it on since you don't have one. I will need it back when we go to leave though." She giggled at the last bit which made his stomach clench. She had such a beautiful laugh when she let her guard down.

Trista slipped the transfigured watch onto her wrist and smiled when she saw that the hands were a snitch and a broom. It was cute. After a five minute walk they reached the village proper. They headed straight for the apothecary to get the ingredients that they would need for the project. They walked out thirty minutes later laden with packages. Corbin realized that he needed a new cauldron and headed back inside. He came out not five minutes later with a new couldron made of silver.

Trista shrank the packages and bought a bag to put all of the packages in. They decided to make a day of shopping since they were already in Hogsmeade. They visited as many shops as they could before it became too late and headed back with the bag full of packages that had been shrunk.

When they touched down on the Hogwarts Quidditch field they both got off of the broom. This time though Trista did not seem to be as shaken up. It took her a minute to get her legs back under her, but after she had managed that she was fine. They headed towards the castle together. When they reached the steps Trista opened the bag and started to pull out very tiny packages. She handed a number of these to Corbin which he placed in his pocket. She zipped the bag back up and headed inside. At the Great Hall they stopped walking and just looked at each other. Trista shuffled her feet uncomfortably. "Well..." Corbin just looked at the ground. "Yeah. Um, see ya tomorrow." She nodded "Library. 1:00. We can do a little more research before we have to start." Corbin nodded and they turned and started to head in opposite directions. They both kept shooting glances over their shoulders, never knowing that the other was doing it too.

Chapter 5: Please Don't Cry
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Chapter 5** Please Don't Cry

Corbin walked into the library the next day at 1:00 sharp. He headed straight back to the table in the corner of the room. When he turned around the bookshelf that blocked the table from sight he saw her. Her face was tilted down as though she was reading, yet he knew that she wasn't. She was dressed in a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt today. Her hair was in a messy bun on top of her head and their wasn't a trace of make-up on her face.

He watched as Trista pushed the small wire-framed glasses back up her nose. He heard her sniff and felt his stomach clench. He took a tentative step forward and then another. He finally reached her and placed a hand gently on her shoulder. He crouched down beside her. "Trista?" He moved a piece of hair that was blocking her face from view and realized that she was crying. He felt his stomach twist and a lump formed in his throat. He hated seeing her like this. It had always torn him up when he had seen her cry, but now it seemed to be ten times worse. He wiped a tear that was about to fall from her chin away. "Trista?"

The next thing he knew she turned and threw her arms around him with a sob. He stayed where he was and held her. She clung to him and continued to sob. Her arms tightened around his middle and she burried her face deeper into his chest. He held her like that for a long time, not able to move. Then he lifted his hand and stroked her hair, "Hush, Trista. Hush now. It's okay. I'm here. Just hold on to me now." and she did. She burrowed farther into him and waited for her crying to stop. He continued to stroke her hair all the while.

After about an hour of his rocking, her sobs began to die down and he heard her breath catch a couple of times. He knew that the sobs were easing now and that she would soon be able to breathe normally again. He slowly eased her back until he could look at her face. Her skin was slightly blotchy and her eyes were red rimmed from crying. There were stains from where the tears had run down her face. Stray pieces of hair stuck to her face where they had been soaked with tears.

"What happened, baby?" He asked not noticing the endearment. He wiped the pad of his thumb across her cheek, taking a stray tear with it. "What happened?" he asked again. His voice was gentle as was the hand that he tilted her chin up with.

As Trista looked into his eyes her bottom lip began to tremble again and though she bit down on it a sob escaped her. She shook her head as if she was trying to deny what ever had happened to make her cry. "My parents..." She stopped and took a deep steadying breath. "My parents just owled me." He had to admire her for her strength if nothing else. She was valiantly trying to keep herself under control as she told him what had happened. "Bella was in an accident in the states. A drunk driver hit her car on the driver's side. The driver walked away without a scratch, but Bella... Bella is in ICU. The muggle intensive care unit. They wanted to transfer her to St. Mungo's but they think that if they move her there's a possibility that she could die. They don't know if she's going to make it." At the last bit her voice finally broke. Corbin leaned forward and enveloped her in his arms again. He sat in a chair and pulled her into his lap. She curled herself up against his chest and clung to his shirt for dear life. He simply wrapped his arms around her waist and held her. He gently kissed the top of her head as he rocked. This made her sobbing stop. He was the only one that she could turn to. She felt horrible that he had to hear the news this way. She knew that it was absolutely tearing him up inside. He loved her older sister as much as she did. Their families had always been so close. How was it that the two of them had ended up enemies when they had got to school? Now he was the one that she turned to when she was hurting the most.

She burrowed deeper into him and just let herself go. This was comforting to her. He knew that she didn't want anyone to tell her that it would turn out all right because no one was sure that it would. She had to face the possibility that she might very well lose one of her older sisters. She knew that he would never tell her that everything would turn out right because he was just as scared right now as she was. All he did was hold her. He held her and himself incheck. He was strong for her when he knew that she couldn't be strong for herself.

He kissed the top of her head again. "Please don't cry." She heard his voice break at that. At this she moved and wrapped her arms around his neck. "I hate it when you cry, Trista." He whispered into her hair. She snuggled into his neck and breathed deep. "I know, Corbin. I'm sorry that I did this to you. You must be hurting about this too. Here I am thinking of myself when you are almost as close with Bella as I am." She looked up into his bright blue eyes. "I'm so sorry, Corbin."

He stared into her soft green eyes and felt like, in that moment, everything in the world was all right. How could she make him feel like this just by looking at him? Their eyes stayed locked for minutes. They were so close that he could feel her breath on his face. He sighed and closed his eyes for a minute. He couldn't let her see him break. He had to stay strong for her. If he wasn't strong who would be? He opened his eyes and gasped. She was so close that their noses were almost touching. "Corbin, it's okay to let go. It's okay to cry. It's just me and you here. It's just me and you." She shook her head slowly at his stubbornness and another tear rolled down her cheek. She was so beautiful! Even when she was crying she seemed irresistible to him. How was that possible? He leaned in slowly and brushed her lips with his. It was barely a whisper of a touch but he heard her breath catch. His eyes searched her's as he leaned forward again. Just before he kissed her he watched her eyes close. He took this kiss deeper. Their tongues tangled and he heard her gasp of surprise. He pulled her closer and devoured her mouth. God, he couldn't get enough of her. She was intoxicating. She was far from perfect, but in his eyes no one could compare to her. She might just be it for him. At the thought he lost his breath. He had to figure out how to keep her. She was the one for him. He'd do anything to keep her now that he had her.

Chapter 6: The Beginning
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Chapter 6** The Beginning

Trista felt like she was on cloud nine. She had just kissed Corbin Malfoy. What had she been thinking? They were sworn enemies so why did it feel so right? When he had kissed her she had felt as though they were the only two people in the whole world. Everything and everyone else simply faded into the background before melting away.

She walked towards the dungeons slowly, lost in her thoughts. People stared as the goddess of the school walked down the hallway looking lost and alone. Her cheeks were still tear stained and her face was flushed. She had never left her dorm without looking perfect before now. Yet here she was looking like a train wreck. At the same time though people had to admit that there was something different about her. Something besides her appearance that had changed drastically. No one could quite figure out what it was though.

Trista never noticed the stares that followed her down the hall as she was lost in thoughts of what had happened mere moments before between herself and Corbin. She was confused or would be once reality hit her full force. At the moment she was simply floating on the pleasurable memory.

She finally reached the house dormitories and walked straight up to her room without stopping to talk to a single one of her friends. She closed the door behind her and crawled into bed. She sat there for God knows how long contemplating what would happen next. Would they simply act as though nothing had happened between them? That choice definately had her vote. They had different friends, different morals, different lives . They couldn't possibly let anyone know of what had happened. It would ruin what they had both spent the last six years building. The reputations that they had would be shattered. Their friends would all quit speaking to them. I mean a Gryffindor and a Slytherin together ? Even though that had happened with Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger that was considered a one time thing. The students now would never stand for such an outrage. It was settled then. They would simly act as though nothing had ever happened. They would go back to shouting insults and throwing curses in the hallway. That would be that. She sighed as she realized that although she should be relieved she was actually depressed.

Finally after looking att all of the different angles she let herself drift off into a restless sleep. She would just deal with it tomorrow. What would come would come and she would take it in stride. As she went under she realized that this was only the beggining of what would happen.

Corbin walked down the corridors with his brow furrowed in concentration. He was caught up in that kiss. He had to figure out a way to convince her that they were right for each other. How would he change her mind? If he knew Trista, which he did, she would have already made up her mind to go back to the way things were before they were asigned the project in Potions. He would simply refuse. They would butt heads over that of course but eventually he would twist it around to where she thought that it was her idea to be together.

A lot of women liked to be romanced and swept off of their feet but not Trista. She liked to do things in her own time and in her own way. If she ever found out that he was backing her into a corner she would claw his eyes out without a second thought. She would feel no remorse when she kicked him in the balls either. That was just the way that she was. She had been a fighter all of her life and she always wanted to do things her own way. This time he'd maneuver her into 'her own way' sooner than she thought. He'd get her to ask him out next time and he'd let her make the first moves for a while. Then, after she had dug in deep enough, he'd simply give in and let her win him over. Yes. He smiled as spread out on his bed. That was exactly what he'd do. She'd never see it coming. He drifted into a dreamless sleep with a smile on his face. 'Let the games begin!'

Chapter 7: Getting Ready
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Chapter 7** Getting Ready

Corbin walked down the hall swiftly. He was letting his feet take him where he needed to go as his mind wandered to more important things. His brain was trying to work out the situation with Trista. They were supposed to be meeting in the library after classes ended. They were going to begin brewing the potion and she was supposed to bring her mother's diary so that they could find the specific day that Voldemort attacked.

She had searched herself for the past three days but her mother kept more than one diary. She had always thought it a single diary until she had gone to open a few days ago and found that there was actually a diary for each year that she was in Hogwarts. Her mother, being the tidy soul that she is, never left anything uncovered. Ginny had literally written every detail of every day since the very beginning of the first year. The most detailed days were the ones that she spent with Harry. That wasn't a shock to anyone seeing as she had been in love with Harry since the first moment that she had laid eyes on him. It was taking a considerable amount of time to find the day that Voldemort attacked. Ginny had written around five full pages, front and back, for almost every single day that year. Since the anticipation of war was building and she was so worried over Harry she never missed a single detail of their days.

Corbin had no idea how he and Trista were going to manage making this potion in time with everything that they had to do to prepare for it. They had agreed that they wouldn't change the time they wished to travel to just to save themselves work. They both felt as if that would be cheating in a way so they refused to do it no matter how difficult it made the project.

At the end of the day Corbin's mind was racing with prospects. He walked to their table in the library and threw his bag onto an empty seat. He quickly opened up the book and began to read on how to brew the specific potion. He pulled out a roll of parchment and began to write out the instructions detail by detail. When Trista walked in he was just finishing up. He smiled up at her. "I found the exact day of the attack." His grin was positively dangerous.

"But how? I mean we've searched every book in this library and we didn't find it. How did you find the date?" Her eyes were wide with shock at his statement.

"I asked Dumbeldore. I told him that I was simply curious because of mum and dad's story. He told me that Voldemort attacked on May 21st of Harry Potter's last year at Hogwarts. I couldn't believe that we hadn't thought to ask him before now. Of course he would know seeing as he was headmaster when our parents were here and he helped in the war. He placed the protection spell over our parents. Without him who knows how the war would have ended. Your father probably would have won all the same but we might have lost Aunt Ginny, mum, dad, Uncle Ron, or any of the others. Strange how these things work."

She smiled at his brilliance. "This is great now all we need to do is find the entry of the day that Voldemort attacked. Perfect." She would never understand how he had the uncanny ability to solve almost any problem.

"All right. Let's get started." She cracked her knuckles and leaned over her mother's diary. She began to flip through the pages. When she reached May she realized that they had only been in February. It would have taken them weeks to find it! She began reading every day from the very beginning of May. This was going to be much easier. She stopped suddenyl on a day. "Hey! She wrote about your mum and dad. She could see the attraction between them even before they could. How strange is that? I never would have thought my mum was perceptive. She says that she was confused about how two people so opposite could be so powerfully attracted to each other. She says that she figured that was why they had always been so competitive in everything and so downright mean to one another." She giggled at that before continuing on. Then she found it. She gasped at her good luck before she began to read aloud to Corbin. "There's something in the air today. It just doesn't feel right. I can't quite put my finger on it but I know that something just isn't right. Today is the day. Today he'll attack and our happy little world will be shattered by reality. Voldemort will attack today and we'll find out once and for all who the stronger wizard is between Harry and Voldemort. Today the war begins. There's a loud noise coming from the grounds and shouting in the hallways. It is time. He's here." She looked up straight into Corbin's eyes. She could feel the terror that her mother had felt on that dreadful day when her world had been ripped apart by Voldemort. Her eyes filled with tears as she read her mother's entry on the after effects of the war. She had never been told how much damage had truly been done. She would never understand why they only wanted people to remember that they had won instead of all that had been given to win. The history books candy caoted the story of Voldemort and Harry's duel and completely skipped the things that happened that led up to that deciding moment. She would never forget the lives lost, the lives given to save the rest of the wizarding world.

The tears shimmered in her eyes as she looked into Corbin's face. "So much lost yet they told nothing of it. They told nothing of the lives sacrificed for the greater good as they call it. I just don't see how some people can smooth things like that over when they mean so much." A single tear rolled down her cheek before she dashed it away. "Let's get this potion started. I want to see this with my own eyes."

They gathered all of the ingredients together and headed down to the dungeons to get to work.

Chapter 8: Finished Potion and Back Through Time
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Chapter 8** Finished Potion and Back Through Time

Corbin and Trista sat side by side in Snape's cold classroom. Today was the day that they would test their potion. Neither of them could wait to see whether they had done it right. When it was their turn they threw the necessary pages into the cauldron. The potion turned a bright pink and they both filled cups and downed it in one gulp. Before they knew what was happening they felt a tug in their stomachs and knew that it had worked. They were going back to the war! They were finally going to see what had actually happened, even the parts that Ginny had found to horrible to mention in her diary. They would see what had really happened at Hogwarts that day.

When the tugging stopped they were standing on the grounds at Hogwarts just beside the lake. They stared up at the castle that they knew so well and loved. They knew that there would be questions asked as to why no one knew them and how they had come to Hogwarts, but they also knew that Dumbeldore would be waiting for them in his office. He had told them about being there when they had come the first time. He had given them the necessary alibi. He told them just before they took the potion that they should not allow their judgement to become clouded and that they should follow their hearts because their hearts would know what to do. Neither of them had understood exactly what his meaning was but they knew that they would soon find out. They looked at each other and headed up the grounds towards the castle. They linked hands for support since they were in a time that they knew no one beside Dumbledore and their parents. They were slightly nervous now that they were there.

They heard noise coming from the Great Hall where everyone was having breakfast. Instead of stopping in and rousing curiosity on the part of the students. They headed straight to Dumbeldore's office. He met them outside. "All right. Welcome Mr. Malfoy, Ms. Potter. Let's go to the Great Hall. I'll explain to everyone how you are transferring from another school and tell them what houses you are in. I'm sure that the sorting hat will place you in your respective houses again. While you are here you are Trista Jones and Corbin Taylor. You are to reveal your true identity to no one. Follow me." He turned and led them down the hallway towards the Great Hall once more. They entered and he nodded for Professor McGonagall to bring the Sorting Hat forward. He motioned for silence and everyone in the hall quieted.

"I would like to introduce our two newest students. They are transferring here from Salem School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in America. Their names are Trista Jones and Corbin Taylor. They are sixth years." Trista sat on the stool first and the hat was placed upon her head. After a few moments of the hat debating he placed her in Slytherin yet again. Next Corbin sat on the stool. The hat began whispering into his ear. "You are destined for great things. You will help to tip the balance in the war ahead. You will decide whether or not Harry Potter will defeat the dark lord. You are very brave and loyal yet you have a cunning mind and a ruthlessness that are very becoming in a Slytherin. Where to put you. You seem to be the most difficult to place since Harry Potter himself." Finally after much debate the hat decided that Corbin Taylor was to be a Gryffindor lion. He quickly jumped up to join the rest of the Gryffindor table. He knew that he and Trista were going to have their work cut out for them. They had set it up to where they would have a few days to settle in before the attack. This was shaping up to be a very interesting year indeed. He was looking forward to it. He smiled at Trista across the hall. She smiled back at him and he was struck once again by her beauty. She was so amazing! He had never met anyone like her and didn't think he would again. God help him! He had fallen in love with her! He knew that he was in for it now. How would he ever hide his feelings from her now that he realized them? He hoped that he wouldn't begin to act strangely now that he knew he loved her.

The breakfast went by smoothly and Corbin found himself making friends with many of his aunts and uncles. They had all been so friendly and accepting when they were younger. Everyone that he met was extremely kind to him. They all helped him find his classes aftre breakfast. He was shocked to find himself in classes with his mother. She was absolutely brilliant! She knew almost everything about all of the subjects that she took. He figured that he wouldn't be in classes with his parents or Trista's yet here he was sitting next to a seventeen year old Hermione Malfoy. Sorry. Granger. He was absolutely thrilled to find that he also had classes with Trista and her mother. How weird was it that he was sharing classes with his parents.

They day flew by relatively fast. He met up with Trista just before dinner outside of the Great Hall. It was so good to see her since they had had only one class together all day. It was nice to see someone that he was used to. He knew now that he was crazy sick in love with her but at this exact moment in time all he could think of was that his childhood friend was here with him.

As they parted ways to go to their respsctive tables he found himself wondering how in the world they had ended up hating each other. All he could remember was that one day they had simply stopped being friends. He remembered them flirting as children. He had always had a crush on her in their younger years but then it had just stopped. He hadn't even noticed at first how she was drawing herself away from him because it was so gradual, but he noticed now that after they had started at Hogwarts and she had become a Slytherin and he had become a Gryffindor she had started to draw back. Now he realized that it was most likely because of their houses. The Slytherins and Gryffindors had never gotten along. True it was much better in their time than it was in the time of their parents but there was still interhouse fighting. He figured that the other snakes in her house had convinced her that there was no lion worth trusting. Those bastards had turned his best childhood friend against him!! That really grated his nerves to the last. He could only breathe a sigh of relief at the fact that they were back together now and he would never let anything tear them apart again. He figured that after what they were about to go through there would never be anyone or anything that would be able to tear their friendship apart again. All of a sudden he understood what dangers lie ahead of them. He would do everything in his power to protect her. He wouldn't lose her again. No way would he lose her.

Chapter 9: Exclusive
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Chapter 9** Exclusive

Corbin woke with Harry and Ron and headed down to breakfast. They were all chatting about the Quidditch match that would be happening after classes. Slytherin vs. Gryffindor. He was sure that it would prove to be a hell of a match with Harry and Draco on opposing teams. He couldn't wait for it.

When they entered the Great Hall he looked around for Trista and realized with a shock that she wasn't there yet. She was always an early riser and it was odd that she wouldn't be up and almost finished with breakfast yet. Then he saw her walk through the doors to the Great Hall with his father. This was just too odd. His father was hitting on his... well, sort of his girlfriend. He had to hold back a chuckle at the look on Trista's face. It was absolutely priceless.

The chuckle turned to a choking cough a moment later as Ginny Weasley, soon to be Potter, walked up and began to flirt with him. OMG!! Here he was flirting with Trista's mum and realizing how much she looked like her mum had in school. Ginny Potter had been truly beautiful in her teenage years. This going back in time thing was just too wierd. He turned and stared at Harry with wide eyes as he tried not to choke on his toast. Harry noticed what Ginny was doing and leaned over to talk to Corbin. "Don't worry, mate. I know that you're crazy about the American girl that transfered with you and so does Ginny. She's just playing. She wants to see how far she can push before you begin to stutter and drool all over yourself." When he pulled back 'The Boy Who Lived' was wearing the most foolish grin that Corbin had ever seen on anyone.

The situation still made him slightly uncomfortable but he had learned that it truly was a joke and was soon playing along with all of the lionnesses that flirted with him. He was having so much fun that he didn't realize the fire lighting Draco Malfoy's eyes as Hermione leaned towards him and whispered in his ear. Nor did he see the fire spark in Trista's when he laughed full heartedly. Boy, he was digging himself a hole and he didn't even know that he had a shovel.


Trista was enjoying Draco's company immensely. He told her all about how the Slytherins worked and what things to watch out for. She told him stories about her earlier years in school though she had to change a few details. He laughed when he heard about how most of the students in the school had tripped over themselves to be her friend simply because of her father's name. He knew how boring it could be but he also saw the fun in it. When she told him about all of the pranks that she had played he almost cracked a rib he was laughing so hard.

They passed the time quickly and with great enjoyment. Everyone had told her that Draco had been a terror in his school days, but she couldn't see what they had been talking about. She found his company extremely enjoyable. He was smart and witty and charming and funny. She hadn't met a boy that she could be such good friends with since Corbin. With that thought she looked across the hall only to see Hermione Granger leaning towards Corbin with her blouse cut dangerously low and Ginny Weasley rubbing the kinks out of his neck. Oh! The nerve of them! Everyone in the school knew that she and Corbin had come here together. Her own mum was flirting with him and he was just lapping it up. The little slime ball. When Hermione kissed him lightly on the cheek she felt her stomach turn. OH!!! That was just wrong !!!

Trista quickly got up and stormed out of the Great Hall leaving Draco staring after her. Corbin watched her get up and dash out of the hall and immediately pushed everyone off of him and followed her. She had looked ill. He hoped that she was all right. He'd feel absolutely awful if she was ill because of the potion!

"Trista! Hey! Wait up." He was breathing heavily once he caught up to her. "Are... you... alright?" He was bent over trying to breath evenly again.

"I'm fine, Potter. Why don't you go back inside with the rest of the lions?!" She turned on her heel and marched out the doors onto the grounds.

Corbin watched her in shock before quickly following her. If he knew his Trista she was headed right for the lake. He took the cut and met her at her favorite spot. "Trista? What's wrong? Did dad say something to you to upset you? What did he do? Tell me what's wrong." He placed his hands on her shoulders and turned her to face him.

"You were just eating that up in there weren't you?!" Her eyes grew hot with rage. "My mother hanging all over you, not to mention your's. Answering your every whim! It's disgusting!!!!"

"What about you?! You were sitting over there just flirting away with my father. I mean, I know I look like him but my GOD! When he smiled at you like that I actually threw up a little bit in my mouth. Come on, Trista! Don't be a hypocrite. You're not any good at it." He turned away from her and paced towards the lake.

She stood there for a moment staring at his back. He was right. EWW! She had flirted with Corbin's father and hadn't even realized that she was doing it.

"Well, at least I wasn't flirting on purpose!"

Corbin spun around. "I was only flirting to give you a taste of your own medicine! You were making me sick the way you and dad were hanging on each other. It was dispicable! So I got even. You were the one who told me that I should always get even so I did."

"You're right. I overreacted when I saw our mum's hanging all over you. I didn't even realize that I had been doing the same thing. Forgive me?" She gave him her best puppy dog look.

Corbin grinned at her. "On one condition." When she simply nodded he continued. "From now on we're exclusive. Just you and me and no one else. Deal?"

She stared at him open-mouthed. For once he had shocked her into silence. This was the last thing that she had expected from Corbin. He was known throughout the school as the man most afraid of commitment. He had never been able to be exclusive with any of the girls that he had dated at Hogwarts. There had always been another girl who was more interesting or pretty or funny. Could she really trust him. If they became exclusive she'd eventually let down her guard completely and she was already falling a little bit in love with him. What would happen if she fell all of the way and he left? She didn't know what she would do if that happened but her mother had always told her to follow her heart and it would never lead her wrong.

She looked deep into his eyes and knew that she was lost already. "All right, Corbin. I'll give it a shot..." Before he could hug her she stopped him by holding up a hand. " But if you hurt me so help me God I'll show you the meaning of pain. Remember I am a Potter. Clear?" As an answer he walked up to her and gently wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Clear." was what he whispered before he kissed her sweetly.

Chapter 10: The Day of the Attack
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Chapter 10** The Day of the Attack

The bell signaling the end of classes rang and Trista met up with Corbin in the corridor outside of the Great Hall. She gave him a quick kiss on the lips. "Hi. How was your day?" She asked as a smile crossed her face at just the look of him.

"Okay, but now that I'm with you it's wonderful." He grinned down at her as he stole another kiss. "Hungry?" She nodded and he led her into the hall with his arm around her waist. Instead of letting her head off to the Slytherin table he led her straight to the Gryffindor table. She was shocked to see what he had in mind.

"Just breathe babe. I made special arrangements with the other Gryffindors for today. They're all okay with you eating with us. Actually mum and Gin thought that it was a wonderful idea." He laughed at her worried expression.

"Fine. If they eat me alive I swear to God I'll come back to haunt your ass." She just looked at him and allowed him to lead her the rest of the way to the table. This was going to be uncomfortable . She smiled at everyone.

"Hey everybody. This is Trista. Babe, this is Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, and Ginny Weasley." He motioned to each in turn though she knew them all too well. She smiled at each of them and waved as she sat down next to Corbin.

He started to pile food on both of their plates while Harry struck up conversation with Trista. She was laughing in no time. Who would have ever thought that she would enjoy the company of a bunch of Gryffindor lions? As it happened she was having the time of her life. She had never met more interesting people than her parents and their friends. They were so terrific and open. She had always known that her family was made up of amazing people but she had never known just how terrific they really were. No group had ever made her feel more welcome than this one did.

Ginny excused herself to go upstairs early before her date with Harry. As she darted up the stairs Trista realized what day it was. She turned quickly to Corbin with fear in her eyes. "Corbin. We need to talk. Meet me outside in the corridor." She whispered in his ear before turning to all of the other Gryffindors in the group. "I had a wonderful time everyone. Thank you so much for welcoming me into the group. I know how uncomfortable you are with Slytherins. I can't blame you. Most of them aren't pleasant people. They can't all be like me right?" This made evryone laugh. "I hate to do this, but I have to follow Ginny. I've got a big date tonight that I should go get ready for." She smiled at everyone and kissed Corbin's cheek before gathering up her things and leaving. Corbin said his good nights soon after and followed her out of the hall. He went to the end and turned left before going into the first classroom on his right. "Hey babe." He said as Trista stepped out of the shadows. That was when he really looked at her. She was dressed in black jeans with a black tanktop and combat boots. She looked fantastic but at the same time she reminded him of a woman who was ready to fight the first person that crossed her. He noticed that her hair was pulled back the same way that it was when she fought that one girl back in third year.

"Trista, what's going on? You look like you're prepping for a fight. Did something happen?" Trista just looked at him like he was insane.

"Corbin, you've been having so much fun that you've fogotten the main reason that we are here. The War begins tonight, Corbin. Voldemort attacks Hogwarts tonight. In one hour this place is going to be full of screaming students and spells being thrown and blood. We have to be ready. Please tell me that you have your wand with you." As Corbin's eyes grew she knew that he had left it in his dorm. "It's alright. As I said we have one hour. Go upstairs and change into your fighting gear and get your wand. Make sure that the clothes you choose are easy to move in. I don't want you out there realizing that you can't move that well cause your in khakis and a tight tee." She gave him a brief hug that could have broken his ribs. She kissed him and left the room quickly.

She went up to the room of requirement. She headed straight for the arm chair that she had left her bag on. She pulled out her wand and tucked it into the waistband under her shirt then she pulled out her fighting rings and slipped one on every finger. They were all jewels of some kind so she was sure that if her wand was taken she could do some major damage with her fists. Then she taped her hands and slid the bag under the chair before leaving the room thirty minutes later. She had just enough time to get down to the entry hall before all hell broke loose. She met Corbin at the steps that led to the dungeons. He was dressed in jeans and a black wife beater with mountain climbing boots. He looked ready. She noticed that his wand was tucked into the back waistband of his jeans. He looked ready to take on anyone or anything that crossed his path.

Trista knew that they were ready since they had spent the past month practicing spells for the war. She was a little scared but she knew that as long as they kept cool heads they would be just fine. They both knew that tonight would decide the fate of the wizarding world. It was a rare gift to be allowed to be present on a day that was so important to their history.

Corbin walked over and pulled her into his arms and just held her as tight as he possibly could. Neither of them knew how this night would end. They could both end up dead by the time it was all over. The thought had just accurd to both of them. Neither had thought of the danger that they might be putting themselves into when they had picked this time to travel back to. Corbin felt like his heart was being squeezed by a gigantic fist at the very thought of losing her. Life would never be the same if he lost her now.

In the next few minutes they learned the meaning of chaos. The doors were blown open by a spell and a swarm of death eaters entered all throwing spells in different directions. Trista and Corbin had their wands in hand immediately. They began to combat the death eaters, trying to beat them back until more students arrived.

Trista was thrown head to head with Lucius and Corbin was trying to fight Crabbe and Goyle off. The struggle seemed almost impossible. Corbin's hope began to fade and die. Harry, Ginny, Ron, Hermione, Draco, and the rest of the Weasleys came running down the hallway closely followed by the staff and Dumbeldore. Finally, the cavalry had arrived. The next few hours the castle was filled with spells being thrown, and the floors were littered with the bodies of the fallen. Trista had never seen anything more horrifying than this war was. She was terrified but the adrenaline pushed her onward. She couldn't stop now or all would be lost. She must continue on no matter how her muscles were aching.

Bellatrix cast the disarming spell towards her at the same moment that Trista did. They lunged at each other and Trista caught her in the side of the face with her fist. The next hit sent her down and knocked her out cold. Trista grabbed her wand and joined the fray again after tying Bellatrix up.

After a few hours it seemed like the war would never end. That was when Harry and Voldemort spotted each other. They began to make their way toward each other across the Great Hall fighting everyone in the way.

Chapter 11: The End of the War
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Chapter 11** The End of the War

Everyone began to fight more ferociously when they noticed the two making their way toward each other. They knew that the final duel was about to begin which gave them all new hope. The students and staff helped to clear Harry's path so that he could reach Voldemort easier. That was when Trista noticed Ginny. Lucius was sneaking up behind her. Trista ran and pushed her to the ground as she saw lucius raise his wand. Ginny and Trista rolled across the floor as Draco and Corbin attacked Lucius. When they got back to their feet the duel had begun.

Voldemort and Harry looked evenly matched. Then out of the blue a spell hit Harry square in the chest, knocking him to his knees. He spit blood on the ground as Voldemort advanced. Just as everyone thought that Harry would lose he sent the killing curse at Voldemort ending the war. Everyone held their breath in fear that Voldemort was still alive. Then everything started again. The students and staff rounded up the rest of the death eaters with ease now that Voldemort was gone.

Trista was shocked that it had ended so easily. For that one split second she had feared that their being there had somehow changed the course of fate and doomed Harry to lose the war. Her heart had actually stopped in her chest when she had watched her father drop to his knees. He was her entire world and for a moment she had thought that her choice in this little experiment had cost her her father's life. She had never known a greater fear in her entire life, and she knew that she never would again.

She began to look around frantically for Corbin. During all of the action she had lost sight of him. She spotted him a few minutes later and her heart dropped into her stomach. She had thought that she could never be more afraid than she had been when her father had dropped to his knees in front of Voldemort, but seeing Corbin lying on the ground motionless gave her a whole new meaning to the word fear. She ran towards him, pushing people out of her way until she could reach his side. She dropped to her knees beside him and took his hand in her own. She was afraid to check for a pulse in case she didn't find one.

She lifted his head into her lap and allowed the tears to fall down her face. She felt as though her heart was bleeding inside of her chest. Finally she gathered the courage to check for a pulse. She began to breathe again when she found it. It was very faint but she could still make it out. Ginny joined her moments later and began to examine him. She cast a few healing spells and gave him a potion for the pain. Draco and Ron helped her get Corbin to his feet.

They skirted their way around the survivng Death Eaters and took him up to the hospital wing. She stayed with him while Draco and Ron went to see who else they could find.

Moments later they were joined by Harry, who was led in by Hermione. Neville, Fred, Charlie, Seamus, Alicia Spinnet, Susan Bones, Terry Boot, and Katie Bell soon filled up the remaining beds.

Hermione, Ginny, and a few others began to conjure more beds and tend to the people filing in with injuries. The less talented in Magical Cures were set to help those with broken bones and lacerations while those with strong medical gifts were trying to help those who had been hit by the Unforgivable Curses or other curses of similar magnitude.

Trista had never seen so much pain in her life. The after effects were more shocking than the war had actually been. Since the adrenaline had drained out of her she was more terrified now than she had been during the fighting. Now the full effects of what had happened and what would happen began to sink in. The shock began to hit her as well at how many friends their parents had lost and all of the people who had lost their lives for the cause. They had after all lost Hannah Abbott, Justin Finch-Fletchley, Mandy Brocklehurst, Michael Corner, Padma Patil, Zacharias Smith, Proffessor Flitwick, and many many more.

Many Death Eaters had survived, but all of the survivors had been captured. Malfoy, Goyle, Dolohov, Macnair, Rabastan, and Mulciber were a few of those who had not survived the fight. None of the survivors had gotten away.

Trista knew that the cleaning up would be much more difficult than the war had been. The next few days would be extremely trying for all of them. As long as they stuck together and supported each other they would get through the trials all right.

Chapter 12: The After Effects
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Chapter 12** The After Effects

The next few days were spent burying those that they had lost. The trials passed quickly and the remaining Death Eaters were sentenced to life in Azkaban, which was now guarded by aurors instead of dementors which meant that there was no way for them to escape. The survivors mourned the deaths of friends and loved ones. For the most part everyone, shockingly, held themselves together until everything had been taken care of. Those who had survived saw to the things that needed to be taken care of. It was difficult and trying for all of them to hold themselves together but they did so with amazing strength. Trista had never respected anyone as much as she respected her parents, aunts, and uncles in the days that followed the war. She had never seen such strength.

In the days following the war everyone was in and out of the hospital wing visiting their wounded friends. Even Slytherins and Gryffindors were speaking. Harry and the others had many visitors.

Trista and Corbin helped with getting things back in order. Though Corbin was a little sluggish he helped as much as he could. It was difficult and very emotional for everyone, but they were all trying to get their lives back on track. They just wanted things to get back to the way they were though everyone knew that it never woud be the same.

Ginny went up to visit Harry the day that he was to be released from the hospital wing and he proposed. Not the most romantic way to ask a girl to marry you, but it was perfect for Harry and Ginny. That same day Draco asked Hermione for their first date. She, of course, refused since she was with Ron. Trista couldn't help but feel horrible for her at the thought that Ron would leave her soon, breaking her heart and sending her back into the world of books that she used to hide herself away in.

Things were ending nicely. Trista was glad that everyone was trying to move on with their lives. It seemed to be working out nicely for everybody. Many people had realized that they couldn't live without the person they were currently with. Many got the happy ending that they had thought was out of reach. The end of the war had given many the courage to ask those that they loved to share the rest of their lives with them. That was a gift that not many got and even fewer appreciated.

Trista had a feeling that once she and Corbin were gone they would not be remembered. After all it would be very odd if they were remembered, wouldn't it? The thought saddened her slightly, yet at the same time it greatly releaved her. She was simply glad that she had been given the chance to participate in the most remembered moment in history. She had been given the great honor to take part in the making of history. She could carry that with her always.

She and Corbin visited all of their new friends before deciding to spend their last night together down at the lake. They both knew that once they got back to their own time they would have trouble keeping their relationship alive due to their houses. They agreed not to give up though. They would try to work through whatever problems were thrown their way, and even if they didn't stay together as a couple they would remain friends through it all.

They were holding hands when the spell started to take effect and they were pulled back to their own time.

Chapter 13: Graduation Day
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Chapter 14** Graduation Day

Trista's smile was broad as she joined her graduating class. She had never felt so fulfilled in her life as when she had finally graduated from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She had been given the highest honors that a graduate could acheieve. She would go on to become an auror with Corbin by her side.

They had finally found a flat a few weeks ago, just outside of London. It was all ready for them to move in as soon as they graduated. They didn't have much furniture, but it was going to be their's. They were going to have their own place to call home as they were training to be aurors. She was so excited. It seemed as though all of her dreams were coming true. This was the life that she had dreamed of for so long. It was as if she was actually getting her happy ending. The only thing that could make any of this better would be if she and Corbin were to get married, but she knew that that wasn't going to happen for a while. It was okay though. She could wait for him.

Corbin joined Trista with a huge smile on his face. They had finally done it. They had completed their schooling at Hogwarts. They would go on to become aurors and were going to be celebrating with their family and friends in their very own flat tonight. He couldn't believe how everything had turned out. He still needed to talk to Trista though. There was something that they needed to discuss.

After a few hours of mingling with the other graduates he was finally able to pull her away toward the lake. They walked around the lake hand in hand. He was trying to figure out how he could say what he needed to say. This was more difficult than passing N.E.W.T.s had been. He just allowed himself to let go and enjoy her company and the moon and stars reflected out of the lake at him. Today had been perfect... Well, it had been almost perfect. He just had one last thing to do.

Corbin led her to the weeping willow that stood next to the lake. This had been their tree since they had come back from their parents time. They always came out to this tree when they wanted time alone, away from the prying eyes of their peers. It was their own little sanctuary on the grounds. He led her to the bench beneath it. He had built the bench for her in the beginning of their sixth year.

They sat down and watched the lake for a while. Eventually he got up the courage and knelt in front of her.

"Trista, today has been the most amazing day of my life. There is only one thing missing. We've graduated and tonight we'll be celebrating in our own flat with our family and friends. Soon we'll be studying to be aurors together. The one thing that could make today perfect is if, when we went back to the flat, we were going back facing life together. I need you with me for the rest of my life. We've gotten through a lot together and I know that I can face anything if I have you by my side. So... I have one question to ask. If your answer is yes you will make me the happiest man alive.

"Trista Potter, will you marry me? Will you share the rest of your life with me and stay with me through the thick and the thin no matter what comes our way?"

Corbin watched the tears well up in Trista's eyes and spill down her cheeks. She looked more beautiful in that moment than he had ever seen her. He knew that this was the woman that he wanted to share the rest of his life with. He wanted to grow old with her and have children with her.

Trista got off of the bench and knelt down in front of him. She framed his face in her hands and nodded slowly before pressing a kiss to his lips. She couldn't have been more happy than she was in that very moment. She felt as though her heart would burst from happiness.

When he slipped the ring on her finger she knew that no matter how happy she was he could always make her happier. She loved him with everything in her and she couldn't imagine being with anyone else. This man was her life.

"Corin, I would be honored to marry you. You have just completed my life. Nothing could have made this day better. I love you with everything in me. You're my world. I love you and I'm going to spend the rest of my life making you as happy as I can. I promise that I will love you forever."

They got up and walked back to the castle under the light of the full moon. This was the beginning of the rest of their lives and both of them knew that it was going to be full of suprises and love.

Chapter 14: Epilogue
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Chapter 14** Epilogue

Trista and Corbin Malfoy walked through the grounds behind their new manor. They had been married for ten years now and were only a year away from sending their first child off to Hogwarts. They had followed the Weasley tradition and had too many kids to count almost. Barely three months after their marriage Trista had found out that she was pregnant with their first child, a son to be named Callum. He had ended up with the Malfoy looks, bleach blonde hair and striking blue eyes. Not a year later they had Mina, their fiery beauty. She had more energy than all of Hogwarts alumnis put together. Then were the twins, Aislyn and Briant. Aislyn was blonde with the green eyes of a cat and Briant had black hair and blue eyes. They were exactly alike and both had their own sense of style that made them stand apart from the rest. Then was Trent, with his curly brown hair and blue eyes. He was the family comedian. Even as a baby he could make you laugh until you were in stitches. Lastly were the triplets. Yes, triplets. Arianna, Draco, and Bianca. Bianca and Draco both had the platinum hair and blue eyes and also the Malfoy disposition. They were both stunning and unfortunately knew it. Arianna though was exactly like her grandmother Hermione, from the looks to the brains. She was their little genius and had been reading at the young age of two.

Trista and Corbin couldn't have been happier with their little hoard. Nor could their parents. Hermione, Draco, Harry, and Ginny were all thrilled to be grandparents and spoiled all of the new Malfoys rotten. Today they had split the little army up and taken them to Diagon Alley, each set of grandparents taking four of the children.

The peace was almost unnatural to Trista and Corbin as they walked the grounds. No shouts were heard, no cries to hush, no booboos to fix, just simply quiet. They sighed contentedly as they walked back into the house for lunch. Neither could believe that it had been ten years since they had been married or that it had been twelve since their trip back. Corbin still carried some scars from their little escapade as did Trista. They would reminisce over their adventure every now and then, and would be back in that year when they had first fallen in love.

Trista smiled at her husband over the table. He was still so handsome that she had to stop and stare. Ten years later and she was still so in love with this man that it almost hurt. A smile crossed her face as she remembered everything that they had gone through just to be together. The wedding plans had been a disaster. Thankfully on their wedding day it had all come together, but up until then it had been so hectic that neither had had the time to breathe. She could still giggle over the stress they had been under. She knew in her heart that she would always love this man in front of her and he would love her until the end of time, as he had proven time and again. They had promised each other forever and she knew that the promise would be kept.

Their lunch was interrupted by screaming that could only mean their break from reality was over. Their little hellions were home. They locked eyes and grinned as Trista cleared the table and Corbin went to great his kids. Even though the peace was welcome they both hated to be away from their children for too long. The laughter and tears that filled the house had become a welcoming and homey sound that was missed dearly when they weren't there.

The children ran until nine o'clock when they were all so dead on their feet that some didn't even make it to bed before falling asleep. The triplets had been put to bed an hour earlier and Corbin found himself having to carry Aislyn to bed. When they were all tucked in and the house was once again quiet, Trista and Corbin carried themselves to their own bedroom, exhausted. They both sighed as they climbed into bed after a very quick shower. Trista snuggled up to her husband and layed her head on his shoulder. He smiled and ran his fingers through her hair. "It's almost sad that I've become so accustomed to the shouts that I miss them when they're not echoing off of the walls." Trista giggled and looked up at him. "I know what you mean."

"I don't know what we'll do when they're all away at Hogwarts. It's only a few years away after all." He stared into the distance as he said this. His thoughts were brought back to earth as Trista cleared her throat. "Acually. It'll be a little longer before it's anywhere near quiet again." He looked into his wifes eyes and his own eyes widened as he realized what she meant. "Are you sure?" She smiled. "Yep. September 1st we're gonna have another little one to add to our collection." She said with a laugh in her voice. Corbin's smile grew as he pulled her into a long kiss.They fell asleep that way and both dreamed of what the future had in store.

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