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Love in the Gryfindor House by LegolasPrinCeofMyHEarT

Format: Novella
Chapters: 5
Word Count: 6,020
Status: Abandoned

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Romance
Characters: Harry, Hermione, Oliver Wood
Pairings: Others

First Published: 01/06/2005
Last Chapter: 01/11/2005
Last Updated: 02/10/2005


Chapter 1: The New Term
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Harry and Ron waited for Hermione to come bouding out of the platform 9 and three quarters. Hermione had gone on vacation in Monaco and they had not seen her all summer. Soon enough she was visible as she appeared through the wall pushing a trolley with Crookshanks asleep in his basket. They both raised their eyebrows as they stared at her. She certainly had changed. Her ususally thick and bushy brown hair was now not frizzed up, but smooth and shiny. She had also put on a bit of makeup, not a lot like Pansy Parkensin, but just a little. Some eyeliner, maybe a hint of blush, and she plucked her eyebrows. she wore the same plain clothing, but though her loose fitting tee-shirt and baggy jeans you could see her thin, but now curvy figure.
She gave them each a kiss on the cheek and the hug.

“ I decided to drop another class this year, because of prefect duties, but I’m still on a full…” she stopped and looked at her two best friends gaping faces.

“ What is it the hair?” Hermione asked.

“ Mm,” Ron said snapping out of his gaze.

“ Oh, my mom just took me to a wizarding hair salon in Diagon Alley instead of the regular one we go to in London. They put some anti-frizz spell on my hair. I guess it looks better, I really don’t care that much, but my mom…” she trailed off lifting her heavy sack of books onto her shoulder.

“ It looks good,” Harry said to her reassuringly.

“ Yeah,” Ron repeated nodding to his friend.

Hermione beamed at them and led them onto the train. All of the compartments were full, so they went all through the train looking for a compartment to go in.

“ Oy! Harry!” Harry turned around. His quidditch captain waved at him where he was surrounded by Alicia, Angelina.“ We got room for more!”

Harry thanked him and the trio walked inside the already crowded compartment and dropped their luggage off. They all took a seat.

“ Hey thanks Oliver,” Hermione said warmly. Wood looked up from dealing cards to look at Hermione. His eyes got big, “ N-n-no problem.”

“ Did you do something to your hair?” he asked casually leaning against the seat. “ I mean it looks good, I’m just wondering.”

Hermione laughed. “ Yeah, I did. Thanks”

Wood smiled back at her. Hermione felt her heart skip a beat as he smiled that heart flattering, studly smile he gave to all of his girlfriends and now flashed it at her. He was a year older than she was and was the “stud” of the Gryfindor house. Wood had always been. He wasn’t interested in her was he? Hermione shook the thought out of her head and picked up the cards she was dealt.

Hermione nervously tried not to meet Wood’s eyes. She could feel heat rising. Was she attracted to Wood? She snuck a glance at him. He was surely handsome. He had a tall, buffed up body rippled with muscle from Quidditch and a nice scottish accent. Alicia and Katie were flirting with him, laughing a little too hard at his jokes and being all over him. Once or twice, Hermione could have swore he stared at her while she was chatting with Harry or Ron, but when she looked he had gone back to flirting with Katie and Alicia.

They arrived at Hogwarts and had a delicious feast at the Great Hall. On her way out, she bumped into Oliver.

“ Oops, sorry Hermione,” he laughed his deep hearty laugh.

“ It’s alright,” she said smiling at him.

“ Come on Hermione!” Harry called from the top of the staircase. She hurried up to him.

“ Password?” the fat lady asked them.

“ I think its Bellmaore?” Ron said. “ No wait its Bellamo.” The portrait swung open and they took their favorite seats by the fire.

“ So, a new term,” Ron said. “ isn’t there a dance this year?”

“ Oh yeah,” Hermione said. “ It’s the Christmas Ball, for fourth years and above. It’s supposed to be better than the Yule Ball.”

“ Do you know who you’re goin with?” Harry asked cautiously looking sideways at Ron.

“ Er, no not yet. Why?” Hermione asked. “ Term just started.”

“ Just wondering, can’t a bloke wonder?” Harry got up. “ I’m goin to bed. G’nite.”

“ Me too, Nite Hermione,” Ron followed Harry up the stairs.

Hermione shook her head and leaned back into the chair. The fire was dying and when she got up she bumped into, guess who? Oliver, again....

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Chapter 2: The Common Room
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“ Goodness,” Oliver turned around to see who he bumped into and squinted in the semi-darkness at the figure of Hermione. She was actually really pretty. Why hadn’t he noticed her before? Probably because he was busy having fun with so many other girls.

“ Sorry, oh hey Oliver,” Hermione said nervously. “ What are you doing here so late?”

“ I couldn’t sleep,” he said taking a seat next to the chair she had been sitting on. Hermione sat back down.

“ So this is your last year huh?” Hermione asked trying to start up a conversation.

“ Yea!” he replied eagerly.

“ So, do you have any idea what you are going to do after Hogwarts?” she asked. “ Quidditch?”

“ Of course,” Oliver said laughing. “ I heard that Puddlemere’s signing new players pretty soon so I’ll probably try out for them.”

“ That’s great!” Hermione said encouragingly. “ You’re bound to get in,” she said smiling up at him.

Oliver looked up. “ Thanks,” he said. “ You’re in your sixth year right?”

“ Yeah,” Hermione replied. “ Why?”

“ That good,” he said. “ Owl year is over.”

They continued chatting for another half an hour until Hermione looked at her watch and clasped a hand to her mouth.

“ One o’clock??!! Goodness,” she hastily got up. “ IT’s very late, Good night Oliver.” She made for the stairway.

“ Wait,” Oliver said stopping her in her tracks suddenly looking very uncomfertable. “ I had a good time talking tonight, would you like to sit with me tomorrow in the Great Hall for breakfast?” he asked looking nervously at her.

“ Um,” hermiome stared at her feet. “ Usually I sit with Harry and Ron, but I guess it’d be okay,” she said shifting.

“ Okay,” Wood said brightly. “ Nite!”

That evening, Hermione went to her dormiotry and fell asleep a bit confused that night.


Hermione got up the next morning and wondered why Oliver had invited her to sit with him for breakfast. IN the past years, they had seldom even acknoledged each other. She brushed her hair out and went to the mirror to put a tad bit of makeup on. Hermione carefully lined her eyes with black eyeliner and curled her eyelashes with her wand just how Lavender had taught her to do so. As she was tying her robe by the closed door, Alicia and Katie walked by talking loudly. Hermione pressed her ear to the door to hear what they were saying.

“ Yeah?”

“ Yeah, Can you believe it? I think he likes me again,” a high pitched voice that belonged to Katie said.

“ Wood, really?” Alicia asked.

ON the other side of the door, Hermione’s ears perked up.

“ Mmmm hmmm,” Katie said barreling on. “ Like we were giving each other eyes all through dinner and he was saying how much he was going to miss me as such a good chaser next year.”

“ That’s great!” Alicia squealed. “ You’ve been in love with him for like forever. I’m so happy for you guys.”

“ I know right?” Katie laughed. “ Thanks. He’ll probably ask me to Hogsmede first and then to the Christmas ball, and then…”

Hermione drew back from the door. She knew it. Oliver did not like her, he liked Katie. He was probably just being nice. Hermione finished doing her hair and then went to the common room to meet up with Harry and Ron.

“ Hey,” they both greeted her.

“ What’s wrong?” Harry asked putting a hand on her shoulder. “ You look flustered.”

“ Um, it’s nothing really,” she said looking around. “ It’s just that Wood invited me to sit with him this morning in the hall for breakfast if it’s alright with you guys.”

“ Wood?” Harry furrowed his eye brow. “ When?”

“ Last night,” Hermione said slowly. “ I hope you guys don’t mind, but it’s only breakfast. He’s just doing it to be nice ok?”

“ Yea sure,” Ron said shrugging it off. “ Come on, breakfast probably already started.”

They all trooped down to the Great Hall; and when they approached the Gryfindor table, Hermione heard her name.


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Chapter 3: Jealousy Begins
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“ Oy! Hermione!” Hermione turned and saw Oliver waving at her from the opposite end of the table. “ Over here!”

She turned and said good bye to Harry and Ron who reluctantly sat down as she approached Oliver.

She looked at who he was sitting with; Angelina, Katie, and Alicia. Oliver made room for her on the bench and motioned for her to sit right next to him. Hermione slid in and looked uncomfortably around the table.

“ I invited Hermione to sit with us,” Wood explained to the group.

Katie looked at him and mouthed a quite obvious, “ Why?” Hermione shifted as she was obviously not welcomed by the others.

“ Cause I wanted to alright?” Oliver replied not looking at Katie again.

Professor McGonagall came down the aisle and started to pass out schedules. Angelina handed Hermione hers. Oliver peered down at Hermione’s.

“ You’re taking Arithmacy?” he exclaimed. “ Me too, they think it’s so stupid, but I find it interesting,” he nodded towards the girls. “ Especially Katie,” he added as an afterthought.

Katie tossed her hair while Hermione laughed. “ Yeah, Harry and Ron tease me about taking so many classes, but I dropped a few this year so…”

Katie cleared her throat loudly, butting into their conversation. “ Ahem, so Oliver when does Quittich practice start again?” she asked in a sugary voice batting her long, eyelashes.

Hermione went back to her food, but not without stealing another glance at Wood. He was so handsome. He had sweet brown eyes, tan skin, and broad shoulders. She glanced back down the table at the other end where Ron and Harry were busying themselves with Lavender and Parvati and sighed. She turned to hear what Katie was saying.

“ … oh you!” Katie exclaimed. “ You’re too much Oliver, I hate you,” she said giggling and it most certainly did not seem like she hated him.

Hermione was surprised when Wood turned to face her again. “ Hey Hermione, so what do you have first?”

She looked at her schedule, “ Potions, double potions, with Slytherin,” she said glancing at the Slytherin table where Draco Malfoy was holding court with his goons.

“ Ahh,” Oliver said. “ So do you k now when the first Hogsmede trip is?” he asked cautiously.
“ Nope,” Hermione said without looking up. She heard a gasp from Katie.
“ Oliver,” Katie said in a tight voice throwing a look of loathing to Hermione. “ We need to talk, alone, in private,” she grabbed Oliver by the hand and led him out of the Great Hall.

Hermione looked at Alicia and Angelina and shrugged her shoulders. She went back to sit with Harry and Ron who looked up with surprise.

“ Where’s Wood?” Ron asked making room for Hermione on the bench.

“ He left,” Harry said. Suddenly Ron nudged Harry in the stomach.

“ Ow! What was that for?” Harry cried.

“ Miss Chang is coming over,” Ron said.

“ Oh, but with Cedric.”
Hermione looked over Ron’s shoulder and saw the really hot Hufflepuff, Quidditch Captain, Cedric Diggory make his way over with Cho Chang in tow.

“ Hey Harry,” Cho said smiling at him with her long silly black hair tumbling down her shoulder.

“ Hey Ron, Hey Hermione.”

“ Yeah, hey you guys,” Cedric said. He looked at each one of them and his eyes raised up a little when he saw Hermione. “ Hey Hermione, you’re hair looks good.”

Hermione blushed. “ Thanks.”

“ So Harry,” Cho continued. “ I’ll see you around?”

Harry too turned red in the face. “ Yeah, sure.”

They both left.

“ I think she’s into you man,” Ron said slapping Harry on the back.

“ No way,” Harry said shaking his head. “ She’s with Cedric.”

“ Still, I think she digs you,” Ron said laughing and shaking his head. “ And Hermione, I think Cedirc has a thing for you too. Did you see the way he looked at you?”

This time it was Hermione’s turn to laugh. “ Me?” she asked incredulously. “ Ha, yeah right.”

“ Why not?” Ron asked. “ You’re pretty I guess,” he said raising his eyebrows.

“ I guess?” Hermione slapped him. “ Thanks.”

“ I was just kidding,” Ron said. “ You’re plenty pretty. But I still think he has a thing for you. And what about Oliver? He must like you too since he invited you to sit with him,” Ron gazed off.
“ Really?” Hermione asked not noticing how Harry had become really quiet and had started to shift around in his seat.
“ Hmm, yeah I think so,” Ron said. “ ON the other hand, I think Lavender might want to go to the Christmas Ball with me,” he said dreamily.


While Hermione went back to her dorm to get her potion books, Harry dragged Ron into a corner.

“ What, what?” Ron said shrugging Harry’s firm grip off of his arm. “ What’s so important?”

“ You really think Cedric and Wood are interested in her?” Harry asked urgently.
“ I think so, why?” Ron asked suspiciously. Harry looked to the floor. “ Aaah!! I knew it,” Ron exclaimed. “ You fancy Hermione!”
“ Sssh!” Harry hushed Ron looking around the corridor. “ Be quiet all right?”

“ But I thought you fancied Cho,” Ron said a bit confused. “ I never knew you fancied Hermione mate.”

“ I guess I kind of always have, in a small way,” Harry admitted. “ But she got really cute this year, you know with her hair and everything.”

“ And she’s increasing in cup size if you know what I mean,” Ron nudged Harry again winking.

“ Yeah, but I doubt she fancies me,” Harry said tilting his head sideways.

“ She did.”

“ What?” harry asked.

“ Yeah you never knew?” Ron asked surprised. “ She did in our fifth year, when you liked Cho.”

“ Oh,” Harry slumped back against the wall. “ But she doesn’t anymore. Especially if Wood and Cedric fancy her. I mean two Quidditch captains? And besides Cedric is with Cho so, ugh I don’t know.”

“ It’s ok mate,” Ron said patting Harry on the shoulder. “ She might still fancy you. Just make your move… soon.” Harry nodded and they went to the dungeons for potions.....


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Chapter 4: A Stroll in the Grounds Turns into Something More
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“ Welcome to another dreadful year,” Professor Snape told the silent class. “ Today you will be making the Silencing Potion. Directions are on the board as usual and ingredients are inside the closet,” he flicked his wrist and directions instantly were scrawled on the chalkboard and the cupboard flew open.

Hermione quietly added newts tail to her cauldron and I spewed a pale green smoke. On her right, Ron nearly dropped a glass bottle and on her left, Neville as usual was having some difficulties.

“ I think he asked me out,” Hermione whispered to Ron.

“ What? Sorry I can’t hear you,” Ron said leaning over.

“ I think he asked me out,” Hermione repeated louder, but not so loud that Harry could hear who was on the other side of Ron.

“ Aww, who asked you out Granger?” said the cold, drawling voice of Draco Malfoy who was sitting behind them. “ Hagrid?”

Crabbe and Goyle laughed.

Hermione threw him a look of loathing and turned back to Ron. At least Malfoy wasn’t interested in her. But he had turned out quite handsome. His blonde hair had grown out a bit and his body was getting a bit more buffed up even though he was on the thin side. His gray eyes were deep and had a sense of mystery about them.
“ You were saying,” Ron said interrupting her thoughts. “ Before the git interrupted us. Who’s he?”

“ Wood,” Hermione said. “ He asked me if I knew when the first Hogsmede trip was.”

“ Oh,” Ron said. “ So he didn’t really ask you out.”

“ Well isn’t that kinda sorta asking me out?” Hermione asked looking quite baffled.

“ Well-“ Ron was cut off my Snape.

“ Well if it isn’t Weasly and Granger. I would suggest you two love birds go back to working instad to chatting away,” he said.

They both blushed, but Ron got red in the face while Malfoy snickered. Harry looked up.

“ Ron? Hermione? What happened?” he asked looking quite dazed.

“ Oh nothing,” Hermione said quickly.

Harry turned back to continue his intent potions work. Ron turned back to Hermione as soon as snape was at the other corner of the room taunting another student. “ I dunno if that counts as asking you out. I mean as a guy, it’s just wondering. You know. Like a normal question. I mean, all I think is that he migh fancy you.” Ron put a bit of an emphasis on the might.

“ Oh,” Hermione said disappointed. “ You know, I really fancy him,” she said quietly to Ron.

“ Really?” Ron asked surprised. “ Does Harry know?”

“ NO!” Hermione exclaimed. “ Don’t tell him either. I don’t think he likes Wood very much. I don’t know why thought. Whenever I mention him he gets all funny.”

“ Oh, I see,” Ron said understanding everything. “ Don’t worry your secret is safe with me.”


“ That couldn’t have gone any worse,” Harry muttered to Hermione and Ron as they walked out of Potions class. Snape had ruthlessly vanished Harry’s silencing potion and received a zero for today’s work.

“ I know,” Hermione said sympathetically. “ Yours wasn’t nearly as bad as Crabbe’s or Goyles’. Theirs were smoking!” she exclaimed.

“ Ugh,” Harry pulled out his schedule from his bag.

“ Oy! Hermione,” a voice frantically called from behind them.

All three of them turned around simutamusely and they all raised their eyebrows in surprise. Oliver Wood was jogging towards them flailing his hands about. He came to an abrupt stop in front of them. “ Hey,” he said to all of them, a little out of breath. “ Could I steal Hermione away for a minute?” he asked.

“ Whatever,” Harry said rolling his eyes. He grabbed Ron and pulled him away from the two. “ Lets go to Charms.”

Ron looked back at them. “ Ok, I gotta go. Catch you in a minute Mione’”. Hermione nodded bewildered at Harry’s odd behavior.

“ Sorry about this morning,” Oliver said a little breathlessly. “ Katie… er I dunno, er she has problems,” he said shaking his head.

“ Oh, that’s ok,” Hermione said cracking a small grin.

“ You sure?” Oliver searched Hermione’s eyes.

“ Yes, I was fine,” Hermione said really smiling now.

“ You have a beautiful smile,” Oliver said unblushingly.

“ Why.. thank you,” Hermione said on the other hand blushing.

“ So, um, anyway, I was wondering if you would like to go for a stroll sometime today?” he asked nervously waiting for her answer. “ I understand if you don’t want to, er..?”

Hermione looked at him dumbstruck. Maybe he did like her, so was Ron wrong? Or was this a joke? Like a bet, Katie and Alicia wanted him to do.. Hermione thought about it for a second.

“ Um, I don’t know when I’m free,” she said quickly.

“ Oh,” Oliver said a bit disappointed. “ Can I see your schedule?”

Hermione took it out of her bag and handed it to him.

“ Hey you have nothing after Charms,” he said pointing at the empty time slot.

“ Oh, I was supposed to go to the library with Harry and Ron, but I guess they wouldn’t mind,” Hermione said.

“ Or I could go to the library with you,” Oliver offered.

“ No, no,” Hermione said quickly. “ I’d rather go for a walk.”

“ Oh great!” he said brightly. “ So I’ll meet you by the entrance at two o’clock then.”

“ Okay,” Hermione departed waving. “ Omigod, I can’t believe what he just asked me,” she said to herself. “ He’s the Quidditch captain. He has just as many groupies as Cedric!”

“ Bye!” Oliver called after her. She ran to charms wouldn’t be late.

Harry and Ron were waiting for her outside the Charms classroom.
“ What was that about?” Harry asked, but he didn’t wait for an answer and he barreled on. “ So anyway, Ron and I were thinking we should start our potions essay first in the library and then we should start that Transfiguration homework.”

I said we should do our Astr-“ he stopped looking at Hermione who had turned quiet again.

“ I don’t know how to tell you guys this,” she said biting her lip.

“ What?” harry asked exasperatedly.

“ Um, Oliver asked me to take a stroll with him,” she said. They waited for her to continue. “ Today.”

“ OK? That’s great,” Ron said giving her a thumbs up.

“ During our free time, when we were supposed to go to the library,” Hermione finished looking at them both.

“ Well you told him no right,” Harry said staring at Hermione. “ Because you said you would help us with our homework. You know I can’t do all of my potions work without you.”

“ That’s the problem Harry,” Hermione explained. “ I told him I could go. Well I wanna go so I was hoping you guys wouldn’t mind,” she pleaded.

Harry opened his mouth but Ron dragged him inside the classroom. “ Its okay Hermione, go, I’ll take care of harry. Hes on the off side today if you noticed,” he told Hermione quietly.

“ Thanks,” she said shaking her head. “ Yeah, I noticed. I wonder whats up with him.”

Once she was out of earshot, Ron said to himself, “ You my dear girl, you.”

Hermione put on a swipe of lip gloss and brushed her hair out before running back down to the entrance to meet Oliver. As she was walking down the stairs, she caught a sight of him leaning against the doors. He looked so hot with his hair all mussed up and golden tan.

“ Hey!” she called down to him. He straightened up and waved.

“ Glad you could come,” he said to her. “ Shall we?” he opened the doors and rays of sunlight hit them both. Hermione blinked a couple of times so her eyes could adjust.

“ It’s a nice day out,” she observed looking at the lake as they walked around the grounds.

“ Lets sit,” Oliver suggested he sat by the willow tree and patted the seat next to him. Hermione hesitated just for a second, but sat down slowly.

Oliver turned and faced her. He looked into her eyes.

“ I really like you Hermione,” he said gently stroking her cheek. “ I hope you know that.”

Then Hermione really went speechless. After processing the thought she said, “ Y-y-ou do?”

Oliver laughed. “ How’s this for an answer?” he leaned in and kissed her gently on the lips. Hermione closed her eyes and kissed him back. He pulled back and traced her face with his callused but fairly soft fingertips. “ Did I tell you that you’re beautiful?” he asked kissing her again.

“ Mm,” she responded still a little astounded.

“ Come here,” Oliver cradled her in his strong arms.

A little distance away, they were not aware that a pair of eyes was watching them from afar…


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Chapter 5: Planning a Scheme
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Those eyes belonged to Alicia. She quickly ran to where Katie and Angelina were polishing their broomsticks in the broom shed by the Quidditch field.

“ Oh-my-god,” she said emphasizing each syllable. “ Guess who I saw snogging under the willow tree?”

“ Cedric and Cho?” Katie asked automatically.

“ Nope,” Alicia said breathing heavily. “ You really wanna know?”

“ I really don’t care,” Katie said tossing her head.

“ You sure?” Alicia asked again. “ Because it was Oliver and Hermione.”

“ What!???!!” Katie cried jumping up. “ It was Oliver and who ??!” she shouted angrily.

“ Oliver and Hermione,” Alicia said softly patting Katie on the shoulder. “ I’m sorry. I knew how much you liked him.”

“I cannot believe this,” Katie said fuming. “ Show me,” She ordered.

“ You’re not gonna bust them are you?” Alicia asked alarmed.

Katie looked at her friend in disgust. “ No, do you think I’m stupid? Where are they?”

“ Underneath the willow tree.”

All three of them silently creeped behind a bush a fair distance away from the two. Katie poked her head out from the bush and watched in horror at what she saw. Oliver was stroking Hermione’s hair and kissing her gently every few seconds. Hermione had a dreamy look on her face, cuddled in Oliver’s arms.

“ Omigod,” Katie said slumping down. “ What the hell? So she gets her big mush of hair fixed and suddenly she gets Wood?’

“ She’s a nice person,” Angelina said quietly. “ She helped me on my potions homework.”

“ I DON”T CARE,” Katie shrieked. “ Ugh, I mean who does she think she is? She can just take my man?”

“ It’s not like we can do anything,” Alicia offered.

Katie snapped her fingers. “ That’s it, brilliant. We can do something.”

“ Do what?” asked a deep voice from behind them. All three of them whipped around in alarm.
“ Oh hey Cedric,” Katie said wiping the sweat off her brow. “ Nothing, did you see Wood and Hermione making out under the tree?”
Cedric peered out form behind the bush at the two.

“ Omigod that’s Hermione,” he exclaimed. “ Damn she’s hot,” he said sighing. “ Oh, well she’s taken.”

“ You like her?” Katie asked in disbelief.

“ Who wouldn’t?” Cedric snorted. “ She’s really smart and pretty. What’s not to love? Except she doesn’t play Quidditch?”

“ Ugh,” Katie said. “ Wait, but what about Cho?”

“ Are you kidding?” Cedric asked. “ She has this gigundo crush on Harry,” he said rolling his eyes.

“ Don’t worry, we still love you,” Alicia said patting Cedric’s muscular back.

“And I love you too,” Cedric said making puppy eyes.

“ I got it!” Katie suddenly exclaimed.

“ If I like Wood, Cedric likes Hermione and Cho likes Harry, we can get Wood to break up with Hermione and then Cedric you get her and then I get Oliver and then Cho gets Harry!” Katie said in a rush. “ It’s a win, win situation.”

“ I kind of like the sound of that,” Cedric said eagerly. “ But the question is how.”

“ Well, let’s figure it out,” Katie said mischievously.

And all four of them put their heads together to come up with a plan to break Oliver Wood and Hermione Granger up from their newfound happiness.


Under the willow tree, Hermione and Oliver were still not aware of their onlookers. They simply continued doing what they were doing. Hermione’s head was comfortably snuggled on Oliver’s broad, muscular chest.

“ This is nice,” Oliver said continuing to stroke her hair. “ And your hair smells so good,” he took another sniff. “ So tropical like.. coconut?” he asked.

“ Dead on,” Hermione said chuckling. She inhaled Oliver’s shirt. He smelled different than Harry and Ron. He had a more musky scent.. a scent that she liked.

“ You sniffing me?” Oliver asked laughing kissing her again.

“ Maybe,” Hermione said snuggling her head back. “ What time is it?”

“ Hmmmm?” Oliver mumbled leaning against the tree.

“ What time is it?” Hermione repeated.

“ I really don’t care luv,” he said looking at his watch. “ If you must know, half past three.”

“ Mother of merlin!” Hermione exclaimed. “ I gotta go, Oliver,” she said reluctuantly.

“ No, no don’t go,” Oliver said catching her hand and pulling back down.

“ But I’m going to be late,” Hermione whined smiling.

“ Fine,” he said pouting. “ But wait,” he wrapped his arms around her and gave her a long, lingering kiss. Hermione broke away reluctantly.

“ Mmmm,” she sighed happily. “ Bye!” she called as she cheerfully ran back up to the castle.

“ Aaaah,” Oliver settled back into the grass. “ I’m not letting this one go,”


“ Ok, so we got it?” Katie asked looking around at the group. “ Does everyone get it?”

“ Mmm,” Cedric bit his nail.” I guess it might work.”

“ Lets not start it yet,” Alicia said. “ We might need more information,”

“ What’s there to know?” Katie huffed. “ Oh fine, we’ll talk at dinner.”

Hermione was humming to herself the rest of the day. So this was no joke, Oliver was really interested in her!

“ Hey you guys!” she cheerfully called to Ron and Harry on their way to Transfiguration.

“ Hey,” Ron said. “ You seem happy,” he said raising his eyebrows.

“ Well yeah, I am,” Hermione giggled.

“ How was your walk?” Harry asked grumpily.

“ Pleasant,” she said. “ Highly enjoyable.”

“ I’m glad,” Ron said. “ Because our Potions essays are niiiightmares,” He handed his over to her. “ Could you check it?”

“ Umm, I don’t think I can, I didn’t even start mine yet!” Hermione cried. “ Sorry, maybe when I have time.”

“ Oh, okay,” Ron said disappointed. “ That’s okay.”

Throughout the rest of the day, her two best friends detected a new aura around her. Her smile was a bit wider and her face was flushed with happiness. On their way down to the Great Hall for dinner, someone joined them, to Harry’s dispite.

“ Hey girl,” Oliver said playfully slipping his arm around Hermione’s waist. “ Mine if I join you guys for dinner at your side of the table?”

If it was humanly possible, Hermione’s loopy grin became even wider.

“ Of course!” she exclaimed. “ Why would I mind?” she said playfully and Oliver gave her a big slobbery kiss on the lips. Harry looked away in disgust.

He grew even more displeased with Wood when he took his seat beside Hermione at the table. Harry grew to feeling that he was being pushed away from Hermione daily by his Quidditch captain. He had always liked Oliver, even admired his Keeping talents, but he could not help to feel jealous. Ron did not seem to mind, but then again he did not fancy her.

“ Pork chops?” Ron held up the dish to Harry’s nose who snapped out of watching Oliver and Hermione being all over each other. Never had he thought he would see his best friend like this. But she was seventeen now, what did he expect? “ You okay mate?” Ron asked concerned.

He followed Harry’s gaze. “ Oh, its not Oliver and Hermione is it?” he said quietly.

When Harry didn’t answer, he nodded. “ Oh, sorry buddy,” he said patting him on the shoulder.

“ It’s ok,” Harry sighed. “ I should have made my move sooner.”

“ Mm,” Ron agreed through a mouthful of mashed potatoes.


Harry was not the only one feeling a bitter remorse. At the far end of the Gryfindor table, Katie was watching Oliver and Hermione with despite and jealousy.

“ Sick,” she spat watching the two laugh and giggle with each other. “ That’s just sick,” she angrily gnawed into her drumstick.

“ Sorry sweetie,” Alicia said for about the hundredth time. “ You don’t want to start it now do you?”

“ Definitely not,” a deep voice came from behind them. It was Cedric. “ I know, I’ve been watching them too. Boy Oliver’s getting a lot of tounge.”

“ Oh, shut up,” Katie said throwing a bit of chicken at him.

“ Hey, what was that for?” Cedric picked it off his robe. “ But yeah don’t do it tonight, wait a little, let Hermione think Oliver really likes her first.”

“ Hey does though,” Angelina cut in. “ I still think this is a bad idea.”

“ Be quiet,” Katie snapped. “ God, this year sucks so far, and it’s only the first week.”

“ Tell me about it,” Cedric agreed.

Across the table, Harry was starting to feel sick to his stomach. Boy was this year was interesting!


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