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Katherine Riddle, Year One at Hogwarts by KitRiddle

Format: Short story
Chapters: 2
Word Count: 1,927
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence

Genres: Action
Characters: Ginny, Dumbledore, James, Lily, Neville, OC, Oliver Wood, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Snape, Voldemort, Fred/George, Narcissa, Tonks

First Published: 12/13/2004
Last Chapter: 01/28/2005
Last Updated: 08/15/2005

This is the first year of Hogwarts for Katherine Riddle. It is sort of a background story on the life that Katherine had before my new story A Riddle in Time. You do not have to read this one to understand the story I have already posted.

Chapter 1: Prologue
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“Be strong Kitty, I love you.” Placing her daughter in the bushes Natalie Jane Riddle let her tears flow freely. “Stay hidden, don’t come out till I come back for you. I will see you soon honey.” Tapping her wand over her daughter’s head she made the Disillusionment charm over her daughter, allowing no one to see her. Through all this Natalie kept a smile on her face not waiting to scare her daughter more than she already was. “Good bye Katherine.” With that Natalie turned and walked to the battle protect her at all costs, was the thought running through her head as she took out her wand and readied herself.

Looking around her Natalie saw the unopened gift scattered and destroyed, she looked to her house and saw that it too was in flames. Taking a deep breath Natalie raised her wand, “Avada Kevradra.” She screamed as the spell hit a death eater causing him to fall. This caused his attention to be turned to her.

“Ah, sister you have decided to come out to play?” He laughed.

“No Tom, I have come here to kill you.” Thomas Riddle’s laugh could be heard echoing from all around Natalie.

“Tom…I have not been called that in a long time. Such a worthless name. I like Voldemort better don’t you. Lord Voldemort.” Voldemort told Natalie stepping forward. He too raised his wand to meet her’s. Natalie still stood tall.

“You have done enough now, leave!” Natalie ordered her brother.

“True I have done a lot,” He said as he swiped his hand, showing the scene that lay behind him. Natalie now just realized how many people lay dead before him. Faces of her family…and his lay on the ground with looks of fear on their faces. They will remain that way forever. Natalie thought. “My minons are keeping care of the rest.” He looked around. “But one is missing, the life of the party you may call her. Where is my darling niece?” Voldemort questioned his sister.

“You’ll never find her. CRUCIO!” Natalie screamed pointing her wand at Lord Voldemort. He simply conjured a shield, which absorbed it and laughed again.

“Sorry sister you made this all too easy.” His Death Eaters now began to assemble themselves in a circle around the surviving member of his family.

“NO…” Natalie cried.

“Yes you lead them to their deaths. But don’t worry you are to join them soon enough.” Voldemorts smile turned to a frown and he raised his wand. Eyes narrowing he began to say the spell.

“Katherine, I’m sorry.” Was all that could be heard as Natalie faced her death.

“Avadra Kevadra.” Voldemort smiled as he watched the remaining Riddle family member die before him. “Let this be a warning to all who oppose me.” Looking around he searched for the daughter of his sister. “No matter…in time.” With that they all disappeared.

Tiny cries could be heard from behind the bushes. Young Katherine Riddle watched the horrific sight from her hiding place. “Mommy…” Katherine began to slowly rise to her feet. Struggling she made her made her way over to her mother’s lifeless body. Paying no attention to the pops that could be heard from all around her. The Order has begun to arrive. All members were taken aback by the scene that lay before them.

“Dumbledore…are there any survivors?” Lily Potter asked walking up next to him. Dumbledore’s sparkling eyes were now dull and full of anger and hate. “Albus…”

“Lily, you and James are not safe. Please take Harry and go into hiding.” Dumbledore replied gravely.
“Wait, what do you mean?” Sirius asked stepping forward. “Has it already begun?”

“It has, Sirius you know what to do. On your way tell the Longbottoms the same news help them go into hiding also. Keep them safe.” Dumbledore said. Sirius nodded. “Good Luck.” With that the three disappeared.

“What now?” Minerva Mogonigal asked. Dumbledore released a heavy sigh. He slowly walked over to where Natalie Riddle lay. A sudden light appeared from behind his spectacles. Giving him new hope. He reached down and picked Katherine in his arms. He smiled as he wiped the tears away from her face.

“A survivor.” Alastor Moody said.

“Pity she will always remember today, her second birthday as the day she lost everything…” Kingsley Shackbolt started.

“Where will she go Professor?” Remus Lupin asked.

“The only place where she is safe.” Dumbledore answered solemnly.

“Where is she safe? She is all alone.” Remus stated.

“America.” With that reply Dumbledore picked up an unwrapped teddy bear and used to make a porkey. He disappeared with Katherine asleep in his arms.

He appeared again outside of an orphanage in Freeport, Maine. “See you soon Katherine Riddle.” Then leaving her asleep in front of the doors he rang to doorbell and was gone with a pop.

Chapter 2: Visitor
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“Give it back. PLEASE!” cried a young girl. Her eyes were a dark black, that seemed to almost match the color of her hair. He clothing was torn and battered. Her eyes were now filled with anger. 10 year old Katherine Riddle was victim to a game: Monkey in the middle. The object being tossed was a letter addressed with green writing.

“Why? It is probably a mistake. You never get anything.” One boy said mocking her cries.

“Yeah you have never gotten a single phone call, visitor, or anything, since you got here.” The girl said catching the letter.

“You don’t know that.” Kit mumbled under her breath, still desperately trying to grab the letter out of the air. She started to remember all the books she had received over the last 8 years. Books sent by these mysterious owls that sent that same letter. Her books were of spells. Spells for defense, charms, and transfiguration. She had gotten a few on potions, but she had trouble even making them without the ingredients. And over those 8 years Kit had studied and memorizes everything out of the books. Learning all that she could. Trying to remember her past, well not really a past, but the 2 years that she had spent in the wizarding world. These books were the only things she could fall back upon. These books let her escape the prison she was in.

Just this morning along with the letter she got two new books. Magical games, and Famous Witches and Wizards of all time. She had already started reading them. But the letter she knew was very important. “Please give it to me. I need it. It is mine and I want it.” Kit begged.

“Oh poor baby.” The boy Michael said, grabbing the letter from Sarah’s hands. He looked at the letter then smirked. “Wonder what would happen if I did this.” With that Michael tore the letter into little pieces. Kit fell to the floor and began to try and gather the pieces. Instead of sadness anger began to fill Katherine.

“You have tortured me for too long.” She mumbled. As she glanced up her eyes were blazing red. Raising up to her feet Kit raised her hand and blasted energy at Michael, this action sent him flying across the room. Landing with a thud. Kit then realized what she just did. Her eyes widened.

“What the hell was that…what did you do…”Sarah looked over at Kit’s face and walked over and picked her up off of her feet. “YOU FREAK!”

“I…I…” Kit started as tears began to form at in her natural green eyes, but was interrupted by a knock at the door. Causing everyone to jump.

“Someone get Ms. Miller.” Sarah yelled. One little boy ran off in the direction of her office and returning in seconds with Ms. Miller. Ms. Miller was a short elderly lady with gray hair. Ms. Miller looked around and noticed Michael, her gaze going toward Kit.

“I will deal with you later.” Kit backed away at this comment starting toward the stairs. Ms. Miller opened the door. “Well Hello, and welcome to…” She was stopped short to find herself staring blankly at the sight before her. A tall elderly man, with a white mustache and short white beard was smiling at her pleasantly. His half moon glasses resting on the edge of him nose. But what made everyone stop moving was what his was wearing. Brown dress pants with a black penguin suit jacket, and a T-shirt underneath that said a band name that no one has ever heard of: The Weird Sisters.

“Ah yes, don’t mind if I come in do you.” He said stepping past Ms. Miller and into the orphanage. Glancing around he noticed Kit and winked. Kit looked at him; her gaze was of confusion. His sparkling blue eyes now met her deep green stare.

“Have I seen you before somewhere?” Kit asked the man stepping down off the stairs.

“No, I don’t think so. But you are the reason I am here.” The man smiled. “ I have come for Ms. Katherine Riddle.”

Ms. Miller regained her posture at this time. “May I asked your name?”

“Oh yes of course. I am Charles Diddleroot.” Kit giggled at his name. The man also laughed.

“Well, Mr. Diddleroot. You can not simple come in here in hopes of just adopting a child and be off with them There are rules. And it is not regulation, even if it does involved this one.” She said nodding her head toward Kit. The man’s eyes darkened at this last comment, but said nothing.

“Oh yes, about that.” The Mr. Diddleroot murmured something and flicked his wrist. Then Ms. Miller seemed to freeze and forget everything that had just happened. Everyone looked around confused as what was happening. But Kit knew she heard the mysterious old man say a memory spell. Her eyes grew wide as she witness this magic.

Shaking her head and placing a hand upon her temple she looked up at the man. “Oh sorry what was I saying?” Ms. Miller questioned.

“You were just finalizing that I had officially adopted Katherine Riddle.”

“Well, you are free to go to your new home now, Kit. Hopefully you have better manors there than here.” With that Ms. Miller walked off rubbing her head.

“Ms. Riddle go and gather your things.” Diddleroot told Kit.

Kit ran up the stairs and looked around her room. What belongings? She thought. Then she grabbed her pillow and ripped off the case now excited to leave. She placed all of her books in the bag and placed the two boxes down in there with them. Glancing back to her bed she looked at the teddy bear. She stuffed that too in her bag and headed down the stairs leaving the rest. She followed Mr. Diddleroot out of the house and onto the street. Never looking back. “That really isn’t a clever disguised, Mr. Dumbledore, sir.” Kit said with a smile. Dumbledore looked back and smiled. His clothes now the brilliantly purple robes and his bread back to its normal long silver self.

“No fooling you, I guess. We must be on our way though.” Dumbledore then picked up a can lying on the street and made it into a portkey. “Now grab hold of this. I will explain everything once we get to Hogwarts.” Kit nodded a nervously grabbed the can. She smiled as she felt the told tug at her stomach.

“I am going to Hogwarts!” She told herself as she was pulled inward.