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Jade Potter by Elanna Riddle

Format: Short story
Chapters: 7
Word Count: 8,765
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Violence

Genres: General
Characters: Ginny, Harry, Dumbledore, Hermione, OC, Remus Lupin, Ron, Voldemort

First Published: 11/28/2004
Last Chapter: 01/04/2006
Last Updated: 01/04/2006

Ever wonder what would happen if a bedtime story told to you, when you where a child came true and the bad guy kidnapped you...Jade Potter is about to find out. Jade's normal life, has changed from, dealing with playground bullies to fighting and hiding from Dark Wizards, throw in a Prophercy, and you have Jade''s new life. Meanwhile Harry worries on why Voldermort is after his teenage daughter.

Chapter 1: Jade Potter
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A 10 year old girl walked down the dark and lonely street in the small village of East Molesey, on the outskirts of Surrey, she had long black hair that reached her waist, which was tied back into a long plait and emerald green eyes, she was wearing a pair of denim jeans, a dark blue top, and a denim jacket.
This girl’s name was Jade Potter. Jade continued to walk down the street, she did this when she needed to think. Tonight was another one of these times.
Now everyone’s parents have secrets from their children, but Jade’s dad had quite a few, he was so secretive, he hadn’t even told her why she had to learn how to close her mind of all feelings and thoughts, or why she had to learn self defense, or spent 4 hours each day doing hard and exhausting logical questions, and was drilled in situations on what she would do if she was captured (whatever that meant) and how she would escape. When ever she asked why she had to do this, he always responded, “You’ll find out when you’re older”, but how older, she was already 10, and she was turning 11 the day after tomorrow.

But that wasn’t why she snuck out at midnight to walk the streets, no the reason she was now walking these deserted streets is because, today one of Mr. Potter’s friends had come round, looking very grave.
They talked in the living room, Jade had just came back inside from the garden, to catch the last part of the conversation.
“Maybe you should tell Jade”
“No, not yet anyway” came her father’s voice.
“I know it may scare her, to know but how do you think she will react, if…well Voldermort shows up and tries to….”
“He won’t show up, he doesn’t even know we live here”
“Harry, please you have to tell her, at least say you will think about it, you know how powerful she will be one day and what if Voldermort finds out about her”
Harry sighed. “Ok, I’ll think about it, and if he starts moving any closer to here I’ll tell her”

Voldermort that name sounded familiar, who was he? thought Jade, Dad must know him, but I can tell he isn’t someone Dad is particularly fond of, with the coldness that was in his voice when he spoke of him, and what did he mean by moving closer, and why would it scare me to know, and what is this Voldermort person going to try and do if he comes to my place, did this have anything to do with her mother’s death as an infant.
When Jade was 3 years old, her mother had been killed by a psychopathic murder, her Dad didn’t talk about it much, was Voldermort her mother’s murderer? Another reason she was out here was that she had lost a pendant, that had a picture of her dad and herself when she was three, inside, taken after her mother died.

Jade checked her watch, it was 5 ‘o clock in the morning. Yikes, I’d better get home she thought. She headed back down the street. As she walked down the street in the sun started to come out and in the sunlight, something shiny caught her eye, it was her pendant, as she bent down to pick it up she had a funny prickly feeling that she was being watched, she spun around, but she saw nothing, Jade picked up the pendant and continued to walk down the street walking slightly faster, eventually breaking into a run, as she headed straight home, but instead of just climbing back threw her window and going back to bed, she ran to her Dad’s bedroom, and opened the door.
“Dad, Dad” she said as she shook him.
Mr. Potter woke up straight away, Jade was slightly shocked on how quickly he woke.
“Oh Jade it’s only you…” he started but Jess interrupted him.
“There’s something out there” she said quickly.
“What…what do yo…. why aren’t you in you pajamas?” he said looking at her jeans and coat.
“I went for a walk, I am nearly 11 dad” she said. “And as I said something is out there outside, when I was walking, I felt as if something or someone was watching me”.
Her father stared at her for a moment, and then suddenly he flinched as if something had just hurt him. Whatever had caused him to flinch however, made him jump up, and he pulled a foot-long piece of wood out from his chest of draws next to his bed.
“Dad, what’s that?” asked Jade.
“Never mind, just go and wait in the cupboard under the stairs, and don’t come out until I come and get you, understand.”
Jade didn’t really understand what was going on but she nodded her head and waited in the cupboard. And less than 2 minutes later, her father showed up, at the cupboard.
“Come on Jade into the back yard, now” he said, in a fearful voice.
But as they reached the back door, a strange man wearing a black cloak, and mask, appeared out of thin air in front of them, Jade’s dad, pointed the piece of wood still in his hand, at the man and from the tip of the wood, came some red sparks and hit the man, he fell to the ground.
“Run” her father shouted. And he grabbed her wrist and they went out the back door, he held out his hand and a dark purple bus appeared out of nowhere, then he pointed the piece of wood at the back door and it slammed shut.
A man that was on the bus spoke.
“Welcome to the Knight Bus, emergency transport…..”
“Yes, Yes we know” said Mr. Potter.
The man stopped, he looked at Jade’s dad, for a moment and then his face split into a grin.
“Harry Potter, well what a surprise, haven’t seen you for a while.”
“Yeah I know, can you help me with these trunks quick we…umm are being attacked by Death Eaters” he said quickly.
“Death Eaters, Ern get the engine running, quick we better get on board, with you’re luggage”
“Jade get on board, now” said Harry as he picked up a trunk, with the man from the bus.
Jade got on board and she had never seen a stranger bus, it had beds instead of seats, a few moments later, her father and the man had gotten both trunks onto the bus.
“Hogwarts please” said Harry, “And can we be dropped off first please, so we don’t endanger the other passengers” he handed the man some strange money.
“Alright Mr. Potter, Ern Hogwarts, now”
Harry sat down on a bed.
“Jade over here, and sit tight it’s going to be a bumpy ride” he said, as he took her hand.
It was indeed a bumpy ride, if it wasn’t for, her father who as holding on to her she probably would have hit the windscreen as they took off. One thing Jade had noticed when she got on the bus is the strange people wearing cloaks, but what was odd was that all the people on the bus seemed to know who her dad was, they all smiled and waved at him, some even bowed, but all showed a great amount of respect to him, as though he was some kind of hero, and when these people spotted her they started whispering with whoever was next to them, and they continued to stare at her.
Finally, they stopped at a huge castle.

Chapter 2: Hogwarts?
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Jade looked around in wonder, it had only been just over 4 hours when they reached the castle, and her head was spinning with questions, who was that man in black that appeared out of nowhere, how did he appear out of nowhere, what was that piece of wood, why where those people on the bus staring at her father and herself, what were Death Eaters, and who was this Voldermort guy.
“Dad where are we?” she asked thinking that would be the most sensible question at the moment.
“Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry” he said, fondly.
“School of What?!?” she said, but he just smiled and waked up to a nearby cabin, that Jade hadn’t noticed was there, and knocked on the door.
When the door opened, a giant of a man came out, he looked extremely pale, and worried, then he spotted Jade’s Dad, and drew him into a back-breaking hug.
“Harry, I thought You-Know-Who got you”
“Come on Hagrid, you know he doesn’t stand chance against me, and who told you by the way?”
“The whole school is was buzzing with it this morning, at breakfast, how did you get here?”
“Knight Bus, and it was sort of a repeat of when you took me to Diagon Ally with Jade.”
Jade was now sitting on the one of the trunks, looking very confused.
“Does she know yet?” asked Hagrid.
“No, haven’t, had, the time with the Death Eater attack.”
“I still don’t get why you didn’t tell her, and kept her from this world”
“The same reason why Dumbledore kept me from it, so she wouldn’t grow up, all pampered and snobbish, so she had the chance of a normal childhood, and so she wouldn’t live every day fearing for both our lives.”
“Alright, do yeh need help with yeh trunks.”
“That would be great, I want to get inside before, I tell her so at least we will be safe and it may be more believable”
“Maybe you two should put on cloaks, so no one recognizes you.”
“Ok, besides I think a may be a little warmer that way.” As he looked down at his pajamas.
Harry went over to his trunk and got out two cloaks. He gave the smaller one to Jade.
“Put your hood up ok Jade” he said as he put his own on, and Hagrid picked up both trunks with ease.
They walked up to the castle.
It was only when they entered that Harry spoke.
“Jade can you wait here with Hagrid” as he indicated the giant. “I just need to go and let Professor Dumbledore know that we are here” he said “Hagrid can you make sure she stays here she has inherited some of the habits that I got from my father, if you know what I mean” and he walked threw another large set of doors.
“So Jade” started Hagrid, he clearly was trying to start a conversation. “Welcome to Hogwarts, you’d be about 10 now wouldn’t yeh”
“Yes, I turning 11 on July 31, tomorrow”
“Same birthday your Dad huh?”
“Yeah, do you know him?”
“Yeah I know him, known him since he was 11, himself, we’ve been friends ever since.”
“Umm, Hagrid”
“When we were back at East Moseley, dad did something to some guy wearing a black cloak and mask, he pulled out some sort of stick and pointed it at him and red sparks hit the guy and he fell to the ground….what did he do to that man?” maybe she might be able to get some straight answers, out of Hagrid.
“That man was a Death Eater by the sounds of it, and don’t worry yeh Dad just stunned him”
“Yeah with a spell, that piece of wood was a wand.”
“And what is a death eater?”
“They are followers of You-Know Who”
“And You-Know-Who?”
“Ummm well he is umm..”
“Voldermort” came a voice. Jade gasped so one of Voldermort’s followers had tried to prevent herself and her father from coming here.
Jade’s father had returned and with a tall, thin, old man with silvery long white hair and beard and sparkling blue eyes, he was the man that had spoken. This thought Jade must be Dumbledore.
“What were you two talking about?” asked Harry, with a grin.
“What happened back at East Moseley, and what you did to the Death Eater.” Said Hagrid. “Sorry, it started out as and innocent conversation, but then she caught me off guard. Just like you used to do”
“It’s alright, she was going to find out anyway” said Harry.
“Maybe we should, step into my office so we are not over heard.” Said Dumbldore.
“You know I think I made the record of going into the headmaster’s office” said Harry, smiling. “That and the hospital wing, but what the heck, lead on”.
They walked threw the corridors and reached a griffin statue, where Dumbledore said a password, and they walked up the stairs. When they reached the office, Dumbledore flicked his wand and two chairs appeared out of nowhere. He indicated for them to sit down.
“May I ask, how you escaped before Voldermort showed up, Harry, after all it was one in the morning, and surely you would have been asleep, and had to wake up Jade even if your scar hurt.”
“Jade, woke me up, she said she couldn’t sleep so she went for a walk, and then she came back and considering she was flushed, I assume she had ran home, she then told me she felt as if something was watching her, and then my scar started to hurt, so we left on the Knight bus.”
“Why would Voldermort’s supporters be watching Jade, they don’t even know she exists?”
“I don’t know, maybe there was a reason Jade couldn’t sleep” Harry looked at Jade
“Well there was a reason, I had lost something, a necklace that dad gave me for my 5th birthday, it has a picture of him holding me when I was little, it has my name engraved on it, so I went looking for it.”
“Well I found it, just lying on the ground, it’s when I picked it up that I had the feeling someone was watching me”. She said. “I still have it in my pocket.”
She reached into her pocket and pulled it out, to show them the picture of Harry holding Jade
“Voldermort or one of his supporters must have found it before you did, possibly just before you or maybe a couple of days before, the question is why did they put it back.” Said Dumbledore.
Everyone remained silent for a while, Harry stared at the floor, Dumbledore stared it to space it was clear they were trying to solve this mystery, then Harry suddenly looked up. He looked at Jade, then to the necklace in her hands and then at Jade again, but this time he looked fearful.

Chapter 3: Kidnap
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Everyone remained silent for a while, Harry stared at the floor, Dumbledore stared it to space it was clear they were trying to solve this mystery, then Harry suddenly looked up. He looked at Jade, then to the necklace in her hands and then at Jade again, but this time he looked fearful.
“Jade, drop the pendant, quickly” he shouted as he made a grab for her. But he said it a second to late. For she had already disappeared. “No” he said softly as he sank to the floor. For a moment you would have thought he was just going to cry, but Harry wasn’t like that he got up quickly, ran straight for the fire, picked up some floo powder, muttered something and stuck his head threw it.
He now saw before him the living room of Grimauld Place. Then he started to yell.
Ron and Hermione, came bolting down stairs, and threw the fire without question, Harry then saw Remus, start talking with other members to get a search party ready. ‘Gee,’ thought Harry. ‘They’re prepared, maybe it’s because they think I’ll go and get myself killed doing something stupid.’ As he pulled his head back threw the fire.
He turned to Ron and Hermione.
“So” said Hermione “what are we going to do?”

Jade’s feet finally hit the ground, what the hell just happened she thought, she seemed to be in a guest-room of some sort of manor, Jade sat down for a moment, her father had always told her, if she ever got lost that she was to stop and think. She opened her pendant to see the photo of herself and father, seeing her father’s smiling face gave her courage, she was worrying about the situation before, she even knew what it was, but she could tell it wasn’t good, her dad screamed at her to drop the pendant as everything dissolved around her, and she ended up in this bedroom. She explored the room for possible escape routes, she figured that the window was her best option, she pulled out a hair pin, but before she even started to pick the lock on it the door opened, a man dressed in black similar to the robes the death eater wore except he wasn’t wearing a mask, came in he was short, and his face looked rat like and he looked very stressed.
“What are you doing?” he asked.
“Err, just putting my hair pin back in my hair it fell out when I landed.” She said sounding more confident then she felt.
“Fine then, follow me” he said.
Even though Jade didn’t what to, she didn’t have a choice, she noticed the wand in his belt, meaning he was armed, plus she didn’t even know that she was a prisoner or guest. Plus it was either that or stay here and wait for the man to leave and pick a lock, then possibly jump of the second level of a building, and it was a high likely chance that she would break her leg and end up back in here. And if she went with this man, she could think of a more better way of escape, that didn’t involve breaking her leg.
And the man clearly wasn’t going to budge until she followed, but before she had made up her mind on which she’d prefer to do, another two men appeared behind her.
‘Oh great, they are expecting me to try and escape, better go with them or they may use their wands’ she thought. Reluctantly she followed the short man, in black, while the other followed closely behind. As they were heading down the hallway, she decided that she had the right to know where they we taking her.
“Where are you taking me?” she asked firmly, trying not to show fear.
“Just to the dinning room, we thought you may be hungry.” Said the man simply.
Jade became relaxed for a moment, maybe she wasn’t a prisoner, but then why hadn’t her father been invited or taken here as well. As they reached the dinning room door, she suddenly felt uneasy, something was wrong terribly wrong, she knew that no matter what it might appear she was brought here against her will, so nobody could be trusted.
The doors swung open all by themselves, and at the end of the table, was a man, or at least Jade thought it was, he looked more like a snake than a man. But whatever he was Jade knew that he was evil, pure evil and that he above everyone else couldn’t be trusted.
Jade was terrified beyond her wits. ‘Oh dad, I wish you where here’ she thought, but thinking of her father always gave her strength, she stopped trembling and stood up tall.
“I would like to know, who you are and what I am doing here?” she said firmly, her voice was full of confidence and their wasn’t a trace of fear in it, the man at the end of the table looked mildly surprised.
“Me, why I’m surprised your father hasn’t spoke of me, but no matter, I am Lord Voldermort.(Gee thought Jade this guy is up himself) and to answer your second question, I wanted to meet you, as I have known your father since he was a baby.”
“Well I am sorry to say that I have never heard of you, and if I am not a prisoner I would like to leave.” She said.
“That depends entirely on you, Miss Potter, whether you are a prisoner or a guest hasn’t been decided yet. It would be better to explain if you sat down.” He said softly. Jade didn’t move, so he pulled out his wand, and flicked it, a chair came swiftly behind her and she fell backwards into it, the chair moved towards the table, and pushed itself in. Jade tried to stand back up but ropes magically appeared and tied her hands to the chair arms, she struggled but the ropes were too tight. After a few moments staring at her he began to smile.
“Well, well I was wondering when you were going to show up, Harry.” He whispered to himself.
And the he pushed him out of his mind.

Chapter 4: No longer a Bedtime story
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Harry fell down to the ground in pain, he was still in Dumbledore’s office.
“Harry” cried Hermione. “Are you all right?”
“Yeah I’m fine he just kicked me out of his mind, he doesn’t what me to see what is happening”
“What did you see?” asked Ron.
“She’s still alive, but she’s bound to a chair, in some sort of dinning room” he said, panting. “He hasn’t hurt her” he paused. “Yet”
Ron helped Harry up, but Hermione turned to Professor Dumbledore.
“Has Serverus returned yet from Voldermort’s headquarters?” she asked. “We need to know where they are?”
“No he hasn’t, he is probably, still waiting there, I can’t exactly call him here, and if he leaves they will know something is up, and Serverus knows it” he said, and then Harry cut in.
“And we don’t need him, that manor, I saw them in, I’ve been there before, the first dream I had that was connected to Voldermort’s mind, I wasn’t exactly seeing threw his eyes then, it’s the house Frank Bryce died in, the Riddle House.” Said Harry, his legs felt as thought they were in water.
“Then we must go there, Harry get your invisibility cloak, Albus can you contact the Order, and tell them to meet us there.” Said Hermione.
“Of course.” Answered Dumbledore.
“Wait a minute, it could be a trap.” Said Ron.
“It isn’t, look if it wasn’t for the Prophecy then, I wouldn’t be letting Harry come.”
“What do you mean?”
“Harry, Jade was born on the same day as you, and according to Remus at the exact same time as well, there isn’t a second difference, plus look at all those times, you foiled Voldermort’s plans, and since Voldermort doesn’t know the full contents of the prophecy, he may think that Jade is the one it spoke of, besides there is something I haven’t told you. In Australia there was another prophecy, we have just received it at the Order, and we had just finished listening to it, but the thing is the letter containing it, was two days late and we checked the owls memory and it was intercepted by Voldermort.”
“What has this got to do with Jade.”
“Actually quite a lot.”
“What do you mean?”
“The Prophecy, speaks of a girl, that is suppose to be extremely powerful, it says that this girl is supposedly the reincarnation of Merlin.”
“And how do you know it’s Jade, it could be any girl”
“Because it clearly states that she and her father shares the exact same birthday as Merlin and her father has a prophecy also about him and a dark lord, and he has also achieved the impossible, the Death curse you survived.”
“But how do we know the exact date Merlin was born?”
“We went back in time and asked him, and we triple checked Jade’s and your birth certificates, it matches, and Voldermort must know, he is possible going to convince her that he is her friend and get her to join him.”
“Look Jade is a smart girl, she wouldn’t be that stupid.” Said Ron.
“I wish that her will, was the only thing keeping her from trusting him, there is a potion, that was invented in medieval times, the most crucial ingredient is very hard to come by”
“Which is?”
“A drop of Basilisk spit.”
“That’s disgusting” exclaimed Ron
“Yes, I know and since Voldermort is the Heir of Slytherin, he has probably already got it”
“Why would it be so hard to come by?”
“Because most people, can’t walk up to a Basilisk and ask it to open its mouth so they can collect one drop of it’s spit, and not may people know how to make a Basilisk.”
“But Voldermort can, what are the other ingredients Hermoine?”
“Similar to the one he used to get his body back, it need’s the victims blood and Voldermort’s, and two of the victims tears, then just mix it together, it’s suppose to stink, but a simple spell can prevent it from smelling, and then all he has to do is make it look like a glass of pumpkin juice.”

Jade was extremely surprised what was going on although she was recently tied up, Voldermort said it was only because he was afraid she was going to hurt herself, in confusion that he had tied her up. But Jade wasn’t buying it. She remembered where she had heard his name before, when she was little her father had told her stories of a dark wizard called Voldermort, and that he wanted to kill this boy because the boy was suppose to be the only one who could kill him. She had always marveled at how well her father had told these stories as though he had been there himself, she had already guessed that that boy in the story was indeed her father, he had just altered the last name to hide it from her and the only reason, she didn’t know about the wizarding world was so she would grow up, feeling safe, to grow up an ordinary girl, not worrying about what the paper said about her. And yet even though Voldermort hated her father’s guts, and had possibly murdered her mother, he hadn’t hurt a hair on her head, and was organizing some sort of feast, even though she was starving she chose not to eat anything, in case it was either poisoned, had a truth potion in it (She had heard of them in the story of Harry’s life) or some other type of potion.
“What’s the matter?” he said, in what seemed like a kind voice.
“I’m just not hungry.”
“Really?” he was staring at her, but Jade knew what he was trying to do, she avoided his eye contact and fiddled with her watch, so he wouldn’t think she was doing it on purpose.
“Umm, would it be alright if I just went back, to that bedroom I arrived in and go to sleep, I haven’t slept, for over 24 hours.” She said and added a fake yawn.
“You may sleep better if you eat something?” he said.
“No thank you, I don’t mean to be a bit rude or anything, but it’s just with all the things that have happened over the last couple of hours, I think the best thing for me is just to go to bed”
He seemed convinced. “Alright, Wormtail.” He pointed at the nervous looking man. “Escort Miss Potter back to her room”
Jade got up and followed the man called Wormtail.
“Your a lot smarter then I thought you’d be” whispered Wormtail as they headed up the stairs.
“What do you mean?”
“Harry has told you of the Dark Lord hasn’t he?” he continued to talk quietly
“How did you know?”
“Your stubbornness not to eat anything, and I heard your stomach rumble when, the house elf brought out the food.”
“Oh, well to answer your question yes, he tells me bedtime stories of a boy who had all these adventures, and a Dark Lord who killed his parents and was trying to do the same to him, the boy was a wizard, and considering Dad stunned that Death Eater back home, I figured he was a wizard and Voldermort was the Dark Lord.”
“Well then you are correct” he sighed.
“Why are you telling me this aren’t you supposed to try and help your master do whatever he is trying to do to me.”
“Yes, but your father once spared my life and I’m trying to do my best in repaying him, as he can escape Voldermort, easily, I though I may help you,” then he said more loudly “I’m going to lock your window, Miss Potter, it’s for your safety, this region has been plagued with robberies.” he pointed his wand at the window and it closed shut.
“Well goodnight, Miss Potter.” Then he whispered very quietly, “there are Death Eaters in the room invisible, for the moment, once they are gone escape while you can” and he turned and left, the Jade heard a key scrape in the lock.
She hoped into bed, and closed her eyes, pretending to bed a sleep. Then she heard whispers, “Ok she’s asleep, now for some of her blood for the potion, remember to do a spell to make her arm numb.”
They walked over too Jade who they thought was asleep, but she was ready for them, her hand swung from out of nowhere, and grabbed the first man’s wrist, then she used her other hand to hit a certain part of his neck to render him unconscious, the other man in surprise, stumbled to get his wand out but Jade karate kicked it out of his hand, grabbed his shoulders and head butted him and he was knocked out, she caught him and made sure he reached the ground gently. She picked up his wand.
‘Maybe I can use this to escape’ she though ‘but Dad didn’t teach me any magic’, then she remembered the stories ‘or maybe he did.’
Jade remembered Harry’s first year with the three-headed-dog, how did they get threw the door, it was locked, the girl, must have been Hermione, one of her father’s friend’s that she saw almost every second week along with Ron, she had done something to open the door, an incantation but what was it. Jade closed her eyes and tried to remember. Then she remembered. Alohomora.
Jade walked up to the window, and pointed the wand at it. “Alohomora” she muttered. The lock glowed and it opened. Jade dropped the wand in surprise, if she could do magic then she was a witch. Jade walked out onto the balcony they was just outside the window, there was ivy clinging to the wall, it was very thick. How convenient she thought, with years of practice of quietly, climbing out her own bedroom window made this very easy. And plus it was late in the evening, it must be a different part of Britain, thought Jade. When she climbed down the ivy, she ran towards the village she had seen from the balcony, but as she ran, three clocked figures, appeared in front of her, what looked to be two men and a woman, she made a run for it but one of the men grabbed her. She went to scream, but man covered her mouth.

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Chapter 5: The wand.
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Chapter 5.
Prevoisly: When Jade climbed down the ivy, she ran towards the village she had seen from the balcony, but as she ran, three clocked figures, appeared infront of her, what looked to be two men and a woman, she made a run for it but one of the men grabbed her. She went to scream, but man covered her mouth.

“Jade calm down, or they will here you” he whispered urgently. Jade knew that voice. She stopped stuggling.
The man let go of her and took of his hood. It was her father. She hugged him tightly.
“Come on we have to get you out of here now” he turned to the woman. “Hermione do portkey to Diagon Ally, I think we should get Jade’s wand first, so she has something to protect herself, then we floo to Hogwarts, and Hagrid can get the rest of her stuff.”
“Ok” said Hermione as she took out her wand, and an old coke bottle “Everyone hold on to this, one finger will do” she said, as she muttered some words.
“3…2…” Harry counted down. “1” and they were off, gone from Voldermort’s base.

Jade’s feet landed with a thump on the ground, in a strange allyway filled with people wearing cloakes, and robes.
“Mabye we should, change Jade’s clothes so she blends in, just in case Death Eaters show up” said Hermione, and she waved her wand and Jade’s jeans and t-shirt changed into a dark-blue robe, and her hair was let out, and she also wore a purple cloak.
“Come on Jade” said Harry. “It’s time to get your wand, then we will start teaching you”
“But the term hasn’t even started”
“So, you need to learn know more then ever certain, things have come to my attention.”
“There’s a Propercy about me too huh” she said simply.
“How did you know?”
“Those stories when I was little you told me storys about a teenage wizard that had exciting and dangrous adventures with his two best friends and a Dark Lord called Voldermort, was trying to kill him. I figured that you were that boy, when Voldermort introduced himself, and that he had known you since you were a baby.”
“Oh” he looked worried. “He didn’t hurt you, did he?”
“No, but he was trying to get my blood for some reason, and he was being, really, as werid as it sounds…nice”
“That is werid” said Ron as they walked down the street.
“Mabye he wants me to join him or something.”
“That’s probally because of the prophercy, about you and with all the stuff I’ve done, he would want to get you to get to me, mabye.”
“Figures, anyway Pete’s not that bad, he warned me about, the Death Eaters in the room before he left.”
“Did, he now, he must still remember what happened in my 3rd year”
“Yeah, he does”
“I don’t blame him, I can still picture, Remus’s transforamtion as clear as day” said Hermione.
Harry nodded in agreement.
“So…what do I get for my birthday?”
“An Owl, Hedwig, had owlets, a few months back, one of them has already started to fly, you can have one if you want”
Jade’s face brightened. “I’ve always wanted a snowy owl” she said, and hugged her father.
“You have a weird child Harry, for someone rasied as a muggle” said Hermione.
“Well I did tell her stories, that’s proably why she likes them.” He asnwered, as he put his hood up.
“Why did you put your hood on Dad?” asked Jade. He indercated to the bookshop. “Amelia Skeeter” muttered Hermione. “Just as bad as her mother Rita, with her tall stories” She followed Harry’s lead, as well as Ron, everyone knew about the Trio, these days, and with Harry in Diagon Ally for the first time in eleven years, was big news.
Jade decided to put her hood up too, as people started to stare at her, with intrest, had her face already become reconisable, since when she had traveled on the night-bus.
At the end of the street, stood Ollivader’s shop, just like her father had described it in his stories.
Mr Ollivader, came out almost instantly, as they entered the shop, Harry lowered his hood.
Mr Ollivader smiled, broadly.
“I thought I was going to see you agin soon, Mr Potter” he said, still smiling. “Still avoiding the Press I see”
“Yes” said Harry. Mr Ollivader caught sight of Jade, stading next to Harry.
“And this must be your daughter.”
“Yes, Jade this is Mr Ollivader.”
“I know” she said softly.
Mr Ollivander for once looked confused.
“I told her stories about all my adventures at Hogwarts, when she was younger, I included you of course, can’t be a wizard story without, reciving a wand, can it” explained Harry.
“Very well, which is your wand-arm, Miss Potter?”
“My right” she said shyly.
“Just like your father, I see”
“Well we do have a lot in common” said Jade.
“That’s good” the tap mersure started to mesure by itself, Jade just closed her eyes and ignored it. After a while, the tape mersure stopped, and Mr Ollivader came out with a dozen different boxes.
“Try this one” he said.
They went threw almost every wand in the shop, Mr Ollivader, was starting to look worried, when he reached the last box.
“I hope this one works for you” he said. “You’re a very tricky customer, Miss Potter.”
“Lignum Vitae, Essence of Dragon's Whisker, 16 inches” he said, as he blew a great amount of dust of the box.
Jade, grasped the wand, and waved it, gold sparks imited from it, and a warm breeze blew threw the shop.
“Interesting” said Mr Ollivader, as he inspected the box.
“What?” said Harry and Jade at the same time.
“This wand had been in this shop, for centries, I don’t know why I didn’t notice it before, I haven’t even heard of the tpye of wood it uses.”
“Lignum Vitae, the tree of life, is well know for its medicinal qualities and the ability to cure most any ailment. This makes it perfect for protection and healing charms. Lignum Vitae is also famous for being the hardest and heaviest wood on record.” Said Hermione slowly.
“But I though Holly was the wood of life” said Ron.
“It is, but so’s Lignum Vitae, I read about it, in a book, about king Arther, and the first Britsih wizards, the Lignum Vitae tree, is so hard to find, that only one person has ever been recorded to have a wand made from it’s wood”
“And that was?
“Merlin himself” she said quietly.
Harry, stared at her for a minute. Then turned to Mr Ollivader.
“You will keep this quiet won’t you” he said.
“Naturally, I follow a strict code not to establish any information about a customer, if they do not wish it to be established.” He said, quietly. “That will be 10 Galleons” he said loudly, as Amelia Skeeter, passed by.
“Thankyou” said Harry, as they walked out, of the shop.

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Chapter 6: Chapter 6: Heart-breking Mermories
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Chapter 6.

Jade tumbled threw the fire, and landed on the floor of the Gryffindor common room, Her father came threw after her.
Ron helped Harry to his feet, while Hermione did the same for Jade.
“You’ll be sleeping here tonight” said Hermione, and started to show her up the stairs of the girls dormitry.
“Err, Hermione, what if Harry needs to speak to her after all she is his daughter”
“Well, since the students went home yesterday, the spell on the stairs should be gone”
“I doubt it” said Ron, and to prove his point he tried to walk up the stairs, it turned into a slide.
“I think it would be best if I stay in the same room as Dad tonight, with all that has happened I’ll feel safer” said Jade suddenly. Hermione and Ron looked at her, they smiled and nodded.
“Me and Ron we’ll take turns and standing guard, you and Harry need some sleep” siad Hermione. “Just to be safe, and so you aren’t disterbed”
Harry nodded thanks, and he took Jade up to the empty boys dormitry, she fell asleep almost instantly.
Harry on the other hand didn’t go to bed just yet, he just watched Jade.
“She looks so much like her mother” he whispered.

Thunder Flashed, across the sky, outside, as Harry held his sleeping daughter, in his arms.
She looked so fragile and helpless.
Like a porclin doll.
Harry almost laughed at himself.
This must have been how my dad once though of me, when I was small. He thought.
“Harry?” came a voice.
Harry looked up.
A beautiful woman, with long red hair walked down the stairs.
“Yes, Love”
“What are you thinking about?” she asked playfully.
“I just realised that our life isn’t much different from, my parents”
“How so?”
“Well, Sirius always told me, that my dad was always afraid he’d break me, I just looked so….fragile. And well, Dad married a red-head too”
“That is a funny coicdence” she laughed.
“I know”
There was a crash outside.
“What was that?”
“Probally a cat that got scared by the storm” but Harry still looked wary.
Jade opened her eyes and looked up at her father, with her emerald green eyes, she blinked a few times, and smiled. “Dada” she said, reaching out her hands.
Harry smiled.
Jade had said a few words, but her favorite word, seemed to be ‘Dada’.
“Seems like Jade is going to be Daddy’s little girl, huh?”
Harry kissed his wife, gently, in answer.
“I never knew babies were so small”
“She’s 3 years old Harry?”
“I thought she’d be taller, by now”
“Children grow at different stages, you know that”
“Do I ever, I was the shortest in the year for a while, Ron was always taller then me”
“Hmmm” she sighed. “I better go take, Jade upstairs, its way past her bed-time”
“No Bed!” said Jade.
“Yes, Bed, young lady, come on” she took her daughter up in her arms, and carried her upstairs.
Harry sighed.
Even with Voldermort, he couldn’t be happier.

A scream interupted his plesent thoughts.

It came from upstairs.

His scar started to burn, red hot.

In a panic, he seized his wand, and bolted upstairs.
“Adverda Kederva” came a cold voice.
Time stopped, as Harry heard a scream pierce the night.
His heart ripped in two.
Jade was still screaming in terror.
He burst threw the door, too see Voldermort pointing his wand at his daughter, who was sobbing loudly in the courner.
“Expellimus” shouted Harry.
Voldermort turned, and saw him.
Harry summoned Jade, to him, and held her tight, he created a portkey, and sent her to HeadQuaters, praying someone would be there.
Harry saw his beloved wife on the floor.
Blinded by tears, he and Voldermort dueled.
Several moments later, Dumbledore arrived.
Voldermort fled.
Harry broke down, he fell to the floor and sobbed.
“Where’s Jade?” he croaked.
“Hermione, has her, she took her to Hogwarts to make sure she was alright” said Dumbledore evenly.
Harry felt a sudden warmth in his chest.
He still had Jade, she was safe at Hogwarts, with one of his best friends.
Dumbledore saw the young woman on the ground.
“It’s all my fault” sobbed Harry.
“It isn’t, noting could of, stopped this”
“What am I going to tell Ron?” he said. “I promised…..I promised I’d take care of her”
“Ron, will understand, and so will the rest of the family….it was miricle you were able to save Jade” he said evenly. “I think, he’d be glad you got Jade out alive”
“Why did he come here…..this is all my fault”
“Harry, if it’s anyone’s fault it’s mine, I thought Voldermort’s fear of you would keep you’re family safe, I was wrong, if anyone’s to blame it’s me, I should have cast a Fidlius charm”
“But we didn’t know Voldermort was after us?”
“Exactly, last time, with your parents he played games, he didn’t kill them outright, he decided to have fun, this time he wanted to be straight to the point, he’s changing his tactics”
Harry contiuned to sob.
Ron apperated next to Harry at that instant.
He went white when he saw the young woman, he saw his best friend sobbing on the ground, and embraced him.
“I’m so, sorry, Ron, its all my fault, I couldn’t save her”
“It’s okay, Harry, you did everything you could” he whispered. “At least you and Jade are alive”
Harry cried into his shoulder.
Ron was crying too.
“Ginny” he mumbled, in sorrow, as he stared at the body of his now dead little sister.

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Chapter 7: Chapter 7. Early Sorting.
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Chapter 7. Early Sorting.

Jade woke up the next morning to find her Dad in an armchair next to her bed.
Even though he was in his mid 30s, he still looked around 21.
It took Jade a moment to realise that she wasn’t at home. That she was infact in a four-poster bed, in a dormitry.
Jumping out of bed she ran to the window to see a large lake and a huge set of grounds, surrounded by a dark forest.
The place in the fairy tale her father told her about.
A few days ago she would have been ashamed to admit that she belived in such a fairytale. That she thought it was real.
Now her heart was pounding againts her chest, like a bass drum.
She was a witch!
She could do magic!
Her excitement suddenly was overcome by fear. A dark wizard was after her.
Why though?
Why Jade?
Sure her Dad had been a pain in the rear to this guy when he was a teen, but what did that have to do with Jade.
A memory flashed in Jade’s mind.

“Ok she’s asleep, now for some of her blood for the potion, remember to do a spell to make her arm numb.”

That was what the Death Eater had said. She knew that he was a Death Eater now.
A snowy white owl, flew into the window, she landed on Jade’s shoulder and nibbled affectionatly at her ear.
This… thought Jade, must be Hedwig, her father’s owl and trusted friend.
‘Hedwig must see me as an overly large Owlet.’ Thought Jade with a smile. A smaller owl flew in the window, it was a snowy white Owl as well, except for a silvery strek that went down it’s back.
“You must be the owlet, Dad said I could have… you are a sweet little thing aren’t you.” It sat on the bed-post looking at Jade curiously, Hedwig gave several hoots to her owlet. Obviously she was introducing Jade to her.
The Little Owl, flew over to Jade and landed on her shoulder. “I’m gonna call you….Fay… do you like that?”
The little owl hotted, excitedly. Hedwig gave an affectionate nibble to show her approval. Jade giggled.
The little owl started to zoom around the room. A hand reached up and snatched the owl.
Harry had woken up. He looked at Hedwig. He walked over and stroaked her feathers.
“Hey Hedwig… I see you picked out Jade’s new friend for her.”
Hedwig flew over to Harry’s shoulder and hooted.
Harry chuckled. “I thought so…. What did you name her?”
“Fay…. It’s short for Faith.”
“That’s a good name…”
Hedwig cooed.
“And Hedwig seems to agree with it…. which is good.” Laughed Harry. “Cause she can bite hard if she wants to…..”
“Thanks Dad.” Said Jade, she sat down on the bed.
“What’s wrong?” asked Harry.
“Why’s Voldemort after me? And don’t lie. I want to know the truth right here and now, everything you know at the least.”
Harry bowed his head. “Apprently there was another prophercy…. It says that a child fitting your description will rise up and do great things…..”
“So bluntly…”
“You’re the next Merlin.”
“Perfect… and I’m vunerable, while my magic matures.” Said Jade bitterly.
“Well, look at the bright side…. at least you can stay at Hogwarts while I’m here.”
Jade looked at Harry.
“What was mum like?” she asked suddenly.
Harry stared. “Where’d that come from?”
“It’s just at a time like this…. I want to remember her…”
“She was a lot like you…. Ever since…. The attack…. Hedwig has been watching you like you were her own. You look exactly like her, except….”
“I’ve got you’re eyes and hair color.”
“I miss her.”
“So do I, Jade… so do I”

Harry led Jade down to the Great Hall for Breakfast, down there waiting for them, were Ron and Hermione. Fay was sitting on Jade’s shoulder.
“I see you have a new friend.” Said Hermione. “Good morning.”
“Morning.” Said Harry, in reply, and sat down next to Ron and dished up some bacon and eggs.
Jade sat down, food appeared infront of her. It took a moment for her to get over the shock and then realise how hungry she was.
She had spent an evening at Voldemort’s Headquaters, but hadn’t eaten a thing. (What sane person would)
After dishing up, a hearty breakfast for herself, she dug in.
3 sasagues, 5 egges and 4 slices of bacon and a glass of milk later. Jade put down her knife and fork.
“Someone was hungery?” remarked Hermione.
“I haven’t eaten in over 48 hours.” Replied Jade. “So what are we going to do today?”
Harry got up. “To see how much you’ve paid attention, when I told you of my past in story form….”
“We’re going to duel.”
“But Dad I couldn’t never fight you….”
“That would go to Voldemort’s advantage, he could very well get me under the imperious curse, or use polyjuice potion.” Said Harry bluntly. “Come on…”
Jade gulped. This wasn’t going to be easy.
“All you have to do is disarm me.” Said Harry. “And block any jinxes I fire at you….they’ll only be simple ones, like the tickling charm or disarming charm, nothing that will harm you….”
“You knocked Snape out with a Disarming Jinx.” Remarked Jade.
Harry smirked. “See you have been paying attention, now lets see how good you are knowing the theory.”
“Before you start her training, I think we’d better sort, Jade into her house….” Came a wise voice. Dumbledore was standing out the front with the sorting hat and stool.
Harry nodded in agreement.
Jade was slightly relived. She didn’t want to duel her Dad and this was postponing that perticular event.
Besides she knew it would be hard to disarm Harry Potter.
“Just sit down here, Jade” said Dumbledore.
Jade sat down, Harry gave his daughter a reasureing smile, when the hat dropped over her eyes.
It wasn’t long before Jade heard the hat’s voice ringing in her ears.
Another Potter? I’ve been expecting you… lets see now… your clearly brave, cunning, intelligant….. hmmm…. Difficult, like your father no doubt about that… but I think you’ll be just as against of me putting you in Slytherin as he was, so that rules out that house. The hat paused. I think it would be wise to put you in the same house as your father…. “GRYFFINDOR!”