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The Xena Files 1 by VampiresSoul

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 529

Rating: 12+
Warnings: No Warnings

Genres: General
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, Ginny, OC

First Published: 11/18/2004
Last Chapter: 07/17/2006
Last Updated: 07/17/2006


Thankx for this brilliant banner sepentsortia! Xena meets our 'heros' on the Hogwarts express.Little do they know Xena is a person who gets into trouble every day.So with her around there may never be any peace and quiet.

Chapter 1: The Xena Files 1
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New Friends
Xena Series

Xena sighed. It was the sort of sigh you’d get if someone were really depressed. She examined the faint mist on the window.
“Excuse me, can we join you?” A voice asked behind her.
Turning around she came face to face with a black – haired boy, two red heads and a bushy haired girl.
“Sure,”Xena said, rubbing her eyes tiredly as they all sat down.
“Oh, by the way I’m Hermione Granger,” The bushy – haired girl announced.
“Harry Potter,” The black – haired Boy said.
“I’m Ginny Weasley and he,” Ginny pointed at the other red head,” He’s Ron Weasley,”
“Hi, I’m Xena Riddle,”Xena said smirking. Everyone gasped.
“Joke!”Xena said smiling,” I’m honestly and truly Xena Dumbledore,”
“Oh very funny, absoulutly hilarious!” Ron said sarcastically.
“What? Pretending you’re a Riddle?”Xena said, glancing at Hermione and Ginny who were struggling to cover up their giggles.
“No, you being a Dumbledore,”Ron replied “I thought Dumbledores are all’I think I know best’ people,”
“Well if you don’t believe me I’ll go fetch Arthur,”Xena said
“And what does this, Arthur have to do with you?” Ron asked.
“He’s my older brother if you must know,”Xena answered growing angry. Ron must have noticed this because his next question was,
“What year are you in?”
“I’m going to be a 6th year Griffindor,”Replied Xena,”And, don’t tell me, you are too?”
“Yep,”Harry said.
“By the way Ginny’s a 5th year with Owls in June right?”Xena added thoughtfully.
“How’d you know?” Ginny curiously asked.
“A Dumbledore knows everything,”Xena said mysteriously.
“So, you are like other Dumbledores then?” Ron asked, thinking he already knew the answer.
“No.Grandad had told me silly,”Xena said as she started to have hysterics.
“Oh now you tell us,” Ron said throwing up his arms in exasperation.
“Ah, a new recruit to you gang Potter?” A voice slurred at the doorway.
Xena turned her head in the direction of the voice making her black hair scatter over her face.
“And if I were you Draco, I’d watch your tongue,”Xena replied, not flinching at Malfoy’s next words.
“And might I add one with a sharp tongue,”Malfoy said his eyes trying not to show fear.
“What makes you think that?”Xena asked, knowing this conversation would soon end.
“My father was sent to Azkaban because of those Griffindors and our muggle lover headmaster,”Malfoy said fearing her answer.
Xena caught hold of Malfoy’s wrist and squeezed.
“You do not insult my family in front of me,”Xena hissed throwing Malfoy out of the compartment and slamming the door shut. All the glass shattered.Turning around Xena stated,
Hermione got out her seat and fixed the glass.Xena smiled at her.
“I’m not in trouble for wrecking the train!” She sang, doing some hand gestures to go along with it. Harry and Ron grinned. Xena was truly a person of whom nobody could predict their next move, and this year at Hogwarts looked like it was going to be a fun one with Xena around. And she could actually lead them into more trouble than all the others troubles they encounted put together. And so they disembarked off the train ready for anything that hit them (not literally)