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Follow Through by Fredslover

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 6,513

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language

Genres: Romance
Characters: Harry, Hermione, Ron
Pairings: Ron/Hermione

First Published: 11/04/2004
Last Chapter: 11/04/2004
Last Updated: 09/25/2005


I don't ask for much, not really. I mean I just want what every fourteen year old girl wants, good grades, close friends, and a boyfriend of course. And right now, I hate to admit it for fear that I'll jynx myself...I think I have everything that I could want. But could that change?

Chapter 1: Follow Through
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It comes down to this, " said Hermione, rubbing her forehead. " Either Mr. Crouch attacked Viktor, or somebody else attacked both of them when Viktor wasn't looking. "

" It must've been Crouch, " said Ron at once. " That's why he was gone when Harry and Dumbledore got there. He'd done a runner. "

" I don't think so, " said Harry, shaking his head. " He seemed really weak - I don't reckon he was up to Disapperating or anything. "

" You can't Disapperate on the Hogwarts grounds, haven't I told you enough times? " said Hermione.

"'s this for a theory, " said Ron excitedly. " Krum attacked Crouch - no, wait for it - and then stunned himself! "

" And Mr. Crouch evaporated did he? " said Hermione coldly.

" Oh yeah... "

Hermione sighed. They weren't getting anywhere this way, it was probably smarter just to wait until tomorrow to do anything. Besides Harry looked tired, she couldn't blame him, all this Triwizard Tournament stuff was making everyone stressed out. She pushed her annoyance with Ron aside, and got up from her chair. It was late, and the common room was almost empty.

" Look, why don't we all just sleep on it, think up some other theories, and tomorrow morning we can write to Snuffles, maybe he can help us out.... " She said looking at both the boys. She couldn't help but to hold her glance at Ron a little longer than normal. He gave her a knowing smile and nodded, still looking a little disappointed that his theory about Viktor had been put down. She frowned slightly when she thought of Viktor, was he ok? All she had thought about when Harry had got back was if Harry was ok, and who attacked them. She hadn't once thought of how Viktor was.

" Sleep sounds like an excellent idea... " Harry muttered getting off of the couch, and picking his cloak up off of the table. Ron glanced at Harry and then at Hermione's hopeful face.

" Yeah, I'm beat... " He said standing awkwardly beside Harry, but away from Hermione, which was the exact opposite of what the both of them wanted. They had gone on for weeks like this. Pretending that there was nothing going on between them, it was difficult, but they decided that it was for the best. It wasn't that they didn't want Harry to know, it was just they didn't want him to know right now. He had way to many things to worry about, and she didn't want to add the thought of his two best friends making out.

" Ok well, 'night Hermione, be down here early tomorrow to send that note to Snuffles. " Harry said smiling slightly as he stifled a yawn and turned away, walking toward his dormitory.

" Goodnight. " She called after him. Ron was still standing at the foot of his chair staring at the back of Harry's head, which after a few seconds turned around.

" You comin' or not? " Harry asked, giving Ron a weird look. Ron stood there a moment, and Hermione hoped he was thinking of a reason to stay in the common room a little longer.

" Er...I'll be up in a minute, I've still got to finish this bloody essay. " He said pointing to his half written Charms essay, that he did in fact need to finish. Hermione made a mental note to herself to remind Ron of this later.Harry shrugged, and continued up the stairs, Hermione didn't blink once as she watched him reach the top and enter his dorm. A few seconds later she heard the door click, indicating he had shut it. Ron let out his breath, like he had been holding it.

" I thought he'd never leave! " He said rushing over and wrapping his arms around her shoulders and staring at her face. She smiled, and looked around the common room nervously, she didn't want anyone that knew Harry to see this. Luckily all she saw were a few first years doing homework, well most of them were, there was a little blonde headed girl who was staring at Ron dreamingly. She laughed and dragged him into the corner where they were hidden from the first years.

" Hey... " She said staring back up at him, she draped her arms over his shoulders and played with the nap of his neck. He gave her a smile that made her knees go weak.

" Hey yourself.. " He whispered running his hand along her cheek, making her shiver involuntarily. For someone that didn't have a lot of previous experience, he sure knew how to make a girl crazy.

Oh, this is the start of something good
Don't you agree?
I haven't felt like this in so many moons
You know what I mean?

He lowered his head and pressed his lips firmly onto her's. This was by far her favorite part of going out with Ron, she had been dreaming of kissing him for four years and now that she could do it whenever she wanted (As long as Harry wasn't around.) she didn't quite know what to do with herself. Well, that wasn't intirely true...

She moved her hand to the back of his head and pushed him closer to her, her breath coming out in gasps due to lack of oxygen. Breathe Hermione, breathe She told herself as she reluctantly pulled her mouth from his, He laughed softly as he caught his own breath.

" Have I mentioned that I love you? " He asked tucking Hermione's hair behind her ear. She had never notice how much of a gentleman he was. She had always pegged him as the class clown, tough guy, but he really wasn't. Well, at least not the tough guy part.

" Only about fifty times today...not that I'm counting. " She said standing on her tip toes and planting another kiss on his still pink lips. Actually he had told her that he loved her thirteen times today, but she didn't want him to know just how pathetic she really was. Especially when she was lucky that he was even with her, after that incident before the second task, but thankfully Ron wasn't holding anything against her. Which was good considering there wasn't anything to hold against her, because she had meant it when she said that there wasn't anything going on between herself and Viktor, although Viktor wanted there to be. She had absolutely no intention on kissing anybody but Ron for a very, very long time.

And we can build through this destruction
As we are standing on our feet
So, if you want to be with me
You have to follow through
With every word you say
And I, all I really want is you
You, to stick around
I'll see you everyday
But you have to follow through
You have to follow through.

Minutes later Ron removed his arms from Hermione's neck and glanced at his watch. She watched as his face literally fell. His arm fell down with a flop to his side as he looked at her.

" Bloody hell. " He said running his hand up and down her arm. She rolled her eye's, she didn't exactly approve of Ron's choice of words, but she was thinking the exact same thing.

" I should get upstairs... " He said not moving from his place in front of her.

" Yeah you should... " She whispered keeping her hands on his arms, he took hold of her hands in his own.

" I'm serious, Harry might get suspicious. " He said seriously. Hermione nodded taking a deep breath and backing up away from him slowly. He smiled again, kissing her on the cheek, he started walking away she held on to his hands until she was forced to let go when he walked out of reach.

" Good night... " She whispered, causing him to turn around. He lifted his hand slightly and grinned.

" Sweet dreams. " He said turning back around and walking the remaining way into his and Harry's dorm, Hermione frowned as she heard the door close behind him. She hated this part, now she had to wait until tomorrow morning to see him again.

These reeling emotions they just keep me alive
They keep me in tune
Oh, look what I'm holding here in my fire
This is for you
Am I to obvious to preach it?
Your so hypnotic on my heart.

Standing there, with the blonde first year still staring at the dormitory door, Hermione couldn't help but to let her mind wonder.

The first thought that came to mind was how lucky she was to have Ron, considering all that had happened, she thought of this a lot, knowing that if the tables had been turned, an she had seen Ron kissing someone...Well lets just say she probably wouldn't be cuddling with him minutes later. Not that she wasn't glad that he had choosen to forgive her.

Thoughts of that night started floating through her head, and of course led her to think of Viktor. She was still wondering if he was ok. She knew that she shouldn't be thinking of him at all, and that he could take care of himself. But when Harry had told her that Viktor had been attacked, he had said that he had looked shaken, and not to mention angry. And it was no secret that Hermione had gotten close to Viktor, but only as a friend, she had no plans of moving their friendship to anything other than platonic.

And it wasn't like Ron had forbidden her to talk to him. He trusted her, and she wasn't the kind of person who broke other peoples trust.

But she was the kind of person who looked out for her friends, and it just so happened that Viktor was her friend, and he might need someone to talk to. Besides, he might know some information that he didn't want to tell Harry or Dumbledore, that he just might tell her.

So I'll just go to the ship real quick, just to make sure he's ok, and maybe find out some valuable information. Then I'll feel better, and I'll comeback and go to sleep.

She nodded, aggreeing with herself, she grabbed Ron's cloak that he had left on the chair. Pulling it on she tied the front and walked briskly out of the common room.

It was still fairly early, so there were a few people walking down the halls. Hermione sped up slightly, trying to get to the front door before a Professor or worse Filch, spotted her. She was allowed to be walking around the castle at this hour, but she was pretty sure they wouldn't like her being on the grounds. Luckily the coast was clear as she made her way down the main hallway towards the front doors.

It was much colder than she had expected outside. The temperature had dropped many degrees since her Care of Magical Creatures lesson earlier that day. She pulled Ron's cloak tight around her, lifting the collar up so that it covered her chin. She took a deep breath, breathing a scent that was so faniliar and pleasant that she almost forgot where she was. The smell of colonge and cauldron cakes filled her nostrals, and she couldn't sworn she was back in the common room with Ron.

Coming out of her trance, Hermione gave the grounds a quick once-over, and saw smoke streaming up into the night sky, knowing that it was coming from Hagrids cabin she looked the other way.

She was now facing the Greenhouses, there were lights visable from inside them, not that that was strange she knew Professor Sprout sometimes stayed up late to tend to her plants and prepare the next days lesson. The sounds carrying over to her ears however were a little strange. It was a squaking sound, a noise that one would usually associate with a large bird. She scwinted her eyes slightly and was suprised to see a figure making it's way towards her. Her first instinct was to grab her wand, which she did, she brought it up to about chest level.

" Lumos. " She muttered quietly as her wand emitted a golden glow that lit a short area around her. She slowly brought the light as far out as it would go and sighed heavily when she reconized who was that was coming her way.

" Neville? " She asked causing him to jump slightly, it was clear that he hadn't noticed her. And after a few moments it was also clear as to what had distracted him. He was holding a large potted plant that had at least seven long vine like arms swinging randomly in the air, every once in a while hitting him in the face. The plant had to be at least twice Neville's size.

" Oh, hey Hermione. Little late to be out and about isn't it? " He asked panting as he walked closer. His arms seemed to be stretching to their limit trying to contain the plant.

Hermione smiled.

" I was about to ask you the same question. Well that, and why you're carrying that monsterous plant around. " She said motioning at the plant that had started to make a noise resembling the squaking sound she had heard before.

Neville frowned at Hermione's last question. Sweat had begun to trickle down his forehead do to the energy he was using to keep the plant from squishing him. He shook his head with an affended look on his face.

" Monsterous? The Octakuas is anything but monsterous Hermione. It's an amazing plant really, it's got eight arms and makes a sound that scares off it's enemies sometime you can... " Neville kept talking but Hermione wasn't listening anymore, he did this alot. He'd just start rambling about some plant. Hermione thought that it was wonderful that Neville found something that interested him, and that he actually had a talent in, but she didn't find plants very interesting at all, so she tended to zone out whenever he started speaking about them.

"...and they can also function in complete darkness due to the sensors on the bottom of their arms, see if you look here you can see one of them- " Hermione cut him off.

" Sorry Neville I'm kind of on my way to meet someone, but I do have one more question. Why are you working with the plants at this time of night? " She asked truely curious, Neville wasn't really the stay up late to do extra classwork kind of guy.

" Oh, well thats simple. Because Octakaus' are nocturnal, and are asleep all day. Professor Sprout is done with this one, and she wants me to release it into the forest, and the only way to do that is to get it to come out of the pot by itself, and since it's only awake at night... " He said leaving the sentece at that, she nodded satisfied with his answer.

" Ok, well, nice to see you Neville. I'll let you get back to releasing. " She said grinning and watching as Nevile tried to get one hand free to wave at Hermione, giving up he tilted his head down indicating his goodbye.

" See you tommorow... " He said walking toward the edge of the forest, not to far from where Hermione was headed. She stood there for a few seconds letting Neville get a good ways ahead of her before she started moving forward.

She could still see Neville as she turned slightly so that the Durmstrang ship was coming into view. She started looking for Viktor, she was sure that he would be outside, he had told her that he liked Hogwarts grounds and often walked around when it was dark and there weren't any annoying little first years roaming around giving him odd looks.

But she didn't see him anywhere, in fact once Neville walked out of sight she was quite alone. She looked out at the lake where the ship sat drifting up and down with the current. Was Viktor swimming? No, she didn't think so, it was colder than the other day. She sighed and turned around.

Well that was a waste of time Hermione, great idea, of course he would be asleep you idiot, wouldn't you be if... Her thoughts were cut short when she heard foot steps coming from behind the ship, she held her wand higher as it continued to glow a dim light around the perimeter.

" Hello? " She called out hoping that it wasn't someone that was out to hurt her. Was it one of the Durmstrang students? Maybe one of them saw her light and came out to see the idiot that was wondering around their ship at night.

" Hermio-ninny? " Came a heavily accented yet very familiar voice out from the shadows. Her shoudler's slumped down from there stiff position, she smiled from relief. Viktor's built form appeared in Hermione's wand light.

" Viktor, just who I was looking for. " She said walking closer as he grinned. She noticed that he wasn't even wearing a cloak, just a sweater and a pair of new looking jeans.

" Vell, you found me...may I ask vat it is your doing here? " He asked looking worried that there was something wrong, which was funny concidering that he was the one that had been attacked.

" I just wanted to know whether you were ok or know from being stunned. " She said registering the look on his face as surprise.

" How do you know about that? " He asked looking confused.

" Harry told me, look I just wanted to know whether you were ok or not so...are you? " She asked, for some reason she didn't want to be here anymore, she could see that he was ok, and was now just thinking of how akward it was as she remembered the last thing he had said to her before she had rushed out of the Transfiguration classroom after Ron. It had been something about waiting until Ron and her's relationship ended,because he some how thought that it would, because they were already friends. But he had said that he was in love with her, and wasn't going to give up on her until she realized that she felt the same way.

" I am...a little shaken, but I vill be fine yes. " He said moving even more closer to her. She saw him staring at her face, he looked like a child who had just seen their idol...he was thinking romantic things again she could tell. She had to get out of here before he said something he'd regret.

" Thats...great, I'm glad your ok... " She muttered holding her wand at her side and staring at her feet. Things were getting weirder by the second, she couldn't look him in the face. He cleared his throat, and lifted his hand to her chin, pushing her head up so that she was facing him. As politely as she could she grabbed his hand and pulled off of her chin gently. She wasn't trying to hurt his feelings, it was just that she didn't want to give him the wrong idea.

" Viktor... "

" No, vait Hermio-ninny, I just wanted to ask you how things vere going between yourself and Ronald. Is everything alright? " He asked, she coulld see the hope in his eyes, hope that she would say no, that she would tell him that they had gotten in to a fight or worse, that they had broken up. She had to hide a rather large smile as she answered.

" Yes actually, me and Ron are doing great. Thanks for asking. " She said. She knew that she was being a little rude, but she couldn't help it, Viktor needed to learn that Hermione and Ron weren't breaking up anytime soon. He just had to deal with it.

" Oh...that's wonderful. " He muttered looking utterly misserable, some of her smile faded slightly. She didn't like making him feel bad, that wasn't her goal in this conversation.

" Look Viktor, I'm sorry about all of this...but, I love Ron and theres nothing you or anyone else can do about it. " She said, her face softening, but her voice was defiant. He looked at her as if trying to decide whether or not to believe her. She stood there trying to keep the soft look on her face, while struggling against the impulse to reach out and shake him to make him answer.

" Ok. " He said like it was the simplest thing in the world. Her whole body slumped forward.

" That's it? Just 'Ok', that's all your going to say? " She asked not daring to believe that he was going to make it this easy. He shrugged and let out a sigh.

" Vell, vat do you vant me to say? " He asked, his accent as think as ever. She thought about his question for a moment. Did she expect him to say something? No. There wasn't really anything to say at this point. She smirked and looked at him.

" Nothing. Absolutely nothing. " She said laughing almost to herself. He smiled, looking uncharacteristically nervous. Confident that he wouldn't try anything, Hermione felt ok about her next question.

" Do you want to talk? " She asked, a smile creeping to her mouth. He looked at her quizically.

" Is't that vat ve've been doing for the last ten minutes? " He asked, making her feel stupid for not elborating. She wanted to talk like they did before he had even asked her to the ball. When he had just gotten here, they had connected. She had liked him immediately, but she wasn't attracted to him, at least not romantically. It's just that he had seemed so well kept, put together, he always had something to say, but never said too much. He was an excellent listener, and an even better adviser about practically anything.

" Sorry, I mean, do you want to talk . You know, like we used too. I want to hear all about this afternoon, when you were stunned. " She said, hoping that he would want to talk. She really wanted to find out more about the attack, so that she would be well informed when they wrote that letter to Sirius.

" Oh...I suppose so, " He muttered looking around for a place to talk.

" Come over here. " He said taking her arm and leading her over to a spot near the entrance to the ship. As soon as she realized where they were going she gently removed her arm from his grasp, and smiled up at him reasurringly.

They both sat down with their back against the wooden surface of the ship. Hermione felt a little uneasy at the thought of the ship shifting back allowing her to fall through the crack into the icey cold water. But she was reassured when she saw Viktor leaning fully on the ship, without a care in the world. Well...almost without a care.


Ron was lying in his four poster bed an hour after he had come up to his dormitory. He couldn't get to sleep, and he had tried every way he had ever heard of to do so, from counting sheep to reading his History of Magic text book-a task that could put God himself asleep if he read the right chapter-but nothing was working. He supposed it was because he was thinking of Hermione, but that wasn't unusual. He thought about her almost every second of the day.

He sighed as he continued to count sheep.


His thoughts were cut short by the sound of the dormitory door creeking open slowly. He heard foot steps shuffeling across the room, it was obvious that whoever it was was attempting to be as quiet as they could. They were succeding in being almost silient, until Ron heard the thumping sound of a stack of books falling to the floor.


Ron eased himself to a sitting position to see Neville Longbottom bent over the pile of books that had fallen. He was muttering to himself and hadn't noticed Ron was awake yet.

" Careful, theres a whole other stack sitting on that shelf wouldn't want to knock those down. " He said sarcastically, when he was really thinking that it was too bad he hadn't knocked Ron's books over into a water puddle or something, so that he'd have an excuse not to do his work until he got a new one. No such luck though. Neville quickly turned his head.

" Oh Ron. Sorry for the noise, did I wake you? " He asked looking at him apolagetically. Ron laughed ironically and shrugged.

" No, it's ok I was already awake. " He muttered, wondering what Neville was doing up so late.

" Where have you been? " He asked, watching as Neville finished putting the books away and changed into his pajamas.

" Er...I was helping Professor Sprout out with some of her plants, scored some points for Gryffindor... " He said plopping down on his bed.

" Cool. " He said, glad that Neville had given Gryffindor some extra points, since they had lost fifty earlier that day.

" Hey, what was Hermione doing out so late? " Neville asked, causing Ron's head to snap towards Neville. Nevilles face froze momentarily.

" What? " He asked Ron, looking a little confused. But he couldn't possably be as dumbfounded as Ron was at this moment.

" You said Hermione was outside just now? " Ron uttered at him as Neville began to close the maroon curtains around his bed.

" Yeah...said she was meeting someone or something. I'm not really sure, thats why I was asking you. " His muffled response came from inside the now completely closed curtains. Ron's mind imediately flashed to one person. The only person other than himself or Harry that Hermione would leave the castle at night to meet. It was also the person that caused all those problems between Hermione and Ron. Krum? Please tell me she didn't actually go out there to meet Krum.

So, since you want to be with me
You'll have to follow through
With every word you say
And I, all I really want is you
You to stick around
I'll see you everyday
But you have to follow through


Hermione made her way up the front steps of the castle feeling a little aggrivated. Viktor hadn't had any valuable information, other than what he had told Harry and Dumbledore. The only good thing that had come of her going down to the ship was Viktor hopefully realizing that nothing could happen between them. She shivered once as another freezing blast of wind hit her in the face. Maybe it would snow, at least that was something she could look forward too. Along with seeing Ron of course.

Entering the castle, she jogged up the staircases. She had passed a professor a few stairs down, but now that there was nobody around, she noticed just how creepy the castle was at night. She passed some portraits with their occupants sleeping fitfully in most of them. A couple of them though were stairing straight at her, making her a little uncomfortable.

Finally she reached the seventh staircase, as she walked up it she found Nearly Headless Nick floating back and forth looking extremely bored. She was relived to see somebody else around, even though that somebody was no longer living.

" Hermione, always a pleasure. " He said bowing slgihtly, causing his head to wobble dangerously on his transparent neck. She smiled warmly, she liked Nick, despite his lack of neck stability.

" Hi Nick. You ok? " She asked, still walking toward the portrait whole where the Fat Lady was sleeping soundly. He shrugged stopping for a second.

" Can't complain, seeing as nothing could really happen to me, given my current state. " He muttered the last part as if he was ashamed of it.

" Oh yeah...sorry. " She said, not really sure what to say to him. He did have an unfortunate point.

" Don't be, it's not like your the one that tried to chop my head off... " He said, making sure to turn his head to the side so that Hermione saw the crack where his head was almost severed.

" Right...well, goodnight then. " She said, turning to the Fat Lady and muttering the password.

" Goodnight dear. " Nick said floating back down the hall away from the Gryffindor common room.

It took a few more times saying the password before the Fat Lady actually heard it and swung her portrait open for Hermione, who walked through gratefully.

The common room was dark when she entered, the only visable light in the large room was a single candle flickering from the little table in the right hand corner. She ignored it and made her way briskly across the room toward the girls dormitory.

Coming up to the stairs she turned right, ready to walk up it. But something was blocking her path. It was a boy, he was just sitting there. She couldn't really see anything, all she saw was a boy shaped form. And thats all she needed to see, before she turned quickly around and screamed fairly loudly.

From behind her she heard the guy shuffle off the stairs and come up behind her. She ducked her head under her arms and let out another squel.

" Shhh, Hermione it's me. " He whispered. Hermione turned her head slightly to see a very frantic looking Ron trying to quiet her down.

" Ron?! Are you trying to give me a heart attack? " She asked incrediously, as he put a finger to his mouth signaling her to be quiet. She sighed, patting her chest in an attempt to calm down.

You have to follow through...

" Maybe. " He said looking at her coldly. His face was now glowing in the light of the little candle, and she could see his face relatively clearly. And the first thing that she registered was his expression. He did not look happy. She let her mouth fall into a frown, while she stared at his stiff face.

" Ron? What's wrong, are you ok? " She asked, stepping a little closer to him. He backed away quickly giving her a disbelieving glance.

" Neville told me you were outside. " He said, still staring at her like she'd done something wrong. She shifted her weight back and forth, nervously.

" Yeah...I went to meet someone. " She said, really hoping he wouldn't question her anymore. What was he doing down here anyway? Wasn't he supposed to trust her? He scoffed, making her wince slightly.

" You were with Krum weren't you? " He asked, she knew that he already knew the answer, but he wanted her to say it. She looked down for a second then looked back up at him, nodding slowly.

" Yes. " She said, deciding that it was best to just be up front about everything since she really didn't do anything wrong to begin with.

He stared back at her, his blueish brown eyes boring into her chocolate ones. She wished with all her might that he would just say something. Anything, to let her know he'd heard her. But he wouldn't give her the satisfaction, he just stood there.

" Ron say something. " She pleaded, starting to get antsy. She was breathing heavily as he stared her down.

" I love you Hermione. " He whispered. And thats all he said as he turned around and walked up the stairs to the boys dormitory. Leaving Hermione in the dark common room, feeling very confused and very alone.

The words you say to me, are unlike anything
Thats ever been said
And what you do to me is unlike anything
Thats ever been
Am I too obvious to preach it?
Your so hypnotic on my heart
So since you want to be with me
You'll have to follow through
With every word you say
And I, all I really want is you
You to stick around
I'll see you every day
But you have to follow through
With every word you say...


It was the next morning, and since it was a saterday there weren't very many people in the common room. Most of them were still asleep. Ron however had woken up early and gone down stairs. When he had noticed Ron was gone, Harry came down a few minutes after him. They had been talking for a good thirty minutes, Ron had told Harry about Hermione and him, and suprisingly, he wasn't even the least bit shocked...

" she came into the portrait hole, and you were waiting on the stairs for her? " Harry asked for about the hundreth time.

" Yes, she came to the stairs and I guess I scared her, but the point is she admitted to meeting with him! She didn't deny anything. " Ron said, trying to get Harry to tell him that he should be at least a little suspicious, so that he wouldn't feel so miserable that he was.

" Well, maybe that's a good thing. Maybe the fact that she admitted it means that there really wasn't anything going on. " He said, looking really confident. Ron knew that Harry probably wasn't going to anything bad about Hermione, or Ron. He probably wasn't the best person to go to for this particular problem, given the fact that he was both Ron and Hermione's bestfriend. But he knew Hermione pretty much as good as Ron did.

" Maybe,'s just, you didn't see them that night. " He said sighing as he slammed his head down the arm of the chair he was sitting in.

" I didn't have to mate. I know Hermione, even though she hasn't told me about this...which suprises me, I still know her, because she's mentioned it a few times before you even knew. She loves you , I know it, you should know it, I just don't see the problem here. " He said, obviously sticking to his nuetral friend position.

" I do know it, or at least I thought I knew it. God I hate Krum! If he wasn't in the stupid Tournament, we'd never have these problems. " Ron said looking out the window at the lake, where he could see the Durmstrang's ship just sitting there. Of all the students at the school why did Karkaroff have to choose Krum?

" Actually, if Krum hadn't come here I doubt you would even be with Hermione right now. " Harry said smiling slightly. Ron looked at him questioningly. But then thought about it, maybe Harry was right. If Krum hadn't come, then Ron would have never seen them kissing. Which meant that he never would have told Hermione how he felt.

" Thats what I thought. " Harry said, once again solving another delima.

" See here's the way I see it. You love Hermione, right? " He said holding one hand.

" Yeah. "

" Ok, and she loves you. Now, you know that she and Krum were together, whether she was really into it or not. But you also know that they aren't together anymore, because she said they weren't. And you should trust her. I mean, look at Krum, he's not exactly the most handsom guy in the world, and I know he's not the funniest. Plus he's got the personality of a piece of parchment. And when you think about it, who knows her better? You. So here's my advice, you listening? " He asked arching his eyebrow. Ron nodded energetically, he was listening alright. He liked the odds Harry was making him aware of, the way he put it almost sounded like he had a chance.

" My advice to you is to forget any of last night happened. "

" What? I can't- "

" Wait, hear me out. I think you should forget any of this happened because in a few minutes she's going to come down here, to help write that letter to Snuffles, so unless you want things to be completely awkard between the two of you for the rest of our years at Hogwarts I suggest you apologize and forget everything. " He said standing up and stretching.

" I know I should, but I don't know if I can. " He said, he felt completely torn. One side of him knew that Hermione didn't do anything, but the other side couldn't stop thinking about that night.

" Well, I've given you my perspective, that's all I can give. " Harry said. He as looking over Ron's shoulder, and he smiled and waved at someone. Ron's stomach dropped. By the look on Harry's face, he knew Hermione was here.

" 'Morning. " Harry said walking past Ron. He heard Hermione reach the bottom of the stairs and stop somewhere behind him.

" Good morning Harry...Ron? " She asked cautiously. He didn't acknowlage her at first.

And I, all I really want is you
You to stick around
I'll see you every day
So, if you want to be with me
You'll have to follow through
With every word you say

" Ron? " She asked again, sounding incredibly sad. It litterally broke his heart to hear her voice sound that way, and he knew the second he heard it that he wasn't going to break it off with her. But he wasn't going to let her off the hook that easy either.

You have to follow through

He turned around and looked her in the face, she looked as bad as she sounded. Harry was standing rather awkwardly beside her, he kept moving his eyes sideways in a quick motion, trying to tell Ron to say something.

" Hey Hermione... " Was all he could think of. It was obviously good enough for her, because she let out a sigh and turned back to Harry.

" So, you ready to write that letter to Snuffle's? " She asked, looking like she had some idea's about what to write, knowing Hermione she probably had the whole letter planed out.

You're gonna have to follow...

Harry nodded, glancing at Ron, who gave him a nod. He got up from his chair and walked over to the two of them. The three of them made their way out of the common room without a word. Ron was walking in between Harry and Hermione, and every once in a while Ron threw an odd glance at Hermione, who he caught a few times giving him the same type of look.

They were half way there when quite suddenly Hermione muttered something.

" I'm sick of this, it's so stupid. " She whispered to him so that Harry wouldn't hear.

" What? " He asked out of the side of his mouth. She sighed.

" This. " She said waving her hand in the space between them. He frowned slightly, he didn't really know what to say. She apparently didn't either, so she moved side ways, and slid her hand through his. He hadn't epected this, but he wasn't about to stop her. Infact he gave her hand a quick squeeze to reassure her as they continued to the owlery.

Oh, this is the start of something good
Don't you agree?

A/N: Oh my god, I am finally done with this story, don't get me wrong I absolutely adore it, but it's taken FOREVER to complete! I'm soooo happy with it though. So tell me what you think, because I'm thinking of making a third part to this seemingly endless story.