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Xenoviv by Ryo Akuinenn

Format: Short story
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 242
Status: Abandoned

Rating: 12+
Warnings: No Warnings

Genres: Drama
Characters: Draco

First Published: 10/01/2004
Last Chapter: 10/01/2004
Last Updated: 10/01/2004

What if Draco was a Christan? Or what if Draco was a Christan who got his letter to Hogwarts? It kind of sucks right now but it will get better. ~M├ęsentente

Chapter 1: Acts 20:20
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I, Draco Mulligan Malfoy , Do Over for short, had

always been born again my whole life. Excepting Jesus

into my hart and getting saved is a big deal,

exceptionally for a three year old.

My faith taught me that everything is part of Gods

plan.My mum said He even had a plan for taking my

father to heaven. She said Daddy was with the Angels,

and to be with the Angels too. But it didn't let us

"work out." Jesus became the center of my life. I was

member of a gang called Christan Brothers. It is sort

of like a gang of JC (Jesus) Freaks.

My mum had just been named number one Christan Designe

(school close) in the rejen.

Yes, I had the perfect Christan life. Life was good I

was just aboutto be a sixth grader at the best

school in all of England,St. John's Academy of Christianity, when I got a

letter that changed my life forever.

Dear Mr. Malfoy

You have been accepted into Hogwarts ...


Ok if I write more to this I wont you to remember Draco's Dad(trust me you'll find it funny).


PS for now it Acts 20:20 but when I find something better I'll use that as the name. Oh yaeh if you didn't get it I'm using Bible verses as the name of my chapters.