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Our Story by Nicole_jameslily4ever

Format: Novella
Chapters: 12
Word Count: 21,328
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: No Warnings

Genres: Romance
Characters: Dumbledore, James, Lily, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Snape, Narcissa
Pairings: James/Lily

First Published: 09/28/2004
Last Chapter: 07/29/2005
Last Updated: 07/29/2005


This is my romantic version of how James and Lily got together. He is head over heels (or runners for guys) in love with her, but she won't hear of it, he is a cocky arrogant jerk! He'll have to change that in order to have her fall in love!Note-thanks to Ayne for the awesome picture of James and Lily which I split up to make into an animation! You rock! Visit her site at:

Chapter 1: James' Story So Far
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[A/N - Hey guys! This is my first fic, so please bear with it! If you like, or if you don't like, please please please review so I can hone my writing skills. I'm planning on updating every couple days, just to keep you hanging. Not to mention I have another life... Oh, and none of this belongs to me, except the romantic plotty thing, considering that hasn't been written yet. It all goes to J.K.!]

Chapter 1 - James' Story So Far

I stood in the steamy shower, drenching myself in calming water while my messy hair surrounded my head in a black mop. At fourteen, I was already enjoying my growth and my years of Quidditch that were paying off. I stood up, dried off my toned body and wrapped myself with a warm white towel from the shelf.

I walked down the white carpeted corridor towards my room, and began to sort through my mess of a closet for something to wear. It took my awhile to get through the closet, considering it was walk in. I thought only girls had those, but I suppose my parents were expecting one.

I knew that I was lucky to be a Potter, but then again, it didn’t solve all of my problems. I lived in a mansion, I had looks and charm and I was loaded with money. But some people, and this was a few people of course, thought me spoiled, self-centered and a trouble maker.

I knew I was a trouble maker, but what did it matter when almost all (I’ll get to that later) of the girls at Hogwarts in my year and below it thought that I was magnificent? Being the worshipped alongside my friends wasn’t something to complain about. My parents on the other hand were.

At home all Alex and Mary Potter could talk about was me, their son, the perfect James Potter. “Oh,” Mary would say to her gossipy next door neighbour Brenda, “did I tell you that Jamsie got another ‘O’ in Transfiguration? He’s been getting almost all ‘O’s!!!”

Father was a bit better, but could never get away from my great Quidditch skills. He just had to tell everyone at work that I made seeker of the Gryffindor Quidditch team, and that we hadn’t lost a game that I played in, not to mention I caught the snitch and saved the game! It’s one thing when your parents admire you, or encourage you, but for them to praise you every night and day…that just isn’t right!

And, although my parents claim that I’m the perfect son, the perfect athlete, the perfect student even (are they really that daft not to know all the pranks the Marauders and I pull?), I know I’m not perfect. Lily has told me so. That is why she wouldn’t go out with me. “And because she’s different,” I added, aloud.

“Because who’s different?”

It was Sirius, the same one that was living with me right now because of his awful pure blood, muggle hating parents. With a mop of black hair to match mine, some would think he was my brother, but where I had bright blue eyes, he had a chocolate brown. He was also more of a talker with the ladies, but I let him be him. His name was a funny thing, his hair was black, and so his personality could be, because he dumped girls right after he slept with them, so he could be evil, hence the ‘black’-ness. But if Sirius was anything, it was not serious.

“Because Lily is different.”

That was Remus. He was always the smart one. He sort of understood girls. He had to, he had three sisters, one older and two younger. He was also a werewolf, the reason that my friends and I were animagi, another point that will wait for later.

“Who’s different?”

And finally Peter. Silly little Peter. I’m not quite sure why he was our friend, but he just was. He started tagging around with us after the Sorting, and we didn’t mind. He didn’t tell our secrets, and he was a sort of backup when one of the team was down.

You may be wondering why they are catching me coming out of the shower. Simple, they stayed at my house for the summer.

They had spent most of the summer at my house, considering it was a mansion and they all had their own rooms. We once tried spending summer at Remus’ house, but his sisters weren’t too happy about it, because there were three of them, and only one of each Sirius and me.

Sirius’ place was out of the question, he had been rejected from his family since his first year at Hogwarts.

But back to the important part of my life. Lily.

Oh that Lily. Lily Marie Evans. She was something, and someone. She must be; she was so different from all the other girls. I still remember the day we met, the very first day on the Hogwarts Express.

- Flashback -

“Get out of this compartment right now you worthless kid!” a vicious looking blonde boy spat at this small and gorgeous red headed girl, whose vibrant green eyes were widening in fear. There was also a cruel eyed girl with a black plait standing beside the boy, glaring at the red head.

I didn’t know what to do, ‘That girl looks so scared, she probably can’t do any magic, and she’s probably muggle-born!’ I thought just as another boy with brown eyes and hair to match mine entered that section of the train.

“What are you doing Narcissa?” he demanded of the girl who stopped glaring to look at this new boy.

“I should ask you the same question cousin,” she replied nastily, “I thought I made it clear to you Sirius that first years are not to be tolerated and should respect their elders.”

“Just because you’re in your third year doesn’t mean that you’re any better than us, or that you can boss us around!” This boy was obviously trying to look big, and bad. But he was failing. Badly.

The two older students started to move toward Sirius and I took it as an opportunity to use what I had learned so far.

“Pet-trificus t-totalus!” I shouted, pointing my want at the boy, who fell to the ground, immobilized.

Narcissa rounded on me, “Now look what you’ve done to Lucius!” She pointed her wand at me, but then a voice behind her shouted “Petrificus Totalus!” and she fell to the ground, narrowly missing my feet.

Not waiting to see who cast the curse, I ran to find the girl who was harassed in the first place.

I found her curled up in the corner of the sought out compartment, sobbing. I walked over to her and wrapped my arms around her shoulders. She turned and continued to cry into my shoulder.

I began stroking her head, wondering how I had gotten like this. One moment I was walking down the hall in the train, and now I was sitting on the floor with a beautiful girl, who was in my arms.

I don’t remember when she stopped crying, or perhaps when she started looking back at me, eyes still wet with tears, but I know that I didn’t stop holding and stroking her hair for awhile.

She woke me out of my reverie by introducing herself, “Hi, I-I’m Lily Evans. Thank you.”

“It was nothing, well, that other boy, Sirius I think his name is? He stopped the girl after I paralysed that Lucius boy.” I said modestly.

“Thank you,” she repeated and gave me a peck on the cheek before sitting on the vinyl seat, and I joined her as Sirius entered and shut the door behind him. There was another boy with him, pale and blonde, he looked tired but friendly. ‘Wait a sec, did she just kiss me?’ I thought, ‘First day of school and I’ve already been kissed, great start!’

“I found this guy trying to move those bodies, but unfortunately he didn’t know the Mobilicorpus spell, so I helped him.” the new-comer stated, “I’m Remus Lupin.”

The black haired boy added, “I’m Sirius Black, if you didn’t catch it out there in the hallway.”

“Well, nice to meet you guys,” I said, “I’m James Potter.”

“Isn’t your dad the famous auror?” Remus asked me.

“Yeah, he is,” I said rather unenthusiastically.

“What’s wrong with having a celebrity for a dad?” the black haired boy questioned me.

I knew this question would come up when I came to school, but I didn’t expect it to happen right away (and I didn’t have time to make up an answer), so I responded honestly. “When it takes him away from my mom and I, and there’s always the chance of him not coming back home after work one day, then it’s wrong.”

A quiet voice piped up, “What’s an auror?” It was Lily.

Sirius didn’t seem to hear her, but Remus sure did. “An auror is a wizard or witch who fights and catches Dark Wizards or Witches, who are set on causing destruction in our magical world.”

I gave Remus an odd look, “What, was that some textbook answer or something?”

He laughed, “I don’t know, maybe…you weren’t answering so what the heck?”

- End of Flashback -

Well, that is pretty much how I met Lily, and my friends. But after that, Lily and I never really spoke. We were acquaintances, but that was pretty much it. Sure we talked in and about classes, but she had her friends and I had mine.

Until last year, that is.

Last year was our third year. And the year we could go to Hogsmeade on the weekends. Going off school property for a day was an open opportunity for dating, which most Hogwarts students took advantage of.

Before I go into more about school, I should explain my friendships.

Sirius, Remus, Peter (a mousy haired chubby boy who followed us around, who we considered a friend) and I formed a group we called the Marauders in our first year. We were all good friends, and we all had one thing in common – pranks!

Oh, the pranks we played! Mostly on Snape, or Snivellus as we liked to call him. He was the greasy-haired, oily-skinned Slytherin boy who followed Malfoy (Lucius) and Narcissa (Sirius’ cousin we found out later) around everywhere. Sometimes our pranks were large scaled, involving all of the Slytherins, and of course, we didn’t get away with many.

With Sirius and my ravishing good looks, charm and dangerous qualities, the Marauders were a sought after bunch. We took advantage of this. Did we ever.

By the end of last year, I had asked out and gone out with almost every girl in our year. By the end of last year, Sirius had asked and gone out with almost every girl in our year and the one above and even some below.

Notice how I said almost? Well, that almost would be Lily Evans.

She has denied my requests umm…about 29 times. There were 29 opportunities to go to Hogsmeade.

You get the picture.

“So, Remus, ready for your duties as,” I mustered up my best booming voice, “Prefect of Gryffindor?”

“Uh, yeah, I guess so,” he replied sombrely.

Sirius, for once, caught onto Remus’ mood, “Why so down Moony?”

Remus looked apologetically at me, which I didn’t understand. “I’m sorry James; I should’ve told you when I got my letter last week.” He paused. “Lily’s the female prefect.”


That was all I could manage.

Where I loved Lily with all my heart, and couldn’t get a chance to speak to her without her telling me how big-headed or cruel I was, here Remus was prefect and all, with all the opportunity to see her at meetings.

“I’m sorry Prongs, but I can’t do anything. At least I can put in a good word for you and get to know her a bit better and help you out.” He almost asked me quietly.

“Don’t worry Moony, not your fault. I was just hoping that I might have a chance to talk to her. But now you can talk to her and find stuff out for me.” I said, trying to sound cheery.

But then, an idea shocked Sirius. I say shocked, because he doesn’t get ideas often, and when he does, he jumps, as if he was hit with a burning hex.

“I know!” he exclaimed loudly, “You can bring us to your meetings!”

“I don’t know,” Remus replied cautiously, “Don’t you think that’s a little wrong, considering you two are the most trouble making students at school?”

“He’s right Padfoot,” I told Sirius. “There is no way we can come to meetings, it just wouldn’t be right. The best I can hope for is that you two will have to meet outside of meetings and we’ll just happen to be there.”


That setting the mood for our first day of school, breakfast was quiet.

“Jamsie, what’s wrong?” mother asked me.

“Nothing mum, just a little tired. Not to mention it is the first day of school and the end of summer.” I replied, looking to the guys for support.


After breakfast we packed our trunks in our pockets (after shrinking them with the Reducio charm), we headed to the station.

And then I saw her. She had really filled out and done a lot of growing this past summer. Wow.


“Prongsie, earth to Mr. Potter?”

I wasn’t listening to Sirius, I wasn’t listening to anyone. Not like I could hear anything over the blood pumping in my ears.

I didn’t understand why I got like this around Lily, or even when I thought about her, come to think of it.

I did hear one voice though, it was Remus.

“Go and say hi Prongs, what is the worst she can do? You know you want to!”

I walked over to her, but I don’t recall having feeling in my legs…it was more of a floating numbness.

I don’t even recall how I fell, must have had something to do with those numb legs floating or whatever.

But I fell.


Into Lily.

No, scratch that. On top of Lily.

“Uh, hi Lily?”

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Chapter 2: Lily's Story So Far
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[A/N - Yay! I’m writing a new chapter to the story! I started writing it in an old diary of mine…and I brought it to school, where a couple people tried to steal it to read my ‘secret lovers’ etc. Dumb people, like I would bring a diary to school! So yes, I hope you like this one, it’s in Lily’s POV, so enjoy! Oh, and you all know, J.K. is the queen of magic, and I would never steal her stuff, only make stuff up about her stuff, because it’s ALL HERS!]

Chapter 2 - Lily’s Story So Far


I dried my fire red hair and looked at my reflection in the foggy mirror. My creamy white skin, glowing in the window’s sunlight contrasted the pair of emerald eyes staring back at me.

I pulled my violet robe over my shoulders and tied the satin cord.

Skipping rather ditzily down the hall to my bedroom, where my best friend of 3 years was sleeping in the spare bed. She had stayed here for the past week, while her parents vacationed in the Bermuda Triangle. I learned from them that the Bermuda Triangle was really a supernatural place, or to put it in better words, a totally awesome holiday resort for the wizarding world.

I heard Emma rising from her beauty sleep, groaning as she stretched.


“Morning Emma!” I chirped brightly.

“What day is it?” she demanded, rubbing some sleep dust from her eye.

I sat down on her bed, moving my face toward hers until my nose was an inch from hers. I smirked.


Soon I wasn’t the only one yelling.

“THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL????” she screamed back at me, her face burning with anger as she got off the bed.

“Uh…yeah,” I replied meekly.

“Why didn’t you say so?” she asked now grinning ear to ear. She always knew how to get me!

I clobbered her with a pillow, “That’s not very nice; you really had me going there!”

“Maybe I am,” she looked quite evil as she said this, “It all depends on how good I look. I’m planning on getting Sirius this year.”

‘She wouldn’t have a problem with that’ I thought, she was absolutely gorgeous, in a girl-next-door sort of way. Large heart-melting brown eyes and expertly highlighted locks, Emma was the object of most guys’ affections. Last year she didn’t miss a trip to Hogsmeade dateless.

Not to mention, she had a different date each time. She could never settle down.

It was a wonder that her and Sirius hadn’t gone out last year, being the top players of our year.

Perhaps that’s why they didn’t. All I knew was that Emma really did like Sirius, and she had since we got to Hogwarts.

- Flashback -

I sat there, sobbing into a stranger’s chest, while he stroked my hair. As odd as it sounds, I was totally comfortable; it just felt right.

After awhile I met a couple new people, all boys who ended talking about Aurors and some sort of sport they called ‘Kiddich’. I was fed up, since all but Remus were paying any attention to my questions, considering I’d never heard of ‘Kiddich’ or whatever.

I decided to go and get something to eat so I slid open the glass door to our compartment and stepped into the corridor.

The food cart wasn’t hard to find, taking into account that the woman pushing it must have been at least three times its size, and about the same height.

When I got to the treats, I realized that wizards and witches must have their own currency. I, however, didn’t have this type of money.

So, I stood there, looking helpless until this friendly looking girl with brown hair and beautiful eyes approached the cart beside me.

“You muggle-born?” she asked in an offhanded way.

“Uh, yeah, if you mean my parents weren’t wizards or witches, yeah I guess I am.” I replied in the same tone, trying to sound cool.

“Which means you have no wizard money, correct?”

“Uh, yeah, right again.”

“I’m Emma Stevens by the way, and you can have some of my money. But first, where is your compartment? I’m really tired of listening to all these girls in mine gossip about the robes in that crappy magazine Charmz.”

“I’m Lily Evans, and sure, but mine is full of boys talking about something called ‘Kiddich’. And thanks, I’m starving!”

We bought some funny chocolates that resembled frogs and jumped around, a box of jelly beans that had the most atrocious flavours and even these little ice mice, which I found to be quite good, and normal for that matter.

As we got into the compartment, the boys stopped yelling at their chess board. ‘Why were they yelling at a chess board? Not like it can hear, much less do what you say!’ I thought to myself.

“Hi, I’m Sirius Black.” He stood up and walked toward Emma.

“I’m Emma Stevens,” she blushed as he shook her hand.

“These other blokes are James Potter,” he pointed at a smiley James, “and Remus Lupin” he nodded towards Remus.

“Well, nice to meet you all,” she said shyly.

Emma and I sat down on one side near the window. We began to talk about our lives, summers and families.

“So, we’ve both heard about families, what about boys?” Emma asked me, no longer shy.

“So far, no boys for me, what about you? Got sights on any?” I asked her smugly.

“Well, a certain brown eyed, black haired gentlemen perhaps…but other than that, none for me either.”

“Ooooooooo,” I crooned, darting my gaze from Sirius to Emma, obviously trying to annoy her.

“Don’t! I’ll kill you if you tell anyone!” she threatened.

“Alright, well, I guess that means we’re stuck together,” I stated simply.

The rest of the ride we spent talking about our dreams and fears, wondering what the future would hold.

- End of Flashback -

“So, ready to look B-E-A-U-tiful?” I asked in a sing-song voice to Emma through the bathroom door.

“Almost, I’m just cooking to perfection in here, but you can come in,” she called.

I stepped into the once clean bathroom to find make up and hair products covering the counter.

“Since when do you need products for yourself?” I questioned her, “I thought you always went ‘au-natural’?”

“Well, maybe I thought I could spice it up and see if I could look any better!” Emma shot back at me in a snobby tone.

“Just to let you know, you do look amazing!”

“Yeah, sure, sure, but what are we going to do about you?” she started towards me, I backed towards the door behind me.

“What do you mean, do about me?” I asked, now frightened for my face.

“Oh, yes, just a little green there, and a bit of liner here, and maybe some mascara,” she muttered.

“No, you’re not going to give me a makeover!!!” I said defiantly.

“Too bad!” she sprang.

It was too late.


“Now you look perfect for a prefect!” she said in a mother’s tone while smudging some imaginary dirt particle from my nose.

“I feel like a Barbie Doll,” I whined, “Can I pleeeeease take it off?”

“No, you look fabulous,” she said then added, “dahhhling.”

“Fine, but if anyone asks why I look like someone dipped me into the clown-o-matic, you’ve got some serious explaining to do!” I threatened.

“Yeah, sure, whatever.”

We headed down for breakfast and found my mum making pancakes, our favourite!


An hour later, we were at the station, walking through platform 9 and ¾.

Once at the train we met with some girls from our year, Pamela and Mernie-Ann (A/N sorry about the tacky names, had to fit them in somewhere! Full credit to Heather for the second name!!), whom we shared a dorm with.

We detailed our summers, Pamela’s cat had died, Mernie’s old boyfriend asked her back, who she said no to, and on and on with the gossip. These were the girls that Emma had escaped back on the train first year.

As we were talking, Pamela stopped mid sentence and stared, wide eyed over my shoulder.


“Oh, geez, get over him Pam,” Em said annoyed, “he’s such a player, and besides, he only dumps you after he gets what he wants, we all know that.”

It was Mern’s turn to ramble. “Yeah, but he’s so, handsome, smart, talented, hot, athletic, oh God, just look at him!!!”

“Oh, please,” I said, turning around, to find Potter walking in my direction.

Maybe what these airheads were saying was true. ‘Man does he look hot’ I thought to myself, then mentally slapped my hand. ‘What are you thinking Lily?’

‘I don’t know, maybe that Potter is the hottest guy on earth?’

‘Don’t you remember flat out denying all 29 times he asked you out?’

‘Yes, but I didn’t know it was 29, so good of you to count’

‘I wasn’t counting’

‘Yes you were’

‘Was n-‘

I never got to finish, someone was falling into me.


On top of me.

"Uh, hi Lily?"

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Chapter 3: The Train Ride
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Chapter 3 - The Train Ride

“Hello Potter” Lily snarled at the tall boy who was pinning her to the ground.

“Sorry Lily?!” he apologized in an urgent tone.

“It’s alright, just get off of me!!!”

He rose quickly and offered her his hand, which she refused.

“I can get up by myself thank you,” Lily sneered, her green eyes venomously green.

“I just wanted to help,” he muttered glumly.

“You helped me to the ground, I think that’s enough help from you today.” she stated and glared at her friends, who were giving her glares of envy.

“Bye James!” Mernie called as Lily led the three girls away from a depressed looking James.

“Why do you have to be so mean to him Lily?” Pam was upset.

“You’re the only girl James actually talks to,” Mernie whined spitefully, then added, “and you always brush him off or insult him!”

“Maybe Lily can see past his looks and Quidditch skills, unlike some people,” Emma added, giving Pam and Mern implying glares.

“You guys do know that he hexes people in the halls for fun, just to show off right?” Lily asked them seriously.

“Well…yeah,” the two girls stammered, “but he always has a purpose!”

“Oh sure, so because someone is a Slytherin means that they deserve to be hexed in the corridor?” Emma demanded.

“I guess not,” Pam said quietly.

“But he is just soo cute and…I want him!!!!”

‘Man, is Mernie ever annoying’ Lily thought to herself, then whispered to Emma, “This is going to be one long long train ride.”

“Don’t I know it,” Emma whispered back.

- Later on the train -

“Ohhhhhh!! Look at this book bag Merns!” squealed Pam.

“What page? Thirty-five, oh Merlin, look at this bag!” she echoed.

“You know what?” Lily said, looking over at the girls, but obviously talking to Emma, “I think I need something to eat.”

“You’re right; I am kind of hungry too.”

“Hey! We’re hungry too!” Pam and Mern whined instantaneously.

“We’ll…umm, bring you something back, what do you want?” Lily quickly asked, before they asked to go too.

“Just some Pumpkin Pasties and a couple chocolate frogs,” Pam ordered.

“Alright, we’ll be back soon.”

Lily and Emma got into the corridor and took a deep breath, almost as if they were resurfacing from a pool.

“I thought I was going to die after that last book bag ranting,” Lily breathed.

“It was more around the decorative wand ornaments that I was going to pass out,” Emma said, giggling as she said ornaments.

Soon Lily was laughing too, but then jumped up with her eyes wide in fear.

“What’s wrong??” Emma asked.

“I forgot there’s a prefect meeting in the front of the train two minutes ago!” Lily moaned.

“You go, I’ll just get the food, what do you want?”

“Ummm, a couple ice mice would be nice.”

“Don’t start rhyming on me Lil, that’s the last thing I need, before ornamental wand decorations!” Emma laughed and pushed Lily toward the front of the train.

“I’ll be back as soon as I can, talk to you later Em!” Lily darted towards the front compartment and slid in, trying not to be noticed.

No such luck.

“Since when do they allow mudbloods to be prefects?” a snotty faced boy with black greasy hair sneered at her.

“Before they allowed nasty greasy haired gits like you to be prefects Snivellus.” It was Remus, the other Gryffindor fifth year prefect.

“Thanks Remus,” I whispered as Dumbledore stepped through the door with a handsome boy and a very pretty girl behind him.

“Those are the Heads of this year,” Remus started to explain, “Opal Mingro and Dan Marshall.”

“Oh, are they going out? They certainly look like it,” Lily said in a hushed voice, as Dumbledore had started to talk about the two Heads.

“Yep, it usually works out that the two Heads go out, not really a tradition, but it just sort of happens,” he answered.

“I see,” Lily replied in awe.

Dumbledore finished speaking about the heads and turned towards the new prefects. “So, as prefects, you now have a greater responsibility, you are to patrol the halls to ensure that there aren’t students out of bounds, make sure there is no mischief,” at that he looked towards Remus, “and to help the first years cope with being first years. In conclusion, go back to your compartments, get changed into your robes and we will see you at the feast!”

Lily and Remus started to talk about their summers as they made their way to the food cart, where they stopped in their tracks.

“No James, Lily won’t, it isn’t going to work if you keep asking me, I’m not the one who needs convincing!” Emma shouted at a desperate James.

“Alright, fine then, I’ll just have to ask her my-“ he stopped. “Uh, hi Lily, you know I’m really really sorry about knocking you over back there, I wasn’t really paying attention to where I was going, it was more like my legs kind of gave out. But I’m really really really really sorry, I wont’ do it again I promise!”

“It’s – o – k," Lily sputtered as she fell to the ground laughing uncontrollably.

“You mean I’m forgiven, you want to be my friend?!” James asked in an obvious moment of hope.

Lily stopped laughing. “Don’t push it Potter,” she said threateningly.

“Okay, as long as you’re not mad at me.”

“So, anyways, how was the meeting Moony?” Sirius was there, ‘Looking more gorgeous than normal,’ Emma thought to herself.

“It was alright, just some stuff about not getting into mischief,” Remus replied, “and I kept getting the feeling Dumbledore was looking at me the whole time.”

“He can’t know about the feast thing can he?” Sirius gasped.

“Stupid, of course he can’t, we haven't even been at school when we planned it,” James told him.


Lily gave Emma a look and a nod toward their compartment, and she nodded in reply.

“Well, we’re outta here, bye Potter, Remus, Sirius,” Emma gave Sirius a knowing look when she said goodbye, and Lily started to wonder what was going on.

As they walked back to their compartment, eating their assorted goodies, Lily inquired about the look.

“Oh, it was nothing, I mean, we just talked about Hogsmeade a bit,” Emma said, avoiding Lily’s eyes.

“Come on Em, I’m not stupid you know!”

“Alright, well maybe he asked me to go to Hogsmeade with him the first time we go,” Emma said blushing profusely.

“I knew it!” Lily announced, “Remus told me he had a thing for you!”

“When did he say this? And why didn’t I know for that matter!?” Emma demanded incredulously.

“Because he told me when we were coming back from the prefect meeting,” Lily replied saucily.


“Let’s get our robes on and then maybe we won’t have to endure some more decorative wand tips,” Lily suggested, smirking.

“Sounds like a plan!” Emma replied, looping her arm around Lily’s and marching to the washrooms.


“Sirius, asking out a girl?” James started sarcastically, “Never! Sirius doesn’t want to get into girls, he’s much too focused on his schooling!”

“Cut it out Prongs,” Sirius retorted, “Maybe I do like her, hmm? Maybe I want to stop my crazy girl rampaging…”

“Sure Padfoot,” James answered.

“What are your plans for Lily this year James?” Remus always knew what to ask.

“James likes Lily?” Peter was never observant.

“Stop hexing, maybe being nice for a change, but I doubt Lily will even care to notice.” James said glumly giving Pete a flat stare.

“Just have some hope, she’ll come around, I know it.”

‘Man, Remus sure does know what to say,’ James thought.

“We’ll just have to see,” a plan already working in his head, James said.

“So, about that scheme for tonight,” Sirius began…

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Chapter 4: Friends and Guys
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Chapter 4 - Friends and Guys

- Lily’s POV -

As Emma and I walked towards the Gryffindor table, running with a gold and red tapestry, the professors sat down in their appointed seats at the head table on either side of Dumbledore. The Great Hall was buzzing with the chatter of the old students, meeting up with friends, catching up summers while the wide-eyed first years gazed nervously around them, then towards the enchanted ceiling. Shooting stars and visions of the Milky Way passed over our heads as Dumbledore called for our attention.

“Attention, everyone, please be seated.”

The buzzing died down to a murmur mixed with awe and attentiveness.

“As you all of you probably know, this year’s Head Boy and Girl are Dan Marshall and Opal Mingro.” A short outburst of joy spurted from a group of seventh year boys and girls at the Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff tables.

Emma whispered to me, “I always thought the Heads were from the same house, but I guess not since Dan is from Hufflepuff and Opal’s in Ravenclaw.”

“I guess not,” I replied, my gaze still fixed on Dumbledore’s compassionate face.

“As I repeat every year,” he began, “the Forbidden Forest is, as its name implies, Forbidden.” Just as he had in the train, the headmaster shot a stare in the Marauder’s direction.

“I feel like he knows what’s going on…” Sirius anxiously whispered to James from just down the table. But James wasn’t listening, because he was staring at me.

‘Staring at me?!’ I thought confusedly, “Why on Earth would Potter be staring at me?”

I glared back at him, he stopped. Remus gave him a nudge in the ribs which he replied to with a bewildered look in his eyes. ‘What are they thinking about?’ I pondered, ‘Wait, did I just ask what the Marauders were thinking about? I must be losing it!’

Emma began to look at me suspiciously.

“What’s wrong?” she inquired, curious as to why I was focusing on the Marauders down the table.

“Oh, nothing, you know, Potter staring at me as usual,” I answered indifferently. I then realized that Dumbledore had been speaking the entire time.

“So, as the new prefects are to be welcomed by the senior prefects, first to fourth years are to be reminded to obey them, as they are still prefects and deserve respect. Considering they are always attentive during speeches, always rule-abiding and respectful of other students and professors, they do deserve the respect of younger pupils.” I had this creeping feeling that he knew I wasn’t giving him my undivided attention while he spoke earlier.

“Without further ado,” Dumbledore continued, “let the feast begin!”

As he finished speaking, all four long tables and the one head table were filled with delicious entrees, appetizers, beverages and courses. Emma filled her plate with barbecue ribs, although a muggle dish, Dumbledore was fond of it (as he was other muggle foods) and had the house elves prepare it in the muggle fashion. I gulped down my frosty pumpkin juice after downing some fried potatoes and garlic sausage. I always liked eating here, I could eat as much as I wanted, which I couldn’t do at home.

At home, Petunia always criticized me for eating so much but not gaining any weight, so I ate just as much as she did, if not less so she would feel bad. It was mostly for my parents though, taking into account that they thought Petunia and I were close, although she hated me for being a witch, and I hated her for simply hating me.

Ridding Petunia from my mind, thinking about how great it was to be back in my real home, Hogwarts, I watched as our plates were magically cleared and desserts were laid out in front of us. The soft ice cream, smooth sorbets and an assortment of pies left all of the students eyeing the dishes, contemplating what treat to try first. I chose a raspberry sorbet with whipped cream.

Emma selected a slice of apple pie, dusted with a light layer of cinnamon sugar. “So,” she said mouth full of flaky crust and juicy apple, “any guys you see so far?”

Laughing, I told her, “No, but there might be someone after you!” I nodded towards the Marauders, where Sirius was all but gaping at Emma, who was blushing after seeing him. “Why don’t you go over and say hi,” I suggested, turning to face her.”

A voice startled me from behind. “I don’t think that will be necessary,” Sirius said smirking while taking Emma’s arm and leading her from the table to the doors. Before they could leave, Dumbledore spoke up.

“Before you all leave, I feel that it is the duty of the new prefects to take this opportunity to show the first years to their dorms. Have a safe and delicious night everyone!”

“That means us Lily,” Remus said, smiling at me kindly. He turned towards the less-nervous first years and told them to follow us.

“Let’s go Reemy!” I replied jovially.

“Reemy?” he said incredulously.

“I dunno, just sounds right! Is it alright if I call you that?”

“Sure…I guess, so what’s the password?”

I looked at him surprised, “Wow, Mr. Lupin wasn’t paying attention at the meeting!”


“Just kidding, it’s ice mice, my favourite candy!”

“Right…I just…ummm…forgot!” he said hurriedly, we were almost at the portrait of the fat lady.

“Ice mice,” we stated together.

“Access granted,” the woman in pink silk choked from her folds of skin.

As Remus showed the boys to their dorm, I showed the girls to ours. “And if you go up here and to the left, you will see a staircase, then seven doors with plates on them. On each door plate is a number which corresponds with your year at Hogwarts. So, if you don’t have anymore questions, head on up and have a great night!”

‘This prefect thing wasn’t going to be so hard,’ I happily thought to myself.

“Anything else we need to discuss?” I never even heard Remus come up behind me, I jumped. “Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you. What were you thinking about?”

“Just that being a prefect isn’t going to be that hard, or at least not as hard as I thought before.”

“Considering both of our best friends are occupied, wanna have a little chat?”

‘A chat with Remus?’ I thought.

“Why not?” ‘He’s a nice guy so far.’ I agreed.

As he took the squashy red arm chair, I laid down on the gold embroidered sofa. “Anything on your mind?” he started.

“Not really - well, I caught James looking at me kind of funny at dinner today, and then you poked him in the ribs. What was that all about?”

“Nothing special, I have yet to figure out why James is so obsessed with you, before, as in last year, I thought it may have been just because you didn’t want to go out with him. By the way, question for you, why don’t you want to go out with him?”

“Well, perhaps if you saw it from my point of view first, then you’d understand. All the girls in my dorm talk about is James or Sirius, how hot they look, how smart they are, how well they play Quidditch, how much they love them, and how much they are angry at me for not going out with Potter. So for me, I get frustrated with how most girls fall for them because the rake their hand through their stupid hair, or smile and melt them away, like it’s just sick! They’re only human for God’s sake!!!” I didn’t even realize I had raised my voice until I was shouting. Remus looked a little taken back.

“Wow, being part of the Marauders, I never really saw the ‘outside’ view of it.” he looked enlightened.

“You see?” I continued, “Potter doesn’t even realize how he acts, he’s just soo full of it, arrogant, cocky and rude! Why does he hex people in the halls anyways? What does it prove? That he is smart? People know I’m smart, and I don’t go around hexing the crap out of people just because they looked at me funny!”

He was laughing, which I found annoying, “Why are you laughing?”

“You, you are so funny! All we ever see is the quiet, smart, nice and friendly Lily, but this side no one, maybe only Emma’s seen!”

I just realized that Remus was someone I could grow to like, a lot. I could sense a new friendship just blooming. We both looked each other in the eye, and I felt we had the same idea.

“Remus, I’m really glad we’re prefects together,” I spoke shyly.

He smiled kindly back, “Me too, I think you’re a really great person Lily.” At that I blushed, then looked at the time, midnight!

“Have you seen Sirius, Emma or Potter?” I asked Remus, who was falling asleep in the soft chair.

“Uh, I think they went up while we were talking, actually, while you were shouting,” he said dozily, but amused.

“Oh, so they heard that?” I asked, chuckling; only Emma had seen me really angry, and now Sirius and Potter had too. ‘Oh well, nothing I can do about that now,’ I thought.

“We better head on up to bed,” Remus suggested, “Have a great night Lily!”

“Yeah, you too Reemy,” I said while waling towards him and giving him a quick peck on the cheek, “And thanks for being there for me, I’m really glad I have someone else to talk to.”

“No problem, I’m always here if you need me, and, you’ll be there for me too right?” he enquired hopefully.

“Absolutely, anything you want to talk about, I’ll understand,” I replied, then made my way towards my new dorm, where Emma was waiting up. As I made my way towards my trunk for my pyjamas and toothbrush, the questions came.

“So, what were you and Remus talking about?” she demanded.

“Nothing really, just school, and what prefect stuff we’ll be doing this year,” I said simply, removing my robes and socks.

“Sure…” she replied apprehensively, giving me a suspicious glare.

“Honestly Em, we’re only friends, he’s a really nice guy!” I defended as a pulled my nightgown over my head.

“Okay, so when is the part where you ask me about what Sirius and I did?”

“Right, now I see why you were so adamant about that…So, Emma, what did you and Sirius do? I said in my best sarcastic Mernie tone.

She replied in the fakest appreciative voice, “Why, so kind of you to ask me without being prompted!” I snickered, “Well, he just wanted to know if I wanted to go sit with him at breakfast tomorrow, and then we talked about what we did over the summer.”

“So you mean you’re abandoning me to sit with him tomorrow?” I said worried.

“No silly! He said you can come too of course!” she exclaimed.

‘Great,’ I thought, “Cool,” I said.

“Since it’s almost one thirty, you mind if we get to bed? You’ve been keeping me up all night!”

“Me?” I chucked a pillow at her, “Who was the one with all the questions?” I pointed at her with an accusing finger.

“Fine, it’s all my fault,” she pouted, “I’m sorry Lily for keep you up from your precious beauty sleep because I don’t need as much as you do.”

“HEY!” I attacked her, and began to smother her with her pillows and comforter.

Soon I was too tired from killing my best friend and decided to get in my own bed and try to sleep before we woke up bright and early for school.

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Chapter 5: Changes...
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Chapter 5 - Changes…

- James’ POV -

“Jamsie boy!” someone was ranting, “time to get up my pretty!”

I cracked a sleep crusted eyelid open just enough to see someone with shaggy hair leaning over my bed.


‘What was he doing up before me?’ I thought, worried, ‘I’m always up before him, after Moony and Wormy gets up last…what is going on?’

I seized my chance as he turned away to hear Remus ask, “Sirius, what the heck are you doing up at seven o’clock? Aren’t you due for another hour or so of beauty sleep?”

“ARGHHHHHHHHH” was all that could be heard from Sirius as I wrapped him in my comforter and pinned him underneath me on the floor.

“Whoa Prongs, what’s the deal?” Wormtail asked sleepily from his bed on the other side of the dorm.

“Nothing, besides the fact Sirius woke up before me!”

Peter stared wide eyed and faked a heart attack, gasping he said, “He-he actually w-woke up-p b-before eight o’clock?”

“Iss Iehhh duuuuuuuuuud!!”

“What was that!?” I yelled, standing up after hearing something quite disturbing and animal-like in sound.

“It was me, and yes I did Wormy!” Sirius replied indignantly, “I am capable of waking up before Prongsie over here, and nothing’s wrong.”

Moony gave me a suspicious glare, Sirius was acting very oddly indeed…

“Um, okay if you say so Paddy,” I said trying to convince him that I really believed him. Of course something was wrong.

“Let’s go get something to eat!” Sirius said, obvious to Moony and I that he was attempting to change the subject.

As we arrived in the center of the common room, Sirius suddenly sprung up the stairs back to our dorm and yelled that he had forgotten something and he’d meet us there. ‘How very odd,’ I thought to myself.


- Lily’s POV –

I woke up to the sounds of someone rustling around like crazy in our dorm, back and forth across the room from the chest of drawers to the bed beside mine, which belonged to Emma. I thought that odd as normally it was Mernie or Pam running around looking for the ‘perfect’ thing to wear to catch James’ or Sirius’ eye.

“Wear…no no, too fat…too gangly…clashes with eyes…no matching shoes…” she was muttering and totally oblivious to the real world. Something too good to resist, as it came so rarely.

“BOO!” I yelled at a now bedraggled looking Em, who looked as though she was on the verge of tears, another rarity. “Whoa, babe, what’s wrong?” I realized this was a time for concern.

“I don’t have anything that Sirius will like!” she complained, as if she was a three year old just robbed of some forbidden ice cream.

“Oh…I see,” there was nothing else for me to say; she was obsessing like Mernie or Pam!

“Like, our first real sort of meeting slash date slash dinner slash well breakfast well you know what I mean Lil! What am I going to do?! I need something to wear!” Now she was scaring me.

“Alright, let’s just assess what you have, and what we know won’t do,” I said, trying to give her some sort of assurance. “Not the stripes…nope, maybe the turquoise, nope…aha!”

I had found the perfect outfit for her today! “The brown and beige plaid skort, white stockings, beige turtleneck and the burgundy shawl!” Even though her school robes would cover everything but the stockings, I saw no point in telling her that…she’d probably go on a rant about her robes not being the right color, never mind their pitch black-ness…

“Yay!!!! Thank you soo much Lily!” she cried as she pulled her bathrobe off and began dressing. “I am meeting him at 7:30 so try and be ready by then okay?”

“Sure,” I said, rather superficially, but she was gone in her lala Siri-land already.

I jumped in the second shower in the bathroom; the first was taken, presumably by Mernie. Pam was never able to wake up on time; she was always up on her muggle laptop until 2 am, which I sometimes used to email my parents at home.

I poured the rose fragranced shampoo into my hands and began massaging my messy tousle into a lathered pouf ball. It was soo good to wake up like this and be so refreshed for the first day of school!

After applying a drying charm to my hair and body upon getting out of the stall, I headed back to the dorm to get into my regular jeans and shirt. ‘Ready for another day?’

‘I hope so! But breakfast may not be too much fun…with Potter and all.’ I began talking to myself, a bad habit I had just started since the day we got on the train. How odd…

‘You know you enjoy fighting with him.’

‘That’s absurd! He’s annoying, cocky, arroga-‘

‘That’s what you keep telling yourself, but you know deep down that you-‘

“Oh good you’re ready Lily!!! It’s 7:27, show time!” Emma interrupted my thoughts.

“Awesome, you look fab Em! Your make up really emphasizes your eyes!” I said, grasping for a compliment to atone to her looks. ‘I’ll never look like that,’ I thought glumly.

“Well, let’s get a move on then!” She took my arm and we headed down the stairs to the common room, where Sirius lay in wait, nervous like he never had been before.

“Uh, hi Emma!” he said anxiously. I don’t think I’d ever seen Sirius nervous, not for detention, not with girls, ever.


This list of odd things was growing too rapidly for me to think about…

“So, umm, why don’t we get going?” Emma was nervous too! This oddness was driving me crazy!

“Okay, well I’ll see you guys there, I’m really hungry and I want to get my schedule!” I was getting very weirded out and wanted to get away from them so they could continue – whatever it was they were doing.


- James’ POV –

We sat in the Great Hall wondering where Sirius was, wasn’t he the one who said he was hungry in the first place?

“So anyways, what are your classes?” Remus began, it seemed like he was trying to avoid the topic of where Sirius was.

“I got Herbology with the Huffley puffs, Potions with Slytherins like every stupid year, Divination with Ravenclaw and then Muggle studies,” Peter said, hoping to be in our classes, like every stupid year, just like he said.

“Same, but I also have Arithmancy after Muggle Studies,” I stated, as the only girl who could really catch my eye walked through the Great Hall, apparently in her own world. ‘Where is that place? Am I in it?’ I couldn’t help but wonder.

‘Wait a sec; did you just have a sensible, sensitive thought James?’

‘Who’s that?’


‘Um, okay…so I suppose you’re some sort of conscience thingy…anyways, can’t talk now, or think, gotta watch Lily.’

‘You know you want to do more than watch her,’ this voice would not go away!

“Shut up!” I didn’t realize I had spoken aloud until fellow Gryffindors were looking at me with puzzlement. I knew they would shrug it off; I was after all, the handsome Quidditch captain who was a wizard whiz, so it was cool.

“Hey Lily!” I said, hoping desperately that she would sit with us.

To my surprise she just walked over and sat down across from me. “I’m not sitting here because you asked Potter, Emma and Sirius should be along anytime soon.”

“So how did your plan for the feast go?” she asked me.

“What plan?” I tried to sound nonchalant. Didn’t work, she gave me this look, The Look perhaps. “Okay, well it didn’t work out; one of the Marauders was missing last night due to a late night chat.”

“Yeah, Remus and I had a lovely chat, a very decent good-friend sort of chat last night, thank you very much,” she said with a sort of evil satisfaction. Remus was going to die after she left.

I tried to be friendly, even after her comment. “I got your schedule for you Lily, looks like we’re in all the same classes except for Divination, you didn’t take it.”

“I don’t like to meddle in that stupid crystal ball and tea leaf gazing, it’s all rubbish if you ask me,” she replied in a monotone.

“What did you take instead of them? I’m pretty sure you took more than just those.” I tried to sound interested to make her see that I wanted to have a decent conversation.

“If you had my schedule you could see Potter,” she pointed out, man was I dumb, “and I took advanced Charms, which McGonagall asked if I wanted to take with the seventh years.”

“Oh I see,” I was getting ready for my plan to take action. “So Lily, I was wondering if I could walk you to class this morning, seeing as we have first period together.”

This obviously hadn’t been a good idea. I knew it from the beginning but it couldn’t hurt to try right? Another 29 times might make her change her mind. I hoped.

“NO POTTER!” she was furious, definitely bad idea. “I’m sick and tired of you asking me out all the time! I will never ever want to or actually go out with you so stop bloody asking!”

“Why not!?” I found I was as upset as she was, but for no apparent reason.

“Because Potter, you’re always thinking you’re the best, pulling pranks on people that you don’t like, even if they are good people to the rest of us, hexing people in the halls for not adoring you as if you were some sort of reincarnated Merlin, which you apparently think you are, you cocky, ego-inflated, arrogant jerk!” I never knew Lily could talk like that. She turned toward Moony, who was sitting beside her. “Remus, I hope this doesn’t change things between us, because I think you’re a really great guy, but I can’t talk to Potter anymore than I did before, and maybe you can knock some sense into his head, which should be weighing him down to the table at this moment!”

With that she stalked out of the hall, grabbing a pumpkin muffin and goblet of orange juice from some poor little first year who looked scared out of her mind.

As she swung the doors open, a surprising scene unfolded before Moony, Wormy and I. There was our best friend snogging Lily’s best friend Emma in front of the entire school!

It appeared Lily didn’t even notice them, as she just stormed past them.

That was the last conversation I had with Lily. That was the last time we saw Sirius and Emma together.


- Lily’s POV –

‘When was Potter ever going to stop?’ I asked myself, irritated that I woke up for the 5th time that night having a dream about Potter chasing me around the school then being corned by a dog and a werewolf. Weird, that was all that was to it, just like everything in my life.

Of course I felt really bad that Emma had stopped seeing Sirius, but part of me was really happy that she would be here for me. I really had always had trust issues, as a cause of my parents and especially Petunia, but Emma was the one who I could confide in, and it made my happy that she would sacrifice someone she cared for me.


Christmas had passed, and it was now the beginning of spring, and the castle was extremely beautiful. Emma and I liked to stroll the grounds and have talks about life and what we wanted to do after Hogwarts. But one day, in late March she asked me something I never expected.

“Lily,” she began…

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Chapter 6: Talking
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Chapter 6 -

“Lily, why don’t you go out with James?”

I thought she would have been fine with my regular response, so I tried it; I didn’t want her to know the truth. “He’s so cocky, he thinks that he’s some sort of god, or better than everyone else! He hexes people and he’s always so arroga-“

“No Lily! That’s what you always say! There has to be something more than that! Please Lily, I’m your best friend, you’re supposed to be able to tell me things like that!” She wasn’t going to take that answer anymore I deduced. Her words also had some other effect on me, the whole part about me being able to tell her things…

“I can’t Emma, I just can’t,” I broke down, “it’s my parents’ and Petunia’s faults that I can’t…” I faded out, lost in my own thoughts of loneliness and trust issues.

She reached out and touched my arm, “It’s alright Lil, whenever you’re ready, I’ll be here.”

“Thanks Em,” I said, giving her a hug, “I’m happy that you’re here for me.”

Smiling, I began walking back towards the castle; Emma wasn’t smiling out of happiness, but smiling in a sympathetic understanding sort of way. There was no way I could tell her, not when I couldn’t even admit it to myself.

- James’ POV -

“Remus,” I started, “Lily talks to you more than anyone besides Emma, can’t you find out why she doesn’t like me? I mean I know that she thinks I’m arrogant and big headed, but shouldn’t there be another reason? It can’t be just that, I know it, also, you guys are still me friends despite all of that.” Hopefully that made sense to him. Sure didn’t to me!

Apparently Remus thought what I said made sense. “You’re right James; there must be another reason why she doesn’t like you, or at least why she won’t give you a chance. Maybe she has trust issues or something. I’ll try to find out, but I’m not promising anything.”

‘Remus has to be one of the best people in the world,’ I thought, for he was always there with the solutions and ways I could figure out Lily. Not that Sirius wasn’t there for me, he was, but Remus was the man with the plan – or at least the man who fixed the plan to work – and in this case, he was able to help me understand women – Lily.

“So what do you think I should do Moony? It’s not like I can go up to her, ‘Hey Lily, I promise I’ll change, please go out with me?’ Can I? She’ll have a fit or hex me again!” I was at the end, there was no quick solution.

“James, the best thing for you to do at this point is just change a bit; she probably thinks you’re immature. Sometimes I see where she is coming from, you hex people for seemingly no reason,” I opened my mouth in protest, “no James, there is really no reason for you to hex people, even if they are Slytherins.”

“Okay,” I thought for a moment, “So should I maybe stop gloating about Quidditch and stuff too? I guess that is where she thinks I’m big headed.” Maybe I could catch on to this changing myself thing.

“Yeah, so just think about less showy and nicer stuff, and maybe she’ll notice. And even if she doesn’t, you’ll be a better person for it.”

This was going to take some work…

- Lily’s POV -

‘I don’t know what I’m going to do,’ I thought to myself, as I returned to the lake after Emma had gone back up to the dorms to get ready for dinner.

“Oh hey Lily, I didn’t know you came down here.” It was Remus.

“Hi Remus, I just needed to breathe a bit and think a little,” now what to say?

“What are you thinking about?” he looked me straight in the eye; it seemed he knew that I needed to talk.

“Well, I don’t know really, I haven’t even told Emma some things, and we’re supposed to be best friends. I just don’t feel like telling her.” ‘What was he going to think of that?’

“I understand, James tells me things that he never tells Sirius, so I guess I can see why you wouldn’t feel comfortable telling her everything.”

I then realized that I could tell Remus almost anything, but I wasn’t sure if he’d want to hear about what I had to say. “So Remus is there anything on your mind? Like anything you need to talk about?”

“Actually Lily,” he started, looking deeply into my eyes, a look of anxiety passing through his eyes, followed by one of hope, “I do have a secret, one that I’m ashamed of, and only the Marauders, Dumbledore, McGonagall and Professor Murian know about.” A/N – Murian is the potions teacher

“You can trust me with anything Remus,” I stated simply, for it was the truth.

“I’m a werewolf Lily,” he cried, “and if you don’t want to talk to me or be near me anymore, I totally understand, because most people wouldn’t want to know someone who loses control of themselves, becomes something they’re not, hurts people, and has to keep secrets from everyone and ends up hating himself most of the time. SO it’s okay if you don’t want to be-“

“Remus stop! You are probably one of the most understanding and greatest guys in the entire world! There is no way I’d hate you just because you got bit by something, and it wasn’t your fault at all!” I was incredulous that he thought I would just hate him like that.

“I think that since you’ve told me something like that I can tell you my secret,” I began, unsure as to what I was going to say exactly, “Well, it isn’t just because Potter is big headed and arrogant etcetera etcetera that I won’t go out with him. It’s because I have problems with trust.”

“Explain Lily, you just told me that, and you seem to want to confide in me, yet you say you have trust issues, I don’t understand.”

“It’s sort of like this. The people I truly loved let me down, my parents, Petunia and I just don’t feel like I can open up to anyone in a love relationship, like family, sibling or boyfriend. I never went out with anyone last year or the year before to Hogsmeade, although I was asked by others besides Potter. I just find him annoying in addition to my own problems. I think also that he makes me hate myself more because I know someone wants to have that sort of relationship with me, and I can’t have one.”

“Aww Lil.” Remus wrapped his arms around my shoulders and pulled me close. “It’s okay Lily, I’ll be here whenever you need me, and thank you for listening to me too.”

I could tell then that my assumptions in the common room on that first night had been right; we were going to be great friends.

“Emma?” I called, looking around the common room. “Sirius! Where is Emma!?” I demanded of Sirius, who was sitting in a squishy arm chair. He didn’t reply. He didn’t even look at me. “Lily, she’s gone up to your dorm, I think her and Sirius had a little fight,” Potter started.

“Little?” Sirius interrupted. “There’s no way I can go out with someone who insults my best friend, or who has a best friend who is rude enough to say nasty things about me and James!”

So Remus and my conversation wafted to their ears…I decided I might as well go try and see what was happening with Emma.

I walked up the stairs, wondering what had changed in James’ voice when he talked to me. ‘Wait a sec? Did you just call him James???’

‘No…I said Potter, I’m sure I did’

‘Well Pot-ter sure doesn’t sound like James to me’

‘Whatever, I don’t even know why you’re talking to me, I have to see Emma.’

When I finally got into the dorm room, Emma was on her bed crying with her face in her downy pillow. I could see she had been crying for awhile, her beige sweater was all crimpled and her mascara was running down her cheeks as she turned towards me.

I hugged her immediately, it just seemed right. “Em, what’s wrong? Sirius seemed pretty upset down there.”

“Don’t say his name! EVER!” she yelled at me.

“Don't you want to tell me what’s wrong?” I asked.

“Besides standing up for you, telling the truth and maybe yelling a bit at Sirius, I did nothing wrong, so it’s his stupid fault for being stuck up and arrogant. You’re right Lily that is all it is with him and James; they’re both selfish and cocky!”

‘At least I didn’t have to tell her my secret,’ I thought to myself. “Maybe we should just go to dinner Emma,” I suggested.

“Naw, I think I’ll just go to bed now, I’m not feeling like dinner. Have fun with the ditzes.”

“Alright, but you’re sure you’ll be okay?” I enquired, wanting to sound as supportive as possible.

“I’m fine, just go to dinner!” I shot her a disbelieving look, “I’m fine!”

“Okay, I’ll go, but I’ll be up soon to talk if you need me.” With that I headed back downstairs, shooting a glare at Sirius and James, while smiling cheerfully at Remus.


The next two years passed without much contact between the Marauders and Emma and I. That is, besides Remus and my secret conversations when everyone else was asleep. It seemed that Emma and I had made a sort of alliance, and the Marauders were our (Emma’s) enemy. It was rather unfortunate for Reemy and me, but we made it work. If only I know what was going to happen in my last year…

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Chapter 7: Skip to 7th
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Chapter 7 – Skip to the 7th

Lily’s POV

I sat on the bus, en route to King’s Cross, writing in my diary, the velvet green one that Remus gave me for my birthday last year. This was the first summer Emma and I didn’t spend together.

Dear Diary,
This year will hopefully be better than last. Like maybe Remus and I won’t have to meet in secret or try to get some conversation during prefect meetings, maybe we’d be able to have a real normal relationship. Not romantic or anything, he’s like a best friend/brother to me now. It’s odd, last year I made a transfer from Emma to Remus, it wasn’t that Emma wasn’t there for me, it’s just she doesn’t understand or listen as well as he does. I think that also the whole trust issue thing came into play, and I don’t even understand why I can confide in him and not her. It’s complicated to say the least. Then of course there’s James, and yes I’m calling him James now. He’s sort of moved up from the bottom rung of my hate ladder; I think it has to do with his sudden abstaining from asking me out. It was really weird, and I (at first) liked the lack of attention, but then life got less interesting. Hopefully he’ll annoy me a bit; it’s fun to have that challenge for insults…hehe. Well, looks like the bus is at the station, I’ll write more after the feast. Oh, afterthought – I’m head girl! Maybe Remus will be head boy! Wouldn’t that be exciting?

“King’s Cross,” the driver announced through the P/A system as I gathered my bags and trunk from the back. I stepped out into the station, amidst the pushing, yelling, and busying of the crowd. I located the platform and glanced up at the wall I was to pass through for the last time.

‘It’s alright Lily, just pass through it once more,’ I told myself, quickly walking through the barrier.

Reaching the other side I was met with the hustle and bustle of the wizarding world, one I had missed for two months. I saw bunches of first years, looking wide eyed at the wall I had just walked through, probably wondering how it worked, or what lay ahead of them.

In addition to the little ones, I saw the Marauders, well, ¼ of them, James. No, I mean Potter, yes Potter.

“Hey Potter!” I said, trying to sound instigating, but friendly none the less.

“Hey Lily, how are you, and how was your summer?” He asked politely, and I still heard that other thing in his voice, the same thing I heard way back in fifth.

“I’m pretty good, and the summer sucked, I didn’t do any magic or get to have any fun considering I was stuck with the muggles for all of it.” Well, that was what happened.

“Sounds boring, but at least you made it back!”

“Yeah, it feels good to be going home,” I replied, amused at the look on his face, “How was your summer?”

“It was awesome, I went to France with my family and a couple cousins, then came back and hung out with my 3 counterparts.” Ah the Marauders.

“Oh I see, plan any new pranks for this year?” I asked, he always spent his summers planning it up with Sirius.

“Actually only the beginning of the summer, then I realized I couldn’t do them anymore, so no,” he started.

“No?” I was shocked.

“Yeah, I figured since I’m head boy I can’t do pranks like I used to,” he put on a solemn face, and then it hit me.

“Wait?! You’re head boy?!?!” yep, it definitely hit me hard.

“Yeah, I was surprised too; do you know who the head girl is? Apparently we share a special dorm or something, I want to meet her,” he said, hopefully my face didn’t give too much away, for some reason I was secretly pleased.

“Well, actually I am the head girl…”

“Oh! I guess I lucked out then, I was hoping it would be you.” What? First sign of interest since fifth?

“Thanks, but yeah, at least you’ll start acting mature, with all the responsibility and stuff that goes with head boy.” Couldn’t let him see the soft spot he was creating inside me.

“Right…well, I’m going to go find the guys,” he murmured, walking away with a crestfallen look on his face.

‘Wonder what that was about?’ I asked myself, just as I was hit by someone else.



“How are you?!” we cried in unison.

“Pretty good, missed you.” Again, in unison.

We both laughed as we fell into each others’ arms. It was good to see someone you’ve missed.

“Why don’t we just sit down,” he suggested, as we left our trunks in the loading area.

We boarded the train and climbed into the compartment that contained Peter, James and Sirius. Peter smiled meekly at me, James didn’t even make eye contact and Sirius, well, and he shot me a glare that I don't think I could’ve made myself. Oh well, he never really understood that I didn’t hate James or him anymore, just didn’t agree with the idolatry thing they used to have going. Only Sirius relished in it.

‘Come to think of it, James hasn’t done anything for attention since Christmas of fifth,’ I thought to myself.

“So Lily how was your summer?” Remus inquired, beginning the first conversation of our compartment for the train ride.

I kept trying to catch James’ eye, for whatever reason I didn’t know, but he never looked up at me once, and only started talking when the subject was Quidditch. Hopefully he’d start talking later tonight, at the feast or in the common room.

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Chapter 8: The Feast and New Room
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Chapter 8 – The Feast and New Room

James’ POV [A/N – I find it terrible annoying when people don't write this and assume that you know whose point of view it is in…so yeah, that is my spiel on why I write whose POV it is]

I guess I expected Lily’s attitude towards me to change more than it had, but really, I had a bad reputation that was hard to live down, especially since I had been that way for about 5 years, and Lily had seen all of them. But I was trying, and it seemed that at the beginning of our conversation she was okay with talking, until I said that I was lucky her being head girl and all.

I sighed as I climbed into the carriage with the other Marauders and Lily. Sirius and Remus were sitting on the opposite bench, talking about what they wanted to do for the Hallowe’en Feast prank, Peter was slouched against the window, snoring softly. I was sitting between him and Lily, who had her head pressed against the cool glass. ‘Wait a sec,’ I thought, ‘where’s that girl, Emma, aren’t her and Lily best friends?’ I took a leap.

“Lily, where is Emma?” I asked, trying to show the concern in my voice.

“I don’t know,” she said, nonchalantly.

“But isn’t she your best friend?” I persisted. Remus and Sirius looked up from their conversation.

“I said I don’t know where she is, can we just leave it?” she defied. Even Peter woke up at her comment.

I shut up. ‘Maybe something happened between them and they’re fighting,’ I pondered, girls were always having fights over silly things like boys and make up and school and stuff. The guys turned back to their conversation, and Peter to sleeping. I looked back and it was then that I noticed Lily was crying ever so softly, and I was brought back to the first day on the Hogwarts Express, when she was a first year like myself, and like now, crying.

“It’s alright Lily,” I said gently, and began rubbing her back. Surprisingly, she didn’t recoil, smack me, hex me, yell at me, insult me, or do anything of the sort, she just relaxed. I decided not to say anything, so as to not ruin the moment.

After what seemed like an eternity, but also way too short for my liking, she turned to me and smiled through her tear streaked face. I could see pain in her eyes, and I wanted to take all of it away. “If you need to talk, I’m here Lily,” I whispered over her shoulder as she turned to face the window. My words must have had some effect, as she turned her head around quickly to face me.

At first I thought she was mad, and waited for the “Potter, I don’t want your help, you’re stuck up, arrogant yada yada yada,” but it never came. She quietly whispered, “thank you James, but I can’t really talk about it right now,” in my ear and leaned against the back of the bench. I watched her close her eyes and think to herself. My thoughts started wandering.

‘What is she thinking about?’
‘Could it possibly be me?’
‘Is she off in her own dream world?’
‘Am I in this dream world?’
“Do I have a chance?”

“Maybe.” Oops. That one wasn’t in my head…obviously not, because Lily had just replied.

“Sorry Lily, I was just thinking about, uh, the British Quidditch League,” I stuttered, attempting to make her believe I wasn’t always thinking about the way she looked, sounded, and how it felt to be near her.

“Sure James.” I liked this her-calling-me-James-thing; it felt good to be acknowledged.

The rest of the carriage brought us into conversation until we arrived at the castle.


Lily’s POV

I don't know what was coming over me! Honestly, I was letting James rub my back; I was calling him James, and not saying anything negative when he was obviously thinking about me and him together! I was going insane!

I decided to try and play it cool, at least until the feast, and then I’d figure out what to do from there, maybe I’d talk to Remus or Emma a bit. ‘Would Emma listen?’ I questioned myself, fearing that she would abandon me because I couldn’t tell her everything anymore. ‘You just gotta try Lily,’ I told myself, resolving to talk to her at the feast.

I entered the Great Hall and the old feelings of warmth and welcome flooded into my mind, my first meal in the hall, not knowing anything about the houses, being joyous that I was in Gryffindor and Emma was too, and realizing that I had a knack for this magical stuff. The castle was more of a home to me than back with my parents and Petunia on Privet Drive. I always felt safe here, minus some of the Slytherins, but here the teachers were kind and were almost second parents to me.

The only part that had been missing was the siblings. Emma was great, but she became more involved with Mernie and Pam after fifth year, and since then I confided in Remus. He was like a brother to me, but I couldn’t hang out with him as much considering Sirius didn’t really take to me like Remus did. Pushing those thoughts out of my mind, I went to sit with Emma and the other girls in my year.

“Hey Emma,” I said brightly, hoping she’d ask me to sit down.

“Oh, hi Lily,” she said, in more of a monotone than an invitation, “want to sit down?”

“Sure! Thanks Em,” I replied, praying that the dinner would go better from then on.

The girls talked about their summers, how much fun going to the Wizard’s Wacky Wonderland was, which I inferred was a sort of Disney World type place, apparently they had gone together. Feeling disconnected from the conversation, I decided to go and talk to Remus.

As I walked towards the Marauders, Dumbledore began his speech. I felt bad about not talking to Emma, but it seemed she didn’t want to talk to me, and I don’t think that I even wanted her to be my friend anymore. I sat next to Moony, who gave me a sympathetic smile, he understood, as always.

“Our prefects have met them, but unfortunately, the rest of the student body hasn’t so would our head girl, Lily Evans and our head boy, James Potter, please rise,” Dumbledore stated. I stood up, as James walked towards me.

“Hey Lily,” he whispered, as he started wrapping his arm around my waist.

At first I was reluctant to slap his hand away, and then saw the looks on the students’ faces.

“Don’t touch me Potter,” I said menacingly, I had to keep up the front, even if my inside barrier was melting away.

A look of confusion and bewilderment crossed his eyes, then quickly faded as people began to cheer for us. ‘Hopefully they’ll have respect for us, despite our conflicts,’ I thought to myself, then wondering what those conflicts were changing into.

“Thank you heads, you may take your seats,” he said warmly, his eye twinkling.


James’ POV

After the feast, Lily and I followed Professor McGonagall to our new shared dormitory. As Lily and the Professor talked and we all walked, I thought. [A/N – that kind of rhymes…]

‘What happened, weren’t you being all nice to her?’ I thought back to the time in the carriage. ‘Why did she freak out on me in the hall? Before I was rubbing her back!’ I couldn’t believe what had happened, and I don't think I believed what was happening in my mind either. ‘Why do you care so much James?’ I started to think that she wasn’t just a challenge anymore.

We arrived at a gilded portrait of a king and queen from medieval times, who seemed to be engrossed in each other, perfectly enamoured in the other’s presence. I wondered if that was what I looked like when I stared at Lily, then pondered, ‘but those people are in love, I couldn’t be could I? I mean, I barely know her!’

“Here is your dormitory, the password is snickety lemon, until you choose to change it. It takes both of you to change the password, as do many other things within the dormitory. Everything will require team work, and if you don’t agree on something and can’t perform the spell as a pair, you will not accomplish anything. I know that these positions may have come as a shock to either of you,” at this she looked at me with a sense of disapproval, then to Lily with an expression of compassion, “but, with some understanding and group work, I’m sure you two will excel as heads!” On that note, she left, presumably off to Gryffindor Tower, the boys were executing their first prank on the little first years already.

Upon saying the password, the couple in the painting woke from their shared reverie and simultaneously slid a pair of gold levers that were situated on either side of the plated thrones. The painting split in two, the lovers reached out at the tear that was occurring in the middle of their scene, and a doorway was visible between the portrait halves. I ushered Lily to go in first, as she was in a state of awe at our new dormitory canvas.

We stepped into the apparent common room while the arched door clicked shut behind us. Wandering about the Gryffindor themed room, we found the things McGonagall had mentioned would require team work. Things such as the fireplace, decorating, protection spells, visitors, and other less important things that included cleaning and walarm settings.

I watched Lily as she soon found her bedroom door, which had a gold plate on it that had her name engraved on it with a picture of a lily beside it. Mine was directly across from it, but instead of a lily, there was a snitch beside my name. We went to explore our separate bedrooms, and I found my private bathroom, which was most luxurious.

I relieved myself, and was about to ask Lily how her bedroom and bathroom suite were when I caught her staring out the window. I refrained from calling out to her, and instead, walked slowly behind her to listen. She was crying, but harder than in the carriage earlier that day.

I ventured, “Lily, are you sure you don’t want to talk?”

“James, I’m sorry for being mean to you in the Great Hall, but that’s what people expect, isn’t it?” she said, still facing the window…

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Chapter 9: Breaking the Barrier
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Chapter 9 – Breaking the Barrier

Lily’s POV

I gazed out onto the grounds, then my eyes refocused on the reflection in the glass; James was behind me.

“Lily, are you sure you don’t want to talk?” he asked me.

I replied slowly, gathering my thoughts, “James, I’m sorry for being mean to you in the Great Hall, but that’s what people expect, isn’t it?” I kept my gaze firmly on his reflection in the window.

“Why can’t that change? I mean, I thought we were getting along pretty well in the carriage, don’t you?” he asked, his voice wavering.

“Look, I’m sorry James, I’m really really sorry, but I don’t want people to bother me more than they used to. Before it was that I should go out with you, think about what they would do if they thought that we were. They’d hate me because every girl in school wants you!” I yelled, not realizing my voice had risen.

“Oh,” he said quietly, then hopefully, “could we at least be friends? Like I don’t really know much about you, and you don’t know much about me, and we have to work and live together for this whole year, we have to get along somehow, right?”

I thought about that, “Yeah, James, I just didn’t know how to react when I saw all those people giving me mixed stares of hate, confusion and jealousy, I just reacted the way I did before…whatever, yeah, let’s be friends James.”

At that, I turned around to see a smiling James, and gave him a hug. ‘Maybe this won’t be so bad,’ I thought to myself. I then looked at my watch over James’ shoulder, and realized it was 11:30, and we had classes the next day!

“Uh, James, as much as I want to continue this…whatever it is, we kind of have to go to school tomorrow, and it’s getting late.”

“Oh, right, school,” he muttered, reluctantly breaking the hug. “So shall we set the walarm?”

“The wah!?” ‘What was he talking about?’

“You know, the walarm, the thing that wakes you up in the morning?” he replied incredulously.

“So you mean alarm?” ‘He must be mixing the word up,’ I thought.

“No…the walarm, here,” he said, taking my arm, “let me show you.” We went over to the desk where there was this odd looking clock. It was bronze, had three rounded legs of different sizes, two triangular shapes levitating above both sides and a clock face that seemed almost regular. It was almost regular, except the levitating triangles and a strange little button that rotated around the face of the clock.

“How does it work?” I was intrigued; it looked odd, but probably had some logical use.

“It’s pretty simply, you just slide that button to whatever time you want to wake up, and at that time, those triangles will send an awakening charm to you. At my place, I have one, but I only have one levitating triangle, because I’m the only one who uses it. My parents have a double one, almost like this one, but theirs has two buttons, one for each of them. McGonagall probably wants us to learn to deal with each other by settling on a time to wake up at, that is why there is only one button.”

“I see,” I said, thinking about the difference in time situations for waking up of girls versus boys.

“So what time do you want to get up?” James asked me.

“School starts at 8:30, so why not 7?” I stated reasonably.

“SEVEN!?! You must be kidding!” he said disbelievingly.

“Well then how about seven thirty?” I suggested.

“Aww Lily!!! I normally don’t wake up until quarter after eight or so…” he whined.

“I’m sure there’s a way we can fix it so it doesn’t hit you, then I’ll just wake you up as I leave for breakfast,” I considered the possibilities of breaking something like this.

“Wait a second, you go for breakfast then?” he paused for a moment, “I’ll be fine, set it for whenever you want, just nothing before seven,” he pleaded.

“Um, okay,” I said, while thinking, ‘why is he trusting me when he knows that I’ll change it for me?’

“Well, goodnight Lily, I’ll see you tomorrow morning!” he said, heading towards his bedroom.

After moving the button to about quarter to eight, I replied, “Night James, sweet dreams.”

I don’t think he knew that I heard him say just as he opened his door, “They will be, you’ll be in ‘em.”

When I was sure he was in his room, I went over to mine and decided to lay in bed for awhile and read, before going to sleep. My thoughts began to wander, and they weren’t on the book I was reading.

‘Why will I be in his dreams?’
‘You know you want to be’
‘I do not!’
‘Oh you know you do’
‘Why are you talking to me?’
‘Because you obviously want to be in someone’s dreams’
‘I do not, really, that much anyways’
‘Well you must, that’s why you’re still arguing about it, the girl doth protest too much!’
‘I’m not listening to you, you, whatever consciencey thingy you are!’
‘Fine, have a good night, and sweet dreams, hope he’s in them!’
‘Stop it, goodnight!’

Once I told that – thing – off, I felt a bit better and finally let sleep overcome me.


3rd Person POV (So no one’s really…)

As he prepared for bed, James’ mind wandered.

‘I wish Lily understood how I feel’ he thought as he undressed.
While he pulled on his pyjamas, he pondered, ‘but I don't even know how I feel…’
‘Is she more than a challenge?’ he considered as he slipped into bed.
‘Maybe there’s more to this than-’ he started, but fell asleep mid thought.


- Next Morning -


“What’s wrong Lily!?” James said, leaping out of his bedroom, through the common room, and into Lily’s bedroom.

“What was that?” she gasped, sitting in bed.

James went over and sat beside her, she was quite pale. “Are you okay?”

“Well,” she began, “here I was, having a perfectly marvellous dream, when all of a sudden it felt as though someone was shaking me awake. When I woke up, no one was there!”

James was smirking when she finished, “Lily that was the walarm clock! I totally forgot to tell you last night that the awakening charm on the clock takes the form of someone shaking you awake. So you don’t have to worry. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.”

“That’s alright, it just really scared me, normally alarm clocks, the muggle walarms, don’t wake you up by shaking you, they just beep until you wake up,” Lily explained hastily.

“Oh, okay, that doesn’t sound like it would work very well,” he replied, then stood up, “I guess I should start getting ready for school and whatnot. See you around Lily,” he finished sheepishly.

As James left the room, Lily looked out the bay window to the right of her bed. The sun was just breaking from the horizon of the forbidden forest, and beams of light were shining through the window across the room.
“Breathtaking,” Lily whispered to herself, knowing that this year may turn out to be better than it seemed so far.

In the other bedroom, James was looking out his window and whispering also, “A good omen, perhaps Lily can be mine…”

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Chapter 10: Tutoring?
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Chapter 10 - Tutoring?

The first two days of classes went relatively well for Lily, besides her newly found problem of advanced level classes. She now had advanced charms and transfiguration, which ran after regular classes until just before dinner. There were barely any pupils in those classes, in charms there was Alice Meadows (the newest Gryffindor student, she transferred from America), Frank Longbottom (another seventh year boy), James, Remus, Sirius, two boys from Slytherin, Amos Diggory and Gillian Folley (surprisingly turned out to have brains…) and Lily. That class was interesting to say the least. Lily was easily the smartest of the class, and Amos was easily the smart-ass of the class, Lily thought even he would give Potter a run for his money in annoying her - that was saying something, but the thing was, she liked Amos that way.

- Flashback in Lily’s POV -

As I walked into the advanced charms class on 5th floor, I was glad to see that we had a new student (who I believe was in my Arithmancy class first period, Alice was her name), surprised to see that Sirius actually took the class, and happy that Remus and James were in this course too.

Professor Berujia was apparently one of the new additions to the Hogwarts faculty this year, tall with long black hair and almond eyes, she gave off an air of strict compassion, if that was possible, but I know that she would be one of my favourite teachers within minutes. I could feel a connection, one of those that are instant and ever lasting, perhaps she had an adolescence, a childhood or some experiences similar to mine that gave us this bond.

Anyways, the class wasn’t too hard, we reviewed what we had learned the previous year, and she gave us an outline of what charms we would be learning this year. It seemed an awful lot to learn; almost four spells a week and a performance test every fortnight! I knew I could manage, I always did somehow (perhaps it was the late nights?) so I was ready for another year of hard studying.

The class wasn’t so bad, most of my friends were in it of course, but also there were some I could have lived without, especially Amos Diggory. I had a crush on him, and seeing him in class, just a row away…ah it was torture! He had slightly curly hair; a lovely shade of brown and eyes that made you melt. A deep blue that swept you away and man, I had gotten swept away a couple times, and me, the normally calm and cool, collected Lily had to blank out when he looked at me…it was sad, but so thrilling!

Pushing thoughts of Amos out of my head was James, who had situated himself directly beside me, and was currently poking my ribcage with his wand, sending tickling charms. Giggling in spite of my annoyance, I turned to him to mouth off, but something about the way he was playfully looking at me reminded me of Emma. Sounds weird, but having a friend that is annoying you just to have fun caused one of my walls to break down.


Where her charms class was one she enjoyed thoroughly, her transfiguration class (although she understood most concepts) was one she couldn’t always get a grip on. It was one of those things that you try and try, but for some reason it just doesn’t sink in or ‘click’ the way charms always did for her.

Lily’s POV

I have to admit that I struggled through those first two weeks of transfiguration. The stuff we did back in regular TF (as we began calling it) was nothing compared to Advanced TF. It was as if I understood everything, but just couldn’t make it work, as if I was missing an unknown element.

James had been asking me if I wanted help from the time I bombed the review test, I guess I just wasn’t up to par like I thought, regardless of all my summer practicing. I told him no, and continued telling him no until after the first unit test, when we were walking through the garden outside of the west wing to Herbology.

“So Lily, how’d you do? Is it finally clicking?” he inquired.

“Sure…clicking backwards and wrongly,” I mumbled under my breath but said louder, “no, not really…”

He looked at me intently with his hazel eyes and spoke almost sternly. “Lily, are you sure you don’t want help, I know that you like getting good grades, and doing whatever it takes to get them, so why won’t you let me tutor you?”

“I don’t know James,” I said, sitting down on a rock, not caring that we would be late for Herbology, this TF was really bothering me.

He sat beside me, still gazing at me and asked again, “Lily, if it’s just because you don’t want me to ask you our or see a reason to, don’t worry, I just want you to do well on your TF.”

That was a shocker; he just wanted me to do well, and not to worry about him asking me out? This was odd, but somehow encouraging, and besides, I needed the help, right?

“Okay James,” I replied, trying not to sound too overjoyed that I would finally get some O’s in TF again. I still felt that this was going to go somewhere, but ignored the feeling and focused on the not worrying thing he mentioned. “What do you mean when I don’t need to worry about asking you out?”

“Oh,” he sighed, “I figure that if friends is all that I can be with you, then it’ll have to be that, and I’m tired of you hating me all the time, so if I don’t ask you out, then we can be friends, right?”

Ah, so that was his logic. “Yes James, we are friends, so how about tonight around 7 in the library? I’d like to get started on the TF right away.”

“Sure,” he said, suddenly happier at the prospect of meeting Lily for a ‘meeting’ in the library.

James’ POV

A night with Lily, how lucky could I get? Even though I shared a common room with her, it wasn’t anything big like I assumed, it was almost the same as the old Gryffindor common room, we did homework there and went to bed, no big deal. But now I was meeting her in the library to tutor her!!!

It felt good to be able to do something nice for her that she would appreciate. She didn’t appreciate me hexing the Slytherins for calling her a mudblood behind her back, if she even knew they did it all the time, nor did she appreciate my antics to get her attention.

But now it seemed that I had her attention, and I was determined to keep it there, doing whatever it took, even tutoring, which I was deathly afraid to do. I think I was mainly afraid of seeming like I wanted it to be more than a friendship, which I was trying to blot out of my mind anyways.

With an air of confidence (seemed like a mask to me) I marched with a skip to the library, carrying my ATF textbook and another one I had picked up for special interest. I know that seems odd, me being a semi-jock having a self-interest textbook on TF…but it was a passion I had, regardless of its oddity.

When I entered the library, she wasn’t there yet, so I found a secluded table - but not too secluded, just in case she thought I was trying to make a move or something - and got out my books and waited. I was early of course, trying to show I cared and that I wasn’t going to fool around.

At just five past seven Lily came running in, her bag swinging and her face red from her sprint. After four leaps into the library, she appeared to realize where she was and slowed down, observing the strict librarian’s policies. It was funny, before when I saw Lily as a pure challenge, back in fifth or even sixth year, I saw her as just another girl to go out with, but now…now when she came in a room, it was like the rest of it was out of focus, Lily as sharp as anything. The time slowing down thing that people talked about in books, that happened too, but I wouldn’t complain about that, if time slows down, that means I have a longer time to be with her, why complain?

As she approached the table, I could tell she felt bad about being late, as she immediately poured out why she was a whole five minutes late. It all came rushing out, I didn’t understand a word, but just replied that it was okay and I hadn’t been waiting long (it was actually about 25 minutes that I had been waiting, but who cares?).

Lily’s POV

I couldn’t believe how stupid I was! I was late for TF help because of a guy. Amos of course you realize…but who would mind being late if you could talk to Amos and get asked out to go to Hogsmeade the first time we had a trip? Not me, and of course you realize, I said yes! However, the reason I gave James for being late wasn’t the truth, how could I say that I was late because I was flirting with another guy when he was kind enough to tutor me? I said I left my TF book and got caught by whatever, and I said it fast enough to make it sound real, but I felt bad, even though I was bursting inside with excitement over Amos.

Once I sat down however, I realized how much I needed James to help me. He had prepared a list of all the spells I should’ve mastered from last year and we went through them verbally to see which ones I needed to improve on or relearn. It wasn’t a huge list, but some of the concepts carried onto others that we were already learning this year.

We soon came to the conclusion that transfiguring things in the library would be contradictory to Madame Serée’s explicit rules. We left the library around eight and wandered the corridors looking for an empty classroom where James could continue teaching me TF.

When we rounded a corner on the eighth floor, Dumbledore appeared from the end of the corridor, announcing that we had a meeting with him at eight o’clock the following evening regarding the first Hogsmeade trip and the Hallowe’en Ball.

After we agreed that we would meet him in his office, he left the same way he arrived, and we decided to postpone our hunt until before the meeting, and headed towards our rooms.

“So have I helped you any so far?” James asked, inquisitively.

“Well at least we’ve outlined what my problems are and why I am doing so badly,” I replied nonchalantly.

“I don’t think they’re problems, and you’re not doing badly, it’s just that you have obstacles that are preventing you from getting what you can achieve,” he said, trying hard to sound encouraging, and I have to admit, succeeding.

“Thanks James, I really appreciate you doing this for me,” I hesitated, “It’s hard for me to admit to needing help, since I’ve always been able to do it on my own, and had to do it on my own.” Did I let too much spill out?

“Lily I’m here for you and TF isn’t that hard once you get past the small obstacles in your way, I know you can do it. It isn’t bad to need help; I had to get a tutor for Arithmancy last year and that was a blow to my pride. Even though I goof around, I do want to get good grades like you, so I understand what you’re saying.”

James’ POV

When we arrived at the portrait of the royal couple, Lily whispered the password, always in awe of the pair, but giving them a seemingly larger token of unspoken respect tonight. We proceeded into the dorm; Lily took her homework and went to her room, almost in a daze. I wondered what it could’ve been until a paper slipped out of her books as she passed through her door.

I picked up the paper and suddenly part of me caved in, giving me a sick feeling of doubt, not quite sure if it was something to act on, or just forget…

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Chapter 11: Amos!
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A/N - Well, at the insistence of a friend, I’m going to attempt to write another chapter now…hopefully it will do the story justice, and J.K. who owns the characters!

Chapter 11 - Amos!

It was her timetable, not that I needed to see it, it was already entirely in my head, but beyond what classes she had, there were little hearts, and AD+LE scribbled in them - all around classes that she seemed to share with Amos Diggory.

Amos Diggory.

What else was there to think? What else was there for me to do?

First of all I started breathing again, but that sinking, vast, dieing feeling still stuck. Amos Diggory?


I didn’t sleep at all that night, no wistful dreams of Lily, no happy Quidditch fantasies, or dreams of dad not fighting Voldemort (or him being vanquished for that matter), nothing good, I couldn’t sleep. Amos Diggory?

Lily’s POV

After shutting my door quietly, I sank to my window seat atop one of the forest green cushions. This was pure bliss! I had to be in love! Everything seemed so vibrant, the moon was brighter than I’d ever seen, and the midnight blue sky contrasted it so well it seemed that my vision was somehow sharper. This had to be, it had to be love! I’d never felt like this before!

As if in a trance, I finished my charms paper and silently changed into my nightgown. All of my senses must’ve been sharper, the smooth silk suddenly felt as liquid as water, yes this had to be love!

Diving into my bed, something I must add that I haven’t done since I was eleven, on my first night at Hogwarts, I thought of how the day would go, planning it out in my head as I pulled the coverlet over my body.

We would talk about all the great things we were planning with our lives after Hogwarts, I of course would either go into healing or charm experimenting, and he of course would become a seeker for the Chudley Cannons or become an auror, either choice I liked. We’d discuss how the Quidditch season was, how classes were going; we would talk about what we were going to do over the holidays. It was going to be a perfect day!

I drifted off to sleep with the image of Amos leaning in to kiss me, ah sweet sweet dreams…

James’ POV

Getting up from a sleepless night is something I’ve never enjoyed doing, even though the guys (as in just Sirius) say the prank or nightly adventure is totally worth the morning tiredness. I enjoy my sleep, even when plagued with dreams, but not when I can’t even get some shut eye.

The day didn’t improve as I looked out my balcony window to see a massive cluster of grey thunder clouds above the Forbidden Forest. It was rather depressing and only sunk my mood further into anguish. Amos Diggory?

Sure he was handsome by girls’ standards, and sure he had great grades (probably better than mine), and sure he had charm, but why would Lily fall for him? She’s so smart and normally so quick, how could she not pick up on his ‘hidden agenda’?

But then again she couldn’t know all of the things he tells (more or less brags about) to the other boys the ‘morning after’, so she wouldn’t know, she’s only seen his charming side.

I supposed the only way to protect her was to get close, I just hoped it wouldn’t seem like I was trying to ask her out, I thought I was beyond that, but as she’s my friend, and Amos wasn’t the greatest of guys, I needed to.

Lily’s POV

Not even the black clouds over the lake from my window seat could have plagued me when I awoke. That newfound bliss was still alive and was feeding me energy. Considering I had woken early, I attempted some transfiguration spells, the ones I was supposed to have known last year. They weren’t as difficult as I had thought, but they weren’t perfect, I figured that I would ask James for another lesson tonight, I needed to get on top of this!

Leaving my room I found James sitting on the couch staring at my chess board on the table with a determined look on his face. I saw that it was still quite early on the walarm and approached the sitting area.

“Want to play?” I enquired, disturbing his gaze.

“Oh, yeah sure Lily,” he replied in a far away voice.

As we began to play, I could tell that there was something on his mind, or he was letting me win, which was something he never did, I told him not to the first time we played.

“Is there anything wrong James?”

“What? Oh, no Lily, I’m just tired,” he said, in that same tone.

I wondered what could have gotten him into this sort of mood; it was a rare mood for him. “Are you sure? If you are, I wanted to know if you could spare some time tonight to practice transfiguration with me,” I suggested.

“Sure,” he answered, a bit more awake, “what time would be good?”

“I’m not sure right now, perhaps after dinner? We can eat supper in the hall then come right back here and practice, I’m positive we can use magic in here,” I proposed.

“That sounds great,” he said as I won the match and realized I was to meet Amos in five minutes.

“I’m off to Hogsmeade now James, so I’ll catch you later?”

“Yep, see you ‘round,” he said, still in another world.

Gathering my purse and leaving the dormitory I was still wondering what was on James’ mind; I had never seen him like this.

Nobody’s POV

Lily left the dormitory and ran to the entrance to Hogsmeade where she was going to meet Amos. He was already waiting and she couldn’t help but think he was possibly the most handsome guy she had ever seen. His hair was lightly tousled and he was leaning up against the wall. Lily walked towards him and he immediately straightened up, gave her a hug and kissed her on the cheek. As unexpected as this sudden show of affection was, Lily was delighted.

Meanwhile, James was still sitting on the sofa in the dormitory, still staring at the chess board, still thinking.

LATER - Lily’s POV

As we walked through the streets of Hogsmeade, I couldn’t imagine how lucky I was! I might’ve even said I was ‘his chosen one’ or something along those lines. All the girls I saw in the little village gave me stares of hatred, amazement and jealousy. I had gotten those when James flirted with me or asked me out, but never to this degree. This time I enjoyed it, because I wanted what those girls were jealous of.

We didn’t talk as much as I previously thought, but while we walked towards Madame Puddifoot’s, my thoughts were all in my hand, the one he was holding ever so lightly, but securely.

He surprised me by reserving a table at Madame Puddifoot’s, where we ate lunch surrounded by candles and cute little cherubs singing sweet songs. He ordered us the most delicious hot chocolates and these little cream cakes that were extremely rich; it was heaven!

James’ POV

I went over to the boys’ dorm to see if Sirius or Moony were there, but neither of them was. If Pete had been there, I probably would’ve talked to him; I was that desperate. Instead, I sat in one of the comfy armchairs in the common room, a place I hadn’t been for awhile. I just sat and thought.

My min wandered from all the different ways I could let Lily find out what Amos was really like, or how I could win her over (I tried to banish those thoughts, but they were permanent blueprints in my head), and how a final solution could possibly be murdering Diggory. The last two trains of thought were halted by my logic (wherever that came from) and I started to think about how Amos might treat Lily.

If she was like any of his other ‘conquests’, then I knew I didn’t have much time until she would be hurt. I thought of many different plans that involved set up conversations, stake outs and gnomes, but came to the conclusion that the best way was to show her I was trustworthy, and then tell her the truth. Pranks didn’t seem to please her, so I knew that complicated plots and set ups wouldn’t prove anything. And since I didn’t have much time, I thought of the easiest way to befriend her and show my ‘worth’.

Lily’s POV

It was like a dream! Amos kissed me!

Just before we climbed up the steps to where the carriages were waiting to take us back to Hogwarts, he took me aside, underneath an apple tree and told me he had the best day with me, and then he kissed me! It was so romantic and I can’t believe it!

I’m going to see him next weekend, we’re going for a walk in the ground on Saturday, then he said we’d go some place special for supper! I can’t wait!

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Chapter 12: Nothing much
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Chapter 12 - Nothing much
James’ POV

While walking back from the boys’ dorm, I began to think of ways that I could win Lily’s trust, all of these void of gnomes thankfully. Passing the third floor I knew that the best time for trust-winning would be during our tutoring sessions, and it was perfect that she had asked to have one tonight.

My other problem was the ‘revealing’ of Amos’ true agenda. This was the tough one. I didn’t want to make it seem obvious that I was trying to expose him, but I also knew that I couldn’t let it go to long, long enough for her to get hurt. I decided it was a better idea to not come up with any plans, just in case they flopped and it seemed that I was just trying to make her hate him.

As I walked down the corridor to our dormitory, said the password and entered the common room, I came to the idea that I would think solely of becoming a good friend of hers, a confidant, someone she could trust.

Lily’s POV

When I got back to the dorm, James was still sitting in the same place where I had left him that morning. I don’t know when I came to the conclusion that I had left him there…I just felt like I had. I decided to try and figure out what was wrong with him, if there was something wrong, even though I was in the flightiest of moods, and didn’t want to put Amos’ kiss out of my mind.

“James, have you moved since this morning?” I asked casually.

He looked at me as if he hadn’t seen me enter, and then replied, “Yeah, I’ve been out to eat, and meet up with the guys and such.”

I looked at him sceptically, but continued, “Alright, so do you think we could go grab something to eat in the Great Hall then come back here and practice?”

I figured that something he’s good at doing would probably cheer him up, in addition to food, which most guys seem to love.

I was definitely right, seeing as he stood up and agreed immediately.

We walked to the hall in an awkward sort of silence. I couldn’t really tell him all the great things that Amos and I did today, or how he kissed me, or how I felt about that kiss, I didn’t really know James that well, and it seemed odd to bring up another guy in conversation. I did truly want to talk to him though; it felt so weird to be going for supper with someone who you couldn’t speak with.

I suppose he hadn’t done much for the day; he talked just as much as I did – not at all. When we arrived in the hall, there weren’t many students, only a group of 8 at the Ravenclaw table, and a couple of Hufflepuffs. The rest of the school was at Hogsmeade, excepting the younger students, who were having a day on the grounds.

James’ POV

I remained silent on our walk to dinner, considering the fact that she may have wanted to think the day with Amos over in her head. Secretly I was hoping that the day went terrible and that she never wanted to see him again, and that she would want to be my friend, and then suddenly realize that she wanted to be with me as much more than a friend. Of course harsh reality donned on me when we reached the doors to the hall…but the fantasy was nice.

There weren’t too many students in the hall, I assumed most were in Hogsmeade, the others were outside and there weren’t any Slytherins to bother. We sat down and started to eat the roast beef and potatoes that appeared on our plates, occasionally sipping some melon juice from our copper goblets.

She showed me the various things she had bought while with Amos, not mentioning him that much, which was good, but I would have rather known what exactly passed between the two. There seemed to be another sort of look in her eye, I wouldn’t go so far as to say a sparkle…but there was definitely something different about her eyes…

When we finished, I suggested we ask McGonagall if we could use our common room for prac-tice, and if we could use some classroom items for transfiguration practice. We talked to her, she granted our requests, and told us to just grab the objects from her classroom.

It was nearly eight o’clock by the time we got to McGonagall’s classroom to gather the items. I hadn’t really thought of any objects, it was mainly a way to get her away from a comfort zone, someplace where she could talk without running easily. It felt sort of depraving, but at the same time necessary.

Lily’s POV

I’m not sure why, but James suddenly decided that we would need supplies from Professor McGonagall’s room. I don’t think he even knew why, we had enough things in our room to use, that could have served the same purpose, but boys do things differently I suppose.

We wandered around her class checking in cupboards and grabbing random objects that James said would be best. When we were opening the cupboard of live animals he started to talk about seemingly meaningless things, how I thought classes were going so far, then about what kinds of things I thought we would have to do as Heads…it was truly bizarre. Normally he seemed so cool-headed and arrogant, but he seemed almost nervous, or at least hesitant with everything he said.

His nervousness peaked as he asked me one of the more serious questions.

“Lily, I was wondering…”

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