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That New Girl by his dear Nagini

Format: Novella
Chapters: 11
Word Count: 21,463
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Strong Violence

Genres: Romance, Angst, Fluff, Crossover, Drama
Characters: Draco, Harry, Hermione, OC, Ron
Pairings: Draco/Hermione

First Published: 08/06/2004
Last Chapter: 05/24/2005
Last Updated: 05/25/2005

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Chapter 1: Danielle
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That New Girl
~Chapter 1: Danielle~

"Bloody hell, since when are there so many students going to this school?" Ron was saying as the infamous trio searched for an empty compartment on the Hogwarts Express.

"Hey, I thought you two had to go to the prefect's compartment for that meeting. You went there last year," Harry stated, looking through the windows of the compartment doors without any luck.

"That's only for fifth years though," Hermione told him, "so that they know what's going on and what types of duties they're going to have."

"Waste of time, if you ask me..." Ron added. "Hoy! Found one!" He hurled one of the compartment doors open and lugged his baggage in, followed closely by the others. "Oh, wait..."

"What's wrong?" Hermione asked, before realizing that it was not, in fact, and empty compartment. "Oh, sorry, we thought this one was empty-"

"Oh! No, it's not a problem! You can share this one," said a girl whom none of them recognized, who was sitting alone by the compartment window. All three of them couldn't help but notice that she was extremely pretty: she had very straight, blondish-brown hair and pretty blue eyes that lit up when she smiled. She was already in her Hogwarts robes, which didn't help very much in hiding her perfect bodily curves. Both Ron and Harry's mouths hung open stupidly as they looked down at her, and they most likely would've stood there all day if Hermione hadn't cleared her throat loudly, signaling them to move. They snapped out of they're trance before hurling their bags onto the luggage rack above the door and sitting down across from the girl, while Hermione sat next to her.

"Er, thanks for letting here," Harry said, still staring at her and smiling.

"Oh, no problem," she replied happily. Her accent told them that she was, indeed, American. "My name's Danielle Fitzgerald, by the way. Just moved here from the US."

"Nice to meet you Danielle," Hermione said, offering her hand. Danielle took it graciously. "I'm Hermione Granger, that's Ron Weasley,” she said, jerking her head towards Ron, who smiled and waved, “and that’s Harry Potter,” she said, now jerking her head towards Harry, who also waved. Danielle’s eyes widened in shock.

“No way!” she said, “Cool! Pleasure to meet you Harry. And you too, Ron.” Both of them blushed sheepishly. Hermione rolled her eyes.

“They’re just shy because they fancy you," she told Danielle, smirking. Danielle giggled.

“We do not!” Ron yelled, his ears turning red as his hair. Harry was having a hard time stifling a laugh, but he was blushing too. “I mean, er…of course we think your pretty…wait…er…no, what I meant to say was…er…it’s just not-”

Danielle shook her head, still laughing along with Hermione. “It’s fine, I get it,” she said, starting to calm down.

“When did you move here?” Hermione asked the new girl once she caught her breath.

“About four months ago,” replied Danielle, “because my father was offered a job in the British Ministry. It was better than his old one, so…” she said, trailing off.

“What school did you go to in the states?” Hermione inquired, “I’ve read about some really good ones they have there.”

Danielle frowned. “Well, unfortunately, my school wasn’t one of those ‘good’ ones. I went to Fleetwood in Virginia.”

Hermione frowned too. “Oh, I’ve read about Fleetwood. That must have been horrid.”

“What’s so bad about Fleetwood?” Harry asked curiously.

“Well, I mean, the teachers are very good there and everything, and it’s very luxurious and beautiful and stuff,” Danielle explained, “but, well, it’s not the best place to go if you’re, er, not very wealthy. Everything is roughly based upon how large your parent’s paycheck is every month.”

“Whadda you mean?” Ron asked, furrowing his brow. Money was a sensitive subject for him.

“Well,” Danielle continued, “basically, if you’re not a millionaire or you don’t have your very own indoor pool like most of those stuck up prats do, it shouldn’t be your first choice for a school.”

Hermione cut in. “Yes, in International Schools of Sorcery, I read that at Fleetwood, the two different Houses, Ditus and Inops I believe, are sorted primarily on how large or small your bank account is. Is that right?” Hermione asked Danielle, who nodded.

“That’s bull.” Ron said.

“I know,” agreed Danielle, “and seeing as my dad used to work as a mere security official in the American Ministry, we don’t really have a whole lot of moolah.” Seeing the looks of confusion on their faces she quickly explained, “It means money.”

“Oh,” the three said in unison, still looking confused. Danielle laughed

“Well, did you at least have friends in your House?” Harry asked her.

“Which one of the Houses were you in anyway?” Ron added.

“I was in Inops, and no, I didn’t have any friends in there. They were all as big of jerks as the kids in Ditus anyay, and none of them shared my sense of humor. Plus, they were always having their nose smashed against some kind of book every hour of the day, which didn’t really leave much room for friendly conversation. Not that I cared,” she said smirking. Ron and Harry laughed. Hermione scowled, but stayed silent. The boys couldn’t believe she had no friends in Fleetwood. She was so, well, awesome.

“Well did they at least have Quidditch?” Harry asked her. Hermione rolled her eyes again and laughed silently. Leave it to Harry to bring up Quidditch.

“Yeah, the houses played against each other numerous times over the year, basically for recreation, but we didn’t have a Quidditch Cup or anything. I was a Beater for Inops,” she answered. Ron’s and Harry’s eyebrows shot up.

“Were you any good?” Ron asked.

“Yeah, compared to our other Beater and Ditus’ team’s Beaters, I guess I was alright,” she replied, trying to sound humble.

“Brilliant!” Ron exclaimed, “We’ll need a new Beater this year for Gryffindor. Well, that is, if you’re sorted into our House.”

“Oooh yeah, I read about the Houses in Hogwarts, A History a couple of days ago. Gryffindor sounds like the best one. Well, I suppose Ravenclaw wouldn’t be so bad either, would it?” Danielle asked, turning to Hermione, who’s eyes were wide in delightful shock.

“You’ve read that book too? I thought I was the only one who took interest in it!” Hermione said happily.

“Well, I wanted to know a little about Hogwarts, so I picked it up for some light reading. I read all of our class books too; I really wanted to be prepared…”

Hermione was extremely thrilled, but Ron muttered to Harry sarcastically, “Great, just what we need, a Hermione clone.” Harry grinned while stifling a laugh. The girls took no notice; they were in deep conversation about what they’d read over the summer.

When they’d finished, Harry looked towards Danielle and asked, “How’re they going to sort you anyway? With the first years?” Danielle shrugged.

“Dunno. I hope not though, that would be kinda embarrassing.” She said. “I just hope they don’t sort me into Slytherin. That sounds by far the worst.”

“Yeah, you’ll want to stay away from the Slytherins.” Harry told her. “Especially-“

“Draco Malfoy,” Ron cut him off, with a look of pure disgust on his face. “The slimy git.”

Danielle frowned. “What’s so bad about him?”

“He’s just an all around pain in the arse if you ask me,” said Hermione. “Very into the Dark Arts, you know. His father’s even a Death Eater. Right Harry?” Harry nodded solemnly. Danielle’s eyes were wide.

And he’s got a bit of a personal grudge against Harry to boot,” Ron added, “so naturally me and Hermione are towards the top of his hit list as well.”

“Not that he’s not on ours,” said Harry, smirking.

“Why’s he got a grudge against you?” Danielle asked Harry, “I mean, who the hell has a grudge against Harry Potter?”

“Well, being that his father’s a Death Eater…” Harry replied.

“Oh,” said Danielle, nodding her head, “right…”

“Yeah, he’s his father’s little clone. He’ll soon be following in his daddy’s footsteps I presume…” Hermione remarked.

“Well, if he knows what’s good from him he’ll stay away from me. I’ve got a few good hexes up my sleeve,” said Danielle matter-of-factly. “They teach some pretty advanced stuff over at Fleetwood, you know.”

The trio and their new-found friend continued to talk with each other until they neared the school, and Harry, Ron, and Hermione changed into their school robes. When the train finally stopped, they all got out, still talking with each other. Hermione could tell that Harry and Ron fancied Danielle; they kept staring at her and forgetting what they wanted to say, and they were both extremely eager for her to be placed in Gryffindor. Hermione didn’t know why, but she didn’t like it very much. Actually she didn’t like it at all. Sure, Danielle was extremely pleasant to be around, but there was something she didn’t like about her.

Maybe you don’t like her because she’s stealing your two best friends away, eh? You’re getting jealous, aren’t you? her conscious was saying.

No, I’m definitely not jealous, she argued to herself. At least I don’t think I am. Am I? She shook her head and laughed silently. No, of course I’m not. They can make other friends if they want. How silly of me. She shook her head again in an attempt to get rid of these thoughts, and followed the others outside.

Chapter 2: A Violent Encounter
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That New Girl
~Chapter 2: A Violent Encounter~

“Oooh are Thestrals pulling those?” Danielle asked curiously, pointing to the carriages that would take them up to the castle.

“Yeah, can you see them?” Harry asked her.

“No…and I don’t really think I want to, if you know what I mean,” she said. She didn’t bother asking Harry if he could see them; she knew he’d seen death.

“’Ey! Alrigh’ you three?” came a firmiliar booming voice from high over the little first year’s heads.

“Hia Hagrid!” Harry, Ron and Hermione said in unison and they stepped aboard an empty carriage. Danielle followed.

Right when the carriage door closed she asked, furrowing her brow, “Who’s that? Quite a big dude…”

Hiding his confusion of the word “dude”, which he’d never heard before, Ron replied, “Oh, that’s just our friend Hagrid. He’s the Care of magical Creatures teacher.”

“He’s also a half giant, incase you were wondering,” Hermione said, half laughing.

“Neat! Could you guys introduce me? He sounds intresting,” Daniel remarked.

“Yeah sure, I bet he’d like you…” Harry said, smiling at her. Hermione, once again, rolled her eyes.

“Cool…” she replied, smoothing her robes.

When they reached the castle, they all got out accordingly and preceded thought the magnificent entrance hall towards the Great Hall. Before she had a chance to gape at it’s beauty, Danielle heard someone call out her name.

“Miss Danielle Fitzgerald?” Danielle looked towards the direction of the voice and saw a middle-aged woman with her hair in a very tight bun and glasses. She looked very strict.

“That’s McGonagall,” Harry whispered to her. “You’d better go. I assume she wants to sort you.” Danielle nodded before telling them she’d catch them later, and made her way through the thick crowd of students.

“That girl is bloody brilliant, I tell you,” Ron said to them over the low mumble of students as they found a space at the Gryffindor table.

“Yeah, she’s something…” Harry added a bit dreamily.

“Oh for heaven’s sake, you two! She’s not all that special…” Hermione argued.

“Yes she is! She’s-” Ron said before she cut him off.

“Shh…the sorting’s beginning….”

Professor McGonagall entered the hall with the first years carrying the Sorting Hat and a stool. After all of the new students filed in, the trio saw Danielle enter. She was positively beaming. They watched as she made her way past the other three House tables and towards the Gryffindor table. Ron and Harry grinned.

“Hey!” she said in a muffled voice, sitting down next to Harry, aross from Hermione and Ron.

“Great, your in Gryffindor!” Ron whispered happily.

“Congratulations!” Harry mouthed.

Hermione faked a smile. Great.

Her sarcastic thoughts were cut short, however, when the Sorting Hat burst into it’s annual bit of song. When it had finished, everyone applauded warmly. Professor McGonagall quickly read through the list of names, resulting in the sorting of nine new Gryffindor first years, all of whom looked extremely horrified and excited, just as every new year of first years always did.

As food magically filled the plates in front of them, Harry, Ron, and Danielle automatically broke into conversation, which, unfortunately, did not include Hermione. Feeling somewhat betrayed, she just stared down at her food and pushed it around the perimeter of her plate, her brown hair falling in front of her face.

“Hey, Hermione, want some sweet potatoes?” came Danielle’s sweet voice from in front of her.

“Er, no thanks, I’m not very hungry,” she told the girl coldly. Danielle shrugged and returned to the conversation, but not before eyeing Hermione sadly, as if to say we’ll talk later.

All throughout dinner, Hermione realized that many, many people were staring at her, mostly boys. Even some of the Slytherin males had their eye on her. She didn’t know why, but this made her very sick, and she completely lost her appetite. Thankfully, the meal was soon over, and Albus Dumbledore’s voice began to boom throughout the Great Hall.

“Welcome, welcome. Well, that was a very refreshing feast, I think you’ll agree.” He began, scanning the students happily over his half-moon spectacles. “Before we head to our dormitories, I would like to remind all students to please remember that the Dark Forest is forbidden, as always, and Mr. Filch would like me to remind you that Dungbombs are not aloud anywhere inside the castle. Now, I’d also like to introduce a new student we have had the pleasure of receiving, who has moved here recently from the States. Please welcome Miss Danielle Fitzgerald, of Gryffindor House!” Pleasant applause and excited whispering filled the air, and Hermione forced her hands together a couple of times before staring back up at the Headmaster.

“And now, if you’ll allow me, I have the results of this new year’s quest for new Quidditch Captains for Hufflepuff and Gryffindor, both of whom’s old Captains graduated last year. May I introduce Hufflepuff’s new Captain and Chaser, Miss Olga Brenandow.” Applause once again filled Hermione’s ears. “And, may I introduce Gryffindor’s new Captain and Seeker, Mister Harry Potter!” Loud cheers erupted from the Gryffindor table as Harry’s name was called, and Harry received lots of back-patting and hair ruffling from his friends.

“And now, my students, you may depart to your dormitories and get yourselves some well-earned rest! Goodnight!” And with that, all of the Hogwarts students stood up and stated making their way towards their common rooms, either yawning or rubbing their eyes. Ron, Harry, and Danielle were in conversation again, and Hermione was walking slowly behind them. Harry and Ron didn’t seem to care whether they left her out or not. Actually, they didn’t really seem to notice.

What is happening to my friends? And why the bloody hell am I so jealous? She scratched the back of her head and shrugged it off. They’ll come around, she thought, I mean, she’s just a girl!


* * *

The next morning at breakfast, Harry received an owl from Hagrid, inviting them to tea.

“Says we should come at our break,” he told Ron, Hermione, and Danielle, who was sitting with them again, much to Hermione’s dismay.

“Oooh, can I come?” asked Danielle happily.

“Coursh you can,” Ron said with a full mouth. Hermione scowled. Her dislike of this girl was growing with every minute, and she still didn’t know why.

“Yay!” Danielle squealed. “Is he nice? I mean, I’ve heard about giants…”

“Oh, but he’s only a half giant,” Harry told her, “and yes, he’s very nice. We’ve been friends with him forever.”

“Where does he live?” she asked them. “On the grounds?”

“Yeah,” Ron chimed in, “in that hut by the forest.”

It was then that Professor McGonnagal came by with their class schedules.

“Damn,” Ron exclaimed, “Double Potions first with the Slytherins.”

“Who teaches it?” Danielle asked.

“Snape,” Harry growled, jerking his head towards the teacher’s table where Professor Snape sat. “He’s the head of Slytherin.”

“He’s a ruddy awful teacher. Hates Gryffindors,” Ron added.

Danielle nodded to show her understanding as she looked over the rest of her schedule. “After Potions I’ve got Arithmancy and Ancient Runes. D’you guys take those?” She asked all three of them.

“I do,” Hermione said, looking up at her. “These two don’t. They say it’s a ‘waste of time.’”

“Well, at least I’ll know someone then!” Danielle exclaimed, looking happily at Hermione, who faked a smile.

The day went by quickly, and before they knew it the newly-founded foursome were making their way down towards Hagrid’s wooden hut.

“You’re gonna love Hagrid,” Ron was saying to Danielle as they passed the Whomping Willow.

“I’m sure I will,” she replied happily, as they continued to walk. Harry knocked on the wooden door, and Hagrid’s boarhound Fang erupted in a barking fit.

“Back, Fang, back!” Hagrid scowled at the dog before she opened the door. “Well, ‘ello there, Harry, Ron, ‘Ermione. An’ who’s this?” he asked leaning down to examine Danielle.

“My names Danielle Fitzgerald, it’s a pleasure,” she said sweetly, raising her petite hand to meet his humungous one.

“Oh, you’d be tha’ new studen’ from the States, then?” he asked as Danielle nodded. “Well, c’mon in!” He boomed, opening the door wider for them to enter.

Danielle told Hagrid about herself, and they talked with him about their classes and schedules. It was obvious that Hagrid was enjoying Danielle’s company just as much as everyone else in the school was. Hermione was becoming very agitated with the girl’s perfection.

The foursome said goodbye to Hagrid and left, making their way up towards the castle. Ron spotted some Slytherins hanging out by the Quidditch pitch. “Oh, lordy…”

“Just ignore them,” Harry whispered. They tried to walk around the pitch unnoticed, but it was too late; Malfoy had spotted them.

“Well, well,” he drawled, “If it isn’t Scarface, Weasle boy, and Bookworm. What’re you doing? Visiting that large oaf you call your friend?” The Slytherins laughed stupidly. Draco smirked. “Oh, and who is this? Fresh American scum?” More laughter. Danielle, who had been standing behind, cracked at the rude remark she had received. She walked briskly through her new friends and straight up to Malfoy, who was still laughing.

Before anyone knew what had happened, Draco was on the ground under Danielle’s foot, wand pointed straight at his neck. “So, you must be Draco Malfoy, eh?” She said, mockingly. Draco was having trouble breathing; Danielle had kicked the wind out of him. The Slytherins were silent. So were Harry, Ron, and Hermione, but out of shock, not fear.

“I’ve heard soooo much about you!” Danielle continued. “Now, would you mind refreshing my memory about what you’ve just said? About my friends and myself?” She waited. All was silent.

Draco smirked. “You heard me. You’re fresh meat. American scum.”

“Oh,” Danielle said, now very angry, “why thank you for that little refreshing tidbit. It’s just what I needed.” Without warning, Danielle took her foot off of Malfoy’s chest and raised her wand, but to everyone’s surprise, Malfoy followed it. He was dangling in the air right next to Danielle’s wand tip, now cowering in fear. With a quick and graceful flick of her wand, Malfoy was hurled through the air before knocking hard into one of the Quidditch goal posts. He slid down the poll and crashed to the ground. He was still conscious, but only just. No one moved, but Danielle let out a smirk. Then Draco spoke up.

“I-I’m a prefect, you know! You’ll pay-” but before he could finish, Danielle’s wand was moving him again, raising him in the air about 10 feet and dropping him again. She let out a bark of laughter before, once again, raising her wand, but this time not at Malfoy. She raised it straight up over her head and shouted a spell. A large, silver, blanket-looking thing shot out from her wand and began to hover over everybody’s heads for about 5 seconds, before it disappeared.

“Now listen up!” she shouted, “If any one of you wretched scumbags even coughs the words ‘Danielle attacked Malfoy’ near a teacher or a parent, large, pus-filled boils will erupt all over your skin. All over,” she repeated, smirking. “And putting it into writing won’t work either, so you can forget about it.” She smiled wickedly. “Now get out of my sight.” She turned around and grinned at her new friends as the Slytherins scattered behind her. They were speechless.

“That…was…bloody…BRILLIANT!” Ron shouted, running over to hug her. He was beaming. Harry was still speechless, but managed to run over to her as well and pick her up, twirling her around. Danielle was laughing.

Hermione walked over, amazed. “How did you…where did you learn that secrecy spell? I’ve only just read about it!”

“Like I’ve told you, we learn some pretty wicked things over at Fleetwood,” Danielle explained.

“Amazing…brilliant…fantastic…HA!” Ron was saying. He looked as if he’d died and gone to Heaven. “You were excellent, Danielle! EXCELLENT! I can’t WAIT to tell Fred and George…they’ll want to marry you! HA!”

“With you around, Malfoy will never bother us again!” Harry cried happily. “This is GREAT!”

Hermione stayed silent. Of course, she was thrilled that Malfoy finally got what he’d always deserved…but she only wished that it hadn’t been Danielle who’d executed the punishment.

“Looks like you’ve got some competition for best witch in the whole damn school, Hermione!” Ron exclaimed, giving Danielle a good pat on the back. Hermione felt like she’d never be happy again.

Chapter 3: Up in the Tower
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That New Girl
~Chapter 3: Up in the Tower~

A week had gone by since the incident near the Quidditch pitch, and Danielle had become something of a goddess to the Gryffindors. She was worshiped by all after word had gotten out to the students about what had happened, and thankfully for Danielle, no one had dared told a teacher or a parent about it yet.

All of the extra attention Danielle was getting was really making Hermione extremely irritated, though she was careful not to show it. Besides her perfect bodily features, Danielle had excellent grades in all of her classes. She was almost tied with Hermione when it came to academics, and it was as if Danielle was stealing her much worked for thunder. When Hermione had asked her if she had to take O.W.Ls at Fleetwood, her reply had been, “Oh, yeah, I got one in everything except History of Magic and Divination.” This had made Hermione a bit happier, that is, until Danielle added, “But then again, who needs those?” Everyone had laughed.

Except Hermione.

She still didn’t quite understand why she loathed the new girl so much. They seemed to get along well on the train ride to Hogwarts, but Hermione’s affection towards Danielle seemed to fade more and more with every passing day. There was just something about her that she absolutely hated, but that very thing seemed to be what everyone else loved. She didn’t understand.

Hermione reached her boiling point, though, while she was working on a Transfiguration assignment in a corner of the common room. Harry had walked up to her and sat down.

“Hey Hermione! What’s up?” he had asked her happily.

“Oh, hey Harry. Just working on McGonnagal’s essay. Have you done it yet?”

“Er…no not yet. Uh, I was wondering if you’ve seen Danielle anywhere?” he asked hopefully.

“Oh. No, sorry, I haven’t,” Hermione answered, fuming but refusing to show it.

“Well, I guess I’ll just go check the library then,” he said, starting to get up, but Hermione pulled on his arm.

“Why do you wanna see her anyway? You should really get to work on this essay…”

“Hermione, it’s not due until Monday. And I’m hoping to ask her to the Yule Ball. That is if I can find her…and if I can beat Ron to it…”

Hermione let go of his arm and stared up at him angrily, but he didn’t seem to notice. “Well, wish me luck then!” he told her, and walked out of the common room. She was almost crying with frustration when Neville walked over and sat down where Harry had been.

“Hey Hermione! Wow, I just heard from Dean about what Danielle did last week. Bloody brilliant, eh?”

“AARGH!” Hermione wailed, standing up quickly. The whole common room jumped before watching her storm out in a huff.

Neville looked frightened. “D-did I say something wrong?”

* * *

Hermione sat against the stone wall of the highest astronomy tower, clutching her knees to her chest. She didn’t know how long she’d been sitting there. All she knew was that she didn’t want to go back to the common room, or into her dormitory for that matter. She would be there.

Who does she think she is, anyway? she asked herself, I mean, she’s been here for a single week, and she’s already got my two best friends wound around her flawless little finger.

But were they even her friends anymore? She didn’t feel like it. They didn’t spend any time with her lately, or even just talk to her. She remembered two days ago when they needed to work in groups of three in Potions. If Harry and Ron had been any quicker to choose Danielle for their third partner, Hermione would have thought they had Apparated to her side.

Just as she was remembering this, she heard the door to the tower creak open, and looked up to her right and who was there. It was none other then Draco Malfoy.

“Oh, God, just go away will you?” she requested sadly. She didn’t feel up for much bickering at the moment.

Malfoy jumped at her voice. “Oh, it’s you Granger. What’s a Mudblood like you doing up here past curfew?”

“I should be asking you that question,” she said.

“Believe it or not, Granger,” he drawled, walking over towards the three foot wall at the edge of the tower and placing his hands on it, staring up at the sky, “I come up here to think sometimes.”

Hermione laughed quietly. “I didn’t know you were capable of picking apart your conscious! Wow, Malfoy, that makes you almost human!”

“Shut up,” he told her sarcastically, turning around and walking towards her. “I probably have more going through my mind than you ever will, Granger.”
“Oh yeah? What do you possibly have to think about, besides plotting ways to annoy Har-” She stopped. She didn’t want to think about Harry right now. Draco looked at her confused for a moment before unexpectedly sitting a few inches from Hermione on the cold floor.

“Well, my father for one. It’s kind of hard to forget about him when he’s constantly sending you threatening and demanding letters.”

Hermione was surprised. “I thought you wanted to be like your father.”

Draco laughed coldly. “I suppose you think I want to be a Death Eater too, just like dear old Dad, eh?” He laughed again. “A hate him. I always have.”

“Whadda you mean? Most of the time you act like a little Lucius clone,” Hermione pointed out.

“He’s planned out my life for me, and I hate that. I hate how he won’t let me decide for myself what I want.” He paused. “I do admire his sense of power, though. I suppose that’s why I act like him so often. I like power, if you haven’t noticed.”

Hermione smiled. “Well of course you do, Draco. You’re a Slytherin.”

“Did you just call me Draco?” he asked, smiling at her. She turned her head and met his slate-gray eyes. There was something different about his eyes when he smiled. Well, actually, his whole face changed. It became…well…warmer.

“I…I meant Malfoy.” She turned away, breaking apart the gaze. She didn’t like how he made her feel when he smiled. Or did she?

Draco looked back up at the sky, still smiling. “What were you thinking about before I came up, anyway?” To her surprise, Hermione was happy that he asked this. She felt like she needed to tell someone, anyone, even a slimy git like Malfoy, about what she was feeling.

“That new girl.”

“Oh,” Draco said, sounding slightly disappointed, the smile fading off his face. “So, you hate her too, then?”

“How’d you know?” Hermione asked curiously, laying her legs flat on the stone and crossing her arms.

“I could tell. I saw you that day on the Quidditch pitch, and that day in Potions. You obviously aren’t a very big fan of hers like everyone else seems to be.” Hermione was shocked. It was like he could read her mind. She also couldn’t believe she was having a semi-civil conversation with Draco Malfoy.

“Well, you caught me,” she sighed, standing up and walking to the edge. She leaned her back end against it, still facing Draco. He was smiling again.

“It’s probably obvious why I loath her, Granger,” he drawled, “but why you? What do you have against her?”

She sighed heavily. She was about to tell her “enemy” what she’d been feeling over the past week, and she wasn’t seeming to regret it. It felt weird.

Weird, but nice, her conscious told her.

“If you must know, Malfoy, I feel like she’s stealing my best friends away from me or something.”

“Who, Potty and Weasel?” he asked, getting up and moving towards her. “Doesn’t seem like much of a loss to me…” he smirked.

“Shut it,” she teased. “How would you feel if Crabbe and Goyle started ignoring you to hang around and drool over some new girl?” She thought about what she said for a moment. “Oh wait, I take that back, that would hardly be a loss either…” She smiled at her own joke, and for the first time in Hermione’s memory, Draco let out a genuine laugh. She liked the way it sounded.

“Well, Hermione, I suppose it must blow to loose your two best friends to some prat American girl know-it-all, despite Potty and Weasel’s arrogance…”

It was Hermione’s turn to laugh. “Their arrogance? And did you just call me Hermione?”

Draco’s smile faded. “I, er, meant Granger.”

Hermione giggled slightly, causing Draco to smile again. “What time was it when you left your common room?” she asked him.

“About twelve-thirty. Why?”

“Oh…” she said, turning around to face the door, “I’d better go, then. Surprisingly, Malfoy, it’s been nice talking to you. G’night.” She started walking towards the door.

“Night,” she heard him say. She smiled.

Chapter 4: Quidditch
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That New Girl

Outside the door to the tower, Hermione paused before shaking her head and laughing quietly.

Did I just have a civil conversation with Draco Malfoy?

No, it was more than civil. It was, well, friendly. She just had a friendly conversation with her worst enemy. With Draco Malfoy.

She laughed again and started down the winding stone staircase. Well he sure as hell wasn’t acting like my worst enemy.

Normally, she could barely stand being in the same room as him, let alone talk to him out of sheer will, like she had just been doing.

And damn, did I call him Draco?

And he had called her Hermione.

She remembered how he had said her name. Hermione. It had sounded so different than when he called her Granger. A good kind of different. A different that she liked.

Why had he been acting so nice towards her? He had acted as if they were long-time friends or something.

And then again, so had she. She had been talking to him as if he had been Harry or Ron.

Harry and Ron. And Danielle.

She forgot. That’s what she had been thinking about before Dra-Malfoy-had arrived.

Hermione snapped out of the trance that Drac-MALFOY-had put her in and began to remember her anger towards Danielle. The frustration began to rush back to her like the warmth of a butterbeer would down one’s throat in the wintertime. But now, her anger was, if possible, made higher after talking to Dr-MALFOY DAMN IT. For some reason, she felt a pity for him like she had never felt before. What Danielle had done to him by the Quidditch pitch just days earlier no longer gave Hermione even the slightest bit of satisfaction. A brand new loathing for the girl had arrived sometime during the extent of the evening.

Hermione didn’t recall reaching the Fat Lady or spitting out the password (Exordium Major), or even trudging up the steps to her dormitory. She was totally immersed in her own thoughts, which were mainly split between her loathing of Danielle, her jealousy of the girl, and her new found “friendship” in her enemy of 6 years.

When she finally fell asleep a long while later, she was drowning in so much emotion that it was making her head spin.

* * *

Hermione awoke around nine o’clock according to her watch. It was a good thing that it was Saturday; she would have missed Potions.

Pulling on some jeans, a tee, and some robes, Hermione headed down to the common room. When she got there she spotted Seamus and Dean playing a game of wizard’s chess on one of the tables in a corner.

“’Lo Seamus. Hey Dean.”

“Hey Hermione,” the boys said in unison, not looking up from the board.

“Er, have either of you seen Ron or Harry? Did they go down to breakfast?” she asked, surveying their game. Seamus had Dean in an unavoidable checkmate.

“They’re on the Quidditch Pitch,” said Dean, as his king threw down it’s white sword in defeat.

“Already? It’s only nine!” Hermione said. She actually wasn’t surprised. Harry and Ron were die-hard Quidditch players.

“Ha! I win. I believe that’s five Sickles,” said Seamus to Dean, looking quite pleased with himself while holding out his hand. As Dean rummaged in his pocket for some silver, Seamus looked up at Hermione. “Yeah, Hermione, it’s try-outs today, remember?”

Hermione inhaled deeply. “Oh yes, that’s right,” she drawled quite gloomily. Danielle would be trying out today, and Hermione was prepared to bet her entire Gringotts savings that she would make the team. Being Gryffindor’s Beater would no doubt bring Danielle ever so much closer to Harry and Ron, if that was at all possible. She scowled at the thought of this. “Well, see you two later,” she told them before heading out through the portrait hole and towards the Great Hall.

Hermione didn’t want to attend the try-outs. She didn’t want to see how good Danielle was at Quidditch. It would only make her more miserable. So on her way to breakfast she decided that later she’d go back into the common room, grab her things, and head down to the library to work on an Ancient Runes assignment. Yes, that ought to keep her mind off…things.

As she walked towards her House table and sat down in her usual area, she couldn’t help but feel like someone was watching her. As she poured herself some pumpkin juice, she looked around for who’s eyes might be lingering, and found none other than Draco Malfoy staring at her intently from the Slytherin table. But when she raised her chocolate brown eyes towards his slate gray ones, he looked quickly away, obviously flustered. The normal smirk returned to his face about five seconds later, and he continued to discuss something with Crabbe and Goyle. Hermione furrowed her brow before shrugging it off and continuing with her food.

But as much as she tried, she couldn’t shrug off that vision of intense gray eyes.

* * *

“Excuse me, Madame Pince? Where can I find books on the history of Egyptian runes and their role in the designs of hieroglyphs for my Ancient Runes assignment?”

“I believe there are books on the subject in row thirty-two, Hermione. And you may also want to have a look in row twelve, towards the back. If you need assistance, just ask.”

“Thank you very much.”

Hermione was doing a very good job at forgetting Danielle, if she did say so herself. Yes, books and school-work always did the trick.

As she scanned row thirty-two’s shelves, her finger gliding over the old books bindings as she looked for relevant titles, she again had the disturbing sensation of eyes on her. She decided to ignore it and furrowed her brow even harder in concentration. But she soon found herself scanning the same books over and over, and decided to give in to the temptation to turn her head.

“What are you doing, stalking me?” Hermione asked Draco with a grin, who was leaning suavely on the bookshelf at the end of the row. When he realized that she indeed knew he was there, he walked toward her, arms folded, and the familiar smirk on his face. Little wisps of his silvery-blonde hair, which he had recently stopped slicking back, were hanging handsomely over his gray eyes.

“Damn, I’ve been spotted,” he said sarcastically, “and, no, I’m not stalking you. It’s called a library, Granger, it’s a public place.”

“Oh yes,” Hermione responded, turning her attention back towards the books, “but a Malfoy in a library is a rather peculiar sight, if you ask me. I didn’t think you were one to take interest in literature.”

“Mmm, well,” he answered her, now also scanning the rows of books, “I have my reasons.” Hermione narrowed an eye and cocked an eyebrow at this, turning to Draco, who was still looking intently at the shelves. “Oh, and you may want to try this one,” he said, taking a rather old book off the shelf and handing it out toward her. She grabbed it, not changing her expression. “I used it last week. It was rather helpful, actually.” And with that, he turned and left the row, but not without issuing one last smirk in her direction over his shoulder.

What was that about? Hermione asked herself after his departure. She looked down at the book he had given her. It was entitled Ancient Egyptian Runes: An Important Role in History?. It was exactly the book she had been looking for. She smiled slightly before turning on her heel and walking back towards the table she had set her books down on.

Why was Malfoy being so, well, non-Malfoyish towards her lately? And why was she being so friendly towards him in return? She couldn’t really help it, actually. And it scared her that she didn’t know why.

She attempted to start her assignment, but could barely even concentrate on the title for some reason. Realizing it was no use, she packed up her things and exited the library. It was about 10:30, and having nothing else to do, she decided that she’d visit Hagrid.

While she was passing the Quidditch Pitch, she tried not to look over, but gave in to temptation. The newly-founded Gryffindor team was gathered in a circle, and Hermione could see Harry talking to them all, but could not make out what he was saying. Hermione noticed Ginny and two other fifth year girls Hermione didn’t know had made Chasers, while a seventh year boy and of course, Danielle, were the new Beaters. After obtaining this information, Hermione forced her head to turn back towards Hagrid’s hut, and hoped that no one would notice her.

It was too late for that, however, because Hermione noticed out of the corner of her eye that someone was coming towards her, and what do you know, it was Danielle.

“Hey Hermione, wait up!” Danielle called. Reluctantly, she turned and saw the new girl running towards her, broom in hand. Hermione forced a weak smile.

“Oh, hello Danielle,” she said through gritted teeth.

“Going to Hagrid’s? Great! I’ll come with you. You’ll never guess what just happened. I’ve been made Beater! Oh, isn’t that wonderful, Hermione? Harry and Ron said I might even be better than Fred and George. I doubt that though. Hey, speaking of Harry, guess what else? He asked me to that Yule Ball! Ooooh I can’t wait, I’ve been hoping he’d ask me. Ron tried to get to me too, and they ended up having a race to reach me first. Harry won, obviously. He was quite a bit faster than Ron, actually. It was rather funny; Ron tried to scream to me ‘Do you want to go to the ball with me?’, but Madam Pince threw him out before I could answer. We were in the library, see. I couldn’t stop laughing for a while afterwards. I reckon Ron’s a bit upset at Harry, but he said he didn’t mind, and went for Lavender instead. She couldn’t stop giggling enough to tell him that she’d go! Meanwhile Ron was as red as a chili pepper. Oh, it was hilarious, Hermione, you should’ve been there.”

Hermione tried her best to not explode on the spot; she was shivering with rage. But after about five seconds she managed to regain her cool.

“Er, sorry Danielle, I’ve just realized I have to ask, er, Professor Binns something. Better do it before I forget. See you.” She turned away, leaving Danielle standing there, a puzzled expression on her face. She just wanted to get as far away from the girl as possible, and a visit to Hagrid’s with her probably wasn’t the best idea. To Hermione’s dismay, however, she soon heard Danielle’s footsteps on the grass behind her racing to catch up. She soon felt a hand on her upper arm.

“Hermione, wait.”

Hermione pivoted around, pulling herself out of Danielle’s grasp. Her eyes were glued in the narrowed position.

“If you want to go to the ball with Harry, I’ll, you know, tell him I can’t go with him or something.” To Hermione’s surprise, the girl was sincere.

“Oh, no Danielle, I don’t like Harry like that. Don’t worry, you two will have so much fun together.”

Danielle looked like she didn’t know what to say. “Er, well, okay then. See you.”

Hermione just blinked in response before turning around again and stalking off towards the castle. Hagrid would have to wait.

* * *

The first Quidditch match of the season was soon upon Hogwarts, Gryffindor versus Slytherin, and Hermione had no intention of attending. But, to her disliking, Parvati Patil had noticed that Hermione was still in her pajamas about ten minutes before the game was scheduled to begin.

“Hey, Hermione, what are you doing? The match starts in ten minutes. You’ll be la-”

“I’m not going, Parvati,” Hermione cut her off. “I have to work on this Arithmancy chart, and I really don’t have time to watch the game. You go along, though.”

“Hermione!” Parvati whined. “Honestly it’s a Saturday! Go up to the dormitory and get dressed; I’m not leaving without you!”

Hermione sighed deeply, and realizing she just couldn’t help but give into her friend, she slumped upstairs and threw on a pair of Muggle jeans and a tank top, before draping her robes over her arms and slumping back down the stairs to meet Parvati, who had her arms folded and was tapping her foot impatiently. When she saw Hermione at the foot of the stairs she remarked, “Finally!” before grabbing her friend’s hand and leading her towards the pitch.

Once in the bleachers, the girls took a seat in one of the highest rows. Hermione usually sat in the lower area towards the ground, but she really didn’t mind; she didn’t want to be here anyway, so what difference did it make?

About five minutes after they had sat down, the Slytherin team walked out onto the field, much to the liking of the side of the pitch that was clothed in robes of green. The red side, however, moaned and booed. Hermione could make out Draco in front of the team; his platinum hair was recognizable anywhere. He must’ve made Captain.

The Gyffindor side soon after changed their boos into whoops and cheers, and Hermione saw the gold and crimson team come from the right side of the field led by Harry, towards where the Slytherins were already waiting. Madam Hooch walked out onto the field, and instructed Draco and Harry to shake hands. Even from up at the top of the bleachers, Hermione could make out the looks of utmost loathing on both boy’s faces, before the usual whistle was sounded, and both teams kicked off from the ground and soared into the air.

Harry and Draco soared up higher than the rest, and automatically started searching for the golden snitch. Their eyes scanned the field hurriedly, and both realizing that it was no where to be seen, began shouting out orders to their team mates below.

Ten minutes into the game, Slytherin made the first goal. Five minutes later, they scored two more, and the Gryffindor side of the bleachers booed very loudly. The Slytherin side, meawhile, was beginning to remember their lyrics from last year to “Weasley is our King”, and Pansy Parkinson stood up in the front row, turned around, and began to conduct her House, her arms flailing madly.

Gryffindor finally made a goal, and the Slytherin’s song stopped abruptly, as Ginny was the one who had scored the points. Hermione grinned.

Ron, obviously relieved that the song had ended, blocked six more goals spectacularly, and Gryffindor started singing “Weasley is our King”, the revised edition. Soon, the score was 50-30 Gryffindor, thanks to Ginny and Ron.

And then, without warning, Malfoy began an insanely steep dive, straight towards Hermione’s head. She looked up, and sure enough, the snitch was hovering, tiny wings flapping like mad, about 6 inches from the top of her scalp. Harry saw it too, it seemed, and he began to chase after Draco, robes flapping harshly. His Firebolt was faster than Malfoy’s Nimbus Two-Thousand and One, and soon, the boys were neck and neck, shoulders touching. Harry reached out his left arm to it’s full extent, and Malfoy reached out his right. Their hands began a slapping competition, both trying to make sure their hand was the one that would cover the snitch.

C’mon, Draco, come on… Hermione found herself thinking. Wait what am I saying!

“Go Harry!” she shrieked, a little louder than she meant to.

Both boys were concentrating intently on the speedy little ball, and they began bumping hard against each other’s sides, extremely determined to be the one to win a victory. All of the other players had stopped and were watching the boys go at it. A Slytherin fourth-year was just holding onto the Quaffle, and no one was trying to take it from him. No one was moving. The Bludgers were zooming around idly.

And then, when both boys were about five feat from Hermione’s scalp, she closed her eyes and screamed, so she didn’t see who had won, but she felt the bleachers shake as if something had fallen onto them. She opened her eyes and saw Harry and Draco lying in a heap on the steps in front of her, Draco underneath. Malyfoy’s arm shot up, hand enclosed around the snitch.

The Slytherin side erupted. Hermione thought her ears were going to fall off. Never before had Draco won a Quidditch match against Harry, let alone play a fair game. The Gryffindor side was so dumb-founded that no one was talking.

But as her House realized what had happened, they began making the loudest booing noises Hermione had ever heard. And as the mixed sound of cheering and jeering entered her eardrums, she couldn’t, as hard as she tried, erase one thought from her mind as she looked down at the two boys in front of her.

Yes, she thought, we’ve won.

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Chapter 5: Thoughts of Betrayal
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That New Girl
~Chapter 5: Thoughts of Betrayal~

Hermione didn’t feel like a Gryffindor. She felt like a traitor. She felt like Benedict bloody Arnold. She felt like a…like a Slytherin.

She tossed in her bed for the hundreth time. The Sorting Hat had surely made a mistake. She belonged in Slytherin, not Gryffindor. She wasn’t brave. She wasn’t loyal. She was the scum of the Earth. She was lower than the lowest dirt. She was a traitor. A traitor.

The words kept getting louder in her head. Traitor…TRAITOR…she would be lucky if there was a snowflake’s chance in hell that she could fall asleep tonight.

She had supported Slytherin in Quidditch. SUPPORTED SLYTHERIN. If anyone in Gryffindor had known what she had been thinking at the end of that match, she most likely wouldn’t be alive right now.

But, God, why had she thought those things? She couldn’t help it, the words had just formed in her head. And she didn’t know why.


Hermione thought she knew, but it just couldn’t be. It just couldn’t. It wouldn’t happen. It wasn’t allowed. It wasn’t appropriate. It wasn’t, well, it just wasn’t right.

It was impossible. Imposible. No, no, no , no, NO.

She couldn’t like Draco Malfoy.

It was wrong. It was so utterly and terribly wrong.

She felt as if she was siding with Voldemort. Well, hell, liking Malfoy would be just as good as siding with him. His dad was a DEATH EATER. Draco would turn into a DEATH EATER.

And, Hermione, have you forgotten who your best friend is? He’s Harry freaking Potter, you know, Voldemort’s worst enemy.

Best friend? Lately, Hermione was lucky if she got two bloody words out of the boy-who-lived-to-worship-Danielle. Not to mention Ron, who had been hanging out with the girl so much that Hermione wouldn’t be surprised if he started talking with an American accent.

But then again, they had been friends since they were eleven. It’s not that easy to forget.

Hermione lay there, facing the ceiling, for what seemed like hours, just thinking.

And when summarized, it boiled down to two choices: she could forget about Draco, and about how she’d been feeling about him lately.

Or, she could forget about remaining loyal to her friends, because they were completely and utterly ignoring her, and it hurt.

She sighed. This was going to be a tough decision.

* * *

Draco’s upper half was so close to his Nimbus that it was as if he were laying rather than sitting on it. The wind whipped his face and his silver hair so fiercly that it kept him wide-eyed and awake. Then again, if he had been lying in his bed at the moment, he wouldn’t be able to close an eyelid, let alone sleep.

Why now? Why did he have to start to like her now?

He was most definitely not a Slytherin. He didn’t care who his father was, or his family’s relations with Voldemort. He was a Gryffindor. There was no other way.

How could he? Really…

She was just a stupid Mudblood. Just an idiot know-it-all. Just a loser Gryffindor. She wasn’t anything to him. She wasn’t a Pureblood. She wasn’t rich. He couldn’t fancy her.

It wasn’t possible, actually. Not right. Wouldn’t work. Couldn’t work.

No, no, no, no, NO.

What would his father think? No, he couldn’t tell his father. Lucius would kill her. He’d just have to, well, stop liking the girl. That’s all.

It was so simple. Just don’t like her. Brilliant.

He’d just go back to how he normally treated her. Yeah, that would work. And he could start going out with Pansy again. Yeah.

Feeling better, Draco landed his broom and started to make his way back to the common room. He would just have to ask Pansy out in the morning. It would have to do.

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Chapter 6: Halloween in Hogsmeade
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That New Girl
~Chapter 6: Halloween in Hogsmeade~

Halloween was upon the castle…which also meant that the first Hogsmeade weekend had finally arrived.

Draco was thankful for this. He needed to get away from this bloody castle and away from…her. Good thing he had Pansy to keep Hermione off his mind. Ever since he had asked her out for that very reason, she had been doing a damn good job of it, though she was unaware. Pansy was always crooning over him and tending to his every need, acting like his house maid, just as a wife was supposed to.

Draco sighed…his father had warned him to start the search for a life companion soon…he would be asked to marry after seventh year. It was a Malfoy tradition, of course.

And this…companion…would have to fulfill all of Lucius’ requirements: a wealthy family, clean blood, and understanding of Malfoy morals, which in this case meant that Pansy Parkinson was bound to end up a Mrs. Malfoy. Her father had inherited a grotesquely large amount of money about five years ago, making the Parkinsons almost as rich as the Malfoys themselves, but not quite so. They were, of course, purebloods. And Mr. And Mrs. Parkinson were Death Eaters, though they had not yet been charged of any crimes, because they had only decided to join the Dark Lord and his forces. They had been forced, of course, but gave in nonetheless.

Yes, Pansy was Lucius’ ideal daughter-in-law. It was sheer luck that she just happened to worship Draco.

Damn, where was the girl, anyway?

“Pansy, hurry the hell up! Everyone else has already left.”

Three first-years sitting in the corner farthest Draco jumped at his sudden outburst, and when Draco scowled angrily at them, they began to hurridly gather their things. Draco smirked. He loved the influence he had on the little gits.

About ten seconds after Draco had hollered, Pansy appeared at the top of the stairs that led to the girl’s dormitories.

“Coming, Drakey! Sorry to keep you waiting!” Draco grunted in response. Pansy was grinning broadly nonetheless, making her pug nose even wider than it already was. Draco turned away in disgust. Being a rich, pureblooded Parkinson didn’t at all guarantee looks.

The two of them walked down to the Entrance Hall to meet up with the rest of the students, Pansy chatting her arse off the whole way. Bloody hell, does she ever close that trap?

When they arrived in Hogsmeade a while later, Pansy insisted that they go into the Three Broomsticks first for a butterbeer together, and Draco had no way of avoiding the situation, so he sat through about a half an hour of non-stop chatting. Oh, the things he would do for his father.

For fear of his father more like it.

Draco was immensely relieved when Pansy had finished her speech about Millicent’s hair, and there was a long enough pause for him to come up with a way of losing her presence.

“Er, Pansy? I’ve just remembered…I’ve got to pick up a book for my Mum. It’s her birthday tomorrow, and-”

“Oooh!” she interrupted. “I’ll come with you!” she started to get up.

“No!” Draco blurted out. “I mean, she said she doesn’t want you to help me…she…er…wants to see how well I…er know her.” This was a complete lie, of course.

Pansy’s brow was furrowed, but she seemed to believe him. “Okay Draco. I’ll be in Zonko’s…I have to check to see if there’s anything in there to trick Millicent into taking a shower…”

Draco left the table without another word. He saw Pansy watching him from the window, still drinking her butterbeer, so he had no choice but to enter Borushio’s Books and Magazines.

He entered the shop and made a B-line for the Quidditch section. He was in the middle of scanning the fourth row when he accidentally let his gaze wander past the books and through the shelves.


Damnit! He couldn’t leave, Pansy would still be watching. He’d have to stay in the shop…with her.

It was a rather small shop…she’d see him sooner or later.

Well, Draco thought, might as well make it sooner…

He couldn’t resist the temptation to scare her as he walked around to the end of her row. She had her back turned to him, and was hunched over a book, reading intently. He crept up behind her, a mischievous grin on his face. It was Halloween, after all…


Hermione jumped about a foot off the ground and whirled around to face Draco, who had collapsed against the shelf in a fit of laughter.

“Damnit, Draco!” Hermione exclaimed, whacking him with her book after she caught her breath. He didn’t seem to care. He was still on the floor, shaking silently with laughter. “Why’d you have to go and do that, huh?”

“I’m…SORRY!” he gasped, “It was…so…perfect…”

Hermione had her hands on her hips and scowled down at him until his laughter subsided, and he stood up to face her.

“Very funny Draco. Ha ha ha…”

And with that, she turned around again to face the shelves, and put the book she was holding back, only to begin scanning the rows once more.

“Yes, it was funny, wasn’t it?”

“Yeah, if you take pleasure in frightening little girls in bookstores, I think it was down right hilarious.”

“Oooh, touchy. Don’t get your knickers in a twist, Granger. What’re you looking for anyway?”

“What do you care?”

“I think I have a right to know.”

“And why is that?”

“Because I am the all-mighty Draco Malfoy, Slytherin Prince and heir to the Malfoy throne. All shall bow down to me.”

“Bow down, eh?”

“That’s right.”

“You’re very full of yourself, you know that?”

“Yes, I know that.”

“Good. Just wanted to make sure you were aware of your intense arrogance level. Don’t want to overload, now, do you?”

“No, I wouldn’t want that.”

“Me neither.”

“Glad that’s established.”

“As am I.”

“Good to hear it.”

Draco loved this. He loved the friendly banter that they were able to toss back and forth to each other. Pansy never argued. Pansy never made fun. She just did as she was told, and nothing more. It got to be quite boring after a while.

“So are you going to tell me what you’re looking for?” he asked after a while. Hermione looked straight up into Malfoy’s smirking face and sighed.

“I’m looking for a Harper Lee novel, but they don’t seem to have it.”

“Who the hell is Harper Lee?”

“She’s the amazing author of the classic To Kill a Mockingbird. I’ve already read it of course, but my father’s another story, and it’s his birthday next week.”

“I’ve never heard of her.”

“Of course you haven’t. She’s a Muggle.”

“Well then what are you doing reading it?”

“God, Malfoy, you really are too thick to be healthy. Being a Muggle doesn’t automatically make you stupid, you know. Some of the greatest human beings to ever live were Muggles.”

Draco snorted. “I’ll believe that when I see it.”

“Well then, you should read that book. It’s astounding, really. It would do you some good.”

“I’ll look into it, then.”

“Good for you, Malfoy, good for you.” Hermione scanned the rows one last time. “Damn, I guess they don’t have it…”

Draco took one look at the shelves and without missing a beat plucked a book off of the second row, and handed it to Hermione.

“Christ, Draco! How come every time I’m around you, I can’t find the book I’m looking for, and then you make me look like a down-right git by plucking it from right under my nose?”

Draco raised his eyebrows and turned one corner of his lips up, and deepened his voice. “Maybe you’re…distracted…by my ravishing good looks…” he said, putting a hand up to smooth his hair as he looked up towards the ceiling dramatically.

It was Hermione’s turn to snort. “Distracted? By you? Pl-ease Malfoy. You sound exactly like Lockhart…”

She pushed past him and made her way towards the counter.

“Oh, come on Granger!” Malfoy said. “You know you can’t resist me. Hell, even I can’t resist me!”

Hermione spun around.

“You are so…ARROGANT!” she blurted.

“Ah, well…” he said to her as she continued her journey to the back of the shop, “’tis one of my many talents.”

Hermione ignored him and paid the cashier 2 galleons for the book. As she turned around with the store bag in her hand, she stopped when she was face-to-face with Draco. She smiled at him sweetly, but before Draco could comprehend this, she smile turned into a mischievous grin, and she swung the bag backwards, and brought it forwards until it collided with Draco’s stomach. He stood there stunned as she smiled at him again, and walked out the door. When she had left, Draco remembered what had just happened.


And with that, he exited the shop, leaving the cashier with a curious look on his face.

* * *

As soon as Hermione was out of the door, she giggled at herself. Man, she was good.

And yet, she was uneasy. Draco had a peculiar knack of hitting the nail on the head. She could barely resist him. He was so suave and charming and…well, yes he was arrogant…but he was so…witty, was the word. And he was proving a very nice distraction from everything else, so to speak. But really, how had she not noticed how good looking he was before?

“Teenage hormones…” she mumbled, before shaking her head and making her way down the road towards Hogwarts. She was very exhausted, being as she was up most of last night. Nevertheless, she still had much to ponder.

Chapter 7: The Blonde-Haired Spy
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That New Girl
~Chapter 7: The Blonde-Haired Spy~

Hermione trudged through the snow heavily as she made her way back from Hagrid’s hut. She had been visiting him for the third time in a week…she had not had much to do since, well, since her friends weren’t really around her much anymore.

There were about three inches on the ground despite it being the first snow of the season. Looking down at her feet the whole way, she made her way as fast as she could towards the castle; it was getting late, and she didn’t want to be burdened with a detention for being out past curfew.

As she passed the Quidditch pitch, she heard something hit the ground about twenty feet to her right. She stopped and turned her head quickly, startled by the abrupt noise, and squinted hard through the almost complete darkness, trying to figure out what or who it had been.

She heard someone’s footsteps come toward her, and she squinted even harder, still not being able to see anything, her heart was pounding in her chest. Her breathing was becoming faster and shorter. She swallowed hard.


Hermione sighed.

“Hello Malfoy,” she said, sounding almost bored. Her heart had already returned to its normal pace. “What’re you doing out here?” she asked as he moved towards her. She could see him clearly now…he was wearing his Quidditch things and holding his broomstick. His nose and cheeks were a bit red…probably from flying around so high and fast on such a nippy night.

“Just flying a bit,” he answered her, as the both continued to walk towards the castle.

“But it’s so late!” she said, sounding concerned. “And it’s got to be at most thirty degrees out here!”

Malfoy just shrugged. “I was bored,” he told her, as if that were a reasonable enough explanation for being out so late on such a cold autumn night. Hermione made a noise in the back of her throat, somewhat like a snort, in response to his answer. “What, might I ask, are you doing out here?”

“I was just visiting Hagrid, if that’s alright with you,” she told him, “and now if you don’t mind, I’d like to get inside before we get in trouble for breaking curfew.”

“We’re breaking curfew? But it’s only ten-thirty!”

She paused and pivoted towards him, poking one of her fingers at his chest.

You, of all people, should know that the curfew is nine o’clock, not ten-thirty. You are a prefect!”

“Nine?” he asked. “Really?”

“Yes, nine!” Hermione wailed, turning back towards the castle. Malfoy had to jog a bit to catch up to her.

“Well what kind of curfew is that?” he asked her.

“Oh, it’s no use…” she mumbled. Draco laughed, and they continued plodding their way through the thick snow.

* * *

Danielle wound her way through the castle corridors, trying to remember her way back to the Gryffindor common room. This damn school was way too big, and she was still getting lost, even though she’d been here for more than two months now. Harry had offered her the Maurader’s Map, but she knew she’d lose it if he gave it to her. Stupid move, Danielle, stupid move…she told herself now. She was bound to end up in detention if she didn’t find the common room soon.

As she was walking, she heard two voices break the silence that had been there a moment ago. She stopped and listened carefully, hoping to God that it wasn’t teachers.

After a few moments, she recognized one of the voices, and to her relief, it was Hermione, not a teacher. “Close enough, though,” she mumbled to herself, and giggled quietly as she walked quickly towards the voices. She still didn’t know to whom the other one belonged.

As she got closer, she walked a bit more briskly, thinking that Hermione would surely lead her to the common room. But as she turned the corner, she saw who the other person was with Hermione, and gasped almost inaudibly. Danielle quickly ran behind the corner again, peering around it curiously at the unlikely pair of students. What the hell is Hermione doing with Malfoy? She shut her inner voices up and listened.

“You know what, Draco,” Hermione was saying with one hand on her hip and the other pointing at him fiercly, “you’re going to get in very big trouble some day with that smart-aleck attitude you’ve got, especially towards girls.” As she said the word “especially”, she shoved her index finger into the middle of his chest. Draco raised an eyebrow at her comment. “They’re not going to like you very much,” she finished, pulling back her finger and turning away, walking towards the corner opposite where Danielle was hiding.

“And so it seems that the all-knowing Granger has finally made a mistake…” Draco drawled, his arms folded across his chest. Hermione stopped in her fast-paced tracks and pivoted.

“And how is that?” she asked him. The way she said it led Danielle to believe that she probably had a hint of a smile on her face.

“Well isn’t it obvious?” He paused for a moment, and when he heard no reply, he continued quite arrogantly, “The ladies absolutely love my witty charm!”

“Oh yes!” Hermione cried dramatically, throwing her palms at her cheeks. “How could I forget that we’re all swooning over you! Especially us Gryffindor girls…we stay up every night just gushing over your beautiful gray eyes and your cute as a button cheeks!” As she said the last part she put on a voice like you would use with a baby or a particularly cute dog, and grabbed one of his cheeks, the way one’s grandmother does after they haven’t seen them in a week or so. After she let go, he flashed her a big, conceited grin, and she turned away in disgust, her playful attitude going straight down the drain. Draco stood behind her for a moment, just laughing, before turning the opposite direction and making off down the corridor.

As Hermione turned the corner, Danielle moved towards her quietly, almost tip-toeing, and pulled on her arm, spinning her around. “Hermione!

* * *

Hermione shrieked quite loudly, but the sound was muffled by Danielle’s hand. As she removed her palm, the new girl hissed quietly at her.

“What are you doing?”

“What do you mean what am I-”

With Malfoy? What are you doing with Malfoy?

“Since when is it any of your business?” Hermione sneered at her quite nastily.

“Hermione, he’s bad news,” Danielle answered. “You of all people should know that. I thought you were smart.”

“Excuse me, but I think it’s my decision, not yours, who I socialize with, thank you very-”

“Look,” Danielle cut her off, “I’m not telling you not to talk to him, I’m just saying you should be careful. In case you’ve forgotten, his father, yeah, he’s a DEATH EATHER. He. Will. Be. A. DEATH EATER.”

“If you’re thinking that I’m friends with him, you won’t have to worry, because I’m not. In fact I’m very, very far from being his friend. I’m practically his ene-”

“It didn’t look like it.”

“What are you talking-”

“Just now. Didn’t look like he was your enemy. I saw the two of you, talking it up like-”

Talking it up? Ha! You really need to work on your observation skills, Danielle, because Draco and I were most definitely NOT talking it up. I was simply conversing with him, as any normal, civilized human being would’ve. I was being polite.”

“Hermione,” Danielle pleaded, “sure, it would’ve been polite if you were conversing with any other human being on this entire planet. But Malfoy?.”


“Look, I’m just saying that what you might find ‘friendly conversation’ might actually be something worse. I mean, what if Malfoy’s wretched father has some scheme going where, oh I don’t know, where he wants Draco to…to befriend you so he can get closer to Harry…or-”

“Oh, please,” Hermione interrupted, making a face, “you’re just paranoid.”

Danielle sighed. “Well, don’t say I didn’t warn you Hermione. I’m just watching out for you, you know.”

“Well thanks anyway, but I think I’m quite capable of taking care of myself.”

“Alright, alright,” Danielle said, sounding exhausted. “Either way, could you please lead me up to the common room? I’ve been wandering around for the past hour…”

“Yes…yes alright,” Hermione said stiffly, scratching the back of her head. She turned around and began to walk very briskly, Danielle trailing close behind.

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Chapter 8: Falling and Diving
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That New Girl
~ Falling and Diving ~

Mr. Zabini,

It would be my pleasure if you would kindly meet me in the Hog’s Head tomorrow afternoon in Hogsmeade at twelve o’clock sharp. I believe we have some important matters to discuss. Do not be late.

Lucius Malfoy

* * *

Blaise walked idly from shop to shop for about an hour before he had been asked to meet Mr. Malfoy in the Hog’s Head. He was rather nervous…he had no idea what “important matters” Lucius had in mind, but he didn’t much like the sound of it. Lucius had asked of him few things before, but Blaise knew enough to assume that whatever it was that Mr. Malfoy had in mind for him, it was probably either too dirty for the man to take care of himself, or very, very risky. But that was usually alright with him; the pay he received from the old man was normally extremely excellent.

At precisely twelve, Blaise walked into the Hog’s Head, looking around for the trademark Malfoy hair; he spotted it quickly at a table in the back corner. As he made his way closer, he saw that Mr. Malfoy was looking out of the nearest window, stirring his tea instinctively, obviously waiting for him.

“Mr. Malfoy,” Blaise said as he approached the table, nodding his head ever so slightly.

“Ah,” said Lucius, standing up and shaking the younger man’s hand, “Blaise. Please, take a seat,” he offered as he motioned to the chair across from him.

“Thank you, sir,” Blaise replied, and sat down.

“Let’s get straight to business, shall we?” Blaise nodded in response. “Now as you very well may know,” Lucius began, his voice much quieter. Blaise had to strain his ears to listen, “the Dark Lord has once again risen, and is very much alive and well?”

“Yes, sir, my father has informed me. Our family is extremely pleased.”

“Yes, yes….Well, as you may also know, the Dark Lord doesn’t want to waste any more time with the Potter boy. He has informed me personally that he wants everyone to know that he is back and perfectly capable of everything he was capable of sixteen years ago. Now, I thought, what better way to accomplish such an important task than by attacking one of Potter’s lovely friends?”

“Granger and Weasley? That sounds like an excellent plan, sir,” Blaise agreed.

“It is an excellent plan, Mr. Zabini, I’m glad you agree. But as you probably are aware, the task would be much too dangerous for myself to accomplish, my being the most important of the Dark Lord’s assistants. Yes, yes, it is much too risky. That is why I need you, Blaise. You would have my utmost gratitude if you could, perhaps…” Lucius took out a rather large sack that Blaise realized at once probably contained hundreds of Galleons, “…take care of one of the two. Be it the Mudblood or the Weasel, I don’t much care. Do it anyway you like. Use some creativity. But it has to be soon. And make sure that the Potter boy sees.”

“Of…of course sir. I’ll get right on it…” Blaise assured Lucius, as the older man slid the bag of coins closer to him. Blaise took it graciously. It was heavier than he had expected.

“Good, good…” Lucius drawled.

“But, er, sir? Might I ask why you did not first ask Dra-”

“Draco is weak,” Lucius snapped, causing Blaise to jump slightly. “But you, my boy, are extremely reliable, as I have become aware. More so than I can say for my own son.”

At that Lucius got up from the table, and Blaise, slightly caught off-guard, did the same.

“I’m trusting you, Mr. Zabini.”

“I understand sir. You need not worry; I’ve already got something in mind….”

* * *

There was a Quidditch game the next Saturday, a week before Christmas, between Slytherin and Hufflepuff. All of the Gryffindors had previously agreed to attend the game and root for Hufflepuff, as it was a rather important game; the winner would take the lead in the standings for the cup.

And I, of course, Hermione told herself, rather annoyed, had to sleep late for the first time in four months. Excellent…

As she hurried down to the common room from her dormitory after getting dressed, she realized dreadfully that she was the only one in her House, and most likely the whole damn school, who hadn’t set her alarm. She looked out the window and realized to her horror that she was very much correct…the entire pitch was full.

“Damn!” she shouted, and hurried out of the portrait hole, robes billowing behind her.

* * *

Draco led the team out into the middle of the pitch, the whole of Hogwarts screaming and cheering around him. This match was going to be a piece of cake…Hufflepuff’s seeker was a second year girl. What could be easier?

As they approached the center of the pitch where the Hufflepuffs was already standing, Crabbe, Goyle, and the rest of the team took their positions around Draco, and mounted their brooms. Draco waited.

“Now I want a nice, FAIR game…” Madam Hooch called, shooting Draco a look. He smiled back sweetly while she proceeded to rolling her eyes, and opening the suitcase of Quidditch balls, letting the Bludgers and Snitch go free, and taking out the Quaffle.

“Mount you’re brooms!” she cried. She looked around to make everyone was mounted, before blowing her whistle, signaling 14 kicks off the ground. She threw the Quaffle high in the air, and the game began.

* * *

Hermione walked as fast as she possibly could, robes flowing like crazy behind her. It was a very strange feeling, she noticed, being pretty much the only one in the entire school. Everything was extremely quiet; nothing moving or making a sound besides the clip clip clip of her own two feet. The sound of the shoes was echoing everywhere.

She was about halfway down , when she passed McGonnagal’s classroom that had an excellent view of the pitch, about four floors up. She decided to check out whether the game had started or not, hoping it was the latter.

She walked over to the large glass window and pressed her forehead and hands against the grass, looking down. Yes, the game had started.

“Urg!” she burst out, spinning around and walking back towards the door. She was about two inches away from it when it slammed shut in her face, making a sound that was sure to echo throughout the entire school.

She shrieked.

* * *

“DRACO!” Goyle shouted, and Draco moved just in time before a bludger zoomed past where he had been floating. Goyle flew over to it and hit it in the direction of a third year Hufflepuff, who wasn’t looking. It hit her in the arm and she fell off her broom.

“Yesssss!” Goyle hissed, slapping Draco’s hand and he flew past him. Draco smirked.

He looked over at the other Seeker to make sure she hadn’t seen the Snitch yet, and she hadn’t, so he figured it a perfect opportunity to scare her. He flew over to her and began flying small, fast circles around her. She tried to dive away from him, but he just followed, proceeding with his fun.

No sign of the snitch yet…

* * *

Hermione jumped at the slam of the door, but quickly regained her cool and tried to open it again, but it wouldn’t budge. She jiggled it around, and suddenly remembering she was a witch, grabbed her wand out of her robes, and tried a couple of spells. Nothing worked. She was stuck in McGonnagal’s classroom until the end of the game. Fabulous.

She turned around, deciding she would watch the game from the window, but it looked like she wouldn’t be able to do that either, because there was someone standing in front of the window already.

It was that nasty Slytherin boy, Blaise Zabini.

“Hello, Hermione."

* * *

Draco got bored bothering the Hufflepuff rather quickly, so he decided to just watch for the Snitch from high up. He zoomed upwards, noticing that the other Seeker did not follow, but stayed much closer to the ground, staying as far away from him as possible.

He looked at the scoreboard, and realized that if he caught the Snitch now, Slytherin would be in first in the Cup standings. He looked around rapidly, but still no sign. He looked at the Seeker way below, and noticed she was eying something. He looked where she was looking, and saw that she had indeed, found the Snitch.

He dove before she could even realize what she was supposed to do.

* * *

“What do you want, Blaise?” Hermione asked as he walked toward her. She side stepped, trying to avoid him.

“Lucius told me not to tell you. He said that incase you survived, he didn’t want you blabbing to Potter our plan. Great man, Lucius….”

“Sur-survive?” Hermione asked, now moving in a counter-clockwise direction towards the window, gripping her wand tightly.

“Mmhm…but, see, I don’t think he has to worry very much, because there’s no way anyone could survive a fall like that.”

* * *

Draco sped towards the Snitch, but the Hufflepuff Seeker, realizing now what it was she was supposed to do, began flying towards it as well. However, her Comet 900, although new, was no match for Draco’s Nimbus. He took his eyes off of the little golden ball for one second, to catch a glimpse of the girl, but then looking back, realized the Snitch was not there anymore. He realized this too late, however, and flew smack into the pole that it had been hovering before.

“Ow!” he squealed, almost falling off his broom. He had hit his shoulder pretty hard.

After a moment or two, though, he regained his wits, and steadily began to fly back up so that he could look out for the Snitch again. The Slytherin side of the pitch screamed and cheered.

He made it up above everyone in one piece, and as soon as he began looking for it again. He spotted it, very close to the ground in a space where there was a break in the bleachers, with Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs on one side and Slytherins on the other.

It was directly four stories below McGonnagal’s window.

* * *

Hermione’s back was now facing the window, and realizing what he meant, tried to move away from it, but he grabbed both of her arms so hard that it felt like they would snap in half. She tried to point her wand at him, but he let her go long enough to grab it from her and throw it into the far corner of the room.

He shoved her closer to the glass, hands still gripping her arms. She tried to kick him and make him let go, but he just clawed into her harder. He moved his mouth towards her ear.

“Have a nice fall, Granger. See you in Hell.”

* * *

Draco dove.

* * *

The glass shattered behind her, and Hermione fell.

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Chapter 9: A Painful Catch
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That New Girl
~A Painful Catch~

Draco, startled by the loud crash of glass, pulled out of his dive so quickly that it gave him whiplash. The entire pitch seemed to gasp with him as he looked up and saw Hermione falling out of the sky.

Draco was horror-struck. His brain seemed to be paralyzed; no thought was running through his mind except for “catch her, catch her!” Instinctively, he held his arms out, ready for the impact, when all of the sudden, he couldn’t see anything at all.

A dozen small shards of glass had fallen directly into his eyes.

He screamed in pain; he had never felt anything like it in his entire life…he could feel the shards, scraping and scratching at his eyeballs, and there was no way to stop it. He tried to blink them out, but it only made it worse. He held his hands up to his eyes…he was bleeding badly. He continued to blink, but it was no use. He slapped at his eyes, blinked, shook his head back and forth, anything to make the glass come out, but nothing was working. There was just pain and blood and glass and-


* * *

“Draco…Mister Malfoy…can you hear me?”

Draco opened his eyes.

Well, he tried to anyway. They weren’t opening.

“Ahh!!!! I’m BLIND!!!!!! AHHHH!!!!!”

“Mister….Mister Malfoy! Mister Malfoy please calm down-”

“But I’m BLIND!!!!!”

“No…no you’re not Mister Malfoy! You’re not-”

“But I can’t SEE! I can’t open my-”

“I know Mister Malfoy! I know! Now…if you’ll let me explain…you aren’t blind, I’ve put a special serum on your eyes to keep them shut while they’re healing.”

“Healing? But I…oh.”

“Yes, Draco, you’re in the Hospital Wing. You had a mighty nasty fall yesterday, if I do say so myself…saw the whole thing…”

“Fall? Fall…OH! Hermione! Where’s Hermione…?”

“She’s here, Mister Malfoy, you need not worry. She’ll be fine in a few days I’m sure…fell out a window! I say…in all my days here at Hogwarts….”

“Is she awake?”

“Oh…no, no, has a concussion. Probably would’ve died if it weren’t for you, Mister Malfoy….”

“Me? But…but I didn’t catch her! Did I?”

“Well…no, but you sure did slow her down!”

“Oh…and, and what about the game? Did I catch the Snitch?”

“Catch the Snitch? Well, what do you think, Mister Malfoy? I’m not sure, but I don’t think it’s possible to catch a Snitch while unconscious and bleeding….”

“So…we lost then?”

Madam Pomfrey just sighed.

“Get some rest, Malfoy.”

* * *

Draco had spent the following week just lying in the hospital wing, not being able to see a thing, and it had been driving him crazy. More than once had he awoken with a start, thinking, once again, that he was blind. And each time, Madam Pomfrey would have to rush over and attempt to calm him, and each time he felt more and more like an idiot.

But finally, the day had come for the bandage to be taken off.

“Mister Malfoy? Malfoy, wake up, dear, it’s time to take that bandage off…”

“Wh…what? I…AH! I can’t…oh, wait, nevermind, sorry…” Draco told the nurse, who gave a little chuckle.

“Come, now, sit up…lets see how those eyes of your are doing.”

Draco did as he was told, and Madam Pomfrey removed the bandage from around his head. He was glad to finally be able to see again, although everything was sort of tinted blue…

“There you are, Mister Malfoy…can you see alright?”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” he told her. He just wanted to leave. He’d had enough of the hospital wing for a while.

“Alright then, Mister Malfoy, you’re free to go.”

Draco mumbled a “Thank you” and headed towards the exit, but not without first glimpsing over at where Hermione lay. She was so…dead-looking. He’d never seen anyone so pale, not even when he himself looked into a mirror. And she wasn’t moving at all, not unless you counted the steady rising and falling of her chest.

He finally tore his eyes away from Hermione, and started towards the door once more, only to find Potter, Weasley, and the new girl, what’s-her-name, entering.

“Well, well, if it isn’t Scarhead, Weasel, and the American scum, here to visit your little Mudblood friend, no doubt?”

“Shove it, Malfoy,” Ron spat at the blonde.

“Finally conscious again, ferret boy?” the girl sneered. Draco could only laugh at that one.

“Well, you’re a dense one, aren’t you? I haven’t been unconscious for the past week, you twitty little b-”

“Why’d you try to save Hermione anyway, Malfoy, if you hate her so much?” Harry asked, interrupting Draco’s foul comment.

“Well what would you rather I have done, Potter? Just grab the Snitch and be done with it?”

“Well, honestly, yeah, we did,” said the blonde one sarcastically.

“I wasn’t talking to you, you filthy little-”

“Back off, Malfoy,” Ron said, pretending to be tough, and failing miserably.

“You know,” Draco told them all with a nasty sneer on his face, crossing his arms, “I actually thought that maybe, oh, I don’t know…maybe you three might be thanking me for trying to save your precious little Mudblood, instead of-”

“Are you four just going to keep arguing like that, or are you going to come over here and welcome me back?”

“Hermione!” Harry and Ron exclaimed, running over to her. Draco looked, but didn’t dare get any closer. And for some reason, neither did the new girl. She just stood there, giving Draco a look that he couldn’t place…all he knew was that he didn’t like it. He glared back at her, searching her face but finding nothing, until she finally turned away and started towards her new friends. Draco still stood there, just looking at them.

After a few seconds, he saw Hermione look past her friends at him, the smile fading slightly off her face. He looked back into her eyes and saw a sadness that he had never quite seen in her before…like she wanted him there next to her bed, too.

But he couldn’t go to her. Not with Potter and Weasel and What’s-Her-Face there, too.

He tore his gaze from hers and started silently out the door.

* * *

Hermione watched as Draco left the Hospital Wing, sad that he didn’t come over to her with Harry and Ron…and Danielle.

“Hermione!” Ron was saying. “You’re awake!”

“Yeah, finally!” Danielle added. “We thought you’d never wake up.”

Hermione faked a smile. What did Danielle care…the girls barely even knew each other.

“Yeah, Hermione, I’m glad that you’re awake…we missed you,” Harry told her.

Wait, what? They missed her? Hermione brushed the thought away, and answered them all, just glad to have Harry and Ron paying a little attention to her again.

“Yes, it feels good to be…awake, finally. Wh-…what happened, anyway?” she asked groggily.

“You don’t remember?”

“You fell out of a window!”

“Malfoy tried to catch you…sort of.”

“He kind of missed…got glass in his eyes. Pretty gross…”

“Then you hit him and knocked him out-”

“And then you both hit the ground-”

“REALLY hard.”

“And you’ve been unconscious for a week!”

“Fell out a…” Hermione started…it was coming back to her, “a window? I…OH!”


“BLAISE! Blaise Zabini…it was Blaise Zabini-”

What was Blaise Zabini?” Ron asked urgently.

“Did Blaise push you?” Harry asked wide-eyed, green eyes glowing with growing fury.

Yes! I didn’t fall…Blaise…he-”

“He pushed you?” Danielle asked, astounded.

“YES!” Hermione roared. “He…he said-”

“Why did he push you?” Ron asked.

“He said it was Lucius’s orders! Mister Malfoy’s orders! He said-”


“YES! He said that Lucius had some sort of plan or something-”

“He pushed you?”

“YES FOR THE LOVE OF CHRISTMAS!” Hermione burst out. “What, did you think I just happened to have my back tuned to the window and OOPS, I fell!? NO, HE PUSHED ME!!! Is everyone in this school really that DENSE?”

“Aparently…” Danielle said in a sarcastic tone.

“We have to tell Dumbledore,” Harry said, turning towards the door

“Yes, please, go tell Dumbledore…”Hermione said, exhausted from all of the screaming.

And with that, Harry, Ron, and Danielle left in a hurry towards Dumbledore’s office, leaving Hermione alone in the Hospital Wing, giving her a chance to think.

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Chapter 10: Hermione's Idea of Thanks
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That New Girl
~Chapter 10: Hermione’s Idea of Thanks~

Hermione walked slowly up to the Owlrey, holding the rolled up piece of parchment in her palm, subtly hiding it behind her fingers whenever someone passed.

It had been 4 days since she’d been release from the Hospital wing, about three weeks since the fall. Hermione’s whole body still ached a little, but Madam Pomfrey had done a rather sufficient job of patching her up.

And as for Blaise…

From what Hermione had heard, he had tried to blame someone else…but was given a dose of Veritaserum, and managed to confess the entire thing. Hermione didn’t know the details, but she did know that he had been expelled from Hogwarts and taken away somewhere. Some people thought he might be in Azkaban now, but Hermione doubted it. He was probably in some kind of juvenile hall for wizards or something.

Blaise had also, non-willingly, of course, told about Lucius, it seemed, because the older man had been questioned by authorities as well and taken to Azkaban. She didn’t know how Draco felt about that, but something told her she might find out soon…perhaps later that night….

* * *


Meet me in the North astronomy tower at 10:00 tonight. Don’t worry about breaking curfew, I’ve settled everything.


Draco furrowed his brow. The letter was obviously from Hermione…what did she want now?

He sighed and tucked the letter away, looking at his watch…8:45. He still had some time, if he was going to go.

He didn’t wish to talk about his father, if that was what she wanted. Having him in jail was such a disgrace. People had been eyeing him unpleasantly ever since Blaise had been taken away…Lord knows how the word had leaked out about Lucius.

He didn’t wish to talk about…anything, really, with Hermione. He had been avoiding her for the last 4 days, simply because he was embarrassed about saving her. He shouldn’t of done it…his fellow Slytherins now hated him for it. A Mudblood Malfoy…? Should’ve let her fall….What were you thinking…? Are you snogging the bookworm, Draco…? And they call you a Pureblood….

Pansy, actually, had asked the snogging question. She’d dumped him promptly, thank God for that. Draco didn’t know how much longer he could’ve taken her and her ugly pug face.

I might as well go…and if she wants to make fun of me about my father, I’ll just call her a Mudblood and be done with it. Yes…that’s what I’ll do.

Draco had a feeling she wouldn’t make fun of him, but hell, if he ever got another chance to regain his Slytherin prince-y-ness, well then by all means, he was going to take it. If I don’t soon, I might as well have Voldemort carve a scar on my forehead and call me Potter. Draco shuttered at his own thought.

Yes…he would go. What was the worst that could happen?

* * *

Hermione had been waiting in the astronomy tower for about ten minutes now, and he still wasn’t there. She hoped to Merlin he would show.

She wanted to thank him more than anything. Ever since she’d been told that he had been the one to save her, she’d been trying to catch him in the halls or stop him after class, or at least catch his glance, but he seemed to be avoiding her some strange reason unknown to Hermione.

And if he didn’t show tonight, well…she was just going to give up. She’d made the invitation clear enough, and if he didn’t want to hear what she had to say, then so be it.


Ever since she’d fallen, Harry, Ron, and Danielle had been acting strange towards her as well, though not so much in a bad way. They’d been talking to her a lot, and weren’t leaving her out of much anymore. She felt like their friend again, although she could do without the blonde skank following them around.

She was happy to be around them again, yes…but she did have to admit that it make her a tad bit angry. As much as she hated to admit it, it seemed like the new trio was only hanging around her because they felt bad that she fell. She felt somewhat like a fourth wheel, if that made any sense.


Damn him!

Hermione made towards the door. How dare he? All I want to do was apologize, for Christmas’ sake! Doesn’t he even realize-

Hermione’s thoughts were cut short by the wooden astronomy tower door slamming straight into her face.

“OW!” she screeched.

Hermione turned around rapidly, cradling her nose in her hands, while Draco entered the tower, confused.

“What the-OH! Oops…sorry, Hermione…”

After realizing what happened, Draco turned Hermione around to face him. There was blood in her hands.

Damn it! I am such a bloody klutz…

Despite the pain that she was probably going through, Draco herd Hermione laugh. This made Draco smile as he pulled out his wand to clean her up.

Scourgify,” he said, making the blood disappear. Hermione lowered her hand from her face, still laughing. Draco smiled even wider and let out a low chuckle.

“Sorry,” he told her again, “I didn’t know that you were-”

“I know,” she said through her slowly subsiding giggles, “I know, it’s alright…”

“Are you okay?” he asked, worried that he might of broken her nose. Merlin, I am so stupid…

“Yeah…yes, I’m fine, don’t worry. I actually, well…” she paused and looked down at her feet. “I actually came up here to thank you. For saving me. I mean…”

Draco sighed, and moved over to the tower wall, placing his hands on it, while Hermione followed slowly, still thanking him.

“I know you didn’t have to. It was a really sweet thing to do…and…I heard you got all that glass in your eyes. I’m so, so sorry…”

Draco winced at the thought.

“That must of hurt…really bad,” Hermione told him, making a face.

“Yeah…it did…really bad,” he said back, smiling slightly.

Hermione smiled sadly. She lifted a hand up to Draco’s face and pulled it down so that he was looking at her.

“Let me see,” she told him. She looked straight into his gray eyes, searching for any signs of injury. And even after she found none, she purposely held his gaze. She’d never seen any eyes like his before…they were so cold, but they made her feel so warm.

She lowered her hand, reluctantly, Draco noticed.

“Well…Madam Pomfrey must’ve fixed you up good,” she said, still looking at him. “I don’t see anything.”

“Oh, God, it was horrible…” he told her, making a groaning noise. Hermione laughed once more. “The stupid wench kept a bloody rag over my eyes for an entire week! I couldn’t see a damn thing…”

He paused for a moment, and looked back up at the sky.

“But I do seem to recall hearing a certain scarhead, weasel, and blonde skank whore coming to visit you every day.”

Draco glanced over at Hermione after saying this and realized that her smile and turned a happy one to a sad, almost non-existant one.

“What’s going on with you and them anyway?” Draco asked her brow furrowed.

“I think…” Hermione’s smile was completely gone now. “I think they feel bad for me, honestly.”

“So why do you play along, then?”

“Because what else am I supposed to do?” she asked him, looking his way once more. “Tell them off and go on sitting in classes by myself? And eating every meal of the day by myself? No more adventures with Harry for me, I guess! No more walks with them around the grounds, or snowball fights in the winter! No more Ron copying off my essays, or Ginny trying to tame my hair! No more-”

Draco put his hand to Hermione’s mouth.

Hermione sighed. “Sorry,” she told him, calming down. “It’s just…oh, it’s all because of that stupid blonde-”


“Yes!” she told him, happy that at least Draco understood that Danielle was the source of all things evil.

“I know,” he told her. “I mean, I thought that Potter had sunk pretty low by hanging around with you, but now that she’s come along…”

Hermione felt the need to punch him in the arm with that wise crack.


“Shut up,” she told him, laughing. He rubbed his arm, although she hadn’t hit him that hard.

They stood in silence for a while, but it wasn’t akward. They just stood next to each other, looking into the sky, thinking to themselves, until Hermione finally remembered what she had wanted to talk to him about.

“Hey Draco?”


“I’m…I’m sorry about your father.”

Draco had known that this was coming.

But, wait, she was sorry?

“Huh? What are you…why are you sorry?

“Well…I just…oh, I don’t know.”

“But he made Blaise push you out of that bloody window!”

Hermione stood there, looking up at him, not knowing what to say. The last thing she wanted right now was to fight with Draco, the only person who she seemed to relate to lately.

“He’s a bloody bastard is what he is. And you want to know what I think? I think he deserves every bloody second that he spends in that cell in Azkaban. Every bloody-”

“You really hate him, don’t you?” Hermione interrupted.

“Yeah, I do.”

“Well then why have you acted so much like him for the past five years?”

“Because that’s what Malfoys are, Granger.”

“But…you just said-”

“I know what I said, Hermione, but believe you me, I’m different from my father, I’ll guarantee you that.”

“Oh yeah?” she asked him. Sour looks had grown on both of them, and their faces were only inches away. “And how is that, Draco?”

“Because,” he shouted, “I’ve done some pretty stupid things, Hermione, but I have never, and will never, stoop so low as pushing someone, especially a girl, out of a bloody four-story window! And you know what’s so pathetic about my father?” he asked her. Without waiting for a reply, he answered his own question. “He’s bloody terrified of thinking for himself. Sure, he acts real tough, but the truth is, his whole life basically revolves around taking orders from that freakish, albino, sorry excuse for a human being, rather than making his own decisions and living his own bloody life. And I’ll be damned if I ever turn out as pathetic as that.”

They looked deeply into each other’s eyes for the second time that night, both breathing heavily. Hermione only had one question left in her mind.

“So you aren’t planning on becoming a Death Eater?”

Draco didn’t have to think twice.

“I’d rather kill myself.”

Hermione held their gaze.


And for the first time he could ever remember in his life, Draco was completely unprepared for what happened next, as Hermione snaked her hand around his neck and brought her lips to his.

A/N: AAAH yay!!! They finally kissed hoorah hoorah! This chapter took a lot of thinking…I wasn’t originally planning on making them kiss yet, but then I decided to make them, and I couldn’t figure out how so it took me FOREVER to write the last couple of lines, so I hope they were to your liking!!!!! I know they were to mine ^_^. Haha. Well anyway…next chapter: Hermione and Draco are sneaking all over the castle finding good places to snog, and seem to be succeeding, when, well, a certain blonde-haired bitch I know you all love makes an unwanted appearance. Uh-oh! >_< Haha…REVIEW!!! =D

Chapter 11: Thank you, Danielle.
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A/N: Bonjour everyone!!!!!! I was re-reading the story recently, and realized that I had made Danielle say something about a Yule Ball in one of the chapters. And after a little bit of thinking, I decided that THERE WILL NOT BE A YULE BALL IN THIS STORY. Number one, because I can’t find a place to put it, and numero deux, I don’t like “Yule Ball” or “Christmas Ball” chapters in stories, mainly because they almost always turn out the same and are quite boring, and I’m trying to make my story original. Also, in OotP, they didn’t have a Yule Ball, so wouldn’t be kind of weird to have one, then skip it, then have it again the next year? Yeah, so anyway, because of that line (and a couple other parts of the story that I’m not really fond of), I’m thinking of doing a “revised edition” of this fic after I’m done with it, just so that I’ll like it more and so that it’ll make more sense. So anyway…enough of my blabbering, and on with the chapter! Hope you enjoy…

That New Girl
~Chapter 11: Thank you, Danielle.~

Draco lied in his bed in the Slytherin common room, somewhat in a daze. He absolutely couldn’t believe what had just happened.

Hermione Granger, a Gryffindor, had just kissed him, Draco Malfoy, a Slytherin.


Draco felt Hermione’s hand snake around his neck, and pull him closer to her, pressing her lips to his. He took a sharp breath in threw his nose, shocked at what she was doing to him.

She was
kissing him.

Just as Draco began to overcome the shock, Hermione preceded to pushing him against the ledge. After regaining himself, he slyly snaked a hand around her waist and pulled her closer, using the other hand to grab the ledge. Hermione had one hand around his neck and the other on his cheek, and was being rather aggressive for a first kiss. But Draco, for some reason, actually liked it.

Wait, no! He couldn’t…he just…

“Her…Hermione,” he managed to croak in between kisses.

“What?” she asked quickly, barely pulling away before continuing her assault on his mouth.

“You’re not…we can’t-”

“Shut up,” she ordered, pausing quickly once more. “I honestly don’t care. Why, do you?”

He couldn’t answer very well, because she had already come down on him again. Damn, the girl could snog.

“Well…no, but-”

“Well then shut up,” she commanded once more.

“But are you…” he continued, “I mean, do you want to…should we tell?”

Hermione pulled away at this, furrowing her brow and cocking her head, looking down.

“I…I don’t think we should,” she told him. When he started to look confused, she added: “not now, at least. It’s too…”


“Yes…sudden. It’s too sudden, is all.”

Draco pushed her away slightly, furrowing
his brow this time.

“You just don’t want Potter and Weasley knowing, now that they’re actually
talking to you again.”

“Oh, be quiet,” she told him half-jokingly as he began to move away from her.

“Honestly,” he continued, obviously not listening, “I don’t see how those two are so appealing. I mean, one’s got the entire wizarding world either bowing down to him or trying to kill him, and the other’s dirt poor and filthy!”

“Shut up!” she told him, more fiercely this time. “I just don’t want to lose the only real friends I’ve had for the past 6 years, all right? Is that such a crime?”

Draco laughed and empty laugh at her. “Oh, come off it, Granger, you’ve already lost them and you know it.”

“What?” she asked. “I’m sure I have no idea what you’re talking about. Harry and Ron-”

“Are all about
her now,” he told her knowingly. “Isn’t that right?”

Hermione took a step closer, and glared at him with fierce eyes. But after a couple of seconds, her eyebrows began to relax, and those hard eyes became more glassy, a sad aura surrounding her. She now walked up more closely to him so that they were face-to-face.

“Look,” she told him quietly, “all I’m asking is that we keep in quiet for a few weeks while I try to…oh, I don’t know…while I try to-”

“Win them back?”

“Yes. I…I know it sounds pathetic, but I want to at least try, all right? I want to…give it some time, I guess.”

Draco let out a heavy breath, and looked towards the ground, but he felt a soft hand under his chin, forcing his eyes to search hers. Oh, no…there was that look…

“And if you want this…” she said seductively, kissing his neck, “you can have this…as long as you’re quiet.”

He let out a low chuckle and brought her face up to his. “Fine,” he told her, “I’ll be quiet.”

“Good boy,” she smiled, and she kissed him once more.

It would be tough, but Draco would try, all right. He wanted everyone to know that he was now snogging a Gryffindor, and even better, a Mudblood. The amount of dirty looks he would get would most likely be minute in comparison to how brave and daring he would be seen as by his classmates. Oh yes, it would definitely be a major boost to his already over-sized ego.

But Hermione was better than that. If she wanted him to be quiet, he wouldn’t say another word.

And so it would be.

* * *

Surprisingly, Draco was very good at keeping a secret.

Hermione had thought that he might crack on the first day, but to the extent of her knowledge, he hadn’t done anything of the sort so far.

Which was good, for both her and Draco. Imagine what Harry and Ron would say if they found out she was doing what she was doing…and with Malfoy! It was a devastating thought.

And Lucius…oh, Hermione would love to see the look on his face if he ever found out. Although, she was pretty sure Draco wouldn’t like it as much.

And so, after their little row in the astronomy tower (which had been quite made up for by the wonderful snogging), and the decision had been made, they had been keeping they’re dirty little secret from everyone for almost two weeks now.

And, surprisingly enough, it was rather exciting.

They had been sneaking around everywhere imaginable for the past 14 days (and nights) to snog one another, and sometimes, just to, oh what was the word…hang out, without having to be cross-examined by their peers. They would just…talk, about nothing and about everything, just as if they were very good, old friends.

Only they were more than that now, and Hermione knew it. Yes…when you snog someone, whether you like it or not, you’re more than a friend, with or without society’s consent. Even if she denied it, Hermione knew that in the back of her mind there would be a little voice somewhere that whispered to her and made her heart skip a beat every time she saw him.

But she didn’t want to deny it at all. Oh, she would give anything to be able to shout to the whole world that she loved Draco Malfoy. She loved Draco Malfoy.

Yes, she loved him…right? No…yes! Wait…no, no she didn’t. Did she? Yes! NO! She didn’t love him.

Oh, who am I kidding. I don’t know. I’ve never been in love before. What does it feel like? Does it feel like this? Could I love him, and just throw away all of the hate that’s been building up for five years? Just…throw it away, just like that. No, I can’t. I still hate him. But do I love him? No!

She remembered that line she’d read in a famous Muggle book of some sort a few years ago…“My only love sprung from my only hate! Too early seen unknown, and known too late.” That was once of her favorites…but did it apply here? Did it apply to her and Draco?

No…no, it didn’t. Of course it didn’t. How silly of her…

Right…she didn’t love him.

Yet, anyway.

* * *

They’d been just about everywhere on the grounds so far…the empty classroom on the fourth floor, the trophy room, behind the statue of the gargoyle near McGonnagal’s room, and even Moaning Myrtle’s toilet. But once place they hadn’t been yet was the Quidditch Pitch, Draco mused.

It was pouring rain outside, and still, Draco insisted on continuing to practice. He needed to beat Potter in the next match, or Gryffindor would take the lead, and Slytherin would drop to third.

He flew in circles for a while, thinking of different strategies and techniques he’d read about in some of his father’s books, and occasionally practicing the ones that he managed to remember.

But eventually, the rain got a bit much, and Draco could barely see ahead of him. So much so that when he had landed, he couldn’t figure out who the figure running towards him was until she got about 5 feet away.

“What in bloody Merlin’s name are you doing out here?” Hermione yelled at him through the heavy rain. He hair was dripping wet and clinging to the sides of her face, and she was soaked to the bone. Draco imagined he didn’t look much better.

“Practicing,” he yelled at her simply, as if that justified the matter.

“Not in the rain, you’re not!” she yelled back, grabbing his arm and dragging him towards the castle.

They finally made it into what could be called a sort of courtyard…it was open towards the grounds of the castle, but was sheltered so that no rain fell upon them, and there was a door leading inside the castle, which was currently open.

Laughing, Hermione pulled Draco around so that he was facing towards her, and backed into one of the walls. Draco automatically dropped his Quidditch things so that he was able to pin her hands above her head, and came down upon her. They kissed softly at first, until Draco made the first bold move and slid his tongue across her soft lips, asking for entry, which he immediately got. Now the kiss was becoming a lot more passionate, and Hermione began pulling him as close to her as possible, so that there was almost no space in between the two bodies. There was a fire burning between them that neither was willing to put out.

Little did they know, there was someone in the castle who was willing, and she was only a few feet away.

* * *

Danielle could not believe, at all, what in the hell she was seeing.

Hermione was kissing Malfoy.

She stood there, perplexed for a long moment…a very long moment, with her mouth hanging open, her facial features fixed in utter disgust. She felt as if she was going to vomit.

She almost turned away, but thought better of it and turned back towards the door. She’d better make sure Malfoy wasn’t hurting her…

Nope, Hermione was definitely kissing him back. And she couldn’t let her do that.


* * *

Draco jumped backwards, and Hermione looked towards the voice in shock, realizing at once that it was Danielle. DAMN IT!

“How could you?!” the blonde cried, still standing in the doorway, a surprised and disgusted look on her face. Oh shit oh shit oh shit…

“Danielle! I…we…you can’t-” Hermione babbled, not knowing at all what to say. She looked at Draco for some help, but he looked just as horrified as she was. What could she do?!

Danielle, still looking repulsed, laughed a very shallow laugh through her nose, her jaw fixed as if to say something, but she obviously thought the better, because she quickly turned and ran in what Hermione knew was the direction of the Gryffindor common room. Oh, God, she’s going to tell them…

She looked to Draco, a worried look on her face. “Draco, she’s going to tell them! She’s going to tell Harry and-”

“Well you have to stop her!” he cut her off. She stared at him for a moment, until he told her: “GO!”

Hermione nodded, and immediately fled into the castle, running as fast as she knew how. She had to stop that bloody girl...

Oh God, she’s going to tell them! Oh, Merlin! Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit! she told herself over and over again. She had to stop that bitch…

She ran extremely fast, her robes billowing behind her, and her mind was set only on stopping Danielle.

She had to catch up, no matter what. Her heart was racing faster than her feet, and she was quickly running out of breath. Thankfully she was almost there…but she saw no sign of blonde at all. Oh no…

She reached the fat lady and spit out the password so fast that the portrait had to ask her again, and Hermione yelled it so loud this time that the woman jumped in shock, and immediately flew open, revealing the hole in the wall, and Hermione scrambled through.

She was there already. Hermione hadn’t been fast enough. Luckily, Harry and Ron weren’t in sight.

Danielle looked backwards and spotted Hermione, a frustrated look on her face. She immediately ran for the boy’s steps, as did Hermione. They raced to the bottom of the stairwell, both reaching it at the same time, and they both began to race up it at the exact same pace. Danielle took the opportunity to push Hermione’s shoulder, slowing her down, but Hermione was quick to recuperate.

“Bitch!” she yelled at the blonde, and at that moment, did the thing she had been most wanting to do for the past eight months.

Hermione grabbed the other girl’s hood from behind, causing her to fall down a few steps, and when she was in position, punched the arse wipe as hard as she could in the exact center of her perfect face.

Danielle made an “Uuh!” sound, and immediately used one hand to cover her already bleeding nostrils, while using the other hand to try and trip Hermione by grabbing her ankle. Hermione simply shook herself free and proceeded as fast up the stairs as humanely possible, leaving Danielle in her dust, lying on the stairs.

She burst into the boys’ room and was a bit taken aback for a moment; Harry was sitting on his bed, pulling up his pajama bottoms, with only boxers on and no shirt, and Ron was pulling off his jeans, again, with no shirt.

“Hermione!” Ron yelled, “What the bloody hell do you think you’re-”

“Don’t believe anything Danielle tells you!” she burst out. “It’s not true. None of it’s true, and she’s just trying to make you like her more than me! It’s all a lie, and she’s-”

“Hermione slow down!” Harry commanded, pulling up his pants completely and walking over to her. “What do you mean, she-”


Hermione turned around to face a bloody Danielle, limping up the stairs, a determined look on her stained face.

“Danielle!” Harry cried, walking past Hermione over to the other girl. “What happened to-”

“She kissed him!” she told him, and then turned to Ron. “She kissed Malfoy! I saw her…she-”

“Shut up, you filthy bitch!” Hermione spat.

Ron moved closer to Hermione. His cheeks were turning beet red. “Ron, you have to-”

“Malfoy kissed you?!” he asked in rage. “I’ll kill him! I’ll kill the slimy git! Don’t worry Hermione, he won’t be able to hurt you again. I’ll get that no-good bloody bastard and-”

“Ron, please! It’s not necessary!” she yelled at him. “RON!” she yelled again when he didn’t answer. He was making his way towards the door, looking awkward in only his boxers, Hermione mused. But this was no time for jokes.

“What?!” he asked her, turning around.

“She doesn’t want you to hurt him because she kissed him back,” the blonde hissed, staring daggers at Hermione. Hermione glanced at Harry briefly. He wasn’t saying anything, just looking around at everyone with a blank face. Hermione couldn’t tell what he was thinking, as usual.

“Harry,” she told him, taking a step closer, “you don’t believe her, do you? She’s…” she said, pausing to laugh nervously, “she’s crazy! She doesn’t know what she means…I wasn’t even with Draco tonight! I-”

“Draco, now, eh?” Danielle spit. Oops…

“You kissed him back?” Harry asked with an unchanging face. When Hermione didn’t answer, Ron stepped in.

“You kissed him back?!” he asked her. “You kissed the arrogant bastard back?”

Hermione didn’t know what to say. Her two best friends were believing Danielle, a girl they’d known for about a year, over Hermione, whom they’d known for what seemed a life time. Not to mention that Danielle was right, but that was besides the point, because no matter what, they should be believing her, Hermione, not some other American scum arse wipe bitchy two-faced slut who was pretending like she actually cared.

And then it dawned on her…why should she care? Why should she care what these three think, or the rest of the bloody school for that matter, when it’s what she herself thinks. It shouldn’t matter, because she was with Draco now, and that was that. Why was she lying about it in the first place? Who, honestly, cares?

But, they’re my best friends. They’ve been my best friends for the past six years. I should care what they think.

But for the past couple of months, they have been anything but friends to me. Danielle’s my replacement now.

But should I just, throw it all away?

But, they’ve already done that, haven’t they.


Okay then.

“Yes, Ron. I kissed him back.”

Harry’s face grew cold, and his green eyes became cold, and still he was silent. Danielle stood there, looking like she’d just won the lottery, wearing the most conceited and defiant face Hermione had ever seen. But Ron, on the other hand, exploded.

Inside, anyway. Hermione could tell.

He became more red than Hermione could ever recall seeing him, and his eyes became rather glassy. He shook his head a bit, and Hermione could hear him mumble: “No…”. He turned around slowly, and ran down the stairs. Hermione hoped he wouldn’t head for Draco, but she couldn’t think of that right now.

“I told you, Harry. I told you she’d-”

“Why?” Harry asked quietly, not once looking away from her eyes. Hermione was a bit scared.

She took a deep breath, and began: “Because, I-” but was cut off by Danielle again.

“Oh…” she said mockingly, taking a few steps closer to Hermione, her face still dripping with blood, “let me guess. He’s changed, has he? Become Mister Goody Two-Shoes and thrown away his arrogance,” she snapped her fingers, “just like that? Has he joined our side, and decided to deny his name, and has he decided that he wants to be re-sorted, because Gryffindor might better suit his new personality? Have you turned him around, Granger? Has he changed?”

Hermione thought for a moment, her expression changing to one that showed her true hatred towards the girl. It was a hard, cold stare that could freeze even the hottest fire, and it was aimed straight at Danielle.

“No, he hasn’t changed at all. Not once single bit,” she told her. “He’s still arrogant, and he’s still the Prince of Slytherin. He’s still on Voldemort’s side to my knowledge, he still hates Harry and Ron more than ever, and he still hates you, as do I. He’s still Malfoy.”

“So I guess you’ve changed, then?” the other girl replied, just as fiercely.

“No, I haven’t actually. Not at all.”

Harry finally spoke up at this one.

“So what the bloody hell is up, Hermione? If you haven’t changed, and he hasn’t changed, how are you snogging him now when a year ago, you couldn’t stand his writhing guts? How could you do this, Hermione?” He said it calmly, but she knew he was hurt. But she couldn’t get soft now. She had to tell him.

“Draco hasn’t changed, but you know what?”

“What?” Danielle said rudely.

“I’ve managed to dig up a side of him that I really don’t think anyone’s ever seen before. Or maybe people have, I don’t know, but either way, I was too blind to notice it. He’s got a different side to him, is all, and now that I’ve found it, I’m beginning to like it.”

“And you discovered this ‘other side’ how? By making-out with him, I suppose?” Danielle spit.

“Actually, Danielle, I’ve got you to thank! Thanks a lot for taking my place as next year’s certain Head Girl! Thank you so much for stealing every single one of my friends away, including Harry and Ron! Thank you for making me think so much about how I hated you that I met Draco in the Astronomy Tower that night. And thanks for letting us go to Hogsmeade together, since Harry and Ron were obviously too busy. Oh, and thanks for banging Draco up against that post a couple of months ago…it boosted his hatred for you as well, so that we had something in common to talk about. And thanks a bunch for coming here in the first place, I’m sure Hogwarts would be a lot less boring and frustrated without you.”

Danielle was obviously shocked, her mouth open slightly, and her eyes widened. Harry looked confused, but angry as well; perhaps he’d finally gotten the gist that it was because of his new little girlfriend that Hermione was with Draco, and they were too far now to stop it. Perhaps a revolution had finally dawned.

“Excuse me,” Hermione said, fully satisfied with her speech. She walked around the two and made her way down the stairs. She didn’t know where she’d go, but she wanted to go the hell away from there.

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