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The race for a girls love by BountyX

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 1,043
Status: Abandoned

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Strong Violence

Genres: Romance, Action, Humor, Drama
Characters: Draco, Ginny, Harry, Cho, Hermione, OC, Ron, Snape, Voldemort, Fred/George
Pairings: Others

First Published: 07/31/2004
Last Chapter: 07/31/2004
Last Updated: 08/04/2004

this story is about how harry and ron find out they both like hermione and they agree they will both see who hermione like and they both try and charm her into liking himself more then the other. on the car ride to the burrow they only think that their the only ones that like hermione but what happens when two new students arive at hogwarts?(okay my summary might be confusing but i dont really like writing summarys they're kinda hard) just R&R

Chapter 1: the surprise at the burrow
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The race for a girls love

*Chapter1*the surprise at the burrow

Harry was waiting for the Weasley’s. He couldn’t wait he had all his stuff ready and was sitting in the Dursleys living room. The Dursleys were out not wanting to see Harry off after what has happened the a few years ago.
Harry jumped up to get the door. He opened the door. Something or somebody rushed inside.
“Hello Harry.” Said a tall red head with long hair in a pony tail but Harry thought for a moment this isn’t Bill this is Ron.
“Ron, looking very cool with the tail.”
“Thanks mate hey where’s your trunk ill get it.” Ron said.
“Uh it’s upstairs.” Harry said pointing up the stairs. He then looked out the door again and saw a beautiful woman standing he couldn’t make out who it was. He looked to the floor and she wore pink slippers, her legs were long and tanned about six inches above the knees her pink skirt started and up more Harry noticed she had very nice breast. Then he look in her brown eyes, he was then distracted by her beautiful hair wavy and brown with golden highlights.
“Hi Harry how are you.” Said a dreamy voice from the beautiful lips of the girl standing there. “Harry?”
“Huh? Sorry what did you say?”
“I said how are you Harry.” Then it hit Harry hard and he noticed this was Hermione.
“Hermione uh I’m fine and you?” responded Harry then a loud slam occurred behind him but he didn’t hear it because he couldn’t keep his eyes off Hermione
“ugh… Harry… help… trunk… on… top…” moaned Ron with Harry’s trunk on top off his chest.
“I’m fine Harry so you ready for another year at Hogwarts?” said Hermione also not noticing Ron and staring deep into Harry’s eyes.
“Oy… Harry… please…”gasped Ron
“Yea can’t wait to do some quidditch.” Harry said
“Didn’t you have a life-long ban?” questioned Hermione.
“Eh it was lifted.” Answered Harry.
“Oh Ron are you okay why didn’t you tell me you needed help.” Harry said while lifting the trunk off Ron.
“Oh yea Harry I didn’t ask for your help. Help me bring your stuff to the car.”
“Car, you got the ford Angelina back?”
“No Harry we rented a jeep” answered Harry quickly trying to make it not noticeable that she was looking at his butt while he bent over. So they got the trunk and Harry’s other stuff in the jeep. Harry noticed Mr. Weasley wasn’t driving but Charlie was, actually he was the only one in the car. So Harry assumed only Charlie, Ron and Hermione. Harry and Ron sat in the back holding on to the bar facing the rear and Hermione sat in the front seat next to Charlie.
“Hello Charlie.” Harry said to Charlie
“Hey there Harry.” Charlie responded
“So yea we picked up Hermione first and came here because you were closer so we thought it would be convenient.” They started off and on the road Harry and Ron talked while Hermione was asleep.
“Harry you happy that was your last summer with those muggles?” said Ron as the wind blew on the back of their head. The road was empty mainly because it was a back road.
“What do you mean?” Harry questioned.
“Well my mom found out what your life was like with the muggles and she wanted you to move.” Ron replied with a grin.
“Wow really can she do that?”
“Well you know your aunt and uncle didn’t accept the fact that their your so you were kind of guardianless but Sirius was your godfather. After what happened last year you had no guardians and my mom wanted you to live with use” said Charlie from the front.
“Wow this is cool.” Harry said with amazement. Time passed and Hermione woke up and Ron and Harry were talking about the chudley cannons. Hermione on the other hand was talking to Charlie about Romania. Soon Ron looked behind him and checked if Hermione was sleeping.
“Hey Harry I got to ask you something but don’t talk about it to Hermione.” Ron said while looking at Hermione and tore his eyes off her.
“Okay what is it Ron.” Harry said wondering what it could be.
“Well Harry did you notice that Hermione has changed?”
“You mean like she’s really pretty?”
“Yeah! You think so to?”
“Well I’ve always had feelings for her.” Confessed Harry.
“Oh really Harry I didn’t know? Well to let you know you can have her.” Said Ron
“Well no Ron what if she doesn’t have feelings for me? So don’t give up hope. Eh we’ll just see who she likes.”
“Yea that sounds fair.” Ron and Harry never talked about this subject the rest of the ride to the burrow. But what Harry and Ron didn’t know was Hermione had woken when she heard Ron talking about how she has changed and she heard what they both said. They finally reached the burrow and saw a sports car with a Mitsubishi logo on the front and what looked like Japanese license plate. There was Dumbledore and two Asian looking guys. One of the guys was sitting in the driver seat with the door open while the other guy was standing in between the door’s opening talking fast Japanese so Harry took it these 2 were Japanese.
“Hello Harry, Mr. Weasley, miss ganger. I would like to introduce you to two new students. They will be both going to Hogwarts.” Said the very mellow voice of Dumbledore. Harry, Ron, and Hermione were standing there in shock for they never heard of a new student coming to Hogwarts that was not a first year.

A/N: sorry about stopping the chapter so soon but the next chapter will explain the 2 new guys and why they are going to Hogwarts. And this chapter may not seem rated r but It will change.